Dec 042019

Explorer’s log: I have reached the star system designated “So Much Hate for Who the Queen Fucks,” by Royal Astronomers. There are no planets here. There is an asteroid field which might have been a planet in the distant past, but it is just rocky debris now. It is rare for the Royal Astronomers to make a mistake and send an explorer to an empty star system. I am annoyed that I made this journey for nothing, but I take comfort in knowing that the Astronomers will be punished in creative ways once this transmission gets back to them.

For the past few weeks, I had detected six other ships traveling towards this system, but their energy signatures disappeared once they reached this location. Could there be a secret planetoid or station that they stopped at? It seems unlikely, but I will take the day and search the area. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Log, Addition: Queen’s tit, I just encountered the largest living creature I have ever seen in space! It is a monstrous snake the size and length of eight Royal Navy Dreadnaughts, but it also has several engines embedded in its flesh. The mouth is big enough to swallow most of the ships I have seen lately. The damn thing flew right past me so it must not detect my ship. The symbol of the Prober Supreme is prominent on the beast’s forehead, so it us clearly another one of his creations.

Since I have discovered this horrible thing, I am naming it a Star Behemoth. It is not the most creative name, but when future travelers encounter it, they will know exactly what it is.

I picked up the signals of three of the ships I was tracking INSIDE the monster. The signals are strong and are standard distress messages. The ships must still be alive in there.

As for the other three ships, I have found feces in the wake of the Star Behemoth. It consists of melted debris and traces of Seed-Walker organic matter. That is not a good sign.

My theory is that this Star Behemoth is a Prober Supreme counter-measure for Seed-Walkers trying to escape his domain. The Star Behemoth doesn’t see me, which leads me to believe it is designed to track ship technologies originating from the Prober Supremes’ ships. It lurks on the edges of known territory and captures fleeing refugees. Rather than bring them back, the Star Behemoth consumes the ships and breaks them down for replacement parts and nutrition.

I should leave the area immediately for my safety, but I have my concerns. When Queen Erishella invades this system, the Star Behemoth might slow the Royal Navy down. What if this isn’t the only monster patrolling the Prober Supremes’ domain? I should linger and see if I can find a weakness. I happily endanger myself to speed the Queen’s conquests. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: That Star Behemoth has three ships inside it with crew desperate to escape. That is something I can entertain myself with.

Vaquel Di sat on Chairbot and checked the control panel again. From the waist up, she was the picture of explorer professionality. A skintight red spacesuit clung to her heavy breasts and arms, coming all the way up to her neck. Short pink hair crowned her head. There was a slight flush to her dark brown cheeks, but that could be explained away by the nearby presence of a terrible spaceship-eating terror.

Below her waist, and out of the view of any communication camera, was a different story. She was naked with her legs spread wide. There was a faint ripple along her brown ass where the vibrating motors of Chairbot were silently working. The pink pubic hair covering her sex were damp from frequent stroking.

“Remember, Chairbot, stay quiet while I talk to them,” Vaquel ordered.

The vibrations from Chairbot pulsed in acknowledgement.

Vaquel sat up straight and tried to look serious. “Hailing captive vessel with twenty life signs on board. Please respond.”

A handsome Seed-Walker appeared on the communication screen. He was a rich dark red with bright yellow hair. An ill-fitting grey tunic clung to his body. Both of his green eyes were wide with excitement.

“Unknown, unknown, unknown caller, this is the Skipping Stone! I am just the cook, let me summon my Bud-Father, I mean my Captain for you.”

“Negative, Cook,” Vaquel said. “Don’t tell anyone on your ship that you are talking to me. Stay on the line for rescue instructions.

The Cook looked confused but he stayed in his chair. Vaquel figured he was probably tasked with keeping an eye on things while everyone else worked on a solution out of the Star Behemoth. The young man looked nervous and in need of adult supervision.

Vaquel sent out another signal. “Hailing captive vessel with suspended animation pods. Please respond.”

A screen turned on to show two female Seed-Walkers sitting at a console together. The one on the right had light green skin and short purple hair. The one on the left was shorter with bright yellow skin and a glorious mane of blue hair. They wore thick clothes suited for cold environments. Perhaps they had to shut down life support?

“This, this, this, is Black Leaves at Sunset, responding to your call,” the green one said. “Are you trapped inside this monster as well?”

“I’ll explain in a moment,” Vaquel responded. She tried not to smile as she looked at the two women. Fuck, they were pretty! “I assume the rest of your crew is in stasis?”

“Correct, correct, correct,” the green one said. “We are the only ones awake. Can you help us?”

“Yes, but please standby, and don’t animate any more of your crew,” Vaquel said.

The green one nodded and pressed a button. No more sound came from their ship. The yellow one started talking and the green one frowned and responded. They seemed to be arguing.

Vaquel opened another channel. “Hailing captive vessel with three hundred and twenty life signs on board. Please respond.”

The third screen activated. It was a wide angle shot of a bridge. Three male Seed-Walkers of various shades of red worked different stations. In the center was a tall female Seed-Walker with brown skin the same shade as Vaquel. Her light blue hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail. All of them wore clothes that Vaquel recognized as belonging to the military caste of the Prober Supremes’ forces.

“This, this, this is Captain Eschscholtzia of the Liberated Research,” the woman announced. “I see that you are not a Seed-Walker. We are refugees seeking political asylum from the Prober Supreme. We are currently trapped, but if you help us, we can provide you with vital information and-“

Vaquel waved her hand and cut her off. “No, no, no. I don’t need a sales pitch. Wait a moment, there, now all of us can see each other. Listen up, all of you are trapped inside what I am calling the Star Behemoth. Right now I have landed my ship on the base of the creature’s skull. I have hacked the monster’s systems and I believe I can free one of you before I am detected.”

“We, we, we have over three hundred Seed-Walkers on board,” Captain Eschscholtzia says. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few!”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck you!” the green Seed-Walker said. “We are a commune of artists! The creative potential of my crewmates outweighs a bunch of runaway soldiers!”

“Uh,” the Cook said. “I really want to go get my Captain to speak for us.”

“Everyone shut up!” Vaquel snapped. “I have already decided how I am going to pick a ship to survive. Each of you is going to entertain me in a sexual manner. Whomever arouses me the most, will have their ship freed from the belly of the Star Behemoth.”

The yellow Seed-Walker from the second ship laughed out loud. “I knew we shouldn’t trust this alien!”

The Captain of the third ship looks angry. “Are, are, are you serious? You want us to arouse you for our lives? What kind of sick deviant are you? What is your species?”

The Cook sighed and stood up. He opened his trousers to reveal a thick flaccid member. Taking his cock in both hands, he began to stroke.

“That one has the right idea,” Vaquel said. “I’m setting a timer. When it is done, I will tell you who won. So, get started!”

Vaquel lied about the timer. The only time limit was when she was finished climaxing.

Captain Eschscholtzia put her hand over her face and shook her head. “Can’t, can’t, can’t believe I am saying this, but we have no choice. Bridge, take off your clothes.”

Two of the Seed-Walkers jumped to their feet and went to work removing their uniforms. The third Seed-Walker approached his Captain. He looked at Vaquel with an accusing look in his eyes.

“Captain, Captain, Captain, surely there is another way?” he asked.

“Take, take, take your clothes off and that is an order!”

Before the Seed-Walker could respond, Captain Eschscholtzia unzipped her uniform. Dark brown breasts fell free of her restrictive clothing. She kept unzipping until her bare sex was revealed.

The reluctant Seed-Walker male reluctantly disrobed as well.

Vaquel turned her attention to the second ship. The women were arguing but they left their sound on this time.

“Push, push, push your chair back and I will eat for the deviant,” the green woman said.

“You can’t be serious!” the yellow one said. “We, we, we both have pair-bonds! What will they say?”

“They, they, they will know we did it for the good of the commune,” the green woman said.

The yellow one sighs. “For, for, for the good of the commune.” She pushed her seat back so that pelvis comes into view. Lifting her hips up, she pulls her pants down and slipped them off. When her naked ass came back down on the seat, she cried out.

“Fucking cold!” the yellow one yelled. She tucked her pants under her ass to protect herself. Shyly, she opened her legs to reveal a sex covered in blue hair.

The green one got between her friend’s legs. She smartly leaned to the side so that Vaquel could have a better view. The green woman inserted her finger into the thatch of blue hair and inside the yellow slit.

“Oh, oh, oh!” the yellow one moaned.

A grunt diverted Vaquel’s attention. It was the Cook. His erection was tall and proud. He must have spat into his hands because his phallus was shiny and slick. As he pumped his cock, his hips moved to fuck his hands. He grunted and his entire body shook.

Vaquel bit her lip to keep from groaning. All of this naked flesh and reluctant submission was driving her wild. The only reason she wasn’t openly masturbating was because she thought it would be creepier for the captured crews if they felt she was impassively watching. Plus, the jaded space explorer thought it would be a fun challenge to come without showing it.

Over on the third screen, Captain Eschscholtzia commanded the previously reluctant crewman to sit naked on her chair. The Captain straddled the crewman’s cock, while facing Vaquel and the communication camera. The crewman’s long cock slowly disappeared inside the Captain’s tight pussy lips.

When the Captain had settled down on the crewman’s cock, the other crewman stepped forward. She grabbed each of their red cocks and began to stroke. As she worked their members, the Captain swiveled her hips to fuck the phallus inside her.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel moaned. She wouldn’t mind serving a dominant Captain like that!

Meanwhile, groans were coming from the women on the second screen. Despite her earlier protests, the yellow Seed-Walker was writhing in her seat. She had both hands on the other woman, who’s face was now sealed to the yellow woman’s sex.

Vaquel frowned. The green woman still had her bulky clothes on. For that matter, the yellow woman had a thick coat on. There wasn’t much skin or pussy to be seen.

“Here, here, here it comes!” the Cook cried out. Vaquel turned to look just in time as the young Seed-Walker’s cock erupted. Long strands of seed flew in the air and onto the control panel. One thick glob splattered against the camera, obscuring the screen.

“Fertilizer!” the Cook yelled. He tried to clean the camera but he just smeared more seed on it.

Vaquel laughed and then moaned as Chairbot’s vibrating seat increased in strength. The Cook had a nice cock and a nicer climax, but what was he going to do now? He had shot his load.

On the third screen, the Captain was still improvising. She leaned towards the cock on her right and sucked on it. Her hand continued to stroke the guy on her left, but in Vaquel’s expert opinion, her technique was very sloppy. The same could be said for the Captain’s hips which were barely moving. The Captain didn’t seem to multitask well when it came to using her mouth.

“This, this, this isn’t working,” the yellow woman on the second screen said. She pushed her partner from her pussy.

“Just, just, just tell me what you like and I’ll do it,” the green woman said.

“That’s, that’s, that’s not what I mean,” the pantless woman said. “This isn’t sexy. We need to take all of our clothes off. Computer, turn up the cabin environment heat!”

“We, we, we need to save power for the sleep pods,” the green woman protested.

“If, if, if we don’t get naked and entertain that pervert, there won’t be any sleep pods!” the yellow woman said.

Both women stood up and undressed. Vaquel watched with interest as they disrobed. The yellow Seed-Walker revealed a slender chest with tiny buds for breasts. The red Seed-Walker took off her clothes to reveal enormous breasts.

“Wow, wow, wow,” said the Cook on the first screen. He was staring at the communication monitor. He was admiring the red Seed-Walker’s breasts as well. His member was half-erect.

“Now, now, now what?” the green Seed-Walker said.

The yellow woman answered by spinning her crewmate around. She forced the green woman to face the camera and to bend over at the waist. Her enormous breasts hung down in front of her. The yellow Seed-Walker grabbed her partner by her short purple hair and yanked her head back. The red woman cried out as something happened behind her.

“Tell, tell, tell her what you feel,” the yellow one ordered.

“I, I, I feel fingers inside my wetness,” the green Seed-Walker said. “She has three fingers inside me! She is thrusting hard, too hard! Oh, but I like it!”

Vaquel groaned. The yellow woman’s sudden dominance surprised her. The swinging of the red Seed-Walker’s breasts was hypnotizing. Vaquel desperately wanted to bite one of those stiff green nipples.

There was movement on the third screen. Captain Eschscholtzia dismounted from the cock she was riding and stood up. She walked around to the side of the chair and laid across the arms. The man sitting in the chair cried out as she took his cock in hand and started jerking.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck me at both ends!”

The crewmembers didn’t have to be told twice. One grabbed the Captain’s hips and entered her pussy. The other grabbed her tight ponytail and guided his cock to her mouth. The two of them fucked wildly as the Captain took it.

“Fuck me,” Vaquel whispered. She gripped the edges of the console. It took everything not to pull one of her breasts free and pinch a nipple.

Chairbot, however, took her exclamation to be an order. It projected a phallus-shaped force field from its seat and entered Vaquel’s sex. Based on her current production of lubricating juices, the thickness of the force cock was one of his larger projections.

Vaquel gasped. The green Seed-Walker noticed her gasp and a curious expression came over her face. She leaned closer to study Vaquel.

The Cook was doing something on the first screen. He cut a hole through the headrest of the chair he had been sitting in. When the hole was done, he slid his cock through the hole. The head of the red member slid back and forth as he fucked the headrest.

“Picture, picture, picture this inside of you, alien!” the Cook said.

Vaquel shuddered. The young Seed-Walker was speaking directly to her. Clever man!

“No, no, no, picture your hands inside me, alien!” the green Seed-Walker woman said. She rocked towards the screen as the yellow Seed-Walker fingered her. “Imagine how wet I am! Feel my heat as I clench around your fingers! Watch how much you make my breasts bounce!”

Vaquel bit down on her bottom lip. Her eyes darted back and forth between the male fucking a headrest and the woman getting fingered. She imagined being with both of them as Chairbot’s force cock fucked her pussy.

There was a cry from the third screen. The seated Seed-Walker was coming. The Captain’s stroking resulted in an explosion of seed. Semen flew from his cock and splattered her brown breasts hovering above it.

Captain Eschscholtzia looked towards the camera with a cock in her mouth. She locked eyes with Vaquel as her cheeks caved with suction.

The Seed-Walker she sucked came. It was clear in the shouts of pleasure he gave. He froze and his balls trembled but the Captain kept sucking. When his limp cock fell from her mouth, Captain Eschscholtzia opened her mouth for the camera so Vaquel could see the seed still on her tongue.

“Wow, didn’t think the Captain would be that graphic,” Vaquel said between shudders.

The last crewmember kept fucking Captain Eschscholtzia. He slapped the side of her brown butt as he pounded her. The slaps earned him a disapproving look from the Captain, but she didn’t say anything.

The force phallus inside Vaquel began to rotate. The last of her composure broke and she moaned out loud. She grabbed one her breasts and squeezed. The thin blue spacesuit provided no protection as she pulled on her tit.

All three crews took Vaquel’s moaning a sign that they were winning.

The Cook fucked the hole in the headrest. The seat shook from the force of his thrusts. His eyes were locked on Vaquel as he assaulted the chair.

The green woman cried out. “Now, now, now she is biting my ass! I’m going to come!”

Captain Eschscholtzia rose from the chair. With her subordinate’s cock still inside her, she stopped when her breasts were near the sitting crewmember’s face. She offered a seed-splattered tit to him and he greedily sucked on it.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. She came hard on Chairbot’s force phallus.

The Cook cried out. Another fountain of seed ejected from his cock. The headrest ripped free of its mounting, impaled on his cock.

“Yes, yes, yes!” the green Seed-Walker cried. She pounded her fist on the console as she rode her orgasm.

“Take, take, take it!” the crewman said as he climaxed inside his Captain. That earned him another dirty look but he was too blissed out to notice.

