Jan 112012

“Time to wake up, Ms. Valentine.”

Holly stirred from her sleep and tried to sit up. The ropes holding her hands stopped her. Since she was an investigative reporter, this detail didn’t surprise her much. The number of times that she awoke to find herself tied up was starting to exceed the number of times she woke up without being restrained. It was an occupational hazard.

The reporter did a quick inventory before responding to the voice. Yep, she was completely naked. Yes, her wrists and ankles were tied to the four corners of her hotel bed. Oh dear, her breasts felt tender as if someone had felt her up while stripping her. Bad guys usually don’t molest her tits unless they plan for her to be dead later so she won’t press charges. This might be a serious attempt on her life as opposed to the half-ass attempts that she dealt with so frequently.

“I doubt that you know who I am,” the man standing beside her said. He was a young man, barely thirty yet he had all the arrogance and self importance of an asshole twice his age.

“You’re Carl Squeezestone, chief financial officer for the Conquest Banking,” Holly said. “You are currently renegotiating which bank gets to secretly run the SEC and determine who gets to defraud the stock market for the next two years.”

Mr. Squeezestone frowned. “It appears that you have achieved more unexpected progression in your investigation than we forecasted. Your untimely expose into our affairs might result in unfortunate down trending in our financial forecast.”

After three years of covering banker scandals, Holly understood banker talk better than most people. She just refused to speak it herself.

“Yeah, you guys will be totally fucked,” Holly said.

“On the contrary, you are about to be downsized,” Mr. Squeezestone said. “Notice the pistols that have been mounted on your hotel bed frame. Each rope connects a limb to trigger. As soon as you move any subsidiary appendage in any direction, you will trigger a penalty as the pistol fires. The pistols are aimed at your torso, which will result in a slow and painful downgrading of your circulatory capitol flow.”

“Ouch, just leaving me to bleed to death,” Holly said. “Oh well, guess I am not moving for several hours until the maids come in to change the sheets.”

Mr. Squeezestone smiled like a man with a golden parachute. “That is why I am strapping this device on. Do you recognize it? It is the Von Madd Pussy-Licker 11. It adheres to your cunt and leverages the state of the art animatronics tongue to stimulate your arousal growth in a perpetual upwards trend. It will be impossible for you to not move and therefore, impossible to not be perforated with unexpected lead infusions.”

“Well, shit,” Holly said.

Mr. Squeezestone leaned over and held the plate sized device over her neatly trimmed pussy. Small robot tentacles reached out to her waist and thighs. The Pussy-Licker 11 jumped out of her hand and sealed itself over her cunt. The metal tentacles tightened around her for a snug fit. A bright pink power button was on the outside of the Pussy-Licker 11 but with Holly’s hands tied; there was no way that she was reaching it.

“Goodbye, Ms. Valentine,” Mr. Squeezestone said. “I look forward to reading about your perverse bondage masturbation death in the papers tomorrow. In fact, I think I will write the article myself.”

He pressed the power button for the Pussy-Licker 11. Holly was going to respond with a clever retort about his sexual practices with small animals but she felt the amazing animated tongue of the device and all witty repartee died in her throat as she moaned.

Mr. Squeezestone smiled and stuffed her panties into her mouth. Holly watched as he walked out of her room. He didn’t even bother to hang the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. Well of course not, Holly realized. He wanted her bondage shot body to be found in the morning.

“Well fuck,” Holly tried to say but the panties in her mouth turned it into a “Whh ffk”. She was in trouble this time. It was a clever arrangement though to be honest, shooting her in her sleep would have been smarter. She understood why she was in an elaborate trap. Mr. Squeezestone was a banker and a wall street trader, he probably couldn’t even think in simple A to B plans. That was her one advantage.

The Pussy-Licker 11 lived up to its name and did something wonderful to Holly’s sex. She trembled and had an incredible urge to reach down and pull it tighter against her.

She stopped herself after her hands moved an inch. Holly waited for the shots but the pistols didn’t fire.

Now she knew that she had at least an inch of give. Holly didn’t know what good it would do her, but it was something.

She tried to look at her body to see if there was anything she could use. Her large breasts obstructed most of her view. Holly said a silent prayer of thanks that Mr. Squeezestone didn’t get really creative and apply nipple clamps of some sort.

Past her freckled breasts, she could barely see the Pussy-Licker 11 but she sure as hell could feel it. Fuck, now it was doing some sort of circular motion. It was amazing what they could do with sex toys these days. One day she was sure it would kill her.

Her long bare legs were stretched out and secured with thick rope. She had a really good view of the pistols at the foot of the bed. She wasn’t an expert on guns but she could tell that these were the kinds of guns that punched messy holes in people rather than neatly bypassing important arteries.

Yeah, she was fucked.

The Pussy-Licker 11 began to lap at her sex. It reminded her of an inappropriate dog or a drunken college student. It was used all of the tongue to lick from the bottom of her cunt to the top. It was wet too. The damn device must provide its own simulated saliva. It was fucking perfect.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Holly tried to think of an escape plan. It was still night, so it would be hours before a maid came. She could usually twist and pull herself out of most bondage but pulling and twisting would kill her here. Holly rapidly ran out of ideas.

Holly’s heart skipped a beat as she realized that her hips had been moving for the last two minutes. She had been humping against the Pussy-Licker 11 without even thinking about it. The redhead reporter forced her hips to stop and bit down on the panties in her mouth as the Pussy-Licker 11 kept licking.

Holly moaned. Not moving was worse. It was as if the device interpreted her lack of movement as encouragement to try harder. The mechanical tongue was picking up speed and doing gyrations that no human mouth could attempt. Erotic science was going to get her off and when it did, she was going to twist and writhe before the speeding bullets made her twist and writhe for entirely different reasons.

Wait, Holly remembered an article she wrote back for her high school paper. A cheerleader and a jock had died in a freak motel bed accident. The cheerleader had tried a running mount onto the jock and the bed had shattered. They had died from the freak shrapnel from the splintering wood. During her research, Holly had discovered that most beds in hotels were notoriously badly constructed as they were bought in bulk from men’s prisons. If they were bought from women’s prisons, the bed would be sturdier because women can build the shit out of a bed.

It gave Holly an idea. Maybe she could pull on her arms and legs at the same time and destroy the badly made bed. The pistols would be dislodged and maybe she could roll out of the way at the same time.

The only problem is that the cheerleader in Holly’s high school had destroyed the bed with a running start. Holly was flat on her back getting her pussy eaten. She was in good shape but not that good of shape. She would need some sort of advantage.

The Pussy-Licker 11 moved synthetic lips that Holly didn’t know it had. Lifelike lips nibble and kissed her cunt. The reporter trembled with willpower as she fought to keep from humping the machine.

Holly’s clenched eyes popped open. That was it. She had all the strength she needed if it was powered by an orgasm. She just had to have one of those bed shattering orgasms that broke the glasses of boyfriends.

She just had to have it without moving prematurely.

Holly waited. The Pussy-Licker 11 licked deeper into her. The redhead fought to stay as still as possible as the machine licked where only cocks had reached before. Her nipples tingled as the device took simulated breathes inside her. Her feet were still but her toes curled as the sextoy bit her gently.

The ropes trembled. Holly bit down on the panties and willed herself not to move. She felt her body tensing like a spring but she couldn’t release just yet.

The Pussy-Licker 11 found her clitoris. Just like a real man, it took awhile to find. The simulated tongue attacked her clitoris with speed and efficiency.

All of Holly’s control melted. She was going to climax. She might also die but right now she didn’t give a fuck. She wanted to come. She needed to come. Dying and living was something for later.

The Pussy-Licker 11 kept licking her clitoris as her hips rose. The metal arms hung on as Holly’s body twisted and spun on the bed. The mechanical tongue vibrated against her as her arms pulled down and her legs pulled up. The superior construction of the sextoy clung to her sex as the inferior construction of the motel bed shattered.

The pistols fired.

The pistol attached to her right arm fell and shot out the window.

The pistol attached to her left arm spun and shot the television.

The pistol attached to her right leg turned and shot the corner of the bed.

The pistol attached to her left leg didn’t fire at all because Mr. Squeezestone forgot to turn off the safety. Stock brokers could be sloppy that way.

Holly fell off the bed. Her hands were still tied but the rope was completely slack. She reached between her thighs and hesitated.

She came twice more before turning the machine off.

Nov 162011

“This might be the most horrifying place I have ever been to as a reporter.”

Holly Valentine made this observation silently to herself. She didn’t want to wake the snoring talk show host who was sleeping in his bed. According to her sources, Hudson Williams was organizing a series of embarrassing events to occur at the recent Wall Street protests. The corporate overlords who supplied the talk show host with teenage boys and opiates were tired of the protests and they assigned the host the task of destroying popular support of the protestors. In typical fashion, the talk show host had opted for the hiring of transsexuals to stage orgies during the protests.

That was too good for Holly Valentine to pass up. Unlike Mr. Williams, Holly understood that breaking into the home of somebody to steal a list of transexuals was not exactly good journalism, but if she used to that list to do research on money transactions, communications and maybe a hard hitting interview ending in an awkward confession, then not only would she expose a scandal in the making but it might also get her a nomination for a journalism award or two.

Best of all, Holly just loved linking rightwing radio personalities to transsexuals. It gave her a warm feeling right between her thighs.

