Oct 032012

“Greetings mortals!  It is me, Suckubeth, the demon who is drunk on semen.  With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

Help! Destroy my corporeal form so that this everlasting torment will end!

“Ah, Burny, he’s always kidding around.  Welcome readers to a month long ordeal of lust, fear and climaxes.  I have been summoned from the 69th circle of damnation to entertain you with stories all this month.  Normally I would demand your very soul as well as a face-sitting before I shared such decadent stories but I am running a special this month.  You get five stories for free and once you are hooked, we’ll negotiate the sixth.”

“Don’t fall for it!  Your soul might end up as an anal toy for a chronic masturbator!”

“Hush, Burny.  Today’s story is a devious debacle of a degenerate descent I like to call, ‘Monster in her Bed’.”

“No, not that one!  That story will corrupt and melt their minds for sure!”

“Silence, Burny!  As for you mortal voyeurs, read on.”


Valerie Vrice waited in her bed.  The wind howled outside.  Thunder cracked in the distance.  A cold draft came down the fireplace and the fire almost went out.  It was a frightening night indeed.

She was waiting for the monster.  He was downstairs in the library at the moment.  He was reading books of ancient lore that escaped the Church’s fires centuries ago.  The monster was obsessed with several tomes wrapped in purple leather and written with ink made from disgusting body functions.  The monster would read until midnight and then he would come for her.

The monster was her husband, Leo Vrice. 

Valerie sighed and pulled the sheets tighter around her.  Leo hadn’t always been a monster.  It was this cursed house.  He inherited this mansion from an uncle that he barely had any contact with.  They had come to look at the mansion before they sold it.  It was supposed to just be a weekend visit.

The first night sealed their fate.  Leo had discovered the secret door in the dining hall that led to a library.  The library was huge.  It had shelves that reached up to the ceiling and was crammed with books.  Leo was delighted to discover such an unexpected find.  He insisted on staying and cataloging them all himself.  He had become obsessed. 

Valerie loved books but these volumes of decadent knowledge were repellent.  There were wood engravings of people doing disgusting things with all sorts of plants, wine bottles and each other.  There were complex books detailing sinful revelations about the fornications of angels behind heavenly gates.  Sometimes, Valerie was sure that the books were whispering things to her; dirty shameful things.  It made her tremble to hear such things.

There was a creak outside the bedroom door.  Valerie waited but the door didn’t open.  It wasn’t her husband; it was just the noises of the house.

Valerie shivered despite the heat of the fireplace.  She remembered the first night that Leo had come to bed a changed man.  He had been reading all day; skipping meals and ignoring his shaving.  Leo finally come to bed at midnight and was in such an amorous mood that Valerie consented to his touches.

What touches they were!  He always liked to grab her breasts but now he squeezed and fondled her in such a way that her nipples became as hard as stones.  He kissed her neck in such a way that she would swoon but then he would bite down hard with a relentless cruelty.  Instead of just slipping his manhood into her lady parts, he took the tip of his manhood and rubbed it against her until she was almost begging him to enter her.

And the things he whispered!  That was not her Leo that used such filthy words.  No, her Leo never used words like cunt, tits, fuck, dick, rutting or fuck.  Her Leo would never compare her to a cat in heat, a seaside whore or a cock hungry slut.  Those were just the things that Valerie could remember.  Most of what he said was too disturbing to remember!

Valerie moaned in the lonely bedroom as she thought of that ordeal.  The next morning, Leo was completely different.  He was quiet and almost in a daze.  Valerie didn’t mention the night before out of pure shame.  She thought that his behavior might be a one night aberration.

The second night proved her wrong.  At the stroke of midnight, Leo came to their bed with so many impure thoughts. 

First he went between her legs and kissed her where in her most intimate places.  Not only did he kiss her there, but he also licked, nibbled and ravished her.  Valerie was powerless as Leo ate her until she could take no more.

Valerie looked at the fire as she remembered that night.  Leo’s eyes were as red as the embers in the fire place.  Her juices dripped from his chin as he smiled at her.  That was when she knew that Leo was possessed.  Something terrible had taken him.

His face still wet from his sinful administrations, he made love to her.  His manhood entered her and Valerie knew pleasures that she had never imagined.  Every thrust made her cry out and every inch of his manhood brought her pleasure.

The next morning, Leo was back to normal.  He looked exhausted but that was to be expected after two nights of debauchery.  Valerie had suggested that the leave the mansion but he refused.  There were too many books to study.