“Okay, time’s up,” Vaquel announced. Chairbot turned off his vibrations and the force field. The thick force cock disappeared inside Vaquel. Her pussy clenched reflexively.

Captain Eschscholtzia pushed the crewman out of her sex and approached the camera. Seed dripped from her pussy lips, breasts and lips. “Who, who, who is the winner?” she demanded.

The green woman flopped down in a chair with a glazed look on her face. The yellow Seed-Walker beside her rubbed her slick fingers on one of their coats. “Yes, yes, yes. Who won?” the yellow woman asked.

The Cook said nothing as he pulled the headrest off his cock. His red cock was almost glowing with friction burns. He will feel that in the morning.

“I have declared it a tie,” Vaquel said. She tapped a few buttons. The probe ship shook as something exploded outside.

“There,” Vaquel said. “The demo charges just went off near the Star Behemoth’s brain. By my scans, the creature’s hull integrity was maintained at the head. The stomach sacks containing you should start experiencing a catastrophic breakdown in a few minutes. Cook, I suggest you get someone more experienced to help you fly that ship out of there.”

The Cook stared at the head rest and tossed it aside. “Uh, uh, uh, what do I tell him about the semen everywhere?”

“Not my problem,” Vaquel said. She closed the connection to the Cook’s ship.

“Thank, thank, thank you!” the yellow Seed-Walker said. Her cremate was busy operating the console. “When we tell the commune how you saved us, I am sure they will compose a poem in your honor!”

“As long as it is a dirty one,” Vaquel responds. She closed the connection to the hibernation ship.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Captain Eschscholtzia said. She stood naked and proud on her bridge. All around her, the other crew members went to work to prepare for their escape.

“What do you want?” Vaquel said. “I am tired and want to shower.”

“There, there, there was no contest,” the Captain said. “You just wanted to watch us degrade ourselves. I don’t understand. Why rescue us at all?”

Vaquel shrugged. “I may be a deviant pervert, but I am not a monster.” She closed the connection to the last ship and looked out the viewport.

Explosions rippled down the spine of the Star Snake. Engines wrenched themselves free of the creature and shot into space. Fluid sprayed and froze into giant clouds of ice. Secondary explosions tore open the vast kilometers of armored scales.

A large object emerged from the depths of the splitting flesh. It was a huge saucer. Shields flickered around the saucer as it pushed through the floating debris. Once clear of the Star Behemoth’s corpse, the saucer spun faster. A moment later, it flew towards the outer edges of the solar system.

Another ship emerged. It was a smaller saucer than the one that just left. The rim of the saucer was dotted with hibernation chambers. It lacked the shields of the previous ship and shuddered as it collided with a floating rib the size of a town. Eventually it made its way clear of the Star Behemoth’s entrails and only lost one of its chambers. Vaquel wondered how many artists were lost in that moment. The saucer powered up and raced its way out of the system.

A minute passed before a third saucer ascended from the drifting viscera. It was tiny compared to the other two saucers, and was barely a flea compared to the dead Star Behemoth. The small ship was nimble and darted between the deadly chunks of flesh and metal. It escaped without a scratch and charted a course away from the system.

All three were headed in the same direction. Did they have a place in mind? Were they merely following in the direction of the biggest ship?

Vaquel decided to go the same way, at least for a little bit. Maybe they will lead her somewhere interesting. Better yet, they might get in trouble again and need Vaquel’s help.

Vaquel sat back on Chairbot and idly stroked herself. What new demands could she make if she had to save the refugees a second time? The possibilities kept her company on the quiet space ship.

Nov 112019

Once upon a time, there were two futures. Each possible future was a paradise, but these futures could never coexist with the other. Each future sends time-travelling agents up and down the time stream to make the changes need to bring about their future. Let me be clear, this is a war and the only way to succeed is to make sure the other side can never exist.

Once upon a time correction, an agent on one side leaves a taunting letter for an agent on the other side. Is it a trap? Is it simply a boast? Or is it pure curiosity? Whatever the reason, talking to the enemy is forbidden and yet these two continue to exchange letters. Over time, their relationship changes and they fall in love.

That’s a cool idea, but what elevates “This is How You Lose the Time War” by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone is the magnificent creativity and sweeping scale that is on every page. Some time travel stories impress you with their knowledge of historical details, hinging key plot points on what a specific historical figure had for breakfast on a certain day. This book treats time travel as something to be played with and used to awe and inspire. Characters visit Atlantis. They travel to bone yard temples of beings that predate human history. They witness fleets of starships crashing against one another. It is less Time Traveling History Lesson, and more like Time Space Opera.

And these two agents don’t send normal letters. No, one might write on the scales of a fish that will be eaten by a seal that they know the other agent will cut open. A letter might be written in the coded flashes of a lave burst. Each letter is an impossibility, which reinforces how special and creative this story is.

Half the book is the letters the two agents send to each other. The other half of the book is what amazing things the agents were doing when they come across a letter. It makes for a fast read and a rather breathless one. Their growing romance feels real and I was deeply invested in them.

This is a book I am looking forward to re-reading every year. I think you will too.

Nov 062019

Explorer’s log: I am on day nineteen on my forty-one day journey to the star system designated “So Much Hate for Who the Queen Fucks,” by Royal Astronomers. My last sighting of a Prober Supreme ship was five days ago. I have detected six other ships traveling in my direction, but they have refused communications and minimized their outputs. I suspect that they are refugees fleeing the Prober Supremes’ territory.

I completed my scans a bit early today. With my free time, I plan to meditate on the glory of Queen Erishella and how I can serve her better. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I have had this weird tune in my head the last few days. It feels like a song I should know but I can’t place it. It goes la da da dee da da. . .fuck.

My head is all fucked up since the last planet. They had a control system for the miners there where they broadcasted a signal to unlock the miners’ inhibitions and turn them into selfish perverts. It didn’t work on me because I am the wrong species but all that noise has fucked with my neurons. I bet this tune is just a song from my past that the Splurge signal scrambled.

Whatever it is, I just want it gone. Maybe if I hump my brains out, I can make the tune go away.

“Right there!” Vaquel cried.

Vaquel Di squirmed in her seat. Her naked brown body glistened with sweat. A hundred pinch marks decorated her heavy breasts. Her thick thighs were spread wide and jiggling from the vibrations coming from the seat. The lips of her sex were held open by an invisible phallus generated by force fields.

“Maintaining penetration depth, Mistress!” Chairbot responded. The loyal robot had recently learned how to project small force fields in the shape of various dildoes. It was always happy to use that talent because it meant his mistress would sit her wonderful ass on its sensitive seat.

“Shut up and fuck me,” Vaquel groaned. She was close. This would be her seventh orgasm. Or was it her eight? She had lost track. It didn’t matter. One more orgasm should exhaust her completely.

Chairbot muted his acknowledgement of Vaquel’s command. It implemented Fucking Rhythm #4 and the force field phallus drilled Vaquel’s pussy with short hard strokes.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried. She cupped her breast, winced and pulled her hand away. The nipple was far too sensitive. Earlier, she had tried a new nipple clamp that she had rigged from some cable connector joints. The damn thing was too tight but the pain did push her over to her third orgasm.

The seat tilted back. Vaquel moaned as her center of gravity shifted. The force field phallus pumped her angled pussy with computer precision.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Vaquel moaned. The tension in her pussy increased. Despite her exhaustion, Vaquel was hurtling towards her next orgasm.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. The orgasm slammed into her like missile. She felt her body tighten like a clenched fist and then relax as euphoria touched her every nerve.

Chairbot shut off the force field. He powered down the vibrating motors in the seat. The softness of the seat and back support increased by twenty percent. The robot resisted the urge to ask Vaquel if she enjoyed herself. The feel of her round ass on its seat was reward enough.

Vaquel giggled. She was worn out. A glance at the ship chronometer made her giggle louder. Three hours of masturbating and fucking Chairbot? Damn, she was going to be sore in the morning.

Fuck, she was sore right now. She should get to bed but fuck moving. Chairbot was just as comfortable as her bunk. She decided to take a short nap on the robot and then go to her bunk when she could move again.

Drifting into sleep on a haze of bliss, clear notes sprang to Vaquel’s blank mind.

La da da dee da da da da la da da dee da!

“That’s it!” Vaquel shouted. She finally knew the tune! But where was it from?

“What is going on, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

“I remember the tune, or song, or whatever it is,” Vaquel said. “I mean, I don’t know what it is, but I remember it all now. La da da dee da da da da la da da dee da.”

“I don’t recognize it, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “It must be from before you met me.”

“Maybe,” Vaquel admitted. It felt more recent than that.

Vaquel felt an inch on her scalp. She reached up to scratch her sweaty pink hair. Instead of moving to her head, her hand went to her breast. Before she realized what was happening, her fingers pinched her tender nipple.

“Ow!” Vaquel cried. A bolt of pain lanced her sensitive nipple. She was stunned to see the cause of her pain was her own pinching fingers!

“Mistress, what is wrong?” Chairbot cried.

“I pinched myself,” Vaquel whispered.

“Wow, Mistress! I thought you were done! Should I recreate the force dildoes?”

“No,” Vaquel snapped. She grabbed her wrist with her other hand. The renegade hand tightened the pinch on Vaquel’s nipple. She gritted her teeth and tried to pull, but it hurt to damn much.

The fingers suddenly let go of Vaquel’s nipple. Both hands sprang back but the errant hand slipped free of Vaquel’s good hand. The free hand swung towards Vaquel’s breast and slapped it with terrible speed.


“FUCK!” Vaquel cried.

Vaquel jumped out of Chairbot. “Queen’s tit, that hurt!” She grabbed her disobeying hand again.

The bad hand swung towards her chest again. It slapped the other breast with terrible force. The slap was bad enough, but the abuse Vaquel gave herself earlier had left her tits in a sensitive state.


“FUCK!” Vaquel yelled again.

“Mistress, stop hitting yourself!” Chairbot yelled.

“I can’t! Something has taken control of my hand!” Vaquel yelled. She pulled on her misbehaving hand with her other hand but it was no use. The bad hand was her dominant hand and it was too strong.

WHAP! WHAP! The evil hand struck each of Vaquel’s tits on the nipple. Pain surged from Vaquel’s breasts to the rest of Vaquel’s body. She dropped to her knees in pain.

“Scanning the ship for unknown energies, Mistress!” Chairbot yelled. “None detected!”

“Someone is doing this,” Vaquel yelled.

The rebel hand grabbed Vaquel’s breast. She pulled as hard as she could but the wicked fingers wouldn’t let go. Sharp nails dug into her abused flesh.

“Shit!” Vaquel yelled. She really regretted pinching and slapping her breasts earlier, even if it got her to her fifth orgasm.

“Scanning your body for foreign objects or energy signatures, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “None detected!”

Vaquel’s hand pulled on her breast. The sharp nails dragged across her previous welts. Every pinch from earlier flared back to life.

“What do you mean, none detected?” Vaquel asked between hissing lips. “Something is controlling me!”

“No, Mistress!” Chairbot corrected. “Whatever is controlling your hand is coming from within your own body!”

“What?” Vaquel said. She was doing this? That’s ridiculous!

Vaquel let go of her bad hand. That was not because she wanted to. Her other hand was acting on its own now!

“Oh shit,” Vaquel said.

The newly rebellious hand ducked down between Vaquel’s thighs. Vaquel was helpless as she felt her fingers touch her exhausted sex. The fingers plunged into her slick pussy.

“Fuck me!” Vaquel yelled. Overwhelming sensations filled Vaquel’s body.

“What should I do, Mistress?” Chairbot yelled.

Vaquel stared at her robot. What should he do? Maybe Vaquel should be restrained. Hell, maybe she should be knocked out. Whatever was happening might pass if she went to sleep. That is what happened to the aliens at the Splurge when it was over.

“It is the Splurge,” Vaquel said between gasps. “The music that was in my head, it must have been my brain trying to interpret the signal. When I first heard it, it was just weird sounds. But that made people horny, why is my body trying to hurt me? That makes no sense.”

Chairbot was uncharacteristically quiet.

Vaquel stared at the robot as her hand plunged deeper inside her tender sex. She was far too sensitive but her pussy clenched in response. Meanwhile, the first hand to turn traitor, twisted her nipple back and forth.

“Say something!” Vaquel yelled.

“Mistress, you enjoy both sadistic and masochistic experiences, but in my estimation, you enjoy indulging your sadistic impulses far more,” Chairbot said.

“Fuck, you’re right,” Vaquel said. “Deep down, I am a mean slut. Shit. I am up against my own cruelty. Fine, I can deal with this. I still got most of my body.”

Vaquel leaned against the wall of her ship. Pushing with her legs, she willed her body to stand up. It wasn’t easy to do with one hand pinching her tit, and it really wasn’t easy with one hand buried in her sex, but she pushed through. It took a minute, but she got to her feet.

“Fuck you, hands!” Vaquel yelled. “Now we’re getting somewhere!”

“What is your plan, Mistress?” Chairbot said.

“First, I need restrain my ha-ACK!”

Vaquel was interrupted by her hand leaving her pussy and coming to her mouth. The slick fingers pried her lips open and forced itself inside. The pussy-soaked hand gagged her mouth. She tried biting down but even though her hands were not under her control, she could still feel them!

“What, Mistress? What did you want to restrain?” Chairbot asked.

Vaquel glared at the purple robot. The damn thing was so submissive that it was waiting for her orders before acting. She kicked Chairbot out of frustration.

“Oh, your legs, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “Right away, Mistress!”

The chair spun around and rolled towards Vaquel. Metal bands extended from the arms of the chair. When the bands touched Vaquel’s legs, the metal bands snapped shut around her knees. She was trapped!

Vaquel stared at her robot in disbelief. If she didn’t have a wet hand in her mouth, she would be spitting verbal abuse at him right now.

“I don’t see how this helps, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “Maybe it would be better if you sat down on me.”

A hundred insults sprang to Vaquel’s mind but she forgot them all as the hand on her breast suddenly let go. Where was it going?

The evil hand swung behind Vaquel. It struck the back of her ass with tremendous force.

WHAP! The slap echoed through the probe ship. Pain flared on Vaquel’s buttock. She bit down in pain but then screamed as her teeth sank into her fingers.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! The evil hand tore into Vaquel’s ass. Limited in its range of movement, the hand struck the same spot over and over again. The stinging intensified with each strike.

Vaquel desperately tried to escape. She wiggled her legs but Chairbot’s clamps held her tight. Leaning forward just invited a better angle for her hand to hit her ass. Desperate, she trying shifting all of her weight backwards but the capable robot kept her upright.

The spanking stopped. Vaquel blinked back tears that she didn’t know were flowing. The right side of her ass was hotter than a plasma cannon. As bad as her butt hurt, Vaquel was more worried about what was to come next.

The hand reached down and tapped Chairbot’s seat.

“What is that, Mistress?” Chairbot asked. “Do you want me to turn on my vibrators?”

The hand in Vaquel’s mouth nodded Vaquel’s head. Damn her clever subconscious!

“Ok, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “Should I release your legs too?”

The hand nodded Vaquel’s head again.

The clamps popped free. Vaquel tried to step back but nothing happened. A moment later, one of her legs lifted and swung her leg over the side of the chair and against the side of the chair’s back. Vaquel’s legs were no longer under her control!

The arms of the chair swung out of the way. Vaquel watched in horror as her body straddled the vibrating chair. It sat her sore ass down on the vibrating seat.

“MMmmmFF!” Vaquel cried with her hand gagging her mouth. The vibrations agitated her sensitive ass. She tried to lean away from her spanked side but her body refused.

The evil hand tapped the back of the seat.

