Sep 282012

It began as a light drizzle.  Despite being September, the rain was surprisingly warm.  Some people opened their mouths and let the rain warm their chilly bodies.

Thoughts danced through the minds of the wet people; mostly dirty thoughts.  They undressed each other with their eyes.  The warm rain seeped into their clothes like a lover’s mischievous hand.  As the light drizzle grew into a steady rain, people felt their minds sliding slippery into lewd permutations of genitals, hands and mouths.

Strangers hit on their strangers.  Long time crushes suddenly kissed each other.  Mortal enemies discovered that their enemies were kind of hot in a way.  Sexually repressed people suddenly felt a lifetime of libido.  The sexually obsessed almost died from sensory overload. 

By the time the rain became a downpour, people were fucking in the streets.  Umbrellas were discarded followed by clothes.  It was a time to fuck.  It was a time to fuck a total stranger or have the best sex of your life with the one you love.  Some people were just content to masturbate while the rain soaked them down to their soul.

People dry inside their cars couldn’t understand.  Those inside buildings were afraid to go outside.  They were all content to watch though.

The rain ended as all rains do.  It moved on to the next town.  The people it soaked were still fucking.  They fucked until they dried, both inside and out.

Where did the rain come from?  Where does any rain come from?  It’s just recycled water.  Maybe it was the water from a lake where young people fuck.  It could have been the water from a wet t-shirt contest.  For all we know, it is water pollution that comes from a sexual science lab. 

But when the warm rain comes, so does everyone else.

Play With This is a series of articles designed to give you things to play around with in your writing.  Feel free to borrow, modify, or completely change for your own stories.  

Sep 212012

The nymphs dance inside the bottle.  They spin and swim inside the wine with a carefree grace.  They are always smiling.  When you pick up their bottle, they look right at you.  They smile and mouth words you will never hear but you know what they want.  They want you to drink them.

When you drink the wine, you can feel some of that happiness slip into you.  The nymph stays inside the bottle, shrinking as more and more wine disappears until they get so small that you would need a microscope to see them.  Of course that point, you would be so drunk with happiness that most finish the bottle without looking.

Of course people have tried to get the nymph out of the bottle.  It never works.  Pour of all the wine into a glass and the nymph disappears.  Pour it back into the bottle and she will not reappear.  Where do missing nymphs go?  That is the subject of more than one song.

Some try to save their nymphs.  Who can blame them?  They are always beautiful.  They are always so damn happy.  They are always swimming within the lake of wine that is their home.  Who wouldn’t want to keep such a perfect expression of beauty and happiness for ever?

The longer a wine nymph is not consumed, the more beautiful she gets.  Her dancing becomes more intricate.  Her body turns into a perfect expression of femininity that it hurts to look at it.  The older a wine nymph becomes, the more impossible it is to resist drinking her.

Play With This is a series of articles designed to give you things to play around with in your writing.  Feel free to borrow, modify, or completely change for your own stories.  

Sep 072012

Tucked away on page six hundred and sixty-nine of the Affordable Health Care act is a provision for the creation of Sexicare.  This new service understands that a happy sex life in an integral part of a person’s well being.  At the moment, Sexicare only provides sexual happiness for seniors over the age of sixty-five but there are plans to extend it to single parents, the recently divorced and college students. 

Sexicare provides a regular safe sexual encounter for its participants.  Once a week, a sexual encounter will be provided by trained government employees.  A Sexicare Adviser will take into account the participant’s tastes, sexual orientation, fetishes, secret shames and current pornographic consumption to assign a Sexicare professional who meets those needs.

And who are these Sexicare Professionals?  They will be hired from a wide range of people as part of the government stimulus package to hire the unemployed.  These will include college students who will work with Sexicare instead of incurring burdensome student loans.  They will include out of work sex professionals who lost their clients in the recent recession.  They will include those who just like to help people enjoy their sexuality.  As part of an experimental program, they will include people new to the sex industry who wish to get some training before entering the professional world.

Sexicare is a new program and there will be challenges as the system is implemented.  The paperwork alone is going to be quite tricky to work out.  Doctors will be needed to conduct regular sexual health checks and auditors will be needed to make sure that some people do not try to defraud the system. 

