Sep 022008

Laura was bored again. Yesterday she had won the first match in the Von Madd Volleyball Tournament, had way too many drinks with some of the best players in the world and then went to bed after having a wonderful five course meal. The waiter who served her said that the meal was scientifically designed to prevent any hangovers from all the drinking she had done. She didn’t believe it but the meal was delicious.

The problem with not having a hangover on an island vacation is that you find yourself fully awake and alert at 8 in the morning. The tournament didn’t resume until noon which meant Laura had to amuse herself for four whole hours. Laura guessed she could have slept in, but staying in bed seemed like a waste of time.

Normally she would harass Victoria, but her partner was fast asleep. Laura was actually happy about that. She noticed her friend has been pretty uptight lately, so maybe sleeping in would relax her. Laura wished they were allowed to date the island staff. A new romance would definitely help Victoria unwind. Oh well, Victoria said they couldn’t and Laura had come to trust her judgment on these things.

Laura went down to the lobby of the hotel. She hoped to maybe find a map that could lead her to something fun. As she stepped over the elevator, she noticed a metal pole hanging down from the ceiling with a bar tied to the bottom end. If she jumped, she could just reach it. There was a large steel box beside the rope that looked very out of place. Of course she went closer for a better look.

“Push your limits!” a voice boomed out. Another ten foot tall hologram of Dr. Otto Von Madd appeared.

“Yep, once again I am eye level with your crotch,” she said.

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The hologram looked down at Laura. “Are you brave enough to push your limits? Are you strong enough to endure ten minutes of excitement? Do you want to win awesome prizes?”

“Sure, I have nothing else to do,” Laura said.

“Correct,” the hologram said. “Nothing could be more important than participating in a Von Madd challenge! To begin, please remove your shorts and jump up to the Challenge bar. Please jump facing away from the Challenge Box.”

“My shorts?” Laura asked. “Is that part of the challenge or are you just a perverted program?”

“Prizes have been certified by an independent panel of prize experts to be awesome!”

Laura sighed. She looked around the lobby and saw only a handful of people working. They all had stopped their tasks and were now looking at her. She decided to just go for it. She was on vacation after all. Laura unbuttoned her shorts and let them drop. Good thing she had decided to wear her bright red bikini bottom instead of panties.

She jumped up to the bar and grabbed it with both hands. “Ok, now what?”

“Now the SpankBlaster 4000 will activate,” the hologram said.

The wall in front of Laura was a giant mirror. She could see the Challenge Box break apart into some sort of robot monstrosity. Eight arms snaked out and at the end of each arm was a cruel looking metal paddle. The arms went into a cycle of motions, cutting smooth arcs of paddling through the air.

“What the fuck is the challenge?” Laura yelled.

“This challenge is simple and fun!” the hologram announced. “Hold onto the metal bar for ten minutes while the SpankBlaster 4000 goes to work. If you let go of the bar, the SpankBlaster 4000 will automatically stop and you will lose the challenge. Are you ready?”

“Oh fuck,” Laura said.

“Push your limits!” the holographic Dr. Von Madd said.

A heavy thud echoed behind Laura as the SpankBlaster 4000 moved closer. The first paddle came flying towards her ass. Laura clenched her eyes and then felt the gentlest of taps on her bottom. The light tap was followed by another and then another. Instead of a thundering barrage on her ass, it felt more like a steady sprinkle.

“That’s it?” Laura asked. There was no answer from the hologram. The SpankBlaster 4000 continued to lightly tap her bikini clad ass.

Laura giggled. “At this rate, my arms will get tired first.”

After two minutes of the light spanking, Laura began to notice something. Her ass was slowly getting warmer. The spanks weren’t getting any harder, but her bottom was getting more sensitive. The constant patter of hits were making her ass very tender.

“Phase two!” the hologram announced.

“What does tha-Oww!” Laura said. The light barrage stopped and a paddle struck her ass hard. The force of the blow nearly made her let go of the bar. Before her ass was merely getting hot, now it was stinging.

WHACK! WHACK! Two blows struck the top of Laura’s ass..

WHACK! WHACK! Two more blows struck the bottom of Laura’s bottom.

WHACK! Another paddle hit Laura’s left buttock.

WHACK! Her right buttock was hit by a cruel paddle.

WHACK! The exact same spot on her left buttock was hit again.

WHACK! The exact same spot on her right buttock was hit again.

WHACK! A metallic arm swung around her entire body and hit her round tits with a surprise paddle!

WHACK! While she was still gasping from being hit in the tits, another arm snaked between her thighs and struck her ever so lightly on her pussy!

The pattern repeated. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left right, breasts and then cunt. This went on for at least five minutes. The simple pattern meant Laura always knew where the paddle was going to strike, but there was nothing she could do to protect herself.

A crowd began to assemble. Most of the people watching were Von Madd employees but Laura began to recognize a few players as well. Everyone was watching her getting spanked and quite a few of them were laughing. Laura wanted to hide from all of the watching eyes but that would have meant letting go of the bar. She tried closing her eyes so she couldn’t see them, but that didn’t help at all.

The SpankBlaster 4000 changed tactics. The paddling stopped and for ten blissful seconds, Laura’s ass was free of any abuse. It didn’t stop her ass from hurting though. Her bottom felt like it had been stung by a hundred bees. Her tits were sore too and the less she thought about her poor sex, the better. It wasn’t just where the paddle hit either. Her arms were burning from hanging so long and she waned nothing more than to just let go and end this challenge.

Laura held on.

WHACK! A paddle landed hard on her ass and it almost knocked off the bar.

“Oww!” Laura yelled.

Three long seconds passed by before the paddle struck again. Laura cried out from the sudden impact. Three seconds later, another paddle blow landed. Three seconds would pass before it would strike her sore bottom again.

Three seconds was an awful long time to wait. It was just enough time to see the laughing faces of the other players. It was plenty of time to notice how the Von Madd employees were studying her with their eyes. It was a lifetime for her tired arms and an eternity for her waiting sore bottom. Three seconds was enough time for Laura to realize how inexplicably wet she was between her thighs.

Laura started wishing for the earlier non-stop barrage.

“One minute left!” the hologram announced.

Laura laughed. She was going to make it!

The SpankBlaster 4000 went into overdrive. The punishing slow blows were replaced by a whirlwind of paddles. With state of the art precision, eight spanks a second were administered to Laura’s already tender bottom. Every centimeter of her ass was targeted for paddling.

“Fuck!” Laura yelled. She started to kick her legs in a mad attempt to avoid the paddles but it was no good. The SpankBlaster 400 never missed hitting her ass. Laura twisted and turned as much as her awkward position would allow and the paddles didn’t even slow down. That didn’t stop Laura from trying. Even though it was more exhausting on her arms to keep trying to dodge, she just couldn’t accept staying still and taking it.

The paddling stopped. Laura flinched as she imagined a paddle striking her incredibly sensitive ass. She felt phantom strikes as if her body had been trained to be spanked.

“Congratulations!” the hologram announced. “You have pushed your limits! Awesome prizes will be yours at the conclusion of the tournament!”

Laura let go of the bar. As soon as her feet touched the ground, she felt a jolt travel up to her ass. She couldn’t believe it but somehow her ass felt worse.

The crowd applauded. Someone came up to her and gave her a bottle of water. Laura drank the water down as the crowd kept applauding. People were patting her on the back. The humiliation disappeared as more people congratulated her. Already some one else was taking off their shorts for the challenge. Laura couldn’t believe it. She just got her ass pummeled and somehow she was some sort of a heroine.

One of the Japanese girls from the elevator ran up to her. Laura thought it might have been Yayoi.

“Mommy tits! Can I take a picture of your ass?”

Laura laughed. “Sure, maybe my ass will be as popular as my tits.”

“What a great vacation,” Laura said as she bent over for the camera.

to be continued,

Aug 282008

“What a difference a win makes,” Victoria thought. She was shaking hands with Angelica Vargas, the top Brazilian player in the world. Even weirder was the fact that Angelica had wanted to shake *her* hand. Actually, Victoria realized, the weird thing was that Victoria was still topless from the laser strip match and Angelica didn’t seem to mind.

“That was amazing!” Angelica said. “You did a great job out there!”

“Thanks,” was all Victoria could muster. “I just played my best.”

“No,” Angelica corrected, “you kept playing while your opponents spent all their time worrying about the tetas. You stayed focused. That’s what a good player does. You showed the rest of us how to play when things get weird around here. You set a good example for the rest of us. Every team that wins today owes their win to you.”

