Apr 302019

In a surprise twist, Amazon agreed with me that my books should not be banned. My account has been restored and you can buy my stuff again.

Wow, this is great news. I am emotionally exhausted but still, great news. I do need to look into alternate outlets as a safety precaution in case this happens again.

Thanks for every one’s support. The messages and comments really kept my spirits up in what was a super anxious time for me.

Apr 292019

Alone Among the Stars is a creative writing game by Takuma Okada. You play a lone space explorer visiting strange new planets. Through a system of six-sided dice and a deck of playing cards, you generate random things to explore. For each place generated, you write a log entry. That is it.

The random prompts generated are very vague and intentionally so. The suit of the card determines what you find and the card value determines where you find it. That means I can pull a card and get something like, “Creatures by a gentle river”. What kind of creatures? Are they hostile? Are they fish, people or monsters? What is the river made of? That is for you to decide.

At first the vagueness bothered me. I wanted more detail but after playing a few days, I see where details could turn into something repetitive. Creatures by a river could mean lots of things, and perhaps it is best that you do the heavy lifting in a creative exercise.

My favorite moments in video games is discovery. I enjoy exploring places more than I enjoy fighting things in those places. The problem with a video game is that there is a finite amount of discovery because everything needs an art asset. This game fixes that by using your imagination.

Personally, I play one session a day of this game, before my usual writing. It is a nice little exercise to warm up with as well as just being fun to do. There are times when I am looking forward more to the game than my actual writing, which is okay. It helps me segue easier than the stuff I should be writing.

I will admit that after one playthrough, I began to tweak and modify some of the rules. I also changed the space setting to one of magical plane exploration. Apparently I am not alone in wanting to alter it as there are dozens of variations out there inspired by Alone Among the Stars. Heck, I will probably be adding my own variation to the mix before long.

Is there any better compliment for a creative writing game than inspiring others to make their own? I don’t think so.

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Apr 252019

Yesterday, Amazon sent me a form letter telling me that “Fight in the Sex Arena” violated their standards. Since this was my second offense, they deleted my kindle publishing account, erased my ebooks and decided to keep all the royalties owed to me.

They didn’t say what was offensive about my book. Was it heart-racing combat followed by humiliating sex? Was it my frequent abuse of the word, “thrust”? Was it the many, many, MANY scenes where the Cocksquid violates the player? Amazon won’t tell me so I can only assume my erotica was so hot that I killed someone.

This is rather depressing news. My Amazon books earned me on average about $500 a month, which was no small thing. I spent that money on Patreon, comics, cover art, bills and so much porn.

It feels a lot like getting fired, except I am fired from a job I love and plan to keep on doing. I will keep writing and I will find another outlet to sell through, but the emotional impact is still there. It sucks.

I have sent an email to KDP support asking for clarification, but my experience has been that they rarely respond. I will keep you updated on what they say so that other authors can learn.

Thank you for your support and patience as I consider what to do next,

Apr 052019

Railroad Ink is a game for one to seven players. Each player gets a blank board and a dry-erase marker. Someone rolls dice, and the dice have different railroad tracks and highway shapes on them. The players have to draw on their map, using only what is on the dice. Their goal is to create long stretches of roads and tracks that all link together, but when you can only use the shapes that have been rolled on the dice, your system will look like it has been designed by a very drunk architect. You play for seven rounds and then grade your map according to several criteria. The highest score wins.

That is the whole game. You roll dice and draw tracks and highways. if you play the blue box of Railroad Ink, you also draw lakes and rivers. If you play the red box, you draw volcanoes and meteors. You could probably play with both sets and draw a really weird map with rivers, highways, train tracks and volcanoes.

If you are talented, and use your own collection of markers like my wife, you might end up with a map like this.

I will never make a map this prett

What surprises me about Railroad Ink is how relaxing it is. There is something soothing about drawing, even if it is just little pieces of highway. The game can be challenging but never stressful. It gives me a similar satisfaction to what I get from coloring, but engages my brain just a little more.

Now, nothing in the rules says that when you roll the dice, you shout “ALL ABOARD!” but I think it helps. I also advise shouting “CHOO CHOO MOTHERFUCKER!” when you get a bad roll of the dice. The game is simple enough that you could play it while watching television, but to get the ultimate experience, I suggest putting this on your TV and letting it be your soundtrack.

Apr 032019

Explorer’s Log: This is my third day in the star system designated “Everyone is Aflame When the Queen Walks in the Room” by Royal Astronomers. I have completed my surveys of the five inhabited planets, although patrols of war ships have limited my ability to visit them. Listening to communications have confirmed that these worlds are under the control of the Prober Supreme. Long range scans show that all five worlds are heavily industrialized. Traffic is heavy with transport ships coming to and from the worlds. Despite the presence of war ships, I have not discovered any signs of planetary defenses. The ships must be here to protect against pirates or some sort of space-based threat.

I did discover something interesting on the planet furthest from the sun. It is a little ice rock of a planetoid, but my probe was lucky enough to detect a faint energy reading. On further investigation, I have found a hidden complex deep in a crater. It is curious that none of the war ships come near the planet. It will be easy for me to land near the city and explore it personally.

Of course, I am taking a big risk with this remote location. It could be the home of pirates, or maybe renegades that the war ships are looking for. I will brave these dangers so that my Queen may know as much as possible about this system. Glory to the Queen! End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Since the war ships pussy-blocked me from getting laid on any of the industrial planets, I am hoping to find someone or something to fuck on this hidden base. I really don’t want to leave this system unfucked.

Vaquel Di dropped down from a ventilation panel. She landed on the floor in darkness. The trained space explorer waited a full hundred breathes, listening for any sign that her entry had been discovered.

Nothing happened.

Vaquel stood up and turned on a small light on her wrist. The light was partially absorbed by the tight black space suit clinging to Vaquel’s abundant curves. She took a tool from the belt around her wide hips and activated it. The numbers from the tool reflected on the transparent glassteel helmet she wore. Short pink hair floated in the low gravity along side her pretty brown face.

“This can’t be right,” Vaquel said. “Two billion life forms?”

Vaquel put the tool away and pressed a control on her glove. A stronger beam of light projected from her wrist. She swept the beam from left to right, revealing the area around her.

Giant tubes lined the walls. Inside each tube was a Seed-Walker, the dominant species of the area. The Seed-Walkers floated in an unknown transparent liquid with their eyes closed. Vaquel could tell that they were alive because they twitched or writhed every few minutes.

The Seed-Walkers were humanoids with a plant origin but shared many characteristics with Vaquel’s species. They had two arms, two legs and similar secondary sexual characteristics. Other than their wide variety of hair colors, they were almost dull.

Dull was not a word that could apply to the Seed-Walkers in the tubes. Each was different in a radical way. The woman in front of Vaquel had two heads. The man to the right had a giant penis that snaked around one leg. Next to him was a woman whose arms ended in enormous pincers like a crab.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. Some of the tube occupiers were monstrous, like the man with eight long legs below his waist. Others were almost beautiful in their strangeness, like the woman with shimmering feathers lining her arms. No two were alike and their placement seemed random.

Vaquel stood in front of a tube containing a busty woman. Her breasts shifted constantly, something forming hands before melting back down into curvy mounds. Nipples would disappear and then rise elsewhere.

“Are you here on your own free will?” Vaquel asked the woman in the tube. She noticed a control panel at the base of the tube. There were no buttons or obvious way to interface. The only markings were a rather long bar code.

“And why are they all the way out here?” Vaquel said to no one. “They are hidden away with no security. Are they being punished, or just being kept?”

“There is security, security, security,” a pleasing voice said from above.