Republicans have already vowed to destroy Sexicare if elected.  The will replace it with a program where recipients will get a coupon that they will need to redeem at a sex resort located in the Cayman Islands.   

Play With This is a series of articles designed to give you things to play around with in your writing.  Feel free to borrow, modify, or completely change for your own stories.

Aug 312012

Jason had a problem.  There was a new book series about BDSM relationships sweeping the nation and no one is a bigger fan than his girlfriend.  She loved the dark brooding dominant character and longs for the nights of cruel demanding sex.  Jason’s girlfriend wanted him to dominate her and stay his sweet romantic self at the same time.

Jason had no idea how the fuck to do that.  He liked the idea of doing a little spanking and maybe some rough sex but his attempts were failures.  His girlfriend said that he wasn’t doing it right and she nitpicked his experiments into being a charming psychopath dominant.  Worse, she was spending a lot of time online with fetish groups and seemed to be doing a little too much flirting with a local guy who had his own spanking bench and leather pants. 

Lucky for Jason, there was an ad in the paper.  For just one hundred dollars and a three day weekend, the Strict Institute was willing to give him all the training he needs to become the dominant his girlfriend wants.  Desperate, Jason signed up for it.

The Strict Institute wasn’t what he was expecting.  There were a lot of doctors.  There were a shitload of drugs.  He spent the entire three day weekend in a drug induced haze as electrodes were hooked up to his body and fetish videos were projected into his open eyes.  He wasn’t taught how to do anything; he was reformatted on the subconscious level.

Jason has a new identity now.  It’s just under his conscious surface.  When he is at work, on the toilet or out in public, he is still Jason.  When it is time to dominate his girlfriend though, a new personality emerges.  It is still Jason but now he has new skills, new instincts and a new lust for making a slave do where they are told. 

He spanks his girlfriend with expert precision and the muscle memory of an old professional.  Stern commands leap to his lips without a second thought.  His fingers know a hundred different knots and rope is nothing but a tool in his hands.  His eyes detect weakness, his ears detect desire and his brain knows just how far to push a person.

His girlfriend doesn’t know what to do now.  She is a bit afraid of the new Jason but the sex is too amazing to let go.  He’s experimenting with her in directions she had never considered before and she wonders if she can keep up.  She’s forgotten the name of the guy with his own spanking bench and leather pants.  She’s too busy submitting to the latest demand of Jason.

And what about Jason?  How does he feel about this?  Is he glad to be a part of this new sexy Jason?  Is he afraid of how far he will go?  Or does he embrace it?  Is he starting to wonder that maybe his skills are wasted on just his girlfriend?  Is there a Strict Institute treatment for submissives?

You tell me. 

Play With This is a series of articles designed to give you things to play around with in your writing.  Feel free to borrow, modify, or completely change for your own stories.  

Aug 242012

“Nice view, huh? Not many people get to see this skyline, let me tell you.  This place has it all.  I get to live downtown, I get my own parking and full maintenance.  I don’t even change my own light bulbs anymore. 

Utilities?  I don’t pay that either.  I get cable, electricity, internet and water.  It is all included in my rent.

What’s my rent?  That’s the odd part.  Officially it is ten dollars a month.

Yeah, ten dollars a month.  Yes, American dollars.

But that is not all my rent.  See, when the landlady told me the rent, she also asked what was my favorite sex act that I like to do for others.  She was a hot lady so I was honest with her.  I told her I loved to eat pussy.

She said in that case, my rent would be ten dollars plus ten pussies.

Of course I asked her what she meant exactly.  She told me that once a month, on rent day, I would have to pay my ten dollars and then orally pleasure ten women who could be here on that day.  My landlady said they could either come in the morning, the afternoon or that night.

I know right?  I thought I would give it a try.  I mean, look at that view!  I’ll try anything.

So rent day came around and sure enough I got a knock on my door that evening.  It was ten women.  They wore normal clothes but they also wore these masks.  They were tiny masks like the ones you see Zorro wearing.  Anyway, they come right in and start stripping.  No talking or anything.

