May 022005

I was looking at some book reviews on Amazon. One of the reviews caught my eye because it was crammed wtih dense language that I still can’t be sure what her point was. I was also struck by the sweeping arrogance the reviewer had as she explained how this book would place in History ages from now.

Then I noticed a link that said “Read my other reviews”

I had to.

I don’t know this lady. I can’t pretend to rate her as a reviewer but I am fascinated by her book choices. Politics, Feminism, Philosphy and Why Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office are all reviewed by Ross. The woman is a force to be reckoned with, with insghts and powers far greater than normal men. You might think I am making fun of her, but as a writer, I am in awe of her ability to write many book reviews where she doesn’t review the book as much as she reviews her own personal opinion on why the world needs to get it’s act together.

Some highlights,

Commenting on “Who Stole Feminism?: How Women Have Betrayed Women”, Ross cites the plot from “The Bodyguard” as proof for her point.

Commenting on “How to Make Apple Pie and See the World” Ross says, “The long undervalued but much touted apple pie (even without the ice cream, ala mode) represents the finest of lessons in health for human kind but one which would never come from the Bible because baking and the utensils of kitchens, nor the trading routes and processes to cultivate the ingregients of apple pies was present at the time the Bible was written. “

Commenting on “Beauty and the Beast: And Other French Fairy Tales”, Ross grants us this insight on the book-

If I was a betting person, I would bet that this oft told story was the result of a middle aged or older man who was seeking a method of introducing the concept that the troll like features of old age need not discount the nature of the love and affection required to be felt by such persons who prefer the company of fair maidens who might be seduced into giving them that pleasure. Having the ear marks of the fantasy like prominence of isolation and illusion that accompanies old age, and the unlikelihood that such a worn out vision of masculinity might have appeal for the flower of youth, the mind of man can be very cunning, and is often very seductive while preying upon the naive, softhearts of the dew that lies in the hearts of young maidens, fair or not. Drawn in to the care taker role of a kindly, parent-like figure, however disfigured by the ideal model of the Prince that young maidens are taught to favor, the marketing has worked for some years as we can see by the recent wedding of Jack Welch from the much touted, and idealized wedding of his new fair princess, and can be seen in many other instances of fantasized idealism that grace the covers of many celebrity photo magazines meant to send the message of similar outcomes.

Wow. I used to go random blog fishing but now I might start checking out reviewers for my Odd Bird fix.

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