Aug 102020

I held Lillian’s heavy breast in one hand, careful not to smudge any of the painted letters. With my other hand, I held a small brush as I touched up the letter ‘G’. The bottom half of the letter was red and angry so I was trying to be careful.

Disco music played on the speakers. A circle of porn magazines from the 70’s surrounded us. The flames of nineteen white candles flickered.

“Who is this asshole again?” Lillian asked.

“His magic name was Stephen Karma, and he was an expert on regional spirits,” I said. “He wrote the best book on sentient cities that I have ever read, although my copy has some rain damage.”

“Ow,” Lillian said when my brush touched another bruise.

“Sorry,” I said but I kept painting.

“And you can’t use a normal Ouija board?” Lillian asked.

“As you can tell, Stephen really liked tits,” I said, beginning work on the letter ‘M’. “And not just any tits. They have to be large, magnificent and wonderful examples.”

Lillian blushed. She was so pale with her dyed black hair that when she blushed, her skin turned a rosy pink. “Magnificent, huh?” she asked.

“That is why I asked your coven to send me someone of your qualities,” I said. “I am grateful that they answered my request, especially with the pandemic.”

“Coven Mistress said that they owed you,” Lillian said. “They owed you big. She didn’t tell me why.”

“Well, when they need someone with my qualities for a magic work, I am always happy to help,” I said.

Lillian licked her lip. She was young and her cues were an open book written in large type. “What kind of qualities?” she asked. “Are they big ones?”

I painted another ‘No’ on her right aureole. The previous one had been rubbed completely off.

“Okay, so he likes tits,” Lillian said. “But can’t we use one of those glass things they use on Ouija boards?”

“A planchette,” I said. “And no. Stephen prefers the personal touch.”

I put the paint brush down and inspected my work. The golden letters glittered in the flickering candle light. Waving my hand, I dried the paint as best I could.

“Ready to continue?” I asked.

“How many more questions do you have?” Lillian asked.

“It’s a bit more complicated than that,” I said. “I’m trying to replace one of the damaged parts in the book. I’m going to need him to pinch out an entire page worth.”.

Something close to a whine escaped Lillian’s lips before she remembered that she was serving a friend of her coven.

“Can we ask him to not pinch as hard?” Lillian asked.

“I wouldn’t do that,” I said.

“I want to try,” she said.

It was her right. “Stephen Karma, would it be possible to pinch a little softer?”

An invisible force flattened Lillian’s right nipple. The bottom part of the ‘No’ was caught in the pinch. Lillian hissed and tears sprung once more to her eyes. “Okay, okay!” she snapped.

The nipple resumed its normal shape, although it was much harder now.

Lillian looked right at me. “Fine, you were right. Let’s get this over with. Ask your questions, but you’re going to fuck me stupid when this is over.”

I kissed her left nipple. She moaned from my answer.

Aug 072020

The next collection of Vaquel Di stories is finally available for purchase on Amazon. This volume contains all of the stories from 2016. In case you forgot, that was when Vaquel traveled through a sparsely populated area of solar systems that had hidden rebels, exiled generals, fungus growers and claim jumpers. The theme that year was inspired by my reading of the mountain men who explored/haunted the American west.

I was recently reviewing the sales history of my amazon books and I was pleasantly surprised to see that my Vaquel books have been almost popular. That is a big change from when I first released. I was less pleasantly surprised when I realized I only released the first five years. This will be corrected and I hope to be caught up to current times by the end of the year.

Get your copy here.

Aug 052020

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Queen’s Pretty Face Sends You into subspace,” by Royal Astronomers. The system has three planets, and one large asteroid system. The asteroids are inhabited with a high level of mining operations. The Goxx are an industrious species.

I have been invited to meet the Champion of Speed on the innermost planet. It is a shame; I would have rather visited the asteroids and see what kind of minerals they are extracting. I will be sure to drop a micro-probe as I go by and see what the scanners pick up. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I’m off to meet another Champion. Each one of them has been an excellent sexual partner. I just hope the Champion of Speed doesn’t finish in seconds.

Vaquel Di stepped out of her probe ship. The bright sun caused her to shield her eyes. The skintight white spacesuit she wore struggled to keep her body temperature regulated. It put extra cooling to her large ass and larger breasts. A bead of sweat was already trickling out of her short pink hair.

“Fucking desert,” Vaquel whispered. Thankfully this entire planet wasn’t a desert, just the place where the Champion of Speed lived. Vaquel tried to avoid deserts as much as possible. They tended to be dull and predictable.

A walkway from the landing path guided Vaquel to a large pool of water. Succulents surrounded the pool in a circle. A small blue tower stood beside the pool, and from the top came a constant cascade of water to fill the pool.

There was a door at the base of the tower. Vaquel walked up to it and looked for a communication panel. Before she could find one, a small holographic face appeared before her.

“Welcome Vaquel Di of Euphoria,” the face said. “The Champion of Speed is running late. Please enjoy the comfort of the oasis. She will be here shortly.”

Vaquel snorted. Running late? What kind of Speed champion was she?

The pool did look inviting though. Vaquel walked up to it and pressed a button on her belt. The white material around her hand retracted and exposed her brown fingers. She reached down and touched the pool. It was cool to the touch.

