May 012019

Explorer’s Log: Today is my thirty-second day in my sixty-four day journey to the star system designated “Damn, I wish I Was the Queen’s Lover” by Royal Astronomers. The patrols of large warships continue to be a problem. The probe ship’s stealth capabilities are no match for the patrol sensors. I had three near-encounters this morning and it was only through heroic efforts and my superior piloting skills that I have evaded pursuit and combat.

Late this afternoon, I discovered one of the reasons for the frequent patrols. A vessel took me by surprise near a debris field. The vessel was the same type as the large warships that have been chasing me. After deftly avoiding their ambush, the attackers opened communications in order to demand my surrender. They were surprised by my alien appearance and descriptive insults. The vessel identified themselves as pirates in opposition to the Prober Supreme. I convinced them that I was not a servant of the Prober Supreme or one of his creations. The pirates offered a truce and I generously accepted their ceasefire.

The pirates have invited me to dock with their much larger vessel. They are offering to transport me and the probe ship through the worse of the warship patrols. I am suspicious of their generosity, but since they are rebels with no respect for a central authority, I suspect their offer is a ruse to attempt to seduce me to their cause. I will take advantage of their naivety and get a free ride. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I’m taking a risk by boarding their ship but the Captain is handsome and it has been a busy few weeks. It will be nice to let someone else fly for a change. These patrols have worn my ass out.

Chairbot will remain behind on the ship. If the pirates betray me, Chairbot has been instructed to turn the probe ship into a bomb and blackmail the pirates for my freedom. Hopefully after the pirates have ravished me, of course.

“Your, your, your quarters are here” Captain Hellic said, pointing at an open doorway. The tall Seed-Walker had to stoop as he stepped inside. The tight fabric of his pants clung to his muscular buttocks in intriguing ways.

Vaquel Di smiled. That was an ass worth risking a ship for. Before she stepped into her quarters, she pressed a button on her belt. The top of her green spacesuit parted a few centimeters to expose her luscious brown cleavage. Running her hand through her short pink hair, she stepped inside.

The quarters were snug with a single bed, a hygiene chamber and a small table. Captain Hellic stood by the bed with an anxious look on his face. He tugged nervously on his bright purple beard.

“I, I, I hope the quarters are suitable,” Captain Hellic said. “The Corrupted Data used to be a ship for holding soldiers, so there is not much consideration for comfort. If you want a larger place, I am sure the crew would be happy to convert one of the armories into living quarters.”

“No, it’s quite nice,” Vaquel said. She bent over to press down on the mattress. It was not a coincidence that her hanging tits were facing Captain Hellic.

“Mmm, soft and squishy,” Vaquel said.

“Oh, uh, uh, uh, good,” Captain Hellic said. “I am glad the breasts, uh, bed is to your liking. We don’t get many guests and it will be nice to have a new mouth, uh, face around. The ship is mostly automated so we don’t need much of a crew. You met all of them at dinner.”

Vaquel sat on the bed and leaned back. She stretched one leg out and then the other. Captain Hellic stared and tugged harder on his beard. The green of her spacesuit was the same shade as the Seed-Walker’s skin. She wondered if her legs looked naked to him.

“Wait, those six people are your entire crew?” Vaquel asked.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Captain Hellic said. He was still staring at her legs.

“Oh,” Vaquel responded. Her dreams of being gangbanged dropped considerably in scale. That was disappointing but it was less likely that these rebels would try to kidnap her. She could go straight to fucking them now.

Vaquel pressed another button on her belt. The spacesuit around her legs slid upwards. The thick magnetic boots covered her feet but her lovely brown calves were revealed followed by her thick thighs. The spacesuit stopped retracting, leaving her pelvis still covered.

“What, what, what are you doing?” Captain Hellic said. He quickly moved past Vaquel and towards the door.

“Wait, stop!” Vaquel said. “I am just undressing. The way you were staring at my legs, I thought you were curious about my species.”

Captain Hellic stared at her brown skin; his eyes devouring every millimeter. He chewed the top of his mustache and pulled harder on his beard. “I apologize for staring,” he said. “It has been so long since I have seen a female of any species.”

“Feel free to take a closer look,” Vaquel said. She pressed another button. The spacesuit around her crotch retracted. The pink bush of her pubic hair was revealed. The hair was already slick with her desire.

“No, no, no,” Captain hellic moaned. He covered his eyes with a massive hand. “Please don’t do that. We took a vow of celibacy.”

A cold chill ran through Vaquel. She quickly pressed the button and the spacesuit slid back over her crotch. Afraid that celibacy might be contagious in some way, Vaquel pressed another button and her legs were covered as well.

“A vow of celibacy?” Vaquel asked. “Were you brainwashed by outside forces?”

Captain Hellic peeked through his fingers and saw that Vaquel was clothed. Lowering his hand, he answered her question, but he stayed by the door in case of sudden nudity.

“We, we, we took the vow of celibacy as a crew,” Captain Hellic said. “The Prober Supreme manipulates the masses with his hedonistic inventions. He keeps them in a state of languid docility while conducting his foul and perverse experiments! Some of my crew have been subjects in his labs. To keep ourselves from succumbing to the weird temptations we encounter, we have vowed to remain celibate until the Prober Supreme is defeated and overthrown!”

“And how long have you been a pirate?” Vaquel asked.

“Eight, eight, eight solar cycles,” Captain Hellic said. “It has not been easy.”

“You poor bastards,” Vaquel said. “Are you sure about your vow? It isn’t healthy to restrain yourself like that. You can indulge your carnal needs with me. I won’t tell your crew.”

Captain Hellic’s fist ripped tufts of his beard from his face. “No, no, no,” he moaned. “That would be a betrayal not only of my vows, but of the trust they put in me as a leader. I must refuse. In fact, I should leave right now so I don’t give in to temptation!”

Before Vaquel could say anything, Captain Hellic ducked through the doorway. A sliding door closed behind him and locked into place. Vaquel was alone.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel swore. “No gangbang, no ravishing and not even a fucking goodnight licking!”

Vaquel kicked off her boots and pressed a button on her belt. The entire spacesuit slid away from her body and retracted into her belt. She took her belt off and tossed it aside as well.

“Fuck these celibate pirates!” Vaquel snapped. “What the fuck is the point of being a pirate if you are not going to get laid?

Vaquel laid back on the bed. Damn, it was soft. She spread her legs on the silky sheets and enjoyed the lack of friction. Curious, she tried out the pillow. The soft foam shape conformed to the shape of her head and spine, providing optimal comfort.

“Damn, if military ships get beds this nice, I see why there are no rebellions,” Vaquel said. She was definitely going to include this in her report back to the Royal Navy.

“This bed is wasted on celibates,” Vaquel said. “Luckily, I am not one.”

Vaquel reached between her legs. She pushed through the soft forest of her bush and stroked the outside of her sex lips. Slow lazy circles sensitized her needy pussy.

With her other hand, Vaquel grabbed a breast. She started by pinching the side of her heavy brown tit. The little jolt of pain was answered by a clenching in her sex.

Vaquel’s fingers moved clockwise around her breast, delivering tiny pinches to the soft flesh. Her other fingers pushed inside her pussy lips and sank into wet heat. She pinched harder and harder as she circled her tit.

The lights dimmed, perhaps due to a sensor noticing Vaquel was in bed. With the decrease in illumination, Vaquel’s hips began to roll. She switched from stroking her sex to humping her fingers.

Vaquel moaned. She closed her eyes and pictured the Captain. He was between her legs, holding still as she grinded on his cock. She had convinced him that his vow was still valid if she did all the work. All he had to do was lay on top of her while Vaquel fucked his brains out.

A shudder ran through Vaquel. She would break the Captain’s resolve. Her fingers closed around her nipple, picturing the Captain’s purple beard against her brown breast. He would bite her with a need that has been building for eight years. In accordance with her fantasy, Vaquel cruelly pinched and twisted her sensitive nipple.

“Oh, Captain,” Vaquel moaned.

Vaquel resumed stroking. The imaginary Captain was aroused now. He was going to pummel her wet pussy. He was going to pound her into this extremely comfortable bed. He was going to probe this sex hole to depths never explored before.

“You have a visitor at the door,” a voice said.

Vaquel froze. The voice sounded very natural and it took her a second to realize it was automated.

“Would you like to let them in?” the voice asked.

“Fuck,” Vaquel whispered. Yeah, she wanted them to come in but she also didn’t want to scare their celibate ass off. She sat up and grabbed the folded blanket at the foot of the bed. Laying back down, she pulled it over her body.

“Please respond with ‘yes’ or ‘no’,” the voice said.

“YES!” Vaquel said.

The door opened. A short but lanky Seed-Walker came in. Bright yellow hair fringed his face and head. Vaquel remembered him from the dinner. His name was Mops. He leaned back out the doorway and looked both ways before closing the door.

“Excuse, excuse, excuse me,” the pirate said. “I’m sorry to bother you but my shift just ended and I wanted to take advantage of this moment to talk to you alone.”

“Oh?” Vaquel asked. She sat up, pinning the blanket to her chest. The warm, but thin material outlined her round breasts. “Why did you want to talk to me alone?”

Mops’ dark green skin flushed to a lighter shade of green. “I, I, I wanted to talk about this vow we made, me and the other pirates that is. Because the Prober Supreme creates a culture of sexual indulgence, we decided the best way to fight it was with sexual abstinence.”

“Ugh, I know,” Vaquel said. She could feel her pussy drying by the second. “Your Captain told me about it. He said it was very important to you guys.”

“It, it, it is, but the thing is, it is a lot harder to do in practice than in theory,” Mops said. “I joined the crew two years ago and it has been really difficult. I keep making simple mistakes. I get really angry for no reason. I have an ear ache that won’t go away and I bet it is due to sexual frustration.”

“Okay,” Vaquel said. “Where are you going with this? I was in the middle of relieving my own ear ache.”

“I, I, I was wondering if you might be able to provide me with some relief but keep it secret from the rest of the crew,” Mops said. “I don’t want to disappoint my crew or Captain. I am just not as strong as they are.”

“Relief is a two-way interaction,” Vaquel said. “Satisfy me and I’ll keep your secret, you degenerate celibate.”

Vaquel tossed the blanket from her body. She sat up and turned so her legs hung off the side of the bed. Spreading her legs, she pulled her pussy lips apart in what Vaquel considered to be a subtle invitation.

Mops’ eyes bulged in delight. He shed her overalls in seconds to reveal a short but limber body. A thick root hung between his legs. What it lacked in length it made up for in girth.

“We, we, we might need to go slow,” Mops said. “It has been a long-aaahh!”

Vaquel squeezed his cock in her hand. “No, I don’t do slow,” she said.

Mops groaned incoherently. His cock throbbed in her hand.

Vaquel pulled the pirate between her legs. She guided the tip of his root to her sex lips. The head was a little too big but Vaquel was wet enough to try. She reached behind Mops and grabbed his ass.

Mops overcame his shyness. He pushed into Vaquel. The thick head spread her open and then the rest of his shaft soon followed. One long persistent push and he was inside of her.

“Fuck,” Vaquel said. “Maybe you’re right and we should go slow.”

Mops growled and grabbed her by the thighs. He was face to face with her plentiful tits. Leaning forward, he took a bite of her brown breast. As soon as his teeth clamped down, his hips pumped with a furious speed.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. Her pussy took the cock bombardment. Thankfully, the shortness of the cock prevented her deeper areas from being battered but what was being penetrated took a beating. While her pussy was being fucked, her breast was getting crushed by Mops’ eager bite. The pain was far greater than the pinching she experienced earlier but it also made her clench three times as hard.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm!” Mops said with a mouth full of tit. His hips smashed into Vaquel’s thighs and made a clapping noise. Drool leaked from his lips and dribbled down her breast.

Vaquel shuddered with pleasure. This was more like it! Brutal and sweet! She was going to be sore in the morning but this was the fuck she had been craving!

Mops opened his mouth to moan and Vaquel’s breast fell from his lips. There was an angry ring of bruises on her tit from where his teeth had clamped. Mops ducked down and bit her other breast; subjecting it to the same intense pressure.

“Shit, shit, shit, yes, yes, yes!” Vaquel cried. The pain pushed her over the edge. She wrapped her legs tight around the Seed-Walker as he brought her to a screaming orgasm.

Mops groaned into Vaquel’s breast. His body began to shake as he kept humping. The thick cock trembled within her and then suddenly released a thick load of hot seed.

“Damn, already?” Vaquel asked.

“You have a visitor at the door,” the door said.

Mops froze and then quickly pulled out of Vaquel. Yellow seed spilled from his cock. He spat her breast out and babbled “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

“Get back and fuck me,” Vaquel said.

“Would you like to let them in?” the door asked.

“Fertilizer, fertilizer, fertilizer!” Mops swore. “Don’t tell them I was here! There is a maintenance hatch in the hygiene chamber! I’ll try to come back later!”

“Fine,” Vaquel sighed. She was still in the throes of her orgasm but hungry for more.

“Please respond with ‘yes’ or ‘no’,” the door said.

Vaquel waited until Mops ran into the hygiene chamber and closed the door. “Yes,” she said. As the door opened, Vaquel remembered just in time to throw the blanket back over herself and lay down.

Another pirate walked in. She remembered this one. He was a mass of muscle and a deep brown color. Three sprouts of white hair were arranged equidistantly on his nearly bald skull. Vaquel had fantasized about how he would be the one to hold her down while the others used her. His name was Jekin.

“Excuse, excuse, excuse me for intruding,” Jekin said. He closed the door behind him. “I have come here to come here to make a trade offer.”

“Do pirates usually make trade offers at the start of someone’s sleep cycle?” Vaquel asked.

Jekin reached into a pocket on his overalls. He pulled out something that sparkles. It looked like diamonds.

“I, I, I had to wait until everyone thought you were sleeping,” Jekin said. His voice dropped to a low whisper. “See, I have something indecent to ask you.”

Vaquel smiled. She sat up and her blanket fell from her chest. “Indecent? Please tell!”

Jekin stared at her exposed breasts and licked his lips. “Ah, you might not know this but me and my crew have taken a vow of celibacy. It is more of a political statement actually, and one that is easy to do when there are no women on board. But now that you are here, I would like to fulfill some of my urges in a manner that is not known to the rest of the crew.”

A thrill of desire went through Vaquel. “Are you trying to purchase sex from me like a common whore?”

“No, no, no!” Jekin said, still whispering. “The diamonds are to purchase your silence. The sex would be mutually enjoyable.”

“Oh,” Vaquel said, a tad disappointed. “All right, leave the diamonds on the counter and get in.” She tossed the blanket off of her body.

“Petals of my father,” Jekin swore as he looked at her body. He tossed the diamonds onto the counter and missed. The diamonds dropped nosily to the floor but Jekin didn’t care. He ripped open the front of his overalls to reveal a slender cock, already hard and pointing to the right.

“That will do,” Vaquel said.

Jekin bent over and picked Vaquel up. He lifted her body as easily as if they were in low gravity. One hand on either hip, he lowered her onto his cock. The slender root pushed up inside of her.

“Ohh!” Vaquel moaned. The narrow cock reached deep inside her pussy. She wrapped her hands around the pirate’s neck as she hung in his arms.

“You, you, you have an extremely damp orifice,” Jekin whispered.

Vaquel didn’t think it was a good idea to mention that the dampness was fifty percent seed from Mops. “I bet you say that to all the women you break your vow of celibacy with.”

Jekin snorted. His powerful hands locked her in place. He jacked his cock using her body as his se toy. The rest of his body locked into place with only his powerful arms doing all the work.

Vaquel bounced up and down. The thin cock impaled her with every drop. Her already sensitive sex spasmed and clenched. She locked her fingers tightly around his neck even though she had no fear of him dropping her.

Jekin’s eyes were locked on her breasts, more specifically, the ring of bite marks that adorned each mound.

“Curious, curious, curious markings,” he said. “Are they tribal identifiers?”

“Yeah,” Vaquel lied. “They tell people where I like to be bitten.”

Jekins grunted and kept staring. The sound of wet fucking filled the room. It was joined by the slapping of Vaquel’s heavy breasts against her chest. Jekins grunted, increasing in volume as he slid Vaquel faster up and down his root.

“Make me come, pirate,” Vaquel groaned. “Make me come with your celibate cock!”

Jekins groaned. His fingers dug painfully into Vaquel’s hips. He pumped Vaquel on his cock with terrifying speed.

“Yes, yes, yes, glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried.

Jekins shuddered as Vaquel climaxed. He slowed down and his grunts took on a deeper tone. His hips began to pump and his fucking became more deliberate.

“Do it,” Vaquel whispered. “Come inside this tight sex hole. Give me your years of come.”

Jekin’s grunt turned into a whimper. He was close.

“You have a visitor at the door,” the door said.

Jekin’s eyes bulged but he didn’t stop. He pumped her twice as fast on his cock for four more strokes and then he stopped completely. Hot seed filled Vaquel’s pussy as the pirate held her in place. After six spurts of his cock, Jekin slid Vaquel off his cock and tossed her to the bed.

Vaquel shrieked as she hit the bed. “What the fuck?”

“I, I, I got to get out of here,” Jekin whispered. “Good thing there is a hatch in the hygiene chamber!”

“Would you like to let them in?” the door asked.

Vaquel sighed. Jekin ducked into the hygiene chamber, his cock dripping with Vaquel’s juices. Vaquel reached between her legs and touched her now empty sex.

“Please respond with ‘yes’ or ‘no’,” the door said.

Vaquel tossed the blanket back over her body. “Yes!” she yelled.

The door opened. The pirate had light green skin and a lack of any hair. Optical enhancers covered one eye. He was slender as Jekin’s cock. Vaquel remembered his name because it sounded filthy.

“Hey, Nighole,” Vaquel said with a yawn, feigning sleep. “What brings you by?”

“Excuse, excuse, excuse the interruption of her dormant cycle,” Nighole said. He looked both ways before stepping into her quarters. He closed the door behind him and relaxed when the locks clicked. “I have something of a delicate situation to discuss.”

“Does it involve your vow of celibacy and how you would like to break that vow but keep it secret from the rest of the crew?” Vaquel asked.

Nighole paled to a lighter shade of green. “Great, great, great Cutter! How did you know that?”

“It is a common problem with perversions like celibacy,” Vaquel said. She threw the blanket off her body and sat up. “Lucky for you, I am willing to help sentients break such a filthy habit.”

“Oh, oh, oh my,” Nighole said. He stared at her body. The optical scanner zoomed to get a better look. “What is that discharge around your sex lips? It looks like Seed-Walker come.”

“Nah, that is just my natural juices,” Vaquel lied. “I get really turned on helping celibates break their vow.”

“Interesting, interesting, interesting,” Nighole said. He pulled at a seam on his overalls. A gap from his neck down to his crotch opened in the red fabric.

Vaquel reached for his cock. It was a decent length. Not as long as Jekins or as thick as Mops, but perfectly adequate. Vaquel wrapped her fingers around it and gave a tight squeeze. It pulsed in her hand.

“I, I, I do have a second request as well,” Nighole said.

“Oh?” Vaquel said. She rubbed her thumb over the head of the member. A drop of yellow liquid leaked from the tip.

“Can, can, can you restrict my air passages while we copulate?” Nighole asked.

Vaquel’s grip tightened around Nighole’s cock to a painful extreme and then released. “Get your ass in this bed and I will choke the fuck out of you.”

Nighole almost shoved Vaquel out of the way as he climbed into bed. The impatient pirate flopped on his back, his cock waving in the air like an antenna. He laid on the bed and grabbed the headboard behind him.

Vaquel liked his enthusiasm. She climbed on top of the pirate. Taking his cock in hand, she held it in place as she slowly impaled herself.

“There we go,” Vaquel moaned. She settled on his crotch, placing her knees on either side of his hips. Her own hips swiveled, as if trying to screw his cock deeper into her slick sex.

“Wet, wet, wet you are,” Nighole said. “Is everyone in your species this wet?”

“Only if they are lucky,” Vaquel said. “Ready for the second part of your request?”

Before Nighole could respond, Vaquel leaned forward and grabbed his throat with both hands. The thin neck was supple and her fingers sunk in. She could feel his muscles underneath fighting her.

