Jan 042021

Alice in Borderland is a television show about a strange world of killer games. Three friends come out of a subway restroom to find that everyone in Tokyo has disappeared. Their phones have no signals, the power in the buildings have been cut off and food is rotting on restaurant tables. Where the fuck did everyone go?

When night falls, billboards begin to light up. They direct the friends to the nearest “game arena”. Once there, they find other people who have been taken from Tokyo earlier than them. Cell phones waiting at the building explain a game. Try to leave the game and an orbital laser punches through your hear. Fail at the game and you die. Winning the game allows you to live.

The players that survive get a playing card and a few days off depending of the number of the card. The suit of the card determines the skills used in the game. When your days off expire, you have to play a game to renew them or you get a laser in the head.

As you can imagine, this is a series with a lot of questions. Who kidnapped these people? How is Tokyo deserted and yet contains personal items like a wedding ring someone stashed in a hiding place before they were taken? Who are the gamemasters? Why are they running the games?

For a series that sometimes plays like Saw meets Maze Runners, it is surprisingly gore-free. There is a lot of psychological horror, as friends sometimes compete against each other and tensions rise. Main characters get introduced and die. It is a lethal show.

It is also a fast moving show. The first season has eight episodes and has two story arcs that other shows would have stretched out for sixteen episode seasons. Some answers do get revealed, but for every answer, another mystery is introduced.

But unlike Lost, the answers in this show are satisfying. It is a singular joy to find something odd, chalk it up to maybe fuzzy storytelling, and then find out later, nah, there was something going on there and you were right to be suspicious. It is the rare show about smart people that is actually smart itself.

The description of the show, where they mention one of the main characters is a videogame player, turned me off at first. I expected the guy to be a gamerbro who thrives because of his experience, but that did not happen at all. The young man lost his mother and has been escaping his grief by playing games. He doesn’t apply himself and even his semi-loser friends urge him to do better. His experience with games helps him in this world, but what really saves him is his own cleverness.

I binged this show rather quickly and am still thinking about it. Currently it is on Netflix and I recommend it.

Jan 012021

Well, that was a hell of a year. Between the pandemic, the lockdowns and politics, I am spent most of the year oscillating between anxiety and despair. All of the normal routines I had for exercise, writing and dealing with depression flew out the window. It has been one hell of a fight.

But I have managed a few achievements. I put out two interactive erotica books this year and they both sold well. I put out one stand-alone, Mutant Marauders, and while it did not sell big numbers, it was nice to get it done and out into the world.

I also put out an erotic journal game, Your Demon Lover. It sold three copies. Ouch. It has been a while since I had something flop that badly, but it is more amusing than disheartening. I enjoy journal games and I am proud of what I did and how I did it. Still, it put a kibosh on the other game ideas I had.

Somehow, in the worse year ever, I managed to get out 11 Vaquel Di stories. They weren’t always on time, but I got them out. In addition, I put out two collections of her adventures on Amazon. In a weird way, this might be Vaquel’s best year.

Another plus is that I think I finally cracked my personal code on how to do “sketches” in written form. I have always been jealous of artists being able to evoke strong sexual feelings with a static image like a sketch and I wanted to be able to replicate that for my own work. Fiction Bites has been my attempt at that kind of work and I think I have been mostly successful with it. These tiny bits of erotica help me feel productive and I hope have created some nice sexual imagery for my readers.

So what about next year? Vaquel Di continues of course. I need to decide what my next interactive erotica book will be about. Sales don’t really support non-interative erotica books but I would like to do at least two this year to stay in practice.

Most of all, I think I just want to be happier in 2021. Let’s see how we can make that happen.

Dec 282020

Chelsea stroked my dick. She has the softest hands. Slow and smooth, she ran her hand up and down my length. I thought we were going to need lube, but my cock was already pulsing in her grip.

Maria fondled my balls. Despite her long fingernails, I never felt a single prick. She palmed my sack and gently squeezed and pulled.

I held both ladies around the waist. My fingers dug into Chelsea’s sweatpants and Maria’s jeans. It was tempting to sniff their hair, but that might be a little creepy. Besides, the mask wouldn’t let me smell anything anyway.

It was game night. My neighbors were fond of boardgames but not the games I grew up on. They played big expensive games with complicated rules and deep strategies. Some of their games take all day to play. Before the pandemic, they would play a few games on the weekend with their friends. Now stuck in their apartment, they just play against each other every day.