“Want the back to vibrate too, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

Vaquel screamed but the hand in her mouth made her nod.

The seat back vibrated to life. Vaquel whimpered as her body leaned into it. Both of her tender breasts pressed into the vibrating surface.

“MMMmmFFmm!” Vaquel swore with a mouth full of her hand.

The vibrations ravaged Vaquel’s tits. Every pinch, every twist and every slap were brought back to life. The massive size of her breasts provided a vast landscape of overwhelming stimulation. The intensity of the vibrations oscillated and moved across the seat back, keeping Vaquel uncertain on what part of her tits would be focused on from second to second.

“Engaging penetration mode, Mistress!” Chairbot announced.

Vaquel’s snarled with her hand in her mouth. The fucker didn’t even ask for permission!

A phallus made of force fields pushed against Vaquel’s pussy. She winced as it slid inside of her tender sex. Every part of her pussy was sore and the simulated dildo was thick enough to touch every millimeter.

It was too much. Vibrations assaulted her abused breasts. A thick force field cock plunged in and out of her. Powerful vibrations burned against her spanked ass.

Vaquel shuddered. Despite the discomfort, her pussy was still wet. No matter the pain in her tits, her nipples were still hard. Regardless of her lack of control, she was still clenching around the force phallus.

Could she come again? No, she is too sore. Her sex is beyond exhausted. There is no way she could come again.

Would that stop her wicked subconscious from trying?

Vaquel knew the answer to that as well.


The hand in Vaquel pulled out of her mouth. She tried to speak but all that came out was a scream as the force field pushed deeper in her sex. Before she could recover, both hands came up and fingers hooked into the sides of her mouth. The hands pulled and stretched her mouth open.

“Airbo!” Vaquel yelled through her open mouth.

Chairbot didn’t respond. Was the robot under the control of the Splurge signal too? Nah, the robot was too blissed out having Vaquel’s ass on him to care.

Vaquel was helpless. She was bound by her own body. There would be no mercy from her subconscious.

A surge of arousal swept through her. Vaquel whimpered. She might be coming again after all. Part of her was amazed but she was also horrified. Coming would not end her ordeal. If anything, it would just make her situation even more unbearable as her body continued to torment her.

Vaquel squirmed against the vibrating chair. It wasn’t by her choice; it was her rebel body. Strong thighs gripped the chair as it grinded against the terrible vibrations.

“Uc!” Vaquel yelled through her open lips.

An orgasm was coming. It was unbearably slow. Vaquel felt like she was caught in a temporal anomaly. Her pussy was clenching with exhausted reluctance. There was that familiar shudder down her spine but it was barely a twitch. She approached the edge of no return but it was so incredibly slow.

Caught in the event horizon of her own orgasm, Vaquel had a sudden epiphany. The Splurge had two signals. One started the Splurge, but the second signal ended it. It should be recorded in her log. If she could speak, she could command the ship’s computer to replay it!

The fingers pulled harder on her lips. Did her subconscious know what she knew? The pain in her mouth was incredible but she had to try.

“Umuher! Pla ack econ ur igna!”

It was useless. Vaquel never realized how hard it was to talk without the use of your lips. Usually when aliens held her mouth open, it was to stick something into it.

Vaquel’s feet planted themselves on the ground. Her back leaned forward so her tits were crushed against the back of Chairbot’s seat. The rest of her body rubbed against the vibrating chair.

Hump by hump, Vaquel approached her orgasm. It was excruciating. The tension in her pussy increased around the thrusting force field. Sensations drowned her body but she felt her climax pushing through the pain, the discomfort and the exhaustion.

Vaquel came. A tiny spark of bliss flared within her. The tension ebbed in the smallest of increments. It was all her body could do.

And yet, Vaquel’s body kept grinding against the chair. The fraction of euphoria that Vaquel felt was obliterated by the powerful vibrations of the chair. There would be no respite for her.

A terrible sound filled the ship. It came from every speaker. The discordant sound vibrated in Vaquel’s skull. A million images flashed through her mind, including a clear blue sky, waves crashing on a beach and some strange canine creature sniffing its own butt.

The vibrations of the chair ceased. Vaquel collapsed limply against the chair. Her fingers released her mouth as her hands dropped to her sides. A shudder ran through her body followed a dozen aches and pains.

“Mistress, are you okay?” Chairbot asked.

“Fuck, no,” Vaquel said. She pushed herself off the back of the chair. Her tits peeled off the plastic surface. It took her a moment to realize she was moving her own body.

“Shit, the signal!” Vaquel said. She stared at her fingers as if she expected them to attack her at any moment.

“Since you were incapable of communicating, I attempted to diagnose and remedy your situation,” Chairbot said. “I determined that you were suffering a side effect from the Splurge signal. To correct it, I connected with your log archives and found the signal that they used to stop the Splurge. I calculated that it would cancel your side-effects.”

“That’s what I thought too,” Vaquel said. She stood up on unsteady legs. More aches pulsed along her body. She took a step and winced.

“Please don’t go, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “You have suffered an ordeal and need time to recover. Why don’t you do it on me? That way I can monitor your recovery.”

Vaquel leaned against the wall. It was a long walk back to her bunk. She almost agreed but something occurred to her.

“When did you figure out the second signal would help me?” Vaquel said.

Chairbot ignored the question. “Please, Mistress. You might fall at any moment.”

“Answer the question!” Vaquel said.

“I determined a solution four seconds after you sat on me, Mistress.”

Vaquel growled. The ass-loving robot had held off on a possible cure because she was on top of him. He wanted to feel her ass clench and squirm over him. The only reason her suffering continued was because of his own selfish desires.

“Good for you,” Vaquel said. “I would have done the same thing.”

Vaquel collapsed onto her Chairbot. The purple robot groaned as her round ass settled onto him.

Nov 042019

It is late at night. You are caught in the maelstrom of your emotions. Everything inside you, the good, the bad, and honest just wants to come screaming out.

That is what every Meg Meyers song sounds like to me. They remind me of late night discussions with people who are going through some shit. Except now there is really good music and guitar solos to go with it.

Meg has two albums and I love them both. My favorite song of hers is ‘Desire’ which includes the line, “I want to skin you with my tongue.” There is carnal craving in this song but also that desperate need to be desired back. It’s that balance of art and honesty that makes her music feel so real to me.

I should add that every video of hers has a surreal and/or sinister edge. The videos are works of art in themselves.

Nov 012019

Some people make resolutions at the start of the new year. I decide to remake myself on Halloween. One way I would to change myself is to become someone that actually blogs on a regular basis.

It has been awhile so let’s update you on where my current projects are.

My next interactive erotica ebook has the working title of “Night of the Temptress”. You play a super villainess with the powers of flight, super strength, invulnerability and the ability to turn people into devoted lust slaves with a touch of your skin. It is a power fantasy kind of book where you play a wicked woman committing crimes.

This book will not be as long as “Fight in the Sex Arena”. This book will be closer to “Bang Your Sister-in-Law” length. I am doing this mostly for my mental well being as I have so many other projects I want to work on and interactive fiction stories are taxing on the brain.

“Night of the Temptress” first draft is 2/3rds done, and I am estimating it may be ready by February 2020.

My other project is a sequel to “Call of the Six”. If you don’t know, “Call of the Six” is about a call center employee who becomes the herald/prophet/slave of six powerful erotic entities. They instruct him to bring pleasure back to the world and to form a cult. The next part has been written and will be published sometime in December.

Another project is “Ms. Aytricks and the Step-Siblings”. This is my take on the magical nanny genre, except everyone is an adult and there is a lot of spanking and fucking. This story is completed and ready to do, except that my cover artist,Michael Dean, suffered a hand injury and has been unable to draw. It sucks, but these things happen. I am not considering getting another artist as Dean’s style perfectly captures what I have in mind.

The last project on my list is a strange one. The working title is “Wasteland Racer” and it is another serial story. It takes place after a terrible apocalypse has devastated the world. Humanity has devolved to sex crazed violence freaks living alongside mutant monsters, zombie hordes and inexplicable natural phenomenon. The series is about a race that travels the ruins of America, almost like a traveling circus. Locals love to host the racers and their crews while the rest of the wasteland watch the races on their scavenged television sets. The main character is a masked psycho who keeps his mechanic/sex slave in the trunk of the car.

I have written the first part and like it a lot. It is a very gonzo story with some extreme violence and rough sex. Shit, all the sex is rough. The tricky thing has been avoiding the misogyny that I see in similar gonzo stories and I think I have succeeded.

This month I will begin shopping around for a cover artist while also working on the second part.

That concludes this status report. Remember to stay hydrated. Treat yourself to an early Christmas gift this week. For of the love of the Goddess, get your flu shot if you haven’t already.

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Oct 022019

Explorer’s log: I have reached the star system designated “No One Knows What it is Like to Anger the Queen Twice,” by Royal Astronomers. This is on the edge of Prober Supreme space and it is easy to see why. There are only two planets in this system and one of them is a close orbiting planetoid that might melt into the star at any moment.

The other planet is a distant rock. The atmosphere appears to be artificially maintained. The population centers around vast strip mines. There are minimal energy signatures, and almost no communication on known broadcast channels. It reminds me of a prison planet, except security appears to be non-existent.

I have decided to investigate this planet up close. Scans show that the mines are focused on various quartzes, but the scans might be missing something. I would hate to think that there was a valuable substance down there that the Queen doesn’t know about. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Mining is hard work and the labor force appears to be entirely organic. Seed-Walkers tend to be a compliant species, but even those fuckers would need some sort of coercion or motivation. If it is motivation, I need to find out what it is and see if I can have some of it.

Vaquel Di stood on an upper level of a strip mine. The distant sun gave everything a dim orange haze. She wore a green skintight space suit to blend in with the dark green dirt but camouflage was unnecessary. Few people gave her a second look, and if they did it was to admire her round ass straining against her suit or the lovely way her heavy breasts jiggled when she walked. For the most part, they saw her light pink hair and shorter stature and assumed she either a mutant or one of the Prober Supreme’ creations.

“This makes no sense,” Vaquel said. She looked around the dusty area. By her count, nearly three hundred Seed-Walkers toiled under the hot sun. Here and there were small metal huts that provided for the miners’ sanitation needs. Attached to the huts were recyclers that provided algae paste for nutrition. That was it for buildings. There was nothing for habitation or entertainment. Where did they sleep? Where did they relax? Did they just work all the time? Why? Was this place a prison after all?

Vaquel looked at nearby robot. It was a shaped like a Seed-Walker, which is to say it was tall and spindly with humanoid features. She thought it was a security guard at first, but it ignored her completely. For that matter, it appeared to ignore everyone. A Seed-Walker sat next to it without fear. If this was a prison, the robot should have encouraged the person back to work.

“This place makes no sense,” Vaquel said again.

Nearby, a trio of Seed-Walkers picked away at a wall with their hammers. They were two men and a woman. Muscles bulged on all of them. One of the men was missing an ear and the woman had a long scar down her back. Their clothes were barely more than rags but they laughed and smiled as they worked.

Across from the trio, a dozen Seed-Walkers stood in line at a sanitation hut. As they waited, some of the Seed-Walkers would briefly leave the line to pick at the ground for a speck of quartz. After dropping their find in a cart, they would rejoin the line and no one begrudged them resuming their place. These fuckers were so happy to work that they even worked on their shit-breaks.

Vaquel saw an exhausted looking Seed-Walker fall to the ground. The heavy rock he was carrying made a small crater when he dropped it. Undaunted, the tired Seed-Walker got back up and lifted it again. He had a goofy smile on his face as he looked up at the sun.

“Let me help,” Vaquel said. This would give her a chance to interview one of these weirdoes. She took the rock from his hands. It wasn’t that heavy after all. The Seed-Walker must have dropped it out of fatigue. Vaquel carried it onto a nearby cart.

“Thanks,” the Seed-Walker said. He had yellow skin that contrasted with the green dirt on him. He turned to go but paused to stare at Vaquel’s chest, and then her hair. “Are you new here?”

“Yes,” Vaquel said. “I, uh, came in with some others. My name is Vaquel.”

“My name is Dicentrus,” the Seed-Walker said. “I am glad we finally got some replacements. We had some casualties last week. The robots are supposed to keep things from getting non-lethal but accidents happen.”

“They don’t seem very active,” Vaquel said.

Dicentrus smiled. “Why would they be active now? We’re working!”

“Which reminds me,” Vaquel said. “Where are we supposed to sleep? And what do we do for fun?”

Dicentrus’ smile turned into a laugh. “You didn’t pay attention to orientation, did you? Don’t feel bad, I didn’t either. Boy, did my ass pay for that! I could explain it, but it will be easier if you just wait. The sun is about to set and you will find out in a hurry. Although, I would take off that outfit, unless you really like wearing tight clothes. We don’t judge here.”

Before Vaquel could answer, a loud horn sounded across the mines. The sound came from the robots. At the sound of the horns, the miners put down their tools and cheered.

“Attention!” the robots announced. “Splurge is about to commence in fifty seconds!”

“Splurge? What is that? Is it a rest break?” Vaquel asked.

Dicentrus laughed. “Not at all. In fact, now is when you really work up a sweat.”

All across the strip mine, loading carts buzzed to life. Small jets emerged on every cart. The carts flew into the air and traveled away from the mine at high speeds.

“The Splurge is about to commence!” the robots announced. “Thank the Prober Supreme!”

Three hundred voices yelled, “Thank you, Proper Supreme!”

“Hey, give me a quick preview,” Vaquel said to Dicentrus.

The Seed-Walker shook his head. “Too late,” he said.

New sounds blasted from the robots. It was chaotic and deafening. To Vaquel, it sounded like a thousand different songs being played at once.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. She clamped her hands over her ears, but it didn’t help. The sound seemed to penetrate her skull.

Images filled Vaquel’s mind. She saw a hundred carnal acts in a few seconds. The urge to eat, sleep and fuck slammed into her at the same time. A surge of desire filled her sex but she also had an inexplicable craving for the smell of fresh laundry. She fell to her knees, still clutching her ears.

The Seed-Walkers reacted as well. They stood up straight and lifted their arms. Limbs shook violently. Many collapsed.

Dicentrus stayed on his feet. The peaceful smile was replaced with a cruel snarl. He tore away the rag between his legs to reveal a thick cock. The phallus bounced and twitched like a live wire.

Vaquel’s training took over. To calm her mind, she focused on her breathing. To ground her body, she pinched one nipple and then another. Most of all, she pictured Queen Erishella in all of her glory and how angry the Queen would be if Vaquel failed her mission.

The screeching sounds stopped. The conflicting stimuli faded from Vaquel’s body but the horniness remained.

“Some kind of subliminal transmission,” Vaquel whispered on her knees. She timidly pulled her hands from ears. “It didn’t mesh with my Euphorian brain chemistry, but I still felt it. Fuck, what was it supposed to do?”

Dicentrus stood over Vaquel. He had his yellow phallus in hand and was jerking it at a rapid pace. The exhaustion from earlier was gone. He was nearly vibrating with energy.

“Welcome to the Splurge, fuck-face!” Dicentrus yelled.

The Seed-Walker grabbed Vaquel by her hair with both hands. She let Dicentrus pull her face to his twitching cock. Confusion muddied Vaquel’s mind but there was no denying how horny she was. Her lips opened and she took the thick member deep into her throat.

“Fuck-face! Fuck-face! Fuck-face!” Dicentrus yelled and he did. His hips swung back and forth as he pounded Vaquel’s face. He tightened his grip in Vaquel’s short pink hair with manic strength. The pods of his scrotum bounced rapidly against her chin.

