Jan 142008

Monday morning and the week long grind begins again. I work from home so I am still in my house robe. She works far, far, far away from me and she is dressed in all her sophisticated glory. Smart high heels, tight black jeans, a fancy blouse, sharp glasses and fine jewelry all topped by her immaculate hair. Man, she was hot.

She went to the door with purse in hand and a scarf around that slender neck. I didn’t think, I just got up and stopped her from going out. She giggled as I kissed her. She moaned as I grabbed her ass. She gasped as she felt my erection grind against her.

“On your knees,” I whispered in her ear.

She laughed. “I have to go to work.”

“No, you have to suck me,” I said.

She grabbed the collar of my robe and clenched it tight. She wanted to. She wanted the feel of my cock in her mouth. She wanted to lick the head and slip me between her lips. She wanted me to mess up her immaculate hair. She wanted to get dirt on the knees of her sexy jeans. She wanted me to use her scarf like a leash while I fucked her face. She wanted to go to work with the taste of my semen on her tongue.

“Okay,” she said.

Jan 072008

Flirting is a language but it doesn’t require comprehension as much as it requires imagination on the part of the recipient. Cosmic Minx sat across from at a dinner party and kept doing this flip with her collar. She did it with a smirk and a half wink, giving me a good peek of her beautiful skin and big wide view of her playful side.

I thought she was just playing around. It wasn’t till my friends asked me in amazement if me and Cosmic Minx were dating that it occurred to me that she was flirting. It wasn’t till each one them said how they had never seen her act this way that it slowly penetrated my brain that this friend of mine was coming on to me.

Looking back on it, it seems so obvious what she was doing. Heck, every time she did it, I burned it into my memory and knew that I would have to get her to do it again some time when I had my camera. Which is what you are seeing above. Even though it was sending a jolt to my libido with every collar flip, my brain wouldn’t accept the obvious data because that would require my brain to see myself as a desirable person worth flirting with. I didn’t. It wasn’t out of modesty or sexual naivety, it was out of poor self-esteem. I just couldn’t imagine this sexy smart woman was interested in me.

I know better now.