Mar 312006

I want my own intern. Okay, my own fetish slave intern secretary maid companion. I want a woman who will take a beating, mop the kitchen floor, juggle my schedule, suck my cock, handle my business calls and wear something terribly naughty under something terribly professional. I want her to flirt with me when she wants a day off and I want her to scream when I spank her. I want her to fold the laundry and beg me to climax. I want her serve as a friend, a slut, a helper and as a chair on occasion. Is that too much to ask?

And here is the really selfish part. This is the part that I know is not romantic, sweet or sentimental but this is the part that my mind daydreams on and actually makes plans for. I understand that this part is less likely to happen than the above request, but it never fails to arouse me. And I think it will never play out as cool as I imagine it.

I want to have tryouts and interviews. I want a big long week of interviewing women to be my kinky servant plaything fuckbuddy. I want to process dozens of applications and sort out the gold from the tin. I want call backs, interviews, competitions and quizzes that culminate in me picking one awesome woman to be my happy slave.

Yes, I want my own BDSM version of American Idol but although I am a sadist, I am also a very nice person. Instead of being Simon Cowell, I’d be like the leather wearing version of Randy. I’d reject people like this-

“Hey Heather you know I’m your biggest fan. I love your tits, your awesome fashion sense and your videogame skills, but I just can’t get past the fact that you think blowjobs are yucky. I’m just not feeling it, sorry. Goodbye, and keep following your dreams!”

And the tryouts would be open to any woman of legal age. Large women, skinny women, Asian, Latin-American, African-American, Indian, white trash, rich girls, young and old. If a sixty year old woman wants to try out, then by the Gods, let’s see what she’s got. I don’t want to pre judge or assume anything. Let the process work and slowly grind away until one applicant rises above the rest.

As for the process, I have no idea. Some days I fantasize that it involves a lot of interviews which are really just talking about sex. Some days I imagine it involves women masturbating in front of me while I read their resume. Other days I see the process as a series of dares and challenges that only the uninhibited and intelligent could win. On really tense, greedy days, I picture the process as one long spanking/blowjob marathon. Maybe that last one is not the best way to determine your submissive, but it’s good for a masturbation or two.

Ultimately I want to live a fantasy that solves the one problem that plagues all doms and subs. I want to get to the end. I’m tired of the bad dates, the searching, socializing and worse of all, the breakups. I want to have some sort of awesome event where I literally comb through all the eligible women in the world and get to the one that suits me. I want to start living my life with the woman who enjoys serving me the way I want to be served and who gains fulfillment from that.

A grand open call just seems like a really cool way to achieve that.

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