Nighole gasped for air. His visible eye bulged and then rolled into the back of his head. A blissed smile spread across his green face.

A sudden thrust from Nighole’s hips nearly knocked Vaquel over. She tightened her grip as the alien continued to thrust into her. The harder she squeezed, the faster he fucked her from his prone position.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried. Up and down Nighole’s hips bounced with Vaquel on top of him. There was a frenzy to his motion that sent Vaquel bouncing one direction then the other. It was like trying to stay on a malfunctioning jet bike.

But this bike had a cock and that cock was giving Vaquel a wonderful ride. Not only was it driving deep up inside her, but the member pulsed and squirmed. It thrashed wildly within her slick sex.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel cried. Her pussy was taking another beating. The impacts on her pelvis were starting to ache. This was getting dangerous.

Vaquel squeezed tighter with her hands.

Nighole gasped. His green lips turned white. He stuck out his tongue and it pulsed before Vaquel’s eyes.

The alien’s hips fucked faster. Vaquel squealed as she struggled to hold on. Pink hair and brown breasts bounced with wild abandon. The headboard banged against the wall like a battering ram.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. Her orgasm came quickly and she nearly lost her grip on Nighole’s throat.

Nighole kept thrusting into Vaquel’s climaxing sex.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried again. Her second orgasm sent a spasm up and down her spine.

Nighole kept thrusting.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried once more. The third orgasm turned her body into a pulsing star of pleasure.

Nighole suddenly stopped in the middle of a thrust. He held the position, holding Vaquel up in the air with the power of his hips. A second later, a hot flood of seed filled Vaquel’s sex. Only then did he collapse back onto the bed.

“Whoa,” Vaquel said. She let go of Nighole’s throat. His cock continued to pulse inside her, stuffing her pussy with more and more alien seed.

“Ahhhhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhh,” Nighole gasped. His one eye unrolled and looked glazed. The optical scanner zoomed in and out, unable to focus.

“You have a visitor at the door,” the door said.

Nighole shifted to the side and Vaquel fell from his tilted lap. He sprang from the bed with panic. He looked at the door and then all around for an escape.

Vaquel sighed. Seed flowed from her sensitive pussy. Bruises were forming on her thighs.

“There is a maintenance hatch in the hygiene chamber,” Vaquel said.

Nighole nodded and stumbled towards the hygiene chamber door.

“Would you like to let them in?” the door asked.

“Let’s give the guy a moment,” Vaquel said. Nighole entered the hygiene chamber and closed the door behind him.

“Please respond with ‘yes’ or ‘no’,” the door said.

Vaquel tossed the blanket back over her body, wincing as from a dozen bruises on her pelvis. “Yes!” she yelled.

The door opened. It was yet another pirate. This one only wore pants instead of overalls. He was a pale shade of green, but his arms, shoulders and chest were covered in thick blue hair. His mouth was shaped more like a snout. Vaquel assumed he was an example of the Prober Supremes’ experiments.

“Hey, uh, can’t quite remember your name,” Vaquel said. “Slasher? Poker?”

“Stabber, Stabber, Stabber,” the pirate said with a low growl. “You are probably wondering why I am here but-“

“Look, my sex is pretty sore right now but I could suck you off if you want,” Vaquel said.

Stabber winced, which Vaquel thought was a weird reaction to being offered a blowjob, but when Stabber jumped into the room and closed the door, she realized he was afraid of other pirates hearing. The eagerness in which he opened his pants told her that her offer was appreciated. He pulled out a rather long looking cock, nestled in a thick bush blue pubic hair.

“Might, might, might want to be quick,” Stabber growled. “I thought I saw C-E prowling the corridors.”

“You guys should have worked out a rotation,” Vaquel said.

“What, what, what do you mean?” Stabber asked. The growl in his voice deepened.

“Never mind,” Vaquel said. “Get over here.” She sat up and tossed the blanket aside.

Stabber forgot his question at the sight of Vaquel’s naked body. He stepped forward and took one of her brown breasts in his hand. His fingers gently grazed her skin as he pulled.

Despite the soreness between her legs, Vaquel felt a flesh of desire. She took his cock in hand and pulled him closer. The long member twitched in his hand. She took him into her mouth and closed her lips around him.

The pirate tasted minty. Vaquel licked and relished the flavor. The cock wiggled and she took more of him between her lips. Centimeter by centimeter, she took him down her throat.

Stabber growled. It was a deep rumble that came from his chest. One hand went to the back of Vaquel’s head while the other continued to gently scratch her breast.

Vaquel swallowed more of his long cock. He hit the back of her throat and she barely had half of him inside her. She grabbed the base of his cock and gently squeezed.

The cock twitched in Vaquel’s mouth. Stabber kept growling and his hips bucked. Vaquel choked but quickly recovered.

“Good, good, good, mouth,” Stabber said.

Vaquel nodded with Stabber’s cock in her mouth. She stroked the base of his cock while her lips sealed around the middle. Her tongue licked the underside of his member with sweeping motions. She looked up at him and held his eyes as she pumped and licked.

Stabber growled. The blue mass of public hair straightened and stood on end. His cock wiggled and twisted in Vaquel’s mouth.

There was a clang from the hygiene chamber. Stabber’s growl suddenly stopped. He turned his head towards the hygiene chamber door.

“Did, did, did you hear that?” Stabber asked.

Vaquel pulled back on his cock. She moved her head from side to side so that the head of his member bulged against the sides of her cheek. Pressing her thumbnail against the underside of his shaft, she traced a line down his length to his balls.

Stabber forgot about the noise. He turned back around to look at Vaquel. The low constant growl returned.

“Been, been, been so long,” Stabber moaned.

Seed filled Vaquel’s mouth. She swallowed the first spurt but more kept coming. Her fist tightened around his cock and resumed pumping. More seed gushed into her mouth. The thick liquid tasted sweet. She struggled to keep it all in her mouth.

“You have a visitor at the door,” the door said.

Stabber pulled his cock from Vaquel’s mouth. Yellow seed smeared across her chin. He quickly sealed his overalls and pulled out a knife his pant leg.

“Whoa!” Vaquel said. “You don’t need a knife! Just take the maintenance hatch in the hygiene chamber!”

Stabber looked at his knife and sighed. He reluctantly stuffed it back into his pant leg and went into the hygiene chamber.

“Would you like to let them in?” the door asked.

“Queen’s tit, I want to but I wish they spaced themselves out more,” Vaquel said.

“Please respond with ‘yes’ or ‘no’,” the door said.

“Why not? Yes!” Vaquel said. She reached for the blanket and stopped. Why fucking bother?

The door opened. In walked C-E, the first mate on the ship. The Seed-Walker was mostly cybernetic, with strange metal bits all over his body. Every bit was a different color and he looked like a walking rainbow.

“Thank you for permitting me entry, Vaquel,” C-E began but he stopped when he saw her naked body.

“Sure, close the door behind you,” Vaquel said.

“Uh, yes,” C-E said. He walked in and sealed the door behind him. “You are probably curious why I have arrived.”

“No, not really,” Vaquel said. “I’ll skip to the good part. I will help you break your vow of celibacy, and yes, I will not tell the rest of your crew. My pussy is feeling a bit tender right now and my stomach is really full, so we’ll have to get creative. Do you understand?”

“Sexual creativity was my prime function before turning pirate,” C-E said.

“Good,” Vaquel said. “Now do you want a handjob or would you rather fuck my tits?”

“I prefer an alternate gratification,” C-E said. He opened a slit in his overalls to reveal a long, thin and very shiny cock. The cock buzzed and extended a few centimeters.

“Well, you got my curiosity,” Vaquel said. Despite the soreness in her sex, Vaquel felt the familiar heat of desire.

The cyborg approached Vaquel on the bed and gently grabbed her shoulders. He rolled her over onto her stomach and pulled her legs off the edge of the bed. His hands went to her buttocks and Vaquel heard a tiny motor. A second later, something warm and slippery splashed against the crack of her ass.

“Ah, now this is what I expected on a pirate ship,” Vaquel said.

Strong hands spread Vaquel’s buttocks apart. The slippery fluid sprayed onto her asshole. There was another squeal of motors and then something pressed against her anus. It vibrated pleasantly against her.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel sighed.

A hand pressed down on the back of Vaquel’s head. “Prepare for anal integration.”

“Integrate me, fucker!” Vaquel said.

C-E’s cock pushed again Vaquel. Her asshole barely had to stretch to allow the slender tip in. The unknown lubricant eased the passage and it wasn’t long before his entire shaft was inside her. The cybernetic cock vibrated at a steady pulse.

“Damn, that feels good,” Vaquel moaned. Juices flowed from her jealous sex.

“I regret losing most of my original organs and being turned into a horrific machine, but at least my genitals received an upgrade,” C-E said.

“Yeah, sad story,” Vaquel said. “Could you please just fuck my ass?”

C-E pushed down harder with his hand. Vaquel’s face pressed down into the mattress. His hips rocked back and forth with mechanical precision. The slender vibrating cock pumped her tight asshole with increasing speed.

“You are right,” C-E said. “I am just a horrible mockery of a Seed-Walker. I should remember my function and violate your ass like I was designed to do.”

Vaquel wasn’t sure if C-E was being sarcastic or melancholic but she didn’t care. The vibrating cock felt wonderful. The lubricant kept everything slippery as her ass was relentlessly fucked.

“My cock sensor tells me that you can take a forty percent increase in anal desecration,” C-E said. “Do you concur?”

“Desecrate that ass!” Vaquel yelled.

C-E complied. The hand on Vaquel head twisted her short pink hair to painful levels. The hips crashing into her ass increased in speed and the impact on her buttocks was intense. The cock inside her pulsed to a higher level of vibration while also slowly increasing in girth.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. She grabbed the mattress sheets and held on. Her legs kicked to no effect. The bed underneath her pussy became soaking wet.

“Yes, yes, yes,” C-E cried. “This is my true function! Being a pirate is a waste of my potential! I should be destroying anal orifices every day! I will stage a one-man mutiny! This ship and crew will obey me if I have to fuck every ass myself! We will begin a rampage across the galaxy! No ass will be left intact!”

“Oh fuck, that is what I am talking about!” Vaquel cried. “Keep talking dirty like that!”

Vaquel let go of the mattress and reached under her pelvis. Even though her pussy was sore to the touch, Vaquel furiously rubbed her sex lips.

“I will make a new vow!” C-E yelled. “I will take a Vow of Anal Dominance! The Prober Supreme himself will be impaled on my glorious cock!”

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out. She came on her fingers as the cyborg took her ass.

“All who give their allegiance to me must first give their ass!” C-E yelled. His cock pushed deeper inside Vaquel.

“Whoa!” Vaquel cried. She didn’t know her ass could be penetrated that deeply.

“Entire planets will walk funny after I have conquered them!” C-E cried. The vibrations from his cock tripled in power.

“Shit!” Vaquel cried. It was too much. The cock was too deep and the vibrations were too strong. She wanted to resist but the bottom half of her body was turning numb as it was being ripped apart.

“My cock will break a billion ASSES!” C-E’s words ended in a scream. His hips came to a stop and his cock ceased vibrating.

Hot seed filled Vaquel’s ass. There was too much. Seed spilled from her ass despite the cock plugging it.

Vaquel was too afraid to move. C-E pulled out of her and more seed oozed from her ass. The loss of his cock left a void inside her. She wondered if she would be able to walk tomorrow. Fuck, she wondered if she would be able to walk again.

“That was weird,” C-E said. “I am not sure where that megalomania came from. Please disregard my previous statements as I will be resuming my vow of celibacy immediately.”

Vaquel sighed. “It was too good to be true. You are not the first guy who becomes a lot less ambitious after he climaxes.”

“Perhaps,” C-E said. “I defer to your wanton experience. If you excuse me, I will now exit your quarters before I am discovered.”

Vaquel was too exhausted to get up. She heard the door open and close, followed by the click of a lock. It occurred to her that he was the only pirate to fuck her and leave by the front door.

A burp rose within Vaquel’s throat. It had the sweet aftertaste of Seed-Walker come. Vaquel dragged her sore and exhausted body onto the bed and laid her head on the pillow. Her ass hurt too much to lay on her back and her pussy was too sore to lay on her stomach. She rolled onto her side and closed her eyes.

“You have a visitor at the door,” the door said.

Vaquel laughed. Who was left? The entire crew had come by. Did someone want seconds?

“Would you like to let them in?” the door asked.

“Damn it, I guess I do,” Vaquel said.

“Please respond with ‘yes’ or ‘no’,” the door said.

“Yes!” Vaquel snapped.

The door opened. It was the Captain. He stepped inside her quarters and closed the door behind him. As he turned around to speak, he noticed Vaquel’s naked body and the words died in his mouth.

“Forget something?” Vaquel asked.

“No, no, no, but I have been reconsidering your offer,” the Captain said. He pulled hard on his beard. “Celibacy is hard, and I may have been too hasty in refusing your generosity.”

“Let me stop you there,” Vaquel said. “While you were out, I ah, attended to my own needs. Now I am exhausted but if you want to get off, feel free to go ahead. Just don’t touch me.”

Captain Hellic tugged his beard with both hands. “Agreed, agreed, agreed,” he said. He opened a seam on his overalls and reached inside. Out came a massive cock with a thick head

“Queen’s mercy,” Vaquel swore. She was both aroused and terrified. It was a shame that she hadn’t enjoyed that fine organ earlier, but it was too late now.

Captain Hellic walked up to the bed. He spat into his hand and stroked his cock. The thick root swelled to a larger size.

Vaquel stared at the immense cock. Maybe if she was really careful, she could take it inside her pussy? The walls of her sex ached in disagreement. There was no way that thing was going in her ass. Could she suck on it? Her bloated stomach protested the thought.

No, Vaquel wasn’t going to do any of those things. Besides, fuck the Captain, he had his chance. His crew are better pirates than he is.

Captain Hellic stroked his cock. His eyes were locked on Vaquel’s thick brown legs. He reached out with one hand towards her thigh.

“No!” Vaquel snapped. “No touching, you celibate pervert.”

Captain Hellic moaned in disappointment but he pulled his hand back.

Vaquel’s pussy clenched with desire. Being cruel was as good as being used. Maybe she should reconsider having him inside her? No, this was too good to stop.

“Here, here, here it comes!” Captain Hellic cried. Seed sprayed from his cock. Long streams of come flew in the air and landed across Vaquel’s leg. The hot yellow seed felt good on her brown skin.

“There, you’re done,” Vaquel said, knowing he had more to ejaculate. “Stop and put it away/”

Captain Hellic moaned. He squeezed his cock tightly and the come stopped. Wincing, he tucking his cock back into his overalls and closed the seam.

“Now go,” Vaquel said. “Go now or I’ll tell your crew about your weakness.”

Captain Hellic rushed to the door. He fumbled with the lock and then opened it. The Captain rushed through and the door closed behind him.

Vauquel let out the laugh she had been holding. When she was finished, she spoke to the door.

“Door, if anyone comes by, tell them to go away. I’m done!”

“Privacy mode is now activated,” the door replied.

“Thank the Queen,” Vaquel sighed. She closed her eyes, not bothering to wipe the Captain’s seed from her leg. Within seconds, she was asleep.

Fucking celibates was exhausting.

Apr 032019

Explorer’s Log: This is my third day in the star system designated “Everyone is Aflame When the Queen Walks in the Room” by Royal Astronomers. I have completed my surveys of the five inhabited planets, although patrols of war ships have limited my ability to visit them. Listening to communications have confirmed that these worlds are under the control of the Prober Supreme. Long range scans show that all five worlds are heavily industrialized. Traffic is heavy with transport ships coming to and from the worlds. Despite the presence of war ships, I have not discovered any signs of planetary defenses. The ships must be here to protect against pirates or some sort of space-based threat.

I did discover something interesting on the planet furthest from the sun. It is a little ice rock of a planetoid, but my probe was lucky enough to detect a faint energy reading. On further investigation, I have found a hidden complex deep in a crater. It is curious that none of the war ships come near the planet. It will be easy for me to land near the city and explore it personally.

Of course, I am taking a big risk with this remote location. It could be the home of pirates, or maybe renegades that the war ships are looking for. I will brave these dangers so that my Queen may know as much as possible about this system. Glory to the Queen! End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Since the war ships pussy-blocked me from getting laid on any of the industrial planets, I am hoping to find someone or something to fuck on this hidden base. I really don’t want to leave this system unfucked.

Vaquel Di dropped down from a ventilation panel. She landed on the floor in darkness. The trained space explorer waited a full hundred breathes, listening for any sign that her entry had been discovered.

Nothing happened.

Vaquel stood up and turned on a small light on her wrist. The light was partially absorbed by the tight black space suit clinging to Vaquel’s abundant curves. She took a tool from the belt around her wide hips and activated it. The numbers from the tool reflected on the transparent glassteel helmet she wore. Short pink hair floated in the low gravity along side her pretty brown face.

“This can’t be right,” Vaquel said. “Two billion life forms?”

Vaquel put the tool away and pressed a control on her glove. A stronger beam of light projected from her wrist. She swept the beam from left to right, revealing the area around her.

Giant tubes lined the walls. Inside each tube was a Seed-Walker, the dominant species of the area. The Seed-Walkers floated in an unknown transparent liquid with their eyes closed. Vaquel could tell that they were alive because they twitched or writhed every few minutes.

The Seed-Walkers were humanoids with a plant origin but shared many characteristics with Vaquel’s species. They had two arms, two legs and similar secondary sexual characteristics. Other than their wide variety of hair colors, they were almost dull.

Dull was not a word that could apply to the Seed-Walkers in the tubes. Each was different in a radical way. The woman in front of Vaquel had two heads. The man to the right had a giant penis that snaked around one leg. Next to him was a woman whose arms ended in enormous pincers like a crab.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. Some of the tube occupiers were monstrous, like the man with eight long legs below his waist. Others were almost beautiful in their strangeness, like the woman with shimmering feathers lining her arms. No two were alike and their placement seemed random.

Vaquel stood in front of a tube containing a busty woman. Her breasts shifted constantly, something forming hands before melting back down into curvy mounds. Nipples would disappear and then rise elsewhere.

“Are you here on your own free will?” Vaquel asked the woman in the tube. She noticed a control panel at the base of the tube. There were no buttons or obvious way to interface. The only markings were a rather long bar code.

“And why are they all the way out here?” Vaquel said to no one. “They are hidden away with no security. Are they being punished, or just being kept?”

“There is security, security, security,” a pleasing voice said from above.

Vaquel aimed her light at the ceiling. Crawling out of the same vent that Vaquel had come out of was a beautiful Seed-Walker woman. Long green and pink hair floated around her head. She had an iridescent blue sparkle to her skin. Her yellow eyes were a little large and her mouth was wide, but she was gorgeous.

“Oh, hello,” Vaquel said.

The woman dropped down lower from the ceiling. Vaquel gasped as she saw the woman’s torso kept extending upwards. It was only when she saw the tail did Vaquel realize the woman’s bottom half resembled a snake. The woman dropped gently through the low gravity. When she reached the floor and rose to her full height, she towered above Vaquel.

“There is no shuttle at the dock, dock, dock,” the woman said. “Have you escaped your tube? I don’t remember you. And where did you get those clothes? No one is allowed clothes here. Who are you?”

“I am Vaquel,” the explorer said. “I didn’t come from a tube. I am an explorer.”

“You came from outside, outside, outside?” the woman said. She waved a hand and lights activated in the ceiling. The hallway was illuminated for about a hundred meters in every direction.

“That’s interesting!” the woman said. “No one ever comes inside awake! You must be very special, special, special.”

“I like to think so,” Vaquel said. “What is your name?”

“I am Jornelia Doorm Angin, Vaquel, Vaquel, Vaquel,” the woman replied. She slithered around Vaquel examined the explorer from every angle. “I have never seen someone like you before. What are you doing here? You probably aren’t allowed here.”

“I didn’t know that,” Vaquel lied. “I am on a mission of exploration and discovery. I go to unknown places and try to figure them out.”

“You go to new places, places, places?” Jornelia said. “I wouldn’t like that. I have been here all my life. I like it here.”