Vaquel took it. Her jaw went slack and drool fell from her lips. The Seed-Walker’s cock was dirty and grit covered her tongue. Pain shot through her scalp as Dicentrus nearly pulled her hair from its roots.

There was a scream from somewhere. It sounded happy.

Someone else screamed. It was not happy at all.

Vaquel looked up at Dicentrus. There was a vibrancy to him that was missing before. Earlier he looked like he was close to being worked to death. Now he reminded her of Royal Navy personnel with their first visit to the Navy brothel.

“Yeah, choke on it you brown Fuck-face!” Dicentrus yelled. He pulled Vaquel’s face to his crotch and pinned her there. His cock throbbed against the back of her throat. He let go of her hair with one hand to pinch her nose shut.

Vaquel struggled to breathe. A dozen self-defense techniques came to mind but the heat in her pussy was greater. She reached between her legs and pressed down on the spacesuit covering her sex. It would only take a press of a button to open her spacesuit but Vaquel couldn’t wait that long. She rubbed her sex through the flimsy material with passionate speed.

Dicentrus grinded into Vaquel’s face. His bulky cock choked her mouth. The lack of air caused her tongue to feel thick. Fire burned in her lungs.

Vaquel kept stroking.

The fingers let go of her nose. Air came rushing back into Vaquel. She coughed but Dicentrus kept her tight against his crotch.

Vaquel stroked harder.

A cry of passion echoed across the mine. Something heavy slammed into something fragile and there was the sound of breaking construction. A scream of terror was cut off abruptly.

Vaquel desperately wanted to see what was happening around her but all she could see was Dicentrus’ crotch. She assumed that people were fucking but the sounds suggested violence as well. These Seed-Walkers really knew how to have fun.

Dicentrus pulled Vaquel away from his crotch. The thick cock left her mouth and Vaquel was aware of how sore her jaw was. He held her by the hair with one hand and stroked his cock with the other. The yellow phallus was pointed right at her eyes.

“Oh shit,” Vaquel whispered. The cock twitched and surged. She shut her eyes as the first blast of seed sprayed against her face. It splattered against her clenched eye. Dicentrus released four more loads unto her face before finally letting go of her hair.

Vaquel was blind. Alien semen coated her eyes and she had no interest in finding out how it would react with her biology. Her one hand still rubbing at her covered pussy, she fumbled around her belt for a sanitation sponge.

“Hey Biv, check the ass on this one!” a voice yelled in front of Vaquel. Large hands grabbed Vaquel under her shoulders. She was lifted off the ground. Vaquel could no longer reach her pussy or her belt.

“I don’t recognize her, must be a new one,” a woman’s voice said. “She still got clothes on.”

“Don’t matter to me,” the man said. “I still want to spank that double sphere ass!”

“Bend her over that rock!” the woman yelled.

Before Vaquel could say anything, she was tossed through the air. As she fell to the ground, something hard hit her in the stomach. All the air rushed out of her as she folded over a large hard surface. It must be the rock.

A strong hand pushed down on her back. “I’m getting some of this!” the man yelled.

THUMP! A large flat hand smacked into Vaquel’s ass. The thin spacesuit provided no protection. The impact threatened to flatten Vaquel’s round buttocks.

“Hey, sphere-ass got her face plastered,” the woman said. Strong hands took hold of both sides of Vaquel’s face and held her in place.

THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! The man didn’t answer. He was too busy slapping Vaquel’s ass with his wide hand. The slaps alternated between both sides of her ass; keeping her buttocks in a constant state of jiggling.

Something pressed into Vaquel’s face. It started at her cheek and swiped up over her clenched eyes. It was the woman’s tongue.

Vaquel moaned. The slapping of her ass hadn’t stopped her arousal. In fact, it only made her more aware of how turned on she was. Each thudding slap forced her clothed pussy to grind against the irregular rock that she was on.

The woman’s tongue on her face didn’t help either. The tongue was long and very thorough. Vaquel couldn’t help imagining what it would feel like between her thighs. She opened her mouth to kiss the cleaning tongue, but it had no interest in her lips; only the alien seed covering her face.

THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! The spanking continued. Vaquel’s ass burned like a spaceship on a bad re-entry. Each buttock took an identical pounding.

“Where do these fuckers find the energy?” Vaquel wondered. She had watched the miners work, none of them were slackers. The audio signal that triggered the Splurge must have also triggered the Seed-Walkers’ glands to energize their bodies.

The woman licked the last of the seed from Vaquel’s eyes. Vaquel cautiously opened her eyelids and blinked a few times. A deep red Seed-Walker with thin lips, a broken nose and manic eyes stared at her. She still had Vaquel’s face trapped between her hands.

Vaquel stared back. The woman didn’t blink.

“Uh, thanks?” Vaquel said.

The woman twisted Vaquel’s ears. Pain lanced both sides of Vaquel’s head.

“FUCK!” Vaquel yelled.

The woman laughed and kept twisting.

THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! The spanking of Vaquel’s ass increased in force.

“Make her scream, Biv!” the man yelled.

“Fuck this,” Vaquel said. She reached for her belt and pulled out her shock baton. A flick of her wrist caused the small rod to extend to a third of a meter. Once extended, Vaquel slammed the end of the baton into the woman’s side.

The woman screamed. She let go of Vaquel’s ears and dropped to the ground in a twitching heap.

“Biv!” the man yelled. Instead of going to the woman’s aid, he slapped Vaquel’s ass one more time.


“That’s all you get, asshole!” Vaquel said. She swung the shock baton back and hit the man on the leg. The pressure on her back was gone as the man dropped to the ground and twitched.

Vaquel pealed herself off the rock. Her ass hurt with every movement. She looked at the Seed-Walker that had been spanking her. He was a dark green color covered in yellow hair on his shoulders. She couldn’t help noticing how thick his arms were. No wonder her ass hurt so much!

A shadow loomed over Vaquel. She turned to see a robot standing behind her. It held out a hand. The palm of the hand glowed as if it was charging a weapon.

“Disarm yourself,” the robot said. “Weapons are not allowed during the Splurge. Failure to comply with result in termination.”

Vaquel flicked her wrist and the shock baton shrunk back into her hand. The robot lowered its hand. A scream came from afar and the robot strode towards it.

The strip mine looked like a battlefield. Seed-Walkers fucked other Seed-Walkers. Some of the miners were openly fighting each other as robots watched. Bodies littered the ground and Vaquel couldn’t tell if they were unconscious or worse. One of the sanitation huts was on fire.

A naked woman ran up to Vaquel. She stopped a few meters away, pointed at her own hairy crotch and then ran away. Exposing herself seemed to give the woman great joy.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. She had rarely seen such a display of hedonism and violence. It was as if everyone was indulging their deepest desires without fear or consequences. If that desire involved hurting someone else, then that person better watch out. For Vaquel’s safety, she should leave the area and get back to her ship.

Vaquel stayed where she was. Her jaw hurt, her ears stung and her ass felt worse but there was the issue of her pussy. It was wet and by the Queen, she would not leave this planet until she got her own satisfaction.

The horny explorer looked around for a suitable partner. She ruled out the two men filling the holes of a third man. There was an attractive alien woman to her left, but she was having a bit too much fun playing with the blood of an unconscious man. Over to her right, two naked miners fucked each other with loud passion, but they also took turns strangling each other. Vaquel just wanted to fuck.

“When in the Splurge, you got to take what you want,” Vaquel theorized.

A slender Seed-Walker caught her eye. He was tall, green and had abnormally thick wrists. The man stood a few meters away from the fucking couple as he stroked his long cock. His eyes were glued to the couple.

“Shit, if he isn’t using that cock, I will,” Vaquel said. She walked over to the Seed-Walker and pressed a button on her belt. A seam appeared in her spacesuit over her crotch. She tugged the material aside to reveal the pink pubic hair of her bush.

“Hey!” Vaquel yelled at the stroker. “Why watch when you can shove it in here?”

The green Seed-Walker glanced at Vaquel’s crotch. He stroked himself a few times as he stared at her sex, but then shrugged and resumed watching the couple.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. She had been rejected at a subliminal orgy of uninhibited passion. This just became personal.

Vaquel stuck her fingers in her soaking wet sex. As the Seed-Walker continued to stroke himself, Vaquel stroked as well. When her fingers were soaking wet, she grabbed the head of the Seed-Walker’s phallus. The Seed-Walker froze in mid-stroke and moaned.

“Yeah, feels better with pussy juice, doesn’t it?” Vaquel said.

The Seed-Walker grunted. He also resumed stroking his member while staring at the couple.

Vaquel frowned. Did the Splurge cause brain damage? It was unlikely. The other Seed-Walkers seemed intelligent, even when they were spanking her. Maybe he just didn’t find her attractive.

She squeezed the tip of the cock that she was holding. The Seed-Walker pumped the length of his shaft. The Seed-Walker might be an idiot, but she wasn’t willing to let go of that phallus.

“You are damn lucky that you have a nice cock,” Vaquel said. She let go of his cock and turned her back to him. Bending forward, she reached between her legs and grabbed the head of his member. She slowly backed up and guided the head of his shaft into her pussy lips.

The wide member filled Vaquel’s sex. She backed up and took more of the voyeur’s cock. Eventually, the Seed-Walker had to let go of his cock because there was no more to hold onto.

The Seed-Walker grabbed Vaquel’s hips. Refusing to thrust, the miner pulled Vaquel back onto his cock and then slid her forward. He repeated the motion, using Vaquel’s pussy to jack his cock.

“Yes!” Vaquel cried. It was hard on her knees but she took it. Her breasts bounced within her spacesuit. The collision of her spanked ass on the Seed-Walker’s pelvis made her wince, but the pain was nothing compared to the pleasure of having that thick shaft inside of her.

Oblivious to Vaquel and the voyeur, the couple continued to fuck. The light red man held the darker red woman in the air. His hands were clamped around her buttocks as he fucked her. The woman dragged her fingernails over the man’s bald head, leaving deep gouges with every scratch.

“Okay, that is pretty fucking hot,” Vaquel admitted.

The voyeur slammed Vaquel faster. Like the rest of the Splurge-affected Seed-Walkers, he seemed to have endless endurance. His hands dug painfully into Vaquel’s hips as he used her body to pump his cock.

The relentless penetration sent Vaquel over the edge. A powerful orgasm crashed into her body. She went weak in the knees, but the voyeur held her up as he continued to use her.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried.

The phallus inside her pulsed. The voyeur actually used his hips to thrust into her. The fingers around her waist tightened as the cock released a load of seed inside of her.

“Oh-oh-oh!” the Seed-Walker cried.

The alien pushed Vaquel off his cock and she fell to the ground. The rocky surface crushed her plump breasts as she fell onto top of them. Seed spilled out of her pussy from the impact.

Vaquel looked behind her. The Seed-Walker returned his hand to his cock. It continued to come as he kept stroking. More seed rained down on top of her. Vaquel stayed on the ground and let the seed splatter against her spacesuit-covered ass.

Horns blasted across the strip mine, followed by another announcement. “The Splurge has now ended.”

The discordant audio broadcast returned. Vaquel clamped her hands over her ears as the sound vibrated in her skull. Images and thoughts filled her mind, mostly of night skies, soft grass and weirdly, a red feline creature washing itself.

Mercifully, it was a much shorter broadcast than the one from before. It was over in a few seconds. Vaquel cautiously pulled her hands from her ears and looked around.

The Seed-Walkers had collapsed. Everywhere that Vaquel looked, the aliens laid on the ground. Snores rose and a quick check of her wrist scanner told Vaquel that they were sleeping. Some of the sleepers were on top of others, and the robots were gently digging people out to lay uncrushed.

The voyeur that Vaquel had fucked was on the ground with his hand still on his cock. A blissful smile was spread across his sleeping face. Vaquel kicked his leg but he stayed asleep. She had a feeling that his induced slumber wouldn’t end until the robots broadcasted another signal.

A nearby robot turned towards Vaquel. “Rest cycle has commenced. Lay down at once!”

Vaquel sat back down on the ground. As the robot approached, she closed her eyes. That was enough for the robot to stop and stride away.

Opening one eye, Vaquel spied on the robots. Several were putting out the fire on the recycling hut. Two other robots were building a replacement hut. The rest of the robots performed medical aid to some of the sleeping Seed-Walkers.

“This is my chance,” Vaquel thought. “I could slip away and get back to my ship while the robots are distracted.”

She reached down between her legs and touched her sex. It was tender to the touch. She thought about how hard she had to work just to get fucked. If she had known what the Splurge was, she would have done things differently.

Vaquel closed her eye and relaxed. The Splurge was certainly an interesting way to control a labor force. She would be a bad explorer if she didn’t learn more about it.

For the glory of her Queen, Vaquel decided that she could stay one more day.

Sep 042019

Explorer’s log: I am on day thirty of my thirty-three day journey to the star system designated “No One Knows What it is Like to Anger the Queen Twice,” by Royal Astronomers. Systems are optimal and scans are ahead of schedule.

An hour ago, I intercepted a distress call from a Prober Supreme saucer. The message is as follows:

“Redshift Alert! Experiment G47 has escaped! Containment procedures have failed! Repeat, containment procedures have failed! The brain stem implant has been rejected! Send reinforcements!”

The transmission abruptly ended. Scans indicate that the source of transmission, a three-kilometer wide saucer, imploded.

Further scans show that three saucers of similar size responded to the call and rendezvoused with the saucer’s last location. One saucer imploded, a second exploded and the third saucer ceased to exist in any scannable form.

More saucers are on their way to intercept. Royal Navy protocols suggest that I stay the fuck away from such a dangerous occurrence but I will attempt to monitor the situation from a safe distance. The Prober Supremes’ forces are in many ways our technological equal and in some cases, superior. If something can easily destroy their War-Science ships, then we need to know what it is so we can duplicate it.

This will be dangerous, but I would be shirking my duty to the Queen if I do not attempt it. End Explorer’s Log

Explorer’s Personal Log: Thirty days of staring at radiations readings with no company except for a horny chair has nearly killed me with boredom. A good space slaughter will be fun to watch. Also, I can’t ignore the Royal Navy bonus for the discovery of any weaponizable phenomenon. When I get home, I want to be able to afford all the bed-slaves I can get.

Vaquel Di sat in the navigation pod. Her naked brown legs were wide open with her feet resting on the control panel. She had one hand between her thighs and stroked the thick pink bush of her pubic hair. The other hand cupped a full brown breast while teasing her nipple with her palm. She brushed a strand of her short pink hair from her face as she focused on the display screen.

Three large saucers slowly circled a central point. The probe ship’s highly calibrated scanners couldn’t get a consistent reading on the central point. Sometimes it read as a single Seed-Walker, the dominant intelligent species in this part of the galaxy. At other times, the scanners thought the central point was a black hole, an emitter of cosmic rays or a really small bush.

A tiny saucer emerged from one of the small saucers. It sped along like a missile towards the central point. Multiple laser beams fired from the small saucer. The beams stopped in mid-flight and turned into spinning circles.

Vaquel idly rubbed her pussy and looked at a scanner reading. The circles were the result of the laser shots endlessly deflected into a tight circumference.

“What the fuck?” Vaquel whispered.

Suddenly, the spinning lasers redirected towards the tiny saucer. The lasers defied the laws of physics and slammed into the hull of the saucer, came out the other side and then turned back into the saucer to slice it from another angle.

Multiple explosions rocked the small saucer and it flew apart. The lasers flattened into straight lines and shot harmlessly into space.

Vaquel’s seat buzzed to life. Powerful vibrational motors massaged her wide buttocks. A small ridge formed from the seat and pressed against Vaquel’s sex.

“Queen’s tit!” she moaned. She shuddered in pleasure but kept her eye on the scanners.

