Oct 172017

Amanda Clover is one of, if not the best interactive erotica writer around today. She writes great stories with meaningful choices on various subjects and kinks. She has secured her place among the greats with her interactive fiction but she also writes the Princess to Pleasure Slave series where women in fantasy world settings get dominated, seduced, mind controlled and fucked silly by just about every monster you can think of. Her abundance of talent is deeply unfair to the rest of us.

Escape the Island of Eldritch Lust combines both of her talents like chocolate and peanut butter.  You play Penelope, a scribe and scholar who needs to leave her comfortable life to go rescue her monster hunting mother and sister. You travel to a dread island where a Dark God is stirring and every damn corner hides a terrible insatiable monster of some kind or another. You are not that good with a sword and pistol, but luckily you have some magic and a nerd’s love of knowledge.

This book is huge. Just getting to the island will take awhile. Once on the island, you will engage an epic adventure that would fill a campaign in a tabletop role-playing game. It took me about a week to get to the end and that was just in one play through. Looking at the outline, I see that there are three major branches I didn’t even touch on. It is a giant of a book.

Like a previous book, Dungeon of the Monster Breeder, you are often given the same five choices for monster encounters. These are Wait, Parley, Magic, Fight and Surrender. The familiarity of these choices give the book the feeling that you are playing a tabletop game. The Surrender option almost always triggers your defeat which is really nice to have when you are just curious about the worse that could happen in an encounter. It is a nice system and one that is easy for the player to pick up on.

Needless to say, this is an amazing book. If you like interactive fiction or cute girls getting dominated by monsters, then you have to own this book.



Oct 162017

Halloween costumes that are sold in stores are notoriously for falling part as the night goes on. Many a poor man or woman have been enjoying themselves in public when their outfit tears in such a way to expose themselves to friends and strangers alike. People tend to blame their humiliating exposures on cheap costumes and drunken adventures.

Few people know that the source of their accidental nudity is because of creatures known as Enfies.

Enfies are magical entities that lurk in some distant outer plane of existence. They rarely come to Earth unless but on Halloween, when the veils between words are at their weakest, Enfies cross freely into our world to work their mischief. While here, an Enfie is invisible and formless but they are still able to affect the world with their telekinesis and psychic vampirism.

Enfies feed on the psychic energy of other people’s sexual embarrassment. To provoke this feeling, the Enfie will use their telekinesis to ruin a Halloween costume. Skirts will ride up, zippers will come undone, panties will tear, shorts will drop and tight tops will pop open. The costume will come part at the worse moment for the victim for maximum embarrassment.

There is only one known defense from an Enfie’s attention. If a person feels that an Enfie may be nearby, they should immediately expose themselves to a stranger as soon as possible. This should satisfy the Enfie enough that they will move on to a more unsuspecting target. It is unfortunate that the victim is subjecting themselves to embarrassment, but at least they get to keep their costume intact.

Whispers from Suckubeth by Anonymous.

Oct 132017

Halloween is a special time of the year. It is a time for creepy fun, spooky chills and sexy monsters. As far as I am concerned, Halloween is a month long party that maybe doesn’t end until Christmas day. Every party needs music and here is my personal playlist for my favorite holiday.

  1. This is Halloween from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack.
  2. Psycho Killer by The Talking Heads.
  3. Two Big Pumpkins by Elvira.
  4. Walk Like a Zombie by the Horror Pops.
  5. Swamp Witch by Jim Stafford.
  6. Nightmare on My Street by DJ Jazzy smith and the Fresh Prince.
  7. Theme from John Carpenter’s Halloween.
  8. Nature Trail to Hell by Weird Al.
  9. Halloween by Aqua.
  10. Theme from Tales From the Crypt.
  11. Creepy Doll by Johnathan Coulton.
  12. Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio.
  13. We’re Out For Blood by Marian Call.
  14. Dragula by Rob Zombie
  15. (Party at the) House on Haunted Hill by the Rifftones.
  16. Marty Beller Mask by They Might Be Giants.
  17. Halloween by Stephen Lynch.
  18. Drinkin’stein by Sylvester Stallone.
  19. The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen.
  20. Mistress of the Dark by Ghoultown.
  21. Halloween (Remix) by the Coffinshakers.
  22. The Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett
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Oct 122017

Cherry Delight is a secret agent who works for N.Y.M.P.H.O. (The New York Mafia Prosecution and Harassment Organization) as a combination call girl/assassin. She’s a hot chick with red hair, giant boobs and a high sex drive. Her vaginal muscles are also impossible to escape. She fights the Mafia during the dangerous free sex era of the 1970’s.