What didn’t give her a warm feeling was the creepiness of the bedroom. Hudson was a famously fat man and as he got larger, he did most of his work in his bedroom. That meant Holly had to search his bedroom/office which was decorated with far too many larger than life posters of Hudson’s face. It was as if Hudson was leering at her from every wall.

Holly looked down on herself as if her choice of clothes were somehow responsible for the panoramic staring. She had forgone her usual fabulous fashion sense for a simple black jogging suit that was appropriate for her night time break in. Sadly, even a shapeless pair of jogging pants couldn’t hide her rather awesome ass. The same went for her tight black sweatshirt which seemed to cling to every curve of her impressive breasts. Holly did know that she should have tucked her vibrant red hair under an unflattering cap but she did just have a new haircut so she pulled it into an efficient if still sexy ponytail. The reporter had a hard time consciously looking bad even when trying to be unnoticeable.

She found what she needed under a stack of male underwear catalogs. Hudson Williams kept a ledger of transsexuals complete with addresses, aliases and cock sizes. The man was a shitty repeater of lies and falsehoods but he kept surprisingly accurate records of sexual acquaintances. Who knew?

As Hudson Williams snored, Holly took photographs of his ledger. When she was finished, she tucked the camera into her bra where it was safely held in place by her heavy breast. Now all she had to do was sneak out of this bedroom, out of the hallway, through the open window and then across the mansion lawn. Easy peasy.

Holly turned around and that was when she saw the security guard. He stood there silently, looking into the bedroom with the light of the hallway behind him. She couldn’t see his face but she could see enough of his powerful body to know that there was no way she could run past him. She was fucked.

A second passed and then another. Holly was confused. He should have yelled at her. He should have made some sort of threatening move. Shit, he didn’t even break out a Tazer or a gun.

The security guard stepped into the bedroom and closed the door behind him. Holly smiled as he stepped into the moonlight. At least he had a cute face. It was the ugly guards that were the worse to deal with.

The guard put a finger to his lips and pointed to the snoring Hudson.

Holly nodded. She didn’t know what the fuck was going on but she could play along.

The guard unzipped his pants. This she understood. She was not above having sex with a cute stranger for the guarantee of safety. Hell, she considered it a bonus.

Holly made a head motion towards the door. Surely he would rather get his bribe in a safer place?

The guard shook his head. He also put his hands to her shoulders and pushed her to her knees.

Holly didn’t even allow herself to sigh. She reached into his unzipped pants and pulled out his cock. It was warm and pulsing in her hand. At least he was excited. This shouldn’t take too long.

She took him into her mouth. The guard let out a low moan that sent chills down Holly’s spine. She froze with his cock in her mouth and listened for Hudson’s snores.

The talk show host kept snoring.

This time Holly did sigh and it was with relief. A gentle thrust from the cock in her mouth reminded her to get to work. She fought back a giggle and took his cock down her throat. Holly pressed her nose hard against his crotch and let him enjoy the sensation of being entirely buried in a mouth.

The guard made no noise but his hand clenched her ponytail. She took it as a compliment.

Holly was blessed with a wet mouth but in this circumstance it might lead to an unfortunately loud sucking. The clever reporter combated this by sucking very, very, very slowly. In and out with the speed of a lazy summer blowjob, Holly took her time. She countered the slowness of her lips with a rapid flicking of her tongue against his cock.

The guard thankfully understood the need for silence but he was only human. He stood silently for the most part but when Holly’s tongue licked the tip of his cock he would moan. When she sucked him down to where his balls were on her chin then he would groan like an overdue Halloween ghost. Holly tried to avoid the more sensitive parts of his cock but as the blowjob continued, she was finding more and more spots to avoid.

It didn’t help that Holly was getting aroused herself. The heat between her thighs was rapidly growing warmer by the second. The cock in her mouth was nice but what turned her on more was the idea of getting more action in a right wing talk show host’s bedroom than he currently was. As a journalist Holly knew that she should be more neutral but as a woman who really hated the pseudo journalism of talk radio, she was fucking amused with herself.

The snoring stopped. Holly stopped licking. The guard’s cock was still in her mouth and she couldn’t help herself from sucking as hard as she could.

The behemoth radio host rolled over in his bed. The bed springs groaned with the agony of overworked metal.

The snoring started again.

Holly released the suction grip that her lips had on his cock. She didn’t understand when the guard pulled out of her mouth. When he pulled her to his feet, Holly smiled with relief. Obviously the guard was finally going to get her out of the bedroom so they could finish what they started in peace.

She was wrong. The silent guard turned her around and had her face the foot of Hudson’s bed. He yanked her sweatpants down and then pulled her night camouflage panties down as well. The fearless guard was going to fuck her!

Holly wasn’t sure how she felt about that. Okay, she was horny she would admit if they were allowed to speak but she didn’t think it was a good idea to be fucking right at the moment.

The guard’s cock pressed against her cunt. Holly bent forward enough to take him into her. She shuddered as he filled her ready cunt completely.

Okay, maybe this was a good idea after all.

Hudson Williams snored in his bed. Holly looked down on him as the guard fucked her from behind. Holly grabbed the bed frame for support and she was dismayed at how much the bed rocked back and forth. It was a large bed and it had a larger man inside it but still the bed moved from their fucking.

A minute of hard fucking later and Holly didn’t care. The sound of his cock ramming inside her wet cunt was so much louder than the nearly silent sucking she had performed earlier. She was sure that the host would wake at any moment but damn, the painkillers he was addicted to must make him a heavy sleeper.

Holly could have done without the giant poster of Hudson looking down at her from the head of the bed but it couldn’t be helped. In her highly sexed state, she couldn’t help imagine that the poster was staring at her breasts bouncing inside her sweatshirt as the security guard fucked her. Hudson might not like women but his poster sure did.

The guard grabbed her ponytail and increased the pace of his fucking. The man was grunting with the passion of his thrusts. What was his deal? Was he a disgruntled employee that just wanted to fuck in his boss’s bedroom? Or maybe after years of smuggling teenage boys into the mansion, the guard was finally happy to see some pussy?

As long as his cock stayed hard, Holly didn’t fucking care. He was fucking so hard that the sound of his hips smashing into her ass was a steady series of claps applauding their fucking. Holly had to resist the urge to applaud herself.

The bed rocked as they fucked.

Hudson snored.

Holly bit down on her lip to keep from screaming as she climaxed.

The sound of thighs on ass kept clapping.

The bed springs groaned as Hudson rolled onto his back.

The guard froze as the snoring stopped.

Hudson coughed.

They waited to see if Hudson woke up. Holly clenched with her cunt around the guard’s cock. The guard’s hand pulled her ponytail harder.

Holly rolled her hips. She did this so slowly and gently that the bed didn’t even move.

The guard whimpered. Holly felt the eruption of seed inside her. Three more rolls of her hips and his cock was completely drained.

The guard released her hair and pulled out of her. He didn’t stop Holly as she pulled her panties and pants back up. He did open the door for her so she could leave the bedroom but he was discreet enough to not follow her into the hallway. Holly knew that it would be unprofessional of him as a security guard to know her escape route.

She snuck out of the mansion on shaky legs.

Sep 212011

Holly Valentine waited to be groped. The train was crowded and the green skirt she was wearing was especially loose. As per the instructions, she wasn’t wearing underwear and she stood with her legs casually apart. The agreed upon stop was coming up and Holly was wet with anticipation.

She wasn’t wet for the grope. Holly’s cunt was clenching because of the information she was expecting. The major cable companies were preparing a fake telecommunications disaster to justify raising rates. A whistle-blower within the company had contact Holly and wanted her to print the conspiracy for her news organization. The problem was that the cable companies had excellent surveillance on all of their employees and it was almost impossible to pass any information without them knowing.

Almost impossible. Her contact had an interesting idea for how to hand off the information. He took this train home everyday from work. He told Holly where to stand and he told her how to dress. Holly added the green blouse that showed off her pale breasts and the fabulous green hat where she tucked most of her red hair. Even for a clandestine transfer, she wanted to look good.

The train stopped. Some people got off but far more came on. The crowded train became a thick mass of humanity. The doors closed and the train took off again.

A body pressed against her from behind. She didn’t turn around. A hand cupped her ass from the outside of her skirt. His fingers began to pull her skirt up every so slowly.

“Mr. Blue, I presume,” Holly said. She spoke at a normal voice but the thundering of the tracks covered her voice.

“Shh,” the man said behind her. “It’s me. Just keep looking straight ahead.”

Holly bit her lip. The man was a paranoid freak but then again, he did work for a cable company. He probably knew about the spy devices they put in their cable boxes.

A finger pressed against her sex. It pushed against her lips and wiggle slightly. A trickle of Holly’s desire wet his finger.

“That better be a flash drive,” Holly said.

“I need to make sure there is room,” Mr. Blue said. “I risked a lot bringing it here and I don’t want it falling out when you step off the train.”

Holly didn’t answer. She thought about the corruption that flash drive would reveal and her cunt moistened with every conspiratorial thought. Embarrassing huge companies was such an aphrodisiac for her.

The probing finger wasn’t bad either. He was groping her from behind but he had an amazing reach. His middle finger was searching deeper and deeper inside her. Holy wondered if he had really long arms or was just a short guy. It didn’t matter. His finger was pushing inside her with an urgency that matched the heat within her.

The finger touched a nice spot and Holly clenched reflexively. The man gasped behind her and Holly’s muscles relaxed. His finger didn’t escape though. Instead of sliding out, his finger was out right stroking her now.

