Mar 242006

Penny hated road trips. Her parents would take all the kids on a biweekly trip to some god-forsaken plantation or mountain that was supposed to be educational. For Penny, that meant sitting in the back seat between her two younger brothers and staring straight ahead at endless miles of highway. She remembered the way her father’s chain-smoking stung her eyes and her mother’s insistence that there be no bathroom stops because public restrooms were filthy. To Penny, traveling meant sore bladders, watery eyes and non-stop annoying brother babble.

Yet here she was, standing on a street corner because the Society had told her to be here for a six hour road trip. Penny was grateful to the Society for a lot of things but this command almost made her quit. Sure, they had saved the twenty-eight year old from fetish clubs, stalker dominants and the slow grind of gossiping with other submissives, but a road trip? The thought of sitting in a car for six hours was making her eyes itch like a triggered trauma. This time, the Society was asking too much.

She picked up her small travel bag and put it right back down. Penny wanted to run home, come up with some sort of excuse for her slut Blog and skip out of this assignment. She stayed where she was. The Society would know. Even if there was a chance she could lie and get away with it, the idea of being caught and kicked out was too much to contemplate. How could she possibly return to her dull data entry job without the promise of wild unknown adventures that the Society provided every weekend?

A red SUV pulled up. Dark tinted windows rolled down to show a thin man that was around Penny’s age. His hair was cut short to a brown buzz cut but it was his green eyes that captured her attention. The eyes reminded her of her cat when he was about to pounce on a new cat toy. Penny actually relaxed. Perhaps this road trip won’t be as boring as she thought.

“Going anywhere special this fine Georgia day?” the man asked.

The code phrase was correct, so Penny answered with the prepared response. “Anywhere that has a warm cock or a wet pussy is fine with me.”

A woman leaned across from the passenger’s side to look over the shoulder of the driver. The woman’s short red hair framed her pale face like cupped hands. A smatter of freckles softened the woman’s face but the eyes were just as hungry as the man’s.

“We have both honey,” the woman said. “Get your ass in the car already.”

Penny refrained from smiling and just nodded. Oh yes, this would not be like her parent’s trips at all.

The back seat was softer and more plush than Penny has expected. It ran the entire width of the van and had seatbelts for three people. She couldn’t help think of her brothers cramming in with her but she shook that thought off. Instead she thought about how easy it would be to get fucked in this back seat and which of the two people here would fuck her first. Penny placed her bet on it being the woman.

“Sit in the middle honey so we can get a good look at you,” the woman said.

Penny groaned but did as she was told. Memories flooded her but she focused on the present. At least neither of them appeared to be smokers. She reminded herself that she was twenty-eight now and not the badgered twelve year old who was condemned to thoughtlessly obey her parents. Well, she still obeyed people but it was by choice. Submission can be a real mental head-trip sometimes.

Penny sat up straight and did her best to show off the clothes the Society had picked for her. She smoothed out the black skirt that came just shy of her knees. Light pantyhose covered the rest of her legs, creating the illusion of being more tanned than she was. She stuck out her chest to show off her curves inside the white button down shirt she was wearing. A toss of her head shook out her long blonde hair that fell past her shoulders. Penny lifted her head slightly to expose her throat and show off the charm necklace that all the Society sluts wore. The charms told everyone who knew the code just what Penny liked, what she craved, what she feared and what she could not do.

The woman looked at her neck and nodded in satisfaction. The man looked at her through the rear view mirror and those green eyes flashed with a hunger that was more like starvation. These two were going to devour her, Penny was sure of it. The man started to drive and head towards the interstate.

“My name is Joan,” the redhead said. “My husband here is Earl. Your name is slut of course.”

Penny nodded. “Of course.”

“Now Slut, let me explain why you are here,” Joan continued. “We’re going to visit Earl’s family this weekend and they live in South Carolina. It’s a long boring drive on I-20, one of the dullest roads you have ever been on. Your job slut, will be to entertain us.”

Penny smiled. “Gladly, Ma’am.”

Earl laughed and the evil tone of that chuckle told Penny she had done something wrong. Joan blinked and smiled. The smile didn’t touch her eyes.

“Call me Joan, slut,” she said. “Ma’am is for someone far older, wouldn’t you agree? Now lift that skirt of yours and show us your panties.”

Penny raised her skirt to reveal the dark red thong the Society had specified. Joan looked at Penny’s crotch with a critical eye. It was always strange for Penny to be examined like this as well as humiliating. She wondered what Joan was looking for; if there was some quality that penny was lacking or possessed. It also caused Penny to blush as thought about how much she wanted to have that unknown attribute. Nothing in the world would make her happier than to have a pussy pleasing to Joan, and that desire is never easy to accept but impossible to deny.

“Pull your thong aside and let me get a look at your cunt.”

Penny obeyed again. Joan looked at her sex for a few tense minutes before holding the wheel so Earl could look as well. Penny tried to calm herself but her heart was racing as the man reached out and ran his finger along her cunt. His fingertips brushed her neatly trimmed hair and glided so teasingly briefly over her nether lips. He smiled and said nothing as he turned around to continue driving.

“Unbutton your shirt, slut,” Joan commanded.

Penny glanced at the windows and Joan laughed. “Don’t worry slut. We’ve had plenty of fun in this van and no one has seen anything we didn’t want them to see. Now open your shirt before I lose my patience.”

She just had to trust them, didn’t she? Penny opened her shirt slowly, starting at the top and parting it as she worked. Her white lace bra cupped her breasts and held them tightly. As the full weight of her breasts was revealed, Joan whistled and Earl snuck a glance through the mirror.

“Wow, how big are they?” Earl asked.

“34C” Penny said. Men always wanted to know the numbers. She wondered if there was some sort of notebook they kept on the size of tits that had seen.