You may be wondering why in the world would I recommend such a piece of dated sleaze? The anwser is that the writer, Glen Chases, is actually a pseudonym for superstar writer, Gardener F. Fox. This is the man who created and wrote many of the comic book characters of the Golden and Silver Ages of comics. He also wrote a ton of pulp books including one of my favorite Conan knock-offs, Kothar. He is a fantastic writer who knows how to keep a plot moving and he has creativity and innovation to spare, even when writing spy porn like this.

Not only was this book fun to read, but it had a few surprising qualities that set it apart from most action-porn of the era. For one thing, there wasn’t a rape scene. Sleaze of this time period always had rape scenes of one kind or another but the closest we get in this book is Cherry tricking two of her captors into having sex with her while she is at their mercy. There is also an emphasis on foreplay that surprised me as mobsters and henchmen spend a lot of time making sure women are turned on before sex scenes. Although it is technically a porn book, the action scenes are top notch and the plot was mostly believable.

Best of all, this book was a fun breezy read that I finished in a single day. Cherry Delight paperbacks can be pricey to find but if you like erotic pulp like I do, this one is worth the price. Fortunately, this book has recently been released on Kindle at a reasonable price. I hope this means they will do the entire series.

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Oct 112017

Ravished Inside the Haunted House is my latest interactive book and it is available for purchase on Amazon. You play a woman who is lost in the middle of nowhere but don’t worry, there is a creepy looking house nearby and I’m sure the people will inside will let you use their phone. Spoiler Alert: They absolutely will not let you use their phone without trying to fuck you first.

This book is a labor of love, sweat and screams. I worked hard to make sure this book was replayable with six major sections of the house to explore. As you can imagine from the title, there are a lot of horror elements in this book with ghosts, monsters and strange magic, but being something I wrote, there is also a lot of humor to go with the hot sex. This book was a lot of fun to write and I hope you have just as much fun reading it.


Oct 042017

Explorer’s Log: I have completed my eleven day journey to the star system designated “That Special Feeling You Get When The Queen Punishes Traitors” by Royal Astronomers. The Carefully Managed Democracy has collapsed. The six planets in this system have declared their allegiance to the new government which is being called the Strictly Rationed Liberty Federation. Technically they don’t have a government up and running yet, but they have already begun to round up members of the former government for persecution and exile. In this system, they have consigned their political prisoners to a miserable moon orbiting the local gas giant.

One of the political prisoners is a gladiator warrior by the name of Sureshot. I watched her fight on the battle planet that I was strictly forbidden from participating in. It is too bad as she is cruel, capable and quite beautiful. I had marked her as someone the Queen might find amusing when the Royal Navy conquers this sector of space. Alas, she is scheduled to be executed.

No matter. The planets here are in a state of chaos and are forbidding outsiders from landing. I will need to conduct my surveys from my ship and there are six inhabited planets with fifty-one inhabited moons. I will waste no time in beginning the remote surveys for the Queen. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I cannot believe they are going to execute Sureshot! She humiliated me when I took part in that arena fight but she also abused me ways I haven’t experienced since leaving Euphoria. Knowing she is about to die is affecting me in ways I don’t understand . . .

Vaquel Di stood against the archway. Her special camouflage spacesuit blended with the green metal of the wall. The color changing material struggled to smooth out her wide hips, busty chest and thick thighs. The glassteel helmet changed color as well so to conceal Vaquel’s brown face and short pink hair.

Air recyclers hummed all around Vaquel. There were twenty kilometers underground on a cold rock of a moon. The metal walls were designed to protect the inhabitants from the gas giant’s radiation but Vaquel had her doubts. Too much of the metal walls had sickly blue spots that glowed in the darkness.