Vaquel aimed her light at the ceiling. Crawling out of the same vent that Vaquel had come out of was a beautiful Seed-Walker woman. Long green and pink hair floated around her head. She had an iridescent blue sparkle to her skin. Her yellow eyes were a little large and her mouth was wide, but she was gorgeous.

“Oh, hello,” Vaquel said.

The woman dropped down lower from the ceiling. Vaquel gasped as she saw the woman’s torso kept extending upwards. It was only when she saw the tail did Vaquel realize the woman’s bottom half resembled a snake. The woman dropped gently through the low gravity. When she reached the floor and rose to her full height, she towered above Vaquel.

“There is no shuttle at the dock, dock, dock,” the woman said. “Have you escaped your tube? I don’t remember you. And where did you get those clothes? No one is allowed clothes here. Who are you?”

“I am Vaquel,” the explorer said. “I didn’t come from a tube. I am an explorer.”

“You came from outside, outside, outside?” the woman said. She waved a hand and lights activated in the ceiling. The hallway was illuminated for about a hundred meters in every direction.

“That’s interesting!” the woman said. “No one ever comes inside awake! You must be very special, special, special.”

“I like to think so,” Vaquel said. “What is your name?”

“I am Jornelia Doorm Angin, Vaquel, Vaquel, Vaquel,” the woman replied. She slithered around Vaquel examined the explorer from every angle. “I have never seen someone like you before. What are you doing here? You probably aren’t allowed here.”

“I didn’t know that,” Vaquel lied. “I am on a mission of exploration and discovery. I go to unknown places and try to figure them out.”

“You go to new places, places, places?” Jornelia said. “I wouldn’t like that. I have been here all my life. I like it here.”

Jornelia pressed her finger against one of Vaquel’s buttocks. The space suit dimpled from her finger poke. Jornelia purred and poked the other buttock.

Vaquel let the woman grope her. “What is this place, Jornelia?”

Jornelia slithered around to Vaquel’s front. “I would love to answer your questions, questions, questions. It is strange to talk to someone who doesn’t live her, but your clothes are too distracting. No one is allowed clothing here. Please, talk off your clothes and we can talk, talk, talk.”

Vaquel checked the environmental readings on her wrist scanner. The air was breathable and the temperature was a bit humid. She pressed a button on her belt and her black space suit retracted from her body. The suit revealed her heavy brown breasts, wide hips, thick legs and a thick bush of pink pubic hair over her sex. She took off her helmet and stepped out of her boots.

“Much better, better, better,” Jornelia said. “But please, take this off too.” She pointed at Vaquel’s belt. “It makes my kokala tingle just to look at it.”

Vaquel hesitated. The belt contained all of her equipment. She would not only be naked, but defenseless as well. It was not the smart move to make.

Jornelia looked at Vaquel with her big yellow eyes. A thin tongue licked her wide lips. The bottom half of her body undulated in a way that was too sexy to ignore.

“Okay,” Vaquel said. She unlocked her belt and let it drift to the floor. “Now you need to tell me what this place is.”

“This is a storage post for the Prober Supreme’s experiments, experiments, experiments” Jornelia replied. “Every tube contains someone the Prober Supreme has altered, mutated, enhanced or indulged a whim of science on. Every specimen is kept alive in case they are needed for further experimentation.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. “Are there other posts?”

“That is classified but I am sure that there are, are, are,” Jornelia said. She tentatively reached for Vaquel’s thigh. Her long fingers wrapped around the thigh and squeezed. “All of our specimens started as Seed-Walkers, so there must be places where the Prober Supreme stores his animals, his bacteria and artificial creatures, creatures, creatures.”

Since Jornelia was touching Vaquel’s thigh, Vaquel felt it was safe to touch Jornelia in return. She reached for a small breast and cupped it. The skin looked smooth but she could feel tiny scales. A small nipple hardened from Vaquel’s touch.

“You said that you live here,” Vaquel said. “Are you one of the Prober Supreme’s creations?”

“The Prober Supreme has blessed my genes, yes, yes, yes,” Jornnelia said. “My brothers and sisters have all been improved so that we may guard his specimens.”

Jornelia lowered herself so that her face was level with Vaquel’s crotch. She wrapped her other hand around Vaquel’s other thigh. Her tongue extended and fluttered over Vaquel’s dark skin.

Vaquel shuddered from the light touch. Reptiles smell with their noses, right? The modified woman was probably just fascinated with Vaquel’s legs.

“Brothers and sisters? Are they here too?” Vaquel asked.

“My entire meta-species lives here, here, here,” Jornelia said. “Every storage post has their own security species. This place is our home and our birthright.”

Jornelia’s long tongue took a careful lick of Vaquel’s thigh. When Vaquel’s muscle quivered from the touch, Jornelia licked again. The woman giggled at Vaquel’s shudders.

“I am sure that you are good at your job,” Vaquel said. “Although I think I would get bored if I had to stay in one location all the time.”

Jornelia shook her head. Green and pink hair swirled around her. “It is hard to be bored with so many specimens to play with, with, with.”

“Wait, you take people out of their tubes?” Vaquel said. “Doesn’t that mess with their storage?”

“No, no, no,” Jornelia said as she took another lick of Vaquel’s thigh. “The tubes are clearly marked on which specimens can be played with and which are left alone. We take them out for a short time and they are very confused. After we are done, we put them back in and they go back to sleep, sleep, sleep.”

Vaquel looked up at one of the tubes. It showed a man with a head that resembled a feline. His cock twitched and seed was expelled.

“They look like they are doing more than sleeping,” Vaquel said. “That one just climaxed.”

“The stasis fluids keep them aroused, aroused, aroused,” Jornelia said. “It makes them very pliable when we take them out. You are not a Seed-Walker, are you, you, you?”

“No,” Vaquel said distractedly. Jornelia’s tongue was tantalizingly close to her sex. The tip of the tongue kept exploring the crease where Vaquel’s thigh joined her crotch. She wondered if it would be rude to push the woman’s head to her pussy.

“And with of all your questions, I don’t think you were made by the Prober Supreme, right, right, right?” Jornelia asked. She looked up at Vaquel with her mesmerizing yellow eyes.

“No,” Vaquel said. Her hips moved and her crotch leaned closer to Jornelia.

“Good,” Jornelia said. “I have always enjoying tasting new people, people, people.”

Jornelia pressed her face against Vaquel’s pubic bush. The long tongue lapped at the right side of Vaquel’s sex lips and then the left. Soft licks moved back and forth, crisscrossing the explorer’s mound.

“More,” Vaquel moaned. She reached down and grabbed Jornelia’s floating hair. The woman’s hair was stiffer than Vaquel expected. More surprising was when the hair wrapped around Vaquel’s hand on their own accord. It didn’t stop Vaquel from pulling the woman’s head to her crotch.

Jornelia didn’t resist. Her face pressed against Vaquel’s sensitive sex. Her lips opened Vaquel’s pussy and the long tongue darted in. It pushed deep inside of her, the nimble tip flailing like a whip inside of Vaquel.

“Oh fuck!” Vaquel cried out. She shuddered and the low gravity sent her body floating upwards. Jornelia reached around and grabbed Vaquel’s ass. She held a buttock in each hand as her long fingers cinched tightly.

Pinned by Jornelia’s hands and mouth, Vaquel relaxed and enjoyed the woman’s mouth. Her breasts jiggled in the low gravity and collided against one another. Strands of Jornelia’s hair reached up and wrapped around Vaquel’s brown mounds. They tightened and the little jolt of pain travelled all the way down to Vaquel’s wet sex.

