Feb 282005

Just so you know, when you spend a week THINKING about writing, you are not actually writing. Nope, not really.

A few weeks ago my sub gave me an ultimatum that if I didn’t write anything of my own, she was going to give me ideas. Her first suggestion was write about an abandoned shopping cart. I started my librarian story the next day. Hell, most likely the next hour. Funny how motivation works that way.

I think I will create a standard not terribly creative long story that will give me something to write in between inspired ideas. That was essentially what Thigh Vs Thigh was and look how well that worked. I wonder if I should continue the librarian story as a sort of series, falling back on those characters and keep going with their exploits. Hmmmm.

Or maybe I should go simpler and say “If I have nothing to write today, I’ll write a short secret slut story which is what I spend half my time thinking about anyway.”

I’ll report back to myself later in the day.

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