Jan 312005

We had an ice storm this past weekend. That meant we were housebound and forced to do such things like talk to one another and cook our own dinner. I have to say that this was the best housebound experience I have had with my wife. I missed her whe she went to work this morning and that is a rarity for me after a cabin fever scenario. It occurred to me, like it always does when there is a weather disaster, that cabin fever makes for good sex stories.

I wrote a cabin fever story once about my experiences with the Flood of the Century. It was a couples 4-some story that I was never happy with. I think the major drawback to a cabin fever sex story is that after being forced to spend 24 or more hours with the same people, in the same space, all I really want out of life is some quiet time. I wonder if that means I am getting old.

Perhaps what I should do is a cabin fever story where the man and his loved one are trapped in their apartment and he decides that now would be a great time to play with some bondage. Especially the gag side of it. He then sets up some brilliant vibrator/bondage trick and blindfolds her before going to the living room and watching the Three Stooges.

Yeah, that will get me the fan mail.

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