Jornelia licked harder. The woman grunted into Vaquel’s sex in a very non-reptile manner. Her tongue coiled within Vaquel’s sex, creating false impressions of girth before uncoiling and returning to lick Vaquel’s depths.

All around Jornelia and Vaquel, the specimens in their tubes continued to writhe. A woman with four breasts humped the empty area in front of her. A man covered in spines twitched as his cock expelled a load into the stasis fluid. Someone with a gender outside Vaquel’s immediate recognition convulsed in the universal signs of a climax.

“Lick harder,” Vaquel requested.

Jornelia looked up with her hypnotic yellow eyes. The bottom half of her jaw unhinged, and she had the entirety of Vaquel’s pubic region in her mouth. The fluttering tongue slowed and took long hard licks of Vaquel’s wet walls.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried.

Jornelia rose to her full height, still holding onto Vaquel with her hands, hair and mouth. The tail half of her body began to slowly turn. She spun Vaquel’s body around in a slow orbit, all the while still licking at the explorer’s flowing sex.

Vaquel shuddered with pleasure. Dimly she aware of the tubes passing by her. Stranger and stranger specimens distracted her from the fact that Jornelia was steadily moving down the hallway.

“You have to teach me how to use my mouth on you,” Vaquel moaned.

Jornelia laughed onto Vaquel’s pussy. One of her hands moved towards Vaquel’s asshole and pressed down. Her slender finger easily entered Vaquel’s tight anus.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Vaquel cried out.

Jornelia came to a stop. Vaquel floated limply in her grip. The slender finger pushed deep inside of Vaquel, the smooth scales easing the way in. As her finger probed, Jornelia’s tongue flicked rapidly at inhuman speeds.

“Oh, Sweet Queen!” Vaquel cried out. She tried to raise her hands but Jornelia’s hair held onto them. The hair around Vaquel’s breasts also tightened, crushing Vaquel’s plentiful brown breasts in delightful ways. Vaquel was trapped, eaten, penetrated and squeezed in all the ways that she loved.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel climaxed with a shout. Her ass clenched tightly around Jornelia’s limber finger. Juices gushed from Vaquel’s sex and down Jornelia’s throat.

Lost in orgasmic bliss, Vaquel was unprepared for Jornelia to suddenly move. The woman’s long hair released Vaquel’s breasts and hands while at the same time, spinning Vaquel away from Jornelia’s mouth. As Vaquel shot forward, Jornelia’s finger exited Vaquel’s ass at a distressing speed.

Vaquel slammed into the wall of a glass tube. Her large breasts took most of the impact but the air was still knocked from Vaquel. By the time she spun around, the front half of the tube had sealed shut.

Jornelia stood outside the tube with a large smile on her wet face.

“Let me out!” Vaquel said. She slammed her hand on the tube wall. It was as strong as glassteel.

“Why would I do that, that, that?” Jornelia asked. “Your breasts are nice and pliable while your ass is strong and firm. I like the way you taste. It is quite different from Seed-Walkers. I can’t wait to share you with my brothers and sisters, sisters, sisters.”

“But I didn’t get to lick you!” Vaquel said. “Don’t you want to be the first to experience my mouth?”

Jornelia shrugged. “Not really, really, really. I will be happy to share. I will be happier when we present you to the next specimen ship. The Prober Supreme will be happy to have a new species to experiment with. I can’t wait to see how he rewards us, us, us!”

As Vaquel processed the idea of being handed over as a test subject, Jornelia performed a complicated hand gesture over the base of the tube. Small spouts emerged above Vaquel and a clear, thick liquid sprayed down onto her.

“Enjoy yourself,” Jornelia said. “When next you wake up, you will be played with by my brothers and sisters, sisters, sisters.”

Rage boiled within Vaquel as she watched Jornelia slither away. The rage softened into desire as she watched the sexy undulations of the woman’s tail. By the time Jornelia was out of sight, Vaquel was rubbing her pussy.

“Fuck, the aphrodisiacs are already kicking in,” Vaquel said. The liquid was barely up to her ankles. It clung to her body like oil. She was already feeling a tingling in her skin.

Vaquel thought about Jornelia and her talented mouth. Would it be so bad to be a new toy for her people? They would probably use her at the same time, licking her body with twenty or thirty nimble tongues. Would they be as fascinated with her ass as Jornelia was? What would it be like to be groped and licked by an entire species?

“No!” Vaquel shouted. She tried to focus. The liquid was up to her knees now. Queen’s tit, as slow as the liquid is flowing, how long did she spend thinking about it?

The tingling was more intense now. Her legs felt almost euphoric. It was tempting to sit down in the liquid and let it rise over her sex. She wondered if she would climax before she fell asleep. Oh, she certainly hoped so!

The liquid was up to her thighs. Vaquel swore and braced herself against the far wall. She placed one foot on the side of the tube and pushed with everything she had.

The tube wall didn’t move. The liquid continued to shower over her. With Vaquel’s leg up like this, some of the fluid was flowing against her sex.

A delightful warmth spread through Vaquel’s sex. She realized that she never saw Jornelia’s genitals. Were they like a humanoid, or were they like a reptile? What was a reptile’s genitals like? Vaquel thought she knew but she couldn’t think of it. She couldn’t think of much of anything to be honest.

The liquid came up to Vaquel’s hips. The warmth in her pussy became a smoldering fire. Vaquel put her leg down and felt like she was on the verge of coming.

Vaquel pressed her palm to her sex. She came instantly. Her knees went weak and she slid down the side of the tube. The liquid came up to her shoulders as she sat down.

A thousand sensations came to life on Vaquel’s breasts. She cried out and relished the feelings. It was not quite biting, not quite groping, not quite kissing, not quite pinching but it was all wonderful.

The fluid rose to Vaquel’s chin. Her heart pounded with panic, but she wasn’t sure why. Everything felt nice. She was going to come again. Too bad Jornelia wasn’t here so Vaquel could soak her face again.

Jornelia! Hot rage washed over Vaquel. She stood up inside the tube, the liquid sloshing against her sensitive skin. The alien woman had out-smarted and betrayed Vaquel. That was unacceptable!

The volume from the spouts doubled. Buckets of sticky fluid dumped onto Vaquel. She braced herself against the wall as the liquid rose to her breasts. There was no more time!

Wait! Vaquel remembered something from her training at the Explorer Academy. There was actually a protocol for this! Vaquel had never needed to use it because she had never been foolish enough to take off her belt before.

“Belt!” Vaquel shouted. “Authorize V-A-Q-D!”

Did it work? Vaquel pressed her face against the wall of the tube. All she saw was an empty hallway.

“Belt!” Vaquel shouted again. “Authorize V-A-Q-D, damn it!”

Vaquel climaxed again. There was no build up. She suddenly went over the edge and experienced an orgasm. As her body shuddered in bliss, the liquid rose over her chin, her lips and then over her head.

Exhaustion came over Vaquel. She was extremely tired. It would be so easy to sleep.

As Vaquel’s eyes began to close, she saw something dark zipping through the air. It was her belt, using precious power for its anti-gravity drive. The belt slammed into Vaquel’s tube, outer buckle flat against the glass.

An orange light glowed from the buckle. Vaquel felt the urge to duck but she couldn’t remember why. Besides, she just wanted to go to sleep.

KRAK! The controlled plasma charge detonated, vaporizing a large portion of the glass wall. Stress and inside pressure from the stasis liquid did the rest. The glass exploded outward with the shards ricocheting in the low gravity.

Vaquel lunged for the belt. She was still in a euphoric daze but her training took over. She slapped the belt around her waist. A low energy alert beeped but she ignored it. She pressed a button and the black space suit emerged from the suit to cover her body. The micro-thin material pushed away the bulk of the stasis fluid and covered her skin.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. Her entire body was sensitive. She needed a fuck and a nap, and the order didn’t really matter.