“Reach behind you and get out the white cooler, slut,” Joan told her.

Penny looked behind her into the trunk area. Nestled between two suitcases was a large red cooler and a small white cooler that could barely hold a six pack of drinks. She pulled it out and set it down beside her. At Joan’s urging, Penny opened the lid and looked inside. Her thighs clenched together as she saw the travel supplies these two had decided to bring.

The first item to catch her eye were the clover clamps that were sitting on top of a layer of ice. Penny grimaced. Clover clamps were unforgiving and impossible to ignore. She rooted around the ice and found a red dildo that was somehow colder than the ice around it. There was also a black ball gag and a black pair of panties immersed in the ice.

“Take off your shirt and bra and put on the clamps honey,” Joan instructed. “Put them on your nipples so Earl can have a nice big erection while he drives.”

Earl snorted. “You are so kind, dear.” He aggressively passed a moving truck with a vengeance. Penny fought back the smile that almost emerged. Safe in the backseat, she liked the idea of teasing the couple. Now that she knew how much Earl liked the clamps, they weren’t so scary.

Penny stripped off her shirt slowly and removed her bra even slower. She took her time as she folded her shirt. Earl’s eyes stared at her from the rear view mirror. As cars zoomed by, Penny picked up an ice cold clover clamp. She meet Earl’s eyes through the mirror and placed the frozen clamp on her nipple and locked it in.

She screamed. The rubber tips were so damn cold and the clamp was so damn tight on her nipple. Earl and Joan said nothing but both of them were smiling.

“The other one, now,” Earl said. His need to hurt her was clear in his tone.

Penny grabbed the other clamp and winced as the movement tugged her sensitive nipple. She fought through the pain and fastened the icy clamp onto her other tit. A scream erupted from her throat and echoed in the large SUV. She slammed her head back against the seat and then cried out again as her clamped tits jiggled.

“Be careful with your speed, dear,” Joan said.

“I am,” Earl said though Penny could feel the car slow down significantly. “Traffic is just light today.”

“We’re lucky. Remember how it was last year”

Earl and Joan spent the next half hour talking about last year’s traffic and other trips that they had taken in their marriage. Penny was confused. Here she was clamped and freezing in the back seat and they were discussing bad drivers from years past? A bump in the road made Penny’s breasts bounce and she bit down on her lip to keep from screaming again. The clamps hurt where they were pinching her but the frozen clamps also hurt her where they lay against her breasts. For a frightening moment she worried that the metal clamps might freeze against her skin but the infrequent bumps of the road quickly proved how unstuck the clamps were. They bounced and wiggled against her chest in random bursts of pain.

Through the pain Penny tried to find a focus. The passing cars and rolling landscape were too fluid to concentrate on. Joan was sitting back in her seat talking to Earl about everything but Penny. For comfort Penny focused on the green eyes of Earl that she would catch in the rear view mirror. Most of the time they would ignore her but sometimes, he would look at her and her tortured tits. Just that small knowledge that someone was enjoying her ordeal made her suffering easier. At least until the next bump in the road.

“How long have you been with the Society?” Joan asked.

“Four years,” Penny answered. “May I ask how long you two have been?”

“Earl has been a member for about five years, I joined two years before him,” Joan said. “We meet at a Society event actually.”

“Really? Were one of you a slut?”

“Yes. Can you guess which one?”

Penny laughed and then winced as the clamps bit harder from the jiggling. “I wouldn’t dare guess.”

“I’ll make it interesting for you,” Joan offered. The feral look was back in her eyes. “Guess correctly, and you can remove one of those clamps.”

Penny swallowed. Earl was obviously a sadist, but then Penny had met sadistic sluts before. Joan hated to be called Ma’am, which might mean she was vain about her age. That didn’t help Penny much as both sluts and users had their vanity streaks. Maybe the fact that Joan has been a member longer meant she was the slut. There was no telling but at least it was a fifty-fifty shot.

“I think you were the slut, Joan.”

Joan laughed and her smile was very cruel indeed. “You guessed wrong. Earl was the slut. Now reach behind you and open the other cooler. I’m in the mood for some water. You need anything dear?”

“No, I’m good,” Earl said.

Penny was grateful for small favors. She twisted around and bent over the backseat to reach the cooler. When she reached down to the cooler, her clamps pulled her tits painfully towards the floor. Tears clouded her vision while she sorted through the ice for the water bottles. When she found one, she whimpered when she realized it was attached to a plastic ring with other bottles. As the car hit more bumps in the road, and the clamps pulled her breasts in new directions, Penny struggled to pull the water bottle free of the ice and the plastic ring. When it finally broke free, Penny collapsed into her seat and handed the water to Joan.

“Look how flushed she is, Earl,” Joan said.

The hungry eyes drank in her pain from the mirror. “You know what? I think I do want a bottle of water after all.”

Penny groaned but did as she was told. It felt like Earl hit every road bump in Georgia as she hung over the backseat. She retrieved his water and collapsed back into her seat. Earl took the water and continued the earlier conversation like nothing had happened.

“I was a slut for the Society when I met Joan,” Earl said. “She was hosting a party for her vanilla friends and the Society had assigned me as a bartender. Only Joan and I knew that I was wearing a vicious butt-plug while I was serving drinks to her friends.”

“Earl was so sweet and proper, like right out of an erotic slave novel,” Joan said. The pride in her voice told Penny how much Joan loved Earl. “I fucked him once during the party because he was so delicious and then fucked him the rest of the night once the party was over.”

“Well dear, we also talked between fuckings,” Earl said. “I never talked so much in my entire life. It was so weird to find someone else who loved Marlon Brando movies, Mexican food and European pop music as much as I. It was love at first spanking.”

