Jan 072005

Tonight I am going to a social gathering of bdsm people at a dungeon. There will be chains, benches and all sorts of furniture I have only seen in erotica. This will be my first time at a dungeon and strangely, all those years of playing Dungeons and Dragons did not prepare me for this.

I’m excited to be going but I have this irrational fear that it will be like high school except more people will be wearing leather. There will be a snobby Dom who picks on my glasses, a busty blonde who will snicker at my choice of shirt and an annoying kid who is glad to finally have someone below him on the social ladder and will try to be my friend. Plus, someone will steal my lunch.

On the other hand, I am Shon Richards. I have fucked thousands of people through my stories. I have made submissives and dominants across the world masturbate like crazy while reading my words. I have written sex games, scenes and bondage utopias that would blow their freaking mind.

I figure the two cancel each other out. I can’t expect them to somehow understand that I write erotica and treat me like a porn star but I also can’t expect them to give me a wedgie and steal my lunch. For me, I have to cancel my irrational fears with my irrational arrogance. With any luck, I’ll have a good time and get to meet some new people.

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