“Oh shit,” Holly said as she held onto the overhead strap. That felt good. She doubted that the stroking was strictly necessary but she didn’t mind.

Holly looked around the train. No one had noticed them. The train was too full and it was only going to get more crowded. Everyone was too busy trying not to make human contact with each other to notice the very intimate contact happening right beside them.

The finger pulled away. Holly moaned and clenched in frustration. It was just like an anonymous source. All teasing and no follow through.

She felt her skirt get lifted again. She took a slight step to the left to part her legs further. It was a smart move, because something plastic and large was pushing against her sex. It felt less like a flash drive and more like a dildo.

“How much info is on this drive?” Holly said out loud.

The pushing stopped. “Shhh, you’ll draw attention to us,” Mr. Blue hissed behind her. “It’s 4 gigs but I wanted to make sure it was shielded against EMP pulses and other counter-measures.”

Holly shook her head. Paranoids made the best and worse sources.

The pushing resumed. Holly gasped as the plastic drive opened her cunt. She moaned as inch after inch of the drive invaded her. Her hand clenched the overhead strap with increasing force as the rather wide drive filled her cunt.

Just when Holly didn’t think she could take anymore, the pushing stopped. The fingers pulled away and smoothed her skirt down. The drive sat inside her, shaking with every rattle of the train.

“My stop is next,” Mr. Blue said. “Stay on the train until you reach the end of the line. Don’t let the drive drop.”

Holly nodded as subtlety as possible.

The train stopped. She turned her head so that she wouldn’t see Mr. Blue as he walked past her. A trickle of desire ran down her thigh from her sex.

People left the train and more came on. People pressed against her. She forced her legs together and held the drive tight within her.

The train rumbled as it pulled away from the station. The vibrations traveled up her entire body. The drive shook inside her, pushing and vibrating against the sensitive walls of her sex. The train went through a curve and Holly felt the tug of gravity pulling the drive against her.

She thought about how badly the cable companies wanted the information that she had. The reporter thought about the thrill of yet another exclusive scoop. Visions of embarrassed executives giving statements of denial danced through her mind.

Holly climaxed. She shook as the force of the orgasm traveled through her body. Her sex clenched tightly on the valuable drive and all of it’s naughty secrets.

Holly took a deep breath and let it out. It would be another hour before she reached the end of the line. That meant an hour with a large thick dildo inside her that shook with every bump, rattle and shimmy of the train. Her skirt wouldn’t be able to hide all of the juices flowing down her leg. She would have to stand through out the ordeal with her thighs clenched wonderfully tight together. It was going to a challenge.

Holly smiled. She liked challenges. She liked the idea of walking back to her car and stroking off in the driver’s seat even more. The promise of her orgasm made her cunt clench so tightly around the dildo drive.

When she thought of the wonderful forbidden secrets hidden on that drive, she clenched even tighter.

Jul 202011

“Wakey, wakey, ‘allo, ‘allo!”

Holly Valentine opened her eyes. It was pitch dark except for the tiny amount of moonlight coming from the ceiling of wherever she was. The floor underneath her felt like metal. The smell of chloroform made her nauseous.

“Who the fuck uses chloroform these days?” Holly groaned. She sat up and her head swam. At least, she thought everything swam; it was hard to tell in the dark.

“I know, right?” someone said close to her. He had a sexy British accent, like James Bond about to get laid. “There are at least seven other more effective drugs to incapacitate someone.”

“Come now, chloroform is a classic,” the voice on top said. He had a similar British accent but his accent was more uptight butler.

“Oh shit, that’s right,” Holly said. “I’m in Britain. I was covering the phone hacking scandal where all those shit reporters hacked people’s phones to get their stories. Fuck, chloroform messes with a girl’s head.”

“Hey!” the voice on top said. “We are not shit reporters! You are talking to a member of the Society of Ruthless Journalists! And you, my American tramp, have been captured and will be disposed of!”

“The who to the what now? Holly said.

“The Society of Ruthless Journalists is a centuries old organization,” the sexy voice beside her said. “They dig up dirt and splash it on their front pages but never dirt on their corporate masters. No, they only exploit the rich and famous who offend the corporate line.”

“Oh, we just call them cable news people where I come from,” Holly said.

“Right, now that we made introductions,” the voice above them said. “Here’s how it goes. You are in an abandoned train car in the middle of a deserted quarry. No one will hear your cries for help. You will die of starvation while me and my mates tell the world that you two eloped and went on a whirlwind honeymoon. There may be sex with donkeys included in the story. We’ll make a mint selling papers about your sordid sex lives while you die here and incidentally, don’t do anymore investigating into the phone hacking business. I get a promotion and maybe an editor’s position and Bob’s your uncle, understand?”

“Wait? You’re going to kill an American reporter just to cover your dirty work?” Holly said.

“Love, you ain’t the first batch of bodies this night,” the voice said. “Right, goodbye. And you too, Johnny!”

The opening sealed above them. Holly heard the sound of the man climbing down the side of the car. She also heard him curse a little as he fell.

“That’s it?” Holly said. It was so dark that Holly couldn’t see her hands but she knew her fellow captive could hear her. “They didn’t even tie me up. I mean, they expect us to die of starvation? Shit, they didn’t even add some poison gas or maybe fill the cart with water? This is a terrible excuse for a deathtrap.”

“They are shit reporters,” the voice said.

The British accent sent a shiver down Holly’s spine. “Wait, I know that voice. He called you Johnny. Are you Johnny Jones? The reporter giving the phone hacking so much coverage right now?”

“Yes, miss,” the voice said. “I am assuming by your colorful language and defiant tone that you are Holly Valentine, reporter for INX?”

“Holy shit!” Holly said. “I am such a big fan of yours! That expose you wrote on subliminal advertising in singing competitions was awesome!”

“Thank you, Miss Valentine,” Johnny said. “I found your piece on HMO’s and their price jacking to be brilliant. Simply brilliant.”

“Damn, I wish there was some light in here,” Holly said. “I finally get to meet a colleague that I like and I am stuck in the dark.”

“Yes, at least we will be spared the indignity of looking badly while we die,” Johnny said.

“So, these reporters really will leave us to die?” Holly asked.

“Oh yes,” Johnny said. “The Society is made up of lazy reporters but they have a long history of killing. They once kidnapped and tortured a woman just to make her soccer player husband give then an interview. Death is old hat to them.”

Holly sat on that information for a few minutes. “Mr. Jones?” Holly said.

“Please, call me Johnny,” he said.

“Okay, Johnny. And please call me Holly. I wonder if you could do something for me?”

“Certainly Holly. Are you cold? I don’t have my jacket but perhaps my shirt could give you comfort.”

“No, I’m not cold,” Holly said. “I was wondering, since we are going to die here and all, if you could help me fulfill a lifelong dream?”

There was a pause. “I don’t think I have much in my power at the moment to grant wishes, Holly.”

“Actually, my dream was to sit on the face of a reporter that I admire,” Holly said.

“Oh,” Johnny said.

“Since we are going to die and all,” Holly said.

“Beastly business that,” Johnny said. “In the interest of global cooperation among colleagues and granting the wish of a condemned woman, I can not help but comply.”

“Right-o!” Holly said in her best British accent.

“Right, and don’t do that ever again,” Johnny said.

“Sorry,” Holly said. “It’s hard. You hear all these accents and you just want to join in.” She crawled in the darkness towards his voice.

“True, I have a friend who does a Texas accent every time he watches your cop shows,” Johnny said.

She found him. Broad shoulders, some slight stubble on his face and an interesting crooked nose. She pushed him gently down to the metal floor.

“You were serious about sitting on my face?” Johnny said. “I thought that might be some American phrase.”

“I’m a good reporter, I tell the truth,” Holly said.

Holly was wearing a pair of green panties when she was captured but she discarded them now in record time. Thank God that she was wearing a skirt. It was a bit chilly and Holly was glad for every bit of warmth she could get. In a moment, she planned to get a lot of it.

She climbed onto Jimmy’s head. The British hunk was on his back and his hands guided her onto him. Fingers that had typed the downfall of the rich and powerful pushed her ass right where it needed to be.

The first contact of tongue against her sex was electric. Holly moaned as his tongue worked its way inside her. She gripped his hair and pressed against him. Fact to cunt, she was right where she wanted to be.

It was cold in the train car but it was so damn hot between Holly’s thighs. The car blocked the sounds of the outside world so that the only thing she could hear was the sound of his tongue lapping away at her. She stared as hard as she could into the darkness and tried to see even a glimmer of the delight occurring beneath her.

Johnny’s fingers grabbed her ass. She moaned as he held onto her. Johnny was pulling her harder against his, trying to get more of her into his mouth. He moaned and she felt every moan on her sex.

Holly wanted to return the favor but it felt too fucking good to move. She couldn’t believe that her favorite reporter was eating her out like she was his last meal. Well, she kind of was but that wasn’t important. What mattered was staying right here and enjoying his mouth. If she moved, it might dispel this wonderful dreamlike that she was in.

It didn’t take her long. Hell, she had been clenching ever since she first heard his voice in the train car. She was wet, horny and eager. She would have climaxed if she had just ridden his nose but no, Johnny Jones had to be an excellent pussy licker as well. She had one more talent of his to admire.

“Brilliant!” Holly cried out. She climaxed on Johnny’s face. Her thighs clenched around him and she humped his face as she rode her orgasm. Johnny, being the excellent reporter that he was, kept licking till the job was done.

“Oh, that was awesome,” Holly said as she slumped off his face.