“Thanks,” Victoria offered again. She didn’t know what else to say. She had gone from laughing stock to someone great players admire?

What was more confusing to Victoria was that she couldn’t take her eyes off of Lewis. So far she had fucked the cute Tournament Assistant to bolster her ego. Now that she had defeated Annika Thorsen, her ego was doing just fine. So why was she still fantasizing about doing something cruel and imaginative to him?

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Victoria wished she could be more like Laura, who was already starting a long day of celebrating.

“Hey Victoria,” Laura yelled at her. Laura hadn’t bother to put on a top since the win. “Some girls from California want to take us out for drinks back at the beach bar. They said they lost to Annika last summer and they were glad we stomped the blonde queen.”

Victoria frowned. “Nah, I thought I would head back to our room. I’m fucking exhausted.”

Laura nodded and stepped closer to Victoria. Whispering, she deliberately turned her back to Lewis.

“I was curious; what you think about Lewis?” Laura asked.

“What do you mean?” Victoria said. She tried to keep her voice as natural as possible despite the faster beating of her heart. Did Laura know about her face fucking Lewis?

“I was curious if you think he likes me?” Laura said. “He was checking my tits out, and I thought what the fuck, if he’s interested maybe I can get lucky later.”

Victoria shook her head. “Laura, that would be so wrong. He’s our tournament assistant, not a piece of sex meat. If we fuck him, it would be like sexual harassment or something.”

Laura sighed. “You really think so? I mean we just played a game where lasers stripped our clothes. You think they would really get upset?”

Once she had started lying, it was easy as pie to keep at it. “Oh yes. I think I even saw something in the waiver we signed. If we fuck the staff, we get disqualified.”

“Well shit,” Laura said. “I might as well get drunk with the girls then. Are you sure you won’t join me?”

“No,” Victoria said. “I just was a good long soak in the tub.”

“All right, I’ll be at the bar if you need me,” Laura said. “

“Have fun!” Victoria said. Once Laura was a safe distance away, Victoria turned to Lewis.

“Take your shirt off and give it to me,” she said.

He smiled and those bright eyes of his beamed with worship. “Of course.” He
took his shirt off in one fluid perfect motion to reveal an even more perfect chiseled chest. He handed his shirt to Victoria like it was the most natural request in the world.

She put it on and smiled as the smell of him surrounded her. “Let’s go back to the room,” she said.

Lewis’s smile changed from worship to almost gloating. Victoria wasn’t sure she liked that change. The need to reassert herself came instantly.

“Don’t smile so much,” she said. “I’m not sure if I am fucking you yet.”

“I understand,” he said. “You know, you haven’t really talked to me much except give me orders. I might have skills you need.”

Victoria shrugged and kept walking. “You work on an island owned by a sex crazed genius. I’m guessing you answered some ad for body builders interested in an island vacation.”

Lewis laughed. “You think I’m a body builder? Wow, thanks. Actually I work as an engineer for Von Madd Laboratories. This is usually our summer shutdown period but Dr. Von Madd offered some employees a chance to do summer work on his island. I thought I could use a working vacation.”

They entered the light jungle that surrounded the living areas. The shade from the palm trees were a welcome relief to Victoria. It was late morning but the sun was merciless here.

“You’re really an engineer?” Victoria said.

“Does that disappoint you?” Lewis said.

Victoria shrugged. “Maybe a little. I mean, it is one thing to order some porter to fetch your bags, it’s another to tell someone with a science degree.”

Lewis laughed. “I understand my job is low brain power but that’s why I took it. I spend all year trying to squeeze a few more vibrations out of a motor and keep costs to a minimum. I deserve to spend a few days where all I need to worry about is where the extra ice in the suite.”

“That and when is the crazy volleyball girl is going to fuck you next,” Victoria said.

“That is an unexpected bonus,” Lewis said. “But yeah, I find myself a little obsessed with it. I don’t think I have ever been such a willing participant in something I seem to have so little control over. It feels kind of nice. I just wait and wonder if and when we might do something again.”

“I know when,” Victoria said.

“Oh?” Lewis said.

“Right now,” Victoria said.

She pulled him off the path and into the jungle. Her heart was racing again but she wasn’t nervous. Victoria felt the calm wash over her. She had made another snap decision and she was going to follow it through.

When they were out of line of sight from the path, Victoria put her back to a palm tree. She put her hands behind her and leaned back. Like a good assistant, Lewis kept his distance until she spoke.

“Take off my bikini bottoms,” she said.

Lewis knelt before her. His hands gripped her waist band and very gently pulled her bikini down. He pulled them off and carefully folded them and set them aside. His face was inches from her sex but he didn’t make a move towards that sweet sex.

“Now stand up,” Victoria said, “and take your shorts off. I want to see that cock.”

He was quick to obey. He unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop. Unlike the bikini bottom he so gently put aside, he simply kicked his shorts and underwear away. Lewis stood before her, waiting her next command.

Victoria took a moment to look at him. His cock was thick and already hard, which was good because anything else might have pissed her off. It curved ever so slightly to the left. She wondered how that would feel inside her.

Keeping her voice cool and detached, she gave her next command. “Stroke yourself,” she said. “Jack that cock while I decide if I want you in me.”

Lewis obeyed. He grabbed his cock and started pumping. His desperation shone through by the speed at which he stroked. He looked at her the whole time, his eyes never leaving hers.

“Stroke faster,” she said. Victoria reached down between her legs. She had planned to fuck him but now she changed her mind. The thrill of cruelty was too hard to resist. Victoria stroked her cunt, matching his speed almost stroke for stroke.

“Don’t look at my face,” Victoria said. “Look at my pussy. Focus there, you understand?”

“Yes,” Lewis said. He looked down between Victoria’s thighs and moaned. His fist pumped faster.

“Focus there,” Victoria said. “Think about me riding your face. Think about how wet and hot I was. Think about what it would be like to slip that cock right up inside me.”

Lewis moaned. His legs trembled a little.

“Think about fucking me against this tree,” Victoria said. She stroked faster. Her voice was getting more ragged as her breathing grew stronger. “Think about pounding me. Think about screwing my brains out. Think about making me scream from that cock.”

“Yes,” Lewis moaned. “I think I might come,” Lewis said.

“Hell no,” Victoria said, suddenly inspired again. “I forbid it. You keep stroking and you don’t come. Understand?”

“Yes,” he growled. His eyes flashed to her face. All that brightness and eagerness was there, but there was also a new depth of lust.

“Eyes down there,” Victoria said. Lewis looked back down at her stroking fingers.

She stopped talking and enjoyed the moment. Her ass could feel the soft bark of the pine tree on her bare skin. The wind blew through her blonde hair, partially obscuring her face. She could smell his scent through the shirt and she loved the feeling of cotton on her.

Most of all, she loved the power she held. Winning had been awesome but winning against someone’s will was proving addictive. Even if that will was so willing to be won. This handsome man was an engineer and yet he was struggling to hold back an orgasm because of her whim.

From the beach she could hear the distant roar of the crowd as they cheered another win. It was the last piece she needed. Victoria dug her fingers deep in her pussy and climaxed.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” she moaned. Her toes dug into the sand. Her thighs widened and her back arched. Through out it all, Lewis kept pumping his cock.

“Please,” Lewis said. His strokes were a lot slower now. He was ready to burst.

“No,” Victoria said. She almost climaxed again when he let go of his cock. Just like that, he denied himself for her command.

“Come over here and put my bikini back on,” Victoria said. “I’m ready to go get that bath now.”

Lewis sighed and then laughed. He knelt before her with his engorged cock bobbing between his legs. With bikini in hand, he put them back on her legs.

“I am here to assist,” he said.

to be continued,

Aug 262008

“You are tuned into the Von Madd Datalink Netowrk! I’m your host, Ed Jackson and for the next four days we will be providing you with non-stop coverage of the first annual Von Madd Beach Volleyball Tournament! So sit back, put your vibrating experiments on pause and start picking your favorite beautiful players now!”

“Joining me is the lovely Dr. Allison Parker. You may know her as the efficient project leader of the Mechanical Restraints division but did you know that Dr. Parker played beach volleyball in college? I bet you were a dominant player of that game, Dr. Parker!”

“Please, call me Allison, Ed. I have to say I was a terrible player. I kept getting distracted by the net. I thought it would look much better wrapped around my opponents.”