An alarm screamed through the corridors. Vaquel rose to her feet. There was no time to rest. Jornelia and her kind would be here soon.

Vaquel ran down the hallway. The euphoria faded with every step. The tingling in her pussy was slower to fade. Vaquel pressed her hand to her crotch. She almost climaxed just from pressing down on the thin spacesuit.

The alarm continued. Yellow eyes glowed in the darkness. The smell of reptiles grew stronger.

Vaquel saw her helmet lying on the floor. Looking up, she could see the ventilation shaft that she had dropped from. She grabbed her helmet and slapped it on. As the seals locked around her neck, Vaquel hunched down for a leap towards the ceiling.

One of the tube captives caught her eye. The woman with the crab claws floated in her tube. She arched her back as she climaxed; her large claws opening and closing. Vaquel wondered how many times the woman had come without ever seeing her captors.

Shapes slithered down both ends of the hallway. Jornelia and her siblings were almost here.

Vaquel opened a slot on her belt. A tiny marble fell into her hand. She squeezed it and threw it at the claw woman’s tube. The marble adhered to the surface.

“Stop in the name of the Prober Supreme!” Jornelia yelled from down the hall.

Vaquel leaped into the air. She sailed through the low gravity with ease. A hundred voices hissed as she flew through the shaft opening.

SKREEEE! A high-pitched note filled the shaft as the marble Vaquel left behind detonated. The sonic grenade shattered the claw woman’s glass tube. It also shattered hundreds of tubes as the sound blasted down the hallway. The breaking of so much glass was louder than the blast of the grenade.

Vaquel’s rising body slowed in momentum. She put her arms out and braced herself inside the shaft. Shining her wrist light downwards, she checked to see if she was being followed.

There was no one in the shaft. Down below, was the sound of combat. Mixed with the thuds, slashing and crunching were the sounds of screams and angry hisses.

Vaquel grinned. “No one puts Vaquel in a test tube,” she said. She kicked upwards and began the long climb back to her ship.

Apr 012019
Honestly, the cat gets into more trouble

Anita is a collection of short stories by Keith Roberts. Published in 1970, these stories tell of Anita, a witch who may be a thousand years old but has the body of a young woman and the sex drive and recklessness to match. Anita lives with her Granny out in the woods but frequently comes to town to ride in the cars of handsome boys or make friends among the outcasts.

It is a lovely collection. The stories range from comedy like when Granny and Anita get a television, to really dark mood pieces like when Anita’s town friend commits suicide so Anita gets revenge on the town with a nasty curse. The stories were published in a magazine so they are self-contained with some continuity and one story is a direct sequel of another.

This book feels like a strange time capsule that shouldn’t exist. The stories remind me a lot of Vertigo comics in the 90’s and modern paranormal romances. Granny appears to be a distant relative of Pratchett’s Granny Weatherwax. Anita’s encounter with a mermaid reads like someone describing a Charles Vess painting. I would not be surprised if Anita was an inspiration for any of these.

Although the original book cover suggests the book is a sex book, it really isn’t by today’s standards. Anita has a lot of casual sex but it is never explicit. That doesn’t mean the book isn’t a sensual delight at times, as the imagery is quite lush. I imagine when this book was published, the idea of a woman fucking whoever takes her fancy must have seemed like porn to mainstream audiences.

My only criticism is that sometimes the witchcraft strays into satire. Hell has a bureaucracy and there is an Infernal Controller who regulates the movement of supernatural creatures like an air traffic controller. It is a shame because mixed with these satirical elements are some really good creepy magic moments that would fit perfectly into a horror novel or a modern supernatural romance. There are quite a few bits I plan to steal for my own fiction.

My copy was published in 1970 but it was reprinted in a lovely hardcover in 1990. The hardcover has illustrations and I am tempted to get it. There is also a cheaper no-frills Kindle version available.

Mar 062019

Explorer’s Log: I am on day seventeen of my thirty-three day journey to the star system designated “Everyone is Aflame When the Queen Walks in the Room” by Royal Astronomers. Systems are functioning optimally, and ship integrity is at maximum.

Today I detected a stream of transmissions from an unknown source. After decrypting the stream, I believe it is a communication network for scientific information. The data is loosely organized. So far I have seen schematics for heat ray weapons, organic matter enlargers and a four-lash whip. I will direct the transmission beam towards Royal Navy headquarters, though I am concerned that the sheer density of data might not make it through. Because of that, I will diligently scan the data for the most important innovations and store the information for my return journey home. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: There is no way I am going to waste my days reading that stuff. I might be bored but I am not that bored. Chairbot can do it.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said from the communication hub. “I have discovered something of vital importance!”

Vaquel Di ignored the robot. She stood in front of a holographic mirror of herself, scrutinizing her naked body. Was that a stretch mark on one of her brown breasts? Did her thighs look a little thicker than usual? Shit, when did her hips have that much padding?

“How the fuck do I gain weight eating algae rations on a spaceship?” she swore. Clearly, she was not getting enough exercise. Vaquel needed to fuck more.

“Mistress!” Chairbot tried again. “The data stream has some fascinating schematics on vibrational projections!”

“Sounds great. Now go away,” Vaquel said. She spun the hologram around to look at her ass. The big brown buttocks were more jiggly than fit.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said. “I believe I can apply these schematics to my own design and perform an upgrade!”

“Upgrade and fuck off then,” Vaquel said. She bent down and stared at the hologram of her crotch. Was that a fucking grey hair in her bush of pink pubic hair? Queen’s tit, was she getting old?

“Mistress!” Chairbot said with his same perky tone. “These upgrades will allow me to use my seat vibrators to create a field projection capable of penetrating your orifices!”

Vaquel stood back up. “Wait, are you saying that you could fuck me with this upgrade?”

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

Vaquel stared at the purple robot. It was a damn good sextoy with its vibrating seat and eager-to-please attitude but sometimes vibrations weren’t enough. If it could enter her slut hole, then that just might be the thing to help her lose the weight she had picked up these past few years.

“Then fucking upgrade already,” Vaquel said.

“Downloading theories now!” Chairbot said. “Creating emulator for data compatibility. Releasing restructuring nanites! Calculating new energy usage!

Vaquel impatiently waited beside Chairbot and considered how little she really knew about the robot. He was a Yeth, an artificial race of sextoys who evolved into organic-hating xenophobes that forgot they were made to give orgasms. That was untill Vaquel met them. She knew that Chairbot loved her ass, mostly in a literal sense. He was very submissive, but sometimes disobeyed her in order to get more contact with her buttocks. Despite getting roughed up from time to time, he always appeared to look just as functional and pristine as when she first met him. How did he do that?

“Who cares?” Vaquel muttered to herself. He was a great sextoy. That was all she really needed to know.

“Upgrade complete!” Chairbot announced. “Please sit on me, Mistress!”

Vaquel sat on the purple robot. The seat molded itself to the round curves of her buttocks. The motors activated and Vaquel felt the familiar tingling of the vibrations. Her pussy moistened in response. She waited for some sort of penetration, but nothing was coming. And neither was she.

“Hmm, I feel vibrations, but nothing else,” Vaquel said. “If you lied to me just to get me to sit on you . . .”

“Wait, Mistress!” Chairbot begged. “I need to synchronize some of the harmonics!”

Vaquel settled into the seat. The vibrations were nice, and it wouldn’t take much to climax, but it wasn’t what she was craving. She wanted something thick. She wanted something long. She wanted something she could clench around.

“Synchronizing complete!” Chairbot said.

