Nov 092020

Blood Machines is a science fiction short movie. It looks and feels like an 80’s issue of Heavy Metal come to life. Which means it looks great, has some cool moments along with some questionable taste. For a movie that ends with a female-empowering moment, it sure spends a lot of time treating women like shit. Maybe that is the point, but I am not sure if it carries it off or I am just projecting it onto the movie. All in all, it is a mixed bag and I am still not sure if I like it or not.

The soundtrack, however, is awesome. It goes from epic to ominous to epic again with some tension back to epic and almost post-orgasmic bliss. Yeah, I like it. It is my writing rotation for anything science fiction related.

Aug 212020

Invaders is an album by the artist, Hollywood Burns. It is a soundtrack to a science fiction movie that was never made. Forty-five seconds into the first track, and I felt like I was at a mythical drive-in about the watch the greatest science schlock ever. I can’t recommend it enough.

It is available for purchase at bandcamp.

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Jun 222020

Bandcamp is a freaking gold mine of music and lately I have been hitting rich veins of synthmusic. I am leaning more and more towards lyric-less writing music and synth hits that 80’s kind in me so perfectly.

My current favorite is Payback by the artist, Streetcleaner. It plays like a soundtrack to a revenge movie that was never made. There is not much else to say about other than it makes pretty good driving music as well.

Listen and purchase it here.

Jan 202020

Professor Elemental, a steampunk/chap-hop rapper, has released another album. This one, titled Professor Elemental and His Amazing Friends 2, is filled with collaborations with other delightful odd acts. Each song is lovely and I already have some new favorites.

In a world where bad news comes every few hours, Professor Elemental reminds us that some people are out there making good art. These songs celebrate life. They encourage us to enjoy the many delights that are out there but they also encourage us to be a delight ourselves.

Here is my current favorite track on the album.

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Nov 042019

It is late at night. You are caught in the maelstrom of your emotions. Everything inside you, the good, the bad, and honest just wants to come screaming out.

That is what every Meg Meyers song sounds like to me. They remind me of late night discussions with people who are going through some shit. Except now there is really good music and guitar solos to go with it.

Meg has two albums and I love them both. My favorite song of hers is ‘Desire’ which includes the line, “I want to skin you with my tongue.” There is carnal craving in this song but also that desperate need to be desired back. It’s that balance of art and honesty that makes her music feel so real to me.

I should add that every video of hers has a surreal and/or sinister edge. The videos are works of art in themselves.

Dec 102018

Church of the Cosmic Skull is a seven person supergroup that has come together to form a new religion as well as make the best 70’s prog music of 2016. I am not sure what the religion is about but the music kicks ass.  Imagine the Blue Oyster Cult crossed over with Fleetwood Mac.

Here is my favorite song of theirs, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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Jan 102018

Purson was an amazing retro sounding psychedelic band that sadly split in 2017. They leave us two wonderful albums that never fail to inflame my imagination. When I was writing Ravished by the Haunted House, I had a music list to write by and almost every Purson song was on it.

I am enchanted by lead singer Rosalie Cunningham’s voice but also enthralled with the lyrics that are often strange and reminiscent of a Ditko Doctor Strange comic.  There is magic going on in these songs, or maybe just a mental breakdown. Either way, they are lovely to listen to and wonderful to play over and over again.

Oct 232017

Witchazel is an album by comedic actor, Matt Berry. I picked up the album because it had the theme song to Berry’s show, Toast of London, but I had no idea I was actually buying the best folk psychedelic album of the 70’s that wasn’t made in the 70’s. Since Berry is a comedian, I was expecting funny songs but these songs are such pure examples of the kind of music you find in the folk psychedelic scene that I can listen to a song about a pheasant and find it perfectly normal.  Is the joke that Berry created a folk album or is there no joke at all? I can’t tell and I don’t care. It is wonderful for what it is.

The songs themselves are also very lovely. They have a mix of funk and folk along with Berry’s wonderful vocals. It is an overwhelmingly positive album where even a song about everyone ignoring the singer is so damn upbeat you just feel joy listening to it.

Needless to say, I love this album and listen to it constantly.


Sep 052017

Blood Ceremony is a Canadian rock band that sings songs about witches, demons and classic horror movies. They use a flute which has the quality of turning every song into something that you can imagine playing during a Hammer film. Their albums are especially good as they come across as horror anthologies that don’t require you to know the sources of their inspiration.

This is my personal favorite of theirs, Goodbye Gemini.

Dec 052016

Year of the Goat is a metal band from Sweden who do not have a wikipedia page so details are hard to come by. They sing a lot about Lucifer, wars with Angels, the coming darkness and mystic mountains but unlike a lot of occult metal bands, Year of the Goat has understandable lyrics and really amazing musical compositions. Songs are catchier than than you would expect from occult metal and you will catch yourself singing along.

The best insult/compliment I read from a critic was that he half-expected the band to launch into Age of Aquarius. He meant it as an insult but I think he nailed the epic coolness the music creates.

There is a melancholy to a lot of their music that I appreciate. They sing a lot about rebelling devils but the songs feel like morale boosters for a side that has lost and probably will never win. Considering that a lot of their albums sound like a lost project from 70’s Sabbath or the Blue Oyster cult, this innate feeling of loss feels appropriate.

Of Darkness is the first song from their first mini-album, Lucem Ferre.

Next we have Angel’s Necropolis from the album of the same name for when you want a ten minute epic about storming Heaven and killing angels.

And finally, a soothing instrumental, Non-Euclidean Calculus, from their Lovecraftian mini-album, The Key and The Gate.