Apr 212006

I’m a gamer. That means I play videogames, tabletop games and even the dreaded tabletop role-playing game where you fight dragons and stuff.

I also have something of a game fetish. When I was a teenager stealing issues of Penthouse from my step-father’s closet, I was more interested in the Penthouse Forum stories than I was the pictures. The stories, allegedly all true but of course just made up for your enjoyment, fascinated me. Even as a teenager I knew these stories weren’t true, but I loved seeing what people did with sex.

My favorite story was about two couples that played with a deck of sexual commands. They drew a card and had to follow the instructions. Maybe it appealed to my blossoming dominant side, but I thought there was something awesome about a woman letting you cop a feel because, sorry, the card made her do it. I still love the idea, because as a gamer, I know that the rules must be obeyed.

As part of Birthday Week, I’d like to present a simple little game I made up and have played for entertaining results. Don’t worry, it’s terribly simple. All the need is a twenty-sided dice and a twelve sided dice. If the idea of going to a hobby store to buy sex toy equipment freaks you out, you can just cut up twenty numbers and put them in a cup.

The game is simple and well, favors the male. The sub rolls a twenty-sided dice and follows the instructions. Sometimes you are referred to other charts. If you are moved to another chart, keep rolling on that chart till you are moved to another. Keep making dice rolls till the dom decides to fuck the sub. Man, this is an easy game.

I offer my list as a starter. Add your own choice, modify the chart and include some new rules.

Dice Slut


1- One minute of kissing
2- One minute of finger sucking
3- One minute of breast groping
4- One minute of neck kissing
5- Five finger strokes
6- Six light spanks on the ass
7- One minute of cock sucking
8- One clothespin added
9- Three Medium spanks on the ass
10- One clothespin removed, or a quick nipple bite
11- Ten Finger strokes
12- Four HARD spanks
13- Two clothespins added
14- Go to Spanking
15- Two minutes of cock sucking
16- Three minutes of kissing
17- One minute of masturbating
18- Five tit slaps
19- Beg to be used
20 Go to Masturbation


1-6 – That many times with the paddle.
7- Six times with the crop
8- Six times with the bare hand
9– Six times with the flogger
10— Four times HARD
11–Two strokes
12—-Return to Foreplay


1- Climax
2- Count off two strokes and stop
3- Count off three strokes and stop
4- Count off four strokes and stop
5- Count off five strokes and stop
6- Count off six strokes and stop
7- Stop and one lick
8- Stop and get two licks
9- Turn vibrator up higher
10–Pinch one nipple
11–Kiss while masturbating
12–Stop and clench six times

Enjoy my game and your own but just have fun

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