“How did you two stay together?” Penny asked. “The Society always told me that it was forbidden to contact other members that I meet.”

Joan and Earl looked at each other and some sort of silent communication happened between them. Joan nodded and then explained it to Penny.

“We didn’t see each other again for three months. I was depressed and so was Earl. We wrote about each other constantly in our journals that we kept for the Society. I must admit, I was a bit nastier than I should have been to some of the sluts they sent me. Earl was the same way, except he was passive aggressive to his users. One day, I received a command from the Society that told me I was going to take Earl in to live with me for a month. I couldn’t have been happier! At the end of the month, the society kept telling us to extend it to another month and then another, which at that point we went ahead and got engaged.”

“I’m just relieved they let us stay,” Earl said. “For awhile there, I felt like they were putting us together and kicking us out.”

Joan shook her head. “I always knew they would take us back. They just wanted to let us test our romance. Once they saw we were for real, they knew better than to waste us.”

“I didn’t know till they sent us our wedding presents,” Earl sighed. “A blonde and an Asian woman handcuffed together appeared at our honeymoon hotel room. That made for a festive week!”

Joan laughed. “The first time I saw you spank Keiko, I knew the Society would find uses for us. Earl here was a closet sadist and has spent the last four years catching up.”

Earl’s eyes looked at Penny through the mirror. “Speaking of which, why don’t you put on the gag now slut?”

Penny nodded and opened the smaller cooler again. The ball gag was black and shiny from the icy water it been submerged in. She placed the ball in her mouth and silently squealed as she bit down on the frozen rubber. The strap went around her head and she snapped it in place. The cold leather pressed against her cheeks and head but it was nothing compared to the cold of the gag. It was like being forced to bite down on an ice cube that wouldn’t melt.

“Now slut,” Joan said, “Grab both nipple clamps in your hands and when I say three, release both of them from your breasts. Understand?”

Penny groaned behind her gag and nodded.



Joan paused, waiting for a nice clear stretch of highway so Earl could watch through the mirror. Penny bit down harder in anticipation while her fingers curled around the clamps. This was going to hurt.


Penny popped the clamps off and the blood rushed back to her nipples. The pain shot through her, traveling over her breasts, clenching her eyes shut and making her pussy wetter than she could have imagined it being. Screaming was impossible with the ball gag but that didn’t stop her from trying. A muffled scream came out sounding more pathetic than anything else. She shuddered and resisted the urge to grab her tender breasts. Her eyes opened to see Earl’s eyes still staring at her. He drank in every whimper and every shudder.

“Lift your skirt and take off your panties, slut,” Joan commanded. Penny was happy for any distraction and quickly stripped off her panties. She rolled her skirt up as best she could to show off her cunt. It was only when she had finished exposing herself that she realized there was still a cooler full of toys to be played with.

“How much longer till we stop for a rest?” Joan said.

Earl sighed with the heavy weight that comes from having the same conversation for years. “Dear, you know I like to take a break every two hours to stretch our legs and prevent cramping. Our next scheduled break is in fifty minutes. According to Mapquest, we should be near a town that we can pull into and use the restrooms if needed.”

“Fine, fine,” Joan said. “Slut, get the dildo and fuck yourself for an hour.”

“Don’t climax!” Earl added.

“Of course not,” Joan said. “I’m going to play some music for awhile. I-20 is so fucking boring.”

Penny listened to the conversation as she pulled the dildo out of the cooler. It was freezing to the touch of course. It just going to be painful at first but that was nothing new in her experiences with the Society. Complaining would be useless as well as impossible with the gag on. Joan had given her an order and that was all there was to it.

She spread her legs as wide as the skirt would allow and gripped the dildo with both hands. Joan turned on the radio and picked up a 90’s nostalgia station. Earl was driving and passing a long line of slow trucks. They were ignoring her and the icy trauma she was about to commit. Penny groaned and bit down harder on the ball gag.

The only way to do it was quickly. She slammed the dildo into her and screamed into her gag. The ice opened her. Penny breathed hard for a few seconds, her nostrils flaring. She slowly pulled the dildo out and slammed it back into her. Sensations alternated between pain and numbness as she fucked herself. The dildo was cold, harsh, terrible and intense.

The two in the front ignored her while Penny abused herself in the back. It reminded her of the callousness of her parents but then, Penny never got to masturbate in her parents’ car! To her delight, the dildo warmed up in no time and pretty soon Penny was grunting with arousal. Grunge music blasted from the radio while the dildo slid in and out.

An orgasm threatened to over take Penny but she slowed down. It was harder than she thought it would be. She wanted to climax. She wanted to loose herself in an orgasm. She wanted to feel hot and sweaty after so much ice play. Instead, Penny slowed down her thrusts and stared at the traffic and endless trees. The thrusting didn’t stop. She had her orders. She would fuck herself till she was told to stop. Penny forgot about her family, forgot about the two people up front, and she forgot about her hatred of traveling. All she had to do was fuck, and Penny lost herself happily in the act of perpetual masturbation.

“Stop now, slut,” Joan said. They were pulling into a Georgia rest stop. Rows of parked cars lined the stop with people stumbling out and stretching their sore legs. Penny pulled her dildo out and sighed with relief. Thank God for tinted windows.

“Put your bra and shirt back on,” Earl said. “And put on the thong in the cooler.”

Earl turned in his seat so he could watch her directly. Penny smiled at him and got dressed. She took her time not to tease him but because she dreaded putting on the frozen thong. Joan got out of the car, obviously not as interested in the show as Earl was. Once her shirt was buttoned; all that was left was the dreaded thong.

It was colder than the dildo. The sheer material had been soaking in the cooler and parts of the material were frozen outright. Penny stretched the thin thong out and slid it up her legs. Her thighs clenched as the thong left wet streaks up her legs. When the thong finally reached her cunt and screamed into the gag. The ice pressed against her sex and up the crack of her ass. She squirmed but it was no use. You just couldn’t escape something pressed into her crotch like that.