A prison guard was approaching. The Zatty was three meters tall like all of his race but the special armor he wore added an extra meter to his frame. He was a giant, with pulsing electrical gloves, heavy armored boots and a helmet flanked by two shoulder cannons.

CLANK! CLANK! CLANK! Every step thundered down the hall.

Vaquel watched as he came closer. Her heart pounded. The armor was too tough for most of her weapons. Only her plasma pistol had any chance of cracking the armor and even then, it had to be at point blank range against one of the seals on the helmet. At that range, it was an instant kill but it took the pistol a full second to charge and the hum of the plasma would give her away. The timing had to be perfect.

CLANK! CLANK! CLANK! The guard as almost there. His helmet turned in her direction.

Vaquel held her breath. The camouflage suit should conceal her but she was taking no chances. One touch of those electrical gloves and she would be unconscious. One blast of those shoulder cannons and she would be atomized.

CLANK! . . .CLANK! He was slowing.

Vaquel almost groaned but she caught herself in time. He did see something! Fuck! Should she charge up her pistol and rush him? Could she clear the distance in time to jam her plasma pistol in the guard’s neck before he blasted her?

CLANK! CLANK! CLANK! The guard sped up and looked away from her. He was almost right beside her.

A tremor ran through Vaquel. A rush of heat went between her thighs. A clenching spasm ran through her pussy. These near-death experiences always turned her on.


It was time. He was within arm’s reach. Vaquel flipped the switch on her plasma gun. The hum of the pistol reached its highest pitch as the guard’s foot came down for another CLANK! She swung her arm out, avoided the shoulder cannon, wedged the pistol barrel into the seal crease of the helmet and pulled the trigger.

The armor absorbed the sound of the plasma shot. The guard shuddered and fell forward. Smoke rose from the hole in the helmet along with the smell of heated flesh.

Vaquel was already running. This was the final corridor. According to the information Chairbot hacked from the prison system, Sureshot was in the second cell down.

She reached the cell door and typed on the alphanumeric lock. Chairbot had assured her that it had retrieved the passcode from the system but Vaquel had her doubts. She didn’t like the way the little robot had moaned and vibrated as it hacked the system. If she didn’t know any better, she would have thought the robot chair was having sex with the system.

Multiple locks disengaged. “The little fucker was right,” Vaquel whispered. She made a note to sit on him for a good long time and masturbate. The sycophantic chair loved that.

The door slid open to reveal a small cell. Sitting on a bunk with her legs crossed was a tall Zatty woman. Her red skin was dirty and tattered clothes barely covered her muscular frame. The dim light reflected off the woman’s bald red but the eyes looking back were very bright indeed. Both hands curled into fists as her body tensed into a offensive posture.

Vaquel’s pussy clenched. It was Sureshot!

“What are you?” Sureshot asked. She stood up and assume a martial pose. Despite being unarmed and dirty, Sureshot projected an aura of menace that made Vaquel take a step back.

“I’m here to rescue you,” Vaquel said. She realized her glassteel helmet was still in camouflage mode so she pressed a button. The helmet changed from dark green to transparent.

Sureshot stared at Vaquel for a full second before smiling. “I remember you,” she said. “I beat and used you. It was my highest humiliation score in competition. I gave you my prize of a year of pornography.

Heat rose to Vaquel’s face. “Yes, my name is Vaquel and I owed you for sparing my life.”

“Hmm,” Sureshot said. She approached Vaquel and stared down at the brown woman. “No, that isn’t your name. Your name is Fuck-U. I remember that much.

Vaquel blushed again. That was what Vaquel had yelled at Sureshot as she was being woman-handled. Sureshot had turned it into an insulting nickname for Vaquel.

A shudder ran through Vaquel. Her pussy clenched around something that wasn’t there. She must still be turned on from the last kill.

“Come on,” Vaquel said. “We need to leave this cell block before a patrol comes through.”

Sureshot looked at her strangely. “Sure, Fuck-U. Lead on.”

