Jan 122005

Writing yesterday was a bust. I did a little, but I have lost a lot of my sheer skills. The wife suggested writing something short and cute, like my old Kiko stories, but I don’t know. Kiko was always a smidge too surreal towards the end. It’s hard to write good erotica about a character that was based off a joke about the state of superhero bondage fiction.

I decided to try my hand at something else, something lighter and less complicated than the story I was working on. While I was kicking around ideas, I came across that beloved stereotype- The Blonde Evil Russian Amazon. Remember her older sister, The Blonde Evil German Dominatrix? Wow girls, where have you been?

Even I know writing a story about evil Russians is terribly outdated. Hell, even in the 90’s Hollywood was restorting to Eastern Europeans for their evil needs. It got me thinking on who is the Hot Evil Stereotype for the 00’s?

Let’s have auditions.

First up is Evil Middle Eastern Terrorist Chick. Sadly, she is wearing a head to toe Burka. Second of all, it’s really hard to be a sexual femme fatale when you belong to a fanatic sect that considers women to be dirt and advocates stoning them for showing ankle. I know that moderate Muslims allow women to be lawyers and doctors and such, but moderate Muslims are not by definition evil.

Next up is Evil Republican Housewife. Yes, she’s evil and she wants to throw away all your porn but again, her own religon prevents her from being sexy unless she is an In The Closet Hedonist. If she does that, then she is breaking type which nullifies her as a sexual stereotype. She might be interesting in a domination scenario where someone brings out her inner sex goddess and makes her renounce her Rupublican ways, but she doesn’t fit the bill of Femme Fatale.

Let’s go West from here and run into Asian Girl. With the increasing influence of Manga and Asian B-Movies, you would think we would have a more emerging stereotype. Sure, we have Asian Schoolgirls wearing those sailor uniforms, and we have plenty of Martial Art Chicks, but we had those stereotypes back in the 70’s. The sheer flood of Asian culture has diluted their images from cliches to actual people. For every Chinese Communist Super Ninja, there’s a Chinese Peasant Girl Who Giggles In A Delightful Manner. Arrrgghhh, where’s the danger?

I can’t think of what would constitute a Modern Femme Fatale. I don’t think she’s a Reality Show Bitch. I don’t find Pop Stars scary enough to think they count as one. I wonder if as a society, we are too well informed to have Stereotypes like we did in the 60’s. Then I will watch a political ad and see someone’s career reduced down to two key words -Liberal or Conservative and I realize that stereotypes are alive and well.

I get this feeling that in 2012, I’ll look back at this post and say “Shit, why didn’t I think of _________.” I just don’t want to wait that long.

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  1. “Shit, why didn’t I think of Carson from Queer Eye?”

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