Chairbot, the purple robot that Vaquel was sitting on, also watched the scanner. He had been instructed to provide stimulation every time a saucer was destroyed. It was just one of the many games he played with Vaquel to keep the explorer entertained.

The three large saucers responded. Fleets of tiny saucers emerged from all three crafts. The armadas converged on the central point like a swarm. Instead of lasers, they fired multiple missiles, each missile barely the size of Vaquel’s hand but capable of punching through the thickest armor.

An orange glow emitted from the central point. Scanners reported a spike in quantum radiation. The saucers closest to the glowing point were sheathed in flames. The burning saucers drifted to a halt. Saucers close to the burning saucers caught fire and stopped as well. In less than a minute, every one of the small saucers were aflame and adrift.

Chairbot’s vibrators went into overdrive. Vaquel cried out as a vibrating column rose from the seat and pressed against her asshole. The vibrations fluctuated wildly and Vaquel writhed in her seat.

Despite the wet mess that Chairbot was reducing her to, Vaquel kept reading the scans. This was impossible. Fires don’t burn in space, but yet these were. Readings scrolled across the screen as it reported the alloys, and crew, of the saucers combusting.

The large saucers responded. A barrage of lasers, missiles and mass drivers emitted from each ship. Enough firepower to lay waste to a planet converged on the tiny central point that the scanners confidently reported was just a really well hydrated tree.

There was a flash of orange from the central point. Missiles exploded at the target destination but Vaquel’s scanners reported that this was because the missiles had come in contact with ordinance from the other saucers. There was nothing for the barrage to hit.

One of the giant saucers exploded. There was no shockwave or detonation. It simply ceased to be a coherent ship and every piece, and crew member, flew in different direction away from each other. All that remained was a glowing orange point

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered.

Chairbot protruded a pseudo-phallus from his seat into Vaquel’s pussy. She gripped the arms of the chair as the thick dildo buzzed within her. The dildo slid in and out at a slow but delicious pace.

On screen, the glowing point moved towards another saucer. The giant saucer tried to redirect its fire to the glowing point. It was pointless. As the glowing point came nearer, the saucer fell apart in a similar manner to the other saucer. It only took seconds before the second saucer was completely dismantled.

“This is bad,” Vaquel said “This is an Extinction-level power. We need to ah!”

Vaquel was interrupted by Chairbot’s latest modification, a rotating phallus at Vaquel’s asshole. The phallus pushed into her tight hole and now the robot had penetrated her a second time. The two cocks worked together so one was always pushing in while the other pushed out.

The third saucer had no such distractions. It ceased firing and a green glow surrounded it. Scanners indicated that the saucer was preparing some sort of jump drive by opening a controlled wormhole. It was clearly trying to escape.

A beam of light struck from the glowing orange point. The beam was red and bisected the saucer. The artificial wormhole collapsed on itself, taking out the center third of the saucer. The remaining ring of leftover saucer drifted briefly before exploding from catastrophic failures.

Chairbot acknowledged the disastrous loss of life and materials by increasing the vibrations of the pseudo-cocks inside Vaquel. The phallus in Vaquel’s sex thickened in size while the one in her anus became slenderer as it plunged deeper. The variations in size were calculated based on years of serving as Vaquel’s personal seat.

Vaquel climaxed. She came as the third saucer shook from secondary explosions. Her toes curled and her eyes clenched shut. She rode the twin cocks through her orgasm and then onto a second one.

“Proximity Alert!” the computer system warned. “Field of flowers rapidly approaching!”

Vaquel’s eyes popped back open. The orange glowing point grew larger. It was moving at incredible speeds towards them despite the many cloaking counter-measures that the probe ship employed.

“Chairbot, stop!” Vaquel said.

“Awww,” Chairbot whined. The cocks retracted from Vaquel’s sex and merged back with the robot’s seat.

Vaquel sat up in the soaking wet seat. She typed rapid commands into the computer. Solar sails extended. A course was laid in for the opposite direction. She almost brought the weapons online but considered that a waste of power. Nothing on her ship could compare to what the unknown entity had already ignored.

An orange glow shone through the viewport. Vaquel shielded her eyes and peeked through her fingers. She could just make out the shape of a Seed-Walker female. White stars blazed in their eyes. Long slender legs slowly kicked as if she was swimming. The creature was naked and hovered a meter away from the ship.

Vaquel froze in place. She had just watched this creature wipe out countless ships. What should Vaquel do? Fleeing seemed unlikely. Attacking would be suicidal. That left talking to it. What does one say to a glowing naked woman?

“Hey,” Vaquel said. She raised her hand in greeting. “You have nice legs.”

The orange woman drifted closer. The front of Vaquel’s probe ship came apart to accommodate her. Warning klaxons blared at the loss of atmospheric pressure. The air rushed past Vaquel for a second and then stopped. The warning alarms ceased as they flew apart.

Vaquel jumped from Chairbot. She reached for her space helmet as the glassteel bubble shattered into a hundred floating pieces. Her hand went to her belt to activate her spacesuit but the belt disassembled before she could touch it.

“Fucking fuck,” Vaquel swore. She was about to get exposed to the vacuum of space butt-naked.

The glowing woman came closer. Her star eyes flared. She reached out a hand.

“Run, Mistress!” Chairbot yelled. The robot chair rolled forward and charged the glowing woman.

The strange woman didn’t slow down. Chairbot came within a meter of her and then flew apart. Purple fragments of the robot went in all directions.

“Chairbot!” Vaquel screamed. Everything turned red. Vaquel grabbed a piece of the hull and swung it at the glowing woman. The hull fragment vaporized before it touched her. Undeterred, Vaquel lunged forward with a punch.

The glowing woman clenched her open hand. Vaquel froze in place. More of the probe ship exploded around them. Piece by piece, it shattered. As Vaquel watched with frozen eyes, the ship broke apart down to the tiniest level until Vaquel and the glowing woman were left alone in the darkness of space.

Vaquel took a deep breath. What was she breathing? Why hadn’t her eyes frozen?

The glowing woman drifted closer. There was a curious expression on her face, though it was hard to tell any sort of expression from someone with stars for eyes. The glowing woman touched her own small orange breast, and then touched Vaquel’s much larger brown breast.

Vaquel watched the woman poke her breast. She could move again. The rage from Chairbot’s death gave way to fear. What was going on? How much longer did Vaquel have to live?

The glowing woman poked Vaquel’s breast again. “Name,” the glowing woman said.

How could Vaquel hear anything in space? Fuck it, it didn’t matter. “Vaquel,” she answered.

The glowing woman poked Vaquel’s other breast. The brown mass jiggled in the absence of gravity. At the same time, the glowing woman poked her own breast. There was a lot less jiggling.

Vaquel forced herself to stay calm as she slowly touched the glowing woman’s hand. The glowing woman offered no resistance as Vaquel guided her hand to Vaquel’s breast. Gently manipulating her fingers, Vaquel cupped the woman’s fingers over her breast.

“Name,” the glowing woman said again.

“Vaquel,” Vaquel answered, a little slower this time.

The glowing woman squeezed Vaquel’s breast. She gasped as her fingers sunk into the brown flesh. Her eyes flared as she gently kneaded the breast in her hand.

“Okay, I’m not dead yet,” Vaquel whispered. The remnants of her ship continued to drift away into the void.

“Name,” the glowing woman said again.

“Va-quel,” Vaquel said again.

The glowing woman moved one of her hands from Vaquel’s breast. It moved down to Vaquel’s hip and squeezed. The glowing woman opened her mouth in what may have been a sigh but there was no sound.

“If you like that, try my ass,” Vaquel said. Turning slightly, Vaquel carefully moved the woman’s hand from Vaquel’s hip to her ass.

The glowing woman’s fingers squeezed. A corner of her mouth turned upwards. She squeezed again and her mouth smiled. The hand slowly clenched and unclenched Vaquel’s ass.

“There you go,” Vaquel said. “Every species loves my tits and ass.”

“What name,” the glowing woman said.

“What do you mean?” Vaquel said. “Tits and ass? See, this is my tit, and this over here is my ass.”

The glowing woman stopped clenching with her hands. Vaquel was worried that she said something wrong. Before the explorer could say anything, the glowing woman changed her grip on Vaquel’s ass to just a thumb and index finger.

Vaquel felt a pinch on her ass. “Ow!” she shouted.

The glowing woman nodded. She changed her grip on Vaquel’s breast to a pinch on Vaquel’s nipple. Staring at Vaquel with her unreadable star-eyes, she pinched Vaquel’s nipple and ass at the same time.

Vaquel winced. “Sure, pinch me all you want. Just let me keep breathing. Also, maybe drop me off on a planet?”

The glowing woman pinched Vaquel’s ass. Then she pinched Vaquel’s nipple. Back and forth she went for several cycles of pinching.

Vaquel took it. She was still riding the bliss of her earlier orgasm. The pinches grew stronger but one glance at the rapidly disappearing debris cloud of her probe ship was enough to remind her to keep quiet.

“What name,” the glowing woman asked.

“I have no fucking idea what you want,” Vaquel answered.

The glowing woman paused. Her face tensed as if she was concentrating. Maybe she didn’t know what she wanted either.

Or maybe she was getting ready to take Vaquel apart like she did her ship.

Vaquel placed her hand over the glowing hand on her breast. Gently and as cautiously as she could, she pulled the woman’s hand from her breast and brought it down between Vaquel’s thighs. She pressed the powerful woman’s fingers to her wet lips.

The glowing woman’s face relaxed. Her mouth opened. One finger pushed into Vaquel’s pussy.

“Like that?” Vaquel said. She certainly hoped the glowing woman did. People didn’t destroy things they enjoyed touching.

The glowing woman said nothing. Her fingers on Vaquel’s ass continued to pinch. She slid a second finger into Vaquel’s sex. The two fingers touched and explored the clenching tunnel.

Vaquel shuddered. She reached out for the glowing woman’s breast. It was softer than she was expecting. She run her thumb over the nipple and it hardened instantly.

“What is name?” the glowing woman asked. Her fingers continued to pinch and wiggle.

“Well, a name is a designation for-Ahh, for what you call something,” Vaquel said.

The glowing woman nodded. She looked down at Vaquel’s sex and her wrist began to twist. It was a simple but effective motion. She repeated it as her fingers turned inside Vaquel.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel moaned. A little bit of her fear gave way to arousal.

Vaquel returned the favor by touching the glowing woman’s bare sex. It was warm to the touch. She slipped a finger in and found the glowing woman curiously dry. Pulling her finger out, Vaquel rubbed the outside lips of the woman’s sex with tender care.

“What,” the glowing woman gasped.

Vaquel felt moisture on her fingers. She kept rubbing and the dampness grew. When she slipped her finger back into the glowing woman’s pussy, wet heat clenched back.

“That didn’t take you long at all,” Vaquel said.

“What is name?” the glowing woman moaned.

“What is name, indeed,” Vaquel said.

Vaquel slid her fingers in and out of the glowing woman’s pussy. The glowing woman did the same to Vaquel. As Vaquel rolled her hips in response, the glowing woman’s hips mirrored the motion.

“There you go,” Vaquel said. “You are a quick learner. Or maybe you already knew how to do this but just forgot. That wrist thing you are doing is perfect.”

The glowing woman moaned. Her eyelids closed but the stars shone through them. She kept pinching Vaquel’s ass but the pinches were in harmony with the fingers thrusting into Vaquel’s sex.

Vaquel moaned. Every sting of pain from the pinching was answered by a stroke of pleasure in her pussy. She found it hard to focus on her own hand inside the glowing woman but she pushed through. Keeping the glowing woman aroused was the only plan she had.

The sound of pussy stroking and moaning surrounded Vaquel and the glowing woman. Once again, Vaquel wondered how she could hear anything in the vacuum of space. For that matter, how was she breathing? Did the glowing woman exert some sort of artificial atmosphere? How the fuck did she do that?

A deep thrust from the glowing woman’s hand interrupted Vaquel’s thoughts. She was already sensitive from coming earlier and the glowing woman was bringing her to another. Vaquel had lost everything today; her ship, her mission and Chairbot, but she was going to get one more orgasm before her life was finished.

Vaquel was also going to make this weird woman come. She had no hope of ever destroying this powerful entity but she could make sure that she got the woman off. That way, the woman would at least regret it when she broke Vaquel down to her component atoms.

The glowing woman glowed brighter. Her eyes opened and the stars pulsed. She shuddered and her pussy clenched down hard.

Vaquel kept stroking. So did the glowing woman. The two of them stroked each other to their climaxes,

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. Pleasure filled her body, perhaps for the last time.

“What is name!” the glowing woman screamed. Her orange body brightened like a plasma explosion.

Vaquel pulled her fingers from the glowing woman’s pussy and shielded her eyes. She felt the woman’s fingers leave her. Vaquel drifted in space as she tried to block the light with both hands.

The light faded. Vaquel blinked but orange spots dominated her vision.

A hand touched Vaquel’s shoulder. The fingers were wet.

“What is MY name?” the glowing woman said.

The orange spots vanished. Vaquel’s shoulder tingled from where the glowing woman touched her. The glowing woman stared at Vaquel with fading stars for eyes.

“Uh, the distress signal called you an experiment,” Vaquel said. “I think it was Experiment G-47.”

“Yes,” the glowing woman said. “They called me G-47 but my name is Rudbecki. Rudbecki . . .something.”

“Hey, good for you,” Vaquel said. “I’m sure you will remember the rest.”

Rudbecki blinked and her eyes became normal, although they still had a faint white glow. “Who are you? You are not a Seed-Walker.”

“No, I’m Vaquel,” she said. “I am an explorer from the planet of Euphoria. I was merely observing the distress call.”

“Oh,” Rudbecki said. “I thought you might have been a specimen collector. I am sorry. Let me fix this.”

“Well, unless you can put my ship back-Queen’s tit!”

Debris from every direction rushed towards Vaquel and Rudbecki. As the debris pulled inwards, it reassembled itself. In less than ten breaths, the probe ship formed around the two.

“Fuck,” Vaquel gasped. She was standing in the center of the crew quarters. Cold metal touched her feet. Vaquel had never been so happy to hear the hum of the ship around her.

“No, not now,” Rudbecki said. “I have to process these feelings. Regain my memories. Understand what I can do. Decide my future.”

“Okay,” Vaquel said. “Uh, need any help?”

Rudbecki looked at Vaquel. The white glow of her eyes flared. “No, I don’t think I ever will.”

The glowing woman floated upwards. The hull of the probe ship parted to let her pass and then came back together after she was gone. Vaquel was alone.

“Mistress!” a voice cried out. The door to the navigation pod opened. Chairbot rolled out and charged into the crew quarters.

“Chairbot!” Vaquel yelled. She ran towards the purple robot and jumped on his seat. She wrapped her arms and legs around the back of the chair.

“Wow, Mistress! You have never shown this much affection before! What happened? I remember having a catastrophic system failure and then I was in the navigation pod alone!”

Vaquel unwrapped herself from the chair. There was a tremor in her chest that she didn’t recognize. She did not like the feeling so she pushed it down.

“Nothing happened,” Vaquel said. There was a catch in her voice. “One of the Prober Supremes’ experiments got loose and paralyzed the ship. I gave her a stern lecture and put her in her place. She left and brought everything online.

“I wish I could have seen that!” Chairbot said. “Why did you jump on me?”

Vaquel glared at the robot. “How dare you question me!”

“Oh, sorry, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “Please sit on me and let me apologize for my misbehavior by bringing you to climax!”

Something stung Vaquel’s eye. “I will allow this,” she said as she sat down on Chairbot.