“Ha ha. Maybe if we play our cards right today, we might be able to net us a beautiful woman today.”

“There is certainly no lack of beauty today, Ed. The weather here at the beach is simply gorgeous. We have a slight breeze coming in from the east and there is not a cloud in the sky. The bleachers are jammed with sexy players and even sexier staff members if I do say so myself. The handsome Dr. Von Madd himself is sitting in his VIP box sipping a Pina Colada. I think the women surrounding him with fans are a nice touch.”

“Dr. Von Madd is laid back with his mind on the game and the game on his mind. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Beach Volleyball, we prepared a little rules break down for you. Allison, would you do the honors?”

“Certainly. Beach volleyball is a game between two teams of two players each. A ball is bounced back forth over a net and if the ball lands on a team’s side of the net, the other team scores a point. The ball can not be touched by the same player twice in a row, and it can not be touched by one team for more than three touches before being returned to the other side. Play continues until one team scores fifteen points, and has a two point lead. There’s other bits but I suggest you do your own research.”

“Well put, Dr.! Who are the first players for today?”

“First up is Laura Marie and Victoria Sage versus Sassa Ekwall and Annika Thorsen!”

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Laura waved to the crowd as they announced the first match. The crowd was polite in their applause but Laura thought she saw Dr. Von Madd give her a thumbs up. It was kind of hard to tell with all those girls around him.

“Annika Thorsen?” Victoria said. “Well, shit. I guess we’ll have an early day.”

“Is she good?” Laura asked.

Victoria closed her eyes. “She’s Sweden’s number one player. She trains on snow. Last year she was ranked fifth in the world. Yeah, she’s fucking good.”

Laura wasn’t discouraged. “Yeah, but we look fucking awesome in these suits!”

They were issued their swimwear this morning. The silver glittery bikinis clung to her body like paint. The top especially was extremely comfortable. Laura had been trying to pop out of her top all morning but the sparkling top stubbornly kept on her. There wasn’t going to be a repeat of the Nurber incident today.

“Well, we do look pretty good,” Victoria admitted. “It looks like every one is wearing the same swimsuit. I wonder why?”

Laura shrugged. “Who cares? I bet it’s some sort of swimsuit they’re testing. Lets just go out there and have some fun.”

Victoria managed a smile.

“There you go,” Laura said. “Sure, they might be better than us, but really, how much better can they be?”

“Holy shit Allison, the Swedish team is really demolishing their opponents!”

“I know Ed. The Swedish team has scored four times in a row with barely any sort of defense from the Americans. The Swedish team is just too powerful and fast. This is what happens when a better team is completely in control of a weaker opponent.”

“You know, when you put it that way, you make a massacre seem sexy.”

Laura watched in disbelief as Annika jumped to block Laura’s return. The poor girl had hit the ball with everything she had but it seemed to be moving in slow motion as Annika moved to position. The blonde titaness pulled back her massive arm and batted the ball like it was a lazy softball. The volleyball fired into the ground like a missile. Laura could barely watch the ball much less block it.

A booming voice announced the score. “Point Five!”

Lasers emerged from the top of the poles holding the net. Before Laura could react, a blue light fired at her. She felt a warm sensation on her chest. She looked down and her silver bikini top was completely gone!

“Victoria! It happened again!”

Laura clutched her breasts and turned to Victoria. To Laura’s almost relief, Victoria’s top was missing too!

“Time out!” Laura yelled. The referee nodded in agreement.

“What the fuck!” Laura yelled at her partner.

Victoria turned to the crowd. “Lewis, get you ass out here!”

The team’s Tournament Assistant jogged out to the two women. Laura noticed that he was smart enough not to smile at their predicament. That didn’t stop him from staring at the ample tits that Laura was unsuccessfully trying to hide.

“I’m sorry, ladies,” Lewis said. “I was just told after the match started about the penalty lasers.”

“Penalty lasers?” Victoria snapped. Laura could tell Victoria was about to explode with rage. What fascinated Laura was how unsurprised she was with this development.

Lewis tried to explain. “The lasers go into effect at the five point mark. If a team scores five points, then the other team loses their tops. At ten points, they lose their bottoms. It’s give the losing team encouragement to play better. I have also been given this card to read to you, hold on.”

“Von Madd Laboratories would like to assure you that the lasers were designed to only ignite the special material in your unique swimsuits. The lasers are harmless to human flesh though it is not advisable to stare directly into a laser while it is being fired. Please also do not run from the lasers as the beam might strike an audience member and result in premature declothification.”

“That is fucking insane,” Victoria said. “We can’t play with our tits flying out for every one to see!”

Ever since last summer, Laura had nightmares that were just like this. She dreamed of losing her top all the time and now her worse fear had come to life. She kept waiting for the terror to hit her, but it wasn’t coming. Laura decided to run with it.

“Sure we can!” Laura said. To prove her point, she moved her hands away from her breasts and put them on her hips. The crowd cheered.

“Think about it,” Laura continued. “I at least have done it before. Yeah it’s humiliating but I’ve had a year to get over it. The question you should be asking is can Ms. Sweden over there play like this? Can her partner? Can they keep playing know that they are about to flash all of their colleagues?”

Laura wasn’t sure if Victoria was going to buy this strategy. Then she saw Victoria move her hands to her hips too. The sun beat down on the topless team. What really made Laura relax was seeing that wicked smile of Victoria’s.

“You’re right,” Victoria said. “Let’s go strip us some champions.”

“I can’t believe it, Allison. The Swedish team just seems lost out there. Victoria and Laura have scored twice on them now.”

“I have to agree, Ed. I don’t know if it’s Laura’s big tits flying at them on every spike or if it is the fear of losing their own tops, but the Swedish team is really distracted out there. What ever the reason, the Americans are really pounding the Swedish team now.”

“Allison, you say the sexiest things. The score is five-four, and Victoria runs forward for the surprise spike! B-cups take to the air and score! It’s laser time and the crowd goes wild!”

“Hey Laura,” Victoria yelled.

Laura held the ball in one hand, ready to toss it up for the serve. Yeah?”

“You know now they are going to play harder now to avoid losing their shorts.”

Laura laughed. “That’s okay. Both teams know something that we didn’t know before.”

“What’s that?”

Laura pointed at the score board. “We know that they be can scored on.”

She served the ball with the confidence of a winner.

“It’s laser time again Allison! Annika Thorsen is butt naked for the Von Madd Datalinks audience! Apparently the Swedish women prefer not to shave!”

“That’s not all Ed! Apparently Annika is not a natural blonde either!”

The score is 10 to 7 and we could be watching the upset of the century! Annika and Sassa have already lost their modesty, now they stand to lose the match!

“Ed, check out Laura working the crowd! The girl thinks she’s a cheerleader! Did she just do a cartwheel?”

“Allison, she’s jiggling what her momma gave her!”

Laura felt amazing. She was topless and she couldn’t mistake the disapproving looks the other players in the crowd were giving her, but every one else was cheering her. It was such a complete reversal of the humiliation last year. Now she felt alive. Now she felt adored. Now she felt like an athlete, playing against impossible odds and insane challenges.

Laura was so wet she just wanted to fuck.

Winning would be just as sweet.

“Allison, we are at match point! The score is 14-8 and the Swedish team is looking tired.”

“They also look very pink. Their tournament assistant should have rubbed their tits and butts down with suntan lotion. I don’t think Annika knew she was nude sunbathing today. They are looking a bit burned down there.”

“Speaking of burning, Allison, the team of Laura and Victoria are on fire! The girls might have their tits to the wind but they seem so natural out there.”

“You’re right, Ed. These girls have declared war on the Swedish team and they don’t give a fuck about neutrality.”

“Umm, Allison I think you might have reached a little on that one.”

“Shut the fuck up, Ed, I’m having fun here.”

Laura’s heart pounded. Across the net, Sassa was shouting Swedish to her partner. Annika answered with a yell as she ran towards the net. Laura watched the Annika’s powerful legs pump across the sand. Annika’s black bush came closer and closer as Sassa sent the ball to the net.

The crowd went silent as Laura and Annika jumped in the air. The net separated the two as them and their tits went flying into the air. Time slowed down for Laura. She felt the wind on her hard nipples. She saw a spot of sand on Annika’s sunburned tit. Laura was distantly aware of Dr. Von Madd looking right at them, a refreshing beverage halfway to his lips.

Annika hit the ball.

Laura hands were already in front of the ball. She felt the ball strike her palms like a bullet. Pain shot down her arm.