Jornelia pressed her finger against one of Vaquel’s buttocks. The space suit dimpled from her finger poke. Jornelia purred and poked the other buttock.

Vaquel let the woman grope her. “What is this place, Jornelia?”

Jornelia slithered around to Vaquel’s front. “I would love to answer your questions, questions, questions. It is strange to talk to someone who doesn’t live her, but your clothes are too distracting. No one is allowed clothing here. Please, talk off your clothes and we can talk, talk, talk.”

Vaquel checked the environmental readings on her wrist scanner. The air was breathable and the temperature was a bit humid. She pressed a button on her belt and her black space suit retracted from her body. The suit revealed her heavy brown breasts, wide hips, thick legs and a thick bush of pink pubic hair over her sex. She took off her helmet and stepped out of her boots.

“Much better, better, better,” Jornelia said. “But please, take this off too.” She pointed at Vaquel’s belt. “It makes my kokala tingle just to look at it.”

Vaquel hesitated. The belt contained all of her equipment. She would not only be naked, but defenseless as well. It was not the smart move to make.

Jornelia looked at Vaquel with her big yellow eyes. A thin tongue licked her wide lips. The bottom half of her body undulated in a way that was too sexy to ignore.

“Okay,” Vaquel said. She unlocked her belt and let it drift to the floor. “Now you need to tell me what this place is.”

“This is a storage post for the Prober Supreme’s experiments, experiments, experiments” Jornelia replied. “Every tube contains someone the Prober Supreme has altered, mutated, enhanced or indulged a whim of science on. Every specimen is kept alive in case they are needed for further experimentation.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. “Are there other posts?”

“That is classified but I am sure that there are, are, are,” Jornelia said. She tentatively reached for Vaquel’s thigh. Her long fingers wrapped around the thigh and squeezed. “All of our specimens started as Seed-Walkers, so there must be places where the Prober Supreme stores his animals, his bacteria and artificial creatures, creatures, creatures.”

Since Jornelia was touching Vaquel’s thigh, Vaquel felt it was safe to touch Jornelia in return. She reached for a small breast and cupped it. The skin looked smooth but she could feel tiny scales. A small nipple hardened from Vaquel’s touch.

“You said that you live here,” Vaquel said. “Are you one of the Prober Supreme’s creations?”

“The Prober Supreme has blessed my genes, yes, yes, yes,” Jornnelia said. “My brothers and sisters have all been improved so that we may guard his specimens.”

Jornelia lowered herself so that her face was level with Vaquel’s crotch. She wrapped her other hand around Vaquel’s other thigh. Her tongue extended and fluttered over Vaquel’s dark skin.

Vaquel shuddered from the light touch. Reptiles smell with their noses, right? The modified woman was probably just fascinated with Vaquel’s legs.

“Brothers and sisters? Are they here too?” Vaquel asked.

“My entire meta-species lives here, here, here,” Jornelia said. “Every storage post has their own security species. This place is our home and our birthright.”

Jornelia’s long tongue took a careful lick of Vaquel’s thigh. When Vaquel’s muscle quivered from the touch, Jornelia licked again. The woman giggled at Vaquel’s shudders.

“I am sure that you are good at your job,” Vaquel said. “Although I think I would get bored if I had to stay in one location all the time.”

Jornelia shook her head. Green and pink hair swirled around her. “It is hard to be bored with so many specimens to play with, with, with.”

“Wait, you take people out of their tubes?” Vaquel said. “Doesn’t that mess with their storage?”

“No, no, no,” Jornelia said as she took another lick of Vaquel’s thigh. “The tubes are clearly marked on which specimens can be played with and which are left alone. We take them out for a short time and they are very confused. After we are done, we put them back in and they go back to sleep, sleep, sleep.”

Vaquel looked up at one of the tubes. It showed a man with a head that resembled a feline. His cock twitched and seed was expelled.

“They look like they are doing more than sleeping,” Vaquel said. “That one just climaxed.”

“The stasis fluids keep them aroused, aroused, aroused,” Jornelia said. “It makes them very pliable when we take them out. You are not a Seed-Walker, are you, you, you?”

“No,” Vaquel said distractedly. Jornelia’s tongue was tantalizingly close to her sex. The tip of the tongue kept exploring the crease where Vaquel’s thigh joined her crotch. She wondered if it would be rude to push the woman’s head to her pussy.

“And with of all your questions, I don’t think you were made by the Prober Supreme, right, right, right?” Jornelia asked. She looked up at Vaquel with her mesmerizing yellow eyes.

“No,” Vaquel said. Her hips moved and her crotch leaned closer to Jornelia.

“Good,” Jornelia said. “I have always enjoying tasting new people, people, people.”

Jornelia pressed her face against Vaquel’s pubic bush. The long tongue lapped at the right side of Vaquel’s sex lips and then the left. Soft licks moved back and forth, crisscrossing the explorer’s mound.

“More,” Vaquel moaned. She reached down and grabbed Jornelia’s floating hair. The woman’s hair was stiffer than Vaquel expected. More surprising was when the hair wrapped around Vaquel’s hand on their own accord. It didn’t stop Vaquel from pulling the woman’s head to her crotch.

Jornelia didn’t resist. Her face pressed against Vaquel’s sensitive sex. Her lips opened Vaquel’s pussy and the long tongue darted in. It pushed deep inside of her, the nimble tip flailing like a whip inside of Vaquel.

“Oh fuck!” Vaquel cried out. She shuddered and the low gravity sent her body floating upwards. Jornelia reached around and grabbed Vaquel’s ass. She held a buttock in each hand as her long fingers cinched tightly.

Pinned by Jornelia’s hands and mouth, Vaquel relaxed and enjoyed the woman’s mouth. Her breasts jiggled in the low gravity and collided against one another. Strands of Jornelia’s hair reached up and wrapped around Vaquel’s brown mounds. They tightened and the little jolt of pain travelled all the way down to Vaquel’s wet sex.

Jornelia licked harder. The woman grunted into Vaquel’s sex in a very non-reptile manner. Her tongue coiled within Vaquel’s sex, creating false impressions of girth before uncoiling and returning to lick Vaquel’s depths.

All around Jornelia and Vaquel, the specimens in their tubes continued to writhe. A woman with four breasts humped the empty area in front of her. A man covered in spines twitched as his cock expelled a load into the stasis fluid. Someone with a gender outside Vaquel’s immediate recognition convulsed in the universal signs of a climax.

“Lick harder,” Vaquel requested.

Jornelia looked up with her hypnotic yellow eyes. The bottom half of her jaw unhinged, and she had the entirety of Vaquel’s pubic region in her mouth. The fluttering tongue slowed and took long hard licks of Vaquel’s wet walls.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried.

Jornelia rose to her full height, still holding onto Vaquel with her hands, hair and mouth. The tail half of her body began to slowly turn. She spun Vaquel’s body around in a slow orbit, all the while still licking at the explorer’s flowing sex.

Vaquel shuddered with pleasure. Dimly she aware of the tubes passing by her. Stranger and stranger specimens distracted her from the fact that Jornelia was steadily moving down the hallway.

“You have to teach me how to use my mouth on you,” Vaquel moaned.

Jornelia laughed onto Vaquel’s pussy. One of her hands moved towards Vaquel’s asshole and pressed down. Her slender finger easily entered Vaquel’s tight anus.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Vaquel cried out.

Jornelia came to a stop. Vaquel floated limply in her grip. The slender finger pushed deep inside of Vaquel, the smooth scales easing the way in. As her finger probed, Jornelia’s tongue flicked rapidly at inhuman speeds.

“Oh, Sweet Queen!” Vaquel cried out. She tried to raise her hands but Jornelia’s hair held onto them. The hair around Vaquel’s breasts also tightened, crushing Vaquel’s plentiful brown breasts in delightful ways. Vaquel was trapped, eaten, penetrated and squeezed in all the ways that she loved.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel climaxed with a shout. Her ass clenched tightly around Jornelia’s limber finger. Juices gushed from Vaquel’s sex and down Jornelia’s throat.

Lost in orgasmic bliss, Vaquel was unprepared for Jornelia to suddenly move. The woman’s long hair released Vaquel’s breasts and hands while at the same time, spinning Vaquel away from Jornelia’s mouth. As Vaquel shot forward, Jornelia’s finger exited Vaquel’s ass at a distressing speed.

Vaquel slammed into the wall of a glass tube. Her large breasts took most of the impact but the air was still knocked from Vaquel. By the time she spun around, the front half of the tube had sealed shut.

Jornelia stood outside the tube with a large smile on her wet face.

“Let me out!” Vaquel said. She slammed her hand on the tube wall. It was as strong as glassteel.

“Why would I do that, that, that?” Jornelia asked. “Your breasts are nice and pliable while your ass is strong and firm. I like the way you taste. It is quite different from Seed-Walkers. I can’t wait to share you with my brothers and sisters, sisters, sisters.”

“But I didn’t get to lick you!” Vaquel said. “Don’t you want to be the first to experience my mouth?”

Jornelia shrugged. “Not really, really, really. I will be happy to share. I will be happier when we present you to the next specimen ship. The Prober Supreme will be happy to have a new species to experiment with. I can’t wait to see how he rewards us, us, us!”

As Vaquel processed the idea of being handed over as a test subject, Jornelia performed a complicated hand gesture over the base of the tube. Small spouts emerged above Vaquel and a clear, thick liquid sprayed down onto her.

“Enjoy yourself,” Jornelia said. “When next you wake up, you will be played with by my brothers and sisters, sisters, sisters.”

Rage boiled within Vaquel as she watched Jornelia slither away. The rage softened into desire as she watched the sexy undulations of the woman’s tail. By the time Jornelia was out of sight, Vaquel was rubbing her pussy.

“Fuck, the aphrodisiacs are already kicking in,” Vaquel said. The liquid was barely up to her ankles. It clung to her body like oil. She was already feeling a tingling in her skin.

Vaquel thought about Jornelia and her talented mouth. Would it be so bad to be a new toy for her people? They would probably use her at the same time, licking her body with twenty or thirty nimble tongues. Would they be as fascinated with her ass as Jornelia was? What would it be like to be groped and licked by an entire species?

“No!” Vaquel shouted. She tried to focus. The liquid was up to her knees now. Queen’s tit, as slow as the liquid is flowing, how long did she spend thinking about it?

The tingling was more intense now. Her legs felt almost euphoric. It was tempting to sit down in the liquid and let it rise over her sex. She wondered if she would climax before she fell asleep. Oh, she certainly hoped so!

The liquid was up to her thighs. Vaquel swore and braced herself against the far wall. She placed one foot on the side of the tube and pushed with everything she had.

The tube wall didn’t move. The liquid continued to shower over her. With Vaquel’s leg up like this, some of the fluid was flowing against her sex.

A delightful warmth spread through Vaquel’s sex. She realized that she never saw Jornelia’s genitals. Were they like a humanoid, or were they like a reptile? What was a reptile’s genitals like? Vaquel thought she knew but she couldn’t think of it. She couldn’t think of much of anything to be honest.

The liquid came up to Vaquel’s hips. The warmth in her pussy became a smoldering fire. Vaquel put her leg down and felt like she was on the verge of coming.

Vaquel pressed her palm to her sex. She came instantly. Her knees went weak and she slid down the side of the tube. The liquid came up to her shoulders as she sat down.

A thousand sensations came to life on Vaquel’s breasts. She cried out and relished the feelings. It was not quite biting, not quite groping, not quite kissing, not quite pinching but it was all wonderful.

The fluid rose to Vaquel’s chin. Her heart pounded with panic, but she wasn’t sure why. Everything felt nice. She was going to come again. Too bad Jornelia wasn’t here so Vaquel could soak her face again.

Jornelia! Hot rage washed over Vaquel. She stood up inside the tube, the liquid sloshing against her sensitive skin. The alien woman had out-smarted and betrayed Vaquel. That was unacceptable!

The volume from the spouts doubled. Buckets of sticky fluid dumped onto Vaquel. She braced herself against the wall as the liquid rose to her breasts. There was no more time!

Wait! Vaquel remembered something from her training at the Explorer Academy. There was actually a protocol for this! Vaquel had never needed to use it because she had never been foolish enough to take off her belt before.

“Belt!” Vaquel shouted. “Authorize V-A-Q-D!”

Did it work? Vaquel pressed her face against the wall of the tube. All she saw was an empty hallway.

“Belt!” Vaquel shouted again. “Authorize V-A-Q-D, damn it!”

Vaquel climaxed again. There was no build up. She suddenly went over the edge and experienced an orgasm. As her body shuddered in bliss, the liquid rose over her chin, her lips and then over her head.

Exhaustion came over Vaquel. She was extremely tired. It would be so easy to sleep.

As Vaquel’s eyes began to close, she saw something dark zipping through the air. It was her belt, using precious power for its anti-gravity drive. The belt slammed into Vaquel’s tube, outer buckle flat against the glass.

An orange light glowed from the buckle. Vaquel felt the urge to duck but she couldn’t remember why. Besides, she just wanted to go to sleep.

KRAK! The controlled plasma charge detonated, vaporizing a large portion of the glass wall. Stress and inside pressure from the stasis liquid did the rest. The glass exploded outward with the shards ricocheting in the low gravity.

Vaquel lunged for the belt. She was still in a euphoric daze but her training took over. She slapped the belt around her waist. A low energy alert beeped but she ignored it. She pressed a button and the black space suit emerged from the suit to cover her body. The micro-thin material pushed away the bulk of the stasis fluid and covered her skin.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. Her entire body was sensitive. She needed a fuck and a nap, and the order didn’t really matter.

An alarm screamed through the corridors. Vaquel rose to her feet. There was no time to rest. Jornelia and her kind would be here soon.

Vaquel ran down the hallway. The euphoria faded with every step. The tingling in her pussy was slower to fade. Vaquel pressed her hand to her crotch. She almost climaxed just from pressing down on the thin spacesuit.

The alarm continued. Yellow eyes glowed in the darkness. The smell of reptiles grew stronger.

Vaquel saw her helmet lying on the floor. Looking up, she could see the ventilation shaft that she had dropped from. She grabbed her helmet and slapped it on. As the seals locked around her neck, Vaquel hunched down for a leap towards the ceiling.

One of the tube captives caught her eye. The woman with the crab claws floated in her tube. She arched her back as she climaxed; her large claws opening and closing. Vaquel wondered how many times the woman had come without ever seeing her captors.

Shapes slithered down both ends of the hallway. Jornelia and her siblings were almost here.

Vaquel opened a slot on her belt. A tiny marble fell into her hand. She squeezed it and threw it at the claw woman’s tube. The marble adhered to the surface.

“Stop in the name of the Prober Supreme!” Jornelia yelled from down the hall.

Vaquel leaped into the air. She sailed through the low gravity with ease. A hundred voices hissed as she flew through the shaft opening.

SKREEEE! A high-pitched note filled the shaft as the marble Vaquel left behind detonated. The sonic grenade shattered the claw woman’s glass tube. It also shattered hundreds of tubes as the sound blasted down the hallway. The breaking of so much glass was louder than the blast of the grenade.

Vaquel’s rising body slowed in momentum. She put her arms out and braced herself inside the shaft. Shining her wrist light downwards, she checked to see if she was being followed.

There was no one in the shaft. Down below, was the sound of combat. Mixed with the thuds, slashing and crunching were the sounds of screams and angry hisses.

Vaquel grinned. “No one puts Vaquel in a test tube,” she said. She kicked upwards and began the long climb back to her ship.

Mar 062019

Explorer’s Log: I am on day seventeen of my thirty-three day journey to the star system designated “Everyone is Aflame When the Queen Walks in the Room” by Royal Astronomers. Systems are functioning optimally, and ship integrity is at maximum.

Today I detected a stream of transmissions from an unknown source. After decrypting the stream, I believe it is a communication network for scientific information. The data is loosely organized. So far I have seen schematics for heat ray weapons, organic matter enlargers and a four-lash whip. I will direct the transmission beam towards Royal Navy headquarters, though I am concerned that the sheer density of data might not make it through. Because of that, I will diligently scan the data for the most important innovations and store the information for my return journey home. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: There is no way I am going to waste my days reading that stuff. I might be bored but I am not that bored. Chairbot can do it.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said from the communication hub. “I have discovered something of vital importance!”

Vaquel Di ignored the robot. She stood in front of a holographic mirror of herself, scrutinizing her naked body. Was that a stretch mark on one of her brown breasts? Did her thighs look a little thicker than usual? Shit, when did her hips have that much padding?

“How the fuck do I gain weight eating algae rations on a spaceship?” she swore. Clearly, she was not getting enough exercise. Vaquel needed to fuck more.

“Mistress!” Chairbot tried again. “The data stream has some fascinating schematics on vibrational projections!”

“Sounds great. Now go away,” Vaquel said. She spun the hologram around to look at her ass. The big brown buttocks were more jiggly than fit.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said. “I believe I can apply these schematics to my own design and perform an upgrade!”

“Upgrade and fuck off then,” Vaquel said. She bent down and stared at the hologram of her crotch. Was that a fucking grey hair in her bush of pink pubic hair? Queen’s tit, was she getting old?

“Mistress!” Chairbot said with his same perky tone. “These upgrades will allow me to use my seat vibrators to create a field projection capable of penetrating your orifices!”

Vaquel stood back up. “Wait, are you saying that you could fuck me with this upgrade?”

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

Vaquel stared at the purple robot. It was a damn good sextoy with its vibrating seat and eager-to-please attitude but sometimes vibrations weren’t enough. If it could enter her slut hole, then that just might be the thing to help her lose the weight she had picked up these past few years.

“Then fucking upgrade already,” Vaquel said.

“Downloading theories now!” Chairbot said. “Creating emulator for data compatibility. Releasing restructuring nanites! Calculating new energy usage!

Vaquel impatiently waited beside Chairbot and considered how little she really knew about the robot. He was a Yeth, an artificial race of sextoys who evolved into organic-hating xenophobes that forgot they were made to give orgasms. That was untill Vaquel met them. She knew that Chairbot loved her ass, mostly in a literal sense. He was very submissive, but sometimes disobeyed her in order to get more contact with her buttocks. Despite getting roughed up from time to time, he always appeared to look just as functional and pristine as when she first met him. How did he do that?

“Who cares?” Vaquel muttered to herself. He was a great sextoy. That was all she really needed to know.

“Upgrade complete!” Chairbot announced. “Please sit on me, Mistress!”

Vaquel sat on the purple robot. The seat molded itself to the round curves of her buttocks. The motors activated and Vaquel felt the familiar tingling of the vibrations. Her pussy moistened in response. She waited for some sort of penetration, but nothing was coming. And neither was she.

“Hmm, I feel vibrations, but nothing else,” Vaquel said. “If you lied to me just to get me to sit on you . . .”

“Wait, Mistress!” Chairbot begged. “I need to synchronize some of the harmonics!”

Vaquel settled into the seat. The vibrations were nice, and it wouldn’t take much to climax, but it wasn’t what she was craving. She wanted something thick. She wanted something long. She wanted something she could clench around.

“Synchronizing complete!” Chairbot said.

Something pushed against Vaquel’s sex lips. It was small, but it was something. The shape pushed inside of her like an eager finger.

“Ohh,” Vaquel moaned. The shape vibrated just like the seat of the robot. She liked how it curved inside of her. Was that Chairbot’s doing, or was that a characteristic of the field? She would have to remember to ask later.

“It’s a bit small,” Vaquel said.

“Adjusting!” Chairbot said.

The shape grew. What began as a finger became two fingers. The fingers grew into a pleasantly-shaped tentacle. The tentacle grew into a proper phallus.

“Whoa!” Vaquel moaned. She gripped Chairbot’s armrests. “No bigger!”

The vibrating shape remained as it was. Thick and pulsing, it filled Vaquel in all the right ways. Her sex clenched around it and there was a pleasant amount of give.

“Is this pleasing, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

“Yes,” Vaquel hissed. She gently rocked back and forth in her seat.

“I am happy to hear that, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “You will want to spend a lot more time sitting on me now! Just imagine all the sweat and vaginal discharge you will produce on me!”

“Hush,” Vaquel groaned. “Fuck me.”

“Please define request, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

“Fuck me with your projection!” Vaquel snapped. “In and out!”