Something pushed against Vaquel’s sex lips. It was small, but it was something. The shape pushed inside of her like an eager finger.

“Ohh,” Vaquel moaned. The shape vibrated just like the seat of the robot. She liked how it curved inside of her. Was that Chairbot’s doing, or was that a characteristic of the field? She would have to remember to ask later.

“It’s a bit small,” Vaquel said.

“Adjusting!” Chairbot said.

The shape grew. What began as a finger became two fingers. The fingers grew into a pleasantly-shaped tentacle. The tentacle grew into a proper phallus.

“Whoa!” Vaquel moaned. She gripped Chairbot’s armrests. “No bigger!”

The vibrating shape remained as it was. Thick and pulsing, it filled Vaquel in all the right ways. Her sex clenched around it and there was a pleasant amount of give.

“Is this pleasing, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

“Yes,” Vaquel hissed. She gently rocked back and forth in her seat.

“I am happy to hear that, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “You will want to spend a lot more time sitting on me now! Just imagine all the sweat and vaginal discharge you will produce on me!”

“Hush,” Vaquel groaned. “Fuck me.”

“Please define request, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

“Fuck me with your projection!” Vaquel snapped. “In and out!”

“Calculating, Mistress!”

The vibrating phallus reduced in length by half, and then grew back to its original size. It repeated the cycle of shrinking and growing.

“No, no,” Vaquel moaned. “Keep the same thickness, but reduce the length slowly, and then extend just as slow.”

“Complying, Mistress!”

The projection returned to its normal size, and then slowly shortened, Vaquel moaned wistfully as it retracted but then groaned deliciously as it increased in length. In and out the field slid along the tight walls of her sex.

“Fuck,” Vaquel groaned. “A little faster, maybe a little deeper.”

Chairbot obeyed. The projected phallus extended with more force. Vaquel’s breasts began to jiggle from the thrusting.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel moaned. “We’re going to teach you how to fuck yet, little robot.”

“WARNING!” Chairbot screeched. No, it came from Chairbot but it wasn’t his voice. This voice was squeakier and speaking in Segoe.

Fortunately, the phallus projection was still thrusting. Vaquel sat in her seat and clutched the arm rests. “Chairbot, what’s going on?”


Purple metal emerged from the sides of the arm rests and wrapped around Vaquel’s hands and wrists. Similar bands emerged from the motorized base that Chairbot used to get around. The purple metal bands grabbed Vaquel’s ankles and immobilized them.

“You had bondage gear and you never told me?” Vaquel yelled. “Fuck, think of all the sex games we could have played!”


“Fuck your Prober Supreme!” Vaquel snapped. She was about to say something else, but the phallus projection pushed deep inside of her and her next thought was fucked away.


“Oh, I am going to do more than just hamper,” Vaquel said. She pulled on the thin metal bands restraining her. They were stronger than they looked. Her hands didn’t move a micrometer.

“Obeying new functions,” Chairbot said in his own voice. He rolled towards the navigation bay, carrying Vaquel in his seat.

“Chairbot, let go of me!” Vaquel yelled.

“Request denied,” Chairbot said.

This was bad. Chairbot didn’t call her ‘Mistress’. That convinced Vaquel that the little robot was under the control of the Prober Supreme. It might do bondage as a way of keeping her ass in place, but not showing proper adoration was beyond Chairbot’s capabilities.

The seat continued to vibrate as it carried Vaquel. The vibrating projection kept fucking her. The force of the thrusts increased as well as the speed.

“Fuck,” Vaquel moaned it was hard to think. It was a damn good fucking.

Chairbot rolled into the Navigation Bay. The control panel beeped as the robot opened a wireless connection. Another panel displayed the new destination and estimated travel time of three days.

“Queen’s tit, I can’t be sitting here for three days!” Vaquel said. Although, three days of getting fucked by the vibrating field had its appeal.

“Course set,” Chairbot intoned.

“Chairbot, this is your Mistress!” Vaquel said. “I command you to let me go!”

“Request denied,” Chairbot said. “Subduing captive.”

“Subduing?” Vaquel asked. “What do you mean by that you little shit?”

The seat vibrated harder. Vaquel cried out from the intense sensations. Something pushed against her asshole. It had the same intense vibrations.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel whispered.

A second phallus emerged from the seat and into Vaquel’s asshole. It was just as thick as the one inside her sex. Vaquel’s asshole expanded as the phallus rose within her.

“Queen’s tit!” she cried out. The anal intrusion vibrated as well. Vaquel shuddered from the intense double penetration.

The stars outside of the Navigation Bay shifted as the probe ship changed directions. The solar sails glowed as they produced more thrust. The ship hummed as it picked up speed.

“Control, verbal override!” Vaquel yelled. “Recognize my voice and cancel last course correction!”

The ship ignored her.

“I have deleted your command protocols,” Chairbot calmly said. “You will be taken to the Punishment Laboratory without incident.”

“Fuck you!” Vaquel snapped.

The vibration in Vaquel’s ass pushed deeper. When Vaquel didn’t think she could take anymore, the projection receded. It was a brief respite as it grew back in length. The projecting was performing the same cycle of thrusting as the one in her pussy.

“Shit, you’re going to make me come, you little bastard!” Vaquel said.

Chairbot was silent.

The rhythm of the thrusting projections increased. Vaquel shook from side to side and tried to escape. The metal bands held her tight. All she managed to do was cause her heavy brown breasts to jiggle more.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. She climaxed hard on the double projections. Her body shuddered and clenched, but the thrusting continued.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel gasped. “Give me a moment.”

Chairbot didn’t respond. Each of the vibration projections increased in girth.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. She trembled within her restraints. Sweat ran down her brown body.

Vaquel was going to come again. She resisted out of spite, but each phallus was too big. Each thrust was too deep. Each vibration was too much to ignore.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted again.

The seat suddenly tilted. Vaquel leaned back and stared at the ceiling. Another band of metal emerged and lashed across her thighs, securing her to the seat. The vibrations increased.

“Sweet Queen and all of her executioners!” Vaquel cried out. The tilting her body allowed deeper penetrations from both projections. Her breasts slid back and forth across her chest. Tremors ran all along her ass from the impacts of the thrusts.

Chairbot was still silent.

Trapped, Vaquel felt her body building for another orgasm. Her pussy clenched and shuddered. She unconsciously pushed back against the thrusting projections. Her fingers clawed at the arm rests as sensations overwhelmed her.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel screamed.

Vaquel came so hard that everything went dark. She suddenly awoke from the intense vibrations against her ass. The projections were still pumping inside of her.

“Wait,” Vaquel whispered. She was in a daze, but something didn’t make sense. It was hard to think with her pussy and ass being fucked, but she forced herself to focus.

“Chairbot,” Vaquel groaned. “If you have been reprogrammed by the Prober Supreme, then why are you still fucking me? Is that part of the new program?”

Chairbot didn’t answer.

The projection inside Vaquel’s pussy slammed into her faster. The phallus in her ass vibrated at a stronger intensity. The seat tilted up and down in a steady rhythm that was in sync with her fucking.

“I think you are still in there, Chairbot!” Vaquel cried out. “You are still fucking me because you love how my ass feels! That program might be in control, but I don’t think it controls all of you! I need you to fight and AHHHH!”

Vaquel came again. Her body was unable to resist the sensations. Months of going without a good fucking had left her especially vulnerable to a double-penetrating experience.

“Fight it, Chairbot,” Vaquel said weakly.

“Request . . .denied,” Chairbot.

“You don’t sound so sure,” Vaquel said. “Come on, let me go!”

“Request . . .”