The ball bounced back at Annika. It struck her right between her pink tits and then down to the ground.

Laura landed on the ground right as the referee’s whistle blew. The jolt of the ground traveled up her calves, up her thighs and straight to her sex. She screamed and everyone thought it was a cheer of victory.

No one knew she had climaxed from winning.

Aug 212008

Victoria ducked into the quiet of the elevator. Laura followed right behind her. The lobby outside thundered with the noise of a hundred volleyball players looking for their room assignments. Victoria’s natural instinct for crowd dynamics had taken her straight to the room assignment table and back out of the crowd to the quietest elevator. Laura was still dripping from the water balloon challenge and Victoria wanted to get her partner to a shower as soon as possible.

“Hold the elevator please!” a squeaky voice called out.

Victoria held the door open as two Japanese women walked in. Their short hair was dyed pink and blue. Both of them were dressed in ragged midriffs and torn blue jean shorts. She recognized them immediately.

“Oh my God, you’re Chieko Shimura and Yayoi Wakami!” Victoria said.

“Choke a what?” Laura said.

The two Japanese women looked at Laura and became more excited than Victoria.

“Look, Yayoi, it’s Mommy Tits!” Cheiko said.

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Yayoi put her face a few inches from Laura’s wet breasts. “They are so much bigger in person!”

Victoria felt her stomach sink. “You’ve seen Laura’s topless picture?”

“Oh yes,” Yayoi said, still staring at the breasts. “In Japan, we call her Mommy Tits because she feeds those babies on the baby food with her giant tits.”

Laura was smiling. “I’m famous in Japan?”

Yayoi nodded. “There is a manga series about you and your magical disappearing bra. You lose your top in every episode and are humiliated. I have all of the issues and the anime on DVD.”

Victoria was still in shock. “Wow, I can’t believe you’re actually here. I love watching your matches. You two are my favorite players. I just can’t believe you know who we are.”

Cheiko tilted her head at Victoria. “I am sorry, I don’t know you at all. “Are you Mommy Tits talent manager? Are you here as celebrity entertainment?”

“We’re volleyball players,” Victoria said. “I’m her partner.”

Victoria’s idol giggled. With complete sincerity, Cheiko asked “Do your panties disappear?”

The elevator door opened. “I’m so sorry, this is our floor,” Cheiko said. “I will see you tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what funny things you do at tournament.”

“Bye Mommy Tits!” Yayoi said. She waved to Laura’s breasts as the doors closed.

“They seem nice,” Laura said.

“They think we’re a joke!” Victoria snapped. “Cheiko Shimura thinks we are the god damned comic relief! I finally met my favorite player and she thinks I’m a manager for a pair of tits!”

Laura shrugged. “We are a bit out of our league. Try not to take it so seriously.”

They got out on their floor and went to their room. Victoria’s annoyance faded as she took in the splendor of the room. Actually, it was more of a suite with two separate bedrooms and a couch area. A flat screen television hung on one wall. A computer was on a table in front of the couch. Sunlight flooded the room and they had an amazing view of the beach and ocean. Their suite was bigger than either of their apartments.

“Well . . .wow,” is all Victoria could say.

“I’m going to take a shower,” Laura said. “Go raid the mini bar or something and relax.”

“Sure,” Victoria said. She sat down on the couch while Laura went into the bathroom. Victoria sighed. She loved the view and the suite, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that they didn’t belong here. They were going to go lose and lose bad.

The more she thought about it, the more she realized how much she and Laura didn’t belong here. Victoria was a decent volleyball player because she could see patterns. She could read defenses, anticipate offences and interpret team dynamics at a glance. The fact that every one else here was an awesome player, while Laura and Victoria were known only for exposing themselves, could only mean that they were not invited here to compete. They were invited to be ridiculed.

A knock at the door broke her out of her pessimism. She went to the door and peered through the peephole. Victoria half expected to see Yayoi wanting an autograph. What she saw instead was a very handsome black man in a white shirt and shorts.

Victoria opened the door. “We didn’t order the room service.”

The man smiled. “That’s great. I’m not room service. I am your Personal Tournament Assistant. “

Victoria looked at him. He was six feet of muscle and dark chocolate skin. His head was smooth and bald. It was his eyes that really caught her attention: they were so bright and eager.

Something cold and cruel emerged from within Victoria. “You’re a personal tournament assistant?”

“Yes,” he said. “My name is Lewis, and I have been trained in everything you may need.”

“I bet,” Victoria said. “Things like massages, making breakfast and helping me dress?”

Lewis’s eager eyes became brighter. “Well, yes, but also I can help you find your way around the island, make inquiries into any dietary needs you have and arrange any requested entertainments for you. It’s more of a gopher and personal secretary kind of thing.”

Victoria could barely hear his reasonable speech over her own lust. The humiliation of being laughed at by her favorite player was fresh in her mind. She wanted satisfaction. She wanted to feel in control.

“So if I asked you to assist with me sitting on your face, you would object?” she said.

Lewis was too stunned to speak, but those eager eyes were all the answer Victoria needed.

Victoria grabbed him by his shirt collar. She pulled him to her bedroom, which incidentally was as large as her entire apartment back home. Victoria slammed the door behind them and dragged Lewis to the bed. She turned him around roughly and then pushed him so that he would fall backwards onto bed.

“Ma’am,” Lewis said, “if you want I could get you a pillow or-“

He stopped talking as Victoria wiggled out of her shorts and panties. Once her bottom was bare, she climbed onto the bed and walked over till she was above his face. Without saying a thing, she lowered herself until her thighs embraced his head. She brought her pussy down to his face where Lewis joyfully opened his mouth.

Victoria groaned. Her sex melded onto Lewis’s mouth. She looked down and all she could see of his face were those bright eager eyes. Victoria clenched her thighs and she could feel him lick faster. She idly wondered how well he could breathe. Victoria decided she didn’t care.

She put her hands behind her and rested them on his broad chest. With this extra support, she took pleasure in slowly grinding against his face. She rode him. She claimed his mouth for her own pleasure. Her fingers dug into his shirt, scratching his chest underneath. Lewis’s mouth moaned from the light pain and Victoria’s pussy clenched from the vibrations.

Once again, Victoria’s troubles melted away. It was getting easier to slip into this frame of mind. As soon as she made the decision that she was going to facefuck this man, she could feel all of her worries and humiliations slipping free. She still remembered the high pitch laugh of her idol, Chieko Shimura, but it all seemed so inconsequential compared to sitting on a handsome man’s face.

Victoria moved her hips, enjoying the face her pussy slid easily over Lewis’s now soaked mouth. She thought about how mean she was to him and how she should at least maybe give him a hand job for his fabulous licking. Then she realized how frustrating it must be for him and a surge of new pleasure flowed between her thighs. No, it was better to leave him frustrated.

“I’m going to cum,” she said. Damn, she used to never climax this fast.

Lewis’s only answer was to lick faster.

“Fuck, fuck, yes!” Victoria said. Her orgasm burst through out her body. Her thighs clenched tighter as her fingernails clawed at Lewis’s chest. She shook with pleasure, but mostly she shook from the sheer power she felt from commanding this total stranger.

“Victoria!” Laura yelled from the main suite. “Where’d you go? I thinking of hitting the beach.”

“Oh shit,” Victoria said. She dismounted from Lewis’s face instantly. All the feeling of power was replaced with the sudden fear of discovery. Victoria scrambled off the bed and started putting her shorts back on.

Lewis just gasped for air.

“Quick,” Victoria said. “Wipe your face and umm, don’t tell my partner what we just did.”

Lewis sat up and looked at her. Despite the sudden shame Victoria was dealing with, she smiled when she saw that Lewis’s eager eyes hadn’t diminished at all.

“I am here to assist,” Lewis said.

To be continued,

Aug 192008

Laura was bored. Getting off the plane had been easy. Waiting for your luggage to be slowly unloaded by a staff that had obviously never handled luggage before was another matter. It was taking forever. Laura was ready to hit the beach or at least hit a bar. Out here by the airstrip there was nothing to do except stand around and hang out.

Laura did notice some sort of odd construction. It looked like some sort of long building that was barely ten feet tall. There was a man in a lab coat standing outside the building. A large sign stood besides the building. Out of curiosity, Laura went over to read it. She noticed that Victoria and a crowd of other players followed too.

The sign read, “Push your limits!”

“Ok, I’ll ask,” Laura said. “What’s up with this?”