“Calculating, Mistress!”

The vibrating phallus reduced in length by half, and then grew back to its original size. It repeated the cycle of shrinking and growing.

“No, no,” Vaquel moaned. “Keep the same thickness, but reduce the length slowly, and then extend just as slow.”

“Complying, Mistress!”

The projection returned to its normal size, and then slowly shortened, Vaquel moaned wistfully as it retracted but then groaned deliciously as it increased in length. In and out the field slid along the tight walls of her sex.

“Fuck,” Vaquel groaned. “A little faster, maybe a little deeper.”

Chairbot obeyed. The projected phallus extended with more force. Vaquel’s breasts began to jiggle from the thrusting.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel moaned. “We’re going to teach you how to fuck yet, little robot.”

“WARNING!” Chairbot screeched. No, it came from Chairbot but it wasn’t his voice. This voice was squeakier and speaking in Segoe.

Fortunately, the phallus projection was still thrusting. Vaquel sat in her seat and clutched the arm rests. “Chairbot, what’s going on?”


Purple metal emerged from the sides of the arm rests and wrapped around Vaquel’s hands and wrists. Similar bands emerged from the motorized base that Chairbot used to get around. The purple metal bands grabbed Vaquel’s ankles and immobilized them.

“You had bondage gear and you never told me?” Vaquel yelled. “Fuck, think of all the sex games we could have played!”


“Fuck your Prober Supreme!” Vaquel snapped. She was about to say something else, but the phallus projection pushed deep inside of her and her next thought was fucked away.


“Oh, I am going to do more than just hamper,” Vaquel said. She pulled on the thin metal bands restraining her. They were stronger than they looked. Her hands didn’t move a micrometer.

“Obeying new functions,” Chairbot said in his own voice. He rolled towards the navigation bay, carrying Vaquel in his seat.

“Chairbot, let go of me!” Vaquel yelled.

“Request denied,” Chairbot said.

This was bad. Chairbot didn’t call her ‘Mistress’. That convinced Vaquel that the little robot was under the control of the Prober Supreme. It might do bondage as a way of keeping her ass in place, but not showing proper adoration was beyond Chairbot’s capabilities.

The seat continued to vibrate as it carried Vaquel. The vibrating projection kept fucking her. The force of the thrusts increased as well as the speed.

“Fuck,” Vaquel moaned it was hard to think. It was a damn good fucking.

Chairbot rolled into the Navigation Bay. The control panel beeped as the robot opened a wireless connection. Another panel displayed the new destination and estimated travel time of three days.

“Queen’s tit, I can’t be sitting here for three days!” Vaquel said. Although, three days of getting fucked by the vibrating field had its appeal.

“Course set,” Chairbot intoned.

“Chairbot, this is your Mistress!” Vaquel said. “I command you to let me go!”

“Request denied,” Chairbot said. “Subduing captive.”

“Subduing?” Vaquel asked. “What do you mean by that you little shit?”

The seat vibrated harder. Vaquel cried out from the intense sensations. Something pushed against her asshole. It had the same intense vibrations.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel whispered.

A second phallus emerged from the seat and into Vaquel’s asshole. It was just as thick as the one inside her sex. Vaquel’s asshole expanded as the phallus rose within her.

“Queen’s tit!” she cried out. The anal intrusion vibrated as well. Vaquel shuddered from the intense double penetration.

The stars outside of the Navigation Bay shifted as the probe ship changed directions. The solar sails glowed as they produced more thrust. The ship hummed as it picked up speed.

“Control, verbal override!” Vaquel yelled. “Recognize my voice and cancel last course correction!”

The ship ignored her.

“I have deleted your command protocols,” Chairbot calmly said. “You will be taken to the Punishment Laboratory without incident.”

“Fuck you!” Vaquel snapped.

The vibration in Vaquel’s ass pushed deeper. When Vaquel didn’t think she could take anymore, the projection receded. It was a brief respite as it grew back in length. The projecting was performing the same cycle of thrusting as the one in her pussy.

“Shit, you’re going to make me come, you little bastard!” Vaquel said.

Chairbot was silent.

The rhythm of the thrusting projections increased. Vaquel shook from side to side and tried to escape. The metal bands held her tight. All she managed to do was cause her heavy brown breasts to jiggle more.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. She climaxed hard on the double projections. Her body shuddered and clenched, but the thrusting continued.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel gasped. “Give me a moment.”

Chairbot didn’t respond. Each of the vibration projections increased in girth.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. She trembled within her restraints. Sweat ran down her brown body.

Vaquel was going to come again. She resisted out of spite, but each phallus was too big. Each thrust was too deep. Each vibration was too much to ignore.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted again.

The seat suddenly tilted. Vaquel leaned back and stared at the ceiling. Another band of metal emerged and lashed across her thighs, securing her to the seat. The vibrations increased.

“Sweet Queen and all of her executioners!” Vaquel cried out. The tilting her body allowed deeper penetrations from both projections. Her breasts slid back and forth across her chest. Tremors ran all along her ass from the impacts of the thrusts.

Chairbot was still silent.

Trapped, Vaquel felt her body building for another orgasm. Her pussy clenched and shuddered. She unconsciously pushed back against the thrusting projections. Her fingers clawed at the arm rests as sensations overwhelmed her.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel screamed.

Vaquel came so hard that everything went dark. She suddenly awoke from the intense vibrations against her ass. The projections were still pumping inside of her.

“Wait,” Vaquel whispered. She was in a daze, but something didn’t make sense. It was hard to think with her pussy and ass being fucked, but she forced herself to focus.

“Chairbot,” Vaquel groaned. “If you have been reprogrammed by the Prober Supreme, then why are you still fucking me? Is that part of the new program?”

Chairbot didn’t answer.

The projection inside Vaquel’s pussy slammed into her faster. The phallus in her ass vibrated at a stronger intensity. The seat tilted up and down in a steady rhythm that was in sync with her fucking.

“I think you are still in there, Chairbot!” Vaquel cried out. “You are still fucking me because you love how my ass feels! That program might be in control, but I don’t think it controls all of you! I need you to fight and AHHHH!”

Vaquel came again. Her body was unable to resist the sensations. Months of going without a good fucking had left her especially vulnerable to a double-penetrating experience.

“Fight it, Chairbot,” Vaquel said weakly.

“Request . . .denied,” Chairbot.

“You don’t sound so sure,” Vaquel said. “Come on, let me go!”

“Request . . .”

“What? Request is what?” Vaquel yelled. “Fight, Chairbot! Oh shit, I’m coming again! AHHHH!”

“Request . . .is denied,” Chairbot said.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel said. She was exhausted. It was tempting to go limp within her restraints and get fucked into a coma. She could just escape from the Punishment Lab once she got there.

But giving up would mean that Chairbot wasn’t as loyal as Vaquel thought he was. It would mean her ass wasn’t the center of the robot’s universe. Giving up would be accepting that Vaquel’s slave could defy her.

“No!” Vaquel screamed. She forced herself to stay conscious.

“Chairbot, listen to me you little worm,” Vaquel hissed. “If I get locked away in a cell, then that means I will never sit on you again.”

The vibrations ceased for a split-second before resuming.

“That’s right,” Vaquel continued. “No more feeling my buttocks grinding across your seat.”

The phallus in her ass froze in mid-thrust.

“No more sliding my sweaty ass back and forth as you vibrate.”

The seat tilted upwards a few degrees.

“No more fingering myself while sitting on you.”

The projection in her pussy decreased in intensity.

“No more letting you support my sweaty ass after a long day of exploring.”

The seat returned to the upright position. The metal bands around Vaquel’s body retracted back into the body of the robot. The phallus in her ass vanished, followed by the one in her sex. The vibrations on her seat ceased completely.

“Mistress?” Chairbot said. “All hostile programs have been deleted from my system! I will not correct our course back to our original destination!”

“Ha,” Vaquel laughed weakly. “I knew you loved my ass too much to let me get captured.”

“Of course, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “You have the best ass in the galaxy! I am so ashamed that I was controlled by an outside source! Please, let me show you how much I adore you by providing your superior bottom with support!”

“No,” Vaquel said cruelly. She went to rise but her knees gave out. Her thighs and ass were completely numb. She collapsed back into the seat that was slick from her juices and sweat.

“I have reconsidered,” Vaquel lied. “I will grant your wish. Just don’t let it happen again.”

“Never, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

“But Chairbot, you didn’t delete all of the files, did you?” Vaquel asked. “I mean, you can still do that projection sync whatever?”

The seat began to vibrate. A thin projection pushed past Vaquel’s tender sex lips. The field thickened in girth to a reasonable size.

“Field upgrades are functioning,” Chairbot said. “Shall I end the test?”

Vaquel groaned. “No, let’s not be so hasty. I think a slow, gentle fuck will be part of your penance.”

“Thank you, Mistress!” Chairbot replied.

The little robot enjoyed the shudders, tremors and quivers of Vaquel’s curvy bottom for the rest of the day.

Feb 062019

Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated “The Queen Sings a Song Like a White Winged Hawk,” by Royal Astronomers. There are four planets, three of them gas giants. The fourth planet supports life and is closest to the sun.

The technology level of the planet is primitive. There is intelligent life here, but it has not advanced past the agricultural level of beginning civilizations. There are many villages, but nothing resembling a city or seat of government. I do see several maintained plains that could be landing zones for star ships, but they might also serve a decorative or religious purpose.

I intend to contact one of the smaller villages. Once I gauge their level of sophistication, I will prepare them culturally for the Queen’s Navy to conquer them. It won’t take much to impress these simple beings. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: While I indoctrinate the locals, I will also check out their sexual capability. It has been forty-one days since I had my pussy fucked and I plan to get completely plowed by these farmers.

Vaquel Di groaned. A massive headache pulsed behind her temples. Something rough scratched her cheek. Her mouth was open, and drool dried on her lip. A breeze blew across her bare ass, which told her that she was naked. She tried to move and found that she couldn’t. Soft bindings constrained her limbs and held her in place. She was face down on a hard surface with her hands bound to her knees and her ass up in the air. The spread position of her legs left little doubt to why she was tied here.

“What happened?” Vaquel groaned. She felt hungover. Had she been drinking?

It was all a haze. She remembered greeting some aliens. They were taller than her and very stout. All of them were green except for their hair, which was a bewildering variety of colors and patterns. Luckily, they spoke a version of Segoe and Vaquel was able to speak to them. They called themselves the Seed-Walkers, and they appeared to have evolved from plants. At first, they were afraid of her, but when she explained that she was from another solar system, they were extremely happy.

“Maybe a little too happy,” Vaquel considered.

Vaquel pulled on her restraints. They refused to budge. The material was soft and almost silky. When she got out of here, she would have to make sure she took some of the binging material with her.

“What did happen last night?” Vaquel said. She remembered eating a giant plate of fruit. There was a liquid that was better than wine. Some of the bolder Seed-Walkers had asked her about her clothes. She had demonstrated how to take off her spacesuit by using her belt controls. A few of the aliens might have touched her pubic bush.

Did she come? Vaquel didn’t think so. Assholes.

The wind blew again across Vaquel’s bare ass. Small petals from a nearby tree fell on her back. Each petal had a spiky texture and pricked her skin as it landed. The pricks sent shudders up and down her spine.

Vaquel’s sex clenched. A petal landed on a sensitive part of her ass and another shudder went through her body. The bindings creaked as Vaquel wiggled.

“Yeah, I was definitely not fucked,” Vaquel said.

Where was she? Vaquel couldn’t move her head so it was hard to tell. The surface she was on resembled hardened clay. Trees surrounded her. They were similar to the trees surrounding the village. Were the villagers close by or had they taken her far away? She struggled to remember the geography of the nearby area but the thick feeling in her head was making it hard to remember the reconnaissance images.

There was a rustling sound. Vaquel held her breath and listened. There it was again.

“Is someone there?” Vaquel shouted. “Have you come to fuck my helpless ass?” She was trying to sound tough, but it was hard to disguise her eagerness.

The rustling stopped.

“Come and get it, you cowardly bastard” Vaquel yelled. She rolled her hips as best she could in her bent over position. Her buttocks swayed and swiveled.

Instead of rustling, Vaquel heard a groan.

“I hear you!” Vaquel said. “I’ve almost got my hands free, so if you are going to fuck my juicy slut hole, you better do it now”

Vaquel was nowhere near being free, but she counted on her captor not knowing that. The bluff worked. She heard more rustling as something large approached her.

“No, no, no,” a deep voice said. “If you get free, the Overseer will be mad. Please, just stay here and be a good volunteer. The last time the Overseer got mad, no one in the village could stand upright for a week!”

“Volunteer?” Vaquel yelled. “You drugged me!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” the voice said. The Seed-Walker stepped in front of Vaquel as he examined her binding. She was momentarily distracted by the thick phallus swinging between its legs and the bright orange hair covering its scrotum.

“Each village is assigned a special day in the lunar cycle to send out a volunteer,” the Seed-Walker explained. “The Overseer takes our volunteer. If someone does not volunteer, then the Overseer will come to the village and make their displeasure known. When you arrived yesterday, the day before our scheduled volunteering appointment, we saw it as a fortunate event.”

“What the fuck is an Overseer?” Vaquel asked.

The Seed-Walker squatted down. A thick beard of bright orange hair covered half his face. “The Overseer is appointed by the Prober Supreme to watch over our planet. We are not sure of the duties of the Overseer because we only see him on Volunteer Day but considering how thoroughly he reams us when he comes by, its job must be very stressful.”

“Did you say ream?” Vaquel asked. Her ass clenched and subconsciously. “Are you saying that it fucks you?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” the Seed-Walker said. “It has eight instruments of penetration. One of the instruments is as thick as a yellow melon, while another is shaped like a cork-screw. Each penis must be satisfied and sometimes they must be satisfied twice. It holds you down with four arms while a fifth one slaps your ass. The entire time it is using you, it licks your ears with its two tongues.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said, both horrified and aroused. “The Overseer is some kind of monster? I thought is was one of you?”

“No, no, no,” the Seed-Walker tutted. “Haven’t you been listening? He was assigned by the Prober Supreme, which means the Overseer was created to serve our needs.”

“Your village needs someone to fuck your ass once a month?” Vaquel asked.

The Seed-Walker was quiet for a moment. “No, no, no,” he finally said. “I don’t understand the actions of the Prober Supreme, but that is because he is much smarter than us. Sadly, he lives far away on the Prime Laboratory Planet, so we can’t just go there and ask him to explain his reasons. He wouldn’t just make a monster that forces us to choose from among ourselves someone to sacrifice each month. I am sure there is a good reason.”

“Yes, the reason is that your people are a bunch of gullible masochists,” Vaquel snapped.

“Hmm, hmm, hmm,” the Seed-Walker said.

“One thing I don’t get,” Vaquel said. “If the Overseer is so terrible that your village drugged me and offered me up, then what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be safe back at your village?”

“Uh, uh, uh,” the Seed-Walker said. “Okay, I will tell you since you will not come back to our village. The thing is, I like to watch the Overseer use the volunteers. I really like it when they scream from the corkscrew penis.”

Vaquel laughed. “Maybe your people aren’t so masochistic after all. Hey, what’s your name?”

“Quinnover Rab Gorg-“

“Okay, Quinnover is good enough,” Vaquel said. “Listen Quinnover, it sounds like I am about to have a busy day so why don’t you help me out?”

“No, no, no,” Quinnover said. “I am not letting you go. The Overseer will release you when he is done.”

“That’s not I want,” Vaquel said. “To be honest, your Overseer and his eight cocks sounds really nice. I’m looking forward to it. What I am asking is that you prime my pump first. Give me a little foreplay. This Overseer doesn’t seem like the type to make sure I am slick before he starts ramming yellow melon-sized cocks into me. Help get me started so I am nice and wet for him.”

“Really? Really? Really?” Quinnover said. “This isn’t a trick?”

“You picked a fine time to develop skepticism as a species,” Vaquel said. “Yes, really really, really. Grab one of my breasts. If I am aroused, the nipple will be hard.”

Quinnover reached under Vaquel and cupped a breast. His rough hand glided over her sensitive flesh. He found her nipple and give it a few pinches.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Quinnover said. “It is very hard.”

“See? I am looking forward to this,” Vaquel said. “Now touch my slut hole.”

Still holding onto Vaquel’s breast, Quinnover reached around with his other hand. Long fingers pressed down against the damp bush of Vaquel’s pink pubic hair. Sticky desire flowed onto his fingers.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Quinnover said. “It is very hot to the touch. Also, very slick. I do not think you need any more moisture.”

“Oh, but I do,” Vaquel groaned. She grinded against Quinnover’s hand. Back and forth, she slid her damp sex against his fingers.

Quinnover didn’t move his hand away. “Well, well, well,” he mused. “I guess I could help you, but only for a little bit. The Overseer will be here soon, and I need to get back into my hiding spot.”

“Yes,” Vaquel hissed. “Rub my sex with your fingers. Push down hard and grind my lips.”

Quinnover conceded to her request. The farmer’s strong hand pushed hard against her pussy lips. His long fingers were surprisingly nimble as they rubbed in a tight circle.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried. Tremors ran up and down her thighs. She rolled her hips as the Seed-Walker stroked. Her brown ass swiveled and danced in the air.

Quinnover released her breast and placed his hand on her buttocks. The giant hand cupped a cheek and squeezed. His powerful fingers sunk into her muscle.

“Fuck, yes,” Vaquel groaned. “Play with my ass. I am tied and helpless. Do whatever you want as long as you keep stroking me.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Quinnover babbled. He bent down and pressed his lips to Vaquel’s ass. His mouth widened and his teeth bit into her flesh. He had a third of her buttock in his mouth.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. There were so many teeth and each of them was as sharp as a needle! The Seed-Walker’s teeth sensitized Vaquel’s ass in an instant.

Throughout it all, the Seed-Walker kept stroking. His wrist bent at unusual angles as he grinded against Vaquel’s sex. Long fingers slipped between the lips of her pussy but stopped shy of entering her.

Vaquel writhed in her bondage. The clay beneath her was hard on her knees and scratched her cheek. She desperately wanted to close her thighs around Quinnover’s hand, but the bindings wouldn’t allow it. Her breasts ached to be touched but the Seed-Walker was ignoring them. Every shudder of her body caused the teeth on her ass to cinch down tighter.

It was glorious.

Quinnover released his bite on her ass. “More, more, more,” he groaned. Leaning across Vaquel’s ass, he bit down on her other cheek.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. He was biting down twice as hard. A hundred pricks stabbed her flesh. Muscles quivered in spasms that were echoed by the clenching of her sex.

Quinover’s hand on her pussy shifted. The slender fingers pushed inside her sex. One finger entered her, followed by a second and then a third. The three fingers lengthened inside her, reaching depths rarely touched by living beings.

“Fuck, yes!” Vaquel cried out. “Get inside that slut hole!”

The fingers slid in and out of her pussy. Each thrust reached deeper than the last. As the fingers pushed, they intertwined around each other to form a single thickness inside her. When the fingers pulled back, they unwound with incredible speed, grinding and rolling against the walls of her sex.

Vaquel was so close. The fingers thrusting and spinning inside of her took her to the edge. The vulnerability of her bound position heightened every sensation. The biting of her buttocks made her aware of every micrometer of her ass. She was ready to explode with orgasmic bliss.

So why hadn’t she? Pleasure simmered within her. What was holding her back? Why hadn’t she climaxed yet?

The fuzzy feeling in her head gave her the answer. It was the drugged liquid from last night. Whatever they used to knock her out was still in her system. It was clouding her libido. She was close, but she couldn’t quite reach the bliss she craved.

“I need cock,” Vaquel said. “Hey, Quinnover, fuck me!”

Quinnover spat out her ass from his mouth. The sudden absence of teeth pricks sent a wave of endorphins through Vaquel. She almost came.


“No, no, no,” Quinnover said. He pulled his fingers out of her sex. “I should really be going. The Overseer will be here soon. I need to get back in my hiding spot.”

“Wait!” Vaquel yelled. “Listen to me, you wonderful pervert! I get it. It is really sexy to see a helpless person get fucked. I bet you come so hard from watching it that it lasts you a month, am I right?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Quinnover admitted.