“What? Request is what?” Vaquel yelled. “Fight, Chairbot! Oh shit, I’m coming again! AHHHH!”

“Request . . .is denied,” Chairbot said.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel said. She was exhausted. It was tempting to go limp within her restraints and get fucked into a coma. She could just escape from the Punishment Lab once she got there.

But giving up would mean that Chairbot wasn’t as loyal as Vaquel thought he was. It would mean her ass wasn’t the center of the robot’s universe. Giving up would be accepting that Vaquel’s slave could defy her.

“No!” Vaquel screamed. She forced herself to stay conscious.

“Chairbot, listen to me you little worm,” Vaquel hissed. “If I get locked away in a cell, then that means I will never sit on you again.”

The vibrations ceased for a split-second before resuming.

“That’s right,” Vaquel continued. “No more feeling my buttocks grinding across your seat.”

The phallus in her ass froze in mid-thrust.

“No more sliding my sweaty ass back and forth as you vibrate.”

The seat tilted upwards a few degrees.

“No more fingering myself while sitting on you.”

The projection in her pussy decreased in intensity.

“No more letting you support my sweaty ass after a long day of exploring.”

The seat returned to the upright position. The metal bands around Vaquel’s body retracted back into the body of the robot. The phallus in her ass vanished, followed by the one in her sex. The vibrations on her seat ceased completely.

“Mistress?” Chairbot said. “All hostile programs have been deleted from my system! I will not correct our course back to our original destination!”

“Ha,” Vaquel laughed weakly. “I knew you loved my ass too much to let me get captured.”

“Of course, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “You have the best ass in the galaxy! I am so ashamed that I was controlled by an outside source! Please, let me show you how much I adore you by providing your superior bottom with support!”

“No,” Vaquel said cruelly. She went to rise but her knees gave out. Her thighs and ass were completely numb. She collapsed back into the seat that was slick from her juices and sweat.

“I have reconsidered,” Vaquel lied. “I will grant your wish. Just don’t let it happen again.”

“Never, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

“But Chairbot, you didn’t delete all of the files, did you?” Vaquel asked. “I mean, you can still do that projection sync whatever?”

The seat began to vibrate. A thin projection pushed past Vaquel’s tender sex lips. The field thickened in girth to a reasonable size.

“Field upgrades are functioning,” Chairbot said. “Shall I end the test?”

Vaquel groaned. “No, let’s not be so hasty. I think a slow, gentle fuck will be part of your penance.”

“Thank you, Mistress!” Chairbot replied.

The little robot enjoyed the shudders, tremors and quivers of Vaquel’s curvy bottom for the rest of the day.

Feb 252019

I finished the first draft on my Mary Poppins inspired ebook. It went pretty fast and I still have whiplash. Writing an entire story in two weeks? Madness!

The only thing I am unhappy with is what to call my main character. She is a magical older woman who brings some tough love and dominatrix magic to two roommates. She fills that Mary Poppins niche of being magical and strict, but also nurturing. There isn’t many words for that.

Simply calling her a magical dominatrix isn’t specific enough. Nanny is the obvious one, but I feel like that infantilizes the other characters too much. She is closer to a Life Coach, but everyone knows Life Coaches are not a real thing. I toyed with Godmother, but that has its own baggage. Arrggh!

Right now, I think I will just call her by her name, Mrs. Aytricks, but I want to open the floor for ideas. Do you have a word for a strict, nurturing dominatrix?

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Feb 062019

Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated “The Queen Sings a Song Like a White Winged Hawk,” by Royal Astronomers. There are four planets, three of them gas giants. The fourth planet supports life and is closest to the sun.

The technology level of the planet is primitive. There is intelligent life here, but it has not advanced past the agricultural level of beginning civilizations. There are many villages, but nothing resembling a city or seat of government. I do see several maintained plains that could be landing zones for star ships, but they might also serve a decorative or religious purpose.

I intend to contact one of the smaller villages. Once I gauge their level of sophistication, I will prepare them culturally for the Queen’s Navy to conquer them. It won’t take much to impress these simple beings. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: While I indoctrinate the locals, I will also check out their sexual capability. It has been forty-one days since I had my pussy fucked and I plan to get completely plowed by these farmers.

Vaquel Di groaned. A massive headache pulsed behind her temples. Something rough scratched her cheek. Her mouth was open, and drool dried on her lip. A breeze blew across her bare ass, which told her that she was naked. She tried to move and found that she couldn’t. Soft bindings constrained her limbs and held her in place. She was face down on a hard surface with her hands bound to her knees and her ass up in the air. The spread position of her legs left little doubt to why she was tied here.

“What happened?” Vaquel groaned. She felt hungover. Had she been drinking?

It was all a haze. She remembered greeting some aliens. They were taller than her and very stout. All of them were green except for their hair, which was a bewildering variety of colors and patterns. Luckily, they spoke a version of Segoe and Vaquel was able to speak to them. They called themselves the Seed-Walkers, and they appeared to have evolved from plants. At first, they were afraid of her, but when she explained that she was from another solar system, they were extremely happy.

“Maybe a little too happy,” Vaquel considered.

Vaquel pulled on her restraints. They refused to budge. The material was soft and almost silky. When she got out of here, she would have to make sure she took some of the binging material with her.

“What did happen last night?” Vaquel said. She remembered eating a giant plate of fruit. There was a liquid that was better than wine. Some of the bolder Seed-Walkers had asked her about her clothes. She had demonstrated how to take off her spacesuit by using her belt controls. A few of the aliens might have touched her pubic bush.

Did she come? Vaquel didn’t think so. Assholes.

The wind blew again across Vaquel’s bare ass. Small petals from a nearby tree fell on her back. Each petal had a spiky texture and pricked her skin as it landed. The pricks sent shudders up and down her spine.

Vaquel’s sex clenched. A petal landed on a sensitive part of her ass and another shudder went through her body. The bindings creaked as Vaquel wiggled.

“Yeah, I was definitely not fucked,” Vaquel said.

Where was she? Vaquel couldn’t move her head so it was hard to tell. The surface she was on resembled hardened clay. Trees surrounded her. They were similar to the trees surrounding the village. Were the villagers close by or had they taken her far away? She struggled to remember the geography of the nearby area but the thick feeling in her head was making it hard to remember the reconnaissance images.

There was a rustling sound. Vaquel held her breath and listened. There it was again.

“Is someone there?” Vaquel shouted. “Have you come to fuck my helpless ass?” She was trying to sound tough, but it was hard to disguise her eagerness.

The rustling stopped.

“Come and get it, you cowardly bastard” Vaquel yelled. She rolled her hips as best she could in her bent over position. Her buttocks swayed and swiveled.

Instead of rustling, Vaquel heard a groan.

“I hear you!” Vaquel said. “I’ve almost got my hands free, so if you are going to fuck my juicy slut hole, you better do it now”

Vaquel was nowhere near being free, but she counted on her captor not knowing that. The bluff worked. She heard more rustling as something large approached her.

“No, no, no,” a deep voice said. “If you get free, the Overseer will be mad. Please, just stay here and be a good volunteer. The last time the Overseer got mad, no one in the village could stand upright for a week!”

“Volunteer?” Vaquel yelled. “You drugged me!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” the voice said. The Seed-Walker stepped in front of Vaquel as he examined her binding. She was momentarily distracted by the thick phallus swinging between its legs and the bright orange hair covering its scrotum.

“Each village is assigned a special day in the lunar cycle to send out a volunteer,” the Seed-Walker explained. “The Overseer takes our volunteer. If someone does not volunteer, then the Overseer will come to the village and make their displeasure known. When you arrived yesterday, the day before our scheduled volunteering appointment, we saw it as a fortunate event.”

