Sep 022013

Honestly, if you can make a better logo, email it to meThe Fall season starts this month on the Delight Channel! All of your favorite shows are returning plus some new joys for your television delight! Catch all of these shows this fall!

Do you like reality shows?  The D has you covered with the hottest shows on television.  Stop watching screaming assholes on the other channels and watch something really hot!

BDSM Dungeon Makeover will visit a new dungeon ever week and give it a complete makeover.  Dom designer, Adam Steel will bring his unique vision to these dungeons in need of a fresh look.  Out with the black walls and in with the cutting edge in dungeon interior design!

Nicole and Rachel Fux are the fastest rising stars in the porn industry and they are also sisters! Delight will take you behind the scenes and into their personal lives in the new show, Keeping Inside the Fux!

SlaveSwap takes lifestyle submissives and swaps them between their dominants for an entire weekend! Watch and learn as these kinky people discover a lot of themselves as well as others!

If reality shows are not your thing, don’t worry! The Delight Channel continues to be the home for the finest in adult fiction.  Escape to a sexier place with these new shows!

Cleopatra follows the adventures of the Queen of Egypt herself!  Watch as she slays her rivals, beds her inferiors and seduces the hearts of her country.  Be sure not to miss the one hundred person orgy in the premiere episode!

Jeffery Silence has come from the time travelled from the future to warn us of the terrible Secret Censors of Atlantis who will one day rule the earth.  Chased by cruel cyborg eunuchs, Jeffery tries to spread his message of pornography and freedom before it is too late. To save the future, he must fuck the past!  Watch The Silence this fall!

Motel Dirt takes place at an unnamed motel at the edge of town.  Every week brings new guests trying to complete their affairs, trysts, sexual experiments and cheap pornographic movies in peace.  Watch as the owner and staff of this sleazy motel try to make ends meet while trying to meet genitals.

Delight knows that learning is sexy and that is why we continued to lead the way in sex education.  Engorge your brain on these new shows!

Journey into the Forbidden explores the fringe areas of archeology, anthropology, history and biology that the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about; the sexy parts! Join hosts Victor Fisher and Laura Barnes as they take you on a guided tour into the sexual parts of our world.

Where The Fuck Does That Go? is a sex education show designed to help everyone from novices to experts.  Narrated by renowned sexual scientist, Dr. Otto Von Madd, this series will explain and demonstrate all sorts of sexual practices.  If you thought you knew everything there was to know about sex, watch this show and see how wrong you were!

Finally, the Delight channel continues to give you the best in sexual competition.  Be sure to check out these new game shows!

The Mouth takes four judges and blindfolds them.  Unable to see the contestants, they have to choose the best player purely by the player’s oral skills.  Watch to see who is crowned the Mouth!

Project Dance Pole takes twenty men and women aspiring to be the best strippers in the world.  Every week, Host Catherine Topaz will make them endure one strip challenge after another to crown the King and Queen of the stripper’s pole!

On Your Knees, the popular game show from Mexico finally comes to the Delight Channel! Watch as young Americans compete for fabulous prizes as well as the chance to inflict spankings, stripping and forced orgasms on their opponents.  Mistress Elisa is your host for the most extreme game show on the air.

Watch all of these and more this fall on the Delight Channel!  If you do not get the Delight Channel in your area, call your cable or satellite provider and tell them you want the D!