“That was fucking awesome,” Johnny said. There was a sexy growl to his already sexy British accent.

“Yeah, it was,” Holly said. “Wait a second.”

Holly reached around till she found her purse. As she expected, her cell phone was missing. Her lipstick was still there, which meant the Society of Ruthless Journalists were just as sloppy as she had come to expect.

A turn of the lipstick base and a small acetylene torch flared to life. Sitting next to her was Johnny Jones. His face was soaked.

“Bloody hell,” Johnny said.

“It’ll take a few seconds to cut through the train car,” Holly said. She went to work on their escape.

“And you had this the whole time?” Johnny said.

“Of course,” Holly said. “I just wanted to sit on my idol’s face first. If we escaped, you might have done something silly like try to file your story first.”

“Makes sense,” Johnny said. He pulled something out of his sock. “It was why I was holding off on activating my emergency tracker.”

Holly laughed. “How long will it take for a rescue?”

“Ten minutes I except,” Johnny said.

Holly nodded. “Once we get out into the moonlight, let’s see how fast I can suck you off before help arrives.”

“Ye-haw,” Johnny said in a terrible Texas accent.

“Wow, don’t ever say that again,” Holly said.

“Sorry,” Johnny said.

Jun 152011

Representative Leonard Sack was in a state of agitation. He was stuck in his House of Representatives waiting for some vote on some stupid ass bill and he hadn’t gotten laid in like two days. This was unacceptable. He didn’t campaign around his shitty district back in his shitty home state to sit around a shitty office not getting laid. He should be getting a congressional blowjob from one of the cute pages they have on staff here.

Sadly for Representative Sack, his page blowjob privileges had been revoked by the House leadership. Last week, the media caught wind of Sack sending a dirty text to a seventeen year old female constituent of his. Sure it was a filthy text about what he would do that girl’s sweet tight ass, but Sack was sure that it was no worse than the filth that kids read today with their vampire novels. In his mind, the media had completely blown this out of proportion.

“It’s not like I’m a Democrat!” Sack swore out loud in his office. Democrats get crucified for sex scandals while Representatives get a pat on the back and a lobbying deal. That’s how Washington works, God damn it. Did everyone forget that?

Sack had a plan. He just had to behave. He just had to lay low till people forgot about his naughty email. When some other jackass does something stupid, Sack can get back into the spotlight by throwing shit at the President or something. The media loves a rebel.

The smartphone on his desk buzzed. His aides had told him that maybe he should get rid of the thing but fuck them. What do aides know anyway? If they were so fucking smart, they would be elected officials instead of aides.

Sack picked up the phone. It was a message from someone named ValentineDD. Well, that didn’t sound like a reporter’s name.

The message read “Hey, loved your dirty txt. I love sexy older men!!!1”

Sack smiled. See? It wasn’t his fault. Women were attracted to powerful men. It was evolution, which was just a theory if any of his supporters asked.

Wait, the message had a picture attached. Sack loaded the image.


It was a picture of two glorious pale breasts contained within a flimsy black fishnet bra. The pink nipples pushed against the sheer material. The nipples looked lovely enough to bite.

This is was more like it. Sack smiled and reclined in his chair. Damn, great tits were what politics was all about.

He had to reply. It would be rude not to.

“Great tits! Got more to share?”

There, that wasn’t too dirty.

The smartphone buzzed. ValentineDD had already responded.

“How about this? Like it???”

It was a picture of black fishnet panties pressing tight against a prolific bush of pubic hair. Christ, Sack was salivating just looking at it.

The phone buzzed again. He got another message from her.

“Now show me something
Sack smiled. He was tempted to send her a picture of his Platinum credit card but that didn’t seem to impress young women as much as it impressed his wife. He knew what girls wanted. They wanted cock.

He unzipped his pants and looked at his bulge. It was a bit smaller than he liked. He reached inside his underwear and gave himself a few tugs. He looked at the picture of her panties and stroked. Within a minute, he had an erection that he was proud of. It looked great pushing against his underwear. He took a picture right next to his cock so that it would look as big as possible.

Sack sent it. Deep down, he knew that House leadership would disapprove but then those assholes only chased cock. They didn’t understand that when you chase pussy, you needed to show the girl what you got. Women love dick.

He got a message back instantly. A picture was attached. He skipped the message and went straight to the image.

Fuck yes. The panties were pulled aside now and a finger was pushing against the lips of her pussy.

The message read “Oh god, you got me so hot! Show me more PLEEEASE!”

Yep, women love dick. Sack played it cool though. He sent a message back.

“Show me the inside of your pussy and I will show you my cock.”

He sent the message as a knock came to the door. “Representative, they need you on the floor for a vote.” His aides knew better than to walk in when the door was closed.

“Fuck!” he snarled. “Which vote is it?”

“The House is going to ban sex education for adults,” the aide said from behind the door.

“Fuck, that is important,” Sack said. His base ate shit like that up. “I’ll be there soon. Go away!”

The smartphone buzzed. He looked down and god damn, ValentineDD delivered. The image that loaded showed the panties completely gone and a beautiful pussy spread wide on some office chair. Two fingers splayed the lips open like a porn star. Fuck yes.

Well now he had to reciprocate. That was how politics worked. It was give and take. He yanked down his underwear and his congressional cock sprang to attention. He snapped a shot, rejected it, and snapped another one much closer. There, now it looked as huge as the Washington monument. He sent it.

Damn, he was hard. Horny as fuck and no pages around to suck his cock. Probation sucked. Oh well, he should probably get to the floor and vote.

The smartphone buzzed. Representative Sack should have ignored it. He had a political career to consider.

Fuck it. He was horny.

He picked the phone up and saw the responding message. Oh God. There was a fucking vibrator inside the woman’s pussy.

The message read “Show me you cum and I’ll send you the video of me masturbating.”

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Representative Sack knew that would be a mistake. He already had one sex scandal this week, he should lay low. He should consider his career. He should think of how the press would love to use his name in some sort of pun for their headlines. It would be crazy to do what this anonymous woman had asked, no matter how much Sack wanted to see that vibrator slip and slide inside her wet pussy.

What would Ronald Reagan do? Oh yeah, the Gipper would fucking go for it! He’d tap that ass and go shoot a Russian. Sack wouldn’t be a man if he backed down now.

The knock came at the door again. “Sir? They really need your vote. Banning sex education for adults is one of Rush Limbaugh’s top ten requests.”

“I’ll fucking be there!” Sack yelled.

He had to make this quick. He stroked his cock as fast as he could. With his other hand, he held the phone above his cock. He needed to capture the money shot. Women love cocks that pop.

He pumped his fists over his cock. His other hand manipulated the images that he had received and already stored into a photo album. He studied each of the images that ValentineDD had sent him.

He looked at her lovely tits, trapped in a black net of mesh.

He moaned at the sight of her pussy hair covered by flimsy panties.

He groaned at the image of her panties pulled aside.

He shuddered at the picture of her fingers holding her pussy open.

He gasped as he looked at the vibrator inside her.

He climaxed. He made a mess on his congressional desk while his smartphone snapped pictures. Because it had been two days since he last had sex, he had a budget breaking load of semen to pump out. He took pictures of it all and also took some pictures of his massive Republican cock. Chicks loved come-smeared cocks.

Sack sent the images. He zipped up his pants and left the stains where they were. That is what the custodian staff was for. He was a fucking United States Representative, he wasn’t cleaning his own fuck stains.

There was a furious knock at the door. “Representative Sack!” a voice yelled.

“All right, I’m coming!” Sack snapped. “I’ll vote for the ban right away!”

He opened the door to see Representative Viper at his door. What was the Majority Leader’s pet attack dog doing at Sack’s office?

Representative Viper held up a smartphone that was open to some news website.

“Why the fuck did you send a picture of you jacking off to some liberal bitch reporter named Holly Valentine?” Viper snarled.

“Oh shit,” Sack said. His name was definitely going to be used as a pun now.

May 042011

The thugs led Holly Valentine deeper into the mine. The rough ground hurt her bare feet but she kept her complaints to herself. The silent brutes had kidnapped her from her hotel room, stripped her naked except for her red panties, and tied her hands behind her back. When people do that to you, they usually don’t care about the rocks you are stepping on.

They stopped at a dead end. Holly was relieved that at least there wasn’t a pit to be dropped into. She was a bit concerned about the two flashing boxes that had a suspicious amount of wires coming out of them. The wires led back into the tunnel.

“Holly Valentine, annoying reporter,” a smug voice said. “Bet you wish that you hadn’t have done that article on mine safety now?”

“Jeffery Slag, notorious polluter and well known safety regulation law breaker,” Holly said. “I never regret investigating a scumbag like you. I know all about your plot to bury a hundred workers in a mine collapse and then blame it on terrorists in order to get government money.”

Slag got up from a chair he had been sitting in. He stared at her breasts and talked directly to them.

“That is true,” Slag said, “but you will never publish the story. You are about to disappear under several hundred tons of solid earth. I would like to direct your attention to the two detonators over here.”

“”Awful lack of subtlety, don’t you think?” Holly said. “Won’t people get suspicious when a reporter goes missing?”

“Those damn terrorists,” Slag said. “They hate us for our freedom of speech, don’t you know?”

He walked over to the two detonators. He grabbed something from each of them and walked towards Holly. The cords must have had some serious pull because he grunted as he pulled them the last few feet. The tension of the cords were extreme as he held them.