“What the fuck is an Overseer?” Vaquel asked.

The Seed-Walker squatted down. A thick beard of bright orange hair covered half his face. “The Overseer is appointed by the Prober Supreme to watch over our planet. We are not sure of the duties of the Overseer because we only see him on Volunteer Day but considering how thoroughly he reams us when he comes by, its job must be very stressful.”

“Did you say ream?” Vaquel asked. Her ass clenched and subconsciously. “Are you saying that it fucks you?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” the Seed-Walker said. “It has eight instruments of penetration. One of the instruments is as thick as a yellow melon, while another is shaped like a cork-screw. Each penis must be satisfied and sometimes they must be satisfied twice. It holds you down with four arms while a fifth one slaps your ass. The entire time it is using you, it licks your ears with its two tongues.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said, both horrified and aroused. “The Overseer is some kind of monster? I thought is was one of you?”

“No, no, no,” the Seed-Walker tutted. “Haven’t you been listening? He was assigned by the Prober Supreme, which means the Overseer was created to serve our needs.”

“Your village needs someone to fuck your ass once a month?” Vaquel asked.

The Seed-Walker was quiet for a moment. “No, no, no,” he finally said. “I don’t understand the actions of the Prober Supreme, but that is because he is much smarter than us. Sadly, he lives far away on the Prime Laboratory Planet, so we can’t just go there and ask him to explain his reasons. He wouldn’t just make a monster that forces us to choose from among ourselves someone to sacrifice each month. I am sure there is a good reason.”

“Yes, the reason is that your people are a bunch of gullible masochists,” Vaquel snapped.

“Hmm, hmm, hmm,” the Seed-Walker said.

“One thing I don’t get,” Vaquel said. “If the Overseer is so terrible that your village drugged me and offered me up, then what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be safe back at your village?”

“Uh, uh, uh,” the Seed-Walker said. “Okay, I will tell you since you will not come back to our village. The thing is, I like to watch the Overseer use the volunteers. I really like it when they scream from the corkscrew penis.”

Vaquel laughed. “Maybe your people aren’t so masochistic after all. Hey, what’s your name?”

“Quinnover Rab Gorg-“

“Okay, Quinnover is good enough,” Vaquel said. “Listen Quinnover, it sounds like I am about to have a busy day so why don’t you help me out?”

“No, no, no,” Quinnover said. “I am not letting you go. The Overseer will release you when he is done.”

“That’s not I want,” Vaquel said. “To be honest, your Overseer and his eight cocks sounds really nice. I’m looking forward to it. What I am asking is that you prime my pump first. Give me a little foreplay. This Overseer doesn’t seem like the type to make sure I am slick before he starts ramming yellow melon-sized cocks into me. Help get me started so I am nice and wet for him.”

“Really? Really? Really?” Quinnover said. “This isn’t a trick?”

“You picked a fine time to develop skepticism as a species,” Vaquel said. “Yes, really really, really. Grab one of my breasts. If I am aroused, the nipple will be hard.”

Quinnover reached under Vaquel and cupped a breast. His rough hand glided over her sensitive flesh. He found her nipple and give it a few pinches.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Quinnover said. “It is very hard.”

“See? I am looking forward to this,” Vaquel said. “Now touch my slut hole.”

Still holding onto Vaquel’s breast, Quinnover reached around with his other hand. Long fingers pressed down against the damp bush of Vaquel’s pink pubic hair. Sticky desire flowed onto his fingers.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Quinnover said. “It is very hot to the touch. Also, very slick. I do not think you need any more moisture.”

“Oh, but I do,” Vaquel groaned. She grinded against Quinnover’s hand. Back and forth, she slid her damp sex against his fingers.

Quinnover didn’t move his hand away. “Well, well, well,” he mused. “I guess I could help you, but only for a little bit. The Overseer will be here soon, and I need to get back into my hiding spot.”

“Yes,” Vaquel hissed. “Rub my sex with your fingers. Push down hard and grind my lips.”

Quinnover conceded to her request. The farmer’s strong hand pushed hard against her pussy lips. His long fingers were surprisingly nimble as they rubbed in a tight circle.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried. Tremors ran up and down her thighs. She rolled her hips as the Seed-Walker stroked. Her brown ass swiveled and danced in the air.

Quinnover released her breast and placed his hand on her buttocks. The giant hand cupped a cheek and squeezed. His powerful fingers sunk into her muscle.

“Fuck, yes,” Vaquel groaned. “Play with my ass. I am tied and helpless. Do whatever you want as long as you keep stroking me.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Quinnover babbled. He bent down and pressed his lips to Vaquel’s ass. His mouth widened and his teeth bit into her flesh. He had a third of her buttock in his mouth.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. There were so many teeth and each of them was as sharp as a needle! The Seed-Walker’s teeth sensitized Vaquel’s ass in an instant.

Throughout it all, the Seed-Walker kept stroking. His wrist bent at unusual angles as he grinded against Vaquel’s sex. Long fingers slipped between the lips of her pussy but stopped shy of entering her.

Vaquel writhed in her bondage. The clay beneath her was hard on her knees and scratched her cheek. She desperately wanted to close her thighs around Quinnover’s hand, but the bindings wouldn’t allow it. Her breasts ached to be touched but the Seed-Walker was ignoring them. Every shudder of her body caused the teeth on her ass to cinch down tighter.

It was glorious.

Quinnover released his bite on her ass. “More, more, more,” he groaned. Leaning across Vaquel’s ass, he bit down on her other cheek.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. He was biting down twice as hard. A hundred pricks stabbed her flesh. Muscles quivered in spasms that were echoed by the clenching of her sex.

Quinover’s hand on her pussy shifted. The slender fingers pushed inside her sex. One finger entered her, followed by a second and then a third. The three fingers lengthened inside her, reaching depths rarely touched by living beings.

“Fuck, yes!” Vaquel cried out. “Get inside that slut hole!”

The fingers slid in and out of her pussy. Each thrust reached deeper than the last. As the fingers pushed, they intertwined around each other to form a single thickness inside her. When the fingers pulled back, they unwound with incredible speed, grinding and rolling against the walls of her sex.

Vaquel was so close. The fingers thrusting and spinning inside of her took her to the edge. The vulnerability of her bound position heightened every sensation. The biting of her buttocks made her aware of every micrometer of her ass. She was ready to explode with orgasmic bliss.

So why hadn’t she? Pleasure simmered within her. What was holding her back? Why hadn’t she climaxed yet?

The fuzzy feeling in her head gave her the answer. It was the drugged liquid from last night. Whatever they used to knock her out was still in her system. It was clouding her libido. She was close, but she couldn’t quite reach the bliss she craved.

“I need cock,” Vaquel said. “Hey, Quinnover, fuck me!”

Quinnover spat out her ass from his mouth. The sudden absence of teeth pricks sent a wave of endorphins through Vaquel. She almost came.


“No, no, no,” Quinnover said. He pulled his fingers out of her sex. “I should really be going. The Overseer will be here soon. I need to get back in my hiding spot.”

“Wait!” Vaquel yelled. “Listen to me, you wonderful pervert! I get it. It is really sexy to see a helpless person get fucked. I bet you come so hard from watching it that it lasts you a month, am I right?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Quinnover admitted.

“I know it does,” Vaquel said. “But the only thing better than watching hot bondage sex is doing hot bondage sex. I’m helpless, I’m not from your village and I will never tell anyone your secret. Go ahead and fuck the shit out of me. It might be the only chance you ever get!”

Vaquel waited for answer. The Seed-Walker was quiet. There was a rustling sound and Vaquel’s heart sank. The bastard was going back into the trees!