“Queen’s tit, that must use a lot of power,” Vaquel said. She knew that the Goxx used currency, but their Champions appeared to have unlimited funds. Was it one of the privileges of being the best at what they did? Was there a Champion of Finance somewhere?

Something moved on the horizon. Vaquel had been ambushed on so many planets that she noticed it right away. The speck was small, and hovered above the ground. It was also rapidly getting larger. Whatever it was, it was moving incredibly fast.

Vaquel took an optical scanner from her belt. She raised it to her eye and hit the zoom button. There was a brief glimpse of something but at the speed it was moving, the zoom was already out of focus. The scanner calibrated and adjusted for the target’s velocity. At a distance of one hundred kilometers she got her first look of the object.

It was a Goxx woman. She wore a tight green bra to bind her large grey tits. A short strip of blue hair ran down the center of her head. Green shorts hugged her pelvis and thighs. She stood in a semi-crouch with her left side facing forward. Her arms were stretched out, along the axis of her hips. There was a big smile on her tusked face.

But what she standing on? It was some sort of flat platform. Yellow in color, it didn’t have any visible form of propulsion. Vaquel estimated it was almost two meters long and a meter wide. It must be the Champion’s Icon, the prize and symbol of their supremacy.

A swarm of drones detached from the blue tower. Each were the size of Vaquel’s fist. She recognized them as cameras from her other encounters with the Goxx. This species obsessively recorded everything their Champions did.

The rapidly approaching Goxx slowed down. She cut suddenly to the left and then the right before coming to an abrupt stop at the edge of the pool. A gust of wind blew into the pool area and tiny sand particles brushed Vaquel’s face.

“Hello!” the Gozz woman yelled. She stepped off the floating platform and onto the ground. Her feet were bare. The platform floated upwards and tilted ninety degrees. The Goxx woman tucked the platform under her arm and approached Vaquel.

“You must be Vaquel Di,” the woman said. “My name is Ailynn. I have watched your videos.”

“I hope you enjoyed them,” Vaquel said.

“I did,” Ailynn said. Her nose wiggled and there was a darkening of her grey cheeks. “Uh, do you mind if I uh,”

“Go ahead,” Vaquel said. She knew what the Champion wanted, though it amused Vaquel that Ailynn was being shy about it.

Vaquel pressed a button on her belt a seam appeared in her white spacesuit. She pulled the sides to expose an ample amount of her brown breasts. Not all of her breasts, of course, Vaquel knew the value of teasing.

Ailynn bent over until her face hovered above Vaquel’s breasts. Her nostrils flared as she took in a deep breath. She closed her eyes and let out a low moan.

Vaquel stood there and let the Champion enjoy herself. The Goxx emitted a specific musk when they climaxed. The males ejected their musk through their mouths while the women expelled theirs through their pussy. Vaquel had taken both over the last few months and most of it seemed to soak her tits. Although she had scrubbed and scrubbed, the strong scent remained.

“Thank you,” Ailynn said. She stood back up and looked Vaquel over. Her eyes slid over Vaquel’s ample brown breasts, her wide hips, her thick thighs and long legs. When her eyes returned back up to Vaquel’s face, there was a knowing smile on the Champion’s lips. Clearly, she had decided to add her musk to the previous champions.

Vaquel smiled back. She had made a similar decision. Ailynn’s body was lithe and wiry. She tried to count the abdominal muscles on the alien and gave up for there was too many. The powerful legs looked like they were carved out of grey stone. Vaquel yearned to grab a handful of the Champion’s solid ass.

“I am a little sweaty, and I need to clean myself,” Ailynn said. “Would you like to join me in the pool?”

“I would love to,” Vaquel said. Maybe the water will dilute Ailynn’s musk when Vaquel makes her come.

One of the drones beeped. “Sorry to interrupt, Champion.” A small hologram of a Goxx man appeared.

“That’s okay, Administrator,” Ailynn said with a patient smile. “Go ahead.”

“There is an unforeseen Jonner outbreak on Saig Three, in the Demi Forest!”

Ailynn’s face grew serious in an instant. “There’s never been an outbreak there. How advanced is it?”

“Category Six,” the Administrator responded.

“Be right there,” the Champion said. She waved her hand and the hologram vanished.

“Where is Saig Three?” Vaquel asked.

“It is the third planet in this system,” Ailynn said. “I need to stop this invasion right now. Want to come along?”

“Uh, sure,” Vaquel said. She had fought the Jonner before. They were interdimensional pests that took on the characteristics of nearby biological lifeforms. Left alone, they quickly overwhelm the native life and establish a hive.

“Want to come along in my ship?” Vaquel asked.

“No, it would be quicker if I just took you with me,” Ailynn said.

The Champion of Speed dropped her Icon. It flipped and hovered a few decimeters above the ground. Ailynn stepped onto it and held her hand out for Vaquel.

“Let me get my helmet,” Vaquel said.

“No need,” Ailynn said. She kept her hand out.

Travelling through space without a helmet? That was insane. It was against every lesson that they taught at the Royal Navy Academy. Vaquel couldn’t do it.

But riding that platform would mean Vaquel would have to share a tight space with a very sexy alien woman. Fuck it. Vaquel took Ailynn’s hand and stepped onto the flat plane.