I got right to business.  Some of them were older than I liked, and some of them appeared to be younger than I am strictly comfortable with but shit, awesome view, right?  I got between those thighs and worked my magic.

You have no idea how hard it is to eat ten women.  My jaw gets sore and my tongue gets worn out but shit, rent got to be paid, you know?  I am getting better at it now.  I no longer have lockjaw the next day.

Who are these women?  Damn if I know.  Some of them stay the same but sometimes there are new ladies.  They don’t talk at all except when they are about to come.

I guess everyone else in this apartment building has the same deal.  My neighbor Gina, has the most awesome ass.  Every second Tuesday of the month, ten people line up outside her door; men and women.  The soundproofing is pretty good here but I can hear her yell sometimes.  The next day, she is always walking funny like her ass hurts.  Either they are spanking her, or ass-fucking her or something.  I don’t know what and I don’t ask.  The privacy clause in my rental agreement is a bitch.

So yeah, this is my place.  Want to see if you can get an apartment here?  Tell him I sent you.  The referral program here is awesome.

Play With This is a series of articles designed to give you things to play around with in your writing.  Feel free to borrow, modify, or completely change for your own stories.  

Aug 172012

Remember when you were a kid and you first heard about Narnia?  It was a magical land with witches, preachy lions and every fantasy creature you could imagine.  It was located somewhere else and you got there by walking into the right piece of furniture.  It is a totally preposterous idea yet when we were children, that shit was possible.  It is a fantasy land that only a child could create and therefore as children, we expected to find it.  We checked our closets in search of wonder.   

As we grow older, we exchange the fantasy lands of our youth for the fantasy lands of our sexual desires.  We stopped dreaming of mermaids and started dreaming about classmates.  We stopped dreaming of magic swords and instead turned our attention to tits that we were pretty sure could cure anything if we just got to touch them.  We stopped worrying about witches and ogres and worried about pregnancies and STD’s. 

This explains why we stopped looking for fantasy worlds.  We no longer check our closets as often as we should.  We open our sextoy boxes and see exactly what we expect to see instead of what could be there.  We longer look for fantasy worlds because we settle so easily for the fantasies on our computers and in our ebooks.   

Somewhere, in another place, is Delightia.  It is a land of adult fantasy with the boundless imagination of a child yet none of the crippling editing of an adult’s cynicism.  We glimpse it briefly in that split second before orgasm when our desires are unchecked and anything we want springs to mind.  It is Narnia grown up.  It is Narnia with an erection and a wet pussy.

How we get there is up to the person.  Open your bedside dresser drawer, reaching for that vibrator, and you might get sucked into Delightia.  Open the door to your dungeon in the basement and you might step into a world that tests the limits of your imagination.  Hell, fuck the right hole and that might be enough to enter a place beyond reasoning.

Delightia cares little for your logic or your concept of biology.  There could be giant women walking the lands in search of the right man to cram in a needy hole.  There could be grim accountants who audit you stroke for stroke for some mysterious account.  It could be as simple as a land where lovers are not jerks.  Anything could happen.

The key to understanding Delightia is to remember the wonder you had as a child and imagine what it would take to induce that same kind of wonder in your sexualized adult mind.  Regain that wonder and imagine a world that lives up to that expectation.

Who knows?  Maybe once you have wonder, you can find Delightia yourself.

Play With This is a series of articles designed to give you things to play around with in your writing.  Feel free to borrow, modify, or completely change for your own stories.  

Aug 102012

This pink vending machine sits in the back of the sex store.  The guy at the register has no idea what it is for; the owner doesn’t tell him shit.  For that matter, no one has ever seen anyone restock the machine or come by to take the money.

The vending machine doesn’t have any windows or pictures.  It just has a slot for coins and door at the bottom.  You can put in any denomination of coins you want, even pennies.  Once it reaches a dollar, something rattles and you can open the door.

Sometimes the vending machine dispenses an ordinary box of condoms.  Other times it drops a very cheap vibrator.  Most of the time the vending machine gives out unremarkable items.