The man in the lab coat said nothing. He pushed a button on the panel and a eight foot tall hologram of Otto Von Madd appeared. Laura noticed that due to the height of the hologram, she was eye level with Otto’s crotch.

“Welcome to Von Madd Island!” the hologram said. “Von Madd Laboratories has placed several challenges around the island that can be engaged at any time. These challenges will test your athletic ability and the data gathered will aid in designing future events. Winners will receive an award that will be determined at the end of the tournament. Awards are guaranteed to be awesome.”

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“What kind of challenges?” Laura asked the man in the lab coat. To her surprise, the hologram answered.

“Challenges will test your athletic ability as well as your personal limits. All challenges are safe and completely harmless which is why every challenge has a fully trained medical doctor on staff.”

The man in the lab coat raised his hand to indicate he was the trained medical professional.”

“Wait a minute,” Victoria said. “If it’s safe, why is there a doctor?”

The hologram looked down at Victoria. “Intellectual queries are not part of this challenge.” The hologram turned to Laura. “Are you willing to participate? Eighty percent of the testers who took this challenge described it as ‘unforgettable’.”

“Sure!” Laura said. “The prizes are awesome, right?”

“Very awesome,” the hologram said. “Please put your hands behind your back while the Challenge Technician prepares you for your challenge.”

“Okay,” Laura said. She put her hands behind her back while the man in the lab coat took out a chain and manacles.

“Hold on,” Victoria said. “What is that bondage gear for?”

The hologram answered. “The restraints are part of the challenge. Please allow the Challenge Technician to continue. Rest assured, there are plenty of restraints for everyone.”

“Relax, Victoria,” Laura said. “Where’s your sense of adventure?”

Victoria looked at her partner and shook her head. “Where’s your sense of caution? We’re on an island owned by a man who makes sex toys and you’re volunteering to get tied up.”

“I know!” Laura said. “Isn’t it great? What’s the point of being on a vacation if you don’t do something really crazy?”

The restraints pulled back Laura’s arms and secured her wrists to each other. Chains wrapped around the rest of her arms drawing them tightly back. Laura looked down and saw that her posture was forcing her into pushing her chest out. She wasn’t sure if the restraints were supposed to hold back her hands or if they were meant to push out her breasts.

“What exactly is this challenge?” Laura said.

“Oh, now you ask,” Victoria said.

Laura wasn’t sure, but the hologram seemed to frown at Victoria before turning to address Laura. “This challenge is a simple speed race. You must run the length of the tunnel in under five minutes. That is all.”

Laura looked down the length of the tunnel. “It’s what, thirty yards? Why so long to run thirty yards?”

“That is why it is a challenge,” the hologram said.

“That doesn’t answer the question,” Laura said.

“The prizes will be awesome!” the hologram said.

Laura felt a moment of hesitation. Her hands were tied behind her back and they haven’t even reached her room yet. The tunnel looked harmless, like one of this things kids run through and jump around without any fear of getting hurt, but that was suspicious in itself. Maybe she should back out.

But Laura looked at the other players there. They thought she was crazy. Not a single one of them was going to do it. That only encouraged her more. What the hell? Why not?

“Let’s do this!” she said. She kicked off her sandals. She had a feeling it would be easier to run barefoot through the thing.

The hologram changed to a five minute timer. The voice could still be heard. “The challenge begins in three, two, one, Push your limits!”

Laura took off running. The inside of the tunnel was very bouncy. It was like running on a trampoline. Once inside, she could see that the ceiling was made of metal. She ignored it and kept running. The floor was hard to run on but not impossible. Laura felt like she had plenty of time.

A flap opened in the ceiling and a red balloon flew at her at high speed. Laura’s volleyball instinct was to use her hands to block, but the restraints held her arms tight. The balloon struck her in the chest. The balloon exploded on contact and doused her with cold water.

The force of the balloon combined with the unstable ground she was running on caused her to fall flat on her back. The shock of being knocked down was nothing compared to the shock of the icy water soaking through her shirt and bra. Laura shrieked as the freezing water touched her skin.

“Two hundred and seventy seconds remain,” the hologram announced.

“Now I get it,” Laura said. She rolled over on her belly and shrieked again as the floor pushed her wet shirt against her body. Laura got up and turned to run.

Another water balloon came flying at her from the same cannon. This time she was ready for it. Laura side stepped it and ran past it. Another cannon appeared out of the ceiling and launched a water balloon at her. She was expecting this too and easily dodged it.

She kept her eye on the ceiling as she kept running. That is why she missed seeing a panel opening on the right side of the wall. A water balloon smacked into her side and splattered her with a fresh load of cold water. The force made her slip and fall into the far wall.

“Fuck,” Laura said. She looked down and could see her nipples as hard as ice cubes against her soaked shirt. Her shorts were clinging to her skin and cupping her ass. She took comfort in knowing that her short black hair only became spikier when it was wet.

“Two hundred and sixteen seconds remain,” the hologram announced.

“I’m onto you now,” Laura said. She got up and charged down the bouncy tunnel. Water balloons launched from the left. Water balloons launched from the right. The ceiling fired a barrage of water balloons that she cleverly avoided. Laura made a lot of progress as she realized that they were spaced every five yards apart.

Near the end, three cannons emerged from the ceiling and fired an inescapable volley of balloons.

“Fuck!” she yelled. She was knocked down from the force of all three hitting her. She was soaked from head to toe and her wet body slid a few yards down the slippery tunnel. She tried to spring to her feet, but the bouncy material was now slick from all the water being fired. The whole tunnel had turned into a giant slip-n-slide. Laura fell back down to her knees.

“One hundred seconds remaining,” the hologram announced. “Awesome prizes are within your reach!”

Laura did not let herself get tied up and soaking wet just to lose. She stood back up and looked at the three cannons aimed at her. Her athletic mind plotted out all the different trajectories that the water balloons could cover and she tried to visualize the blind spot she could sneak through.

She smiled. “There isn’t one.”

Laura ran as fast as she could on the bouncy material. The water balloons flew at her and she didn’t try to dodge. She took one in the chest again by this time her tits were so cold a little more water wasn’t going to hurt. The water balloon struck her and she kept running.

She had finally figured it out. Water balloons pelted her chest, face, legs and at one point, right in the crotch. Laura caught every one of them with her body. She realized that on the unstable surface, trying to dodge was screwing up her balance. It was much easier to just get hit and keep running.

When she emerged out of the tunnel, Victoria was waiting for her with a big hug.

“You crazy ass,” Victoria yelled. “You’re look like you’ve been in a hurricane!”

Laura laughed. Now that she was out from the tunnel, the hot island sun was warming her body. The Challenge Technician quickly took off her harness and freed her arms. She stretched her arms and looked at the crowd of volleyball players who had watched her. The shocked looks on their faces just made her laugh more. They had no idea how fun that was.

“What’s my prize?” Laura asked.

The hologram appeared beside her. “Your score has been submitted to the Prize Computers. Do well in other challenges to increase your Prize score. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the tournament. Prizes are guaranteed to be awesome!”

Victoria snickered. “I’m betting first prize is going to be a free goatee ride from Dr. Von Madd.”

Laura looked at the hologram. Her heart was racing from the challenge and her body was tingling from the mix of cold water and hot sun.

“That wouldn’t be so bad,” she said.

to be continued,

Aug 142008

“Would you like a drink?” the young handsome airplane steward asked. “Bottled water, soda, wine or anything else from our bar?”

Victoria shook her head. “No thank you,” she said.

The good looking man tried again. “How about a snack? A salad, perhaps some shrimp or maybe some sushi from our four star restaurant chef?”

Victoria laughed. “Wow, Dr. Von Madd likes to travel in style. No thank you.”

The steward frowned with great disappointment. He wasn’t ready to give up on providing some sort of service. “May I interest you in some sort of entertainment? We have personal video game devices, mp3 players or maybe you would like to engage in a complementary make out session?”

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“Excuse me?” Victoria said. “Are you hitting on me?”

“No ma’am” he said. “As an employee of Von Madd Laboratories, I am trained in the art of kissing and some light groping in a creative and engaging way that will keep you entertained for at least half an hour.”

“Oh,” Victoria said. “No thank you. I think I’m just going to take a quick nap.”

“Certainly,” the steward said. “I’ll bring you a pillow.”

As he walked off, Laura started laughing beside Victoria.

“I can’t believe you let all that training go to waste,” Laura said.

