May 202005

It occurred to me that it might be a good time to write down just why exactly I wrote under other names.

Arthur Thomas was a strange exploration in my own acceptance of domination fiction. I had toyed with S/M in my stories, but usually as from a comedy angle. I wrote about it like it was a joke, or with silly characters so i could distance myself from the stories. It’s weird but true, I had hang ups.

One day I was in a Taxi and the driver was bitching about her night job. At night she drove a limousine. I laughed. A limousine in this small crappy college town? I asked her who rented it, and she responded that it was college guys. I asked why in the world would college guys need a limo and she looked at me like I was stupid. To cruise the bar streets and pick up girls of course!

I thought it was the height of stupidity. Cruising just in the HOPE of picking up girls? What girl would actually get in a limo with strangers? My slow brain finally figured it out; girls who are hoping to hook up with rich guys.

The idea boiled around in my head for a few days. On the one hand, I was appalled that hiring a limo seemed to work as a pick up line. It just seemed so lame to rent a limo to pretend you were rich. On the other hand, I wondered about those cheap easy girls who hopped into strange limos. If they ever did run into a guy with money, how easy would they be?

That’s when I remembered the Million Dollar Man. Ted Dibiase was a wrestler in the 80’s who had one gimmick. He was rich. Fans hated him and they hated how he would talk trash to them as if they were poor white trash. Ted would do this same thing week after week and the fans never stopped hating him for it. He would pick some guy out of the audience, bad mouth him, and make him do something like kiss his feet for a hundred dollars. Almost always the fan would do it.

See where this is going?

So I had this idea of a Millionaire Pervert. He’d go around buying sexual favors and humiliating people. It’s pretty mean and debasing but I couldn’t let go of the idea. Mostly because the stories I thought of were all domination/humiliation fantasies that I was having at the time. Normally I wouldn’t let myself entertain these ideas, but once I thought of a character who would be EVIL, I knew I could write these bad stories guilt free.

Well, not entirely guilt free hence the alias. Arthur G. Thomas was not only a name for my ashamed of desires, but he also became the brand name so to speak. I liked the idea of a evil pervert who would share these stories under the guise of rubbing in how weak everyone else is. As a role-player it was also just fun. I slid into his mind and created a nice tiny world for him.

Arthur got fan mail that I never did. Arthur got kinky perverse fanmail from women who not only liked the bastard, but wanted to be used by the bastard. Arthur had a story website before I did because women offered to make it for him. That blew my mind. Through e-mail with them, I discovered that hey, there can be women who like to be humiliated and used if done so by someone they wanted to be used by.

I came up with an ongoing story for Arthur where he took on a wife. This was a woman who sold herself to him because she thought it would be easy. I enjoyed writing it at first but it spun out of my control. As a writer, I tried too hard to make Arthur evil as oppossed to entertaining. The more I tried to protray Arthur as evil, the more I skirted closer to simple spousal abuse stories. Heck, I learned a lot about spousal abuse from writing those stories. I had to quit writing them because I had made a huge break through in thinking of domination as not evil; but here I am writing about a character that if he was to stay consistant, had to be evil.

Looking at some of the stories, I am just embarrassed. ‘Blowjob’ and ‘Nude Photos’ are okay, but the other stories read like I was flipping through a sex manual trying to assign prices to sex acts. That’s what happens when you are trying to explore yourself, but you make yourself stick to a formula. One story I did like is not on my old website and you can find it here Funny side note, I sent that story to a fellow writer who was intrigued by a hint I dropped that I had another writer name. After I sent this story, she never talked to me again.

Before I close the book on Arthur, I would like to stress a few things I thought I did right with him. One, he was a jerk and he knew it. Too many of the Dom erotica I was reading spent so much time justifying what they did. Arthur was an ass.

Another thing I liked about him was that he had a severe sexual hang up. He could only really get aroused if he knew the other person was humiliating themselves. It made him a pitiful character. Not sympathetic, just pitiful. I find it odd that erotica doms are so lacking in outright hang ups.

Next time, I’ll discuss Brenda Mckean and the Secret League of U.T.

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  1. i suppose everyone has their own definition of an evil or a bad person. mine was always that you took what you wanted even if the person you were taking from clearly said no. they say the difference between heaven and hell is that heaven is the place you can always leave. your character Arthur G was always willing to kick someone out of his limo if they didn’t want to do what he demanded. He was selfish but perfectly willing to except no for an answer.

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