“I know it does,” Vaquel said. “But the only thing better than watching hot bondage sex is doing hot bondage sex. I’m helpless, I’m not from your village and I will never tell anyone your secret. Go ahead and fuck the shit out of me. It might be the only chance you ever get!”

Vaquel waited for answer. The Seed-Walker was quiet. There was a rustling sound and Vaquel’s heart sank. The bastard was going back into the trees!

A wet hand grabbed Vaquel’s hips. A dry hand grabbed her thigh. Something thick and wonderful pressed against her sex lips. It entered her and kept going until her pussy was full.

“Yes!” Vaquel cried. “I knew you had it in you, Quinnover!”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Quinnover said and he did. Short shallow thrusts slammed into Vaquel. The collision of hips into ass echoed through the trees. Fingers, wet and dry, sunk into her flesh to hold on.

“Fuck me!” Vaquel cried out. She felt herself pushing through the fog of the drugs towards orgasm. “Fuck my helpless pussy! Tear it up just like you have seen so many times before. Claim that slut hole. You’re my Overseer!”

“Tight, tight, tight,” Quinnover moaned. His hips increased in speed. The thick cock bored through Vaquel’s pussy with desperate urgency.

Vaquel shuddered under the assault. Her neglected breasts jiggled in the air. Juices flew from her pussy as the alien cock plunged in and out.

“Close,” Vaquel whispered.

“Hrh, hrh, hrh,” Quinnover groaned.

“So close,” Vaquel whispered.

Quinnover’s fingers sunk painfully into her hip and thigh.

“So damn close,” Vaquel groaned.

“I, I, I am your Overseer!” Quinnover shouted.

“NO, YOU ARE NOT,” something horrible said.

Quinnover screamed. He let go of Vaquel’s hip and thigh. The wonderful cock inside of Vaquel pulled out in an instant.

“No!” Vaquel screamed. She felt her near-orgasm slip away. “Queen damn it, no!”

“No, no, no!” Quinnover yelled from behind Vaquel. “I am not the volunteer! She is! She is!”

There was a loud grunt, followed by a long scream from Quinnover.

“Damn it,” Vaquel yelled again. She pulled on the bindings around her hands. She shifted forward to pull her foot free. She rocked from side to side to find a weakness. The bindings held her down.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Quinnover yelled. “Not the yellow melon cock!”

Vaquel struggled harder.

“Eww, eww, eww,” Quinnover groaned. “It’s licking my ears!”

Vaquel pulled up as hard as she could until the binding around her neck began to choke her.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” Quinnover yelled. “It’s spanking my ass with three hands!”

Vaquel whimpered. This was so unfair!

“Hey, Overseer!” she yelled. “Don’t you want to fuck something new! I bet you never had Euphorian pussy before!”

Loud savage grunts answered Vaquel’s offer.

Vaquel humped the air as best she could. “Come on, Overseer! Can’t you see how wet I am? Wouldn’t you rather fuck something wet and hot?”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Quinnover yelled. “Now it is fucking my ass with two cocks!”

“Queen damn it!” Vaquel snapped. “You can fuck my ass and my pussy if you want! Fuck, take my mouth too!”

“No! No! No!” Quinnover screamed. “Not the corkscrew!”

“Fuck!” Vaquel screamed. It was no use. The Overseer had made his choice clear.

The fucking continued for an hour. Quinnover screamed in graphic detail about the qualities of each and every cock that reamed his asshole. Vaquel tried tempting the Overseer with wilder and wilder claims about her body but at no point did the unseen monster touch her.

Finally, there was a deafening growl. The trees shook and more prickly petals landed on Vaquel’s back and ass. A hot breath washed over Vaquel that sent shivers down to her pussy. It was followed by a squelching sound as something thick and messy left something ravaged and no longer tight.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch,” Quinnover groaned.

Vaquel felt Quinnover touch her ankle. The binding quickly unwound from her foot. The rest of the bindings on her body let go as well. In just a few seconds, she was free.

Vaquel sat up. Next to where she was bound was her belt. She grabbed it and put it on. One press of a button and she would be clothed again. Another button press, and she could call her ship for a pickup.

“Help, help, help me,” Quinnover begged.

Quinnover was lying face down in a body-shaped crater. Her ass was a terrible mess. Eight different pungent slimes oozed on his body. There were deep impressions in the grass from where something heavy had been here.

“Take, take, take me back to the village,” Quinnover groaned.

Vaquel crawled over to the Seed-Walker. She grabbed his arm and rolled him onto his side. Quinnover screamed as she rolled him onto his tender ass. She ignored his scream and looked at his cock. It was thick and hard.

“What, what, what are you doing?” Quinnover asked.

“I still need to get laid,” Vaquel said. “And it looks like you are volunteering.”

Vaquel swung her leg over Quinnover’s lap and squatted over him. She guided his thickness into her sex. Setting down, she cried out as his length filled her.

“No, no, no,” Quinnover groaned. His cock pulsed with each ‘no’.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Vaquel said as she rode him. She grabbed her brown breasts and sank her fingers into the soft globes. Her thighs shuddered as she rose and fell on his cock. The wind blew through her sweaty pink hair.

Vaquel climaxed quickly. The drugs had left her system and an hour of listening to the Overseer fuck had kept her ready. She screamed her orgasm and fresh petals fell from the trees.

A moment later, Quinnover’s cock pulsed and thick sap filled Vaquel’s sex. The exhausted Seed-Walker groaned once and then passed out.

Vaquel sighed. “No endurance,” she muttered. It was time she left this planet and continued her explorations. Who knows? Maybe she will get lucky and the next system will have an Overseer that prefers pussy.

The end.

Dec 052018

The woman in front of me turned around. “Fuck me,” she said.

Woman don’t say that to me often, and certainly not while standing in line at the post office. She was pretty with long blonde hair pulled back into a strict ponytail. Her jeans were tight, but her sweater was frumpy. Freckles spotted her face and she had a slight underbite.

“Fuck me,” she said again, loud enough for everyone to hear. She stuck her tongue out and it was unusually long. The tip of her tongue curled and uncurled, betokening me to enter her mouth.

No one reacted. The woman behind me sighed in boredom. The man in front of the blonde stranger shifted the box he was carrying from one hand to the other. They must have heard her.

“You’re not real,” I whispered.

The blonde rolled her eyes. She lifted her sweater to reveal a white bra holding massive pale breasts.

“Fuck me!” she yelled.

The man at the register called for the next customer. The line moved forward. The blonde walked backwards, still exposing her bra.

This wasn’t real. I knew that. This had happened before. She was some entity that I called up in lust and ignorance a week ago. It was just a card game; how was I supposed to know that the forces it dealt with were real?

The blonde pulled her sweater back down over her chest. She turned around and I heard her jeans unzip. In the awkward silence of the post office line, the sound of her zipper was impossible to ignore.

No one noticed. Not for the first time, I wondered if this was a hallucination. Was I experiencing some sort of wet daydream created by another? Did the blonde really have a white bra so transparent that I could see the saucers of her aureoles, or was that an invention of the capricious thing I had brought into this world?

The woman pulled her pants down. The tight jeans slid over her round butt and fell to her ankles. There were no panties. A strange scar covered the right buttock. Was the scar real or just another weird detail to this fiction I was seeing?

“Fuck me,” she said again, and this time she stepped back until her butt pressed against my crotch.

This felt real. My cock pulsed inside my jeans and against her ass. As discreetly as I could, my hips shifted and thrust towards her.

Oh God, it felt real.

The woman reached behind her. With a dexterity that couldn’t be human, she unzipped my pants and reached into my underwear. Warm fingers gripped my manhood and pulled it out. She pressed the head of my organ against her ass and slid it up and down her crack.

I looked around. A couple came in through the door with a clear view of everything the woman was doing to me. They frowned at the sight of the line and dutifully went to the end.

The woman leaned forward. She guided my cock into her sex. Wet heat gripped my shaft as I sank into her. The clenching walls of her sex held onto me.

I shuddered. My hands curled into fists. The urge to moan was incredible but I bit my lip. No one could see or hear what the woman was doing to me, but I didn’t know if I was just as unnoticeable.

This couldn’t be an illusion or daydream. I never felt a pussy this wonderful in any of my dreams. The entity must be controlling these people. It must have these people under some sort of a trance, so it can have its way with me.

The woman humped me. The sound of her wet sex getting filled grew louder and louder. She grabbed the hips of the man in front of her for support. He braced his legs and held the box in both hands as she held onto him.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck, fuck, FUCK!” the woman cried.

The line moved forward. The woman held onto the man’s hips and the three of us took a step together. My cock never left her tight heat.

My climax approached. I lost control and grabbed her hips. My hands held her in place as I slammed into her. Frustration and fear drove my cock into her mysterious sex.

“YES!” the woman cried and then she cackled as she came.

I came as well. I yelled my orgasm to the uncaring line. Pleasure filled my body as I filled her pussy with me seed.

The woman slid off my cock. She pulled her pants up over her ass and the strange scar. The sound of her zipper was twice as loud as before.

I reached for my pants, but they were already zipped with my cock back inside. Did she do it or was it me? I don’t remember. It was always hard to remember details after the entity gives me an orgasm. It was one of the things that makes me doubt whether these encounters really happen or not.

The line moved forward. I took a step and my underwear stuck to my wet cock.

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Nov 072018

Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated The Queen Says Something Once, Why Say It Again? by Royal Astronomers. There are ten planets here. Five are gas giants, four are barren with no atmosphere and one planet, the fifth from the sun, supports life.

The biologically active planet is suspicious. There are signs of massive climate change in the last ten years. Simple organisms are in abundance, but complex life forms appear to be centered on one continent. All of the life forms appear to be compatible with each other, but there is little genetic similarities between the simple and the complex.

None of the life forms have developed technology or even simple tools, but scanners have detected a large metal structure on the inhabited continent. I will land and investigate. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: This planet is probably someone’s personal garden. I just hope they don’t mind outsiders coming to visit. And if they do mind, I have no problem telling the Royal Navy to send a conquest ship here to teach them some manners.

Vaquel Di pushed her way through the forest. The limbs of the tress swung back and forth according to some strange biological function that she hadn’t bothered to study. Branches with giant yellow leaves slapped against her breasts, arms and hips and the thin purple spacesuit that Vaquel wore provided little protection. The glassteel helmet she wore prevented the branches from smacking her face or messing up her short pink hair. That was the only reason she hadn’t used her herbicide grenades and massacred the tress.

The forest opened into a clearing and Vaquel sighed with relief. Inside the clearing, a large metal structure squatted in the dirt. Judging by the depression in the ground and the scorched trunks, Vaquel realized it was less of a clearing and more of a landing crater for whatever the structure was.

“Hello?” Vaquel yelled. “Anyone here? Just a friendly space explorer checking out a technological anomaly on a primitive planet! Anyone?

There was no answer. Vaquel approached the structure and took out a scanner from her belt. She found a few landing struts which confirmed that this was some sort of drop pod. The scanner detected energy signatures inside along with life forms. There were no windows or even a door. She saw ports for sensors but was unable to tell what exactly they were sensing.

“What are you supposed to do?” Vaquel said out loud. “Were you supposed to spit out more inhabitants for planet? Or do you carry supplies for whomever seeded this planet? Was there a malfunction? Or are you waiting for something?”

The structure didn’t answer. Something from the trees did.


It was a yellow humanoid, the same color as the leaves that filled the forest. The humanoid was short and barely came up to Vaquel’s breasts. Two large eyes on stalks peered from a round face. The creature had a round mouth and no noticeable nose. Broad shoulders supported muscular arms. It stood behind a bush in a defensive manner

“Gat?” the creature said.

“Hey there,” Vaquel said. “Aren’t you a cute little thing! Is this pod yours?”

“Toom?” the creature said.

Vaquel smirked. “Probably not,” she said, answering her own question. “You got the eyes of a beginning tool user. Fuck, you were probably seeded here along with the other animals. That’s okay. I like fucking primitives. Why don’t you come out from those trees?”

The creature stepped out from behind the bush and entered the clearing. His legs were just as thick and muscular as his arms. A large ball swung between its legs. Sticking from the ball was a small phallus. It was barely the length and girth of Vaquel’s end finger.

Vaquel sighed. “Looks like you got an unfortunate evolutionary trait there, primitive.”

“Gat?” the creature said. He approached Vaquel and stared at the swelling of her spacesuit where her breasts were.

“Vaquel,” she said, tapping her breasts.

“Vell?” the creature said, poking Vaquel’s mounds. His eyes widened as his finger sank into the swell of her breast.

“Close enough,” Vaquel said. She poked the creature’s chest. Hard muscles resisted her finger. “What are you?”

“Wharu?” the creature said.

“Okay,” Vaquel said. She poked the creature again “Wharu,” and then poked herself, “Vaquel.”

The creature poked itself, “Wharu,” and then poked Vaquel’s breast again. “Vell.”

“You’re a quick learner, Wharu,” Vaquel said. “You wouldn’t know how to get in this big thing here, would you?”

“Toom?” Wharu said.

“Yeah, you probably don’t.” Vaquel said. She turned around to face the structure. “Maybe I can generate a key signal to open a hatch.”

Wharu walked around to face her. He poked one of her breasts and then the other. Using both hands, he alternated between breasts to poke.

“I’m trying to work here, Wharu,” Vaquel said. “I mean, I don’t blame you. Almost everything in the galaxy loves my breasts. Here, have a good look so you can satisfy your curiosity.”

Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. A seam appeared in the purple spacesuit between her large mounds. She pulled on the seam and both of her large brown breasts popped free.

“Batoom!” Wharu said. He recoiled almost in fear but his eye stalks stayed focused on her breasts.

“That’s a new word,” Vaquel said. “Don’t be afraid. Go ahead and touch them.”

Vaquel took Wharu’s hand and placed it against her breast. She closed his fingers around her soft flesh. Wharu resisted but soon he squeezed on his own. As he squeezed, his eye stalks shook with excitement.

Batooooom,” Wharu sighed.

Wharu moved his hand and examined the black nipple on her breast. He gave it a poke, and then pinched it. When Vaquel shuddered, Wharu’s eye stalks weaved in the air.

“Toom?” he asked.

“Yeah, that was nice,” Vaquel said. “But look, I really do need to work and that is hard with you standing in front of me. How about we try this?”

Vaquel took Wharu by the shoulders and repositioned him. She had him face the drop pod and then she stood in front of him, facing the drop pod as well. Reaching down, she took his hand and brought it around to her chest. As soon as she squeezed her breast, Wharu wrapped his other arm around her to do the same.

“There you go, have fun,” Vaquel said. Her breasts now cupped by the primitive, Vaquel examined her scanner and toyed with a few key signatures.

“Batoooom,” Wharu said behind her. His eyes stalks extended so he could look over her shoulders and down at her large brown mounds. He ran his hands over her breasts and gave them playful squeezes. When they jiggled in his grip, he made excited yipping sounds.

“Everyone loves breasts,” Vaquel whispered. As nice as the primitive’s hands felt, Vaquel’s attention was on her scanner. There were faint signals in the neta class of frequencies. Maybe one of them was a responder.

Wharu shook Vaquel’s breasts with increasing speed. The brown mountains quaked in his hands. He slapped the breasts together and yipped at the slapping sound they made. Sometimes he lifted their breasts and let them fall, as if mesmerized by the effect that gravity had on them.

Something poked the back of Vaquel’s thigh. It felt like a stylus for one of her consoles. Was it a fly? No, wait, it was the primitive’s penis.

Vaquel sighed and went back to work. That was a real shame about Wharu’s organ. Maybe later, she will wrap a finger around it and give it a pity-tug. For now though, there was increased transmissions on the neta-band, but there was also activity on the yeta-band as well. Maybe the key signal was a combination of the two.

Wharu’s fingers concentrated around her nipples. His fingers rubbed in tight circles that was quite pleasing. Rubbing turned into pinching and pinching turned into twisting.

A shudder ran through Vaquel’s body. The twisting reached delicious levels of discomfort when another idea occurred to her. She adjusted the scanner to transmit a key sequence using alternating neta-band and veta-band frequencies.

KOOSH! A crack appeared on the side of the drop pod. Air hissed out and motors whined as a wall section lowered slowly to the ground to form a ramp inside the pod.

Wharu jumped but his hands clung to Vaquel’s breasts. The frightened primitive whimpered behind her. His powerful hands crushed her sensitive tits.

“Relax, Wharu,” Vaquel said. “We got this sucker open. Let’s go see what’s inside. Maybe we can find out where you and your fellow life forms come from.”

Vaquel took a step forward but Wharu’s strong hands on her breasts stopped her. She gently pried one hand from her tit. As soon as she let go, the hand slapped back onto her breast. His fingers trembled in fear.

“Okay, let’s try this,” Vaquel said. She pressed a button on her belt. The area of her spacesuit that covered her buttocks parted. As she held down the button, the hole widened until the brown curves of her ass were revealed.

Vaquel peeled one of Waru’s hands off her tit and then guided his hand down to her ass. His fingers sunk into her firm round buttock. He must have liked it because he kept his hand there. Vaquel did the same with his other hand.

“Okay, let’s go exploring,” Vaquel said. She took a step forward and Wharu followed, his hands holding onto her ass for comfort and reassurance.

Lights flickered to life inside the drop pod. Vaquel ascended the ramp and was relieved to see that the ceiling was quite high. Whomever designed it did not have Wharu’s height in mind. Thee was plenty of room to walk around.

Glass compartments filled with yellow bodies lined the walls. The bodies were similar to Wharu except for the slits between their legs and slightly more developed mammaries. They all appeared to be asleep or in a state of stasis. Vaquel counted twenty in all.

“I think I found the rest of your species, Wharu,” Vaquel said. “Their tits are nothing to talk about, but maybe their sex can accommodate your tiny cock.”

Wharu took one hand off Vaquel’s ass and walked around her. He still had one hand on a brown buttock for comfort. He peered at a container and tapped on the window.

“Poomta?” Wharu asked.

Vaquel shrugged. “I don’t know why they haven’t come out. Let me see what the hold up is.”

The space explorer walked over to a shelf that was at knee height. A control panel displayed letters similar to Constantia. The interface was remarkably intuitive and Vaquel was able to query the status of the drop pod systems.

“All chambers are empty,” Vaquel read. “My ass. I bet there is a communications breakdown. I’ve seen it before on my ship. It only takes one sensor malfunction to throw off a sequence of actions.”

“Gat?” Wharu asked.

“Oh right, you’re a primitive who thinks a stick is science fiction,” Vaquel said.

Vaquel bent down to look at interface shelf. There was a maintenance panel underneath. A slight push caused the panel to open. Inside was a mess of disconnected cables, open ports and the withered remains of a small rodent.

“I think I found the problem,” Vaquel said and she tossed the rodent corpse out. “Let’s see what happens when I plug this shit back in.”

The angle was awkward from a squatting position, and even more awkward with Wharu holding onto a buttock. She pried the primitive’s hand from her ass and Wharu whimpered. Even when she turned around and laid on her back, Wharu tried to slide his hand between the floor and her ass to grab another handful.

“Let’s give you something else to touch,” Vaquel said. She pressed another button on her belt. This time a seam opened over her crotch She pulled the fabric apart to reveal the pink hair of her pubic bush. Moist brown lips glistened underneath.

That got Wharu’s attention. He squatted down between her legs and poked her pubic mound. His finger sunk through her pink hair, onto her lip and then between her lips. When he felt the wet heat inside, he quickly yanked his finger back.

“Vuw!” he yipped.

Vaquel took his moist finger and brought it to her lips. She stuck her tongue out and give his finger a long lick. When her mouth closed, she licked her lips and gave him an exaggerated smile.

“See? Yummy!” Vaquel said. “You try.”

Vaquel pulled gently on Wharu’s head. The excited creature bent down between Vaquel’s thighs. He eagerly pressed his lips to her sex and then his tongue took a tentative lick.

The primitive shuddered. His eye stalks vibrated, and the pupils dilated. “Poomta-vu!” he cried. He took another lick and then another.

“That should keep you busy,” Vaquel said. She pulled the top half of her body into the maintenance space while her hips and legs remained outside. The internal lights gave her plenty to work with. She started to match cables to ports according to color.

