Apr 132006

Working from home has its perks.

One of those perks knocked on my door; two raps, pause, one rap. It was Liz from the apartment two floors down. I let her in and she headed right to my dining table. Liz unzipped her pants and pulled them down before bending over my table. Her tan lines frame her round ass.

“I lied to my kids about the movies being sold out just to avoid having to take them.”

I nod and grab her by the hair. She cries out a little when I jerked her head back. It was my bare hand this time, and I smacked her bottom ten times. After a brief pause, I smacked her bottom five more times because her kids are really sweet.

“There you go,” I said.

Liz winced as she pulled her jeans up over her sore ass. “Thanks, I needed that.”

I nod because I know it’s true.

About an hour later I was wrestling with a technical problem for one of my clients. I was annoyed and a little stressed but then I heard another knock on the door. Two raps, pause, one rap. I smiled and went to the door.

This time it was Jane from building five. She was wearing a one piece swimsuit and was on her way to the pool. I closed the door as she walked over to my dining table and bent over. Jane pulled her swimsuit bottom into an improvised thong so I could have access to her cheeks.

“My friend Charlotte told me a secret and I’ve told my best friend today about it today.”

Not the most serious crime in the world but Jane was funny about her secrets. She can never keep one but she always feels terrible about it. It’s just the way she is.

For this crime I picked up the wooden spoon from the kitchen. I grabbed her thick brown hair and yanked her head back hard. With precise strokes, I mark her ass in a tight area so her swimsuit will cover the marks. My swings are harsh and fast, not because I think she deserves it, but because SHE thinks she deserves it.

The spoon leave marks and I know they will be purple for a day or two. I have no idea how she hides them from her husband. That’s not my concern.

Jane thanked me and left to go down to the pool. Absolved, free of guilt and not a care in the world, she’ll relax and work on her tan. She’ll be on her stomach I suspect, or else I need to strike harder next time.

A few hours pass and I am working much better. As much as I free my neighbors of guilt, they help me stay calm and upbeat during the day. My clients have no idea how much of their final product is created with the whimpers, shrieks and welts of my neighbors.

It is near the end of my workday and I hear the knock at the door. Two raps, pause, one rap. I look at the clock and see that the knock is two minutes before I am closed for the door. I frown. It’s a little demanding to come so close to when I am done, but oh well. Perhaps it is a really tasty crime that needs pardoning.

Hannah was at the door. She was wearing a skirt and a shirt that was a bit tight. Unlike my other ‘perks’ today, she didn’t look the least bit guilty or ashamed of anything.

She walked over to my dining room table and flipped her skirt up. There was no underwear; just a delightfully full bush of hair covering her sex. Hannah bent over my table and just stayed there. Her legs were wide apart and waiting.

“What did you do wrong?” I said after a ten second wait.

“Sometimes I make up things to confess, just so you’ll have a reason to spank me,” she said. “Then I go home and masturbate while my ass is still burning from you.”

I thought about it.

“This is a serious crime indeed,” I said.

I unzipped my pants and gave her the punishment she deserved.

  9 Responses to “Fiction- Absolution”

  1. I wish I had a neighbor like you! ;-) A delightful little short.

  2. Thanks for the compliments :)

    I wish we all could live in same-interest neighborhoods. I might actually go to a community meeting then.

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