A wet hand grabbed Vaquel’s hips. A dry hand grabbed her thigh. Something thick and wonderful pressed against her sex lips. It entered her and kept going until her pussy was full.

“Yes!” Vaquel cried. “I knew you had it in you, Quinnover!”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Quinnover said and he did. Short shallow thrusts slammed into Vaquel. The collision of hips into ass echoed through the trees. Fingers, wet and dry, sunk into her flesh to hold on.

“Fuck me!” Vaquel cried out. She felt herself pushing through the fog of the drugs towards orgasm. “Fuck my helpless pussy! Tear it up just like you have seen so many times before. Claim that slut hole. You’re my Overseer!”

“Tight, tight, tight,” Quinnover moaned. His hips increased in speed. The thick cock bored through Vaquel’s pussy with desperate urgency.

Vaquel shuddered under the assault. Her neglected breasts jiggled in the air. Juices flew from her pussy as the alien cock plunged in and out.

“Close,” Vaquel whispered.

“Hrh, hrh, hrh,” Quinnover groaned.

“So close,” Vaquel whispered.

Quinnover’s fingers sunk painfully into her hip and thigh.

“So damn close,” Vaquel groaned.

“I, I, I am your Overseer!” Quinnover shouted.

“NO, YOU ARE NOT,” something horrible said.

Quinnover screamed. He let go of Vaquel’s hip and thigh. The wonderful cock inside of Vaquel pulled out in an instant.

“No!” Vaquel screamed. She felt her near-orgasm slip away. “Queen damn it, no!”

“No, no, no!” Quinnover yelled from behind Vaquel. “I am not the volunteer! She is! She is!”

There was a loud grunt, followed by a long scream from Quinnover.

“Damn it,” Vaquel yelled again. She pulled on the bindings around her hands. She shifted forward to pull her foot free. She rocked from side to side to find a weakness. The bindings held her down.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Quinnover yelled. “Not the yellow melon cock!”

Vaquel struggled harder.

“Eww, eww, eww,” Quinnover groaned. “It’s licking my ears!”

Vaquel pulled up as hard as she could until the binding around her neck began to choke her.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” Quinnover yelled. “It’s spanking my ass with three hands!”

Vaquel whimpered. This was so unfair!

“Hey, Overseer!” she yelled. “Don’t you want to fuck something new! I bet you never had Euphorian pussy before!”

Loud savage grunts answered Vaquel’s offer.

Vaquel humped the air as best she could. “Come on, Overseer! Can’t you see how wet I am? Wouldn’t you rather fuck something wet and hot?”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Quinnover yelled. “Now it is fucking my ass with two cocks!”

“Queen damn it!” Vaquel snapped. “You can fuck my ass and my pussy if you want! Fuck, take my mouth too!”

“No! No! No!” Quinnover screamed. “Not the corkscrew!”

“Fuck!” Vaquel screamed. It was no use. The Overseer had made his choice clear.

The fucking continued for an hour. Quinnover screamed in graphic detail about the qualities of each and every cock that reamed his asshole. Vaquel tried tempting the Overseer with wilder and wilder claims about her body but at no point did the unseen monster touch her.

Finally, there was a deafening growl. The trees shook and more prickly petals landed on Vaquel’s back and ass. A hot breath washed over Vaquel that sent shivers down to her pussy. It was followed by a squelching sound as something thick and messy left something ravaged and no longer tight.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch,” Quinnover groaned.

Vaquel felt Quinnover touch her ankle. The binding quickly unwound from her foot. The rest of the bindings on her body let go as well. In just a few seconds, she was free.

Vaquel sat up. Next to where she was bound was her belt. She grabbed it and put it on. One press of a button and she would be clothed again. Another button press, and she could call her ship for a pickup.

“Help, help, help me,” Quinnover begged.

Quinnover was lying face down in a body-shaped crater. Her ass was a terrible mess. Eight different pungent slimes oozed on his body. There were deep impressions in the grass from where something heavy had been here.

“Take, take, take me back to the village,” Quinnover groaned.

Vaquel crawled over to the Seed-Walker. She grabbed his arm and rolled him onto his side. Quinnover screamed as she rolled him onto his tender ass. She ignored his scream and looked at his cock. It was thick and hard.

“What, what, what are you doing?” Quinnover asked.

“I still need to get laid,” Vaquel said. “And it looks like you are volunteering.”

Vaquel swung her leg over Quinnover’s lap and squatted over him. She guided his thickness into her sex. Setting down, she cried out as his length filled her.

“No, no, no,” Quinnover groaned. His cock pulsed with each ‘no’.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Vaquel said as she rode him. She grabbed her brown breasts and sank her fingers into the soft globes. Her thighs shuddered as she rose and fell on his cock. The wind blew through her sweaty pink hair.

Vaquel climaxed quickly. The drugs had left her system and an hour of listening to the Overseer fuck had kept her ready. She screamed her orgasm and fresh petals fell from the trees.

A moment later, Quinnover’s cock pulsed and thick sap filled Vaquel’s sex. The exhausted Seed-Walker groaned once and then passed out.

Vaquel sighed. “No endurance,” she muttered. It was time she left this planet and continued her explorations. Who knows? Maybe she will get lucky and the next system will have an Overseer that prefers pussy.

The end.

Feb 042019
The bats make a nice touch.

I have a backlog of books involving witches. I try to read books that share similar themes to whatever I am writing and when Fight in the Sex Arena went from taking six months to writing to thirteen, I ended up reading a lot of science fiction. Now I am am reading books that I barely remember buying, much less why I bought them.

The Passionate Witch by Thorne Smith is one of those books. It certainly looks salacious. I probably bought it thinking it was porn. Little did I know that it was written in 1942 by the guy best known for the Cary Grant Topper movies. Sadly, Thorne didn’t finish the book and someone else did. Like most posthumously finished books, it shows.

The story is about a putz, Mr. Wooly. He is a successful insurance and real estate mogul, a pillar of the community and an extremely dull man. Because this is the 40’s, that means he is a vegetarian, takes lots of vitamins, doesn’t drink and is completely obvious to how badly his secretary wants to marry him. His servants think he is a wimp and kind of despise him and quite frankly, I did too.

Through ridiculous circumstances, he rescues a naked woman from a burning hotel. The hotel is of a dubious reputation so when people see him coming out with a naked woman over his shoulder, every one snickers and thinks Mr. Wooly is a lot more interesting than he is.

Long story short, he ends up marrying the witch, regretting it and trying to get rid of her. The witch herself is the most interesting part of the book as she sleeps outside in the branches of a tree and curses the secretary to only be able to type backwards.

But Shon, I see it is described as “Ribald” on the cover. Is this a dirty book?

Uh, Maybe? The sex scenes happen during the asterisks in the story, which was a clever moment. There is a description of pomegranates that was a bit sexy once you understand it was talking about her breasts. A lot of people are sleeping around on their spouses. Almost every man is in a state of “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” over Mr. Wooly’s ordeal with no sympathy for him being married to a hot witch. It is certainly a comedy about adult relationships, but less explicit than an episode of Riverdale.

I do want to note that halfway through the book, the witch dies. I was pretty stunned. The last thing she did before dying was curse Wooly with the ability to hear thoughts. He finds the only way to stop the voices is by drinking. This means the last half of the book is about his drunken exploits and the hilarity that ensues until he realizes his witch’s spirit is inside his first wife’s old horse.

So, yeah. It is not what I expected, but it is a cute book if you enjoy 40’s style drinking comedy. It is also illustrated, which is a nice surprise. This book has been reprinted many times and there is in fact an ebook version on Amazon. I guess passionate witches are timeless.