“Take off the gag and take a walk around the rest stop,” Earl said. “I want you limber and ready for when we start driving again.”

Penny nodded but Earl was already leaving the van. She popped the gag off her mouth and stretched her jaw. For a moment she forgot to pull down her skirt but luckily she remembered before opening the door. Penny stepped outside and groaned as the icy thong found new places to freeze on her skin.

The people at the rest stop were oblivious to what Penny was suffering. Kids raced to the snack machines while weary parents made halfhearted attempts to keep them in check. A group of senior citizens got in front of Penny and slowed her walk to a crawl. Walking slower just made the ice feel like it was sitting on her cunt so she walked into the grass and around them. A dog ran up to her and Penny had to side step the yapping beast awkwardly till it’s owner ran up to her rescue. She didn’t even hear his apology; she was too focused on getting back to walking and hopefully melting the damn ice that encased her pussy.

Halfway along the path that surrounded the rest stop, Penny realized she got her wish. She felt the trickle of water sliding down her thighs and past her knees. The melting ice was leaving long glistening tracks down her legs! Penny blushed with horror. She had to get back to the SUV!

The walk back was humiliating. A group of college guys snickered as she walked past and Penny could only imagine what they assumed the wet drips could be. Did they think she was so horny that her pussy was leaking? Did they think she had pissed herself? Or worse, did these young guys somehow know she had ice shoved into her crotch and it was melting? What kind of stories were they going to be talking about when they get home?

Which of them was going to jack off thinking about her tonight?

Penny shivered and not all of the shivering was from the ice. She got back to the SUV and tried to open it. It was locked.

Ten long minutes passed by. Penny stood outside the car like a locked out teenager. The Georgia sun warmed her completely and also soaked her legs in melted ice. She ignored the stares of passing families and she turned her face away from the college guys when they drove out. When Earl and Joan finally emerged from the rest area, Penny couldn’t help smiling in relief. She felt like a puppy who’s owners were finally returning.

Joan used the remote key chain to open the doors. Earl surprised Penny by opening the back door and climbing in. He sat in the center where Penny had furiously masturbated. Earl slapped his lap and looked at her.

“Over my lap, now,” he said.

Penny looked around to see if anyone was watching. Someone was. She spotted a husband sitting in his car while he waited for his family. He was looking at her absent mindedly but now that he saw she was looking at him, he was watching her closely. It didn’t help that Joan was standing by the back door, ready to close it behind Penny.

“Now, slut,” Earl growled.

There are times in the Society when it is just best to obey. Penny climbed into the backseat. Her skirt rode up and she knew that the watching husband saw a flash of black thong between her thighs. She climbed on all fours into the van and crawled over Earl’s lap. When her ass was directly over his crotch, he pushed down on her and stopped her crawling. She could feel his cock beneath his pants and it was very hard. Her legs were hanging outside the van till Joan pushed them upwards till they folded against her knee. The door slammed and Penny tried to relax her legs but the most they would uncurl was into a ninety degree angle.

Penny cried out when Earl reached under her chest and grabbed one of her breasts. She was still sensitive from the nipple clamps but Earl didn’t mind. His fingers sunk into her flesh; grinding her tit together. His other hand lifted her skirt and exposed her ass as well as the evil soaked thong. Penny clenched her ass in anticipation and Earl laughed.

Joan got in the driver’s seat. She adjusted the mirror so she could watch Penny’s ass. “Have fun dear, but remember to leave something for me.”

Earl dragged his fingernails over Penny’s ass. “If I know you Jo, you’d rather I left you with next to nothing. You always like them better when they are ready to collapse.”

Penny shivered. The idea of being used and passed around between these two was making her pussy clench. She just prayed they let her cum at all this trip.

Earl’s hand patted her ass gently before coming down hard in a vicious spank. Penny grunted and lifted herself by her hands before relaxing back into a prone position.

“Oh no, this will not do,” Earl said. “Joan, pass me the handcuffs please.”

Penny heard something like a glove compartment being opened. It made her wonder, how many fetish toys did they have stashed around the car? Was there a paddle stashed in the door pockets? Did they have spare blindfolds in the change compartment?

“Hands behind your back, slut,” Earl commanded. Penny folded her hands behind her, which meant she was face down on the seat smelling the asses of everyone who had ever ridden in the back seat. Idly she wondered how many other sluts had masturbated where her nose was right now. Earl locked the handcuffs around her wrists. Now all of her struggling was going to be the wiggling kind.

Now that her hands were cuffed and her face was buried in the seat, Earl went back to business. He reached under and grabbed Penny’s breast again. Penny waited for him to start spanking her but Earl teased her by doing nothing for at least two minutes. Then out of the blue, he struck her ass with a force she didn’t expect from the thin man.

“Ouch!” she cried out.

“Dear, maybe you should gag her?” Joan offered.

“And deny me her screams? No, she’ll be fine”

The hand came down again, smacking to the right of Penny’s ass. Her feet kicked and she tapped the window. Earl didn’t notice. He was striking her ass slowly, moving around her round bottom in a clockwise motion. Penny couldn’t get over how slow he was. His hand would sting her ass, cop a feel and then move away. Sometimes as long as a minute later, he would slap her ass again, shocking her from the lack of warning. There was no rhythm or build up. He was just spanking her when the mood moved him. All she was to him was a toy; like some sort of living squeeze ball.

Speaking of squeeze balls, his fingers never stopped mauling her tit. Sometime he would trap the nipple in his fingers and he would pinch it for an obscenely long time. Other times he would grab her whole breast and crush it like a vice in his hand. It was the left breast he was abusing and Penny was wishing he would share the love with the other breast. If anything, just to give her left breast a break.

