Sep 132021
Please don’t stain the couch.

Back in the late 70’s, Playboy Press published a series of books about the fictional Christina Van Bell. A group of writers took turns using the pseudonym of Blakely St. James. The covers depicted the same model, Jill De Vries, which went a long way to making the books stand out and have a unified theme. There is over 50(!) books in this series, which is really unheard of for porn. I keep seeing them for sale at high prices on Ebay and I always wondered if they were any good.

Lucky for me, I picked up a copy of Christina’s Delight at a cheap price and was able to indulge my curiosity. in the story, Christina is a millionaire magazine owner and editor in the 80’s when being a millionaire was considered filthy rich. while attending a party in New York, Christina meets and is seduced by a Portuguese Circus owner. She falls madly in lust with his giant cock and decides to go visit him at his circus in Europe. He isn’t there, so Christina decides to stay and work at the circus until the owner shows up. While killing time, she fucks a lot of circus folk.

This book had a few surprises. Instead of being an endless chain of sex scenes, there are unexpected adventures like some Russian circus folk being kidnapped and the circus has to rescue them. There are a few bondage/interrogation scenes. Unfortunately there is an attempted date drug rape but Christina avoids the ordeal. All in all, a lot more plot and excitement than I was expecting.

On the downside, the author seems to think that women’s breasts get larger when aroused. I thought I had misunderstood a metaphor but no, Christina’s breasts get too large for her clothes when she is turned on. It makes me wonder what the fuck was going on with the author’s sex life.

One thing I want to point out is none of these books have a number. I have no idea if this is book 20, 30 or 48 in the series. The good thing is that the book was self-contained and I never felt like I was reading something out of order. These books are clearly meant to be enjoyed on their own.

All in all, it was a fun book to read. There is a lot of sex, both M/F and F/F but also quite a bit of story. If you get a chance to buy one at a reasonable price, you should give them a try.

Sep 062021
Ghouls, Gals and Ghosts, oh my!

Richard Sala passed away last year but sadly I did not find out about it until two month ago when I purchased Poison flowers and Pandemonium. Sala was an incredible artist and a wonderful storyteller. It is fitting that his last finished book is a showcase of his different styles and approaches.

The first story is “House of the Blue Dwarf” and is a sequel to the Bloody Cardinal. It tells the story of a telekinetic teenager who gets hired to help a group of very vile masterminds figure out which one is the traitor. Things go sideways in a hurry with escalating weirdness. The story is self-contained and doesn’t need previous reading of the Bloody Cardinal.

This kind of story is something Sala excels at. He introduces characters with little more than a sinister name and a creepy look but somehow it works. Every character, no matter how brief they exist before being killed, feels like they came from some lost pulp series. There is a complicated plot involving magic, psychics and other worlds, but really it is just a cavalcade of murders with a cute woman as the protagonist.

The next story is Monsters Illustrated. A cute lady discovers an unusual bookshop with a creepy store owner. The owner recommends a book of watercolors that depicts horrible monsters. Each page is a single panel of a new monster and the attractive women they menace.

This kind of art is another thing Sala was great at. Each page could double as a movie poster or art print. His ability to tell almost an entire story in a single panel was incredible.

The third story, Cave Girls of the Lost World, has a similar format. A young boy finds a message in a bottle detailing the adventures of a bunch of young ladies trapped on a mysterious plateau. Each page depicts a different scene featuring half-naked women battling monsters and dinosaurs. Like the previous story, it turns into a showcase for Sala’s amazing watercolors.

Finally we have Fanomella, a story about a masked woman murdering her way through a bunch of flunkies in a tower in order to kill a big bad. The simplistic story is a procession of weirdo jerks who are put down in creative ways but you know what? It works. Sometimes you just want pages of a woman kicking ass.

I highly recommend this book and it works great as in introduction to Sala’s work.

Aug 302021
I think Zimon certainly had a type.

Amanda Clover is one my favorite erotica writers as well as being one of the more prolific interactive erotica writers in the business. She recently wrapped up a great series, Fertile in my Ex-Boyfriend’s Dungeon and it is a wonderful end book for such an exhaustive journey.

The premise is straight forward. Beatrix is a simple village girl who practices swordplay and dreams of becoming an adventurer. She meets dashing wizard Zimon, who romances her and promises to take her on many adventures. The asshole is lying because as soon as he gets tired of her, he dumps her at a weird multi-dimensional dungeon with a curse. If any monsters come in her, then she will be mind-controlled to be their monster-breeding slave. To help this happen, the curse also makes Beatrix extremely horny and open to weird sex.

Over the course of ten books, Beatrix meets other Ex’s of Zimon and sometimes teams up with them while avoiding countless horny monsters. Well, not countless as there are usually three or four horny monsters in each book. The ‘dungeon’ is a loose definition as the locales it contains range from tunnels, to Ravenlofty goth villages to islands to Hell itself.