They don’t play with me. The four of them have been really good at social distancing and having me over for a five-hour game would be pushing it. Still, they have gotten bored with playing games without stakes. They invite me, (and my double layered mask) to come over and help them settle rewards and penalties. It rarely takes more than ten minutes.

By my understanding, Chelsea and Maria won today’s game.

“I can feel the come in your nuts,” Maria said. “He’s got a big load for you, Rina.”

“Yeah,” Chelsea said. “We’re going to glaze your entire face.”

Rina pouted. She knelt in front of me with her hands behind her back. Lovely lips were tightly clenched together. Today she had her silky black hair held back in a strict ponytail. A modest pink bra covered her small tits.

It was clear that Rina had lost today’s game.

“How’s Jasmine doing?” Chelsea asked me. “Is she licking your asshole? It is hard to tell from here.”

“Yes,” I groaned. Jasmine’s face was wedged between my buttocks. Her nimble tongue licked my anus without fear or hesitation. Her heavy breasts pressed into the back of my thighs. She didn’t have her shirt on either. I thought she had lost the game as well, but the enthusiasm with which she attacked my asshole made me think oltherwise.

“I didn’t catch that,” Chelsea said to me. She added a little twist to her wrist that made my knees tremble.

“Yes!” I said more forcibly. I keep forgetting how much my mask muffles my voice.

“Good,” Chelsea said. “What do you say you pop your load already? My hand is getting tired.”

I nodded and squeezed Maria and Chelsea closer to me. It felt good to have a woman in each arm. Sure, touching my dick and balls was nice, but I think I enjoyed the physical touch of their bodies more. It is a shame they were both wearing clothes.

Other game nights flashed through my mind. I remember spanking Maria’s naked bottom as Rina held her arms. Memories of fondling Jasmine’s heavy brown breasts made my mouth water. The sound of Chelsea gagging on my cock as Maria held her head down on my crotch echoed through my mind.

Chelsea quickened her pace. The grip loosened ever so slightly. There was an urgency to her stroking that became contagious.

Rina stared at my cock. A little bit of pre-come glistened. She closed her eyes and leaned forward.

Maria let go of my balls and reached under my shirt. Nails gently grazed my chest. She gently pinched my hard nipple.

Jasmine moaned. Hot breath caressed my cheeks. The tip of her tongue pushed into my asshole.

I climaxed. Chelsea and Maria laughed as my seed flew into the air. Rina stayed where she was as Jasmine’s tongue probed deeper.

They never invite me to their games, but I feel that I always win.

Dec 212020
In space, no one can hear your bad joke about hearing in space.

Money Shot is a comic set in the future of Earth. Written by Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie with beautiful art by Rebekah Isaacs, this book dives right into the action. Science is unpopular! The President is an anti-intellectual! We met aliens but our douchebro President tried to hit up the ambassador for a blowjob! The aliens decided they wanted nothing to do with us!

Christine Ocampos and her band of scientists have figured out a way to teleport into the cosmos, but they can’t get the funding from the government or academia. Desperate to raise money, they decide to fiance their space travels by performing sex with aliens and then selling the porn to their subscribers back on Earth.

Porn Scientists/Performers in SPAAAAAAAAACE!

Clearly, this is relevant to my interests. The book is always balancing between comedy and action, with some healthy sprinkles of personal relationship drama. Even porn scientists/performers have to deal with romantic triangles. The science fiction is much better than you would expect from this kind of book and the aliens they meet are really neat.

The book always walks an interesting line of how explicit it can be. Sex and performing sex is constantly front and center, without actually showing graphic sex. This is a softcore book and after years of reading graphic comic porn, it is almost quaint to read comic sex without genitals touching. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

On the other hand, this is a very sex positive book, which is something you don’t get a lot of. Every member of the team has sex with every other member of the team regardless of gender without playing it for laughs. The act of being a sex performer is never considered to be something to be ashamed of. There is no jokes about gender misidentification. This box prides itself on being sex positive by example and it shows.

Money Shot is a monthly comic that got out two story arcs before taking a pause. Both arcs have been collected into separate trades. If the series never returns, the second trade works well as a closer for the series.

Dec 162020

Explorer’s Log: This is my second day inside the star system designated “The Queen Only Loves You when You’re Obeying,” by Royal Astronomers. This is the last system of Interplanetary Championship Alliance space on my exploration route. As a final stop, it is rather lacking. This is a bare system with one inhospitable gas giant. The Goxx have a space station around the planet that they use to mine gases. I have scanned the planet and it is very unremarkable.