“This will be fun,” Ailynn said. She turned Vaquel around to face forward and then pulled her back until Vaquel’s ass pressed against Ailynn’s thighs. One large arm went across Vaquel’s chest.

The platform shot forward. Momentum forced Vaquel back into Ailynn’s solid body. The desert rushed by at super speed.

Vaquel gasped. She squinted against the wind before realizing there was none. Inertia pushed her back into Ailynn’s muscular body, but something blocked the air from striking them. There must be some sort of force field that she couldn’t see.

The desert gave way to ocean. Vaquel cried out as the platform kept going. Waves undulated below them but the platform rose to just barely miss the cresting water.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel screamed as they nearly missed a looming wave.

Ailynn laughed. “Sorry, I’m just showing off. We’re perfectly safe.”

“How do you control it?” Vaquel shouted.

“Instinct mostly,” Ailynn said. Her arm tightened around Vaquel’s chest, flattening her breasts. “Hold on.”

Vaquel gripped Ailynn’s powerful arm. The platform, already moving at an incredible speed, surged forward at a new velocity.

The ocean changed into a shore. The shore disappeared in two heartbeats to be replaced by a forest. The platform rose and cleared the tops of the trees.

Vaquel’s heart pounded in her chest. She had never moved so fast, at least not on a planet. This was faster than a hyper train. This was quicker than any jet bike. The lack of a visible shell around them added to the sense of vulnerability.

“I thought we were going to another planet,” Vaquel shouted.

“We have to build speed before breaking orbit,” Ailynn shouted back. “Enjoy the view.”

Mountains appeared before them. The platform turned and skimmed the edges of the rocky crags. The mountains were left behind for a large plain. Cities loomed in the distance to either side but were soon left behind. The encountered another ocean and zoomed across it.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel repeated. This was incredible. Adrenaline pumped through her body. She was aware of every part of her body. Hard nipples rubbed against the confines of her tight spacesuit. Solid thighs pressed against Vaquel’s ass. The Champion’s fingers gripped Vaquel’s hip with sensual tightness.

“Get ready,” Ailynn said.

“How?” Vaquel shouted.

Ailynn laughed again. A shore rapidly approached. The platform tilted upwards and speed away from the surface. They shot into the open sky at unearthly speeds.

Vaquel screamed. Every instinct told her to slap on her helmet but it was back on the ship. She shielded her eyes despite the lack of wind.

Thick clouds surrounded them and then were gone. The glow of the atmosphere was laid out in front of them and then it was gone. The dark void of space surrounded them as they kept going.

“Queen’s holy tit!” Vaquel yelled. She was surprised to hear her voice in the emptiness of space.

“Shhh,” Ailynn said. “Relax. Feel it.”

Feel what? Her lings explode from the lack of atmosphere? Vaquel was about to respond when she realized that she did feel something. There was a tingling, all over her body. It was gentle, like someone was pleasantly humming against every millimeter of her skin.

“Ohh,” Vaquel said. She looked at her hand. Orange sparks leaped from her fingers. “What is it?”

“A by-product of space travel with the Icon,” Ailynn says. “The cosmic energy that powers the Icon has a weird reaction with space. I am not sure if it in intentional or just a happy accident. Check out what happens as we go faster.”

Sparks flew from the tip of the platform. The humming intensified, but it also moved. She felt it travel up her toes, along her thighs, deliciously over her pussy lips, up her stomach, around her breasts, onto her hard nipples, up her neck, across her lips, brushing the tip of her nose, nip her ears and wash over the top of her skull.

“Fuck,” Vaquel moaned.

“That was what I was thinking,” Ailynn said. She placed a hand on Vaquel’s shoulder. Despite the spacesuit, the contact resulted in a surge of humming on Vaquel’s skin. It was like a dozen mouths kissing her shoulder at the same time.

Ailynn’s other hand released Vaquel’s hip and slowly dragged across Vaquel’s waist. Vaquel shuddered as the vibrations danced across her belly. The hand moved up to cup a breast.

Vaquel arched her back against Ailynn’s body. Vibrations hummed wherever their bodies touched. The sensation from Ailynn’s hand on her nipple was almost too intense. Almost. Vaquel bit her lip and rode the sensations.

“It is so weird that your species has sensitive breasts,” Ailynn said. “I guess it makes up for having numb bellies.”

“Mmmm,” Vaquel groaned in response. She wasn’t capable of saying much else.

Ailynn leaned forward. Her hand moved from Vaquel’s shoulder to around Vaquel’s hip. She pressed her palm into Vaquel’s crotch.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried. Her body shook. She held onto Ailynn’s grip as vibrations pummeled her tit and pussy.

The platform continued to race forward. A planet to the left grew larger and larger as they sped by it. Distant stars twinkled ahead.

Vaquel tried to calculate the speed of their velocity but the vibrations made it impossible to think. She gave up and focused on fucking Ailynn’s hand instead. Her hips moved, grinding her ass into Ailynn’s thighs while at the same time, humping the Champion’s hand.

Lights flickered in the distance. “Are those ships?” Vaquel asked.

“Asteroids and mining stations,” Ailynn said. She rubbed her humming palm into the side of Vaquel’s neck.