Needless to say, this is a huge adventure and it is one of Clover’s talents that it never gets old. All ten books are great though if I had to pick a favorite it would be the Hell one. That was just wicked.

Aug 272021
This book is very crankable.

In the ebook, Overcranked, by CJ Douglass, Tish Lopez has a problem. She doesn’t derive pleasure from sex and has no sex drive. This causes problems with her marriage so she decides to sign up for an experimental surgery designed to give her a large libido. Unfortunately, something goes wrong with the surgery. Now every time her heart rate rises to high, she is in danger of dying unless she gets really exciting sex, preferably with people watching.

So yeah, that is a big problem. That would be enough for an entire ebook quite frankly but wait, there’s more! A few days after her surgery, a fundamentalist Christian terrorist group that hates sex attempt a revolution in America. The fictional President says the terrorist group has some good points and seems to be going along with the takeover. The terrorists attack the sex institute that Trish is staying at. Trish barely escapes, and in the mean time, finds out her strength and agility have been improved to kickass levels.

This book hit all of my sweet spots. It’s action adventure porn with a Hispanic lead It has a conservative political enemy It has lots of exhibitionist sex. Despite a title and a premise that reminds one of a certain Jason Statham movie, this book is its own creature.

Aug 202021
Probably the most naked I have ever seen someone get in an Amazon cover.

Urban Prey by S J Lewisis a story about a man who works for a special company. If you are a submissive woman, you can pay this company to kidnap you off the street, use and abuse you while “training” you to be a sex slave. This is all entirely consensual and after your kidnapping period is over, you are let go. Or you are let go when you want to because again, totally consensual. This is about women who want to live the kidnap/sex slave training fantasy.

Ron is a company employee who is having a career crisis. He met the girl of his dreams in a previous book and doesn’t think he will ever meet anyone that cool again. Lucky for him, the company has a new client who is playing hard to get and is doing her darn best to avoid getting kidnapped. The company presents this challenge to Ron in the hopes he will get his groove back.

This was an entertaining take on BDSM romance. Ron and the prey are over 40, which was a nice change of pace. Ron is also black which you don’t see that often. We get the story from Ron’s point of view and we follow his process as he traps this woman and provides her the fantasy she craves. Along the way, he also breaks in his assistant who is a little too bratty for her own good.

If I had one complaint about this book, it is that despite the core fantasy being a kidnapping scenario, Ron resorts to more of a seduction that an out-witting to bring in the prey. We do get to see Ron witness an abduction early on, but I feel the promise of the book is blunted a little.

On the other hand, this is straight up BDSM romance territory. Ron and prey fall for each other and emotional breakthroughs are made. It was nicely done, but if you were expecting something harsher from the cover, than you might be disappointed.

All in all, I enjoyed the book and found it very hot. I am looking forward to reading more from the series.

Aug 162021
We’re going to need a bigger ice floe.

Hey, did you like the marines in Aliens? Did you wish that maybe some of them weren’t assholes? Are you the kind of person that scrolls through b-movie descriptions and almost always stop and watch the movie about a bunch of military dudes checking out some place they shouldn’t?

Well, I have the ebook series for you. S-Squad, by William Meikle is about a British special forces team that keeps getting sent to bad places inhabited by damn near every weird thing you can think of. The first book, Infestation, takes place on a remote Canadian shore and without giving you any spoilers, let’s just say the place is REALLY infested with something nasty and pulled from some awful science journal.

I really enjoyed this book. It plays like a B-movie but avoids the worse tropes. The soldiers are smart. No one is a dickhead! A woman scientists pops up that is treated well and respected. The monsters are interesting and different. Did I mention that the characters are smart? There is no needless people acting stupid or being an asshole just for tension sake. You could easily picture your local gaming group being a part of this story.

Actually, I just want to stress that the characters are really likable. There is so much action fiction that is unreadable because the characters are alpha douche-bags that stop and complain about how liberals/smart folks/certain racial types are ruining everything. There is none of that bullshit here. These soldiers are sympathetic and cool, which is something I don’t say every day.

There are a lot more books in the series and I am steadily tearing my way through them. Characters die and new ones are added. Each book has also been self-contained. If you like action-adventure that avoids the pitfalls of toxic masculinity, then you should read this book.

Aug 092021
I’d like to cyber her, uh, cyber-thingy.

Headshot is an erotica novel by Alexa Sommers. It tells the story of Dillon, a geeky college Freshman with a tight circle of friends who meets a hot gamer girl who has her own sexy group of friends. The two groups mingle, there is some flirting and then Dillon gets some surprise geek sex during a tabletop role-playing session. This catapults him into suddenly dating two women separately while wondering if the hot gamer girl is into him as well. This is the first book in the series so it doesn’t as much end as it sets up future drama.