I can say the same for the space station except that it is currently hosting the Champion of Sex. Even better, six days ago, the Champion requested a meeting before I began my journey out of this system. Knowing that the Queen would want to know more about these powerful beings and the Championship Icons they wield, I have decided to grant his request. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: There was no fucking way I was passing up a chance to meet a Champion of Sex, no matter what the species or gender. I do admit, I will miss these double-cock fuckers.

“Docking permission denied.”

“There must be some kind of mistake,” Vaquel Di transmitted back. “I have a personal invitation from the Champion of Sex himself. Check your records.”

“Please standby.”

Vaquel snarled. Bureaucracy was the bane of every civilization. Here she was, dressed in a lovely pink spacesuit that matched her short hair and these assholes were delaying her sex appointment. Desire was trickling down her thighs from her eager sex. She idly rubbed her crotch while she waited.

“I wonder why kind of powers the Champion of Sex has,” Vaquel said out loud. Each of the champions had a special Icon that symbolized their rank and aided them in their chosen field. “Would he have something that makes endless lube? Or maybe some sort of super vibrator?”

“No vibrator could be as good as my seat, Mistress!” Chairbot said jealously.

“I don’t know, Chairbot,” Vaquel said teasingly. She was standing at the navigation console and deliberately bent forward at the waist. Her ample ass strained against the pink fabric of her suit.

Chairbot vibrated with programmed lust. “Don’t you want to sit down and rest before your appointment, Mistress?” The contours of his seat undulated with anticipation.

“No,” Vaquel said. The small whimper of her loyal chair sent a fresh surge of heat between her thighs.

“Incoming transmission,” the ship announced.

“On screen,” Vaquel said. She stayed bent over, knowing her breasts and face would dominate the caller’s screen.

A female Goxx appeared on the monitor. She had a thin strip of white hair on her gray skull. A robe of blue and yellow stripes wrapped her body in unflattering ways. The tusked lips pulled down in a frown.

“Who the fuck are you?” Vaquel asked.

“I am a referee of the Interplanetary Championship Alliance,” the alien said. “The being known as Vaquel Di from the planet of Euphoria has been declared non-canon by a vote of one hundred and forty-three Champions to five. The being will not be allowed to interact with members of the ICA. All transmissions emanating from the being’s ship are to be jammed. The being’s mission of exploration is to be respected and their ship will be allowed to make scans and perform surveys but stepping foot on ICA territory is forbidden. The being is encouraged to continue on their path with haste.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel snapped. “This doesn’t make any sense! I have saved one of your Champions! I helped two of them fight the Jonner. I haven’t done anything wrong.”

“How dare you declare your innocence!” the referee said. “You performed non-championship sex acts in front of an assembly of fans. You encouraged them to record and transmit your sexual activity! You also encouraged them to make their own!”

“That’s right,” Vaquel said. She stood up straight and placed her hands on her hips. “You should be thanking me for encouraging your species to create pornography.”

“Thanking you?” the referee said. “You have wrecked our economy! Revenues from Champion pornography merchandise is down ninety percent! The Champion of Sex’s revenues are down ninety-nine percent! Non-champions are engaging in and recording their exploits both sexual and non-sexual! The interest share of Champions in all forms of social media has collapsed. You have shaken the very fabric of ICA culture!”

“Oh,” Vaquel said. “That does sound bad. But hey, at least you are going to get a lot more porn to enjoy.”

“Just go,” the referee said. “Your current course will take you into Entitled space. Hopefully you can do as much damage to them as you did to us.”

The transmission cut off. Four ships rose from the space station and surrounded Vaquel’s probe ship. Before Vaquel could take evasive maneuvers, the ships emitted red beams that surrounded the probe ship in a red field.

“Damage report!” Vaquel snapped.

“No damage detected,” the ship responded.

“Establish a link with the station,” Vaquel said.

“Unable to connect,” the ship said. “All outgoing transmissions are being blocked.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. They were serious. She was being muted.

Vaquel was stunned. An entire civilization had rejected her. She couldn’t remember that happening before, at least not with a civilization that she liked. These people knew how to fuck and they had told Vaquel they no longer wanted to fuck her.

She sat down in shock. Chairbot zoomed behind Vaquel and took her weight. The robot sighed happily.

“This is okay, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “Your ass is too good for them.”

Vaquel was unmoved by the robot’s naked flattery. The feeling of rejection was new and unpleasant. She wanted to get away from it as soon as possible. “Computer, chart a course for the next system.”

“Course laid in,” the computer replied. “Estimated arrival is twenty-one days.”