It is the other times that get people talking.  One woman claims it gave her a prototype Von Madd vibrator that was solar powered and was the best thing she ever experienced.  Your best friend swears he got a DVD collection porn movies he saw as a teenager.  Your sister says she got a pair of fishnet stockings that have never torn.  A friend of your uncle claims he got a cell phone that had the phone numbers of every girl in town.

Some of the items are not so great.  Everyone has heard of that envelope filled with dirty pictures of the minister, his wife and their live-in nanny.  Your high school friend once got a giant poster of their mother posing nude.  Rumor has it that the mayor got a VHS tape that once he found a VCR to play it in; it showed how his wife banging his accountant and that is why he left the city.

You never know what could come out of the pink vending machine.  It could be nothing important.  It could be your greatest wish.  It could be your worse nightmare.

What you do know is that you have a dollar of quarters in your pocket.

Aug 032012

Sometimes in erotica, two people will fuck.  In better erotica, two people will fuck despite a complication.  They really shouldn’t be fucking but they are doing it anyway.

Why shouldn’t they be fucking?  Generate a random number.

1 – The couple is married, just not to each other.

2 – The brother/sister of one of the lovers is going to be really jealous.

3 – Their place of employment really frowns on these two fucking, especially during work hours.

4 – The lovers belong to two different crime families/ninja clans/soda companies.

5 – The supreme diety will literally destory the world if these two fuck.

6 – People don’t usually fuck during a divorce proceeding.

7 – Their operating systems are incompatible.

8 – The lovers are supposed to be working on solving that murder case.

9 – The lovers are supposed to be working on murdering someone.

10 – Space Herpes.

11 – One of the lovers is an asshole.

12 – Family reunions are a really awkward place to have sex.

13 – A fast food chain has condemned their fucking.

14 – One of the lovers is 900 years old and the other lover is barely legal.

15 – The lovers are separated by a couple of thousand miles.

16 – One of the lovers is a grim avenging hero type while the other lover is a carefree sexy thief.

17 – The reality show cameras will not turn off for one fucking minute.

18 – The hate these two lovers have for each other could burn an entire world.

19 – Surprise threesome!

20 – Shit got really complicated.  Generate two random results and combine.

Jul 272012

I had a friend who had a very geeky daughter.  This tiny tot devoured Tolkien, Harry Potter and anything else she could get her hands on.  She was like barely 9 if I remember correctly and she had already decided that kids her age at her school were useless.  She wasn’t depressed though.  She was patiently waiting for her invitation to Hogwarts to be delivered.  The parent often confessed to me that even though he told her that Hogwarts didn’t exist, she merely accepted his denials as a test of her faith.

As sad as that story is, the kid has a point.  Real life is way too boring.  There just has to be a place where people just as interesting as her exist.  She just hadn’t found it yet.

Which brings us to erotica.  Current fads aside, often the regular society that surrounds us is not nearly as interesting as the people who read erotica.  The average reader has to feel this same sort of longing.  If only they could get an invitation to where all the other dirty people hang out.  

As all erotica writers know, desire is the most inspiration for writing.  We should be creating these secret societies and we should be taking advantage of that longing for an invitation. 

What kind of secret society is it?  It doesn’t have to be a place of learning like Hogwarts, although sex schools appeal to a large number of readers.  The secret society can be dedicated to goals as lofty as bringing sexual freedom to their members to goals as simple as getting its members laid.  The underlying theme I think is most important is that whatever the goal is, it coincides with the secret wishes of the character that receives the invitation.   Few things are more euphoric than finding out yes, other people like the same perverse things that you do.  Society at large may not approve of you and your sick ways, but your secret society does.

Secret societies is a term that makes a lot of people uncomfortable.  Shit, the Klu Klux Klan is a secret society and who wants to be like those assholes?  It usually evokes images of the Templars, or bad History Channel specials.  But you know who else was a secret society?  The Underground Railroad.   You know who else is a secret society?  A BDSM club in most states.  They do not want their names known. 

Just because a group is organized and secretive doesn’t make them evil assholes who want to take over the world.  It could mean they just don’t want anyone noticing who they are fucking.

