Apr 272005

A funny thing happened on the way to writing today. I realized I hated the rich.

I decided to go with a collection of short stories dealing with the Secret Submissive Society. One of the themes I wanted to explore was that if you had a large secret society pulling the strings, then every single person didn’t need to be a millionaire with a chateau. I’m a little bewildered why erotica writers who come from modest backgrounds want to write about the rich and famous. Not being rich and famous, I’m not eager to see them get laid. I understand part of it is a power fantasy about what an erotica writer would do if they were a millionaire but I feel it’s inherently dishonest. We don’t need a secluded island to have wild sex. All we really need is the desire and a little forethought.

Last week I wrote the first chapter and a fine chapter it was. The ‘twist’ I used was that the dom was a minimum wage guy who the Society uses to punish some of their members. The punished person in this case was a trophy wife. The guy has a crappy job except he gets to punish women from time to time. The trophy wife is horrified to be used by someone so lowly and hence we have all the ingredients for sweaty sex.

Today I sat down and the first three plots I came up with was more rich person abuse. Even worse, I decided not to have any wealthy dom characters at all. Wow. Somewhere along the way I turned into French Revolutionist.

Deep breath.

Shon’s 4 Step Program towards Rich People in This Story

1> I understand that for a Society to work, it will need money from somewhere.

2> I understand that not all rich people are evil.

3> I understand that an erotic story that hates the wealthy is more political than I really want to write.

4> Salma Hayak is rich but still fuckable.

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