The solar sails extended. The ship hummed as power flowed through the relays. The starfield outside the window changed as the ship pointed in direction of their flight path. The sensor screen detailed the positions of the escort ships as they followed her.

“Warning! Unidentified object is approaching at-“

THUNK! The ship rocked.

“Correction! Unidentified object is leaving at an incalculable speed!”

“What the fuck was that?” Vaquel said. “Did something hit us?”

“Extra mass alert on the airlock!” the computer announced.

Vaquel leaned forward in Chairbot’s seat. She tapped on a panel and a view of the airlock door appeared on the monitor. There was a small metal box stuck to the door. Vaquel’s name was written on the side.

“What is it, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

“I don’t know,” Vaquel said. “Let’s go find out.”

One spacewalk later, and the box was inside the probe ship. Scans detected no explosives or active energy sources. Vaquel put the box on her workbench and examined the outside. A simple handle turn was all that was required to open it.

“Careful, Mistress!” Chairbot said under Vaquel’s ass. “It might be a trap!”

“Hush,” Vaquel said. She turned the handle.

The side of the box swung open. A small holographic projection appeared in front of Vaquel. It showed a Goxx female with a strip of blue hair on her head. She wore tight green clothes and carried a glowing yellow platform.

“It’s Ailynn,” Vaquel said. “The Champion of Speed.”

“Vaquel Di, I hope you are receiving this recorded message and it is not intercepted. As you already know, you have been declared non-canon by the ICA,” the holographic Ailynn said. “I want you to know that I voted against this, along with four of your friends. We were overruled and we think it blows wargov how they have treated you.”

“Tell me about it,” Vaquel said.

“The five of us have decided to use our powers to give you farewell gifts,” the hologram continued. “My gift was getting this box to you without being detected. Please enjoy the rest of this box as tokens of our affection for you.”

The hologram vanished. Vaquel felt something rise in her throat. It was a strange sensation. She was both happy and sad. It wasn’t like anything she had felt before.

“What did they give you?” Chairbot asked.

Vaquel cleared her throat. “Let’s see.”

There were three small boxes. Each had a different symbol on it. One looked like the musical instrument that the Champion of Music used. Another symbol looked like the small rod belonging to the Champion of Cooking. The last symbol resembled the champion of Architecture’s medallion.

“Wait, I thought she five Champions wanted to give me gifts,” Vaquel said. “Counting the box as on gift, I only see three. Where’s the gift from the Champion of Math?”

“Maybe it is still on its way?” Chairbot offered.

“Whatever, fuck him,” Vaquel said. “Let’s see what the Champion of Architecture got me.”

Vaquel opened the box with the medallion symbol. Inside was a perfect model of her probe ship. It was about twenty-five centimeters long, and had collapsible solar sails.

“Huh,” Vaquel said. She held the model probe ship in her hand. “It’s cute and all, but I am a little old for model ships. Oh hey, I can see a tiny little Vaquel through the navigation window.”

Vaquel pressed her finger lightly on the window. The probe ship buzzed in her hand. Soothing vibrations emanated from the front half of the ship.

“Yes,” Vaquel hissed. “Now this is a present.” She pressed the probe ship model tip to her left breast. The pleasant vibrations penetrated her suit and stimulated her nipple.

“Seems weak to me,” Chairbot said.

“Shut up,” Vaquel said. “Let’s see what Wizide got me.”

Still pressing the vibrating model to her breast, Vaquel pulled out the box with the Music Champion’s symbol on it. She opened the latch and inside was a cube. It had an obvious button to press. Vaquel didn’t hesitate to press it.

Sound blasted from the box. It was a rumble of low tones that picked up speed.

A voice cried out. It was Wizide, the Champion of Music. “This is a song I wrote just for you, Vaquel Di! I call it, Brown Tit Girl!”

Vaquel laughed. A song, just for her? No one has ever done that before. She grinned with a mixture of pride and excitement.

Complex melodies weaved together as the song continued. There was a thumping of low tones that reminded Vaquel of bouncing breasts. A repeating whistle resembled feminine gasps. The pace quickened and slowed like thrusting bodies expending themselves and then catching their breathes.

Vaquel moaned. This song was turning her on. She dragged the vibrating model ship down her breasts, over her stomach and between her legs. The pulsing tip pressed against the thin pink material covering her sex. Rather than taking off her spacesuit, Vaquel left it on as she pressed the throbbing model into her crotch. The material stretched slightly as just the tip entered her sex.

Another sound blended into the song. It was a silky, almost slick noise. No, there were two sounds. Two wet things were being loudly fingered.