Aug 072019

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “No Choice of Words Could Break You from the Queen” by Royal Astronomers. There are three planets in this system. The first and second planets appear to be dedicated to mining the resources within. The third world is curious as it is surrounded by beacons announcing that it has been quarantined on order of the Prober Supreme. According to the date listed in the quarantine message, the world has been off-limits for over a thousand years.

There is no reason given for the quarantine but the planet is a mess. The orbiting moon is broken in half. The remains of cites are either underwater or abandoned. Scans show rampant mutations among the organic life. Energy readings reveal what is either advanced sciences or strange new anomalies.

It does make me wonder why the Prober Supreme, a being obsessed with scientific advancement, would stay away from such a curious world. For the glory of Queen Erishella, I will brave this horrific place to find the answer. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I am picking up signs of Seed-Walker life, although much of it is mutated. That’s fine with me. I can fuck a mutant Seed-Walker just as easily as a normal one.

Vaquel Di studied the ruins wall. A thick jungle filled the area but this wall still stood. The wall was made of metal and showed signs of rust. Graffiti written on the surface urged people to save the behemoths, whatever that was. There was a crater where a large ballistic round, or a monstrous fist, had smashed into the metal. Red vines clung to the wall, soaking in the harsh sunlight.

“I’m surprised the wall is still standing,” Vaquel said out loud. Whatever the wall connected to was long gone, but this four-meter tall section was still here. It was a silent testament to the concepts of endurance and mortality.

Such reflections were lost on Vaquel. The space explorer was in a state of arousal and frustration. The skintight purple spacesuit that covered her body teased her with every movement. Using her arms caused the material to tighten across her sensitive breasts. Walking resulted in the suit riding up the crack of her abundant ass. Even standing still made her aware of the suit seemingly shrinking against her damp crotch.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel snarled. What was wrong with her spacesuit? Was there something in the air affecting the cloth? The air was breathable, which is why Vaquel didn’t have her usual glassteel bubble helmet, but now she was worried that she might be breathing in some sort of spacesuit-shrinking microbes that the scanners didn’t detect.

Vaquel raised her arm to look at the scanner on her wrist. The suit compressed around her breasts, making it harder to breathe. When she gasped, the suit separated her buttocks with a painful wedgie.

“Fuck this!” Vaquel said. She pressed the button on her belt to make her suit open.

Nothing happened.

“Queen-damned weird ass quarantined planet!” Vaquel cursed. Whatever fucked with her suit was now fucking with her controls.

Vaquel grabbed two handfuls of her suit around her stomach and pulled. The thin material ripped far easier than a suit graded for space exploration should. The rip in her suit exposed her dark brown abdomen, but it also released the pressure around her tits and up her ass.

“Fuck, yes,” Vaquel said. She kept ripping at the fraying material. First, she pulled the suit off her arms and shoulders, which greatly relieved the tension on her tits. Vaquel was tempted to tear the purple material off her breasts completely, but there was no way that she was going to run around a jungle with her giant tits flopping around.

Next, she ripped long gouges on her legs. That left her legs bare with a flimsy triangle of material around her crotch and a thin band around her waist, but at least nothing was riding up her exposed ass cheeks. The boots she wore was made from another material so she left them on.

Vaquel checked herself out. A tight, but not uncomfortable, band of purple material encircled her breasts. A tiny purple bikini covered her sex. The explorer’s belt hung on her wide waist. Thick sensible boots enclosed her feet. She looked like a refugee but still a sexy one.

“Raw-RA!” something roared.

Vaquel jumped and dropped to a crouch behind a bush. She didn’t know what made that noise but it sounded like it was close by!

A large green humanoid pushed through the trees. It carried a large stick with a glowing piece of metal on the end. The creature had a misshapen head with various lumps. It wore a scrap of cloth around its waist.

Out of the woods came another green being and then another. Three more creatures emerged, pulling on heavy chains. There was a struggle, and then a roar, followed by hissing from the green beings.

Another being stumbled forward, wrapped in heavy chains. It was easily a meter taller than the other humanoids and covered in black fur. The head was different, and suggested feline genetics. The fur was thick but it couldn’t hide the massive muscles of that the creature wielded.

That wasn’t the only thing massive about the creature. Between his fury legs swung a gigantic phallus! Vaquel gasped at the sight of it. The cock was nearly as thick as Vaquel’s wrist. She wondered if the other creatures chained him out of jealousy.

More of the green creatures came out of the woods until there was a dozen in all. They all wielded their glowing tip spears, although some had shields made from ancient signs. The spoke to each other in their hissing language, sometimes punctuating their point by jabbing the furry giant they had captured.

The hissing came to a stop. Silently, the green ones wrapped the chains around three equidistant trees. This trapped the furry creature between the trees. He pulled at the chains but the trees held.

Satisfied that the furry giant wasn’t going anywhere, the green people returned to their hissing. Their stances were relaxed. One of them started a fire. The others sharpened their glowing spears.

“Raw-RA!” the giant roared. The green creatures lowered their spears and closed in on the helpless captive.

“This is not my fight,” Vaquel whispered.

She pulled her laser pistol from her belt.

“Twelve to one is terrible odds,” Vaquel whispered.

She set the pistol setting to ‘Lethal’.

“For all I know, the asshole in chains might deserve to die,” Vaquel whispered.

She aimed the pistol at the spear-wielder closest to the furry giant.

“Maybe he deserves to die,” Vaquel admitted to herself, “but his cock deserves to live.”

Vaquel fired at the green alien. The laser punched a hole in the back of his head and came out the other side. The creature croaked and dropped to the ground.

The other green creatures spun around. They hissed in fury. One of them, a bit dumber than his comrades, poked the corpse a few times with his spear.

The furry being threw back his feline head and shuddered. He may have been laughing.

Vaquel stood up and fired at another green creature. The laser caught the alien in the chest and he stumbled back but he didn’t go down. A spear came flying at Vaquel and she dodged to the side. She fired again but the alien moved out of the way with unnatural speed.

The green aliens ran to either side of Vaquel. They formed a circle around her. When Vaquel turned to aim at one, the entire circle rotated as a group. With their spears pointed inward, the circle began to shrink.

“Ah shit,” Vaquel swore. They might be primitives but they had the whole hunting-as-a-pack part down. Vaquel might have underestimated these fucks.

One of the aliens jabbed at her with a spear. She stepped out of the way and shot the asshole in the shoulder. It shrugged and stepped back.

Another alien lunged at her from behind. A snap of a twig alerted Vaquel and she moved out of the way just in time. She fired her pistol but the running alien easily dodged the laser blast.

This was not good. It was just a matter of time before one of them stabbed her. Maybe it was time to just throw a bunch of grenades and run away in the confusion?

“GET BACK, DEMON COCKSUCKERS!” a voice cried out.

The green aliens stopped running in circles. Many trembled in terror. One of them dropped his spear as his jaw fell open.

A pale Seed-Walker with dark blonde hair leaped down from the trees. He wore an open tunic of brown fur. He pulled a bladeless hilt from his belt, but when the swung the hilt, a beam of white energy emerged to form a pseudo-blade.

“Taste my Moon Sword, Sack Lickers!” the blonde Seed-Walker said. “Today you face Lightnor the Rampager!”

Half of the aliens rushed Lightnor with their spears. He swung his Moon Blade and cut the tips from the spears. As the aliens cried in horror, Lightnor ran his Moon Blade into one of them.

The green alien exploded, showering Lightnor, the aliens and Vaquel in hot green liquid. His companions hissed in rage and charged the barbarian. He laughed maniacally as he fought back. The smell of super-heated internal organs filled the jungle.

“That’s a plasma sword,” Vaquel said. “Where the hell did a savage get a piece of high-tech weaponry like that?”

A hiss behind Vaquel reminded her that she had her own enemies. She spun around and fired a laser beam into the leg of an alien. As it dropped to the ground, another alien lunged with his spear. Vaquel stepped out of the way and fired a laser pulse through his skull.

The alien with the hurt leg stood up and glared at Vaquel in hatred. He threw his spear with uncanny speed. Vaquel dodged to the right but the spear with the glowing metal tip turned to follow her!

A blue field surrounded the spear and the spear stopped in mid-air.

“What the fuck?” Vaquel asked.

“Looks like you forgot something,” a voice said. Out of the bushes stepped another Seed-Walker. This one was a woman with rich brown skin and long black hair. Skintight yellow material that reminded Vaquel of her own spacesuit covered the woman’s chest and pelvis, but did nothing to hide the massive size of her breasts. She had her hands up in the air over her head and a blue glow surrounded her hands.

“Why don’t you take it back?” the woman said to the alien. The hovering spear reversed direction and fired like a bullet towards the green alien. The spear slammed into his head and nailed his corpse to a tree.

The woman put down her hands and looked at Vaquel. “Hisslings have all of their organs in their skull. Only a headshot will kill them.”

“Nice to know,” Vaquel said. She shot a creature running towards them. The laser went through his hissing mouth and the body collapsed.

Meanwhile, Lightnor had made his way to the tall furry creature. A single slash of his Moon Blade was enough to sever a thick metal chain. He cut the other chains with ease.

“RAW-Ra-RAW!” the furry beast yelled. It walked over to a tree and wrapped its arms around it. With a mighty jerk, it pulled the tree out of the ground!

The surviving Hisslings ran in terror. The furry creature threw his tree at the fleeing savages. The tree landed on three of the aliens and green blood exploded from their heads.

“Thank you for trying to rescue our friend,” the woman said. “His name is Eeku the Kok. My name is Countess Halle. The brute with the Moon Blade is Lightnor.”

“My name is Vaquel. I am just glad you two showed up when you did.”

“We were tracking the Hisslings and almost took the wrong path when we heard the sound of battle,” Lightnor said. “If it wasn’t for you, we might not have rescued Eeku in time!”

Eeku walked towards Vaquel. The furry alien’s cock began to rise. He rushed towards Vaquel and swept her up in his arms. Vaquel squealed as she was lifted from her feet. The powerful creature buried his face between her thighs.

“Aww, Eeku likes you,” Countess Halle said.

Eeku made purring sounds against Vaquel’s crotch that made her sex tingle.

“Uh, I like him too,” Vaquel said.

“We should be going back home before the Hisslings come back,” Lightnor said. “They will regain their courage and return with more of their foul kind.”

“We should grab dinner first,” Countess Halle said.

Eeku dropped Vaquel and rubbed his stomach. “Raw-RA!” he grunted. Eeku walked over to a fallen Hissling and grabbed its leg. With a swift twist, he ripped the leg from the hip.

“Be sure to get enough for everyone!” Countess Hall said. “That is if you will be joining us, Vaquel?”

Vaquel glanced at Eeku’s tremendous member swinging between his legs. “I think I can spare the time.”

Once Eeku and Lightnor collected enough legs, the four of them began their journey through the jungle. The primitive aliens set a hard pace and Vaquel struggled to keep up with them. They pushed their way through thick foliage, treacherous ground and the soaking humidity.

Eventually they stopped at a ruined ground vehicle. It was once used for mass transit but that was long ago. The front of the vehicle was missing and the seats had been ripped out but the roof was still solid. A pile of furs covered the floor and skins of unknown animals covered the windows.

Countess Halle raised her hands and they began to glow. A blue fire sprang to life on the ground. Lightnor fashioned skewers while Eeku rubbed the Hissling legs with a purple powder.

“How did you do that?” Vaquel asked. Exhausted, she collapsed to the ground well away from the fire.

“This?” Countess Halle asked, wiggling her fingers. “My father was a wizard and he taught me how to harness the energies of the world.”

“He also taught her many things about the Ancients,” Lightnor said. He skewered a Hissling leg and held it above the fire. “Like how our home used to be something called a ‘train’. Too bad he was evil and enslaved me and Eeku to fuck in his Breeding Pits.”

“Raw-RA!” Eeku agreed. He skewered two Hissling legs and held them over the fire, one in each hand.

“It was a good day when I met Lightnor,” Countess Halle said. “I hated my father and here was a man with the courage to fight for freedom. I gave him the Moon Blade from one of father’s treasures. Him and Eeku rescued me from a boring lifetime of pampered learning.”

“What happened to your father?” Vaquel asked.

“We cut off all three of his heads!” Lightnor said with a laugh.

Countess Halle raised her hands and a blue glow surrounded a Hissling leg. It floated through the air and hovered over the fire.

“There is a lot that I don’t know about your world,” Vaquel said. “What happened here?”

“My father tried to find out,” Countess Halle said. “Long ago, something came between the planet and the moon, unleashing cosmic destruction. Seed-Walker’s civilization was cast into ruins. A new world rose from the old; one of savagery, sorcery and depravity.”

“And delicious enemies!” Lightnor said. “What manner of creature are you, Vaquel?”

“I am an explorer. I come from another planet, far from here,” Vaquel said.

“Ex-plor-er?” Lightnor said, slowly sounding the word out.

“That is someone who goes to new places to see what is there,” Vaquel said.

“Raw-RA?” Eeku asked.

“Yes, I wish to know too!” Lightnor said.

“What?” Vaquel asked.

“Eeku wants to know if you fuck people when you go to these new places,” Countess Halle said.

“Of course,” Vaquel said. “Why else would I go?”

“Raw-RA!” Eekua said.

“Our friend wants to know if you will fuck him,” Countess Halle asked.

“What, right now?” Vaquel said.

“Yes!” Lightnor said. “I too, wish you drive my member inside you!”

“Uh,” Vaquel said. “I’m good with that, as long as you are, Countess?”

“I was hoping to wait until after dinner,” Countess Halle said, “but I too wish to touch your genitals.”

Countess Halle raised her hands again. Blue glows surrounded the Hissling legs that Lightnor and Eeku were holding. The seasoned legs hung in the air above the fire, slowly rotating.

His hands free, Eeku wasted no time. He stomped over to where Vaquel was and lifted her up by grabbing her armpits. The furry alien hoisted her into the air so that once more his mouth was in front of her crotch. He used his sharp teeth to tear the flimsy remains of her spacesuit from her sex. Spitting out the cloth, he buried his face in her damp pussy.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. “Your tongue is scratchy but you sure fucking know how to use it!”

Eeku roared into Vaquel’s sex. The vibrations of his lips were like a sonic vibrator on her pussy. His long tongue lapped at her sex, wiping her clean with every rough lick.

Lightnor stepped behind Vaquel. “Lords of Come!” he exclaimed. “Your ass is like two ripe melons!” He bit down on one of her buttocks.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried. The barbarian’s teeth sent a jolt through Vaquel’s body that went straight to her sex. She writhed between the two mouths, trapped in the air by Eeku’s might arms.

“Let’s take care of this restricting clothing,” Countess Halle said. She lifted her hands and a blue glow formed around the band of cloth holding Vaquel’s breasts. The spacesuit material disintegrated and Vaquel’s heavy breasts were revealed. The glow glow intensified on Vaquel’s tits.

“Ohhh,” Vaquel moaned. The blue field was warm and tingly. Vaquel’s brown breasts rolled and moved as the field lifted and played with them.

Eeku growled into Vaquel’s pussy. His long tongue lapped harder and harder. Sharp teeth nipped her sex lips, adding a delicious thrill to the pleasure she was feeling.

Lightnor spread Vaquel’s buttocks. He spat onto her asshole. With surprising gentleness, he pressed his finger against her tight hole. Slowly, but firmly, he sank his finger into her asshole.

“Fuck, yes!” Vaquel cried.

“Keep at it, boys,” Countess Halle said. “I think the explorer is about to blow.”

Vaquel laughed because it was true. Eeku’s harsh tongue brought her closer to orgasm with every lick. Lightnor’s rough finger pushed deeper into her ass with every thrust. The blue field around her tits squeezed harder and harder.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. Pure pleasure filled her senses as she climaxed. She shuddered helplessly in the giant alien’s grasp.