“I guess I’m a bit nervous is all,” Victoria said. She looked across the aisle and saw Julie Teadows talking with her partner Christina Rimi. Julie fucking Teadows, three time winner of the Malibu Open was heading to the same tournament as Victoria. How crazy was that?

“You’re not allowed to be nervous,” Laura said. Victoria scowled. “What?” Laura said.

“We’re going to get creamed,” Victoria whispered. “I saw the Vargas sisters come on. They competed on the Brazilian Olympic team! We are not in their league at all!”

“Hey, we got invited for a reason,” Laura said. “Dr. Von Madd must have seen something in us he liked.”

“Most likely your tits,” Victoria said. “I think we were invited because we’re infamous, not because we’re any good.”

Instead of being offended, Laura just laughed. “When has that ever stopped us? Look, we’ve been kicked out of the Georgia Beach Volleyball Association. We’re not playing competitive beach volleyball at all this summer. We’re stuck on the sidelines. I don’t know about you, but I find that fucking depressing.”

“Well yeah, of course,” Victoria said.

“So this is it,” Laura said. “We’re going to an exotic island and we’re playing volleyball against some of the best players in the world. As soon as we lose, I plan to party my ass off every night. I am going to cram an entire summer of fun into one four day weekend. As my partner, you are going to fucking enjoy yourself whether you like it or not.”

Victoria smiled. “You’re right. We’ve never really came close to winning before. Why worry now?”

“It’s beach volleyball,” Laura said. “Not the fucking Olympics. Let’s enjoy ourselves. Did you know that your seat is also a massage chair? According to this brochure, it can work on your back, your shoulders or something called ‘tantric zones’. What do you think that is?”

Victoria had a good guess. “I don’t know, why don’t you try it out and I’ll catch a quick nap?”

Laura shrugged and took out the remote. As she fiddled with it, Victoria closed her eyes and tried to relax.

As soon as her eyes were closed, Victoria could picture Michael’s office. As clear as day, she could see him between her legs, sitting in helpless agony as he watched her masturbate. It had been a week since that day and Victoria still felt a thrill run down her thighs when she thought about it.

It had become her favorite thing to masturbate to. It had become the only fantasy she cared about. That moment of defiance and exhibition had hijacked her libido.

Maybe she liked that moment because it was such a nice revenge on that asshole. Maybe Victoria had been so stressed out by the threat of suspension that when it finally happened, she was relieved. Maybe, Victoria suspected, just maybe, it was fucking fun and with a summer of no volleyball, fun was in short supply.

She opened her eyes. Coming up the aisle was a stunning blonde that Victoria recognized from magazine covers. Annika Thorsen, the beach volleyball Goddess of Sweden was in the same tournament as Victoria. Her biceps were huge and Victoria had read that Annika trained on hard packed snow to build those muscles.

Victoria turned her head and saw two time New York Beach champion, Monica Gilbert. The statuesque brunette was drinking bottled water while reading a sports magazine. Victoria remembered when Monica had been on the cover of that magazine.

So much talent was riding on this plane. Despite Laura’s pep talk, Victoria was intimidated. It was one thing to play volleyball and know you were not the best; it was another thing to play against players who were going to spike that difference right through your non existent skills.

“Fuck this,” Victoria said. She hated the feeling of inadequacy. She never felt this way at work and up until now, she didn’t feel this way about volleyball. She wanted to stop feeling this way and lately, only one thing had made her feel different.

Victoria stood up and went looking for the helpful steward who had waited on her earlier. She saw him standing by the restroom. He smiled when he saw her coming towards him.

“Changed your mind about a snack?” he asked.

She grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. “Something like that.”

Victoria pushed him into the restroom. She was not surprised at all to discover that the area had a small cot up against the wall. Von Madd Laboratories definitely knew what people wanted.

“Ma’am, if you could instruct me on the location of your erogenous zones, I will be happy to-“

“Shut up and kiss me,” Victoria said. She grabbed him by the wrists and pinned him against the wall. Arms that carried plates and magazines were no match for arms that blocked vicious serves and speedy spikes. His arms briefly struggled but when Victoria pushed her tongue into his mouth, all of his resistance melted.

Victoria took his mouth. She kissed him with all the desperation of a summer romance. This handsome man was hers to kiss and she was going to enjoy every moment of it.

He tried to move his hands. Victoria thought he might want to show off some of his groping skills. She worried a little that maybe his arms were getting sore. Victoria didn’t care. She had decided that he wasn’t going to be allowed to touch her at all. It was just a whim, but once the thought crossed her mind, she relished the idea. This was for her enjoyment.

Victoria noticed how much kissing was like volleyball. Tongues move back and forth in a natural flow of give and take. Anticipating correctly was half the fun but the other half was being surprised. Hearts race, mouths gasp and at the best parts, you feel like you’re flying.

You also have to be in fantastic shape or else you’ll be out of breath in five minutes like the poor steward was. Victoria didn’t care. She kept kissing him. She wedged a thigh between his thighs and felt the bulge in his pants. That only encouraged Victoria. She kept kissing until she felt his hips grind against hers in frustrated non penetration.

Victoria broke the kiss. She looked at her prey. His cheeks were flushed. He was breathing hard like he had lost a marathon. His hair was mussed beyond recognition. She could tell he was this close to asking for sex.

Damn, she felt so alive.

Victoria left the restroom. She ran right into Monica Gilbert. The tall woman looked at her face and shook her head with a patronizing sigh.

“People still do the Mile High Club?” Monica said. “That is so suburban. In New York, the thing to do is the Skyscraper Threesome. That’s real fetish.”

Victoria waited a second to feel embarrassment or some sort of inadequacy. It didn’t happen.

“Wow,” Victoria said. “I am amazed by how little I give a shit.”

She walked back to her seat and sat down beside a very red faced Laura. Victoria couldn’t believe she had just smarted off to someone as famous as Monica Gibson. She liked that a lot better than being afraid of her.

“How was the tantric zone massage?” Victoria asked.

“I had to bite my hand to keep from screaming,” Laura said. “I’ve had parts of me vibrate that I didn’t know existed. You should try it. Maybe it’ll help you relax.”

Victoria laughed. She could still taste the steward’s lips. “That has already been taken care of.”

to be continued,

Aug 122008

Laura wasn’t convinced. “We’ve been invited to a beach tournament, but we have to watch the actual invitation on a web site?”

“That’s what Michael told me,” Victoria said. “Holy fuck, what is your wallpaper?”

Laura blushed. “It’s called Orgy of the Gods. It’s very historical and mythological. See, over here is Aphrodite getting double teamed by Vishnu and Saint Peter. “

“Right,” Victoria said. “You have a giant image of sex on your computer because it reminds you of your World Religion class back in college and not because it has a full color image of a woman who looks lot like you getting fucked by some muscular guy in a toga.”

“That’s Hercules banging Morrigan,” Laura said. “You think it looks like me? Really? I was thinking of letting my hair grow out.”

“Let’s just load up the web site, okay?” Victoria said. “I don’t even want to know what your opinion is of the flying snake and those twin girls.”

“That’s Qui-,” Laura said before Victoria put her hand over her mouth.

“I said, I didn’t want to know,” Victoria said.

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Laura nodded. Victoria removed her hand and typed the web address. A site appeared and slowly loaded a Flash program.

“I hate these,” Laura said. “They never work and if there is any good porn, you can’t save it off the Flash program.”

“You do know you can do things with your computer other than porn?” Victoria asked.

“Excuse me?” Laura said. “Who gave me the link for that beach sex movie?”

“Well-” Victoria started to say.

“And who gave me that DVD of Anime volleyball porn?”

“That was to expose you to a foreign culture,” Victoria said.

“What were you exposing me to when you sent me that picture of that machine that spanks people?”

It was Victoria’s turn to blush. “Fine, if you don’t like me sending you porn . . .”

Laura didn’t get a chance to answer because a booming voice came from the computer.


The screen changed to an aerial view of an island. A glittering silver building rose from the dense forest. The camera swooped down to skim along beaches filled with golden sand. A volleyball bounced into view and quickly back out. The camera shot up into the air and then came sharply down towards the ground where handsome men laid on the beach. The camera quickly moved to show a volleyball net surrounded by comfortable looking bleachers. The camera lingered, letting Victoria and Laura get a nice long look at the very professional looking play environment.

The camera view changed to show a man who did not seem to belong on the beach at all. He was a tall man wearing a lab coat and purple goggles. His black hair was a mess and seemed to be catching all the sand that was in the wind. A black goatee surrounded his very large smile.