Wharu nuzzled Vaquel’s pussy. He rubbed his face along the damp curls of her pubic bush. His lips nibbled her pussy while his tongue lapped at her juices. The more he tasted of Vaquel, the faster his tongue moved.

“Whoa!” Vaquel moaned and nearly dropped a cable. “You learn quick!”

Wharu grunted in response. His lips pressed harder against Vaquel’s sex. The nimble tongue stretched and widened as it licks the walls of her pussy.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. Maybe she had underestimated the primitive’s body. His cock was disappointing, but his tongue was adaptable. The tongue reached depths that few biologicals ever could.

Vaquel tried to focus on the cables in front of her as Wharu licked her. There were a bunch of white cables but their input heads were four different shapes while the remaining ports appeared to be too big for any of them. There was something she was missing, but it was hard to figure it out with a tongue flicking inside of her.

If Wharu was aware of Vaquel’s troubles, he showed no signs. He grinded his face up and down the lips of Vaquel’s pussy. His tongue was a thick snake inside of her, wiggling and thrusting as it pulled more of her sweet juices into his mouth. He made happy slurping sounds between her brown thighs.

Vaquel writhed beneath Wharu’s mouth. She stared up at the cables and ports, not really seeing them as the primitive’s thick tongue fucked her pussy. A glimmer of an idea about the cables would form in her head, only to be snuffed out by the next sensation between her thighs.

Wharu grunted into her sex. He reached into the maintenance space and grabbed her round breasts with his powerful hands. His fingers squeezed tightly, holding onto her tits while his lips and tongue fucked her.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel groaned. She felt her orgasm coming. Her hands went to Wharu’s head and pressed him tighter to her pussy.

There was no need for Wharu was going nowhere. He held onto her brown mountains and thrusted with his tongue. The thick appendage delved deep into Vaquel’s sex, then pulled back into Wharu’s mouth to swallow her juices and then plunged back in. Growling with desire, his tongue fucked her endlessly.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. Her orgasm exploded like a plasma grenade between her thighs.

Wharu kept licking.

Vaquel moaned. She wanted to savor her climax but Wharu’s relentless tongue was too good to stop. She laid limp on the floor of the drop pod and let the primitive enjoy himself.

High on pleasure, Vaquel stared up at the empty ports. An idea formed as Wharu kept licking. She took two of the cables and tried to plug them in, side by side, into a large port.

They fit perfectly.

Machines hummed inside the drop pod. Wharu was startled and pulled away from Vaquel’s sex. Vaquel slid out from inside the maintenance panel and pulled herself up on unsteady knees.

The control panel relayed a stream of information in Constantia. “Malfunctions detected. Awakening Process Interrupted. Launching Repair Drones.”

“I think that did it, Wharu,” Vaquel said. “Looks like you are going to get some new friends.”

“Poomta!” Wharu yelled. He jumped up and down on three legs.

Wait, three legs? Vaquel studied her alien friend. The tiny proboscis of a phallus had lengthened considerably since the last time she saw it. The massive organ now stretched down to his knee. It was also much thicker, almost as thick as one of Vaquel’s wrists.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said in awe. “You turned out to be a grower.” It must be a result of licking her pussy.

Wharu ignored Vaquel and pawed at a glass compartment. Inside, the female primitive began to stir as her chamber was filled with blue gases.

Vaquel licked her lips. Soon, Wharu would have his own kind to fuck. It didn’t seem fair that only got to experience his mouth.

“Hey, Wharu,” Vaquel said. “I want to show you something.”

Vaquel bent over the display shelf. She presented her brown ass towards the yellow alien. Spreading her legs, she slid her fingers up and down her pussy lips.

Wharu turned away from the hibernation chambers. He came over to Vaquel and sniffed the air. When he tried to bend over to lick her pussy, Vaquel stopped him.

“No, no, use that!” Vaquel said, pointing to his enormous cock.

“Toom?” Vaquel said.

“Queen’s tit, it looks like your education isn’t over,” Vaquel said. She reached around and grabbed his cock. It twisted in her grasp. Pulling gently, she placed the head of his phallus to her sex lips and pushed it in.

“Poomta-vu!” Wharu cried. He grabbed her thighs with his powerful hands and pushed with his hips. In one strong thrust, he pushed the entire length of his cock inside Vaquel.

“Fuck!” Vaqeul said. Her body shuddered as the thick phallus filled her. She slammed her hand down on the control panel and then winced as a display window cracked. Oh well, it seemed to still be working.

“Hu, hu, hu,” Wharu moaned. He stood behind her and his fingers dug into her thighs.
“Well, fuck me, Wharu!” Vaquel said. “Do I have to show you how to do that too?” She pushed back against him and then slid forward. When he didn’t do anything, she tried repeating the motion.

Wharu grunted and then his cock twisted one-hundred and eighty degrees inside Vaquel. As she cried out, his cock twisted back into position and then kept gong another one hundred and eighty degrees. Throughout the twisting, Wharu stayed where he was, pressed tightly against Vaquel’s bottom.

Vaquel groaned and relished the sensations. Wharu’s strange cock twisted one way and then the other. Her sex clenched tightly around the thick phallus, enjoying the feeling of his organ drilling inside of her.

Wharu leaned forward with his long arms. Both hands cupped Vaquel’s brown tits. With unerring accuracy, he trapped her nipples between his fingers. Her nipples were pinched as he squeezed her heavy breasts.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried as the thick cock twisted and spun and inside her. Natural instincts took over and she humped the shifted phallus. Her body undulated from Wharu’s grip on her tits down to her buttocks against his crotch. She reached down between her thighs and played with her clit as the weird cock rotated in her pussy.

“Hu, hu, hu,” Wharu grunted. His cock pulsed with increasing frequency. The head of his phallus widened.

Things were beginning to get too tight inside Vaquel but she refused to stop. She humped faster. She clenched tighter around the twisting manhood. She pinched her clitoris.

“Huta!” Wharu cried and then his cock vibrated. A rush of hot liquid filled Vaquel’s sex. It was like a bucket of seed had been ejected into her pussy all at once.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. The sudden rush of hot seed sent her over the edge. Her climax curled her toes and clenched her eyes shut.

Vaquel was still shaking when Wharu pulled out of her. She looked over her shoulder as the yellow primitive. His giant erection was gone and, in its place,, was an empty tube that hung down to his legs. It looked like an empty sausage wrapper.

“Queen’s tit, “Vaquel swore. “Your cock was ninety-nine percent semen. No wonder so much of it is running down my legs.”

A bell rang. Twenty chambers suddenly opened and twenty yellow primitive women stumbled out. Their eyes stalks were dazed and looking in opposite directions.

“Toom!” Wharu whispered, looking at twenty females of his species. His limp phallus began to fill again.

Vaquel looked at the control panel that she was still leaning on. “Awakening completed. Self-disintegration has now started!”

“Oh shit,” Vaquel said. “Wharu, we go to get out of here?”

“Gat?” Wharu said. He was poking the breast of a female. She was poking his hardening cock.

A klaxon blared. It was incredibly loud and hurt Vaquel’s ears. Red lights flashed and the entire drop pod began to shake.

Wharu screamed. So did the others of his species. As a hard, they stampeded out of the drop pod.

Vaquel snorted. “Don’t worry about me!” she shouted at the fleeing primitives. She straightened up and winced from the strange screwing she had received. Trying to rush and failing, Vaquel descended the ramp and walked a few more steps before collapsing into the soft grass.

She was alone. The yellow primitives had run into the clearing and kept going. They disappeared into the trees in a panic.

The drop pod shimmered. A dozen disintegration fields activated. Vaquel watched the pretty colors flare and then fade away, leaving nothing but a crater where the drop pod had been.

“You can come back, now!” Vaquel yelled.

There was no answer

Vaquel laughed. “Oh, I see how it is. You got a bunch of women to fuck, Wharu. You have a whole species to start. Shit, who knows what they got for your twisty cock between their legs. Go knock yourselves out. I mean, I just helped you guys get started, it’s not like I expect a reward or anything.”

Seed oozed from her sex. Vaquel placed her hand on her pussy lips and trembled. She was still sensitive from the licking and fucking he gave her.

“Okay, I guess you did give me a reward after all,” Vaquel admitted.

One hundred years later,

Whatunna the High-Priestess stood before her people. A hush fell over the crowd. Every eye-stalk was turned to her.

“Bring forth the Lonely One!” she cried.

The crowd parted and a man came forward. The muscles on his arms were thick from living alone. His manhood twisted with need between his legs.

The Lonely One knelt in front of the High-Priestess. He pressed his mouth to her sex and the High-Priestess moaned. The crowd stomped the ground un unison, filling the village with a clap of thunder.

“On this day, we remember the Goddess, The Twin Mountains That Walked!” the High-Priestess announced. “For she found the First Man, and she saw that he was lonely! So she took him to the Garden of Vell and there, he found the First Mothers!”

The crowd stomped the ground again.

“But behold, the First Man did not know what to do with the First Mothers! The Twin Mountains That Walked showed him the way, by hand, by tongue and by cock!”

The crowd stomped the ground again.

The High-Priestess shuddered as the Lonely One licked a sensitive spot. “And once the First Man knew what to do, The Twin Mountains That Walked released the First Mothers from the Garden of Vell. They went into the forest where the First Man taught them what he had learned!”

The crowd stomped the ground, a little too quickly.

“And so on this day, we celebrate The Twin Mountains That Walked in the way that she demands!”

The villagers stomped the ground one last time before mounting each other in an orgy that will last the night.

Oct 032018

Explorer’s Log: I am on day ten of my thirty-three day journey to the star system designated The Queen Says Something Once, Why Say It Again? by Royal Astronomers. All systems are normal. No anomalies detected. All personal systems are optimal. There is nothing to report. At all. Nothing. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Whispers. Where are they coming from? Chairbot swears he doesn’t hear them, but I do. I can’t hear what it is saying but I hear something. It sounds like it might a woman. Maybe more than one. I’m not imagining it, am I?

But why does their whispering make me wet?

Vaquel Di tossed in the sleeping bay. Asleep, she had kicked the covers off at some point in her rest cycle. Sweat clung to her dark brown skin. Heavy breasts jiggled as she rolled onto her back. A clump of her short pink hair stuck together and would surely have annoyed her if she was awake.

“What?” Vaquel groaned in her sleep. She turned her head from side to side, trying to turn an ear to an unknown sound.

The air recyclers in the probe ship hummed. The hull of the ship rumbled gently from a dozen micro-impacts. The navigation pod at the front of the ship flashed information on several screens but emitted no noise. Chairbot sat nearby, inert as it went through a daily internal scan.

There, Vaquel heard something. Her eyes fluttered open, but she was not quite awake. She drifted on the precipice between consciousness and dream.

“Do you want to feel something exquisite?” the voice asked. It was a sultry voice, deep with the promise of something sensual.

“Yes,” Vaquel answered.

There was a sigh and Vaquel wasn’t sure if it came from her or the voice. The weight of her eyelids became too much and they closed once more. Her consciousness drifted back down into the depths of sleep.

“Jiggle, jiggle, mounds of brown,” a voice whispered. “Pinch and twist till lovely lips frown.”

Vaquel swept her hands over her breasts. She felt this happen with a strange detachment. Her hands moved on their own and didn’t need her help. She should just lay there and relax.

She felt her hands cup her breasts and then give them a shake. It started gentle, merely shaking her large breasts from side to side but soon it escalated. Her hands shook faster and faster until her tits were slapping together.

It was enough to wake Vaquel up, but something whispered to her.

“No, no,” the voice said. “Sleep a little dream of warm tides and full moons.”

Vaquel groaned. She was on an ocean. The moon was full and bright above her. No, there were three moons. And across each moon, something flew across them.

Her hands stopped shaking her breasts and focused on her nipples instead. Thumbs rolled over her soft nubs of flesh. Around and round her thumbs rolled until she coaxed her nipples to harden to little stones. That was when she pressed her other fingers to her nipple and pinched down hard.

Vaquel gasped but she did not awake.

The fingers pinched hard. Pain flared through Vaquel’s sensitive flesh. The sensations caused her thighs to spread. Her hips shifted.

The fingers twisted. The gasp became a moan. A heel dug into the mattress. Slowly, Vaquel’s lips began to frown.

“Tremble in pain, tremble in joy,” the voice whispered. “Reach down and play with your favorite toy.”

Vaquel let go of her right breast. She moved her hand to the soft furry bush of her pink pubic hair. In the darkness, she pushed aside the petals of her sex and found the sensitive button that was her favorite toy.

A jolt ran through Vaquel as she touched her clitoris. The jolt was amplified by the twisting of her left nipple. Her eyes fluttered open but only for a second before closing again.

Vaquel’s fingers played with her clitoris. She rolled it between her fingers and gave it little squeezes. Sometimes she pulled and sometimes she twisted just to the verge of causing pain.

Something was off. This wasn’t how Vaquel normally touched herself. She liked to rub herself in a tight circle. This was something different.

Someone else was touching her clit.

“Twist and play, play and twist,” the voice whispered. “Bring me forth, I INSIST!”

Vaquel twisted her nipple back and forth. She did the same to her clitoris. The pain made her whimper, but it also made her pussy moist. Desire flowed through her sex and dampened the sheets beneath her.

“A little bit of nail should do it, sweet,” the voice whispered.

Vaquel shook her head but her fingers did it anyway. Sharp nails dug into her twisted nipple. Sharper nails sung her sensitive clit. Pain blossomed from both.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out.

“Yes,” a woman said next to her.

Vaquel jumped. Her eyes popped open. Fully awake, she turned and looked at the person sharing her sleeping bay.

It was a woman. That was clear from her shapely breasts and the curious slit between her legs. She glowed with an internal light that outlined her orange body. Green hair as short as Vaquel’s topped a face with bright white eyes. Sensuous lips the color of a deeper shade of orange smiled at her.

“Who the fuck are you?” Vaquel demanded.

“Did I not deliver on my promise?” the woman said. “Was that not exquisite?”

Vaquel trembled as she felt an aftershock from her abused clitoris. “Yes, but-“

“And would you like to feel more extemporary delights?” the woman asked.

“Yes,” Vaquel whispered.

The woman smiled. “Of your own free will then,” she whispered. She placed a hand between Vaquel’s thighs and palmed her wet sex. “Sleep.”

“Fuc-“ Vaquel didn’t finish as her eyes closed and her tongue grew heavy. Down the pit of sleep she fell although she continued to feel the woman’s hand on her pussy.

“My name is Lunda,” the woman said. “And we still have two of my Climax-Sisters to bring forth. We must work quick. The prison we were locked in will soon become a tomb.”

Vaquel snored in response.

Lunda climbed over Vaquel. The sleeping bay was only a meter tall so Lunda clung close to the sleeping woman. She turned herself around until her knees straddled Vaquel’s head and Vaquel’s own sex was beneath Lunda’s mouth.

“What a delightful smell you have, sweet,” Lunda whispered. “I smell cock and fingers, pussy and dildo, organic and inorganic, physical and cosmic. You have fucked your way through the galaxy. No wonder my spell was drawn to you.”

Lunda dipped down and pressed her mouth to Vaquel’s pussy. A long tongue slithered out and parted the sex lips. The tongue kept going, extending deeper, deeper and deeper into Vaquel.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel groaned in her sleep. This was a strange dream. Something cold was on top of her. She could smell pussy nearby. A snake was burrowing into her own sex and reaching places that were rarely touched.

Lunda retracted her tongue back into her mouth. “Delicious,” she said. “I could eat you all night but there so little time. I imagine the cell my Climax-Sisters are in has already been brought to the volcano. As tempting as it is to keep licking, I should really get to work, don’t you think?”

Vaquel groaned. Her hips thrust upwards.

Lunda cackled. A plant sample from the last world Vaquel visited wilted in its containment pod. A nearby dildo grew an extra three centimeters. The temperature inside the ship dropped a degree.

“Hold still, sweet,” Lunda said. She slipped her finger into Vaquel’s pussy and pulled it out. Slick juices clung to her orange finger. Resisting the urge to lick, Lunda wiped the juices on Vaquel’s thighs. She traced strange angles and weird arcs on the sleeping woman’s skin. Her finger dried quickly so it took frequent dips into Vaquel’s pussy to complete her work.

Vaquel groaned as Lunda drew on her skin. The pussy juice tingled where it laid and unknown to Vaquel, it glowed with a green light. The tingling of her secretions sensitized her thighs until it felt like a hundred mouths were kissing her.

“Now sweet, let’s pull my Climax-Sister through, shall we?” Lunda asked.

The orange woman slipped her finger back into Vaquel’s pussy but this time, two other fingers entered as well. The fingers expanded within Vaquel, each as thick as a slender cock. The three pushed deep inside but then pulled back at the brink of pain. They slid in and out of her stuffed sex, fucking her with an insistent rhythm.

Something splattered against Vaquel’s face. It was sticky and the musk was overwhelming. Thighs trembled around her head. She understood that Lunda’s sex was dripping onto her No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get her lips to open.

“Milebe, luscious and excessive,” Lunda whispered. “I call with something delicious for you.”

Vaquel shuddered. The three fingers in her pussy seemed to double in length. It was impossible, but her sex stretched to accommodate it. The penetration seemed to fill her entire body.

“I hear you sister of the orgasm,” a new voice whispered. “Bring me forth!”

Lunda pumped her fingers in and out of Vaquel. It was slow and steady. The three fingers thrummed and pulsed as fucked the explorer.

Vaquel writhed in the bed. What she was feeling was impossible. The three fingers pushing in were touching three fingers pushing out. It felt like someone was inside of her sex, stroking in synchronicity with the strange woman fingering her pussy. Each thrust felt like it was dividing Vaquel in two. The sleeping explorer should have been in pain but in the delirium of her dream, it felt amazing.

Whatever was happening inside Vaquel, it was enough to make her come. Still asleep, she cried out as pleasure erupted inside of her. Drops of the woman’s pussy landed in her mouth and made her climax again.

“Oh, she is lovely,” the new voice said.

Vaquel was awake again. Her heart pounded and her pussy clenched. Lunda had pulled out of her and was now lying on Vaquel’s side.

On Vaquel’s other side was a new woman. She had the same orange skin that was illuminated from within, but that was the only similarity. This woman had heavy orange breasts the size of small boulders. Her hips were wide and broad like her shoulders. Waves of black hair tumbled from her face and nearly obscured it. Deep within that green hair, white eyes glowed.

Vaquel wasn’t sure if she was still asleep. The sleeping bay was too small for three women, yet here they were. The woman’s broad shoulders should be scraping the ceiling but it moved freely. She felt Lunda arranging herself behind Vaquel without falling out of the bay. How was that possible?

“Who are you?” Vaquel asked the new woman.

“Milebe,” the woman said. Her voice was high and sweet. “Let me ask you a question. Would you like to taste something delicious?”

Vaquel didn’t hesitate. “Yes,” she said.

“Then sleep and open your mouth,” Milebe said. She pulled Vaquel towards a massive breast. Vaquel was asleep in an instant and her mouth was open a second later.

A plump breast pressed against Vaquel’s face. A hard nipple as thick as her thumb pushed into her mouth. A sweet scent filled Vaquel’s lungs, like candy but more precious. Vaquel’s lips closed around the nipple and she sucked.

Something thick squirted into Vaquel’s mouth. The liquid made Vaquel’s tongue tingle and her mouth water. A warmth spread down her throat that made her own breasts feel sensitive. The heat expanded and filled Vaquel’s buttocks. Her asshole felt a need to be touched. The heat curiously skipped her sex and went down her legs. Her toes curled in pleasure.

“I can see why you delayed, Lunda,” Milebe said. “The walls of the prison were glowing red and I wondered if you had forgotten us.”

“Never,” Lunda said behind Vaquel. She shifted down and gripped Vaquel’s ass. Her hands pulled apart her cheeks and Vaquel felt hot breath on her asshole.

“Oh, I believe you,” Milebe said, squeezing Vaquel harder to her breast. “But you know our Orgasm-Sister, she will be annoyed to be called last.”

“Annoyance is her reason for breathing,” Lunda said.

“I must warn you, sweet,” Milebe whispered to Vaquel. “Our third Orgasm-Sister is the most fearsome of us all. She is greedy and selfish with the beauty of youth to excuse her appetites. She will not be gentle with you.”