That was a month ago.  Every single night, Leo came to bed with new perversions but it wasn’t her husband.  Valerie had been doing her own research.  She found out about Lord Peter Vrice who used to own the mansion.  She read how the villagers had killed him for seducing all of their wives, husbands and some of their livestock.  Valerie had found the paintings in the attic that showed Lord Vrice and his uncanny resemblance to her husband.  Valerie knew that somehow the ghost of Lord Vrice had possessed her poor kind gentle husband.

The clock struck twelve.  A tremble went through Valerie.  Before the clock had stopped ringing, the bedroom door opened.

It was Leo.  He had grown a beard this past month that was the same exact beard in Lord Vrice’s painting.  He was missing his shirt and was carrying a cruel looking whip.  The evil red eyes of Lord Vrice looked out from Leo’s face.

“Cock slut,” he groaned.  “Tonight I will teach you pleasures of the whip and the art of my cock in your virgin ass!” 

Valerie squealed in terror.

Leo walked ever so slowly closer, his manhood pushing against his pants with vulgar intent.

Valerie screamed as he ripped the sheets from her body.  Her pale negligee would give her no protection against the whip.  That is if Leo just doesn’t rip it from her body.

Leo laughed and then moaned.  He closed his eyes and when he opened them, the red fire was gone. 

“Darling!” Leo said.

“Is that you my love?” Valerie asked.

“Yes,” Leo said.  He dropped the whip and sobbed.  “Oh Valerie, it has been terrible!  Lord Vrice is taking over my mind!   He is getting stronger every night!  Soon he will be so strong that he will be in control all of the time!   It is those blasted pornographic books!  Quick my darling!  Burn the books now before I lose control!”

Valerie looked up at him with terrified eyes.  Without saying a word, she reached for his pants and pulled the zipper.  His hard manhood pointed at her.

“No, darling!” Leo cried.  “What are you doing?”

Valerie ignored his question and took his manhood into her mouth.  She relaxed her throat the way that Leo had taught her on the fourth night in this mansion.  Her manhood disappeared down her lips, past her tongue and down her throat.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” Leo moaned.

Valerie shuddered at the blasphemy.  She also sucked as hard as she could until her cheeks caved in around his manhood.  She took a handful of her long black hair and used it to cup his family jewels.  Her fingers rubbed her soft hair against the sensitive flesh of his balls.

“I’m . . .losing . . .control,” Leo moaned.

Valerie moved her head.  Back and forth she sucked the length of Leo’s manhood.  Her breasts swung with the fierceness of her movements.  She was a whore sucking for a penny.  She was a slut with unnatural appetites.  She was a woman with no shame left in her. 

“Darling . . .no,” Leo gasped.

Valerie released her hold on his balls and placed her hand on the shaft of his manhood.  She pulled her mouth away and opened her lips.  Valerie looked Leo in the eyes as she stroked his manhood.  Her tongue licked the head of his manhood as an invitation for his seed.

“No, no, no, FUCK!” Leo moaned.

Leo’s eyes flashed red.  Hot seed splashed onto Valerie’s tongue.  She swallowed it and quickly struck her tongue out for the next load.  The monster growled as she swallowed every drop.

“Very good my cunt slave,” he said and it was with Lord Vrice’s voice.  “It won’t spare you from my whip or my cock in your ass, but you did very good.  I don’t think Leo will be bothering us again.”

Valerie trembled in delighted terror.


“What a lovely story to begin Halloween with!  Remember ladies, if the man you love is in danger of becoming a nice guy, suck his cock.  It works every time.”

“Or consider attending couples therapy for your mutual satisfaction!”

“That’s nonsense, Burny!  Stick with the oral sex, readers.  Guys, it works on good girls too!

“That is all I have for now but join us next week for another pants dampening story.  I’ll catch your souls, later.”

*Suckubeth’s physical manifestation was provided by the always awesome Joe Gravel*

Oct 312011

Well hello. What wonderful costumes some of you are wearing. I especially like the guy dressed as a desperate masturbator. The utility belt filled with hand lotion is a nice touch.

My name is Scarlett Deadhansson and I was created in a laboratory by the eerie Trixie Treats as part of some sort of devious exchange program. I don’t know all the details. My duties are to host Halloween today on the blog while Shon is busy shooting zombies and fighting the demon possessed eye of a Scotsman.

So let’s see what treats I have for you, shall we?

First up is a classic Hammer film, “Blood of the Mummy”. A very hot mummy chick is found by a group of British explorers in perfect physical condition and also bleeding from a missing hand despite being interred hundreds of years ago. They of course take her back to Britain. Terror and fabulous clothes ensue. I have it on good authority that the breasts of the lead actress, Valerie Leon, are worth watching the film alone.