“Hello possible contestants!” the man said. “My name is Dr. Otto Von Madd. You might be familiar with some of the sexual aids and entertainments created by my company, Von Madd Laboratories. For example, we make a fine line of voice activated vibrators and this past year we have released our third machine designed to aid in spanking people who lack a spanking partner.”

Laura looked at Victoria. “Hey, he made that machine you sent me a picture of!”

Victoria nodded. “Yeah, it was a weird web site. Supposedly you could buy lipstick that can give other people an orgasm just by kissing. I thought it was a joke because all the prices were so obscenely high. I mean, two thousand dollars for lipstick?”

Laura sighed. “You could easily earn that money back by opening a kissing booth.”

“If you are seeing this presentation,” Dr. Von Madd continued, “that means you have been chosen from literally thousands of players to participate in the first annual Von Madd Beach Volleyball Tournament! You are invited to spend a glorious four day weekend at my private island where you will stay in luxury class accommodations. Your air fare will be paid for and you every whim catered to as you stay as my honored guests. This tournament will cost you nothing, yet the grand prize for winning the tournament is ten million dollars!”

“Holy shit,” Laura said. “Is this guy for real?”

“As a courtesy gift for listening to my offer so far,” Dr. Von Madd said. “Please accept this complimentary orgasm.”

The screen flashed a complicated sequence of colors in the space of one tenth of a second. Laura felt the orgasm hit her full force. Her toes curled, her nipples went hard and her sex clenched like she had just been fucked for an hour.

“Fuck!” Laura cried out. She doubled over in her chair with pure pleasure. When she finally sat back up, she saw Victoria’s flushed face gasping for air.

“Wow, I guess that’s your ‘o’ face,” Laura said.

“I had no idea you were a screamer,” Victoria said.

“Like I hold back at any other time,” Laura said.

Dr. Von Madd started speaking again. “You might be wondering why a sexual genius like myself has invited the best players in the world to a beach volleyball tournament. The answer is rather selfish. I love beach volleyball and I can’t get enough of it. However I get bored with the dull way everyone else seems to play it. I have my own ideas on how to improve the sport and I am inviting you to help me realize these grand designs.”

“I would love to share my plans with you now, but I am afraid that my competitors in the sexual entertainment fields will steal my ideas. My ideas are radical and highly erotic. Possible variations may include but are not limited to: Vibrating sports bras, weather controlled rainstorms, alcoholic penalties, aphrodisiac balls, stripping, courtside massages, handstands, mud, spankings, eighteen point matches, transparent sports bras and double elimination floggings.”

“Rest assured though, that I am not inviting you to my island for sex. You can have sex with anyone you like but at no point will you be required to have sex to participate in the tournament. All participation will be consensual and you will be provided with a plane trip away from my island at any time that you request one.”

“With that out of the way, let’s have another free orgasm as my gift to you.”

“No way,” Laura said. “I never climax twice in a-FUCK YES!” The orgasm rippled through her body and curled her toes again. When she opened her eyes again she saw that Victoria was smiling.

“Look, I scream when I come,” Laura said. “I can’t help it.”

Victoria shook her head. “I was just wondering if we’ll be able to replay the video.”

Dr. Von Madd was now shown walking along the beach. The water was splashing against his lab coat but he didn’t seem to care.

“In return for participating in my tournament, everyone will receive a free sexual aid of your choice. For those who make it all the way to the quarter finals, I will give a million dollars to each player. For making it to the semi finals, I will give two million dollars. For making it to the finals, I will give five million to the losers and ten million dollars to each member of the winning team.”

“Is he for real?” Laura asked.

“This is completely true,” Dr. Von Madd said. “A team of lawyers will fax you the appropriate accreditation as soon as we receive your application. Money is meaningless to me; I have all that I need for my research. This volleyball tournament is my recreation and I want to ensure that the bravest players in the world are well rewarded for their efforts.”

“Do you want to spend four day on a beautiful island? Are you brave enough to compete in beach volleyball matches that have been erotically improved? Do you like winning millions of dollars for doing what you love to do anyway? All you have to do is fill out the online application now!”

Dr. Von Madd checked his watch. “And while you decide, have another complimentary orgasm.”

“I might have to fuck this guy,” Laura said. The screen flashed and she screamed out another orgasm.

To be continued,

Aug 072008

Victoria Sage waited impatiently in the lobby. The Georgia Beach Volleyball Association had requested her appearance at 4pm yet here she is at 4:45 and she hadn’t talked to anyone yet. She tried to remain calm but it was impossible. Her future as a volleyball player in the Savannah area was at stake.

In hindsight, calling her teammate and talking while waiting in the lobby was not the best way to stay calm.

“You have your hair down, right?” Laura asked. “You have really nice blonde hair so don’t put it up in that lesbian ponytail you like so much.”

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“My hair is down, and it is not a lesbian ponytail,” Victoria said.

“Are you wearing the red bra?” Laura asked. “The one with the lace that lets you see everything?”

“Yes,” Victoria said.

“And are you wearing the black blouse I got you for Christmas?” Laura asked. “It makes you look like you have more tits than you really do.”

“Hey,” Victoria said. “I am wearing it but my b-cups are just fine the way they are thank you.”

“Sure they are,” Laura said. “I just want you to make a good impression. Since it was Michael who sent us the letter, hopefully he’ll be the one who talks to you. You know he’s been trying to get in your pants for a year.”

Victoria turned the volume down on her cell phone just in case any one in the lobby could hear Laura. “I dressed up because you insisted, Laura, but I don’t think it will be necessary. I bet they have already forgotten what happened last summer.”

“Vickie, my top fell off on cable television!” Laura said. “My tits were flashing the nation when I was spiking the ball! The picture of me and my chest up in the air beside the net is still the number one Google search for volleyball tits! I don’t think the association has forgotten about it!”

Victoria sighed. “You know, it really didn’t help that Nurber Baby Food was sponsoring the event.”

“I know!” Laura yelled. “What the fuck does baby food have to do with beach volleyball? As much attention as my tits have made, you would think Nurber would give me an endorsement deal.”

“Nah, they would just get you a bra.” Victoria said.

Laura laughed. “If that’s what it takes to play this summer, I’m all for it. Beach volleyball on the weekends is the only thing that makes this stupid tech support job bearable.”

“Try accounting some time,” Victoria said. “If it wasn’t for volleyball, my ass would just as wide as everyone else’s in my office.”

“That’s why you totally have to go down on Michael,” Laura said.

Victoria laughed. “You’re just thinking of the team, right?”

Laura laughed. “Fuck, tell him I’ll suck him. He’s not bad looking. Are you wearing that pink lipstick I gave you? Guys love that color around their cock.”

“Okay, I think I will hang up now before you come up with any more suggestions for the good of the team,” Victoria said. “I’ll call you later when I find out something.”

“Remember!” Laura said. “Tell him what a big cock he has!-CLICK

It turned out that Victoria’s appointment was with Michael. He greeted her with a big smile and friendly handshake. Victoria noticed his eyes kept returning to the cleavage of her black blouse. She knew Laura would have been pleased.

He left his office door open as they sat down. Victoria relaxed a little. If he was going to give her bad news, surely he would have closed the door to avoid a scene. Maybe Laura and Victoria had been worried over nothing?

“Last year, your partner Laura flashed over a million viewers on cable television.” Michael said.

“Well shit,” Victoria thought.

“Nurber Baby Good was harassed with thousands of letters from concerned parents and religious groups,” Michael said. “A senate subcommittee was almost formed and the FCC fined ESPN for broadcasting Laura’s umm, attributes.”

Victoria’s subconscious took over. As a long time volleyball player, she had learned to sense and anticipate how events play out. The more Michael talked about the disaster of last year, the more she knew that she had to fight back. Since she couldn’t leap over his desk and spike his head, she resorted to the only plan she had- Laura’s plan.

Victoria stood up and put her hands on his desk. Very slowly, she bent over till Michael could look straight down her blouse. He slowly stopped talking about Laura’s tits as he noticed Victoria’s.

“Michael, how long have you been asking me out?” Victoria said.

“Uhh, eight months?” he said.

Victoria toyed with the top button on her blouse. “What do you think are the odds of you ever getting a date with me, if I get kicked out of Georgia Beach Volleyball Association?”

Michael’s face burst into a smile. “Oh, we’re not kicking you out of this year’s season!”

Victoria stood up. “Really? Oh wow, I really jumped to conclusions there, didn’t I?”

