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This a fan fiction story featuring adult performer Jay Taylor in the Zombies Run universe.  All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. Jay Taylor’s hottness is the property of Jay Taylor. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any previously copyrighted material. No copyright infringement is intended. if you like exercising while listening to a zombie apocalypse drama, I highly reccomend Zombies Run. If you like sexy girls, I reccomend Jay Taylor porn.

“You’re doing good, Runner 5. The entire camera system for the village is back up and running. The router you reconnected seemed to do the trick. I can’t believe one raccoon could cause so much damage.”

Sam Yao cycled quickly through the different camera feeds. There was the empty village square. There was the cleaned-out grocery store. There was the main road leading north. There were the burned remains of the bus. There was Runner 5’s cute butt inside the electronic store.

Sam zoomed in. All of the runners were in great shape but Runner 5’s ass was a fantastic example of female beauty. The running shorts clung to her bottom and were soaked in sweat. He had a brief fantasy of cleaning the sweat from her ass with his tongue.

“No, no,” Sam said to himself. Stay professional. The runners relied on him to be their eyes and ears. He couldn’t perv on Runner 5 just because she was the hottest woman still alive in the zombie apocalypse. It wasn’t right and Runner 5 had saved the lives of Abel Township hundreds of times.

Sam turned on the mic again. “Thank you again for doing this quick mission. I know you would rather be back here for the Founding Day festival but you know how it is. As soon as we lose camera coverage somewhere, it means it might be a prelude to an attack. Since it was just a raccoon who likes to chew wires, you can come back now.

Runner 5 turned around and faced the camera. She shook her head in the negative. Her ponytail bounced behind her.

Sam became a hundred times more alert. “What is the matter? Did you find something? Is it Van Ark again?”

Runner 5 looked up at him with her enigmatic expression. She grabbed the bottom of her sports bra with both hands and pulled it up to reveal her sexy small breasts. Pulling the bra over her head, she tossed it to the side and grabbed her breasts. Her fingers pulled at her nipples.

“Oh no,” Sam groaned. She was doing it again.

Runner 5 smiled. Her high cheekbones almost glowed when she smiled. She licked her lips and gently rolled her nipples in her fingers.

Sam glanced at the shed door. He rolled his chair towards the door and turned the lock. If the Major came by, he would just tell her that it was an accident that he locked the door. She might even believe him.

“Sam,” Runner 5 said through his headset. “Do you want ass or more tits?”

Sam’s heart raced. Runner 5 almost never spoke. To hear her say his name gave him an instant erection. He rolled back over to the monitors and watched.

“Ass,” he answered.

Runner 5 nodded and turned around. She hooked her fingers into either side of her shorts and slowly pulled them down. Her hips wiggled back and forth as the shorts slowly exposed her perfect ass centimeter by centimeter.

A memory flashed. Sam was sitting in this very chair while Runner 5 sat in his lap. She had her shorts off then, and she wiggled and squirmed on top of his hard erection. Around and round she grinded her perfect ass until he came in his pants. That was the best Christmas.

On screen, Runner 5 pulled down her shorts and stepped out of them. She grabbed her ass with both hands. Her fingers sunk into her firm flesh and pulled. He could see the tight ring of her asshole.

“Holy shit,” Sam moaned.

Runner 5 licked her finger and pressed it to her asshole. She rubbed the outside of her asshole and Sam could easily imagine that it was his tongue. As her finger moved, Sam could almost taste her.

There was movement on another monitor. It was a zombie. The zombie was leaning against the wreck of the bus. Maybe it was trying to walk into it.

He turned back to Runner 5. She was grabbing her ass while her hips rolled. Fuck, she was hot.

“You turn me on so much, Runner 5,” Sam groaned. “I love watching your ass. I would love to bury my face in it. I would cover your butt in kisses and then I would lick your ass. I would fuck your asshole with my tongue. I want to taste every bit of you.”

Runner 5 moaned. Her butt clenched and all those wonderful muscles flexed along her butt.

“I would fuck your ass, if you let me,” Sam said. “I would be so gentle. I would slip inside you so carefully until I was deep inside you. Oh, I wouldn’t last long. I would try to hold back but it would only take a few thrusts before I came deep in your sexy butt.”

Runner 5 groaned. She leaned forward over the counter. She spread her legs and Sam could see the edge of her hairy bush. He zoomed in closer as she plunged her fingers into her wet pussy.

Now it was Sam’s turn to moan. Runner 5 fingered herself while her ass continued to clench. Her hips rolled as she humped against the counter.

“I wish I was there to fuck you,” Sam said. “I love your ass but I know your pussy would be perfect. It would be so warm and tight. I would bury myself deep in your cunt and fuck the hell out of you.

“Sam,” Runner 5 moaned. “I don’t hear you jacking off.”

He knocked over the pile of mission papers by the fan. Under the pile was a lunch box. Inside the lunch box was a pile of chip boards but hidden deep under them was a tiny bottle of lube.

Sam pulled his pants down and squirted the lube into his hand. It was almost empty. That was no problem. He was sure Runner 5 would bring him some more.

Runner 5 turned around. Sam gasped at the sight of her hairy bush. She had her fingers deep inside her as she leaned back against the counter. Her mouth hung open as she moaned and Sam had a quick fantasy of filling her mouth with cock.

Sam grabbed his hard cock with his lubed hand. He groaned loudly and Runner 5 smiled on the screen. He pumped his cock with a mad fury.

They didn’t talk as they masturbated but that didn’t mean that they were quiet. Sam knew that she could hear the wet sound of his cock getting jacked with lube. He could hear her groan with every thrust of her fingers. Their breathing got louder and louder as they came closer to orgasm.

Sam came first. He always did. When it came to Runner 5, he had no staying power. He came and he came loudly as he shouted his pleasure.

Runner 5 smiled at the camera as he came. She kept smiling as her fingers stroked her pussy to orgasm. She cried out and grabbed her tit as she came. Her slender body shook as she rode the aftershocks of her climax.

“Oh Jay, I have made quite the mess.” Sam groaned when he could speak again. He winced as he realized that he used her name on the comm line. That was a big no-no. Then again, so was using the surveillance system to masturbate together.

Runner 5 laughed and brought her fingers to her mouth. She licked her fingers slowly, putting on a show for Sam. It was amazing how much she could get into her mouth. When she was finished, she looked at him with an intense sultry look.

Sam knew what that meant. She was still horny. Everyone knew how brave and quick Runner 5 was but only Sam knew how insatiable she could be. Well, maybe some of the other runners knew. And the doctor. Okay, probably the motorcycle guy. Still, most people didn’t know what a fantastic slut she could be.

“If you can get it up when I come back,” she said, “how about I suck you off?”

Sam swallowed. His tender cock throbbed. “Well, then all I have to say to that is RUN.”


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