Vaquel tried to remember the route she had planned. She drew a blank. Sureshot’s tunic was open at the waist and both of her massive red breasts are almost entirely exposed. The dark red circle of Sureshot’s aureole peeked out from tattered fabric.

She forced herself to turn around and look down the corridor. Now she remembered. Left, right, left, left. The clock was ticking.

“Follow me,” Vaquel said and she took off running. She ran as fast as she could, knowing a guard patrol could come by any moment. Her large breasts bounced within her spacesuit and sweat trickled down her spine and between her plump buttocks.

Sureshot jogged easily beside her. The tall Zatty barely exerted herself to keep up with the shorter space explorer.

Vaquel glanced at Sureshot as they ran. Muscles rippled under her red skin as she moved. The tattered tunic flashed tantalizing peeks of powerful thighs, ripped abdomen muscles and firm buttocks. Vaquel stumbled and she forced herself to look away as she kept running.

The door out of the cell block was up ahead. When it came within sight, Sureshot put on a burst of speed and reached the door first. She looked at the keypad and then back at Vaquel. The strange expression was still on her face. She turned around and leaned on the keypad, blocking it with her body.

“Move aside,” Vaquel said. “I have the passcode.”

The Zatty woman shook her head. “No.”

“Why?” Vaquel said with ragged breath. “A patrol should be here in a few minutes but they integrate a random variable to their timing. We need to get through now!”

The Zatty woman crossed her arms. “No, I don’t trust you.”

“What?” Vaquel said. “I’m here to rescue you! I owe you, remember?”

“Do you?” Sureshot said. “I have seen you fight for your life, as well as your orgasms. You are a weak alien but I feel like you are lying. Why are you really here? Is it for revenge? Do you plan to betray me and humiliate me?”

“This was a mistake,” Vaquel said. “You are too paranoid to rescue. Fine, stay here but move the fuck from that door so I can get out!”

Vaquel reached for her plasma pistol. In a blink of an eye, Sureshot grabbed Vaquel’s wrist and twisted. Pain shot through Vaquel’s arm and she dropped her pistol. Sureshot twisted Vaquel’s arm behind her back and slammed her face first into the cell block door.

Sureshot leaned in closer. Her breasts pressed into Vaquel’s back. She pulled the arm up higher and the brown explorer winced.

“Tell me the truth, Fuck-U,” Sureshot whispered. “Have you come to kill me personally?”

“No,” Vaquel groaned.

Sureshot reached between Vaquel’s legs. The thin spacesuit offered no protection as the Zatty woman’s fingers pressed hard against Vaquel’s sex.

Vaquel gasped. Despite the pain in her arm, she closed her thighs around Sureshot’s hand. Her needy pussy clenched with desire.

“Have you come to humiliate me?” Sureshot whispered.

“No,” Vaquel moaned.

Sureshot ground her hand against Vaquel’s sex. The powerful fingers dug into the flimsy spacesuit material and pushed into Vaquel’s wet folds. Sureshot could feel the shudders of the woman’s pussy.

“Then why are you rescuing me?” Sureshot whispered. “Answer me with the truth or I will break off your arm and fuck you with it.”

Vaquel shuddered. Whether it was from fear or desire was impossible to say.

“On my world, we have a Queen,” Vaquel said. “She rules with cruel affection and merciless authority. Her family has guided our people out of the dark ages and into conquering prosperity. She is insatiable and beautiful and we all serve at her pleasure.”

“Hmm,” Sureshot said. She stroked harder at the thin spacesuit. “What does this have to do with anything?”

“I have spent almost two years with your people,” Vaquel said. “I have seen how they tear each other apart with their civil wars. I have seen them swear loyalty to ideas that are less than a decade old. I have seen how petty and fickle they are. If it wasn’t for their large cocks and giant tits, I would be disgusted with your race.”

Sureshot snorted. She twisted Vaquel’s arm harder until the brown woman cried out. “Your point, Fuck-U?”

“Your race is pathetic!” Vaquel said through gritted teeth. “But you are not! You are cruel! You are dangerous! You are beautiful! How dare your people try to kill you!”

“I understand,” Sureshot said. “You’re homesick.”

