Jun 292018

It is really weird to have a President who starts his day tweeting shit to people with any decency. Every morning, the news is filled with whatever atrocity President Shitstain has inflicted, wants to inflict or  will inflict on us. He lives for attention and he fights to grab ours every waking moment. Being an asshole, the only way he knows to do that is to hurt others.

Which means that America, and pretty much the world, is in a weird abusive relationship with President Shitstain. We can’t leave this relationship until he gets impeached which means we have to wait until at least the midterms. We can organize, donate to people who are fighting him, call our congress people and vote, but we still have this asshole dumping on us every single day. We can react politically, but we also need to make sure we spend just as much time and energy taking care of ourselves.

I used to think self-care was a fancy term for spoiling yourself but holy shit, I see the errors of my ways now. Self-care is about treating yourself like you are a loved one having a bad day. Self-care is about looking out for yourself and your happiness. Self-care is about understanding that being depressed is a threat to your health. It not as much about making yourself happy as it is about fighting back against the depression that some asshole in the world want to put you in.

There are many ways to take care of one’s self but today I want to talk about rationing your exposure to our President’s abuse. For me it has been about limiting my twitter intake. I love twitter for keeping me connected with my friends across the world but when President Shitstain does something, Twitter makes sure you know about it.  I ban myself from Twitter when I am feeling overwhelmed and it has made a big difference with my happiness. I still keep up on things but I am far more willing to tap out when my feelings just can’t process it. Goddess knows, that shit will still be there tomorrow when I can handle it better.

That goes double for political news sites. Seriously, as much as I am fascinated by politics in general, the biggest story on any day is what President Shitstain dropped from his putrid ass today.  I developed my habit of checking political sites after 9/11 and it was a hard habit to break. Political sites make me feel like other people out there share my views and that I am not alone in thinking that we should all have healthcare, but when we all universally agree that concentration camps are bad, there is less of a need to read a political site to reaffirm that sense of community. I still read them but only when I am in an emotional position to not be depressed by them.

In addition to limiting my twitter usage and political news consumption, I have redirected my need to knowledge into other subjects. Maybe this only works for me, but learning about something I am interested in is a great way to lift my spirits. It keeps me away from President Shitstain’s abuse and I get to learn something in the process. Did you know we can see the footprints on the moon because of a lunar satellite we put up? I found that out when I spent day reading up on debunking the moon landing hoax. One day I dug through the internet to read about galley cooks on commercial vessels because I was curious about the challenges of being a cook for a crew. That is when I found out that most cooks on river vessels were women over 50. Some of what I learn is useless shit but fuck, I am a lot happier reading about the lack of soups on a boat than I am reading about President Shitstain locking up children.

It can be hard to walk away from the news of the day. You might feel like you are somehow letting people down by not being up to date on the latest outrage. Being upset and distressed every day is just not sustainable for anyone’s health. You will be there when it comes time to vote and you will be there when someone asks you for help, but in the meantime, you have to take care of yourself. You can’t help anyone if you are too burned out to care.

So for your sake, and ours, learn to walk away.


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