Feb 072005

Last year, Janet Jackson flashed a breast and destroyed the world. Parents gnashed their teeth and moaned to the heavens “How can I explain this to my child? I never wanted them to know about nipples! Ack!” It was immoral terrorism of the highest degree and it’s where I got the title of this blog by the way. Janet Jackson, in an attempt to revitalize a dead career, freaked out a nation and gave the religous right the justification they needed to build their own Abu Garhib where they hoped to put Howard Stern, Desperate Housewives and now it looks like Spongebob.

This year we got Nikki Cappelli. I’m not sure if that was an improvement, but it is nice to see someone punch the nose of the Hypocritical Right. If all you saw was the Super Bowl ad, go to http://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/superbowl05/landing.asp?isc=bpshdr001&se=%2B and watch the ad that never made it to TV.

My favorite line of the Internet Ad- “Those aren’t real”

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