Jan 052005

I wrote my first page today in a very long time. It is not a good page but it gets the job done. It can always be rewritten when the damn thing is done.

Here is the first paragraph-

Diana was late. She needed to be on the interstate ten minutes ago if she was going to be at the restaurant on time. Maureen specifically asked that Diana not be late this time and Diana was already blowing it. She was also blowing Michael, which is why she was running late in the first place.

Awful ain’t it? I started at that paragraph forever before I said “fuck it, let’s move on”. This paragraph will not survive the editing process. The sentences are bad, the joke in the third sentence is juvenile and my editor can probably see twelve problems I haven’t even noticed yet. I don’t care though. Like the first time you go groping with your girlfriend, just the fact that you touched nipple is good enough. You can agonize over the fact you really just touched bra and thick sweater later.

  One Response to “Foreplay”

  1. “Started” in the first line of the last paragraph should be “stared.” But let your editor catch that…

    It’s not as bad as you think. Did I ever tell you about one of Marguerite’s friends who is late for everything? She was an hour-and-a-half late to her own wedding. What do you think the guests did? Did they all bring books? Board games? This woman used to run in my circle of friends, but I ixnayed her participation because we couldn’t get a damned thing done.

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