“What?” Vaquel said.

“Take off your helmet,” Sureshot said.

“We don’t have time!” Vaquel said. “We need to go now!”

Sureshot pushed harder on Vaquel’s arm and the explorer screamed. Her fingers also dug deeper into Vaquel’s crotch and the material stretched as Vaquel’s pussy was penetrated.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel gasped. She fumbled with her neck with her free hand. The release catch was activated and her helmet popped free.

Sureshot released Vaquel’s arm and her groin. She grabbed the helmet and pulled it off Vaquel’s head. As Vaquel nursed her arm, Sureshot spun her around and grabbed Vaquel by her short pink hair. Scooping one arm under Vaquel, Sureshot lifted her from the ground. Her head dipped down as her lips went for Vaquel’s mouth.

Vaquel froze in Sureshot’s grip. She opened her mouth for the Zatty woman’s powerful tongue. Her heart pounded as Sureshot drank deeply of Vaquel’s mouth. A warm feeling spread through Vaquel and she felt like she was floating.

Sureshot grabbed one of Vaquel’s breasts. She could feel the explorer’s hard nipple underneath the thin spacesuit. Her large hand encompassed the breast as her fingers squeezed tightly.

The tugging of her breast woke Vaquel from the bliss of the kiss. She kissed back, wrestling her tongue with Sureshot’s. Her legs lifted and wrapped around the larger alien’s hips. She pressed her crotch to Sureshot in a desperate urge to merge with the beautiful woman.

Their kissing grew more frantic. Sureshot pulled at her tunic to expose her chest. Vaquel pressed a button on her belt and a seam opened in her spacesuit from her groin to her neck. They kept kissing as they slipped hands under cloth to grope and maul each other.

A finger slipped inside Vaquel. The large Zatty finger was almost the size of a cock. It filled her as it pushed her open. She gasped into Sureshot’s ever demanding mouth.

Vaquel reached between them and ran her hand over Sureshot’s smooth sex. The thick lips were soaking wet. The angle prevented Vaquel from entering the taller alien but she could rub her fingers back and forth across the wet pussy lips.

“Yes,” the alien groaned.

They fingered each other. Sureshot continued to hold Vaquel up as they ravaged each other’s mouths. Vaquel’s large breasts pressed against the giant mounds of Sureshot. Brown skin writhed against red.

Sureshot groaned. “Make me come, Fuck-U.”

Vaquel stroked faster. Her fingers grinded as hard as they could. The heat from the alien’s pussy was incredible.

“Yes,” Sureshot groaned. She pulled her finger out of Vaquel’s sex and grabbed the explorer’s ass instead. Her wet fingers squeezed hard around Vaquel’s plump buttock.

Vaquel missed the finger inside her but that was okay. The powerful woman had given her a command and Vaquel planned to complete it. She stroked Sureshot’s pussy with renewed vigor.

The slick pussy trembled under Vaquel’s hand and then there was a sudden gush of fluid. Sureshot screamed into Vaquel’s mouth as she finally achieved her climax.

The Zatty woman broke the kiss. Vaquel pulled her hand away from Sureshot’s dripping sex. Her fingers were numb from rubbing so hard.

“Please make me come,” Vaquel whispered.

“Halt!” a voice cried out.

“What?” Vaquel said. She looked past Sureshot to see the armored form of a prison guard. Fuck!

The hands holding Vaquel up suddenly let go. There was a moment of freefall and then Vaquel’s ass landed hard on the ground. Pain shot up her spine.

Sureshot ran down the hall towards the guard. The twin shoulder weapons swiveled to track her. The red woman turned at a sharp angle towards the wall. Step by step, she ran up the side of the wall while still headed for the guard.

Laser fire sliced through the air but Sureshot was one step ahead of every red flash of light. She ran along the wall and then summersaulted through the air over the guard. His shoulder cannons lacked the elevation needed to fire up at her.

As she flipped over the prison guard, Sureshot grabbed the barrels of both cannons. She pulled them inward as they kept firing. The weapons pointed at the guard’s head and fired. The lasers cut through the helmet and punctured the skull of the Zatty inside.