This continued on for who knows how long. The vibration of the van tried to lull her into a relaxed state but the infrequent slaps on her ass kept her tense. Not to mention the constant groping of her tit was making her very sore. Earl and Joan didn’t talk at all which was kind of nice. It allowed Penny to sink into her own mind. In between slaps she was nothing more than a aching breast. When the hand did slap her ass, she transformed into a welt covered bottom, tender and sensitive from the random hits. Back and forth she changed, alternating from one abused body part to another.

At one point, Earl changed tactics. He grabbed her thong, which was now soaked for much different reasons than before, and he gave her a wedgie tug. The surprise made Penny who was already very tender, scream and kick her legs. Her shoes bounced off the window and Penny was terrified that she had cracked it.

“You are not breaking my window, slut,” Joan said.

“Sorry,” was all Penny could offer.

Penny heard an unfamiliar sound that was followed by the roar of the road. By the wind that was now blowing past her ankles and exposed ass, Penny realized that Joan had rolled down the window! Something loud passes by and Penny wondered if it was a trucker. Could people look in the window and see her ass?

“A little fresh air is always good,” Earl says. Penny didn’t know how to respond but she soon lost her train of thought when she felt Earl’s finger slide into her cunt.

“Oh fuck!” she cried. Earl laughed at her but that was okay. His finger was inside her and all was right in the world. Penny tried not to hump his finger but she couldn’t resist. She got in three really sensual humps before his finger slipped out. Right as she moaned in frustration, he grabbed a handful of her pussy hair and pulled.

“Son of a bitch!”

“Keep it down slut,” Earl admonished. “The windows are down.”

He gave her pubic hair a vicious tug. Penny opened her mouth to scream but she didn’t want to attract any more attention then she had to. Inspired by the increased pulling, Penny bit down on the SUV seat. It choked her screams as Earl tugged, pulled and yanked her poor pubis hair.

The pain was so intense she didn’t notice at first when he slipped a finger in her cunt. The sudden invasion made her groan. Earl finger fucked her pretty hard but in the back of Penny’s mind, she had to wonder how much longer before he went back to pulling hair.

It wasn’t long at all.

With her ass now burning from the slow abuse, Earl turned his attention to her sex. A few strokes would get her cunt wet and ready to be fucked, and then he would pull on her pubic hair till tears clouded her eyes. He would stroke her clit with an expert tenderness until she was humping his leg before pinching one of her cunt lips and twisting it. Penny tried to struggle but the handcuffs and her folded legs just made her squirm. Considering how much she felt Earl’s cock twitch under her, she knew the wiggling only encouraged him.

At some point Earl stopped. Penny didn’t know why but she was thankful for the chance to catch her breath. Her thighs were starting to cramp up from the odd positioning. Her cunt was a big wet sore mess that didn’t know whether to open up for a cock or close tight to avoid any more torture. Thankfully, Earl had stopped mangling her breast, which gave her over sensitized flesh a moment to recover. As grateful as Penny was for the break, she had to wonder what new torment Earl had in mind.

“Slut, I’m ready for you to fuck me now,” Earl says.

“Yes, please,” Penny says. This she can do!

He took her skirt off, unbuttoning and pulling it roughly off her. Earl slapped her ass and told her to sit up. He pulled her by the hair on her head to encourage her to rise. Penny winced but shit, at least it was better than pulling her by her other hair!

The SUV wasn’t quite tall enough for the position she’s in now. On her knees with her bare ass and handcuffed hands facing the open window, Penny had to hunch her neck down to keep from banging her head. She watched as Earl removed his pants to reveal his cock. Penny licked her lips as he rolled on a condom. It wasn’t that his cock was big, thick or particularly handsome as much as it was just a cock. There was no pain or mind game when it came to cocks. They were built to be taken in and enjoyed.

“Mount me slut,” Earl says.

Still handcuffed, Penny swung her leg over Earl’s erection. She lowered herself onto his cock and groaned with sheer relief as it entered her. Finally! She was so happy she actually giggled. The giggling stopped when Earl slapped her ass hard with both hands.

“Fuck me slut, and don’t you dare slow down,” he said.

She had her orders. Without the use of her arms, all Penny could really do was grind. That appeared to be fine with Earl. Back and forth she slid on his cock, resting her weight on Earl’s shoulder. He kept slapping her ass though, and no matter how fast she went he kept slapping. When she realized his spanking was just part of sex, she slowed down and stopped trying exhaust herself. He took her shoulder between his teeth and bit down hard. Penny grunted and moaned. The biting was just another sensation to mix with the pain and pleasure.

Penny knew she was going to come only seconds before she did. Wow, that was a fast orgasm! Bliss blossomed in her cunt and washed over her body to momentarily sooth the sore parts. Then Earl slapped both cheeks of her ass and she went back to grinding. No rest for the slutty.

It wasn’t easy to keep grinding right after an orgasm but Penny grinded on. It wasn’t the first time she pushed her cunt passed the point of sensitivity in the service of the Society. Her body was on autopilot as she kept her hips in movement.

Looking over Earl’s shoulder, Penny noticed a couple who were driving ten feet behind the SUV. The couple was laughing about something. Penny felt a moment of panic as she wondered if they could see her riding Earl. She relaxed slightly when she realized the back window was tinted too. The couple looked normal. They appeared to be the typical average ordinary folks who go driving on a weekend. As penny kept grinding on Earl’s cock, she wondered how the couple would react if they could see her. Knowing vanilla types, they would probably watch and then pretend they were offended. Penny could imagine them speeding off in indignation and then twenty miles later slowing down to see if they were still fucking.