I give it five twitching hands out of five.

Next up is a lovely television show that will hopefully not be cancelled like a murder in the night. “American Horror Story” is about an unhappy couple that really should have divorced moving into a house filled with more ghosts than a ghost writer’s convention. Most horror stories showcase a family that threatens to disintegrate under the pressure of supernatural horror. The man in this show cheats on his wife and she fucking cuts his ass BEFORE they ever reach the house. Also, not many ghost stories has a rubber gimp. The marriage explodes in slow motion before your eyes while various ghosts, haunts and one terribly sexy maid ghost try to hurry thing along. Come for the sexy main and stay for the high number of strong female characters.

I give it five creepy rubber men out of five.

As a final treat, I shall share with you some music. Ghoultown is a band that some have called gothabilly and but I prefer to call them just plain fun. They sing about ghost stories with a western theme. Any of their songs would make for a great b-movie on a late night show. They can also actually play their instruments with a talent that matches their weirdness and let me tell you, that is pretty fucking rare. Any album is good but you might like ‘Mistress of the Dark’ the best. Listen to it on the video below.

I give them five howling banshees out of five.

That is all the treats I have for now. Some of you look a little paler than when we started. Some of you look a bit more flushed than you did before. I am no doctor but I was once dead, so I can safely advise you to go see a doctor. Preferably one that operates out of an old spooky mansion and wears a corset.

Until next year, or maybe sooner. Yes, I am talking about you.

Oct 262011

Trixie Treats smiled for the camera. She also held in her breath so that her green makeup covered cleavage would push as tightly as possible against the almost transparent white teddy that was part of her costume. Black lipstick lips smiled cruelly for the viewers at home.

“And that concludes tonights classless, I mean, classy movie, ‘Frankenstein versus the Vampires’. You might have fallen asleep during that piece of schlock but don’t worry, it was impossible to sleep through any good parts as there weren’t any.”

A howling wolf sounded came from the sound effects guy. Trixie sighed wistfully as if she had just been entered by a thick cock.

“The calling of the werewolf means that our time is up, dear ghouls,” Trixie said. “I must retire to my crypt and wait out the sun all alone in my coffin. If only one or maybe a few of you ghouls could come with me to keep me company. Until next week, on Trixie’s Movie Night Treats”

“And cut!” the director said. “Great job, Trixie! If anyone watches this episode, they might actually like the movie.”

Trixie snorted. “More likely that they rubbed one out during my introduction and went to bed. I’m going to wash this green shit off.”

The top-heavy horror hostess tottered over to her changing room. The white thong rode up her green ass like it always did. The stage crew pretended to not check out her ass but she knew that they were; them and everyone else in the late night Tucson area.

Trixie opened her changing room door and recoiled from the smell. It was the smell of corpses, blood and ancient horrors.

“Fuck, it smells like stagehands in here!” Trixie said.

Rough hands reached from the darkness and dragged her into the room. Trixie tried to scream but someone pressed what tasted like old bandages to her mouth. Trixie bit down on the cloth until she felt the yielding flesh of a hand.

“Ramses’ Beard! The bitch bit me!” a voice cried out.

“Igor, the lights!” another voice yelled.

The lights came on. Trixie gasped at the huge crowd that had surrounded her. The men were dressed up as monsters. There was a giant Frankenstein, a fangy Dracula, a few decomposing zombies, a pointy-eared Devil, a dripping Creature from a lagoon, some silver robots, a sinister clown and inexplicably, a giant banana with arms.

Trixie was quick to identify the weird part of this experience. “How the fuck did all of you fit inside my changing room? Usually this place is so small that I have to open a window if I want to take my tits out of my bra.”

“Vilence, varlot!” the Dracula said. Blood dripped from his fangs. “Ve are in a mavical vimbo beveen vime and vace.”

“What to the fuck now?” Trixie said. “Anyone speak venglish, I mean English?”

“I will translate,” the Devil said. “You are in a magical limbo between time and space. Specifically, you are in the crossroads of Horror and Fear, where monsters dwell in the subconscious.”

“SUBCONCIOUS!” Frankenstein yelled.

“Yeah, good boy,” Trixie said to Frankenstein. “Okay, nice prank boys. A little groppy with the hands but don’t worry, I won’t press charges for this little monster squad gangbang joke.”