The guard fell to his knees. Sureshot wrenched a cannon from the shoulder mounting and examined the wires hanging out. The guard fell forward and blood leaked from the helmet.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. She was still sitting on the ground, her hand dripping pussy juices.

“Got it,” Sureshot said and she touched a wire. The cannon in her hand fired a short burst. “It’s not ideal but at least I have a weapon again.” She took some of the extra wires and made a sling for her new gun.

“Right,” Vaquel said as she stood back up. Her pussy ached to be filled again but that guard had reminded her of the danger they were in. She turned around and typed in the passcode.

The cell block door opened. A long tunnel stretched before them. Weapon turrets hung limply in their brackets.

“Why aren’t they firing?” Sureshot asked.

“I deactivated them before I got here,” Vaquel said. The truth was that Chairbot had done that but Vaquel wasn’t going to tell her that. Let the hot alien woman think she had done all the work.

Vaquel took a step towards the door but a powerful hand grabbed the back of her head and slammed her into the wall. Pain exploded along Vaquel’s face and she tried to pull back. The hand kept her pinned to the wall.

“What?” Vaquel said.

“You made a request,” Sureshot said. She kicked apart Vaquel’s legs as she kept her pinned to the wall. Her free hand moved down and entered Vaquel’s sex from behind.

“Ahh!” Vaquel cried out. “Let’s get on the other side of the door and close it,” she said. “Then you can fuck me.”

Sureshot drove her finger deeper inside Vaquel. “I’m granting your request and you’re telling me how to do it?”

“No, No!” Vaquel said. The submissive side of Vaquel flared to life. “I’m sorry, Mistress! Thank you for this pleasure!”

“That’s better,” Sureshot said. Her hand pumped Vaquel’s clenching pussy.

Vaquel groaned. The finger inside her was too rough. It was too fast. It was a savage taking of her most vulnerable spot. It was nailing her to the wall.

It was wonderful.

She couldn’t help thinking about the guards. Were more coming? Did the wardens know the computers had been hacked? Was a small army coming to kill them right now?

Probably, but it didn’t matter. Sureshot was granting her the gift of an orgasm. It didn’t matter that the rough prison wall was hard on Vaquel’s softs breasts. It wasn’t important that her face was being crushed. It was of no concern that their chances of escaping this prison was getting slimmer with every hard thrust of Sureshot’s finger.

Vaquel climaxed. She screamed her pleasure in a primal cry of bliss. She kept screaming as Sureshot fingered her to a second orgasm and then a third.

“You’ve had enough,” Sureshot said and she pulled her finger out of Vaquel. She pushed Vaquel’s stumbling body through the cell block door.

They entered the tunnel and Vaquel stumbled to the lock. She typed in the code and locked the door behind them. She pressed a button to seal her spacesuit back up.

“No,” Sureshot said. “Leave your suit open.”

Vaquel nodded weakly. She was dazed with afterglow. She tapped a button and the seam opened along her spacesuit again.

“We have five kilometers to go before we reach a water hatch,” Vaquel said. “From there we need to swim through some hopefully clean water before working our way through the water treatment station. My ship is waiting there. I can take you to another planet but I can’t take you to another star system.”

“Understood, Fuck-U” Sureshot said. She slung her weapon over her shoulder. “I have friends on the second planet. They were talking about setting up a rebel group. This new government we have coming is already pissing people off. Maybe we’ll try that system you were telling me about. I wouldn’t mind being a Queen.”

Vaquel smiled with pride until an unpleasant thought occurred to her. What would Queen Erishella think if she came to invade this system and they already had a cruel queen? The Queen had a dim view of plagiarists. Would she blame Vaquel?”

Sureshot kept talking. “Five kilometers you said? In one kilometer, we’ll take a fuck break so you can eat me. At the second kilometer, we’ll take a break so I can spank your ass and those tiny milk pumps of yours. I haven’t decided how I will use you at the three kilometer mark, but I’ll think of something.”

A warm feeling suffused through Vaquel. She would worry about Queen Erishella some other time. She had a queen right here that she was eager to serve.