Vaquel trembled. “Are we going to slow down?”

“No,” Ailynn said. She moved her hand to Vaquel’s face and ran a single finger over her lips.

Vaquel touched the finger with her tongue. A jolt went through her. She laughed and licked it again.

The lights grew brighter. Shapes of giant rocks came into view. The density of the asteroid field was worrying.

Sparks flew as the Champion’s platform went faster.

A giant asteroid, pockmarked with drill holes, tumbled towards them.

“Queen protect us!” Vaquel screamed.

The platformed dipped down. The floating rock rotated above them as they sped by. Vaquel could reach out and touch it if she had the courage.

The humming grew more intense. Ailynn’s hand pressed down hard against Vaquel’s crotch. The powerful sensation penetrated deep with Vaquel’s wet sex.

Vaquel moaned. She gripped the Champion’s arm and held on as her body writhed.

They left the proximity of the giant asteroid and sped towards a smaller one. The platform rose and skimmed the top of it. Another asteroid came from the side and the platform changed direction by only a few degrees to avoid it.

Vaquel watched in stunned horror. They were going too fast. Obstacles appeared and then vanished before the space explorer could process it. The platform ducked, dodged and weaved from one terrifying near miss to another.

Ailynn said nothing. She held onto Vaquel’s neck and pussy as she guided the platform through an impossible obstacle course. The only hint that the Champion wasn’t totally engrossed in their predicament was the fact that her hips were slowly grinding against Vaquel’s back.

Unable to comprehend how they were still alive, Vaquel surrendered to the moment. She leaned into Ailynn’s strong humming body. Humming vibrations filled her drenched pussy. She leaned into the Champion’s hand on her cheek.

As the platform skimmed the side of a slowly thrusting mining station, Vaquel’s body crested into orgasm.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out.

Pleasure obliterated Vaquel’s fear. She laughed as asteroids barreled towards them and were deftly avoided. Her body writhed under Ailynn’s touch as she was brought to another orgasm.

Suddenly, there were clear of the asteroid field. Empty space stretched once more before them. A distant dot grew larger and took on the shape of a planet.

“Enough, enough,” Vaquel said. She pulled Ailynn’s hand away from her crotch. Juices ran down her thighs inside her spacesuit. She peeled her back from the champion’s body and stood up on her own.

“Remember, I need to keep in contact to keep you on the Icon,” Ailynn said. Her hand shifted to Vaquel’s shoulder.

“Oh, we’re keeping contact,” Vaquel said. She turned around and faced the Champion. There was a smug smirk on the grey woman’s face.

Vaquel dropped to her knees and grabbed Ailynn’s hips. She leaned forward and placed her lips on one of the many exposed abdominal muscles. Sparks connected her lips to Ailynn’s skin. She stuck out her tongue and took a lick. Salty sweat stuck to her tongue. That’s right, the Champion never did get a chance to clean off in the pool.

Ailynn shuddered. Her hands went to both of Vaquel’s shoulders. Residual energy from the Icon made Vaquel’s short pink hair dance.

Kissing Ailynn’s stomach made Vaquel’s lips tingle but she kept at it. Her tongue licked the valleys of the Champion’s muscles. She alternated between loving licks and quick kisses. Overcome with lust, Vaquel allowed herself a quick bite with her teeth.

Ailynn hissed. Her hips swayed back and forth. She tightened her grip on Vaquel’s shoulders.

Vaquel explored the Champion’s chiseled stomach with her lips and tongue. The salt of her alien’s sweat made Vaquel thirsty for more. When her lips grew numb from the constant touching, Vaquel used the tip of her nose to slowly graze Ailynn’s sensitive flesh.

“Fuck me, Vaquel Di,” Ailynn moaned. “Fuck me, Champion of the Mouth.”

Vaquel pulled on Ailynn’s shorts. She had trouble pulling the tight cloth over the thick legs. The shorts came down to reveal two smooth vaginas, one slit a few decimeters above the other. Vaquel leaned in and gave the top one a quick lick.

Ailynn cried out. The platform swerved to the side with an uncharacteristic lack of control. Ailynn kept one hand on Vaquel’s shoulder and roughly pulled her shorts down to her ankles and then stepped one foot out of them. She spread her legs for Vaquel’s attention.

Desire dripped from each pussy. Vaquel took one long slow lick of the bottom sex and worked her way up to the top sex. Both pussy lips quivered at her touch. She licked her way down the same way.

“More,” Ailynn said. “You’ve teased me enough! Fuck me!”

Vaquel laughed. She let go of Ailynn’s hips and brought her left hand down to the Champion’s bottom sex. Three of her fingers slipped into the wet pussy with ease. She added a fourth and it slid right in.

“More,” Ailynn moaned.

Vaquel placed her right hand on the alien’s top pussy. This time she started with four fingers and they slipped in to her knuckles. With both hands inside the Champion, she pumped each pussy.

Ailynn cried out. The platform wobbled.

Vaquel prayed to the Gods of the Next Life that they didn’t collide into anything. However, if she was going to die in space, she might as well go out fucking. She pressed her lips back to the Champion’s incredible abdominal muscles and resumed licking.