Vaquel groaned. She knew what those sounds were. It was Wizide’s twin pussies. The double-gifted Goxx was stroking her sexes while playing Vaquel’s song.

“Fuck,” Vaquel groaned.

Chairbot activated his seat motors. Powerful vibrations caressed Vaquel’s ass. They were a strong counter-point to the gentle pulsing of the model ship at her sex.

Vaquel almost admonished the robot for pleasuring her without permission but a blissful shudder wiped out all conscious thought. She tapped a button on her belt and the spacesuit material around her crotch retracted into her belt. As soon as her bushy pussy was exposed, Vaquel plunged the model ship inside. The contours of the ship penetrated her sex in novel ways.

The song continued. Vaquel plunged the ship in and out of her sex in time to thumping beats. A powerful chord of sound increased Vaquel’s pulse. A reoccurring chorus of whistles reminded her of Wizide’s grinding hips.

The solar wings extended on the model ship. Vaquel let go of the probe ship in surprise. The ship glowed and the vibrations increased. The ship resumed thrusting into Vaquel’s slick sex on its own.

Vaquel laughed and then moaned. The model ship flew on its own. Of course, it did. The Champion of Architecture could build nothing less than a tiny ship that could fly like the real thing.

She just hoped it didn’t have working lasers.

The music increased in volume and speed. The sound was so loud that Vaquel’s tits quivered inside her space suit. Vaquel felt the beat in her ribs. It was exhilarating.

The model ship moved in pace with the song. Vaquel wondered if the Champions collaborated on this or if it was a happy accident. It didn’t matter. She enjoyed it too much to care.

The vibrations from Chairbot’s seat increased. Vaquel ass was kneaded by powerful throbbing motors. The robot did his best work when he was jealous and the purple bastard was certainly jealous of how loud the model ship was making her moan.

The song was reaching its climax. So was Vaquel. She gripped the arms of the robot seat and spread her legs wide. The model ship fucked her slick pussy with championship precision.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out. She came hard between the competing vibrating toys.

The music dropped in volume and complexity. The model ship somehow knew to power down and fly out of Vaquel’s pussy. Chairbot’s seat subsided to a gentle buzz before stopping altogether. As the last plucked notes of the song died away, Vaquel sat twitching with the aftershocks of her orgasm.

The probe ship returned to its box, still glistening with Vaquel’s juices. The solar wings retracted. The glow dimmed and the ship became inert once more.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. The absence of the song blasting through the ship created an eerie silence. All Vaquel could hear was her own ragged breathing.

There was one more box. Vaquel smiled at the sight of Khucy’s symbol. The Champion created some of the best food that Vaquel had ever tasted. She wondered what oral delight was waiting for her.

Vaquel opened the box. A dark brown pudding oozed out. She tried to scoop it with her hand but there was too much of it. The pudding oozed out of the confines of the larger box and onto the workbench. Vaquel tried to close the box but more of pudding surged out. There was almost three liters of the stuff despite coming out of the small box.

“Fuck,” Vaquel swore. She jumped out of Chairbot and looked around for something to collect the pudding in. She was going to need some kind of bowl, or maybe a barrel.

The pudding shimmied. It flowed onto the floor in a giant ‘PLOP”. Before Vaquel could react, the pudding expanded. It surged upwards and stretched towards the ceiling. When it reached Vaquel’s height, the stopped growing.

“What the fuck are you?” Vaquel whispered.

The pudding hardened. It compressed into itself. A humanoid body took shape. Hard blue candies emerged where eyes should be. Arms stretched into hands. A sort of pudding musculature became more defined. The bottom split into legs and between the legs grew a smaller, though nicely shaped third appendage.

“She sent me a man,” Vaquel said out loud. “And with only one cock. She made it just for me.”

The head of the pudding man turned towards Vaquel. The blue candy eyes pointed at her. A mouth opened and out rolled a pink tongue made of stretchy candy.

“Are you alive?” Vaquel said.

The pudding man squelched in response. It took a step towards Vaquel and reached around her. She cried out as it picked her up and set her on the workbench. Sticky hands pushed her thighs apart. A thick brown cock bounced against her sex lips.

“Whoa, give me a second,” Vaquel said.

The pudding man ignored her. It pushed its thick phallus against her slick bush. The brown member pushed inside and disappeared within her.

“FUCK!” Vaquel cried out. The pudding man’s body was soft and squishy but there was nothing soft about its cock. The thick phallus was a rigid rod inside of her.

“You must be some sort of automaton,” Vaquel groaned. “Working on organic chemical reactions with pre-programmed responses.