Trixie kicked off her heels and stood up. “But I do want to know where you got these costumes. They are a ton better than our usual costumes. Like this zombie, I swear his head is about to fall off.”

Trixie pulled at the zombie’s face and the head fell off. Trixie looked in horror as the head rolled her feet. It looked up at her at her green breasts. The zombie smiled and licked his lips.

“Oh fuck,” Trixie said.

“You ave vocked us for the vast vime!” the Dracula yelled.

“Fucked who?” Trixie said.

“He meant that you mock us,” The Devil said. “Our movies used to excite the imagination and primal fears of mankind. We come to life based on the fears and horrors of humanity. It is a good life to exist in nightmares. You never die and the screams of your dreamers sustain you like the finest wine.”

One of the robots put their hand on Trixie’s right breast. She slapped it away. “If it is such a sweet gig, why bother me?”

“YOU FUCKED IT!” Frankenstein said.

“As my stitched friend said,” the Devil said. “Your mocking of our movies has chipped away at our place in the fears of mankind. We are becoming jokes and things of amusement. Now we are appearing in the dreams of children and pop culture blog writers.”

Trixie shrugged. “Sucks to be you,” she said.

“Vegin the vunishment!” the Dracula said.

The Frankenstein grabbed Trixie’s hair with his unforgiving grip. The Robots grabbed her hands and tied them behind her back. The Frankenstein pulled her towards a wooden contraption that looked suspiciously like a guillotine!

“Holy shit!” Trixie said. “You old farts are going to cut off my head because of a shitty late night movie show?”

The monsters laughed. They kept laughing as the Frankenstein picked Trixie up and dropped her on the guillotine so that her stomach was in the half circle depression. Trixie screamed as the bar fell across her back.

“Don’t cut me in half!” Trixie yelled.

Groans of disgust came from the monsters. “We are not your modern horrors with their drills and splatter shields,” spoke the Devil. “We believe in ironic justice and deserving victims.”

“ASS!” The Frankenstein said.

“Yes, and a little tits and ass,” the Devil said. “Your punishment shall fit your crime! We shall humiliate and cause to fear us once more!”

“Baby, I work for a late night television show, there isn’t much you can do to embarrass me,” Trixie said.

The monsters gathered around her ass. Trixie waited for them to pull her thong down but they didn’t. She did feel a large cold hand press against her ass. Considering how large and round Trixie’s ass was, she knew that only Frankenstein had a hand big enough to cup her ass like that.

“Vunish her!” Dracula screeched.

The hand pulled away and then returned to her ass with amazing force.

WHAM! The sound for Frankenstein’s hand impacting into her ass echoed throughout all of time and space.

Son of a bitch!” Trixie yelled. Her scream also echoed through time and space.

The Frankenstein spanked her. His heavy powerful hands shook her with every slap. The sheer size of his hand meant that every slap struck the entirety of her buttock.

Trixie kicked and screamed but the wooden stocks held her tight. The monsters mocked her efforts to escape and delighted in her shrieks. Every swing of Frankenstein’s hand caused her large breasts to jiggle and shake. In just a few slaps, she had fallen completely out of her baby doll.

“Even her nipples are greeeeeen,” said the Creature. He looked like he was in love.

“Hey, you got to commit to the costume,” Trixie said between wails of pain.

Her ass stung from the supernatural abuse and it didn’t look like Frankenstein was stopping any time soon. Trixie’s ass burned worse than any witch has ever suffered. She looked around desperately for a solution but all she saw was the Creature’s adoring gilly face.

“Hey Creature, OW OW OW! Let me out of here and I’ll let you rub your gills all over my tits!” Trixie said.

The Creature shook his head. “And lose a turn spanking your ass? I don’t think so.”

Frankenstein stopped spanking her and Trixie let out a sigh of relief. It was a short lived respite. It was the Dracula’s turn and whatever he lacked in enunciation he certainly compensated with the accuracy of his hand.

When the Dracula was through spanking her ass, the cold metallic hands of one of the robots took his place. The WHACK WHACK WHACK of the metal hand turned Trixie’s ass to fire.

Next were the aquatic creature and his peculiar webbed hands. After that, it was the solid clothed thumps of the Mummy’s hand. Another robot took his turn with his metal hands and then after him was the furry paw of a Werewolf. The clown had his turn and every time his hand met her ass, a small horn would honk. Even the Banana spanked her although Trixie still didn’t know what the fuck that was all about.

The Devil was the last one to spank her. His hand literally burned with the fires of Hell although Trixie wasn’t sure if it was hellfire she felt or just how sensitive her ass had become.

