Feb 212005

My story is not going so great. I haven’t hit a wall as much as I just don’t like it.

I wanted to do a light hearted sex story where sex scenes are chained together around an unrealistic but fun premise. I wanted to do a delivery girl who delivers food and BJ’s. What is holding the story up is I can’t find the balance I want between light hearted fantasy and realism. In a way I feel like I’m writing a sexy cartoon. It hits some of my primal buttons but the lack of realism keeps me from really emoting with the character. I think I’ll start over tomorrow and work for a happy medium.

It’s not like I have had a fetish for delivery girls or anything. To me the idea has merit because it is such a common fantasy, I thought I could do something unique with it. For example, make the whole food side much more erotic than just pizza. I wanted an X-rated Hooters. I also have been thinking a lot about how the really so called ‘Hot’ girls of the moment are just as fake, prepackaged and mass produced as fast food is. The deep orange tan, the frosted brunnette/blond hair and the fake boobs are as real as the microwaved burgers amercians scarf down. I think my issue is that I see a humourous side to this story but I also see a statement about america and it’s taste for mass production satisfaction. Can I even combine the two?

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