The pudding man grunted. It held onto Vaquel’s waist and began to thrust. It was a slow movement. Every push and pull were a steady, deliberate motion.

“Ohhhh,” Vaquel moaned. The gentle fucking was just what her tender pussy needed.

“Should I help, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

“Oh, now you want to help!” Vaquel snapped. “Don’t do a damn thing! You sit there and do nothing!”

Chairbot faithfully stayed where he was.

Vaquel turned her attention back to the pudding man. His entire body quivered as he fucked her. He smelled incredible. It was a rich scent that made her mouth water. She wanted him in her mouth.

“Are you edible?” Vaquel asked.

The pudding man was quiet. The only sound was this thick cock plunging in and out of her wet sex. He probably lacked the higher functions needed for communication.

Vaquel would have to find out for herself. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his shoulder. Her tongue flickered over his skin. Sweet bitterness with a touch of citrus danced over her taste buds.

She bit down. A chunk of pudding flowed into her mouth. Flavors overwhelmed her. She moaned and leaned back. As the pudding man continued to fuck, Vaquel chewed and swallowed the delicious pudding.

The chunk Vaquel bit out was missing from the pudding man’s shoulder. There was no messy leaking of fluids. As far as she could tell, the pudding man functioned just fine without it.

“Yummy,” Vaquel moaned.

Vaquel pulled the pudding man’s hands away from her hip and brought it to her lips. Thin white candies formed fingernails. She sucked a finger into her mouth. The white candy had a tart taste.

The pudding man kept fucking. His thick member was a slow piston inside of her. It kept her aroused without over-stimulating her.

She bit down on the finger. It melted into delicious goo. Vaquel let it sit in her mouth before swallowing. She bit another finger and let the pudding fill her mouth. Some of it dripped out of her lips and drippled down her chin.

“You going to lick that up?” Vaquel asked the pudding man. His long tongue looked perfect for the task.

The pudding man didn’t respond. He fucked her with the same steady pace. The workbench creaked slightly from the gentle thrusts.

Vaquel grabbed the tongue and put it between her lips. Sweet fruity flavors filled her mouth. She sucked on the tongue and it stretched from the pudding man’s open mouth. Bite by bite, she chewed and swallowed the taut tongue.

A shudder ran through Vaquel’s body. The slow fucking had revitalized her sex after the furious vibrations of before. She was slowly reaching another climax.

There was no need to hurry. She swallowed the pudding man’s tongue and then took a bite of a hard nipple. It tasted like sweet caffeine. She bit his other shoulder and let the goo fill her mouth. She grabbed his face and sucked out the hard candy in his eye. It tasted like a butter.

As Vaquel consumed the pudding man, he kept fucking. The loss of mass didn’t slow his steady thrusts. The thick pudding cock plunged deeper and deeper as her quivering legs wrapped tighter and tighter around her.

Suddenly, the pudding man shook. The pudding phallus exploded inside her pussy. The brown foam sprayed out of her stuffed sex and soaked her thighs.

The sudden explosion of pudding sent Vaquel over the edge. She cried out as another orgasm wracked her body. Pudding fell from her open lips as she shuddered on the workbench.

The pudding man stopped. The soft body hardened. There was a moist feeling in the air as the pudding man became inert.

“Damn, must have finished him,” Vaquel said. “One cream and he’s done.”

She grabbed a piece of the pudding man’s arm and pulled. A piece broke off. It was moist, but no longer the consistency of pudding. The piece resembled a moist baked good.

“At least I have dessert for the next few weeks,” Vaquel said.

She untangled herself from the no-longer-pudding-and-now-fudge man and slid off the table. Chairbot silently rolled towards her and she sat down on his seat. Sticky pudding clung to her body and dripped from her sex.

Vaquel relaxed and caught her breath. Something glowed inside the gift box. It was coming from the box that held the pudding man. There was a symbol etched inside the box. It belonged to the Champion of Math.

“That’s weird,” Vaquel said. “Why would he put his symbol inside someone else’s gift?”

“Maybe he helped make it?” Chairbot offered.

“Hmm,” Vaquel said. She touched the symbol.

The box glowed. Brown pudding appeared once more. The pudding flowed out of the box and spilled onto the floor.

Chairbot rolled Vaquel away from the workbench. “What is happening, Mistress?”

“The Champion of Math doubled my gift,” Vaquel said.

The pudding quivered and grew. It formed another humanoid next to the partially-eaten one still beside the workbench, except this one was moving and possessing all of its delicious parts.

Vaquel laughed and stood up. Her legs were a little shaky. A burp escaped her lips.