Ailynn’s fingers dug into Vaquel’s shoulders. Her hips moved as she fucked Vaquel’s hands. Sparks flew as the platform’s velocity increased.

“More,” Ailynn moaned.

Vaquel knew what to do. She curled her hands inside the Champion’s slick pussies. The large woman’s sex accommodated both fists. Vaquel shifted her rhythm, alternating her thrusts and using some combinations she learned in her self-defense classes.

At the same time, Vaquel kept worshipping the champion’s belly with her mouth. It was easy to do. The thrusting of her fists was automatic to her, and the licking and kissing of hard muscles under smooth skin was irresistible. Vaquel could do this all day.

Ailynn however, could not. She panted as her vaginal muscles constricted and expanded. Tremors ran up and down her hard legs. The platform shook like a starship with the stabilizers offline.

The Champion screamed. Thick musk sprayed from both stuffed pussies and splattered Vaquel’s arms. Ailynn rose on her toes as she rode the pleasure exploding within her.

Vaquel froze. The alien’s sex was too tight to move her hands. She planted one last kiss on Ailynn’s stomach with her numb lips.

Ailynn let out a loud sigh. She settled back onto the flat of her feet. The platform stopped shaking. The vaginal grip around Vaquel’s wrists relaxed.

Vaquel pulled her hands free. Musk dripped from her hands and arms. Some of it had even splashed her chest. Praise the Queen that she was wearing a space suit and didn’t get it on her skin this time.

“Almost there,” Ailynn breathed.

Vaquel stood up and turned around. A yellow planet grew larger. She stepped back into the Champion’s embrace. The powerful arm wrapped back around her.

“I’m going to drop you off at the forest’s edge,” Ailynn said. “There is a city there and the locals will get you some refreshments. It will be quicker if I take on the Jonner by myself.”

“How long will that take?” Vaquel asked.

“Long enough to smash through thousands of Jonner at super-speed,” Ailynn said.

“So, not long at all?” Vaquel said.

“Ha, you got that right. Why? Are you in a hurry?” Ailynn said.

“Of course, I am,” Vaquel said. She snuggled against the Champion’s firm body.

“I’m looking forward to the trip back.”

Aug 032020
I’m also jealous of this cover.

Voyeur Mode Engage by Amanda Close is a clever porn book. The premise is that in the future, people will plug into a virtual reality simulation called Exotica allowing them to explore sexual fantasies that would not be safe, sane or legal in real life. Customers play some of the roles, but actors employed by the company play other roles. In addition, some roles are played by the computer programs. This creates a layer of distance where you never know if the hot biker guy pushing you up against the wall is being controlled by a real person or not.

That is an interesting idea on its own, but Voyeur Mode blurs the lines even further by turning the book into an anthology of sexual fantasies. The frame is that you the reader are engaging in Voyeur Mode allowing you to switch between different characters and scenarios. This lets the author tell four distinct stories with no connection between them except the illicit sex. It also lets the author do some smart bits like rewinding a scene or fast-forwarding the scene to get to the sex. This reinforces the idea that you, the reader, are one of the users of this virtual system.

You don’t just watch the scene, you experience it from the point of view of one of the characters. Is that character real? Maybe. Are you just watching computer programs go at it? It is hard to say. Does it change how hot a given scene is? That’s an interesting question asked by the first story which is centered on an Exotica actress. There are no easy answers.

This is a really arousing book that is worth the read just for the sex alone. The premise is clever enough that I would read entire series done in this style. Probably the highest compliment I can give it is that I wish I had thought of it first for my own fiction.

Jul 312020

Fucktoy was grateful for Mistress’ cruel fingers entwined in her hair. She was especially grateful for Master’s hard cock pulsing in her mouth. Most of all, she was grateful for the pillow they put on the floor for her knees. Fuck that hardwood floor.

Mistress pulled on Fucktoy’s hair. Pain danced along Fucktoy’s scalp. She pulled her head back, following Mistress’ guidance. Master’s cock slid between her lips. When Master’s cock was almost free from Fucktoy’s mouth. Mistress pushed with her hand and Fucktoy slid forward. The head of Master’s cock hit the back of Fucktoy’s throat and Fucktoy moaned.

Fucktoy looked up to see Master and Mistress leaning over her kneeling body. Master’s pale hands groped Mistress’ large brown tits. He was gentle with them, showing a kindness he never had for Fucktoy’s bruised breasts.

She could hear them kiss. It was a wet sound as they devoured each other’s mouths. There was an occasional growl and Master’s hips would buck or Mistress’ fingers would tighten.

Mistress pulled on Fucktoy’s hair. Fucktoy’s head slid back and forth. Master’s cock fucked her mouth.

Fucktoy moaned. No one fondled her breasts. No one kissed her lips. The heat in her own pussy was ignored. No permission had been given for her to touch herself. She was forbidden from gripping Master’s strong thighs or reaching back for Mistress’ unearthly soft skin.

Adoring eyes were locked on each other, but not the Fucktoy they had between them. This wasn’t about her. Tonight, she was a toy for their lovemaking.

It was enough.

