Jan 172005

No writing the past weekend due to a cold, but I have high hopes for today.

But important things first: Why did they chain up the demon monkey? Okay, the girl is chained to the skeleton but what did the monkey demon do? Are or are the skeletons chained to HIM? Maybe he’s driving! And if the guy in the beard is in charge, then why is he in the back?

I’m confused!

“Honeymoon of Horror” sounds like a great title though. It can be anything from a bondage story to a “Crying Game”. Or it could be a High Gothic Honeymoon, complete with castles and wailing banshees. I know I’m intrigued.

FYI, I found the above cover at Comic Book Bondage Cover of the Day at http://members.aol.com/covers3/

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  1. Did you know John Grisham used to get up every morning at 5am so he could write before going to his day job?

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