Feb 012005

I’m at part two of my story. The two librarians are over at a photgrapher’s house trying to convince him to part with a book that was written by a friend of his. the photographer is reluctant and stalls by inviting them downstairs. There, he has stored all sorts of bondage equipment and other props from his fetish photography.

Now, my original plan was to have the female librarian come back the next day and offer to pose for the aging photographer in order to get the book. In the basement I had planned for the two librarians to get hot and bothered by the props, come home and releive themselves with each other. Now I am not so certain that looking at bondage props would do it. I am brainstorming for something else that can happen in the basement.

My role-playing instincts kick in and I want to treat the librarians like players. Give them a challenge or something to work against. They have the task of making the photographer sell the book, but I want to step away from that and do something else. I want to make use of the props, but I have a hard time thinking of a legitmate reason two strangers would use a man’s spanking bench. I am trying to stay a smidge realistic.

It occurs to me that the photographer could have a clever piece of equipment he wants to show off and Claire could volunteer to get in it. Then he could show the interesting functions and then stop after awhile so it doesn’t get pornographic. Hmmm. This would get them to that stae of arousal.

Or maybe he could show them peices, and I could do flashbacks to the past where these peices got used. Maybe if I make the scenes vivid enough, one paragraph each, I can convey the idea of a whole day spent telling erotic real life stories.

Choices, choices.

The one thing I am re-learning about writing is that writing flows much better when things are actually happening. I know that sounds obvious, but so many times I will have long pages of nothing happening planned in my head but can’t bring myself to sit and write. Yet when I have action to depict, or conflicting dialogue, the pages just fly.

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