Jul 292020

Dazanna entered the shower. The monitor told her to remain still. Multiple yellow beams struck her naked body and scanned her skin. The beams lingered over her right breast plastered in semen. Scanners cataloged the immense amount of come in her long blue hair. The beams traced the vussy juice that stained her thighs. Finally, sensors calculated the amount of sweat, spit and lube sticking to her skin.

A neutral computer voice spoke. “Your status is FILTHY. This earns you a thirty percent discount. Do you accept these new terms? Yes/No?”

Dazanna smirked. Filthy was one way to put it. She had just serviced a married couple celebrating a recent trade deal. They were lovely gentlemen but both of those fuckers had genetically enhanced gonads resulting in bucket loads of come. Fortunately, they tipped her a generous bonus and she decided to spend some of that money here.

“Yes,” she said.

“Thank you for using ‘Wash-Your-Ass’. Please wait as we find someone to wash you. Person found. Please grip the safety handles. If at any time you wish to stop your shower, let go of the handles.”

Two handles lowered from the ceiling. They stopped on either side of Dazanna’s head. She closed her hands around them and the lights brightened.

“Shower beginning in three, two, one.”

Hot water fell from the ceiling. Dazanna moaned. It had been too long since she showered in water. The sonic shower in her habitation cube was thorough, but there was no beating the feeling of warm water cascading over your body. It was a luxury that only the richest on Pleasure Station Sigma could enjoy on a regular basis. For everyone else, they had to use commercial showers like Wash-Your-Ass.

A panel opened in front of Dazanna. Two synthetic hands extended on flexible arms. Somewhere on the station, someone had logged into the Wash-Your-Ass system and paid a higher fee than Dazanna had to operate these hands. They would be wearing tele-sensory gloves that would simulate how would it feel like to touch Dazanna.

Dazanna wondered if they were male or female.

The hands went straight to her large tits.

“It’s a guy,” Dazanna said.

The synthetic hands squeezed her breasts. Dazanna relaxed into the groping. Protocols programmed into the hands prevented the user from doing any harm. The hands glided over her wet tits and any squeezing was gentle and free of pinching.

Tiny nozzles emerged from the walls and sprayed a white liquid onto Dazanna’s body. The liquid reacted with the water and turned into foam. There was a slight tingling sensation as the foam broke down inorganic molecules.

Dazanna moaned again. The foam felt nice. It was an essential part of the process. The foam did most of the cleaning, allowing the operator of the hands to focus on what they wanted to.

The synthetic hands moved down to Dazanna’s hips. The soft texture of the pseudo-digits gently scrubbed her skin as they moved their way down to her thighs. The hands encased her left thigh and rubbed up and down.

Dazanna was surprised. The hands skipped her vussy. She would have thought they would go straight to her genitals. Did this person have restraint? Nah, they were probably just a leg person.

The force of the water increased. Dazanna moaned as the foam was washed away from her body. When the water pressure subsided, more gel was sprayed onto her body and turned into foam.

The hands on Dazanna’s thighs moved to her ass. Soft fingers cupped her buttocks and squeezed. Two thumbs came close to her asshole but didn’t attempt to penetrate.

Dazanna smiled. That was the safety protocols kicking in. Still, the synthetic fingers did touch her anus and did a thorough job of scrubbing.

Another nozzle emerged from the ceiling. It sprayed a green gel onto Dazanna’s wet blue hair. A second pair of synthetic hands emerged from the ceiling and tenderly stroked the gel through her hair.

“Fuck yes,” Dazanna whispered. This was the best part. She had paid extra to have the system clean her hair automatically. These hands were controlled by an artificial intelligence that was more concerned with hygiene then hair play.

The hands on Dazanna’s ass let go of her soapy buttocks. One hand returned to her right breast. Fortunately, that was one the one plastered in semen, so it could do with a little extra scrubbing. The hand moved in a circular manner, rubbing the tingling foam into her skin as it manipulated her heavy tit.

The other hand went to Dazanna’s sex.

“Finally,” Dazanna said. She had been well-fucked today, but she always welcomed a little attention on her vussy.

The synthetic hand cupped her sex. Protocols prevented it from entering her but it couldn’t stop it from grinding. The soft fingers ran up and down the lips of her foaming vussy.

Dazanna’s hips responded in kind. She humped the gentle fingers as they played with her vussy. Sometimes a finger would slip a few centimeters inside her before pulling back out.

Meanwhile, the hands above her continued to wash her hair. The fingers alternated between massaging her scalp and stroking shampoo through the length of her wet hair. Targeted water jets washed away any excess shampoo.

Dazanna was lost in sensations. The expert washing of her hair released the tension in the upper half of her body. The fondling of her vussy thrilled and stimulated her bottom half. She couldn’t decide which was better.

The hand on Dazanna’s breast rose to her face. Soft fingers stroked her cheek. A thumb slid playfully over her lips. She kissed the thumb and hoped the user to could feel it.

The water pressure increased once more. Foam slid from her body and into the drain. The hands in her hair wrung the last of the shampoo from her hair.

More gel sprayed onto her body. A third and final layer of foam was generated.

The hands in Dazanna’s hair moved to her shoulders. It scrubbed her arms with the same precision it used for her hair. These hands would clean what the hand operator had neglected. In this case, that was everything except Dazanna’s tits, ass and vussy.

