May 242005

My wife blew out her knee. Dayum. I have a feeling I’m going to get a lot of inspiration out of this.

We drove to a new part of Atlanta to find a place that sells leg braces. It was a rather unremarkable collection of streets except for one erotic strip club I saw. The ratty sign said “Girls . . . .ATM”. Well, that is eye catching. The actual club looked like a converted strip mall bar. The whole building looked decrepit.

What caught my eye though was the name of the bar. “Girls-R-Fun”. Wow, that’s kind of nice. It wasn’t some lame dirty pun, or outright dirty name. It was a simple statement that girls are fun. That sounds friendly. It wasn’t luring me in with body parts, it was implying that we might play a few card games, sing karoke and hang out. It might be a total lie, but I appreciate the effort in the club name.

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