“The demolition boys cooked this up,” Slag said. “Once they are activated, either detonator will go off if the tension is released. If you want to live, you are going to have to hold them.”

“Awfully hard with my hands behind my back,” Holly said.

“You won’t be using your hands,” Slag said.

He held up the ends of the cords. Each cord ended in a wicked looking clamp. Slag was still looking at her tits.

“Oh shit,” Holly said.

She tried to struggle but the two goons holding her arms kept her still. She couldn’t do a thing as Slag opened one of the clamps and placed it against her right nipple. He let go, and the clamp locked down on her nipple.

“Fuck!” Holly screamed.

As she was still wincing from the pain of the first clamp, Slag quickly snapped the other clamp to her left nipple.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Holly yelled.

“Oh yes, I am rubbing one out tonight,” Slag said. “You got her bra for me, right?”

“Yes sir!” both thugs answered.

“Good,” Slag said. “While you are being blown to bits and your ashes buried forever, I will be jacking off into your bra, Ms. Valentine. Just remember that.”

“Fuck you,” Holly said. The clamps bit into her nipples like angry barracudas. Already she could feel the tremendous pull of the detonators. If the hired help weren’t holding her, Holly wasn’t sure that she would be able to resist their pull.

“One last thing,” Slag said. He pulled a small egg out of his pocket. A click of a button and it began to vibrate.

“Jesus Christ,” Holly said. She had that vibrator. It was a Von Madd Eggsplosion Vibrator. The damn thing would buzz forever on an alternating rhythm until turned off.

Slag opened her panties and pushed the egg down. He groaned as his grubby miner killer fingers pushed the egg into her sex. His fingers lingered a little before pulling out and snapping her panties back over her bush.

“A little something to remember me by,” Slag said.

“Makes sense,” Holly said. “If we had sex, I would have to use to a vibrator to get off.”

Slag growled and raised his hand to slap her. He hesitated, his eyes darting to the two clamps.

“Give me ten minutes to leave the shaft, and then follow,” Slag said to his thugs. “When you let her go, I suggest running.”

Holly tried to think of a witty thing to say as Slag left but her nipples were all she could think about. The clamps were pulling her nipples straight out and her breasts were trying their best to follow. The vibrating egg was also working its magic, turning Holly’s thighs into a quivering mess.

The thugs held her. They were awfully calm.

“Hey guys, save my life and we can have a threesome right here.”

The two thugs laughed. “Bitch, unless you got a cock in those panties, we are not interested.”

Holly cursed. Say what you want about Slag killing his employees and polluting creeks, the bastard didn’t discriminate due to sexual orientation.

The ten minutes passed way too quickly. One of the thug’s watches beeped and they let her go. Holly barely had time to scream before the thugs ran like hell.

The clamps pulled her three steps forward before Holly could dig in her heels enough to stop. Her thighs strained as she tried to keep her body braced. The pain on her nipples was unbearable. The few steps that she had stumbled did nothing to release any pressure.

The damned egg inside her changed vibrations. Now it was pulsing with a lovely heavy vibration that made her slicker than an oil spill inside. Holly moaned as the vibrating egg took her closer and closer to an orgasm.

Holly knew that it was an orgasm that would very well kill her. One good climax and her legs would be jelly. An explosion later, and her whole body would be jelly in a much messier fashion. She had to stop from coming.

Holly focused on her tits. She focused on her poor pale breasts being pulled by the clamps. The pain was easy to focus on; it was like being bitten by two very horny men in a midlife crisis. It was unrelenting. The clamps pulled furiously at her abused nipples.

It occurred to Holly that standing still was doing nothing to help her escape. She had to get out of this. She also had to come because damn, she was wet.

The redhead shook her head. She needed to focus on one thing at a time. First get her hands free, then come. No wait. First get her hands free, then release the clamps and then come and then escape. No wait.

The egg changed vibrations. As if it senses how close she was, it switched a high-power unrelenting pulse. It was a lot like riding a motorcycle. Well, a motorcycle equipped with a cock.

“Shit, shit, shit,” Holly said. The vibrations of the egg was doing funny things to her cunt. The fact that she couldn’t let herself come was only adding to her arousal. Holly cursed her sexuality that was based on doing what she couldn’t do.

Worse, the pain in her nipples was starting to add to the sensations in her pussy. The constant pulling was the most attention Holly’s nipples had in weeks. The clamps might be painful and pulling like crazy, but so are most boyfriends. Or at least, that is what Holly assumed boyfriends do. It had been a long fucking while.

Between the buzzing inside her sex and the pulling of her tits, Holly’s body was becoming electric with sensations. Too bad she had to strain her leg muscles to keep her body still and prevent an explosion. She would have given anything to get her hands free and stroke herself. Holly had a feeling that seconds would be enough to come.

“Fuck, I should really be working on escaping,” Holly said. The thugs had used simple rope on her wrists. To an investigative reporter like Holly, it was almost insulting. The woman got captured so often that she was becoming an expert on all the different ways wrists could be tied.

She could tell it was a simple crossover knot with a double frog twist. Holly flexed and turned her wrist to begin loosening the knots. Her shoulders rolled and her elbows flexed as she worked the complex maneuvers needed to escape.

The mother fucking egg switched vibrations again. Now it was doing two light pulses followed by a third heavy pulse. It was such a simple combination. It was barely a teaser. If Holly wasn’t in such a heightened state, she doubted that she would even notice it. Unfortunately, it was going to make her come.

“Oh fuck!” Holly said. She could feel her climax coming. Her knees shook. Her nipples ached from the extreme pulling. If she came, she was going to collapse.

She shouldn’t come.

She shouldn’t come.

She shouldn’t come.

She absolutely must not come.

Holly climaxed. Just resisting the climax made it come faster. Her pussy clenched in delicious spasm around the vibrating egg. The pain in her breasts added to the climax; the pain mixing with the pleasure in a cocktail of sensations.

Miraculously, Holly was still standing. Her thighs shook but her legs held strong. Fuck, all that running from corporate security had paid off.

Now she had to get the fuck out of here. After climaxing, she had a good four minutes before she would come again. Holly twisted her hands like never before. All the twisting and moving caused her chest to keep pulling on the cords but Holly took it. More pain was just an incentive to keep going.

She almost had one hand loose with disaster struck. Her pussy was ready for another orgasm. Holly gasped at her body’s betrayal. Her tits were on fire and her nipples felt like they had been bitten off but Holly’s body was ready to climax again. As much as her knees were shaking, she knew she had no chance of surviving another orgasm.

Also, that cocksucking vibrator changed pulses again. It was doing a racing crescendo of vibrations followed by a powering down before ramping up again.

“Von Madd sex toys are going to be the death of me,” Holly said.

Seconds later, she got a wrist free. Holly didn’t give a fuck about the ropes around the other wrist. Now that she had both hands free, she could get rid of those damn clamps.

Holly reached for the right breast first. As carefully as she could, she grabbed the clamp and forced it open. It reluctantly gave up her abused nipple.

Pain blinded her as the blood came rushing back into the nipple. Holly gasped as the pain in her nipple grew worse instead of better. She nearly fell over but managed to keep her balance.

“Holy shit,” she groaned.

The vibrator kept pulsing. She looked down at her panties and saw that they were soaked. She also looked down at her poor nipple that was rapidly turning purple.

Now she had to do the other nipple. Still holding onto the one cord, Holly slowly opened the other clamp. She was expecting the pain this time but it was still overwhelming. It felt like her entire body was only made up of sore nipples and a vibrating pussy. It was a wonder that she didn’t pass out with bliss and pain.

Both cords in hand, Holly looked around for something to hook the clamps too. Solid rock didn’t give her many options. She noticed a wooden support beam on the wall. Despite the pain in her tits and the humming between her legs, Holly took three more steps. Her arms shook as she pulled the clamps to the wooden beam. She opened the clamps and pressed them to the corner of the beam.

The clamps held. The cords shook with tension. One of the clamps moved a fraction of an inch as it dragged across the wood.

Holly started running. There was no telling how long the clamps would hold. Three steps into her run, she realized that she should have taken the vibrating egg out. Hell, she should have taken it out before she attached the clamps to the beam. There was no time for it now. Holly just had to run as fast as she could with a vibrator inside her.

Five steps into her run; she understood just how much her tits really hurt. Her heavy breasts swung with every step and her sensitive flesh cried out with each jostle, jiggle and jump. As tender as her nipples were, every running step was like having her tits slapped.

Holly ran for her life. The tunnel seemed endless but at least it was just going one way. She sprinted across hard rock. Her mind was wondering how long the clamps could hold but her body was thinking about the clamps and the vibrating egg. She was ramping up to another orgasm, she just knew it.

Could a woman climax while running? Holly didn’t think it was possible. Her body seemed to disagree.

A terrible noise erupted behind her. A blast of air took Holly off her feet and slammed her into a wall. The rumble of rock filled the tunnel with a deafening crash. A black swarm of dust flew at her and coated her in grimy particles.

Holly was alive. In fact, she could see the exit of the tunnel back into the beautiful night sky. She made it.

The reporter reached between her legs. Carefully, she cupped an abused breast and gave it a tender squeeze. Her nipple was so damn sore but now that the threat of death was gone, Holly could savor the pain.

It took her less than a minute to climax again. Grateful to be alive, Holly kept stroking. The story could wait till tomorrow.

