Mar 152006

Looking through my own blog, I get the impression that I am an anxiety ridden depressed writer’s block freak who agonizes over how fucked our world is. Wow. I am not nearly that depressing.

Well, I do get depressed, but it’s not every waking moment. I do have fun times, just not a terrible amount of being productive time. Anxiety kicks in and I go back to distracting myself with something fun and silly.

Maybe I am being self -conscious but let’s take a moment to show off the links I go to daily and prove I am not a depressed psycho.

Webcomics- is my favorite though I liked WIGU better. is a close second. is just plain funny. is nerdier than I am and I love them for it. is cuter than a box full of bunnies that sing.

Yes, I read blogs about comic books because I love comics with a mad raving passion. There are too many to list but here are the ones that prove I have a sense of humor. can not be described except as the first place I visit when I am waking up. has single handedly inspired me to write sometimes. is snarky, mean and always funny reminds me that every day, things are funnier out of context.

Miscellaneous Mark Evainer writes comics, cartoons and works in television. That means his average post can range from Red Foxx, to Garfield to the Oscars. I hope I am half as interesting and classy when I hit his age. Sheer liberal hilarious outrage. Jack Chick is my idol. Sure, he’s a Christian nutjob who thinks Satan created the Catholic religion to subvert the Muslims and turn them against good American Evangelism, but you have to admire his conviction. He can draw ten year old Suzy telling her lesbian teacher that she’s going to hell without a hint of irony. I always admire someone so behind their convictions, that making a parody of them just looks like the real thing.


You do not want me talking about what video games I play. It’s hard to be a respectful writer of porn when everyone knows I am often browsing for clothes online for my Sims. And not even sexy clothes, just a decent jacket for my mad scientists single parent who lives in a basement bunker. is the best place for Sims 2 addicts like me to enhance their sims. is the game I retreat to when I am really feeling powerless and need to beat up some evil crooks. is the home to Sid Meier’s Pirates. It’s so addictive and easy, that all my house guests give it a try.


I don’t read much erotica online. I should but a lot of it feels like the same stuff I read when I first started. My tastes are also pretty picky. I get bored with slow moving romances and double bored with most bdsm fiction as they spend too much time discussing why smacking a loved one is perfectly okay if it’s consensual. Most of my sex links are about the business of sex which fascinates me. is a journalist about the porn movie industry. Really, really, snarky but points out the insanity of the business. gathers all the sex stuff your friends are going to talk about tomorrow, but you already saw it on fleshbot. is the better, photographer oriented version of what I do here.

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