Jul 272020

Wasteland Racer: Mutant Marines is my new erotica novella. Taking place after a terrible apocalypse, Johnny Marauder and his sidekick, Trunk-Slut, participate in a deadly race across eastern North Carolina. Well, Johnny does all of the racing as Trunk-Slut stays tied up in the trunk, only coming out to do maintenance. Don’t worry, she prefers it that way. Staying in the trunk makes her horny as fuck.

This book is a bit over the top. Johnny is a masked muscle freak who hits hard and fucks harder. His fellow racers consist of a smart car that gained independence, a pair of Satanic Nuns, an RV full of sex-crazed rednecks, dirty cops, creepy Furries, and a cannibal food truck. Every sex scene is violent and involves bondage or domination. Among the sights you will see are a swampy marine base, pig-infested roads and a tourist trap that was pretty damn politically incorrect BEFORE the world ended.

As you may have guessed, it is a violent book. People die and so do a few pigs. Living in America has desensitized me to violence so I have a hard time giving you an accurate warning. I think it is as violent as your average Mad Max movie, just without the rape.

I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you have just as much fun reading it. It would be nice to return to the world and write more races, but I think I will see how this one sells first. That is my subtle suggestion that if you like this book, please tell your friends, families and passing acquaintances.

You can buy a copy here.