After a brutal period of spanking, the Devil walked around to Trixie’s front. He pulled her head up by her hair to face him. Tears had streaked down her face and left white trails in the green makeup. It didn’t stop him from taking a moment to admire her bare breasts.

“Your humiliation is almost complete,” the Devil said. “We have had our way with your ass and taught you the meaning of fear.” He never made eye contact with her as he kept staring at her breasts.

“And the meaning of a sore ass,” Trixie said. Her voice was hoarse from all of her screaming.

“Are you ready for the surprise ending?” The Devil said.

Trixie looked up at the Devil. “It was all a dream?”

The Monsters laughed. The Devil reached for her tits with his clawed hands. Trixie screamed as her large green tits were mauled by sharp nails and greedy fingers.

“No,” the Devil said. “Now we are going to spank the other half of you.”

Trixie screamed as the Devil’s hand slapped her tits. She screamed again as she saw the Monsters form a line behind the Devil. As big as her ass was, her tits were so much fucking bigger. This was going to be a lot of stinging slapping hurt.

She was definitely going to think twice before ever mocking old movie monsters again. Trixie was still going to mock them because hey, she needs a paycheck, but she would at least think twice.

Oct 292010

Dear Sirs or Madams,

Congratulations on your purchase of Kothic Manor. It is a wonderful house with a long and distinguished history. I hope that your stay here will be as eventful and exciting as it was when I lived here.

I would like to introduce myself. I am Lord Kothic, the builder of this house just a century ago. You may wonder how I am able to communicate to you but rest assure that the black magic and gruesome sacrifices that I practiced has ensured my continual immortality.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that I plan to molest you in your sleep. My body is no longer human but I have many useful new appendages and an insatiable lust for fucking the living. When I say that I will molest you in your sleep do not worry that you will sleep through it. You have my personal guarantee that you will be awake for every perverse second while I abuse your body to my undying heart’s content.

Please do not concern yourself with your gender. At my state, a warm body is pretty much the same no matter the plumbing. As long as you have a mouth and an ass, I will be sure to penetrate you in ways that will surprise and terrify you.

I would also like to assure you that if you are sharing your bed with a loved one, that it shall not protect you. In fact, I will penetrate both of you happily at the same time so you can share the experience. As I said, my body is no longer human and quite frankly, the more the merrier.

I do politely ask that you refrain from bringing any weapons to bed and try to use them on me. That’s rude and I am afraid I may become a little cross. By cross I mean I might take you downstairs to my secret lair for my own amusement. The forever disappearance of home owners tends to make it harder for the house to be sold again. No body wants that.

Last, I would like to make a small request. If one of you could wear a corset, that would be most appreciated. Also, candle light would really help set the mood.

Until I hold you down in your bed and take you,
Thrice Damned and Twice Blighted, Lord Kothic

Oct 282010

When I was in Seattle this year, I picked up Joe R. Lansdale’s ‘The Complete Drive-in’. It is an omnibus of three novels that take place, well, at the drive-in.

Four friends go to the drive-in to watch a marathon of horror movies. Partway through, something abducts the whole damn drive-in area. I’m talking about multiple screens, all the cars, all the people and the concession stands. They find themselves transported to an area of endless night and unexplained electrical power. The movies keep playing and any one who braves the surrounding darkness is dissolved and spat back out.

Then things get really bad. Some stories will fuck your shit up and these tales are no exception. What starts as an amusing if baffling story degenerates into cannibalism, orgies and a whole fucking lot of murders. Bizarre monsters and even more bizarre insane characters prowl the book. It ain’t pretty. As jaded as I think I am as a reader, I had quite a few moments where I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the depravity I had just read. Yet I kept reading, because when you are on a roller-coaster of a story like this, you can’t wait for the next dropping thrill.

This collection has three books about this abducted drive-in. It is like the best b-movie never made. Just like a b-movie, it is fearless in it’s horror while relishing in the insanity of its plot. As a writer, this book was just inspiring in its audacity. I wish porn was half this fearless.

I can’t recommend this collection enough to horror fans.

Oct 272010

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. I knew better. Melanie knew better. There are three things you don’t do in Harvest Creek. You don’t speed on Pumpkin road because that is where the sheriff sets up his speed trap. You don’t let boys grab your tits on the first date cause then they will never stop trying to get in your pants, and most of all, you never cut across Old Man Bruno’s cornfield.

Melanie was hollering something fierce but I didn’t move. She sounded real close. It was hard to tell in this cornfield. Sound travels and at night, every row of corn looks the same. If I went to go help her, I might get even more lost.