Sep 272017

Back in the glory days of my youth, I played Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K. I loved role-playing games but there was something irresistible in managing an army or small squadron through a tactical situation. Role-playing was about stories about wargaming was about the thrill of winning and the almost more entertaining thrill of losing.

As I got older, I stopped playing wargames because they can all day to play. It is can also get expensive as armies grow and miniatures have never gotten cheaper. The days of spending six hours to fight a battle with an army that takes all year to save up for is long gone.

Thankfully, I have been able to get back into wargaming through the wonderful game of Pulp Alley. Games usually take a two hours and the miniatures can be as few as two and rarely if ever cross over into more than ten. More importantly, the rules are simple but incredibly fun. I have been playing off and on for a year now and couldn’t imagine playing anything else.

The premise is that each player has a small league of like-minded individuals. Each game centers on the leagues trying to achieve the same goal. The players have six turns to gain objectives, deduct clues or just slug it out. Fortune cards are drawn at random and used by both players for unexpected advantages. No one truly dies so even if your league gets wiped out, they will just regroup and be ready for next time.

One of the strengths of Pulp alley is that the rules as written can cover any kind of game genre. Want to play space opera with your Jedi Knights or Cylons? Pulp Alley has you covered. Want to play a fantasy game of rival warrior bands fighting over a temple? Yep, you can do that.  I myself have a cult leader and his followers, a band of women adventurers from the mountains of Tennessee and a time-traveling scientist who has an army of robots. Basically, if you ever wanted a game to create your dream group of miniatures, this is the game for you.

I suggest getting the core rulebook, and a set of their fortune cards. If you like it, then I suggest the Pulp Leagues Book which has more skills and rules for creating a game for specific genres. Pulp Alley also came out with rules for solo play which are quite good.

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Sep 262017

Lust of the Pirates is an interactive erotica story by Callista Hawkes. You are a dashing pirate Captain in the Golden Age of Piracy who forges an alliance with Tia, the dark and mysterious brothel owner, in order to find some Mayan gold. There are several steps you need to complete in order to find the treasure and being porn, all of those steps involve fucking hot women. Anne Bonny herself is part of your crew with no Calico Jack or Mary Reade to be found. There is a nice range of characters, from lusty pirates to horny wives and some more unusual types that I don’t want to spoil.

This is a rather forgiving book as it will give you a handy link back to the last bad choice you made if you come across one of the bad endings. The adventure itself has some permutations so you can reach the treasure in a few different ways, which enhances the replayability.  The sex is good and the book has a sense of humor so I was laughing out loud a few times.

If you are a fan of pirates like I am, you will enjoy this book.

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Sep 252017

Before I get into this episode of Blood Drive, I want to take a moment and praise how much freaking action and plot goes into every episode. Blood Drive will never get the respect of a Walking Dead or a Game of Thrones but I would argue that those shows like to kill a lot of time and then throw in an exciting five minutes at the end to get trending on social media. Blood Drive is the exact opposite, they have a lot of shit to do and a short time to get there and it shows in every episode. The entertainment calue per minute of Blood Drive puts the prestige shows to shame.

This episode of Blood Drive promises the finale of the Blood Drive race. what could it be? A demolition derby with the last racers? One last race through some hellish obstacle course? No! This is the SyFy channel and they don’t have that kind of a budget so we get a battle royal inside a warehouse.

Having said that, it is a nice looking arena they have there. They make the most of their limitations and we get a cool fighting area. My favorite bit is the stands which have mannequins with the heads of TV cameras to represent the Heart employees looking on. There is a small VIP area complete with velvet ropes for the higher executives. At least Slink gets a stage to look fabulous.

This is a super busy episode. We find out that simultaneous Blood Drives have been happening around the world and the survivors are participating in the grand finale. That translates into a ton of guys with masks and one super hot Evil Nun. Hot Cop gets thrown into the battle royal first where he kicks ass but refuses to kill anyone because he is noble and shit.

The Heart CEO knows how to get Hot Cop to kill. He captures Karma, throws her in a cage and threatens to kill Grace if Hot cop doesn’t murder folks. Grace talks shit, which might be her other superpower, and in a fit of rage, the Heart CEO pulls off his blody body to reveal that he is in face, Karma, Grace’s long lost and thought dead sister!


