Mar 282006

Nudity. When I read blogs by erotica writers, I am dazzled by how many of them post naked pictures of themselves. Part of me wants to jump into the pool and share pictures of myself but then I am at a loss to answer why. I mean, as blog writers we’re already exhibitionists. We tell complete strangers all sorts of naughty things, why not flash them while we are at it?

Part of me wonders if the nudity is a part of the process that erotica writers go through to sell themselves to their readers. There is a reason why most erotica writers choose a female pen name and that’s because people want to fantasize about the writer who’s telling them this awesome sexy story. Readers want to imagine that the writer is this incredible sex symbol who is telling them this story late at night. A nude picture confirms that fantasy and gives the reader fodder for visualization.

I also wonder if the act of exposing oneself requires a high self esteem that is necessary for writing. If a writer feels so unattractive that they don’t think they are desirable, then how do they summon the courage to share their writing and expect it to be sexy? I wonder if posting nudity turns into a proof of courage that helps bolster their writing.

I t also strikes me that most erotica I read on blogs is very autobiographical. The lack of sheer fiction disappoints me but I have to admit that the voyeur aspect makes some blogs very addictive. In that context, I can see the need to include photos but I still have to wonder. I mean, not to get all sensitive male on everyone here but, isn’t writing about the mind? I’m glad so-and-so has a great body but did her awesome tits come up with that story about the cop and the nurse?

Oh, and if I had the rock hard abs that I wish I had, then that picture would be on every freaking post.

  2 Responses to “Fully Clothed Tuesday”

  1. Baby I’ve got anything but rock hard abs. Not much of me but my head is rock hard. But it feels sooooo good to take an attractive picture of myself and let others see that attractiveness. Even if it’s just one small part.

    Give it a try. You might be surprised.

  2. I think in some cases, (mine included,) the writer doesn’t feel all that desired in their current relationship situation. So when someone admires our pic as well as our writing it’s a nice ego boost.
    And for others who are happy in their relationship – it’s just another way to express their inner exhibitionist… or I guess outer exhibitionist would be a better way to put it.
    Anyway, I really like your writing! And thank you for your comments at my blog btw. :-)

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