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Today I recovered enough from my cold to do some writing. I blazed away and wrote a stripping scene that worked very well for me. I have a fondness for stripping and I always get a bit peeved when I read a scene that goes, “Amber stripped off her clothes and stood naked . . .” No, no, no! Write the damn stripping scene out!

It is impossible for me to write a stripping scene without thinking of the great personal stripping performances I have read/seen/experienced in my life. Since elements of these scenes factor into my writing, I thought I would share them here.

When I was seven, I was playing with my Star Wars figures and all of the good guys had been captured. I divided up the characters to their own prisons and death traps. When it came time to do soemthing horrible to Princess Leia, the idea sprang into my head to have her strip in front of the stormtroopers. To this day, I am not sure where I got that idea. I do know that the idea of humiliating Princess Leia and forcing her to do something against her will got me very excited in a non-sexual but very close to it kind of way.

When I first met my wife, she liked to tease me by dancing as sexy as possible. She often declared that I wasn’t her type, but it didn’t stop her from shaking her hips and curling that back. She didn’t take her clothes off, but if she had, I would have stalked her twice as much as I already was.

The first time I went to a strip club, I was greatly dissappointed to discover that none of the women wore anything more complicated than a bikini swimsuit. Stripping consisted of the removal of their bikini top. Where was the business suits and school girl outfits promised to me by MTV and Cinemax? The strip club was in a rush to get girls topless as soon as possible. the girls themselves seemed bored by the whole thing and it was the first time I ever encountered the burned out sex worker that is so prevalent in HBO documentries.

The one good experience I got from the club was this little redhead. She was flat chested, had frizzy hair that Hermoine would have hated and a hook nose that belonged on a witch. Despite her disadvantages, the redhead danced like she was a Sex Goddess. This was a girl I would have never looked at twice, but she carried confidence and a pure sensual nature that kept my eye. It was like she was abosrbing worship from the crowd and I have never seen a stripper since that enjoyed herself that much.

The first time I met my current sub, she had dressed as a pirate for me as a suprise. I circled her and just soaked in the outfit she had put together for me. It was like a beautiful cake; it was too awesome to mess up by having a piece. I took my time with her, stripping one article of clothing and then engaging in serious heavy petting before removing another article of clothing. It might have been slow torture for my sub but for me it was the ultimate mix of stripping and control.

Back to writing for me.

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