Yes, Karma survived the riot at the asylum and then umm, became CEO. They don’t explain much but fuck it, this is Blood Drive and shit happens. Also, Karma is a Bitch.

Karma and Grace and fight and due to a misunderstanding, Hot Cop thinks Karma kills Grace. Grace is actually fine, but Hot Cop doesn’t know that and he loses his shit. Hot Cop becomes Hot Killer and slaughters just about damn near everybody. Grace appears later and kills Karma. When Hot Killer finds out that Grace is still alive, it is too late. He has gone Complete Psycho and seems willing to kill Grace to claim the final prize. Grace walks away in disgust, which means Hot Killer, AKA Dumbest Man in the Apocalypse is the new Primo!

Well, now. We have two episodes to go so it will be interesting to see what happens next. Karma is alive because of a machine that got referenced way back in the Sex Zombie episode. Tortured Cop and Evil Robot Woman did some sneaking around and breaking into shit and are still the cutest fucked up couple, especially now that the other murder couple killed themselves in a final act of love. Hot Killer is really nuts now and Grace, well who knows what happens with Grace now.

I am really curious what happens to Slink now. His show is over although the CEO that cancelled it is presumed dead. As we all know, Slink is the real hero of this show.

Drive by thoughts,

Murder couple truly did have a wonder murder-suicide sequence as they realize that deep down, they want to make sure they are murdered by each other. True psycho love.

My laugh-out-loud moment was when Tortured Cop is looking at the Soul Reclaimator. He has no idea what it does but we see a guy with a hat get fed into a blood engine, and then his hat pops out at the Soul Machine. Tortured Cop looks at it and goes, “I think it makes hats!” Holy shit that was funny.

Speaking of which, Karma gets fed into an engine and pops out of the Soul Machine. Since she is the only one who does, we have to assume it is some sort of CEO perk.

Blood Drive proves that your security is only as good as your dumbest guard.

Evil Nun had a simple shtick but in her brief time, she proved that she should have been in the show all along.

I loved Slink’s relationship with his henchman and how fickle the henchman’s loyalty was. Sheesh, Slink truly is a tragic figure.

I nearly forgot about the ads! The fake ad for the Blood Drive action figures nearly made me cry as I realized I would never get a Grace or Slink figure. Also, the board game! Kudos to Blood Drive having a family with two gay dads playing with their kids.

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Sep 222017

Instead of calling upon a deity or outer planer being, some magisexuals prefer to call upon the shared fantasy of a particular Porn Star or Adult Performer. This saves them the trouble of dealing with ancient forces and there is less of a chance of a mischievous demon cosplaying as the entity you were trying to call forth. It also has the extra advantage of being fun.

For those who skipped the chapter on Culture Gods, I will briefly explain how the fantasy of an Adult Performer gains their power. Every thought has weight and every desire has attraction. Adult Performers by their very nature are constantly generating both. Viewers of their porn create desire and generate worship by the act of masturbating to their works. Every climax is an offering and every single thought of “Wow, I wish I could fuck them,” is a prayer.

These prayers, offerings and worship coalesce on the Astral Main. They form a force that can influence events on our material world. The force itself can be temperamental as it is the combined fantasies of millions of viewers.

It is this being that magisexuals include in their magic. Some call upon Adult Performer Entities to inspire their writing, give them endurance for a sexual encounter, improve their sexual skills or just make them feel pretty. Like most magic, it is only limited by the creativity and will of the magisexual.

The Adult Performer Entity is first and foremost the creation of the person who created it. They created this being for many reasons but the primary one is usually money. The entities are created to aid in the financial wellbeing of the creator.

Most Adult Performers are unaware of their entity. The real person is an Avatar for this being and gains power from it. The stronger the entity, the more successful their career becomes. Some entities become so powerful that their creators ascend into true demigod status.

The creator can sometimes find they have little influence. Their on-screen persona influences the entity but it is the combination of the viewer’s impressions that form the real personality of the entity.

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Samuel Noone
“The Pussy of Life”