Apr 282006

Flat on her back, my slut looked up at me. Her face was flushed from fucking all day. My collar was snug around her neck. Red handprints decorated her tits where I had squeezed and pulled them. Her cunt was glistening from where my cock had just been moments before. She stroked herself, masturbating to replace the void I had left. I hadn’t told her to do that but that was okay. I’ll punish her later.

I straddled her shoulders. My knees were on either side of her. I stroked my cock above her face. She looked at my cock and moaned a long needy purr.

We had talked about this so many times. In e-mails, dirty phone sex and so many instant messages, we had talked about this very moment. Now we were finally going to do it.

I kept stroking. Gods, I was so aroused, but I had already climaxed twice today. Once in her mouth because I just couldn’t wait. Once inside her sex, because I just wanted to ride her. And now, after a long dinner and an even longer spanking, I was ready again.

“Please,” she said. A jolt went through me.

“Come right on my face,” she said.

“Use me,” she growled.

I kept stroking. I was in a state of euphoria mixed with disbelief. My slut was begging me to spill myself on her face. She was begging me to commit an act so many people find offensive. She wanted me to do something that I had only seen in porn up till this point. I didn’t think people really did this unless it was for a camera and a studio. This beautiful woman was begging me to ejaculate right on her while she watched. Unbelievable.

It was the eyes that did it. Her eyelids closed halfway as her own orgasm approached but those pretty blue eyes kept on me. They were filled with so much love at that moment. Looking into her eyes, I felt like the sexiest, greatest and most magnificent lover ever. She worshipped me with those eyes while her mouth adored me with prayers.

“Let me taste you again,” she prayed. “Mark me, make me smell like you, just give it to me. Please. Pretty pretty please. I am yours to come on.”

I climaxed. I growled as I splattered onto her face. I remember every spurt and where it landed but what I remembered most was her smile.

She was smiling with gratitude.

  7 Responses to “Climax”

  1. Mmmmm. Perfect! I put myself right in her place.

  2. Thanks ropegirl! Keeping myself to under five pages is hard but your recent entries have been inspiring.

  3. Damn… you just described my weekend. Eloquently.

  4. Sabrina- Thanks for the kind words. I promise to quit spying on you and transcribing what you do on your weekends :)

  5. Shon,

    That was beautiful.

    Thank you so much for sharing.


  6. Rey- Thank you. It feels odd to write about something that happened but I am glad to see it resonate with so many people

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