“Well, there is always room for more pudding,” she said.

Dec 142020

Mrs. Grenier kept her mask on as I fucked her pussy. She didn’t mind breaking her marriage vows with the young man next door, but she wasn’t willing to risk catching the coronavirus from me. I explained that I always wore a mask when I went out, but she thought I should be double-masking. The mask prevented me from seeing her face as we fucked, but at least I could hear her moans.

She also kept her sports bra on, although she didn’t mind my hand cupping her plump tit from the outside. Her husband thought she was jogging and he expected a sweaty bra when she got back. At least, that is what Mrs. Grenier tells me. I suspect she is just being modest.

Mrs. Grenier’s shorts were on the floor but her panties were still around her ankles. They kept her feet together as I pointed her legs to the ceiling. The soaked panties were stretched taut in front of me. They vibrated as I pounded her cunt.

The fitness monitor on her wrist beeped. Mrs. Grenier always kept that on. She wanted to get credit for raising her heart beat during our fuck dates.

Mrs. Grenier moaned. She reached between her thighs and rubbed her pussy while I fucked it.

I picked up the pace. Juices fell from her shaking panties. My hand crushed a soft tit inside her sports bra.

Dec 072020

Porno is a horror-comedy movie set in 1992. Four young people and an older straight-edge guy work at a movie theater run by an uber-Christian boss. After the theater closes for the night, the boss leaves and the employees find a hidden door leading to an abandoned theater under the building. Inside this theater they find a film canister covered in arcane symbols. Curious, they decide to watch it.

The film shows a ritual being performed by a naked trio of people. The straight-edge employee declares that it is porn and shuts it off. One of the hornier male employees decides to turn it back on. Weird shit happens and before long, there is a sex demon running around and people are getting their dicks ripped off.

I liked this movie. It starts slow and most of the tension for the first half of the movie is between the employees. The boss sets the tone with his Christian self-righteousness which creates a sort of self-surveillance state where no one wants to step out of line for fear of losing their job. Even when the boss leaves, that fear permeates the theater to the point that they resist escaping out of a dangerous situation because no one wants to get in trouble for breaking the glass door.

But this movie also doesn’t preach that faith is a bad thing to be mocked. The boss is an asshole, but the other employees are semi-decent Christians with courage, a sense of responsibility and loyalty to their friends. This is the rare horror movie with young Christians as characters that doesn’t treat them as fools or naïve saps.

Once the killing starts, the movie kicks into high gear and keeps it there. There is a surprising amount of bush and penis, although there are a few scenes of genital mutilation that will scar my memory for a while. Some of the scenes are a bit too dark but with the low budget, I assume it was to help conceal some of the sets.

I do want to give a shoutout to the cursed film that summons the demon. It feels like I have watched a lot of movies lately with cursed films within the movie and some of them rely on fast cuts and gross images to freak out the viewer. This film was a nicely done ritual that wouldn’t look out of place in an occult music video. I liked it, and wanted to see more.

Dec 042020

Sometimes I need dramatic synth music sprinkled with the occasional spoken word for magic rituals, demon summonings, erotica magic writing or mood setting. When that happens, I turn to The Seven Sisters of Chaos, a concept album by Goremail. Each track is at least seven minutes long and nicely blend into one another. There is an element of danger and magic woo-woo in every song.

Goremail does a lot of interesting creepy music and I recommend checking all of them out. If you rather not have naked cartoon boobs on your album cover, The Seven Sisters are also available with a censored cover.

Dec 022020

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to fulfill Lube Technician Union Break Requirements.
Location: Lubricant Pump Station 92, Y-Deck.
Species Required: Banime, Human or Jeline.
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Minimum Orifice Endurance of Class Two. Multi-partner Certified.
Duration of Assignment: One hour.
Payment: Three hundred credits. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees). 1/100th Unit of Station Grade Lube

Click Here to Accept Assignment.


Dazanna floated in the air, her body parallel to the ground. The gravity negator in the floor kept her afloat with none of the skin-tingling that you get from cheaper models. She was pleasantly surprised to see her large breasts and long blue hair hang down towards the ground. That meant the negator had a program that could pick and choose what parts of her body to levitate.

“This is a damn good negator,” Dazanna thought. “These beings must have an awesome union.”

The lube technician fucking Dazanna’s vussy grunted. His dock expelled a load of seed into her stuffed sex. The new seed joined the thick seed left by the last three technicians. He thrust a few more times to finish his ejaculation and then pulled out.

