Aug 222016

watchingThey’re Watching is a found footage horror movie about a cable home improvement show doing a followup on a pottery artist who bought a decrepit house in Moldovia. Did I mention that the house used to belong to a witch who was burned at the stake less than a hundred years ago? Did I mention that the villagers are superstitious and unfriendly? Did I mention that the home improvement show crew pretty much hates each other? As you can imagine, scary things ensue.

A lot of people don’t like Found Footage movies so I feel compelled to tell you upfront that there is a welcome lack of shaky cameras and a lot of stable shots as we see things from the cameras set up around the former witch’s house. I also need to tell you that unlike most movies of this genre, this movie has a REALLY conclusive ending.

I enjoyed this movie a lot. It is one big long tease of making the viewer wonder if there really is a witch, or if the villager’s hostile fear will get people murdered with or without a witch. Someone’s getting murdered and though it take awhile to get the first body, once the bodies start dropping, things go quick. Even if you get bored with the movie, stick around for the last thirty minutes because holy crap, that is thirty minutes of holy crap.

My wife hated the film crew more than I did but they do have their issues. The host of the show if a self-centered drama queen, the sound guy is a wise-cracking asshole, the camera guy is a Handsome Guy with a Troubled Past and the POV character is a college graduate who can almost be likable if she didn’t engage so much in making fun of the villagers. Luckily we have the real-estate agent who is a lovable criminal conman who you have seen a thousand times on real travel shows. Him and the mysterious homeowner are a hundred times more interesting and really save the movie when they appear.

It is currently on Netflix in America and I suggest you check it out.