Mar 092006

Let’s do a quick checklist:

1. Working from home for a small company that would freak if they knew what my hobbies were. Yay paycheck!

2. Anxiety attacks are almost under control with meditation and L-tyrosine. Yay herbal treatments and oneness with universe!

3. Writing once a day now for about two weeks now. I have a fictional blog out there about a character. To be clear, it’s a blog about the fictional life of a fictional character. I’m not telling you which one cause that is borderline anxiety attack right there. It barely has any readers but it is a low stress way for me to get some output. When I am not writing in the blog, I have a few stories I am adding to at a snail’s pace.

4. I am tempted to post one of the stories here in the next few days. I’ll also post it in ASSM if I do. The problem with posting a story is that my emotional state can shift like a freaking hurricane. If I post a story and everyone loves it, great. If they all hate it, I think I can soak that but I am never sure. Maybe I’ll wait till I have a full month of writing under my belt.

One of the lessons I have learned was something I read about from a comedian. He said he hated reality shows that deal with the entertainment industry as if it All Comes Down To This. He said in show business, you often suck and you try again. you keep trying and rejection is just a part of the game like being accepted. I’ve kept that in mind with my writing and I am relaxing and not worrying about every story being great. Let’s see if I can keep that when I do post something.

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