Eeku pulled his face from Vaquel’s sex. Juices soaked his furry face. He lowered Vaquel to the ground and kept her standing as she almost collapsed to the ground.

“Let me open the way for you, old friend,” Lightnor said. He grabbed Vaquel’s arms and spread her legs. Vaquel bent forward as Lightnor held onto her arms. He pressed against her backside and his cock slipped into her pussy.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. The savage’s cock was thick and unyielding inside her.

Lightnor slammed into her. His muscular body, forged in the wild nature of this world, fucked at an incredible speed. The thick cock pumped her pussy like only a barbarian could.

“Raw-RA!” Eeku cried. He held his monstrous phallus in his hand. The alien grabbed Vaquel by the back of her head and guided him to his member.

“Whoa!” Vaquel said. “That beast might break my teeth!”

“She’s right, Eeku” Countess Halle said. “She doesn’t have the practice that I do. Let’s try this.”

A blue field surrounded Eeku’s cock. The field stopped short of his balls and left the thick head exposed. Eeku tried to push with his hips but he couldn’t overcome the force field.

“There, that should be safer,” Countess Halle said.

Vaquel licked the Eeku’s tip. The furry giant froze in place and sighed happily. Feeling more confident, opened her mouth and took more of Eeku’s tip into her mouth. Her cheeks caved in as she sucked as hard as she could.

“Ra-rawww,” Eeku moaned.

“You have tamed his wild heart,” Countess Halle said. She reached under Vaquel and caressed a hanging breast. Nimble fingers circled around a hard nipple.

“Mmmm!” Vaquel moaned, her mouth full of Eeku’s head.

“This hole is incredible!” Lightnor said. “It is tighter than your hand, Countess!”

“Then go faster, Lightnor, or Eeku will never be able to get in,” Countess Halle said.

Lightnor’s hips increased in speed. Fierce thrusts filled Vaquel’s sex. Her breasts swung wildly from the impacts, but Countess Halle pinched a nipple and held on.

Vaquel trembled in place. Her ass hurt from the impact of Lightnor’s thighs but she wouldn’t have stopped for anything. Maddened by the ferocious pounding that she was taking, Vaquel licked Eeku’s cock in a frenzy.

A hand touched Vaquel’s pussy lips. It was Countess Halle. She was using her other hand to rub Vaquel’s sex while Lightnor’s cock drove in and out of the explorer’s pussy. The talented fingers danced on Vaquel’s skin and brought her to new heights of sensitivity.

Vaquel moaned and more of Eeku’s tip went inside her mouth. The member pulsed in her mouth. She nearly choked but she never stopped licking.

“DEMON SACKS!” Lightnor screamed and hot seed filled Vaquel’s pussy. The rampager’s cock pumped a dozen loads into Vaquel’s stuffed sex.

Lightnor’s hips stopped moving. His grip around Vaquel’s arms trembled. A long sigh came from his lips, followed by a laugh.

“There, she should be ready for you now, Eeku,” Lightnor said.

The savage pulled out of Vaquel’s body and let go of her arms. Exhaustion and bliss made her fall to her knees. Eeku’s head popped loose from the explorer’s panting lips.

Lightnor walked towards the fire. He grabbed a floating Hissling leg and bit into it. Juices ran down his chin and onto his hard cock. He sat down and kept eating as he watched the others.

“Don’t be offended by his indifference,” Countess Halle whispered to Vaquel. “He’s a rampager. He goes from need to need.”

Vaquel nodded her understanding. “My people are much the same way.”

Eeku growled. It was a low rumbling sound that could be mistaken for lust or hunger.

Countess waved her hands and the field around Eeku’s cock disappeared. “We haven’t forgotten you, Eeku. Remember, go slow. Like we practice.”

“Raw-RA!” Eeku cried.

Countess Halle guided Vaquel onto her back. The exhausted explorer happily complied. Eeku squatted down in front of Vaquel. The immense cock was shiny with Vaquel’s spit as he guided it to her pussy. He slowly entered her well-fucked sex.

“Slow, slow, slow!” Vaquel babbled.

Eeku didn’t need to be told. The furry giant was careful as he pushed inside Vaquel. Centimeter by centimeter, his phallus disappeared inside of her.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried.

“Is it too much?” Countess Halle asked. She undid a clasp on her crotch. The yellow material of her one-piece slackened. The Countess pulled the outfit off and tossed it aside.

Vaquel gazed at the Countess’ naked body. Scars covered the woman’s breasts but they were as large as Vaquel’s. A triangle of black hair covered her crotch. She was almost as furry as Eeku.

“I am curious, does your people consume pussy?” Countess Halle asked.

“Sit on my face and find out,” Vaquel answered.

Countess Halle swung her leg over Vaquel’s face. Strong thighs slowly lowered the Countess’ sex to Vaquel’s eager lips. The primal smell of her pussy was intense but Vaquel welcomed the overwhelming scent.

Vaquel used her tongue to burrow through the thick pussy hair. Her tongue found thick lips waiting for her. She took a lick and felt the thighs shudder around her.

“Yes, oh yes,” Countess Halle said. “I’ve been missing a woman’s lips.”

Vaquel took another lick and then another. Her tongue parted the lips of the Countess’ pussy and pushed inside. Sweet juices flowed into Vaquel’s mouth and she licked to get it all.

“Raw-RA!” Eeku roared. Half of his cock pushed inside of Vaquel. It was enough. The furry giant moved in a slow steady rhythm. His thick member gently fucked Vaquel’s already well-fucked pussy.
Everyone stopped talking. Countess Halle moaned as she rode Vaquel’s face. Eeku purred as he fucked the explorer’s pussy. Vaquel’s licked alien juices.

As for Lightnor, he kept eating.

A rock on the ground dug into Vaquel’s back. She didn’t care. Eeku’s enormous member driving inside of her overwhelmed every other sensation. Well, every sensation except for the delicious juices that flowed from Countess Halle’s pussy onto Vaquel’s eager tongue. The heat of the jungle, the roughness of the ground and the aches of her body faded away as Vaquel surrendered to pleasure. She became nothing more than a sheath for cock and a drain for pussy juices.

“Raw-RA! Eeku roared. Furry paws grabbed both of Vaquel’s breasts. Immense strength crushed her breasts while the points of sharp claws dug into her sensitive flesh. The beast increased the speed of his fucking, although he was still careful not to drive his full length inside of her.

“There, right there!” Countess Halle cried. She raised her hands and a blue glow formed around her sex. The field tingled against Vaquel’s mouth but she didn’t stop licking.

“YES!” Countess Halle cried. She shook and the blue field vanished. Vaquel kept licking until the exhausted Countess fell off her face.

“RAW!” Eeku cried. The furry alien plunged deeper inside of Vaquel and released a thick flood of hot seed. Vaquel’s crammed pussy couldn’t hold it all. Seed spilled from her stuffed sex.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried. She felt that was about to burst with Eeku’s semen was that possible? She might just find out!

Mercifully, Eeku’s cock went limp in seconds. The purring beast withdrew from Vaquel’s legs and sex. He stood up and shook from head to toe. Seed flew from his spent cock, splattering Vaquel’s twitching body. Once he was done, he walked over to the floating Hissling legs to eat.

“Fuck,” Vaquel said. Do these people do this all the time? There is something to be said for the primitive lifestyle.

“Oh good, dessert,” Countess Halle said. She crawled between Vaquel’s legs. Her long black hair trailed over Vaquel’s breasts, sending shivers down Vaquel’s spine. The Countess dipped her head down and licked Eeku’s seed from Vaquel’s pussy.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. She came on the third lick.

Countess Halle didn’t stop. There was a lot of seed to lick. She struck her fingers into Vaquel and scooped more out to eat.

Vaquel looked up to see Lightnor above her. His cock was hard again but there was a strange expression on his face. He looked down at Vaquel with a furrow in his brow. The act of thinking was causing visible pain.

“Tell me, Vaquel,” Lightnor said. “As an ex-plor-er, do you fuck meet a lot of people?”

“Entire planets,” Vaquel said. “Oh shit, you’re going to make me come again, Countess!”

“And do you fuck these people?” Lightnor asked.

“As many as I CANNNNN!” Vaquel screamed as she climaxed again.

“Hmm, then I think we should become ex-plor-ers too!” Lightnor said. “We can sleep in new ruins every night! We can find new cocks and pussy to fuck!”

Countess Halle rose from Vaquel’s spread thighs. “There are some equine creatures in the valley. We can train them and ride them. Though, we’ll need to find a bigger one for Eeku.”

“Raw-RA!” Eeku said, with a mouthful of Hissling leg.

“Do not worry, old friend,” Lightnor said. “We can find new monsters and eat them!”

“Glad I could inspire you,” Vaquel said. She tried to rise from the ground and failed. Her body was fucked helpless.

“Yes, you are an inspiring person, Vaquel,” Lightnor said. He looked down at her brown body and his cock pulsed.

“Fuck no,” Vaquel said. “There is no way I could come again. And trust me, I almost never say that.”

It only took Lightnor half an hour to prove her wrong.

Jul 102019

Explorer’s Log: I am on day twenty-nine of my forty day journey to the star system designated “No Choice of Words Could Break You from the Queen” by Royal Astronomers. I am traveling through a small nebula to avoid Prober Supreme saucers. The random energy emissions of the nebula should conceal me. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Log: I am on day thirty of my forty day journey to the star system designated “No Choice of Words Could Break You from the Queen” by Royal Astronomers. The Prober Supreme are still unaware of my presence due to the random energy emissions. My only concern is that one of those random nebula energy emissions seems to be quite regular and is mirroring my ship’s movements. I will perform evasive maneuvers and try to shake this “random” occurrence. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Log: I am on day thirty-one of my forty day journey to the star system designated “No Choice of Words Could Break You from the Queen” by Royal Astronomers. There is no doubt that my suspicion is correct. I am being followed by something in this nebula. It appears to be half the size of my ship, which makes it much smaller than any Prober Supreme ship so far. It could be a creature, a pirate or some new threat of the Prober Supreme. Either way, I don’t like it. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Log: I am on day thirty-two of my forty day journey to the star system designated “No Choice of Words Could Break You from the Queen” by Royal Astronomers. In a few hours, I will leave the nebula. I think I can avoid the Prober Supreme patrols here, but not if something is following me. In the next hour, I will turn around and confront this unknown presence directly. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I don’t know if it is the danger of being hunted, or the anticipation of stopping this asshole, but my pussy is wetter than an ocean planet right now.


“Fuck!” Vaquel Di yelled. The probe ship’s velocity dropped to mere meters. Other primary systems began to switch off as the sails were the main source of power. Secondary power kicked in but that wasn’t enough to engage the lasers, the missiles or the mine dropper. The ship was defenseless.

Vaquel stared at the navigation screen. The enemy ship was coming by for another attack run. The tactical computer advised diverting what little power remained to shields but Vaquel ignored it. She boosted power to sensors and focused every piece of scanning equipment onto her opponent.

Lasers tore into the probe ship. Weapons that were already without power were rendered inoperable. The secondary power battery was hit but still online. More damage scrolled across the screen, suggesting at least a week of repairs.

Vaquel ignored the damage and studied the scans. The enemy ship only had one life sign despite the spacious interior. The pilot was mostly Seed-Walker, the dominant alien species in the region, but his body was heavily modified with cybernetics. Further analysis suggested the being identified as male.

“Perfect,” Vaquel whispered. There might be a way out of this yet.

A warning flashed on the screen. There was no more power for audio announcements.


Something slammed into the probe ship. Vaquel would have been knocked from her seat if it wasn’t for the safety harness. As it was, the impact caused her massive breasts to jiggle wildly inside her spacesuit.

“Where did we get hit?” Vaquel yelled.

A schematic of the ship appeared on the screen. The area around the airlock glowed.

Vaquel smiled. “Looks like our tracker wants to get personal.” She unfastened her harness and stood up. The lack of gravity caused to float upwards until she spun around and kicked towards the main cabin.

“Chairbot, we’ll be doing the backup plan!” Vaquel yelled.

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot said. The purple chair rolled into position up against the corridor wall. Struts came down to conceal his wheels and optical sensors retracted into his main body.

Vaquel stood in front of the airlock. She checked herself one last time. The yellow spacesuit clung to her heavy breasts and wide hips as well as complimenting her dark brown skin. She ruffled her short pink hair to make it look more harried. A seam in her suit opened to reveal her brown cleavage but Vaquel felt that wasn’t enough. She grabbed a handful of her suit on her shoulders pulled down hard. The thin material ripped, leaving a jagged tear all the way down to a plump breast. The rip stopped just short of exposing a nipple but you could see the black of her aureole.

“Just right,” Vaquel said. She glanced back at Chairbot. “Remember, this all depends on you. If you fail, then I will either be a prisoner or dead and you will never feel my ass on you again.”

“Oh Mistress,” Chairbot said, “I cannot even process such a terrible thing! I will not fail!”

“Good, now shut up and pretend to just be a chair,” Vaquel said.

Warning lights flashed on the airlock as decryption software overwhelmed the lock. Air hissed as the seal was compromised. The door slowly slid open.

“Shit,” Vaquel almost forgot to be armed. She looked around for her pistols but they were in the weapons locker. The only threatening object nearby was an unsecured dildo that was floating around the cabin. She grabbed the red phallus and tried to hold it in a threatening manner.

The airlock swung open. A tall Seed-Walker stood on the other side. A red helmet obscured his face. Skintight black cloth stretched over his muscular body. He was unarmed, but four metal arms protruded from a pack on his back. Two lurked over his shoulders while the other two waited around his waist.

“Put down your weapon!” the Seed-Walker said. “I am a licensed bounty hunter under the employ of the Prober Supreme! You have been targeted for specimen collection!”

Vaquel charged and swung her dildo. The bounty hunter’s right upper metal arm shot forward like a snake. Metal fingers wrapped around the dildo and snatched it from her grasp with incredible power.

Being disarmed didn’t slow Vaquel down. She brought her left leg up in a kick but the hunter’s lower left arm blocked it. Her right fist jabbed for the man’s stomach but his organic arm intercepted it and grabbed her wrist. Vaquel’s instincts activated and she slammed her head into the hunter’s helmet.

Pain exploded in Vaquel’s forehead. Her legs went limp but the low gravity kept her from falling. Metal fingers from the upper arms encircled each wrist. An organic hand went around her throat and squeezed.

As Vaquel struggled for air, the hunter’s lower metal arms went to work. Cold fingers tore into her spacesuit and pulled long strips from her body. The arms stripped her chest and arms first, exposing both of her floating brown breasts and their dark nipples. Then they moved down to her pelvis, ripping the yellow suit away to reveal a damp bush of pink pubic hair. The arms kept tearing and ripping until every centimeter of Vaquel’s thick brown thighs, round buttocks and dainty toes were revealed.

Throughout it all, the bounty hunter stood silently, his expressions hidden by his smooth red mask.

Vaquel regained her senses and kicked with her legs. The bounty hunter’s lower arms grabbed her ankles. The arms extended and stretched Vaquel’s limbs in four directions. She cried out but barely made a sound with the hunter’s biological hand around her throat.

“I don’t know anything about your species,” the bounty hunter said, “so I am reluctant to issue a sedative for fear it may poison you. Payment is reduced by forty percent for expired specimens. I will need to restrain you. Please stop resisting as you may damage your organs.”

The bounty hunter released Vaquel’s throat and opened a panel on his belt. He grabbed the end of a thin cord and pulled. A meter of cord came from her belt panel and Vaquel had no doubt that there was more where that came from.