Mar 302011

Holly Valentine let out a big sigh. She was stripped naked and bent over a stool. Her ankles and wrists were tied to the legs of the stool. The duct tape they used to secure her hands was thick and industrial strength. She had been bound by experts. Not even an ace reporter like her was getting free any time soon.

“I am very disappointed,” a voice said. Despite her predicament, Holly felt a shiver of excitement. That cultured distinct voice was world famous. It was Branna Kolie, actress and humanitarian. Even though Holly had been captured by Branna’s own security forces on Branna’s African estate, Holly didn’t think she would actually meet the beautiful movie star herself.

“It is a sad statement about today’s media,” another voice said. Holly’s pussy instantly became wet. The voice belonged to Angelus Witt, the handsome movie star husband of Branna and world hunger activist. Holly never thought she would be in the same zip code as Angelus, much less butt-naked in the same room with him.

“Why won’t the paparazzi leave us alone?” said Branna, the model-turned-actress-turned-United Nations-spokeswoman-turned-one-woman-advocate-for-education, poverty reduction and civil rights-turned A-List-celebrity-marriage-partner. “We adopted a poor child from a little known African province and we simply don’t want him exposed to tabloids. Is that so much to ask?”

Branna walked in front of Holly. Holly whimpered at the sight of Branna’s famous pouty lips. The redhead reporter was 80% straight but she would happily move to a gay marriage friendly state if she could have Brianna’s lips on her pussy one night a month.

“He’s just a four year old kid,” Branna said.

Holly’s reporter instincts overcame her lust and allowed her to respond.

“With all due respect, your new adopted child is not just a kid,” Holly said.

“What do you mean by that?” Angelus said. The ruggedly handsome star stepped into Holly’s view. Holly felt her thighs clench as she looked at Angelus’ dreamy blue eyes. Cripes, she had a sudden urge to mount his face.

“Is this because he’s Somalian?” Branna said.

“He’s got wings!” Holly snapped. “I saw them! Big feathery wings growing out of his back! A circle of light is around his head! When I took a picture of him, my camera melted and I had to pop the memory card out! Just looking at the kid brings tears to my eyes! That isn’t some poor orphan; you found some kind of divine baby from heaven!”

Branna and Angelus looked at each other. “He’s still an orphan,” Angelus said.

“You found an angel!” Holly said. “That is news! Do you have any idea how big this is?”

Branna grabbed Holly’s hair. She wrapped the long red strands in her fist and jerked Holly’s head up. Holly gasped as she saw the icy steel in Branna’s eyes.

“He is a child, and he will not become some sort of religious catalyst!” Branna said. “He might be a genetic mutation, he might be the last survivor of some lost race or he might actually have descended from Heaven but I don’t give a shit! Walter is just a kid and he needs a mother and a father! He doesn’t need a fucking media circus!”

Angelus squatted down till he was eye level with Holly. “The orphanage demanded a lot of money for him. I don’t know where they found him, but they just saw him as a commodity. Branna and I know how that is. We know what it is like to be used. So we adopted him and we are going to give Walter the best normal life a winged kid who sometimes heals small animals can have. Do you understand?”

“Fuck,” Holly said. “It is against my principles to help cover something up, but it just a kid. Okay, you can have my memory card. I hid it by the pond, where the giraffes eat.”

Angelus smiled. “I knew you would see reason.”

“We’re still punishing her, right?” Branna said.

“Punish?” Holly asked.

Angelus shrugged. It was an amazingly boyish gesture for the millionaire actor to make. “You did invade our home and take pictures of Walter. Your contrition is nice, but a punishment does seem appropriate.”

“Plus it makes great foreplay,” Branna said. Her fingernails scratched down Holly’s bare back. “Punishing paparazzi has really helped our marriage.”

“What kind of punishment?” Holly said.

“You know, the painful kind,” Angelus said.

Before Holly could respond, Branna pressed a ball gag to Holly’s mouth. The ball gag forced Holly’s jaws apart as Branna strapped the leather around Holly’s head. Holly recognized the gag as the same one used in the Branna movie, ‘Grave Robber’. Holly was actually a little excited that it might be the same gag that had been in Branna’s mouth.

While Branna did that, Angelus stood up and walked behind Holly. The reporter’s mind raced. She knew that ever since Angelus had starred in that gritty movie, ‘Kill Club’, the actor had developed a taste for extreme sports. What punishments would they inflict? Hot pokers? Poisonous snakes? Conservative talk radio?

A fast slap on her ass gave her the answer. Angelus’ hand smacked into the curves of her ass with bad boy authority. The blow was so hard that Holly nearly fell forward on the stool. Only Branna’s hand in her hair kept her upright.

Holly also almost climaxed from that slap. Angelus Witt was slapping her ass!

“You can do better than that,” Branna said.

Angelus laughed. “I’m getting warmed up.”

The second hit to Holly’s ass was much harder. So was the third, the fourth and the fifth. Angelus was wailing on her ass like she was every tabloid who ever combined the names of a married couple. The action star slapped her ass like she was the consumer public that didn’t like art films. Most of all, he slapped her ass like she deserved it.

Each blow sent shockwaves through her body. Her poor ass took the brunt of the slaps but the force traveled her body. Her pale tits jiggled off the side of the stool seat. Her wrists and ankles pulled at the duct tape but they were going nowhere. She kept trying to bite down on the ball gag but the unrelenting rubber forced her mouth open. The stool seat was becoming soaked with Holly’s desire, reminding Holly of how insane this situation was.

Branna reached down and grabbed a tit. Her fingers were surprisingly strong as she mauled Holly’s breast. Holly had forgotten that Branna had performed all the stunts on ‘Grave Robber’ herself.

“Angelus thinks he’s tough,” Branna whispered to Holly. “But he has never received a spanking from a group of models high on coke and Japanese diet pills. Once he has your ass nice and tender, then it will be my turn to punish you.”

Holly felt her orgasm come wonderfully close before the pain of the spanking drove it away.

“I am going to own your ass,” Branna whispered. “I am going to take my favorite brush and give your bottom the beating of a lifetime. I’m going to finger myself while I do it, and you know the worse part?”

Holly shook her head.

“You won’t see it,” Branna said. “I am going to finger my pussy and you won’t see any of it.”

Holly felt despair wash through her and oddly enough, she almost climaxed again.

The spanking stopped. Holly almost didn’t notice at first. Her ass certainly hurt enough that spanking it was almost redundant.

Branna let go of her hair. Holly let her head relax for split second before another grip yanked her head back up. Now she was looking into Angelus’ face.

“I hope you are learning your lesson,” Angelus said.

Holly tried to swear her apologies but the gag muted her into an incoherent balle.

“Uh oh, Branna’s got the hair brush,” Angelus said. “She only does that when she wants to masturbate during a spanking. I should warn you, this is going to hurt.”

WHACK! It did hurt. The brush impacted into Holly’s already tender ass like a meteor. No, like a falling star. Holly tried to scream but the gag silenced her, reducing her cries of distress into a faint moan of acceptance. There would be no escape.

The hair brush returned to Holly’s ass. Each cheek of her buttock was struck in turn. Around and round the paddle struck and no inch of Holly’s red ass was spared. With divine precision, the hair brush set Holly’s ass aflame with heat and shame.

Worse was the idea that Branna was masturbating. She knew it was no idle bluff. Heck, Branna was known to wear her brother’s semen in a vial around her neck and she kissed her mother with tongue at an award’s show. The famous humanitarian and adopter of orphans was well known as a kinky bitch. Holly never thought married life would tame Branna.

Holly tried to turn her head but it was no use. Holly struggle against the duct tape but there was no release. Angelus kept a grip on her hair. She was forced to look straight ahead as Branna abused Holly’s ass while simultaneously abusing herself.

“I bet you would be great at sucking cock,” Angelus said.

Holly frantically communicated that she was as best as the gag would allow.

“You know, Branna and I have an open marriage,” Angelus said. “We’ve added men, women, and couples to our love making. Heck, we once had sex with an entire Eskimo village. That’s how we roll.”

Holly trembled with sexual energy. The hair brush continued to berate and enflame her ass.

“Someone as adventurous as you would make for a fun night I think,” Angelus said. “Would you like that?”

Holly nodded her head as much as Angelus’ grip would allow. She tried to speak her desire through the frustrating ball gag. She pleaded with her eyes and begged with her clenching thighs. She could think of nothing she wanted more.

“Okay,” Angelus said. “Oh wait, you tried to take a picture of my Walter. So I guess the answer is no.”

Holly howled with frustration. Behind her, the paddling stopped. A different kind of howl came from unseen Branna. The cry of her climax did delicious things to Holly’s much neglected sex.

“The guards will let you out,” Angelus said. “I have to go now to fuck my unbelievably amazing wife.”

Holly moaned with denied pleasure.

Mar 162011

“Shit like this is not supposed to work,” Holly Valentine said. Yet here she was, outside a motel room on the outskirts of the state capitol. She was minutes away from having an interview with the most controversial governor the state had ever had.

Governor Alan Runner had campaigned on the usual things that Republicans ran on. He swore to cut down government, make jobs and kill any terrorists that he saw. Two days into office, Governor Runner had unveiled a budget plan that fired teachers, made government employees legalized indentured servants and gave a massive bailout to Victoria Khan, the richest billionaire in the state. What the bailout was for was never really made clear, but the Republican controlled state legislature passed it into law.

Flush with victory, the Governor wasn’t taking interviews. Teachers were protesting the capitol and state employees were filing for permission to leave their work pens. Governor Runner was the most sought out interview subject in America and he wasn’t answering anyone’s calls.

