Apr 042006

The shades were open. Warm April sun was streaming through the windows, bathing our naked bodies. We were on the third floor, so the only people who could see us would be the people in the opposite apartment building. Their shades were down, which meant no one could see us.

She pulled me to her and I mounted her. The heat of the sun was nothing compared to the heat inside my lover. I slid in with a growl. Her face flushed and she bit her lip. She looked at the window and then at me. Perhaps she wanted to complain about the window, but it was lost in her moans as I fucked her.

Our hips moved together. My arms held me up so I could watch her tits move with each thrust. The sun gathered between us. Her tan lines stood out on her chest, illustrating what the sun so rarely ever got to see.

A bee banged against the window and moved on. She never noticed. Her thighs were around me and her nails were digging into my back. I was inside her and that was all that mattered to her. In a few minutes she would climax and make those sounds I have fallen in love with. It was as inevitable and as beautiful as the sun rising every morning.

I should have been just lost in the moment as she was but I couldn’t get there. I was facing the window and I could see the green grass, the breeze moving the trees and that warm wonderful sunlight. Inside my lover was beautiful but out there is where we should be. That beautiful April day was a much better setting for the gorgeous sex we were having right now.

As my cock moved inside her, my thoughts were racing about the outside. I didn’t want to fuck her inside a forest, or in some backyard with a ten foot high privacy fence. Fucking outside in some secluded place seemed like the act of a guilty shameful person. When I was inside my lover, I have no shame. We are in love and in lust and I want to share it and revel in it like I want to revel in that lovely sun outside.

I want to fuck my lover out in the world. I want to bend her over the hedges that line out apartments and fuck her from behind as we wave at the passing cars. I want to sit on the edge of the community pool and have her in the water, sucking my cock. I want to pin her against the wall of mailboxes outside and nibble her lovely breasts.

Her moans were meant to be heard by the birds.

My semen was meant to fall on dew covered thighs.

Our bodies were meant to sweat together under a summer sun.

“I love you” she says and she means it. I tell her I love her and I mean it more than she might ever know. I wish we could fuck outside so the world would know it too. I want to make love to her up against the manager’s office so that everyone in the apartment complex would see us and say, ‘Those crazy fuckers in 23D, they LOVE each other.’

She makes those sounds I love so much but only I am there to hear it.

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  1. Whew. Gorgeous. Hot.

  2. THAT was beautiful.

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