Jan 112005

I know I will never be a Shibari kind of guy but I thought I would improve on my knot skills. Let me rephrase that, I wanted to HAVE some knot skills. It occurred to me that for all my domination play, I had never tied a woman to a bed before. How did that happen? I’m much more of a mental domination kind of guy but sheesh, I should have one struggling woman on my bed sometime in my life.

Knots are a lot like writing in that a picture of the finished project tells you jack shit about how the person did it. I am amazed by how many web sites I have seen that show you a very loose knot and say “Like this”. Like what? I need video. I need a wise woman in leather to manipulate the rope in such a fashion that I can rewind. I need step by step pictures with captioned commentary.

I made my first figure eight knot and I wanted to frame it. It was with a heavy heart that I unraveled it, and put it back together. Let me tell you, my heart was pumping when I tried to do it again. It was like I had accidently made something awesome and now I had to prove I knew what I was doing. When I succeeded, I think I had an erection.

Right now that square knot picture is like the Salma Hayek/Jennifer Tilly threesome I could only dream about. Wish me luck.

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  1. Animated knots:


    Just found your site last week, have been enjoying your writing!

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