That’s when Holly Valentine, reporter for INX, did something that shouldn’t have worked. Out of frustration and perhaps the influence of three Mai Tai’s, Holly had called the Governor’s press secretary and claimed to be Victoria Khan. Affecting a ludicrous Austrian accent, Holly managed to bluff her way to the Governor himself.

“Arrangements have been made. Meet me at the Nap and Tickle, room twenty-three, at midnight.” Governor Runner had said. That was it.

So here Holly was. She was outside room twenty-three wearing a big trench coat, a wide brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses at night. The trench coat couldn’t hide her immense bosom peaking out the top. The wide hat couldn’t contain her long flaming hair that followed her like angel fire. The sunglasses did hide her lovely eyes, but not the cocky smirk on her full lips. The one thing that was cleverly concealed was the tape recorder that was threaded through out her coat. All good reporters have coats wired for digital sound.

Holly Valentine knocked on the door.

“I am ready!” spoke a voice. It was unmistakably Governor Runner.

Holly opened the door. She almost closed it back again. Inside was a man, stripped naked except for a leather strap around his eyes. He was glistening with oil over his surprisingly frame. He was kneeling on the floor, knees spread wide with his back straight and head lifted high. His cock was trapped inside some devious steel contraption.

“Greetings, Ms. Kahn,” Governor Runner said.

Holly took a deep breath. She had expected to argue and fight for an interview once the Governor realized she was a reporter. Instead, this politician was giving her the access of a lifetime.

“Hello,” Holly said. She coughed as she realized she had forgotten to do an Austrian accent. “I mean, Hello, Governor.”

The Governor trembled. “Ms. Kahn, you have never honored me with my title before. This unworthy worm is grateful!”

Oh boy. Holly tried to recall everything she learned about Sadism when she went undercover at the NRA. She had to get into character and fast.

“Silence, worm!” Holly snapped.

Governor Runner trembled. His cock throbbed helplessly inside its steel cage.

“I have been watching your progress with the budget bill,” Holly said. Her fake accent thickened with each word. “I am moderately pleased.”

“Thank you, Ms. Kahn!” the Governor said. “I did everything you asked. I destroyed the Teacher’s Union for giving your daughter a ‘C’. I also enslaved the state employees so they will quit and you can replace them with your imported Indian workers that you will subcontract to the state.”

It was Holly’s turn to tremble. The Governor’s confession was being recorded by her coat. This could be the scoop of the century! Well, at least till some actor went crazy and said stupid shit.

“Does that please you, Ms. Kahn?” the Governor asked.

“Yes,” Holly said with lust. The lust didn’t need to be faked. This was Pulitzer material.

“But,” Holly said with measured venom. “I am concerned that your methods make enrage the peasants.”

“Fuck them!” Governor Runner said. “I will personally strangle anyone who tries to stand in our way!”

Another delicious tremor of excitement ran through Holly. Few things aroused her like a politician digging a deeper hole for himself. She stood next to the kneeling Governor and ran her fingers over her thinning hair.

“And what about the voters?” Holly asked. “Some people are talking recall.”

“Fuck the voters!” Governor Runner said. “I will sodomize each and every voter who tries any of that recall shit!

Holly moaned. She gripped his hair and tilted his head back. Her panties were soaked.

“And my bailout?” Holly asked.

The Governor whimpered. “I know you asked for seventeen billions dollars, but the state budget only had room for 16 billion. You deserve every penny. You are wealthy and powerful. Every cent the state has should belong to your glory.”

“Damn right,” Holly said. She opened her coat. The reporter should really take her info and run but shit, this was intoxicating.

Holly lifter her skirt and pulled her panties to the side. Some people say that power was an aphrodisiac, but watching power incriminate itself was better than a vibrator and a Hugh Jackman marathon.

She swung her leg over Governor Runner’s body. The politician lifted his head and opened his mouth. He had done this before. As Holly stood over him, Governor Runner ate her cunt.

Because he thought he was licking the cunt of his principal backer, Governor Runner ate the hell out of Holly. The reporter had a new appreciation for why the rich and powerful bought politicians. A pussy eating like this was worth a few million dollars. The Governor used his tongue. He was damn careful with his teeth. Even though his neck was at an awkward angle, he opened wide and tried to reach deep inside Holly. The man even paid just the right amount of attention to her clit.

“Give me that tongue like you gave me a completely unnecessary bailout!” Holly said.

Governor Runner licked faster.

“Make me come as millions of state employees lose their expensive benefits!” Holly moaned.

Governor Runner licked harder.

“Eat that pussy, you paid for sack of shit bought politician!” Holly said.

Governor Runner moaned with submission. The vibration of his lips did wonderful things inside Holly.

“Fuck yes for bribery!” Holly cried as she climaxed. She clenched the Governor’s face to her pussy, riding every last bit of her orgasm on his mouth.

Finally, Holly let go. She stepped away from the Governor’s kneeling body. His face was coated in her juices. Holly pressed a button on her coat and a picture was taken by a sewn in camera. Later, when his career was ruined, she wanted to remember him like this.

“Ms. Kahn,” Governor Runner said. “Please unlock my cock. I want to come so bad. Haven’t I served you well?”

Holly smoothed her coat down. “Not yet, you haven’t,” she said.

“What more do you want?” the slave asked.

“Surprise me,” Holly said as she went out the door.

Feb 232011

My name is Holly Valentine. I am a reporter for INX, the independent news website. I’m in my mid-thirties and I have never been married. I have cracked open dozens of major scandals although I will never win a Pulitzer because of the powerful people I have pissed off. The reason I am writing to you today in this issue of Journal of Psychological Disorders is to share my experiences about my own particular sexual fetish.

I am a diagnosed conspirasexual. That means I get aroused when I encounter a mystery that someone is actively trying to hide. To be more specific, I get aroused and stimulated as I try to uncover those secrets that others try to hide.

My earliest sexual memory is watching Scooby-Doo. Watching that dog and those kids solve mysteries used to excite me like nothing else. I was too young to understand what my body was feeling but I knew that I liked it. My heart would beat faster, my legs would tingle and I could barely sit still on the couch. When the Scooby gang would yank the mask off the monster to show the real villain, I would feel this weird bliss fill my body.

Unless you grew up during that sweet spot of the 70’s and 80’s, you wouldn’t understand how important mystery was to Saturday cartoons. The success of Scooby-Doo meant that cartoons of other crime solving kids and their pets, talking cars and friendly ghosts filled the major channels. Every Saturday was filled with more mysteries than I could possibly keep up. From show to show, I would watch with terrible excitement. It was like my young personality was being trained to solve crimes and expose dishonest park owners and monster fakers.

Childhood turned into puberty and puberty became a quest to uncover all the things parents don’t want you to know. I was a particularly deviant teenage girl not because of some irresistable desire for sex and alcohol, but because parents and society worked so hard to keep it away from me. I had to find out about handjobs, oral sex, vodka, kissing girls and ‘9 ½ Weeks’ because everyone was trying to so hard to keep it away from my prying eyes.

I finally settled down in High School when I joined the school paper. I loved our adviser teacher, Mr. Gort, but I was horrified by how little we were encouraged to actually investigate. We were told to write articles about football games and cover school politics. We were encouraged to become publicity people for our school. When you look at the state of modern journalism, it is not too surprising but as a young horny teenager eager to bust some mysteries, it was unacceptable.

I investigated an affair that was going on between the Girl’s Tennis coach and his two top players. Watching the three of them have sex was exciting, but it was the pictures I took that really got me wet and excited. I masturbated for the first time as my camera recorded their sinful deeds.

To this day, Polaroids of people having sex that they are trying to hide from others is an instant orgasm for me.

When I filed my report for the paper, Mr. Gort was very understanding. He forbade me from publishing it in the school paper but he helped me submit my findings to the town newspaper and as well as the police. He encouraged me to get the fuck out of school journalism and hit the real newspapers. I like to think he understood me; especially since he helped me break up three more sex scandals at the school.

I went to college and continued my work. I also continued my sexual enjoyment of exposing conspiracies. It was in college that I really came to understand myself. For example, a night in watching Law and Order is kind of stimulating, but only as much as watching silly softcore porn movies is for kinky people. I need to be involved.

If I am sweet-talking a guard into letting me snoop somewhere I don’t belong, that gets my panties soaking. If I am watching a hacker break into corporate secrets, that sends a tingle from my nipples to my clit. If I have documentation of a crime that is going to topple a politician, I might have to masturbate six or seven times that night just to calm down.

My boss at INX understands my compulsion and has suggested I get therapy for it. Some of my fellow reporters think it is unprofessional to get so horny that you fuck an informant after you have already bribed him and gotten your information. A few network executives have told me that they would gladly hire me for a plush prime time job if it wasn’t for the fact that I unconsciously moan while talking about secrets. It is safe to say that my conspirasexuality has impacted my career opportunities.

I am not shedding any tears. I am too busy stroking off to another scandal fueled orgasm. It is really difficult to want to change your life when there are so many secrets out there. It is really difficult to want to change your sexual identity when you are screaming an orgasm in a parking lot because you just captured footage of a bribe between crooks and religious figures. It is fucking difficult to want to change when you soak as many panties as I do on a daily basis.

So here is what I want to say to you doctors, therapists and scholars reading this journal article. Stop trying to cure Conspirasexuallia. Figure out a way to spread it instead.

Imagine how much better the world would be.

