Jan 142005

I wrote today about the meeting of a librarian who manages an erotic collection and the apprentice who will be learning under him. It started slow but really started flying when the two actually met. There are some bumps and places I need to iron out, but all in all I was having FUN. That hasn’t happened in awhile.

Part of the fun is just two people talking. I beleive now that perhaps my false starts these past few months is because I didn’t have interesting enough characters. I had situations, but what I really needed was two interesting people who perked my curiousity. The apprentice is a young British black woman who used to be a Internet porn writer. The librarian is a fussy American who reads way too much porn on his job and starts to see the dirty and lewd in everything. I have two challenges ahead of me for tomorrow-

In a cab, Claire explains her job to a cab driver-

“These are not the kind of books you can call up and order. These are rare, erotic books. Sexual exploits of fictional and real life confessions that have been handed down through the years and collected for the pleasure of a few private individuals. Each book is a snapshot of sexual desire for it’s time period and it will be my job to gather and catalog them.”

The cab driver swallowed hard and the flush spreading across his face pleased Claire. “That’s a shit load of porn.”

Shitload of porn? That is very very weak. I want to get across that the whole idea embarrasses the cab driver and he doesn’t want to talk to her anymore. What to say, what to say.

My other goal is that the librarian rolled his eyes when he heard Claire was an Internet writer. I want to get across that he used to do something really hardcore before be became the librarain, something along the lines of real world experience, but I am just blanking. Brothel accountant? Gardener for a nudist club? I want something sexy but not ridicilous.

Man, I miss writing.

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  1. How about college professor? Editor for a publishing company?

    Where is the story taking place?

    Does the cab driver turn 8 shades of red and mumble a response, then never look in the mirror again? Or is he from someplace else and doesn’t speak English very well…? Maybe he thinks she’s taling about exotic animals. ;)

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