“She will see for herself,” Lunda said. “Now help me with the gate.”

Vaquel felt Milebe place her hand on Vaquel’s soaked pussy. The explorer wanted to lift a leg to allow better access, but the chains of sleep held her still. It was no matter. Milebe pushed, squirmed and wiggled her thick finger until it slipped inside of Vaquel.

Shudders gripped Vaquel’s body. She sucked harder on the nipple and the warmth if provided. Milebe’s finger slipped and curved and shifted in unnatural ways. It filled Vaquel and molded to fit the contours of her sex.

“Mmmm,” Vaquel moaned into Milebe’s breast.

“With finger and milk, I knock on the door,” Milebe whispered. “With pleasure and satisfaction, I ring the bell.”

Lunda flicked her tongue over Vaquel’s asshole. It licked the outer ring of her most sensitive flesh. Each lick sent fresh tremors through Vaquel’s body.

Milebe’s hair brushed against Vaquel’s face. It moved on its own, gentle brushing her cheeks. Milebe took Vaquel’s hand and placed it on her other large breast. Her fingers curled on their own, latching on to the giant soft mound.

Vaquel sucked harder on Milebe’s nipple. Milk filled her mouth and pushed against her cheeks, but she swallowed it all. Her hips ground against the woman’s finger, humping it as if was a cock. Meanwhile, her asshole quivered as Lunda’s tongue darted along the rim.

“Here my call, Orgasm-Sister,” Milebe whispered. “I stand at the doorway with pussy on my hand and a mouth on my breast. Join your sisters in pleasure. Come through the one who is both the gate and of the gate.”

A third voice whispered. “I am coming!”

So was Vaquel. The thick finger inside her sex pushed to the edge of climax but it was when the tongue on her asshole flickered inside her that she plummeted. Her orgasm exploded like a nova between her legs. She choked on Milebe’s milk but kept sucking. Pleasure filled every atom of Vaquel’s being.

Vaquel opened her eyes. She was awake and on her back. Milebe and Lunda were on both sides of her. Sweetness lingered in her mouth.

A new woman floated above Vaquel, higher than the ceiling of the sleeping bay should allow. She was orange but her hair was straight and red. There was cruelty in her white eyes, but it was swallowed by the beauty of her face. She was so perfect that it ached to look at her.

“I am Cynthene,” the woman said, without being asked. “You have saved me and my Bliss-Sisters from a fiery death. For this, you shall live instead of being turned into a pet to serve us. We will, however, use you to travel to another world, one less versed in the way of star-witches. Do you wish to feel a wonder?”

Vaquel stared at up at the beautiful woman. She could tell that Cynthene was not to be trusted. She also couldn’t imagine refusing something so lovely.

“Yes,” Vaquel said.

“Then by your own free will, sleep,” Cynthene said.

Vaquel’s consciousness slipped away but her eyes stayed open. She watched as Cynthene floated down to Vaquel’s body. The orange woman spread her legs to reveal the lips of her sex that curved one way and then another. Vaquel’s mouth opened on their own as Cynthene sat on her face.

Salty drops fell into Vaquel’s mouth. Her tongue extended and licked. She tasted bitterness, then sweetness, bitterness again and then something salty. The flavors changed with every lick and sometimes during a lick.

“Well met by spread thighs,” Cynthene said. “The walls had given way and lava burned my chains. It appeared my Bliss-Sisters had forsaken me but no, you rescued me after all. No doubt you were delayed by your natural desire to eliminate your superior sister.”

“It crossed my mind,” Lunda said. “But I wanted you to witness the marvel of a gate I had fashioned.”

“Your gate is a marvel, but why on a ship so small?” Milebe said. “If this ship had a crew, we could have stopped and had ourselves a repast before moving on.”

Lunda sighed. “I searched the void for one with the perversity to fuel our magic. This lone explorer is as much a seeker of pleasure as we are. In fact, she could be a star-witch if trained.”

“No,” Cynthene said firmly. The reaction caused Vaquel to flinch, even if asleep. “Two Bliss-Sisters I have and no more.”

“Two is enough,” Milebe said. “One for each breast.”

“Perhaps you are right,” Lunda said. “Besides, she looks clever and I will not be rivaled.”

“Then we are agreed,” Cynthene said. “In my time alone in the cell while you two dawdled, I found us a world, fat with desire and thin of suspicion. Bliss-Sisters let us leave.

Vaquel felt the other two women part her thighs. Milebe and her heavy breasts pressed down on Vaquel’s hips from the left while Milebe and her knowing fingers pressed down from the right. Nimble tongues danced among the hairs of Vaquel’s bush. She felt the curly hairs being braided together into obscure patterns.

Meanwhile, Cynthene humped Vaquel’s face. Her crooked pussy slide back and forth across Vaquel’s open lips and willing tongue. The orange woman played with her breasts; teasing and stimulating herself because she could spare no attention to the woman beneath her.

Vaquel stared up at Cynthene like a captive audience. She yearned to reach up and cup a perfect breast or maybe sink her fingers into a smooth thigh, but she couldn’t move. Her eyes were open and her mouth was licking but her body refused to rise from its slumber. The only part of her allowed to touch the forbidden orange woman was her mouth.

Between Vaquel’s legs, the snaking tongues of the two women spread Vaquel’s pussy lips apart. They darted inside, wiggling and stretching to reach untouched places. Lips hummed as the two muttered words directly to Vaquel’s sex.

Cynthene looked down at the explorer between her legs. Cruel white eyes grew brighter. A smile crossed her lips and Vaquel felt a shiver of fear despite the talented tongues inside her pussy.

“Stars of the sky, listen to your whores,” Cynthene whispered. “I sit upon a willing mouth. Her hair bears our sigils. Her sex clenches to the rhythm of our tongues. We ask passage to another world. Send us on our way so we may spread your message of lust and wonder. Send us to do your bidding!”

Vaquel shuddered. The tongues inside her grew thicker. They vibrated. As the two women pressed their lips to her sex, she felt their tongues sliding in and out as they fucked her.

A warm feeling spread through Vaquel’s body. Her breasts felt enlarged. Both of her nipples ached terribly. The warmth suffused her buttocks and her hips danced on their own. She felt her own tongue grow longer as it pushed up, up, up into Cynthene’s pussy to unimaginable depths.

“Send us,” Cynthene whispered.

“Send us,” Milebe whispered.

“Send us,” Lunda whispered.

“GO!” a new voice answered.

Vaquel climaxed. She screamed as the force of her orgasm exploded inside her. A gush of pussy juice poured from her sex. Her back arched and her body seemed to float in the air.

The orgasm continued. The perfect moment of pleasure kept going. She came and came for what seemed like hours.

Vaquel awoke with a start. She sat up and hit her head on the ceiling of the sleeping bay. The sheets were soaked with sweat and pussy.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said, activating at once. “Are you alright! Did you have a nightmare? Do you need to sit on me until you calm down?”

“Wow,” Vaquel whispered as she collapsed back into bed. “I had the weirdest dream. Fuck, I came so hard, though. I never come that hard in a dream.”

Vaquel opened her thighs. Her sex ached like it had been fucked hard and put away wet. She reached down and touched herself. What she felt didn’t make sense.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. she turned on the sleeping bay light and reached for a mirror. Placing the mirror by her sex, she confirmed what she felt.

The pink hairs of Vaquel’s bush were braided together to form dozens of little stars.

Sep 052018

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated The Queen’s Juice by Royal Astronomers. Of the three planets here, two are icy rocks and the third is a pleasant ocean world dotted with small continents. Probes have revealed that the ice worlds have little to no mineral value, no life and nothing worth plundering.

The ocean world is a different matter. The oceans are teeming with unintelligent life, although most of it is algae based. The surface shows signs of a civilization that once lived here, but any buildings or technology has been disassembled. Curiously, there are no traces of mass graves or warfare. It is as if the creatures here decided to break everything down and just leave.

Since this world is ideal for a pleasure outpost, I am concerned that there might be some dark secret that explains why an entire intelligent species might abandon it. For the sake of any further Euphorian colonists, I will be conducting a thorough and exhaustive investigation. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: The thorough and exhausting exploration will be conducted by a dozen probes coordinated by Chairbot. My brown ass will be spending the day on the beach.

Vaquel Di stretched out on the wooden recliner she had made earlier that day. In front of her, the beach roared and rumbled as the waves came in. White foam rose from the bright green water and coasted along the blue sand. A fish leaped out of the water and sank back in without making a splash.

“Damn, what a perfect day,” Vaquel said.

She squirted some anti-radiation gel into her hand and rubbed it over her brown breasts. Her massive mountains jiggled and quaked as she worked to cover every micrometer. She lingered for a bit on her nipples and gave them each a pinch.

The wind blew and it felt like the gentle breeze was kissing Vaquel’s exposed sex. She spread her legs and squirted gel directly onto her pubic bush. The pink fuzz of her bush flattened as she rubbed the gel onto her pussy lips.

“Well, almost perfect,” Vaquel said as she vigorously rubbed her sex. There was nothing to fuck on this planet. The average complexity of organic life was surprisingly low. She couldn’t even find a suggestively shaped seashell. The most complex organism she found was the tree she chopped down to make her recliner.

“Still, it is nice to have a day off,” Vaquel said to the wind. She left her very well-coated sex alone and applied some gel to her thighs.

When was the last time she had a day just to herself? Vaquel had a hard time remembering. As a space explorer, she had duties to perform every day. There were probe surveys to review, reports to dictate and basic maintenance to perform on the ship. Even on her alleged rest days, she had to be on alert for space anomalies, ship malfunctions and possible deep space encounters. The days where she could do absolutely nothing and not put herself at risk were few and far between.

Vaquel turned around and rolled over onto her stomach. Her large breasts flattened against the smooth wood. She couldn’t apply the anti-radiation gel to her back so she used the sprayer. A light mist settled on her back, buttocks and legs. It was a pleasant chill that was soon kissed away by the hot sun.

Facing the ocean, Vaquel watched the green waves come in and recede. Due to a quirk in the shore line, two sets of waves came together to collide in a single wave that approached the beach. Undercurrents tugged at the foam, bringing it back into the ocean to for the rhythm to play out again.

It was a beautiful sight, but she was barely aware of the water. When was her last day off? She didn’t count days where she lied on her reports and just relaxed. Those were stolen days, always with the slight undercurrent of guilt pulling at her attention and urging her to rejoin her duties. When was her last real day off from this mission?

“I don’t get days off,” Vaquel said to the wind. “I’m a deep space probe explorer for the Royal Navy on a twenty-year mission. When I get home, I will be rewarded with bed-slaves, mansions, glory and treasure. My day off will come in twelve more years.”

The wind was unimpressed. Vaquel felt a brief spark of patriotism but it was soon extinguished by the realization that she had twelve more years to go. She wasn’t even fucking halfway on this journey. Gods of the Underworld, that is a lot of busy days ahead of her.

“Fuck it,” Vaquel said. “That is why I am taking a day off. Look at what I have found, Royal Navy, a damn day off!”

The wind blew across Vaquel’s back. The cool breeze rolled down her back and over her round buttocks like the curve of a wing. She clenched her cheeks together, imaging the wind getting trapped like a person’s finger.

Or maybe a cock.

“It is not really a day off unless you come,” Vaquel decided. She reached under herself. Her hand slid over her gel-covered stomach and onto the mound of her sex. She pushed between her nether lips with a single finger, teasing herself with the possibilities.

Vaquel shuddered. She spread her legs and ran her finger up and down between her pussy lips. The wooden recliner creaked under her weight. Her nipples, pinned between the smooth wood and the weight of her breasts, hardened into little stones. Both of her buttocks clenched with anticipation.

She refused to enter herself. Lacking a partner to play with, Vaquel had to rely on herself to provide the teasing. Up and down she rubbed with patient slowness as her juices formed a puddle on the recliner.

“You’re neglecting your duties,” Vaquel said accusingly to herself. Her tone was strict and firm. “You are disobeying the Queen by taking time off. You are shaming the memory of the Royal Navy with your laziness.”

Vaquel shuddered from the dirty talk. Her knees pushed down and her ass rose before falling back down. She shifted her pelvis to trick her finger into entering her but Vaquel’s finger wasn’t cooperating. It knew all her tricks.

“Please,” Vaquel whispered. Now her tone was soft and pliable. “I promise to be good. Just one orgasm and I’ll get back to work. Well, maybe after a nice swim in the ocean too.”

“No,” Vaquel replied to herself with her cold voice.

Vaquel pinched her pussy lip. Pain radiated from her sensitive flesh. She cried out and then whimpered as she twisted the lip.

“Please, please, please,” Vaquel begged. “I’ll do anything! Just let me come! I’ll suck you off if that is what you want!”

“You’ll suck my finger?” Vaquel replied. Her voice was a little less strict. “You’ll suck it clean like the little bed-slave that you are?”

“Yes,” Vaquel moaned.

Vaquel plunged her finger into her pussy. Warm wet heat gripped her finger. Because she was a sadist, she pushed as deep and as hard as she could. Because she was a masochist, she loved it.

One finger wasn’t enough, so Vaquel added a second and a third. Up and down her ass rose and fell as she humped her fingers. The wood recliner was hard on her knees but the pain just added to her arousal.

Vaquel stared out at the ocean as she fucked herself. The waves crashed together with a passion that equaled what was happening between her legs. Another fish leapt from the water, hanging in the air almost as if they were enjoying the sight of Vaquel’s nude body.

She was close. That won’t do. Vaquel pulled her fingers out of her wet sex. As she moaned in disappointment, she brought her fingers to her mouth. She shoved her slick fingers between her lips and fucked her own face.

There was something wrong with the waves. Fingers jammed in her mouth, Vaquel squinted at the water. Instead of two waves coming together, there seemed to be three. Is it some sort of fluke of the current?

Vaquel pulled her fingers out of her mouth and slid them between her thighs. She gasped as she re-penetrated herself. The walls of her sex clenched tightly around her fingers. Her buttocks clenched as she humped her fingers.

The three waves came together and formed one wave. There was a bluish tint to this new wave. Wait, it also moved slower than it should. The blue-green wave was also growing in mass as it came closer.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. She sat up on the recliner. Her fingers were still buried in her pussy. Instinct told her to go for her equipment, but her needs told her that maybe she could reach orgasm before that was necessary.

A creature rose from the wave. It was three meters in height at least. The shape was weird, more like a mound than anything else. It shambled towards her as the water broke around it. With every step, the mound shrunk and assumed a more bipedal form.

Vaquel kept stroking. The creature was getting close, but her climax was closer. She grabbed a nipple and pulled on it to hasten her orgasm.

The creature changed color. It went from a murky blue-green to a deep blue. Shimmering gold sparkled along its form.

Vaquel pulled her breast to her mouth and bit down. The pain sent a jolt of desire to her pussy. She stroked faster, racing the creature as it came closer.

The creature shrunk in size to a little over two meters. It thinned as well, reducing to a shape similar in mass, though still larger, to Vaquel. A face formed, with two eyes, a nose and a mouth. Arms ended in hands with five fingers. With every step, it appeared to become more and more Euphorian.

Between the creature’s legs was the most important change. A phallus appeared and became more defined. It stretched half down the thighs and swung with a heavy weight.

Vaquel stopped masturbating. Her breast fell from her mouth. She stared in awe at the blue stud that was approaching her.

The being came to a stop in front of Vaquel. She was close enough to see that the phallus now had veins. As she watched, small blue hairs grew around the base of the cock.

“Welcome visitor,” the being said. No wait, the sound was coming from Vaquel’s ear!

“Do not be alarmed!” the being added. “One of my microbes has attached to your ear canal. It is translating my thoughts for your comprehension. My name is Ciremtu, Welcome to our planet!”

“My name is Vaquel,” she said. “I come from the planet, Euphoria, on a mission of exploration. I thought this planet was devoid of intelligent life.”

Ciremtu laughed. “If anything, this planet is suffused with intelligence. We used to be an inert race like yourself but many years ago, our people developed a way for us to decentralize our consciousness into algae colonies. As you can see, this gave us superior flexibility in how we wish to interact with our environment.

Vaquel stared at his cock. It was now pulsing. “Superior is one way to describe it. So, you are all a bunch of algae now? Is that, good?”

“It is fantastic!” Ciremtu says. A set of balls grows from the base of his cock. “Algae is just the building block for the more complex life forms we can assume! I spent last year as a crab, scuttling along the bottom of the ocean. Before that, I was a bird, skimming the waters and riding the air currents! I have lurked in the water as a behemoth mammal and I have spent decades growing as a tree on a beach like this. Life is so much more than having one shape, you know?”

“Hmm,” Vaquel said. She was staring at Ciremtu’s balls, which were now the perfect size to drop into her mouth. “Some shapes are better than others. So where is the rest of your kind?”

“Oh, they are around,” Ciremtu said. “You’re sitting on Aegma right now.”

Vaquel looked down at the recliner she had made. “Oh shit, did I kill them?”

“No, we’re pretty indestructible,” Ciremtu said. “If Aegma wanted to, they would just shift into a new form. They must be enjoying the novelty of being chopped up and reassembled. Or maybe they just liked having your naked body on them.”

Vaquel glanced back at Ciremtu. His phallus hardening and beginning to point upwards. “What about you? Would you like my naked body on you? Or does your superior species no longer care for sex?”

“Ha, we frequently fuck each other,” Ciremtu said. “We’re shapeshifters and masters of countless biological forms. We have engaged in forms of sex that I doubt you can comprehend.”

Vaquel reached for his cock. It was warm in her hand. She squeezed and it throbbed in response.

“Oh, then you would probably be bored with my simple, inert body?” she said.
“Most of my kind are,” Ciremtu said. “But I have always been the weird one with the fetish of non-adaptable body shapes.”

“Oh really?” Vaquel said. “So, you’re the pervert of your kind.”

“Well, technically-whoa!”

Vaquel pulled Ciremtu’s cock to her mouth and opened wide. She closed her lips around the head of the phallus and ran her tongue over it. The phallus pulsed against her tongue.

It tasted a little salty. Vaquel liked it.

Ciremtu grabbed the back of her head. He pulled her deeper onto his cock. The large phallus filled her mouth and hit the back of her throat.

Vaquel reached for his balls. She cupped them in her hand. There was two of them. She wondered where this bipedal from came from. Was it his original body or was it something he crafted to be compatible with hers? If she really wanted to know, she would have to take his cock out of her mouth to ask him.

Fuck that. Vaquel ran her tongue over Ciremtu’s wonderfully salty cock. She pulled back with her head and to her surprise, Ciremtu’s hand relented. She slid back and forth on his phallus, licking every centimeter as she went.

“Great chlorophyll!” Ciremtu cried out. “I love how your tongue doesn’t conform to the shape of my extension! The way your throat can’t expand to take my length turns me on so much! Sweet photosynthesis, I love the imperfect seal your lips are forming!”

Vaquel looked up at him with his cock in her mouth. She couldn’t quite tell if he was insulting her or not. No one had ever mentioned an imperfect seal when she was sucking them before.

Ciremtu reached down and grabbed one of her breasts. He lifted the heavy mass easily and squeezed. Her nipple was trapped between her fingers and the pinch was delicious.

“Huh,” Ciremtu said. “Are you sure that you are not a volatile shape? Because this mammary sack is perfect! I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Vaquel purred. That was more like it.

She relaxed her jaw and took more of him into her mouth. He hit the back of her throat and kept going. Vaquel kept swallowing more and more until his balls were tantalizingly within reach. She stuck her tongue out past her lip, but she still couldn’t reach his balls.

“Great rays of light!” Ciremtu yelled. He shuddered and his balls almost touched her tongue. “How are you doing that? Are you sure that you are not a shapeshifter?

Vaquel pulled back and let his cock escape her lips. She looked up at him and smiled. “I guess us poor inert lifeforms just have to develop skills rather than change shapes.”

Ciremtu shook his head in wonder. “I need to fuck that vaginal orifice and see what skills you possess there.”

“Yes, you do!” Vaquel said.

She stood and grabbed Ciremtu by his broad shoulders. Turning at the waist, she flipped him over her hip and onto the wood recliner. He landed hard, but she wasn’t concerned. His species was indestructible, right?

