Jan 272005

The last few days I have written more than I have in weeks. I’m terrified to jinx it by talking about but at the same time I feel like I should report it in case I hit a writing block and I can’t remember what got me writing last time.

The last few months I’ve had brilliant ideas. I’ve had unique story concepts that I have never seen before in erotica but when it came time to write, I had these slow boring starts. This time has been different. This time, I created two interesting people, and then worried about the story.

It’s so simple, I am kicking myself. It wasn’t the idea of a nutjob rich woman dressing as a pirate that made Cabin Boy good, it was Leigh, Drake and the boy who made it good. It wasn’t the parodies in Thigh vs Thigh that made it so easy to write, it was the ease of writing about Amy and Bethany, two gals I came to love with each new story. I don’t know if Claire and Mr. Dillon will stand the test of time years from now, but right now I love them and they have their own voices. I’ve written 12 very good pages and I feel like King of the World right now.

Now I just need to create an interesting wealthy eccentric who owns the book these two need to get and I will be set. Let the casting begin!

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