Earl grabbed Penny’s very tender ass and squeezed hard. She froze as the pain overtook her. A loud moan vibrated through Earl and she could feel his condom covered cock spasm. Earl had finally climaxed and by the death grip he had on her ass, Penny could tell it had been a good one. He stopped biting her neck and gave her a gentle push. Penny slid off his cock and sat down beside him. The condom was slick from her pussy, and filled with his seed. She smiled at his cock with pride. It also made her feel good to see a cock fucked into orgasm.

“Enjoy yourself?” Joan asked.

“Yes,” Earl gasped.

“Your timing is good,” Joan said. “I was just getting ready to pull in for our mandated two hour rest and fill up the tank.”

“You make fun of the rest but you remember that one time in Ohio when your leg cramped up? We had to pull into that hick town and find you some Aleve while you hopped on one leg.”

Penny sat beside Earl in a daze. The couple talked about old experiences while she just sat there. Her cunt was so well fucked it was almost numb. It hurt her ass to sit but her legs were sore enough to welcome the chance to sit. As exhausted as she was, she couldn’t imagine what Joan would do to her when she got in the back seat.

“Uncuff the slut so she can get dressed,” Joan said.

Earl did so and Penny rubbed her wrists. “Take off your bra but leave the shirt on,” Joan said. “Put your skirt back on, but put the red dildo inside you first.”

Earl chuckled. “Want me to get the water mister?”

“Yes, thank you dear,” Joan said.

Penny did as Joan had asked. She was a little embarrassed by how easily the red dildo slid back into her well-lubricated cunt. Her cunt was so sensitive that Penny had to bite her bottom lip when she moved around to put her skirt back on. She was more hesitant when she buttoned her shirt over her now braless tits. The white material was far too thin and her nipples were straining against the shirt. She had gone from slut to outright indecent.

Earl was just as busy. He cleaned off his condom and put his pants back on with the ease of a true slut. Once he was proper again, he dug around the trunk area and brought out a small water bottle with a sprayer attached. He waited impatiently for Penny to finish; the water bottle cocked and ready.

“Just a light misting,” Joan said. “I want her to look like she’s a sweaty slut.”

The mist that came from the sprayer was a tiny amount but it was still fucking cold. Penny gasped as Earl soaked her shirt. He sprayed her carefully; finding a middle ground between a few spilled drops of water and a wet t-shirt contest. Penny saw where her right areole was visible under the shirt and the curves of her left breast were sticking to the shirt.

“Thirsty, slut?” Earl asked.

Penny nodded.

“Open your mouth,” he said. When she did so, he adjusted the sprayer so it would shoot a solid line of water into her mouth. It was an impractical way to drink but Penny was going to take anything she could get. She also couldn’t shake the image of Earl shooting his semen into her mouth. The slut clenched at the thought and then groaned as the dildo shifted inside her.

Joan stopped at a gas station, pulling right up to the pump. She reached into her purse and gave Penny some money. Penny’s stomach sank as she realized that Joan was going to send her into the convenience store like she was. Joan wasn’t dressing Penny for herself, she was dressing her for total strangers.

“Get me a chocolate bar,” Joan said. “Pick up some orange soda for Earl and pay for our gas.”

“Like this?” Penny asked. She clasped her hand to her mouth as soon as she said it. Arguing never led to anything good in a slut’s life.

Joan turned around and smiled that cat’s smile again. “And since you are paying cash, don’t pay until we have filled up the tank, okay hon?”

Penny nodded.

“Good slut,” Joan said.

Penny stepped out of the SUV. Her knees crumpled for a second and she almost lost her balance. It took a moment for her legs to get used to walking and standing, as opposed to wiggling and grinding. The dildo shifted inside her; reminding her of it’s presence with every step. She made her way into the convenience store very slowly, took a deep breath and walked in.

She tried to not make eye contact with anyone. It saved her from having to look at their faces, but she knew they were watching her and her damp shirt. When she passed anyone in the store, they would stop moving until she went to another aisle. Conversation stopped followed by hushed whispers. Penny’s face burned as she imagined the speculation behind those whispers. Did they think she was stoned or did they just think she was a slut?

One guy tried to find out. “Hey there,” he said. Penny looked up to see a young guy wearing a backwards baseball cap. His eyes drifted from her face to her nipples to her face again. “Do you know the way to Charleston, I’m a bit lost?”

“No,” she said brusquely. As she walked away, she could hear him mutter, “cock tease”. Penny’s face darkened but this time with anger. If only that punk knew about the cock she had ridden just a few minutes ago. For that matter, if he only knew about the cock she had inside her right now.

Penny kept looking out the window to see how the gas pumping was going. Earl and Joan were outside, walking and laughing as the gas loaded. Penny sighed and picked up what she was ordered to. The dildo shifted inside her with every step. Standing still didn’t help either, as it only seemed to encourage men to hang out around her and not move away.

Finally she saw Earl wave to her and signal the gas was done pumping. She walked as fast as one could with a dildo jammed in her twat to the register. Of course there was a line. Penny had to stand still as customers resupplied on drinks, cigarettes and lottery tickets.

That is when she felt her dildo slipping out.

The girl clenched her thighs together. Inch by inch, she could feel the dildo slipping out. The walking, the standing and sheer nerves were expelling the dildo. What the fuck was going to do if a big red dildo popped down her skirt and hit the ground? Penny could imagine the shock rippling through the line followed by propositions from horny drivers.

She felt the dildo slip another inch.

Penny could feel her face burning with embarrassment. The toy was coming out too fast. By the time the guy ahead of her picked his lottery numbers, she was going to become the most famous slut this county had ever known. Running to the bathroom would never work. She knew that one brisk walk would shoot the dildo out and into the candy bar aisle.