I have to confess something, reader. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I want to read filthy domination smut or wild flights of fancy, but one percent of the time, I want to settle in with a straight up vanilla sexfest with cute girls and make out sessions. This book hit my triggers perfectly. The first sex scene doesn’t take place until halfway through the book and I was fine with that. This is a book that treats their characters like real people and once you get to know them, it makes the sex all the hotter.

Dillon is a genuine nice guy who doesn’t tell you what a nice guy he is. Dillon has flaws but is in no way a loser. This is not a story about a schmuck and the harem he builds. This is a story about a geek who doesn’t understand how attractive he is.

The rest of the characters are pretty well developed as well. Most of the characters are geeks and fully versed in role-playing, computer games and board games. They have flaws and quirks that bring them to life, and I could tell how realistic they were because the geek humor started to get on my nerves just like in real life.

So, if you are looking for something a little more vanilla but still drenched in geek lore and personalities, this book is perfect.

Jul 302021
Looking forward to Hot Shay Fall, Winter and Spring.

Hot Shay Summer is an anthology of sexy stories written by Shay Sands. These stories originated as tweet threads as the author shared her fantasies. This book takes those twitter threads, edits them and reformats them for traditional prose so you don’t have to read 140 character paragraphs. Thank the Goddess for that.

This is a really fun nasty book. Most of the stories are about a submissive female with occasional appearances of mind control. There are a few science fiction apps mentioned in the stories that I wished I had thought of. Almost all of the stories are male/female with one or two female/female stories. There is a mean side to some of the stories that make them delightfully wicked.

I read this book on an airplane trip and in hindsight, that was a mistake. It would have been best to read these stories somewhere private, as well as stretch them out as each story deserves its own time to digest and enjoy.

This is an author I plan to keep an eye on.

Jul 122021
I don’t see a rogue but I have spotted a chest.

Alexandra Mountspear has a problem. She is a bit impatient and far more sexually open than her adventuring party. Her adventuring group is a little tired of how often her adventures end in a monster gangbang. She gets dumped by her group but fine, Alexandra will put together her own group and do things her way. They even have a first mission, stealing the Mask of Many Facials from a sex cult.

“Roguelike”, by Serena Silverlake is a sequel to a favorite book of the blog, “Filthy Fetch Quest.” Like that book, this is a great book of erotic fantasy adventuring. Alexandra is a slut, but not a stupid slut, and that is an impressive distinction in a book that is almost parody but never crosses over into stupidity. There is a Conan reference that made me laugh without breaking the mood of the book.

This book is greatly enhanced by the new adventuring party that Alexandra puts together. There is a sexy thief with a thick accent and a sexy dark elf graduate of the magic school. These two ladies are not quite as slutty as Alexandra, which translates into they need just a little more encouragement before getting down and dirty.

And dirty this book is. Wow, there is a lot of body fluids, genitals and monstrous fucking. I needed a shower after reading this book. Both to cool down and to get rid of the stench of relentless sex. Which again, I count as a plus.

So yeah, I highly recommend Roguelike. If you like my stuff, you should love this.

Jun 282021

The Department of Truth is an ongoing comic written by James Tynion IV and drawn by Martin Simmonds. The premise is simple: if enough people believe in something, Bigfoot, Aliens or the Illuminati, then it becomes true. There is a government agency tasked with making sure these fictional things are NOT believed in, as well as destroying them with they manifest. The series follows Cole Turner, a previous victim of a satanic daycare, as he is recruited into the agency.

As a lifelong fan of conspiracies, I am often saddened by the nasty turn that these theories have taken. when I was a kid, speculating about Bigfoot and UFO’s felt harmless. Nowadays, anti-semtic groups along with the worse shits on the Earth look for people already slightly askew from reality, like Bigfoot hunters, and introduce them to 100% skewed from reality scams like hating the Jews and QAnon. It feels like all conspiracies are just a funnel of social media looking for new suckers to support hate groups.

Department of Truth explores a lot of this. They discuss what makes conspiracy theories attractive and to whom. The Flat Earth is a ridiculous idea, but the psychology of why people want to believe in such nonsense is fascinating. The comic deals with agents fighting monsters and imagined threats, but it also shows the agents dealing with the root source of these paranoid fantasies. Every time they tackle a new myth, I find myself learning something new about the origins of the delusions.

There is also a creepy main story line where someone, maybe someone mythological, is stirring conspiracies into the darker subject matter of today. It is an interesting way to play with the reality of how dangerous modern conspiracies have become. It also gives us a villain to blame, which is almost comforting.

I highly recommend the series and the first story line is in a collected volume now.

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