Feb 092011

Donnie “Fat Fuck” Scialanio looked around. This truly was a lonely place to die. The woods were pitch black and the tiny bit of moonlight that made it through the trees cast everything in a grim sepia of twilight. The train tracks stretched to the horizion of darkness like some sort of infinity plane. It was times like these that Donnie was glad that he took those art classes in school so he could have the words to describe the setting when he bragged about this murder later.

“Wow,” the woman said. “The Dairy Farmers Association does not fuck around. Who knew that investigating those milk ads would result in getting tied to a train track?”

Donnie shrugged. He was a blue collar kind of assassin. He just killed the people that other people paid to kill. It kept thing simple.

Still, it was a shame about this woman. Holly Valentine was a reporter and she was hot enough to be on Fox News. She had long red hair that captured every stray moonbeam and turned it into spectral fire. Long pale legs peeked out of a blue skirt. Plentiful breasts threatened to escape from her dress’s cleavage even if they had no hope of escaping the rope bound across her chest. Her hands were tied behind her, giving her a vulnerability that made even a hardened killer like Donnie want to rescue her. The gal was something special. Too bad she was about to become a wet smear on the train tracks.

“When is the train supposed to be here?” Holly asked.

Donnie was impressed by the tone of her voice. She was all calm and shit.

“In about five minutes,” Donnie said.

“Not nearly enough time,” Holly said, half to herself.

“Not nearly enough time for what?” Donnie asked.

Holly shook her read hair out of her face. Bound to the train track, she still made it look sexy. “Not enough time for one last fuck.”

Donnie laughed. Holy kept talking.

“No, seriously,” Holly said. “I’m a reporter for a news blog on the internet. I have to do real news. That keeps me too busy for a love life, you know? Do you have any idea how long it has been since a man touched me?”

Donnie looked down on her. “Are you trying to tell me that a hot chick like you can’t get any?”

“Trust me, most of the people I meet are trying to hide secrets from me, or trying to kill me,” Holly said. “It has been way too long since I had something in me that wasn’t powered by a battery.”

Donnie felt a stirring in his pants. “I can’t let you go,” he said. “I’m a professional.”

“Shit, I know that,” Holly said. “I’m just asking you to take advantage of me, okay? I’m tied up and helpless, don’t you want to grab a tit or something?”

“No way,” Donnie said. “I never molest my victims. I ain’t one of those creeps you see on those sexual assault crime shows.”

“I know you’re not,” Holly said kindly. “But I am asking you. Could you please just squeeze my breast? Just a little?”

Donnie “Fat Fuck” came by his nickname honestly. He was a fat fuck. The number of gals who asked him to squeeze their breasts could be counted on one hand and still have enough fingers to bury a body. He wasn’t a pervert, but he wasn’t made of stone either.

Donnie stepped onto the train tracks and bent down. The rope crossed over and under her breasts, almost as if he had subconsciously wanted them available for later. The thin material of the dress was straining against Holly’s breasts. He reached down and cupped a tit. He gave it a little squeeze.

Fuck, that was nice.

“Get under the dress, silly,” Holly said. “I can’t do anything. Go for it!”

Swallowing hard, Donnie did as she requested. His fingers slipped into her cleavage and touched her soft flesh. He felt her nipple and he was surprised by how hard it was. Maybe the girl was hard up.

“Squeeze me,” Holly said. “Squeeze me like you want me.”

Donnie did want her. He squeezed. Fingers that crushed windpipes tightened around her breast. He expected her to cry out in pain but instead she moaned with pleasure.

“Oh that is nice,” Holly said. “Check my pussy, you’ll see how much I like it.”

Donnie kept squeezing her breast. “Are you serious?”

“Hey, I’m about to get run over by a train,” Holly said. “Man up and finger my pussy. We both want it.”

Donnie squeezed her breast harder. “Yeah, damn it. I’m a hardened killer. Your pussy is mine.”

“There you go!” Holly said.

He let go of her breast and flipped her skirt up. The reporter was wearing a white thong that glowed in the moonlight. He pushed the thong aside to reveal a patch of fiery hair. Her legs were bound together at the knees but she managed to part her thighs a few inches. His middle finger slipped into her pussy with liquid ease. Not only was she wet as she claimed, but she was fucking tight as well.

“Oh fuck yes,” Holly said. “Keep doing that, keep doing that.”

Donnie stroked her. He used short rapid thrusts like a good alley mugging. She was so wet and so tight, every thrust made her squirm and moan. The reporter was a writhing victim to his fingers.

“Do whatever you want,” Holly moaned. “Use me as you wish, just keep stroking!”

He took his other hand and ripped her dress open. Both breasts glowed in the moonlight. He groped one and then the other; kneading them to his heart’s delight while Holly kept moaning.

“give me you fingers,” Holly said. He didn’t understand her till she opened her mouth and flicked her tongue at him.

He let go of her breasts and stuck a finger in her mouth. Her lips snapped shut around his finger and sucked. Oh God, did she suck! He pushed in another finger and she took it. He pushed a third finger in her mouth and she sucked it as well. He fingerfucked her mouth as he fingerfucked her pussy and the squirming reporter clenched tight around both fingers.

She tried to say something but his fingers were gagging her. He pulled them out and the moaning reporter said one thing.

“Fuck me.”

“Right,” Donnie said. He stood up and unzipped his pants. His cock was hard and ready for her. He pulled off his pants and his underwear in a single motion. Holly’s bound body waited for him. The only question was how was he going to fuck her with her legs tied together?

“Turn me over,” Holly said as if she was reading his mind. “Turn me over and take me from behind.

This was the most cooperative murder victim ever. Donnie gently rolled her over and flipped up her skirt. Her ass was even more abundant than her chest. Round buttocks clenched together as if waiting for a smack of his hand.

Mad with power, Donnie did just that. His hand landed on her ass with a resounding ‘WHAM!’. Her ass clenched from the force of his spank.

“Fuck yes!” Holly said. “Get my ass, ready!”

Donnie was about to spank her again when he heard something terrible. It was the whistle of the train. He couldn’t see it so it might be a few miles off, but it was close.

“Shit!” Donnie said.

“Shit!” Holly said.

Donnie looked down at the reporter. Her bare ass waited for him. She was still squirming. He hadn’t even put his cock in her yet. It was fucking unfair!

“Isn’t there another train coming later?” Holly asked. “I mean, does it have to be this train that runs me over?”

“No, it doesn’t!” Donnie said. There was another train about an hour from now. No one said she had to be dead at a certain time.

He scooped her up in his arms and carried her off the track. He set her down in the grass a few feet away from the tracks. Maybe he should bring her to the woods but fuck that. He had to have her now.

Holly must have been in the same state. Still tied up and on her stomach, the reporter managed to get on her knees get her ass in the air. The moonlight spotlighted her ass as she shook it back and forth.

Donne kneeled down behind her. His cock pushed up into the pussy that needed him. Wet heat engulfed his cock as he slipped all of himself into her.

“Fucking yeah!” Holly yelled. She had her head down and her red hair spilled over her like a blanket.

Donnie heard the train coming. He didn’t care. He fucked Holly’s pussy. He grabbed that wonderful ass and pounded the shit out of the reporter. Years of frustration channeled through his humping hips. That cute girl at the pizza place who wouldn’t go out with him? Donnie fucked Holly’s bound body for her. Those other mob guys who call him ‘Fat Fuck’? Donnie’ slapped Holly’s ass for them. That lousy ending to the Sopranos? Donnie fucked Holly’s pussy in revenge for incoherent finales.

The train thundered by. Car after car of crushing power stormed by Donnie as he fucked Holly. He felt like there was a metaphor about trains and his cock but he was too horny to think of one. The man was too busy tearing up reporter ass.

Holly might have come but the train was too loud for Donnie to hear her. He felt her pussy clench and her whole body shook in orgasmic spasms. Just the thought of her climaxing was enough for him. He came inside her yelled his triumph to the rushing train.

Donnie fell of her body. Holly kept squirming. Donnie watched in afterglow bliss as the reporter twisted in the moonlight.

When the train finally left, Donnie had to get back to business. He stood up on shaky legs and picked her up. She purred as he carried her back to the tracks.

“That was great,” she said. “Thanks for giving me that.”

“Hell, I should have done this a long time ago with other chicks,” Donnie said.

“Hey, you never know!” Holly said. “Women facing certain death sometimes are open to the craziest things!”

Donnie set her down on the tracks. He picked up his pants and put them back on. He nearly fell over twice. Fucking her had taken a lot out of him.

“Guy, you look like you need a nap,” Holly said. “Why don’t you go home already?”

Donnie yawned. “I am beat, but I should really stay. It ain’t professional to walk away before you are sure your job is done.”

“Hey, if you go now, I won’t tell anyone,” Holly said. “My well fucked ass will be dead!”

They laughed at her joke. “Alright, I will,” Donnie said. “You’re a great gal. Hope you get to heaven!”

“Thanks!” Holly said.

She watched as Donnie walked into the woods. She slowly counted to a hundred when she couldn’t see him anymore. When she was done counting, she went back to work on the ropes. Her squirming and twisting earlier had loosened them a lot, but the guy’s fucking and thrusts had helped her get most of the ropes loose.

A minute later she was free. She stood up and stretched. Her dress was torn but at least she was alive. Now all she had to do was get back to town and file her report.

Holly paused on the track. It was a shame that she didn’t get the guy’s name. He seemed kind of sweet.