Jan 042005

I, Shon Richards, being of erotic mind and body do swear to uphold the principles of writing stories that are not cliches unless they are terribly entertaining. I swear to corrupt every aspect of life one story at a time until my readers can’t do their taxes without getting aroused. I swear to write this year, something I used to do a lot but haven’t done much of in 2004. I swear to use this blog as my erotic story bomb making shed and not let it get bogged down with observations on television shows, happening music or what is going on with my level 29 superhero in the game “City of Heroes”.

  One Response to “Manifesto Time”

  1. Aw, c’mon. A few comments about current events never hurt anyone. Let your readers in, tell us what you think. Comment on the news. Tell us about the book you just read. Before you know it, you’ll be half way toward having your own Fox News program and raking in a seven-figure salary.

    Wanted to see how far back your archives go for my review of Prisoners. Had to leave a comment when I read this.


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