The operator knew that time was running out. The hand on her sex moved up and down her vussy lips. The other hand went to her right breast and squeezed with urgent pulses.

Dazanna was close. If the hand on her sex just moved slightly quicker, she could get off. There was no clear way to tell the operator. The audio sensors garbled any attempt at verbal communication to prevent operators from stalking customers. It would be easiest just to show him how to touch her, but if she let go of the safety handles, then the shower would stop. Dazanna was helpless.

It was a pleasant dilemma.

The automated hands scrubbed her back. They rubbed at her sore muscles with tender care. Foam flowed down her back and down between the crack of her ass.

Dazanna realized she was going about this wrong. She didn’t need the hand on her vussy to go faster; she needed him to just keep his hand where it was. Her body would do the rest.

She rolled her hips and grinded against the hand. Her mouth opened and she let out a loud moan. She looked directly at the camera with her best fake orgasm face.

The synthetic hand froze. The operator thought he had made her come.

Dazanna continued her performance. She bit her lip. She shuddered. She rolled her eyes. Most of all, she grinded faster against those soft synthetic fingers.

The automatic hands moved down to Dazanna’s ass. They cupped the outside of her buttocks. Circular motions jiggled her ass.

Dazanna came, for real this time. She screamed her pleasure and her victory. Foam flew as her body quivered.

When she was done shaking, the synthetic hand left her vussy. It gave her tit a final squeeze before retracting into the wall. A moment later, the automatic hand scrubbed the vussy juice from her tit.

Dazanna laughed. She had came just in time. The shower was almost over.

A final surge of hot water cleaned the last of the foam from Dazanna. The automatic hands retracted and the water ceased. Blasts of hot air struck Dazanna from different angles, aiming to remove every drop of the precious water from her body.

The door opened. Dazanna reluctantly let go of the safety handles. The showers were always over too soon. It was a shame, but there was no denying how clean she felt. It was money well spent.

Of course, there was nothing stopping Dazanna from getting dirty again and coming back tonight.

Jul 272020

Wasteland Racer: Mutant Marines is my new erotica novella. Taking place after a terrible apocalypse, Johnny Marauder and his sidekick, Trunk-Slut, participate in a deadly race across eastern North Carolina. Well, Johnny does all of the racing as Trunk-Slut stays tied up in the trunk, only coming out to do maintenance. Don’t worry, she prefers it that way. Staying in the trunk makes her horny as fuck.

This book is a bit over the top. Johnny is a masked muscle freak who hits hard and fucks harder. His fellow racers consist of a smart car that gained independence, a pair of Satanic Nuns, an RV full of sex-crazed rednecks, dirty cops, creepy Furries, and a cannibal food truck. Every sex scene is violent and involves bondage or domination. Among the sights you will see are a swampy marine base, pig-infested roads and a tourist trap that was pretty damn politically incorrect BEFORE the world ended.

As you may have guessed, it is a violent book. People die and so do a few pigs. Living in America has desensitized me to violence so I have a hard time giving you an accurate warning. I think it is as violent as your average Mad Max movie, just without the rape.

I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you have just as much fun reading it. It would be nice to return to the world and write more races, but I think I will see how this one sells first. That is my subtle suggestion that if you like this book, please tell your friends, families and passing acquaintances.

You can buy a copy here.

Jul 242020

In lieu of a real post today, please accept this commissioned sketch of a witch character that has been percolating inside my head this past year. She was drawn by the lovely Michael Dean and you can see more of his work at his Patreon.

Normal smut posting will resume next week.

Jul 222020

“Are you into that kind of stuff?”

I looked up from the table of rope, cuffs and blindfolds. The woman who asked me the question was the operator of this flea market booth. She had grey hair, thick glasses and vague shape of a body under her baggy sweater and jeans.

“Yeah,” I said.

“So, you’re in the lifestyle, she said.

“Yes,” I said. She meant the bondage/domination/fetish scene. I didn’t tell her that it had been months since I actually hung out with kinky people and that my ‘lifestyle’ these days were mostly reading dirty ebooks.

“I got something in the back you might want,” the older woman said.

“Okay,” I said. The back must be where she keeps the real kinky shit that would scare the locals.

“Roy, keep an eye on things,” the woman said to a man closer to my age. Roy nodded back and kept looking at his phone.

The flea market was inside a warehouse, with curtains. The older woman pulled aside a curtain to show another curtained area. I followed her as she pulled aside another curtain. I felt like I was going through flimsy airlocks.

A cage sat on the floor. The cage was about three feet high. A woman with curly red hair sat inside the cage, wearing a red bikini top and bottom. She had her back to the cage and her legs open. There wasn’t enough room for her to stretch her legs so her knees were up. Bright hazel eyes looked up at me.

A sign was on top of the cage. It read, “$500”

I fought back a laugh. “Prostitution at the flea market is a new one,” I said.

“Leah ain’t a whore,” the older woman said. “She’s a slave. You can take her home for $500 and keep her.”

I didn’t know what to say. Yes, I did. I started with the most important question.

“Are you consenting to this?” I asked the caged woman.

Leah nodded her head. She crawled forward in the cage until she was up against the bars. Her bikini-covered tits pressed against the bars. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue.