Michael laughed. “You sure did. The Association has no trouble with you. They just want to ban Laura. If she isn’t there, then there is no need for the press to bring up last year’s unfortunate exposure. We can say we handled the problem and everyone is happy.”

Victoria opened the top button on her blouse. “So just Laura is banned, right? I get to play this year as long as I find a new partner?”

Michael’s eyes stayed on her blouse. “I’ve already made inquiries. Nicole Prant’s partner moved to New York. She said she would happily take you as a partner.”

Victoria unclasped a few more buttons. More of her red lace bra was revealed to Michael’s hypnotized eyes. He made sure to take a few deep breathes.

“And if anyone asks about Laura,” she asked, “what am I supposed to say?”

“Just tell them that after last year’s incident, you decided to go with a partner who better embraces Savannah’s core values. Hey umm, Victoria? I know you’re real happy about playing, but shouldn’t we close the door before you take off your clothes?”

Victoria took off her blouse and ran her hands through her long golden hair. She reached behind her and unclasped the bra. As Michael kept watching, she slid the bra off her small breasts and placed it on his desk.

“Seriously, Victoria!” Michael said. “Any one could come by and see!”

Victoria sat on his desk and rested her feet on the arms of his chair. Slowly she pulled her skirt up to reveal her slender toned legs. Up the skirt went, up past her knees, up past her thighs and stopping right before her sex.

“Michael, did you really think I would sell out my partner just to keep playing?”

She lifted her skirt to reveal black lace panties.

“Ummm,” Michael said. “It’s not really selling out. It’s restructuring.”

Victoria pulled her skirt up and hooked a finger around her panties. She pulled them aside to reveal her shaved sex. Michael just sat there, trapped between her legs afraid to say anything that might stop what was happening.

With her panty pulled aside, Victoria used her other hand to stroke her pussy. She started at the bottom of her lips. She stroked upwards till she reached her clit, slowly circled it, and then slowly stroked down. Victoria watched the bulge in Michael’s pants grow larger and larger.

“Victoria, please,” Michael said. “Just close the door first before we do anything else.”

The topless volleyball player kept stroking her sex. “Michael, there isn’t going to be anything else.”

He tore his gaze from Victoria’s sex. “What? I got you into this year’s tournament. Some people on the board wanted to ban you too.”

Victoria stroked faster. The wet sound of sex grew louder in his office.

“Michael, Laura’s my partner,” she said. “The fact that you think I would dump her just to save myself really pisses me off. You kick her out, you’re kicking me out too. So fuck the Georgia Beach Vollyeball Association, fuck Nurber Baby Food and you can go to hell too.”

“Then what the fuck are you doing this for?” Michael said in a strangled whisper. “And keep your voice down!”

Victoria spread her thighs wider as she stroked faster. “This? Oh I just wanted to show you what you were never ever getting.”

“Victoria, be reasonable,” Michael said. “You could get me fired!”

“One second,” Victoria said. “I’m about to climax.”

She needed this. What started as a way to humiliate and scare Michael had turned into something very erotic. Stripping, teasing and then masturbating in front of this asshole had set Victoria’s entire body on edge. She rubbed her clitoris and slipped two fingers right into herself.

It was the look of despair, fear and arousal on Michael’s face that really made her climax.

“Fuck!” Victoria said. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Michael shrank in his chair, helpless and unable to stop watching.

“You’re crazy,” he said. “Just like your partner!”

Victoria wiped her wet fingers on Michael’s shirt. She stood up and smoothed down her skirt. She put her blouse back on but didn’t bother to button it.

“We’re partners for a reason,” Victoria said. She headed for the door.

“Wait!” Michael said. “If you’re both really that crazy, maybe there is something you two can do.”

Victoria paused at the door. “What do you mean?”

Michael reached into his desk and pulled out a paper. “There is this guy who has been harassing the Association ever since last year’s incident. He wanted to get a hold of you and Laura. He sent us this letter but we just sat on it. To be honest, none of us knew what to do with it.”

He handed it to Victoria. “The whole thing sounds crazy, but what the fuck, maybe you girls should do it.”

Victoria looked at the paper. The title was certainly eye catching.

“Otto Von Madd Invitational Erotic Beach Volleyball Tournament”

To be continued,

Aug 052008

Last Summer

Laura Marie was happier than she could ever remember being. It was a hot summer day and she was playing beach volleyball. She and her partner, Victoria, had managed to play their way to a sixth round match at the Savannah Beach Blast tournament. One more win and they would be going to the quarter finals.

They had never played this well before and Laura was thrilled. She loved playing volleyball but to make it into the finals would be such a huge achievement. It didn’t hurt that this year, the Beach Blast was being sponsored by Nurber Baby Food and televised on cable for the first time ever. Right now at this very moment, Laura’s kick-ass body was being admired by millions of cable viewers. She had never been so happy about her two hundred sit ups a day regiment till now.

One of the cameras was on her now. Laura decided to help the ratings. Striking her best swimsuit model pose, she ran her fingers through her short black hair. She stretched her back so that the folks at home could see her generous breasts strain against her blue bikini top. She raised her ankle behind her ass and grabbed it; showing off her fit legs and her awesome balance. Laura debated bending over and touching her toes but she decided against it. She’ll save that for the championship match.

“Your top is slipping again,” Victoria said.

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Laura looked down. “Damn it,” she swore. The wonderful electric blue bikini top looked great but the fabric kept shifting around. It held her in all the wrong places comfort wise but it looked fucking awesome on her. She should have really brought a backup top but she didn’t imagine it would give her this much trouble. Maybe after this match, she’d see if she couldn’t beg a spare from one of the other players.

The whistle blew and Laura forgot all about her top. It was game time.

The opposing team served. The ball launched in the air and sailed over to them. Victoria was already in position. The woman was almost psychic with the way she could get where she needed to be. Victoria hit the ball up high and towards the net.

Laura broke into a run. She fucking loved this part. She leaped high in the air. Time slowed down. The crowd watched as she soared. She kept her eye on the ball and let loose with a mighty swing.

The ball went flying to the other team like a rocket. One of her opponents barely managed to put her arms up to keep from being hit in the face. The crowd gasped as the player prevented future expensive plastic surgery costs. The other player sped towards the ball and gently lobbed it back up in the air. To the crowd’s delight, her partner jumped up and ran towards the net.

Laura watched Victoria run to the back court in defense. That would have been the smart thing to do if the other team was interested in scoring. What actually happened was that the woman who nearly got hit decided to return the favor. She spiked the ball right at Laura with an angry yell.

The ball stuck Laura in the chest. A blast of pain hit her tits. It felt worse than that time in college when she let that fraternity take turns sucking on her breasts. Laura barely had the presence of mind to knock the ball towards Victoria.

She stood back up and clutched her poor stinging breasts. When her hands touched bare skin, Laura looked down in terror. Her bikini had been obliterated by the volleyball. The cheap fabric had been blasted away on cable television.

“Coming at you!” Victoria yelled. She had lobbed the ball back towards the net in that slow perfect spike-able arc. Obviously, Victoria had no idea how screwed Laura was.

The other team knew. They were both standing still with their mouths open. Laura could tell it wasn’t sympathetic shock. It was the look people had when they were relieved the horror wasn’t happening to them.

They were completely defenseless.

“Fuck it, I’m taking the shot,” Laura said.

She ran to the net. Her breasts bounced in the hot summer sun. Every asshole on the beach with a camera got ready. The referee blinked in wonder and didn’t blow the whistle. With every running step, Laura could feel more and more eyes upon her topless body.

Laura didn’t care. She leaped high in the air. Time slowed down once again except this time there was a hell of a lot more people watching. Her nipples were unusually hard but it couldn’t be helped. It’s not every day you flash millions of people.

She spiked the ball. It shot like a bullet into the ground. Her rivals didn’t even move towards it. They just stood there in open mouth shock.

“In your face!” Laura yelled. The thrill of scoring eclipsed everything. Laura’s heart was racing. The look of defeat on her opponent’s faces lifted her spirits. For one brief second, Laura had forgotten everything in the last few minutes except for the fact that she just scored.

She turned to the crowd to receive her cheer but the crowd was silent. They all stood with their mouths open and eyes as big as beach balls. One of the Association officials was pointing at her chest with a trembling hand. The Nurber Baby Food executive was openly crying.

“Oh shit,” Laura said. Was being topless really that much more important than scoring?

To be continued,