Dazanna moaned around the slender member that was in her mouth. The technician she was sucking shuddered. She looked up at him and moaned louder.

“Greedy whore,” the technician said with affection. “We have made a mess of your face and I am about to make another.”

Dazanna nodded her head like an eager puppy. Seed from previous technicians dripped down her face. Rough handling had smeared her makeup. She had spent extra money to purchase makeup that ran. Previous experience had taught her that technicians loved dirtying their union-required sluts.

Another technician stepped behind Dazanna. He spread apart her ass cheeks. Slippery lube, straight from the pipelines, rubbed against her asshole. A thick head pressed against her loose ring and pushed in. It jammed the seed that been left by previous technicians deeper into her ass.

The technician she was sucking cried out. He quickly pulled out and jacked his cock. Dazanna opened her mouth and stretched out her tongue. His dock exploded and shot a stream of come into her mouth.

As Dazanna swallowed the load, the technician turned her head so he could come on the side of her face. Some of the seed got into her blue hair. The technician made a point of ejaculating on a clean spot. It joined the other sticky clumps.

When he was done, the technician stepped away from Dazanna’s face. As the other technician fucked her ass, Dazanna took the chance to look around the break room. It was nice. There were two fresh food vending machines, a large video screen showing a slime fight and a row of isolation nooks for those who wanted some peace and quiet before going back out on the pipes. Technicians ate their lunches at smart tables that refilled their drinks.

Across from Dazanna was the other break slut. It was a Jeline male and he was pounding a woman technician while a male technician fucked his ass. The Jeline’s claws drew blood on the woman’s shoulders and his tail was wrapped around the man’s throat. Neither technician seemed to mind. Dazanna admired the Jeline’s golden fur and wondered if it had an easier or harder time getting out semen stains.

The technician fucking Dazanna’s ass grabbed her hair. He pulled back on her head as his hips picked up speed. His dock was a piston inside her slippery ass.

Dazanna whimpered submissively. The technicians liked to play rough. That wasn’t surprising; it was a rough job. They had to clear out blockages in the lube pipeline. Thieves were constantly trying to tap the line and technicians were personally responsible for stopping them. Floods were a possibility and accidental drownings were not uncommon. It took a certain type of person to work around these dangers, and that certain type of person made the most of their break time.

The slime fight ended on the videoscreen. About a dozen technicians rose from their chairs and looked towards Dazanna and the Jeline. Seams opened in their jumpsuits as they approached the break sluts.

Dazanna stretched her jaw and flexed her fingers. There was half an hour left in the break period. It was going to be a nice long gangbang before Dazanna could have her own break.

Nov 302020
Don’t have a stock image of martial arts nuns? Just use closeups of a vaguely Asian face.

Kung-Fu Nuns by China Blue, is an erotic comedy set in Vietnam. The titular nuns don’t get mentioned until the halfway point, and only make an appearance at three-fourths of the way through the book. It is a sad case of a misleading title.

Fortunately, the book is pretty good. It centers around the incompetent Kee family, the worse gangster family in all of Vietnam. The Kee are terrible crooks who spend most of their time threatening to drown each other in pig shit. The patriarch of this family is Djung Pau, an 82 year old asshole that is not dying fast enough for ambitious members of Kee family.

To speed things along, some family members purchase a half-Caucasian virgin, Eugenia, from her gambler father and give the woman to Djung Pau in the hopes that he will die having sex with her. Instead of dying, the patriarch finds himself revived and enjoying life again. He starts doing crazy things like fucking his new woman in the dining room and asking to see the accounting books.

The family reacts with other assassination plots. The patriarch wants to impregnate his new woman but worries his seed is too old. To fix this, he turns to one of the few trustworthy Kee, Uncle Ma, to seek out a legendary order of sex monks who can cure any sex problem. Wackiness ensues.

This is an odd book. Most porn would center Eugenia as the main character, and this book does that for the beginning and the end, but the bulk of the book is about Uncle Ma. We see Uncle Ma enjoy various sexual bribes and sex tourism as he seeks out the sex monks. There are a few side plots involving other members of the Kee family. The sex monks themselves are interesting, but we barely get their point of view at all.

This book is from Masquerade, one of the more interesting erotic publishers. 95% of their books are standard formulaic porn novels and then they put out a weird book like this that feels like someone’s passion project. This book is funny, and a lot of care was taken to give every single sexual term a new name like Joy Stick for dicks and Golden Orbs for balls. I enjoyed my time with the Kee family and their stupidity and greed will stick with me for years.

Now I need to find a book about Kung-fu Nuns.