That’s what I told myself. As I sat under that big October moon, I told myself that not helping Melanie was the smart thing. I didn’t have to admit that I was one scared girl. Huddled in cold corn, I could pretend that I was just a helpless girl who got lost coming home from the Halloween Party at Jack’s house.

I could also pretend that a fucking scarecrow wasn’t spanking the shit out of my best friend.

It had to be Old Man Bruno. It was the only thing that made sense. Except Old Man Bruno just yelled at you and threatened to sick his dog on you. This was different. This wasn’t right.

Melanie and I were cutting through his farm and we saw the new scarecrow. It looked scary. No, not Halloween scary, but evil. I think the word is sinister. It had a big jack-o-lantern head that was glowing brighter than any candle. Black overalls covered its body but it was shiny like what those perverts wear in music videos. Instead of hanging on the scarecrow cross, it looked like it was relaxing.

“It looks like it is just hanging out,” Melanie had said.

“I don’t like it,” I told her. Scarecrows shouldn’t look like they are leering.

“I want to get a better look,”

Melanie started walking to it. I followed along because what else was I going to do? I was in a hurry to get home. Every one liked my sexy nurse costume but it was freezing to walk around in. Melanie on the other hand was wearing a furry cat suit. That was a much smarter costume. All the boys liked and she got to keep warm.

Hank was supposed to take us home but he was drunk and spending all night trying to cop a feel off that slut, Wendy Gertin. Melanie and I thought we would just walk home instead.

We got like about ten feet away from the scarecrow when it turned its head at us! I screamed, Melanie screamed and then we both laughed.

“It must be one of those automatic things,” she said. “Like that witch that cackled when we got close to it at the party.”

That was when the scarecrow jumped down.

Now we were really screaming. I turned around and ran. I looked behind me and I saw Melanie on the ground. She probably tripped on that stupid tail of hers. The scarecrow was running right for her.

Now I want you to know I am no coward. When Alex Terry used to pull my hair in grade school, I would punch him right in the nose. When that slut Wendy told nasty rumors about me, I walked right up to her in the middle of lunch period and I told her skank ass off. My daddy raised me to stand up for myself and I wasn’t going to let some asshole dressed as a scarecrow harass my friend.

Well that asshole scarecrow was something special. He picked up Melanie by the hair with one fucking hand. Melanie is no light weight. I’m her best friend so I can’t say how much she weighs but I’ll just say that no normal man can pick her up with one hand.

When I saw how strong that scarecrow was, I stopped dead in my tracks. I just stared in disbelief as he put Melanie over his shoulder and pulled her pants down. With one mighty rip, he yanked her pants clean off. Her big ass looked even paler under the moon.

That’s when he started whopping her. He didn’t have hands. He just had straw sticking out and I would have thought that straw wouldn’t hurt but I was so wrong. You could hear that straw cutting through the air as he swung and when he hit Melanie’s ass she screamed like she was on fire.

All I could do was watch. It was just so unbelievable. It was also kind of hot. I mean I ain’t no pervert but that scarecrow looked happy doing what he was doing. He thrashed her bottom with his straw hand and even from where I was standing I could see her bottom was turning red. Shoot, I know my ass had never been as touched as much as Melanie’s was tonight.

As for Melanie, she was screaming and carrying on but she wasn’t fighting much. She kicked her legs a little and pounded on its back but mostly she was just yelling. Momma would wash my mouth out for saying it but I wouldn’t be at all surprise if she was a little wet.

Anyway, that mean scarecrow finally noticed me. He looked me up and down and I knew I was in trouble. I was wearing white stockings and a short mini skirt. I was pretty much asking for a spanking.

So I ran. I ran and I didn’t look back. I don’t think the scarecrow chased me. I heard Melanie start screaming again and I knew he was spanking her. I dropped down in the corn and just hid.

The screaming became a little different. It sounded a little weird. It sounded like groans.

It sounded a little like se was having sex. Well, the closest thing I have to compare it to was when the school caught Wendy giving a blowjob to Owen Mitchel in the bathroom. It sounded a lot like the noises Owen was making except it was Melanie’s voice.

So here I sit. Too scared to see if Melanie needs help, and too scared to get up and try to go home. I am so glad that I am not her right now and yet for some reason, I’m a bit jealous. All I can do is wait. At some point that scarecrow has got to let Melanie go. I mean, you would think, right?

Man, I am never cutting across Old Man Bruno’s cornfield again.