“Leah’s a horny one,” the older woman said. “She belonged to my husband Bob, but he passed away two weeks ago. I don’t got much use for her. I prefer boys. She don’t talk to her family and it felt wrong to just kick her out.”

I squatted down in front of Leah. Her tongue curled and beckoned me. I raised my finger to her lips. She opened her mouth and I slid my finger between her lips. Leah closed her mouth and sucked.

“Why don’t you give her to one of your friends?” I asked.

The older woman shrugged. “They already got slaves and lovers. Plus, I didn’t want to just give away someone of value. That don’t feel right.”

Leah held my eyes as she sucked my finger. Her tongue slowly licked me.

“I don’t know,” I said. “What is her upkeep like? I never actually had a slave full time. Does she expect an allowance?”

Leah shook her head in the negative, with my fingers in her mouth.

“She don’t need money,” the older woman said. “Leah just likes to fuck, get tied up and spanked. Bob had her mow the lawn and help out with the chores. I got to tell you though, she can’t cook worth a damn.”

“Hmm,” I said and I pulled my finger from her mouth. Leah pouted.

“I had a girlfriend who wanted to be a full time slave,” I said. “It got exhausting. She was always expecting me to come up with new shit to do to her.”

Leah frowned. Her hazel eyes reminded me of a puppy.

“Nah, Leah ain’t like that at all,” the older woman said. “Just let her masturbate when she wants to and she’ll be fine. Bob used to give her old shoes to rub herself with. That kept her happy.”

Leah pulled down on her bikini top. The red fabric slid down to reveal lovely tan lines. She stopped just short of exposing her nipples.

Fuck, I wanted her. I stood back up. Could I afford a second person on my salary? There wasn’t that much room in the trailer. This might be a bad idea.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t have to mow the lawn again.

“Five hundred is a bit much,” I said. “Especially since I will need to feed her, take care of her toiletries and any other expenses. Can you do two hundred?”

Leah’s smile got bigger. Good, she wasn’t offended by the haggling.

“I am going to need more than that,” the older woman said. “I have sunk a lot of money into her the past two years. It would be nice to get some of that back. How about four hundred?”

“Hmmm,” I said.

Leah let go of her bikini top and reached for her sex instead. Her fingers stayed above the bikini bottom, but there was nothing subtle about her rubbing. A flush came over her face.

“See what I mean?” the older woman said. “She gets horny at the drop of a dime. Bad mouth her and she only gets hornier. You would never need to jack off again.”

“That is a plus,” I admitted. “But I am thinking I will need to buy some new clothes for her. Can you do three hundred?”

Leah rubbed her crotch harder. She bit her lip and looked up at me.

“Tell you what,” the woman said. “Make it three fifty, and I’ll throw in her old clothes I was planning to sell. It is about a suitcase worth.”

Leah trembled. Did she just come?

“Three hundred and twenty-five,” I said and I offered my hand to the woman.

The older woman hesitated. “Fine,” she said. “I’m tried of the house smelling like pussy.”

We shook on it. As I handed over my credit car, Leah let out a low trembling moan.

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Jul 202020

The naked ninety-nine foot tall woman smashed through downtown. Her massive foot flattened a sports car and the senior market analyst inside. A hip brushed against a building and tore a chunk of it off. Long brown hair fluttered but only slightly as the hair was too heavy for the wind to move.

A helicopter approached her from behind. Twin machine guns unleashed a volley of bullets at her ass. The high-speed impacts barely dimpled her enormous buttock.

The giantess cried out in rage more than pain. Windows shattered from her screams. She spun around and reached for the helicopter. The pilot was mesmerized by the swinging of mountainous breasts and failed to evade in time. She grabbed the bottom of the helicopter and crushed it in her hand. Helicopters blades detached and flew through the air.

The annoyance taken care of, the giantess turned at the intersection. Her shoulder clipped another office building, gouging a massive hole. The floor above the point of collision collapsed. Debris, glass and gawking onlookers fell from the building and onto the giantess.

One of those gawking onlookers was David Swertz. He screamed as he plummeted towards the ninety-nine foot tall woman’s freckled shoulder. When he landed, the impact knocked the wind out of him. He gasped for air when he should have been gasping for skin. A moment later, he slid down the front of the giantess’ chest.

It was a slippery slide. Sweat coated the giantess’ body. David slid down the ZZZx10^120 cup, gaining momentum from the sloped curve. The skin was too hard and the sweat was too slick. He just couldn’t get a grip.

David looked down. The nipple was fast approaching. Maybe he could grab onto the spongy flesh. He twisted and turned his body to aim for the nipple.

The slick skin gave way to the bumpy texture of the aureole. David grabbed on with everything he had. His fingers dug in and his momentum slowed. The nipple came up between his legs and he scissored his legs tight around it.

David came to a stop. He did it! He was alive! Overcome with joy, he kissed the breast that he was holding onto.

The giantess growled. The low-pitch rumble filled David’s bones.

He looked up. The Giantess looked down on him. She frowned.

“Sorry!” he yelled.

Massive fingers brushed David off the life-saving nipple.

The giantess flashed before his eyes. A pale flat stomach. A thick forest of brown pubic hair. Thick thighs. Shapely calves. Feet the size of buses.

Gray asphalt.