Here are three examples of possible Secret Societies for your writing.

The Happy Housewives Club – Being a stay at home housewife can be terribly boring unless you join this Club.  Their goal is simple; let their husbands enjoy all that work stress and social climbing while the housewives get fucking laid.  Most of the housewives fuck each other, engaging in complex lesbian games that would blow the minds of their vanilla husbands.   The Club usually invites new members with a neighborhood house warming party that involves casseroles, local coupons and strap-ons.

The Secret Society of Submissive Sluts – Sometimes a submissive decides that fuck it, they are not in the mood to date and they just want to get dominated with no string attached.  Or maybe these submissives want to be owned for the weekend by someone who doesn’t want to psychoanalyze them.  Or maybe they are just horny and once a week, they call the S.S.S.S. and take the plunge.

Whatever the reason, this society is something of a placement agency.  They put the sluts in a challenging environment with no long term commitments.  The society itself becomes the dominant. 

The League of Sex Bloggers – You don’t think sex bloggers just make all that shit up do you?  Of course not.   Founded by Anais Nin, the League hopes to sponsor sexy writers so that the world is always supplied with new porn.  To aid in this, the League sends struggling writers on expeditions to sexy places.  They give sex bloggers new sex toys and strange artifacts from a sexier time.  In desperate situations, they even provide sex bloggers with alluring sexual partners to inspire them.

The membership fees however, are brutal.

Jul 202012

In the world of fiction, sometimes characters run into problems that they can’t solve by themselves.  In the crime fiction world, sometimes they need to hide a body or maybe turn someone into a body.  Or in the spy fiction world, they need to scrub someone’s identity or create a new one.  The key is that sometimes there are problems too big to solve by yourself so you turn to a professional.  You turn to someone who will not only fix the problem but will also keep their mouth shut about it. 

In the erotica fiction world, they turn to Mr. Fix.

Mr. Fix helps all sorts of people.  He helps college kids finish that term paper that they should have been working on all semester instead of attending frat parties.  He helps parents find that one toy that their kids want for Christmas but it is already sold out and it is only November.  He even helps sex bloggers come up with a post on Monday morning when they have been drinking all night.  Mr. Fix is an expert in his chosen field and he is the best one to turn to when you are in deep shit.

By the way, Mr. Fix is not his name.  He has as many aliases as there are erotica writers.  It would be exhausting to cover all of his other names here, so for the purposes of this article, he will just be known as Mr. Fix.

Why does Mr. Fix do it?  Is it for the money?  Mr. Fix doesn’t charge any money.  His price is your ass.  He is going spank the shit out of it.  It is going to hurt like Hell but man, that old problem of yours is just history.  Don’t try to negotiate because he doesn’t.  Don’t appeal to his sense of mercy because he has none.  Look, you’re the dumb ass who got yourself into this mess in the first place.  Deep down, you suspect that he thinks you are just getting off lightly with a spanking.

It is entirely possible that Mr. Fix is interested in prices other than spankings.  Most characters in these situations are so desperate that they will accept just about any price.  Mr. Fix could easily demand blowjobs, sex with a spouse or even something as minor as a handjob.  The important thing is that it should be something that makes a character and the readers hesitate.  It should instantly make someone think “Is getting a good grade for the semester really worth ____?”  The price can be anything the writer wants but it should be fixed.  It is all or nothing.  He is offering an easy way out for your problems for something you may not want to give.  Like I said earlier, the character is the dumb ass who got themselves into this mess in the first place.

What does Mr. Fix look like?  That depends on the erotica universe.  Universes that lean more towards romantic encounters say that Mr. Fix is a handsome man with a slightly foreign accent.  In more sadistic universe, Mr. Fix has a big belly, a receding hairline and hands that are a little touchy feely.  In some universes, it is actually Ms. Fix and that woman does not fuck around. 

How does one find out about Mr. Fix?  Word of mouth is always good, but people probably hold back a little bit on what they paid.  I have a fondness for mysterious advertisements in local papers.  In this internet age, a character might find out about Mr. Fix from their spam folder.  Mr. Fix works in mysterious ways.