There was only one thing she could do. Staring at the back of the guy in front of her, Penny reached down between her legs and pushed the dildo back in. She heard a gasp of disbelief behind her. A chain of whispers erupted down the line. Penny wished she could shut her ears from the snatches of conversation that drifted to her. Words like ‘pussy’, ‘shameless’ and ‘Damn!’ bore witness to the lewd act she had just committed.

The woman at the counter rang her items up without speaking to her. What Penny was denied in friendly conversation was made up for in sneers and disapproving looks. The store employee shook her head in silent disgust and gave Penny’s visible nipple a glare when she gave her change back. Penny’s embarrassment escaladed past humiliation and passed over into a weird zone of detached curiosity. Why was the lady afraid to speak to her? Was she afraid that her own embarrassment or arousal would be evident in her voice? Penny liked to think that was the reason.

Outside of the convenience store it took all of Penny’s willpower not to run back to the SUV. Earl was standing outside stretching his legs. Joan was in the back seat, the door open and waiting for Penny. Both of them watched her as she walked to them. Their eyes were on her cunt, imaging how the toy inside her was being grinded by her walking. Penny felt her humiliation slip away. The people in the store couldn’t handle even the small peek of sex she gave them but these two, these two bathed in her sexuality and couldn’t wait to make her groan, grunt and whimper again.

“Come on in, slut,” Joan said.

“Gladly,” Penny said. Earl closed the door behind her. Penny relaxed as the walls of the SUV encased and protected her from the outside world. She felt she should have been at least a little afraid now that Joan was in the back with her, but she couldn’t muster the fear. The world inside the SUV with these two cruel dominants was much saner than the snickering voyeurs inside the store.

Joan sat on the far side, behind the front passenger seat. Penny noticed that they had moved the front seat up to the maximum distance so there was a generous amount of legroom for Joan. She felt her mouth water as she realized that they weren’t making that much room for Joan’s legs. That space was reserved for Penny.

“Buckle up,” Joan said. Penny felt disappointment but she did her best to cover it. Earl started up the car and pulled back into the highway. There was more traffic now as the late starters began their journeys to who knows where.

“Take our toy out, slut,” Joan commanded.

Penny nodded and obeyed. She parted her legs and reached under her skirt. A groan erupted from her as she pulled the long toy out. The red dildo glistened even with the tinted windows dimming the light. Joan looked at the dildo with her usual scrutiny. Penny didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or proud. She opted for proud.

Earl clicked something and the window beside Penny came down. Joan laughed when the slut jumped.

“Clean my toy,” Joan said. “With your mouth.”

“With the window down?” Penny said. She knew the answer as soon as she asked. Without waiting for Joan’s response, Penny put the dildo in her mouth.

She managed to get most of the fake cock into her mouth much to Joan’s laughing delight. Penny demonstrated her oral skills very well until a passing car startled her with a honk. She choked on the dildo and without thinking, turned to look at who honked. It was a man in another SUV, his eyes bulging and his smile as wide as his head. Penny was paralyzed with shock as she realized she still had the dildo in her mouth.

“Don’t you dare duck,” Joan hissed. “Give him a show.”

Penny whimpered with the cock in her mouth. She made eye contact with the other driver who was busy trying to stay on the road. It wasn’t easy to suck a dildo for someone in another car but Penny soon found the rhythm. The trick was to only perform when she actually had his attention. There was no need to deep throat a toy when the other driver was trying to avoid crashing into another car. Penny managed to cram entire sucking pantomimes into five-second windows of opportunity.

Eventually Earl lost the other driver when a convoy of trucks intercepted them. The window zoomed up and Penny almost collapsed in her seat. Her heart was pounding harder than she could ever remember it doing. Joan passed her a bottle of water and Penny eagerly sucked it down.

“Scary wasn’t it?” Joan said. “There is nothing like exposing yourself to a stranger. You create a brief connection devoid of complications or context. For ever and ever, that man will tell his buddies about the girl with the red dildo.”

“Dangerous too, isn’t it?” Penny said. “We could have crashed, or he could have called the state police.”

Joan leaned across and grabbed penny’s thigh. Her fingers bit into Penny’s flesh. The slut whimpered and hissed with pain.

“All very true, slut,” Joan said. “The Society prides itself on being secretive, and Earl and I have both been reprimanded in the past. But you know what? I think the Society forgets it’s part of the world. Tell me something slut, are you wet right now?”

“Yes,” Penny said.

“Good. We have to be doing something right. Earl pull up along side the truckers. Let’s find our slut someone to flash.”

“Yes dear,” Earl said.

“You want me to flash them?” Penny said.

“Well hon, you’re halfway there with your shirt. Just undo your buttons and give them a nice look at your chest. Hmm, you’re going to have swap places with me so the drivers can see you.”

Joan unfastened her seat belt while Penny opened her shirt. The two engaged in some close quarter gymnastics as Penny straddled Joan for a split second and moved over her. Their passing contact gave Joan the chance to catch a nipple in her mouth and bite it as Penny moved away. The slut cried out and Joan winked at her.

The window rolled down as Penny kept her shirt closed. Earl drove up next to one of the truckers. Penny could see that the guy had noticed her. The height he was at gave him a perfect angle to look down at her. He smiled, almost as if he knew what was coming.

“Do it slut,” Joan urged. Penny opened her shirt and leaned towards the window. The trucker honked his horn in appreciation. For a split moment Penny thought the deafening horn was some sort of omniscient disapproval of her nudity and she closed her shirt. The trucker laughed at her while at the same time, Joan was painfully pinching her thigh. Only when Penny exposed her chest again did Joan let go.

“One down, four to go slut,” Joan said.