The metal arms pulled Vaquel hands together in front of her. The hunter wrapped her wrist with the cord. The thin material was stronger than it looked. He used a metal hand to cut the cord and then tied it off in a complex knot.

“Why have you been sent to collect me?” Vaquel asked.

“Judging from the surveillance video I was given, you trespassed on a storage post for the Prober Supremes’ experiments,” the bounty hunter said. “You would have been hunted down by military forces except for the fact that you are clearly not of Seed-Walker origin. I will bring you personally to the Prober Supreme where he will study you in depth.”

“Couldn’t he just send a diplomat?” Vaquel asked.

“I am unfamiliar with that term,” the bounty hunter said. “The Prober Supremes’ methods are very invasive. Your body would be broken down, studied and possibly re-assembled. If you are lucky, your conscious might be downloaded for further study.”

The hunter’s metal arms brought Vaquel’s legs together. He pulled another length of cord from his belt.

“Wait!” Vaquel said. “Don’t tie me up completely! Not yet!”

The bounty hunter paused. “Why not?”

“I come from a highly sexual species,” Vaquel said. “In my culture, when someone is defeated, they perform sexual service for the one that captured them. Please, give me a chance to pleasure you.”

The bounty hunter didn’t respond. Vaquel hoped that meant he was looking at her helpless body, but it was so damn hard to tell with that helmet. She slowly wiggled her hips, causing her massive breasts to jiggle in the low gravity while her body writhed.

Slow seconds ticked by.

“No,” the bounty hunter finally said, but he didn’t sound sure. He wrapped the cord around Vaquel’s ankles.

“You don’t understand,” Vaquel said, thinking quickly. “I am serious about my species being highly sexual. If I don’t engage in sexual activity after being defeated, then my body will go into Gonad Meltdown syndrome.”

The bounty hunter paused in his binding of Vaquel’s feet. “Gonad Meltdown syndrome? Is it fatal?”

“Almost certainly!” Vaquel lied. “First, my orifices will produce too much lubrication, which will dehydrate me! Then my breasts will swell as they ache to be touched. And then, uhhh, my ass will explode and that will kill me.”

The bounty hunter was silent again. Vaquel worried that she went too far with the exploding ass bit.

“I guess there is no choice then,” the bounty hunter said. He unwrapped the cord from around Vaquel’s ankles. “I am leaving your hands bound. Also, if you try to escape, I will just bind you and risk Gonad Meltdown syndrome.”

“Ha! How can I escape?” Vaquel said. “You have already proven yourself stronger and smarter than me.”

“True,” the hunter said. He passed his hand over his crotch. A seam appeared in his black suit as the material split apart. A thick phallus of pale green coloring floated out.

“Nice!” Vaquel said with sincerity. “Does it have a name? Do you have a name?”

“My penis is undesignated, but my callsign is Obtanius Vergin Purfim Vorq,” the hunter said.

“That is a mouthful, like your cock,” Vaquel said.

“We should commence intercourse,” Obtanius said. The upper metal arms grabbed the probe ship ceiling and braced themselves. The lower metal arms grabbed Vaquel’s ankles and spread her legs. small drops of Vaquel’s pussy juice floated in perfect spheres. Obtanius reached out with his organic arms and grabbed Vaquel by the hips. He pulled her towards his cock.

“Whoa!” Vaquel said. “That is not how my species does it!”

Obtanius stopped in mid-motion. “Your orifice seems compatible with my root.”

“Yeah, sure,” Vaquel said. “But uh, remember what I said about my species being aroused by being defeated? I need to satisfy my needs by serving you in a proper manner.”

“Oh,” Obtanius said. “And how do we do that??

“Easy,” Vaquel replied. “See that purple chair over there? Go sit down in it and spread your legs.”

Obtanius released Vaquel. His metal arms grabbed places on the ship and pulled the rest of his body to the chair. He turned around and sat down in it.

“Intriguing!” Obtanius said. “The seat is conforming to the contours of my buttocks! I also feel a slight vibration.”

“Yes,” Vaquel said. She kicked off a wall and propelled herself to between Obtanius’ legs. “It is a special chair we use for when our species is defeated.”

“Are you defeated often in your travels?” Obtanius asked.

“You could say that,” Vaquel said. She grabbed the arm of the chair with her bound hands. Using it as support, she pulled the rest of her body down so that she was almost sitting between Obtanius’ legs. She leaned forward and caught Obtanius’ cock between her legs.

“Oh!” Obtanius cried out. He grabbed the arms of the chair tightly with his hands.

“Feel good?” Vaquel asked. “It is hard to tell with that helmet. Want to take it off? I’d love to see what you look like.”

Obtanius shook his head. “The helmet stays. And yes, your nectaries feel very nice. They are so warm.”

Vaquel’s hands were tied but she still had the rest of her arms. She trapped her breasts between her arms and brought them together. Her dark brown tits squeezed tightly around Obtanius’ red root. She spat, and the spit splattered in slow motion between her breasts.

“Very pleasant,” Obtanius said.

Vaquel hooked her ankles around Chairbot’s struts and moved very carefully. Up and down, she slid her plump breasts around the bounty hunter’s cock. Her arms kept the red shaft trapped as she moved up and down. She spit another load onto his member though most of the spit floated away.

Obtanius moaned. “The vibrations in the chair are getting stronger. Is that normal?”

“Yes,” Vaquel said. “I hope it feels good.”

“Yes, it is making my pollen sack tingle,” Obtanius said.

“It does?” Vaquel asked. “So, you like being between my soft tits? You like having them wrapped around your hard root? Do you like it when I squeeze them tight like this? Or do you prefer it a little looser like this?”

“Tight,” Obtanius said.

“Thank you for telling me,” Vaquel said. “I want to do the best job possible. You defeated me and it is only right that I give you what you deserve.”

Vaquel brought her arms together close enough for her elbows to touch. The plump brown breasts spilled over her cinching arms. She moved one arm and then the other, causing her tits to shimmy around the hunter’s thick cock.

Obtanius moaned. Both of the upper metal arms swooped down and grabbed Vaquel’s tits. The metal fingers dug into her soft flesh and squeezed.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel said. “That hurts but I like it,” Vaquel said. “Take what you want from me. It is your right and I am your prize.”

“Yes, you are,” Obtanius said. “Why have I never done this before? I should do this to every specimen I capture for the Prober Supreme! I have been missing out!”

The lower metal arms wrapped around Obtanius’ legs and stretched towards Vaquel’s thighs. One hand pressed against the space explorer’s sex, boldly pushing in with a searching finger. The metal finger curved inside of her and continued to stretch.

“Oh shit, that’s deep,” Vaquel groaned.

The other metal hand ignored her sex and went around her hip. Metal fingers latched onto her right buttock like a grappling hook. The fingers tightened and slowly crushed her ass cheek.

“That’s right, use every part of me,” Vaquel whispered.

Obtanius reached for Vaquel’s face with one of his natural hands. He pressed a spacesuit covered finger against Vaquel’s lips and she opened her mouth. The finger ran over Vaquel’s tongue, tasting of plastic and ozone. More fingers joined in and threatened to choke her.

Vaquel took it. She choked as his fingers filled her mouth. She whimpered as metal fingers crushed her breasts against Obtanius’ cock. She flinched as the metal hand groped her ass. She moaned as cybernetic fingers fucked her pussy.

“I’m close,” Obtanius said.

“Me too!” the chair said.

“What was that?” Obtanius demanded. He paused in mid-thrust between Vaquel’s breasts.

Vaquel tried to answer but the bounty hunter’s fingers were still in her mouth. Unable to use her mouth, she tried fluttering her eyelashes in an innocent manner. To her surprise, it seemed to work.

“Maybe it was an echo,” Obtanius said. He thrusted into Vaquel’s tits. “It doesn’t matter. Let’s return to our pleasure.”

“Climax!” the chair yelled. Every vibrator in the seat tripled in intensity for a long second.

“I definitely heard that!” Obtanius said. He started to stand but one of the metal hands holding Vaquel’s breast let go of the tit and suddenly punched him in the stomach. The bounty hunter crumpled back down into the chair. Each of the upper metal arms grabbed one of Obtanius’ wrists. Metal bands emerged from the struts of the chair to bind his feet. The bounty hunter was going nowhere.

“What is going on?” Obtanius demanded.

Vaquel stood up and floated and in front of him. “It appears that Chairbot, the robot you are currently sitting on, was able to hack the cybernetics in your body. He is quite good at hacking other technologies and I think he actually gets off on it. Your metal arms are under his control now.”

Obtanius pulled harder but the metal arms didn’t move. “Execute self-destruct mode!”

One of the lower metal arms slapped Obtanius across the face.

“Self-destruct denied!” Chairbot said. “Mistress, aren’t you proud of me?”

“Not really,” Vaquel said. “You should have waited until I came.”

“Aww!” Chairbot said.

Vaquel looked down at Obtanius’ hard root. “Then again, a cock is better than fingers.”

“And I can help!” Chairbot said. One of the lower metal arms grabbed Obtanius’ phallus around the base. The fingers cinched tightly.

“Hydrogen death spark!” Obtanius cried out.

“Good,” Vaquel said. “He did say that he was close. We don’t want him coming until I am done with him.”

Vaquel grabbed Obtanius by his upper metal arms and used him as leverage for the rest of her floating body. She spread her legs and straddled the bounty hunter’s crotch. As Vaquel lowered her sex onto the hunter’s cock, the metal hand guided the thick phallus into her lips.

“Nice, nice, nice,” Vaquel moaned. She kept sinking until the red phallus was completely inside of her. Internal pussy muscles clenched around the cock and kept her in place as the low gravity tried to pull her upwards.

“You can’t do this to me.” Obtanius growled. “I demand you release me at once!”

Vaquel ran her fingers over the hunter’s smooth red helmet. “That is not what your cock is demanding.”

She clenched tighter and Obtanius groaned. “Or do you deny it?” she asked.

The bounty hunter sat silently as his root pulsed.

“That is what I thought,” Vaquel said. “Chairbot, use the other arms to help me fuck this nice cock.”

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

Obtanius’ spare lower metal arm reached around and grabbed Vaquel’s hips. It lifted Vaquel up until only the head of the hunter’s cock was inside her, and then it gently dropped her back down until the entire shaft was inside of her. The arm repeated the process, moving slowly and carefully in the low gravity.

“Weeee!” Vaquel cried out. Her breasts bounced slowly with each cycle of the arms. She kept her legs spread and enjoyed the light bumping of her ass on Obtanius’ thighs.

The vibrations of the chair increased. Obtanius cried out and his back arched. He struggled harder to escape.

“I . . .am . . .so . . .close!” Obtanius yelled.

“Too bad Chairbot has your cock in a vise,” Vaquel sneered. “If it wasn’t for your own cybernetic hand, you could pop your payload right inside my wet hole. I could just imagine all the seed you have for me. It is backed up, ready to spray but unable to leave your poor root.”

Obtanius whimpered.

“Don’t worry, you can come after I come,” Vaquel said.

“Want me to go faster, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

“No,” Vaquel said. “What’s the hurry?”

The vibrators on the chair buzzed louder. Obtanius shook with frustrated pleasure. His hand curled into tight fists. He shook his head from side to side, desperately looking for a way out.

Vaquel leaned forward. “Here, have a closer look at what was around your cock,” she said. She pressed her plump breasts against his red helmet. As she did this, the metal arms continued to hump her on the hunter’s trapped root.

Obtanius’ moans were interrupted by whimpers.

“Oh,” Vaquel mocked. “Your helmet is in the way. Too bad. If you took it off earlier, you would have one of my hard nipples in your mouth right now. You could be feeling my soft mounds all over your face. I would even let you bite them if you wanted, but that is irrelevant now. It is like you said, the helmet stays on.”

The whimpers from Obtanius’ helmet outnumbered the moans.

Vaquel laughed and rubbed her breasts back and forth over Obtanius’ helmet. At one point she paused to pinch a dark nipple and press it against the smooth helmet. She wished that she could see the hunter’s eyes, but she was sure they were staring at her tits.

The metal arm guiding Vaquel’s body kept the same methodical pace. In and almost out, in and almost out, in and almost out, the hunter’s trapped cock filled Vaquel. Obtanius’ phallus would pulse and his hips would buck with wild need, but the slow steady humping stayed the same.

Vaquel luxuriated in the dominating of Obtanius. The bastard had been hunting her for days but he was the one caught in the trap. Every moan, every whimper and every futile struggle of his body added to her pleasure. She wished that she could fuck him for hours.

Sadly for Vaquel, she only lasted half an hour before her body went over the edge of pleasure and into pure bliss.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. Her thighs closed around Obtanius and Chairbot as her orgasm overwhelmed her senses.

The metal arm kept moving Vaquel’s body.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried again. She opened her legs and leaned back. her limbs floated limply beside her.

The metal arm kept moving Vaquel’s body.

“Glory, glory, glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried again. She writhed slowly with ecstasy in the low gravity.

“Enough,” Vaquel whispered. “Chairbot, let me go.”

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot replied.

The metal hand released Vaquel’s hip. The sated space explorer drifted lazily through her ship. She glanced back at Obtanius and then closed her eyes.

“Can I come now?” Obtanius asked.

“Shit, no,” Vaquel answered. “With no gravity, your seed will just float everywhere and make a mess.”

“Chairbot, dispose of the bounty hunter,” Vaquel said. “It’ll take a few days to repair the probe ship, so set the timer for three weeks.”

“Timer?” Obtanius said. “What timer?”

“Shh, you’ll disturb Mistress’ rest,” Chairbot said. The struts on the robot’s legs retracted and wheels emerged. The purple robot rolled towards the airlock.

“I have programmed your cybernetics to keep you prisoner for twenty-one days,” Chairbot said. “You won’t be able to use your hands for that time but I have instructed your other arms to feed you and to manage your waste cycle. I know how messy you organics can be.”

“Twenty-one days?” Obtanius said quietly.

“I also connected with your ship and hacked the system as well,” Chairbot said helpfully. “It will carry you in the opposite direction, as well as shut down all communications so you don’t call for help.”

“You little feces,” Obtanius swore.

Chairbot rolled the bounty hunter to the airlock door and stopped. The lower metal arms pushed off from the chair and propelled Obtanius through the air towards his own airlock. As the bounty hunter entered his ship and his ship’s gravity field, his body crashed to the ground.

“Don’t worry!” Chairbot said through Obtanius’ communicator. “From my years of observing Mistress, I know how sexually needy organics are. I programmed your arms to give you manual release every hour!”

“What?” Obtanius asked but the communication link was broken. The airlock closed and he was back on his own ship. Warning lights announced that they were no longer connected to Vaquel’s ship.

The metal hand cinching Obtanius’ cock relaxed. The bounty hunter sighed as the metal palm stroked his abused root. He climaxed in seconds, feeling no pleasure but a tremendous release of pressure. True to Vaquel’s prediction, he made a mess on his legs.

“Fuck,” Obtanius swore. It was going to be a long twenty-one days.

Jul 082019

The Call of the Six is a the first part in a new series from me. The series is called the Cult of the Carnal Ascension, which is my take on a sex cult set in the modern world. The “Six” in the title are six mysterious beings who command a young man at a customer call center to bring about a new age of pleasure. He gets to become a cult leader and assembles a harem of followers, but he is also the beloved sex slave to the six gods who command him.

This series combines some of my favorite things: magical realism, positive sex cults, BDSM, and quite a few orgies. It also doesn’t ever mention a few things I hate like the term ‘Alpha males’, or insecure dominants who are afraid of indulging their desires. I hope you give it a try.

Purchase the Call of the Six here.

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