Penny looked at the long line of trucks. Four more times? Her heart was racing for so many different reasons. It wasn’t just the nudity. Penny had been nude and worse plenty of times in the dungeon clubs of Atlanta. What was so disturbing to her was that she didn’t know these total highway strangers. They weren’t members of her fetish community, fellow outcasts from the mainstream. These strangers WERE the mainstream. Penny had never realized how much she had sequestered her sexuality away from the rest of the world.

She flashed her tits four more times for the truck convoy. Each exposure was easier than the last to the point that Penny was actually laughing when she flashed the last truck. The truckers rewarded her tits with their horns like a sonic climax. The piercing loud horns made her tits jiggle from the vibrations. That was a singular experience Penny wasn’t expecting. She also didn’t expect the last trucker to take out a camera and snap a shot of Penny’s tits. It was so surprising to her that she just sat there as he clicked off five more pictures.

The SUV pulled away from the trucker convoy. Penny relaxed as the automatic window rolled up and shut out the world again. She was breathing hard with excitement. Her eyes closed but popped back open as Joan’s hand went under Penny’s skirt and stroked her cunt.

“Oh fuck!” Penny said. Joan said nothing as she kept stroking Penny’s cunt. Her fingers plunged deep inside Penny. The slut just sat there and enjoyed Joan’s nimble attentions. She didn’t say a word or move a muscle for fear of Joan stopping for any reason. Only when her orgasm detonated did she allow herself to moan. Her moan started low but grew louder as the fingers teased every last bit of pleasure out of her.

“Get on the floor board, slut,” Joan commanded. Penny dragged her exhausted body down to the floor of the SUV. Although there was more room than usual in a car, it was still a tiny space. Penny crossed her legs compressed herself as much as possible.

Watching Joan shimmy out of her jeans and panties was more than enough inspiration. The freckles that dominated her face were also present on her pale legs. A tiny tuft of red hair decorated her cunt. Joan swung one leg over Penny’s shoulder and slid across the backseat. She then grabbed Penny’s blonde hair and yanked the slut to her crotch.

Penny heard the window rolling down again but she didn’t worry herself over it. She had a cunt to eat. Joan’s lips were already damp with desire; making for a delicious meal for Penny to lap up. The angle of the seat wasn’t easy to deal with but Joan’s tightening grip on Penny’s hair ruled out any moving around or adjusting. Joan needed to be eaten now and Penny’s discomfort wasn’t going to delay it for a second.

The floorboard became a new form of sadistic torture. Her legs were cramped and squeezed together. Joan’s legs hung over her shoulders; fighting with Penny’s back for whatever room was left. Her breasts were smashed against the edge of the seat, an area obviously never designed for tit comfort. The vibrations of the SUV numbed Penny’s ass while also stimulating her pussy. In Penny’s sexual life she had been locked in cages, small closets and one time, a rather large suitcase, but few of them were as uncomfortable and ache producing as the floor of an SUV.

Joan muttered something. Penny couldn’t hear her over with Joan’s thighs gripping her head. The slut kept licking. The pussy in front of her kept moving as Joan fucked Penny’s face. Penny used every trick her mouth knew to get Joan off. She licked, bit, fucked her with her tongue, teased, stroked, sucked, nibbled and ate at Joan’s pussy. Joan kept muttering and Penny kept eating.

When Penny’s lips were numbed and the taste of cunt was permanently on her tongue, Joan pulled Penny’s head up.

“Off the floor slut,” Joan said. “We’re almost there.”

Penny winced as she moved back into her seat. Her knees were sore and her jaw was just numb. She wiped Joan’s juices from her face but she could still feel her. The highway outside the SUV was gone and now there was some small town she didn’t recognize. She wondered dimly if this was the hometown of Earl or Joan; and what kind of a town could produce someone such as they.

Lost in her pain and sex, Penny had to be told to button her shirt. She was in a daze. It was that wonderful bliss that she only achieved when she was used and used well. She got dressed and sadness fell on her. It took her a moment to realize it was because she was disappointed that the trip was ending.

“This is your stop, hon,” Joan said. It was a street corner like any other. There was a gas station and across the street a local video rental store.

“It’s been real nice meeting you,” Earl said. The rear view mirror was aimed at her again. She wondered how long he had been looking at her.

“It was nice meeting you,” Joan said. She wanted to say more but the Society frowns on emotional good-byes. With bag in hand, she got out of the SUV and closed the door. Joan moved to the front seat. Both of them waved at her as they drove off.

The daze faded as reality butted in. What was she supposed to do now? The Society had told her to prepare for a road trip, they didn’t give her any more details. Quite frankly, as much as Penny hated trips, she hadn’t given much thought about her destination. Was this part of the plan? Penny’s stomach sank as she wondered if being abandoned was Joan’s little improvisation on society rules. Maybe she was making Penny really have to deal with the outside world.

A van pulled up. It was one of those older vans from the 1980’s. There were hardly any windows and the entire vehicle was built for passenger space. The passenger side window rolled down to reveal a grinning blonde woman in her forties.

“Going anywhere special this fine Georgia day?” the woman asked.

Penny frowned. That was an odd thing to ask, especially considering they were in South Carolina. She wasn’t sure how to answer till understanding dawned on her. That was the code phrase the Society had told her to respond to! What was the code phrase to say again?

“Anywhere that has a warm cock or a wet pussy is fine with me, Penny said.

The side door opened to show a couple sitting in the back. The lusty grins on their faces reminded Penny of Joan and Earl. Sitting on the floor of the van was an air mattress and a few pillows.

“Well we have two of each, so take your pick,” the blonde answered.

Penny got into the van. The couple in the van started to undress her immediately. The couple in the front seat watched and sighed.

“Where are you guys headed?” Penny asked. The man in the back was biting her nipple while the woman was slapping Penny’s ass.

“Atlanta,” the driver said.

Penny moaned and surrendered to her four new traveling buddies. The Society always thinks of everything.

The end.

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