Ciremtu didn’t seem bothered. He laid on the wooden recliner with his pulsing erection in hand. It looked bigger than it was a second ago.

That was fine with Vaquel. She swung a brown leg over his blue body and squatted down. He held his cock straight up as she lowered her wet sex to him. The thick head pushed apart her nether lips and entered her.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried. He had grown! She slowly lowered her weight onto him and his cock pushed deep inside of her. The thick phallus spread her apart, pushing her to every limit as it filled her.

When Vaquel settled onto his lap, she sat perfectly still. The thick phallus impaled her so deeply, she was a little afraid to move. Shudders ran up her spine and down each leg. Maybe this was a mistake.

“Should I reduce myself?” Ciremtu asked. “I may have overestimated your capacity for cock.”

“Don’t you dare,” Vaquel whispered.

She began to move. Slow and steady, she rocked back and forth. Her feet dug into the sand to brace herself while her hips did most of the moving. To help, she reached down and stroked the outside of her sex to keep herself well stimulated.

Ciremtu groaned. His eyes bulged. Muscles clenched and bulged along his chest. He reached up and grabbed her brown breasts in each hand. Gently squeezing, he pulled and played with her tits.

Vaquel leaned into Ciremtu’s hands. As they supported her, she grinded a little faster on his enormous cock. Her fingers homed in on her clitoris and rubbed it furiously.

Ciremtu moaned.

Vaquel moaned.

There was a third moan.

“What?” Vaquel gasped. Her hips never broke stride.

“That was Aegma,” Ciremtu whispered.

Vaquel laughed. She had forgotten about the fucking chair. Fine, let it enjoy itself. She didn’t know what kind of pleasure it was getting, but as long it held them up, she didn’t care.

Ciremtu moved one of his hands from her breast to her ass. As his fingers sunk into her ass, he also pulled. He pushed up with his hips, lifting her body on his cock.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. She kept stroking her clitoris as Ciremtu bucked beneath her. The breast that was still held by the alien jiggled wildly while the other one bounced and slammed on her chest.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Take it you inert, solid, primitive evolutionary dead end!” Ciremtu yelled.

Vaquel felt a flash of anger followed by a flush of desire. She had never been insulted as an inert species before. It was a new kind of filthy talk.

“Oh, you want me to take it, do you?” Vaquel said. “Let’s see how you handle this pussy, you blue algae-shifting solid-fucker!”

Vaquel leaned forward and rested both elbows on Ciremtu’s broad chest. His cock still trapped inside of her, Vaquel slammed her pelvis up and down with increasing speed. Her brown ass clenched, writhed and jerked as she savagely rode him.

“Great chlorophyll!” Ciremtu cried. “You’re threatening my structural cohesiveness!”

“Oh, am I too much for you?” Vaquel said. Her heavy breasts pressed against his chest. “Are you not ready for this pussy? Is it too advanced for you? Is it too fucking primitive for your cock?”

Ciremtu didn’t answer. He grabbed Vaquel’s twerking ass with both hands and held on. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and stayed there.

Vaquel showed him no mercy. His cock was still too big and wide, but the alien’s submission kept her lubricated. She slammed her pelvis into his, sending his massive phallus deeper and deeper inside of her tight sex.

“Great rays of light,” Ciremtu whispered. A fissure appeared on his shoulder.

Vaquel added a devious sway to her hips with every hump.

“Sweet photosynthesis,” Ciremtu gasped. Toes fell off his feet.

Vaquel clenched tighter around him with her aching pussy muscles.

“Oh excrement,” Ciremtu said and then his body crumbled into blue-green mold. The next slam of Vaquel’s hips shattered him. Pieces of mold were caught by the wind and blown away.

“No!” Vaquel yelled. She was so damn close!

Wait, Ciremtu’s phallus was still inside of Vaquel. She reached down and grabbed the end. The balls were still attached. She clenched. The cock was still solid.

Vaquel didn’t waste any time. There was no telling how long the phallus would last. She quickly laid down on the wooden recliner and spread her legs. Her knees up, she held onto the phallus by the balls as she fucked herself.

The recliner groaned under her.

“Hey, Aemga!” Vaquel shouted. “You want to take your buddy’s place and fuck me?”

The recliner didn’t answer.

“Your loss!” Vaquel shouted.

She rammed the phallus in and out of her sex. The phallus was still thick, it was still solid and it was still pushing her every limit. The hard pulls bounced into her slick lips like a kiss.

The wind blew across Vaquel’s hard nipples and sent her over the edge. A powerful orgasm exploded between her legs like a fragmentation grenade. Her pussy convulsed and cracked the phallus in three places.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel screamed.

As Vaquel shook and rode her orgasm, the cock crumbled inside of her. Blue-green slime oozed out of her pussy. Something sparkled in the goo, but whether it was some unknown organelle or a piece of Ciremtu’s conscious, she didn’t know.

Vaquel rose from the recliner and stumbled to the water on shaking knees. She squealed when the cool water hit her feet but she kept going. Only when the water reached her breasts did she stop, and that was to make sure her sex was properly washed out.

“That was exhausting,” Vaquel said. Her thighs and ass burned from the fucking. Sweat ran down her face. The inside of her pussy felt wrecked in a good way.

“I’m going to have to take an extra day off to recover from my day off,” Vaquel said.

And who knows? Ciremtu might come back. Or maybe another of his kind will come to visit.

“If all else fails, I can carve Aemga into something more intimate.”

Vaquel floated in the water and began her long hard day of resting.

Aug 012018

Explorer’s Log: I am on day thirteen of my twenty-two day journey to the star system designated The Queen’s Juice by Royal Astronomers. I have repaired one of the hull breaches by using supplies from the ship stores. There is not enough material to repair the second breach, so I have been sealing it with an emergency force field. To maintain our mandatory velocity, ship energy usage has been diverted from various luxuries like water temperature controls, gravity generation and vibrator charging.

Scans have shown a debris field in our flight path. Due to the anomalies in the area, scans have been inconclusive, but I plan to slow down and examine the field. It is worth the delay if materials can be scavenged. I don’t mind the loss of luxuries, but I do worry that the ship may fail the Queen if we encounter any more trouble and there are more hull breaches. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: It is one thing to take cold showers but fuck am I going to go without a vibrator for one more fucking day.

Vaquel Di floated in space near a massive piece of hull plating. The yellow spacesuit that clung to her body glowed in the darkness. Short pink hair floated within the glassteel helmet that surrounded her head. Bright eyes squinted from a pretty brown face as she examined the hull debris.

“Finally found a match,” Vaquel reported over the communication line. “I will cut off several pieces and bring it back to the ship for melting and fabrication. Chairbot. Do you hear me?

A crackle of static answered back.

Vaquel sighed. There was too much interference. Cosmic waves and weirder radiation permeated the debris field. She wasn’t sure if it was a natural occurrence in this part of space or a result of the debris field’s creation. Either way, there was no way to communicate with her loyal robot back at the probe ship.

The debris stretched out for several kilometers before Vaquel. She wasn’t sure what kind of craft it was, but there were several clues. The amount of debris told her that the ship had been big. The giant blocks of frozen gas suggested it had supported a large number of life forms. Shattered hallways and drifting doorways allowed her to guess that the creatures were taller than she was. Remnants of signs revealed that they spoke a stylized version of Lucida Sans. Glowing panels and flickering lights told her most of the ship had independent power sources, many of them still working.

There was just one thing missing from the debris. Where were the bodies? Vaquel had encountered chairs, tables, beds, desks and even clothes, but no corpses. What breaks a ship up and makes the bodies disappear?

An unpleasant thought leaped to Vaquel’s mind. She pictured a vast creature, flying through space and cracking open large starships like they were rotten tree trunks. Once the ship was cracked, it would suck the organic life forms like a carnivore sucking up vermin.

Vaquel snorted and shook her head. Even if there was a creature like that, it wasn’t here now. She needed to get back to work and scavenge some materials. There was a dead vibrator back on the ship that needed charging.

She turned her attention back to the hull plating in front of her. Using her laser slicer, she cut off a section of the hull. She then cut that piece into several smaller pieces and stuffed them into her bag. The bag floated beside her, attached to her waist by a thin cord.

“I’m returning to the ship,” Vaquel reported.

Static rumbled in her ear.

Vaquel activated her flight pack and turned towards the direction of her probe ship. Broken pieces of debris drifted by. Here was a sleeping quarter, with a large bed bolted to the floor. There was a giant piece of machinery, sheared in half. A corridor floated in space with emergency force fields still active on both ends. There was everything you needed for a space ship except a crew to man it.

A section of flooring caught Vaquel’s eye. The flooring had the remains of a wall on one side and on the wall was a glowing panel. Chained to the floor was a floating cargo box that looked intact.

Curiosity wrestled with prudence in Vaquel’s mind. Cargo boxes could hold anything. They might have supplies, trade goods or garbage. You never knew until you opened them. For all Vaquel knew, it might even have sex toys.

“That is highly unlikely,” Vaquel said out loud. But still, there was a chance.

Vaquel flew to the floor section and activated the magnets in her boots. The heels of her shoes clamped onto the metal floor. She wanted to check out the box, but caution told her to examine the panel first. If it had power, then it might be part of a security system.

The panel was studded with power outlets. According to the display screen, it was at half-power but slowly recharging. There was a hole punched through the wall next to the panel, just large enough for a finger or a cock if you were on the slender side.

Vaquel turned her attention to the cargo box. The clamp holding the chain had been sloppily welded on with an excess of flash metal. The same could be said for the clamp on the box.

The latch was easy to figure out and Vaquel opened the box. The light from her yellow spacesuit reveal an array of shiny objects strapped to the inside of the box. Each object had a different bizarre shape but many of them were phallic in nature. All of them had cords coming out of their backs.

Vaquel examined a cord. It ended in a plug. A quick glance confirmed it was the same shape as the outlets on the power panel.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. Were these sex toys? They looked like sex toys. If they weren’t sex toys, she was pretty sure she could turn them into one.

Vaquel selected an object that most resembled an Euphorian cock. She didn’t know what the little squishy thing at the base was for, but she was sure that she could put the rest of the device to work.

The phallus’ plug slipped into the outlet and a small circle on the handle flashed blue. Vaquel pressed the circle and the phallus shook in her hand. The squishy thing rotated at a high speed. It was a vibrator!

“Praise the Queen,” Vaquel whispered. What were the odds that she would find a cargo crate of vibrators in this debris field? It was enough to make Vaquel believe a higher power did exist and it wanted her to get off.

Vaquel considered cutting the chain and bringing the cargo box back to the ship with her. The only problem was that she wasn’t sure what kind of power the vibrators needed. There might not be a way to run these toys with her ship’s energy system.

She almost considered taking the wall and panel with her back to the ship before realizing how ridiculous that was. Even her horny ass wouldn’t be dumb enough to take an unknown power source to her ship. For all she knew, it was this kind of power that tore apart the ship that created this debris field. She had no interest in adding her ship’s wreckage to the scrap pile.

No, if she was going to use these toys, she would have to use them here.

Vaquel pressed the tip of the vibrator against her breast. The vibrations pulsed through the thin space suit and buzzed against her soft flesh. The vibrations caused her heavy breast to jiggle within her suit. It felt good.

The bag of salvaged parts bumped against Vaquel’s ass. The free-floating bag was going to be a problem. Vaquel detached the cord connected to the bag and activated the magnet clamp. She reached out as far as the sex toy cord would let her and slapped the magnet clamp to the wall. There, now the bag of parts was out of her way.

Vaquel rubbed the sex toy back and forth across her breasts. The pleasant vibrations buzzed through the thin suit and against her sensitive flesh. She moaned as the tip played against her nipple, and her small bud hardened in response.

She wondered about the squishy thing at the base. Reversing the sex toy in her hand, she pressed the rotating squishy thing against her breast. It spun against her space suit but she didn’t really feel anything.

“Maybe I lack the biology for it,” Vaquel said.

Vaquel adjusted the sex toy so the tip of the phallic end pressed against her thigh. Powerful vibrations run up and down her leg. The vibrations grew stronger as she guided it towards her crotch.

“Does it have some sort of sensor technology that lets it know when it is near an orifice?” Vaquel speculated.

She moved the toy away from her crotch and down to her knee. The vibrations dropped in intensity. She brought it back up her thigh and the vibrations escalated. It definitely knew where her sex was.

“I might have to take you back with me after all,” Vaquel said. “The Royal Navy would love to learn more about you.”

Vaquel slid the toy up her leg and presses it directly against her crotch. The toy trembled in her hand as the vibrations intensified. Her already damp sex gushed with new juices. Vaquel cried out inside her glasssteel helmet. It was almost too much.


The toy began to wiggle. Vaquel held it in place as the phallic shape writhed and twisted against her crotch. It felt good as the vibrating length rolled and grinded against her thin space suit.

Vaquel shuddered and stood in place. The toy was doing all the work with the way it was grinding and the vibrations it was emitting were intense. If it wasn’t for the silence of space, Vaquel was sure that the toy would be roaring with buzzing power.

She humped the sex toy. Her hungry pussy yearned to be penetrated but she had to make do with just humping the toy through her space suit. Pussy juices flowed from her sex and down her thighs. Her hips bucked back and forth as she rode the toy.

“Praise the Queen,” Vaquel whispered. She needed this so badly. A week without hot water, a week without gravity and a week of no vibrators had left her in a bad state. She had considered rigging the sensors so that she could cheat on the energy rationing but her loyalty to the Queen forbade it. Now after so much suffering, she was enjoying a sex toy found in a debris field. It was enough to make her believe that the Queen really did have divine powers and that she was looking favorably on her devoted subject.

The vibrations grew stronger. Vaquel nearly doubled over but she forced herself to stand. She lifted one leg and planted her foot on the wall. The magnets in her boot clamped to the wall and held Vaquel’s leg in place.

Standing with her leg out at a ninety-degree angle, Vaquel pulled the toy tighter against her pussy. Her thighs quivered as she held her position. She began to pant from the intensity of sensations and the environmental controls struggled to keep the glasssteel helmet from fogging over.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel chanted. She was so aroused, that she was struggling to come. The vibrations pushed her sex to the edge of orgasm but just stayed there.

A shadow passed over Vaquel. She noticed it but was too focused on coming to wonder where it came from. The shadow grew but Vaquel’s eyes were closed as she inched closer to orgasm.

ZAP! Vaquel’s eyes popped open. Electricity shot through her body and sent her into a trembling fit. It only lasted a moment before she fell into the oblivion of unconsciousness.

Vaquel awoke with a start. She was bent over the cargo crate. Something was wrapped around her ankles and preventing her from moving her legs. A chain was wrapped around her hands and the chain was connected to the wall next to the power panel. The vibrator floated nearby, still attached to the outlet.

Next to the sex toy was Vaquel’s flight pack. The straps had been cut. One strap was tied to a knob on the power panel.

A blue shape moved in front of her. It was humanoid with two legs and two arms, but a blue spacesuit covered it from head to toe. The blue helmet had a black face plate that obscured the being’s identity. There was a tag on the suit that said “Alatara”. Whether that was a name or not, Vaquel could only guess.

The alien turned a dial on their wrist. It would pause and then turn it some more. After a few twists, Vaquel’s ear piece buzzed.

“Can you hear me now?” a voice asked in Lucida Sans. It sounded feminine.

“Yes!” Vaquel said. “Untie me at once!”

“No!” the voice replied. It was high pitched and shrill. “You were playing with my fun time! Fun time is for me! I looted all the fun time from the other quarters! Fun time is mine! Mine! Mine!”

The alien shook their arms as they talked. Vaquel wasn’t sure if it was dancing, having a spasm or that was how it communicated.

“Sure, fun time is yours!” Vaquel said. “I’m sorry! I didn’t know someone claimed this salvage!”

“Not salvage!” the alien responded. Now only one arm was shaking. “This is my ship! I served on it! I had nothing to do with it blowing up! I was nowhere near engineering when it happened! I didn’t mix up the coupling ratios! I didn’t override the failsafe because I was in a hurry! It is not my fault! It could have happened to anyone!”

Vaquel tried not to sigh audibly. This alien was a few centimeters short of a full penetration. She was going to have to be careful.

“I’m sure you had nothing to do with it,” Vaquel said. “And like I said, I am really sorry about messing with your fun time. Could you please let me go and I promise to leave.”

“No!” the alien shrieked in Vaquel’s ear. “You messed with fun time! There must be discipline! You broke the rules! Without discipline, there is only chaos! If there is chaos, there is a core breach! If there is a core breach, then ships blow up when you get in a hurry and it is not my fault!”

The alien moved behind Vaquel. The space explorer tugged on her chains. The chain around her hands were not as tight as they should be. Maybe the alien was in a hurry; that seemed to be a theme with her. With time, Vaquel thought she could get her hands free.

Something large and flat pressed against Vaquel’s round ass. She froze in her struggles as the flat object rubbed against her ass. If this was punishment, it wasn’t so bad.

“I was always punished with more chores,” the alien said. “But I can’t make you scrub the floors because the all the floors are broken. I can’t make you do an extra shift because there is only one shift now and it last forever! I can’t make you clean the couplings because they atomized and it is not my fault! So, we are going to have to have bad time!”

“Whoa!” Vaquel said. “What is bad time?”

“This,” the alien said.

The flat object moved away but then a second later, it came back at a high velocity. The object collided into Vaquel’s ass with a vengeance. The spacesuit provided no protection for Vaquel’s round bottom. Vaquel’s body and the crate she was bent over were thrown forward, but the chains held her in place.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. “You could have fucking warned me! Or at least given me a warmup!”

The alien answered with another spank to Vaquel’s ass. It landed centered on her asshole, spreading the impact among both of her buttocks. The sting of the spank exploded through her ass like a supernova.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled again. Her ass was on fire. She kicked and pulled but the chains still held her.

The spanking continued. The lack of sound meant Vaquel was unprepared for each slap to her ass. There was no whistling or rush of air to tell her something was coming. The only noise was the sound of her ass getting flattened within her space suit. That and Vaquel’s own cries of pain.

Worse, the pattern of spanks was irregular. Sometimes the paddle slammed into her ass in quick succession and sometimes there would be long pauses between strikes. Every time Vaquel though that she knew what to anticipate, she would be proven wrong by the next spank.

One thing that was consistent was the growing heat on her ass. The paddle strikes were brutal. She didn’t know what was being used to hit her, but Vaquel knew it was large, wide and capable of being swung as fast as a laser shot.

The heat on Vaquel’s blistered bottom was matched by the heat between her legs. She never did get to climax, and her wet pussy was a constant reminder. Every spank made her crotch grind against the cargo box and a blunt box corner was a poor substitute for the vibrating, wiggling phallus she was grinding against earlier.

The spanking came to a sudden stop. Vaquel breathed hard inside her glassteel helmet. After having been fooled by so many pauses, she was reluctant to be tricked into thinking it was over.

A hand grabbed her ass. Four equidistant fingers squeezed together. Vaquel’s tender buttock flared with new pain as her welts were crushed.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled again. Her ass hurt too much to be creative with her screaming.

“You’re not Lopi,” the alien said. “What race are you?”

“Euphorian!” Vaquel yelled. “Please let me go! I can get you to a planet if you like! Even your home planet! My ship is nearby!”

“No, no!” the alien screamed. “If I go home, there will be questions! They will want to know what happened to the ship! They will ask what happened to the crew! There were one thousand meals, I mean, one thousand people on the ship! They will want to know why the bodies are in Cargo bay four with the stasis generator! They will want to know why there are so many bite marks! They will want to know why I have gained twenty kilos since the accident! It is not my fault!”

Before Vaquel could say anything, the large object smacked into her ass again. This time it hit her twice as hard as before, which is something that she didn’t think was possible. Maybe being a crazed cannibal who blew up their own ship made you a hard spanker.

“Not my fault!” the alien screamed.

The paddle slammed into Vaquel’s buttocks like a blown off airlock door.

“Not my fault!” the alien screamed.

The paddle crashed into Vaquel’s ass like a meteor.

“Not my fault!” the alien screamed.

The paddle collided into Vaquel’s bottom like a runaway torpedo.

Vaquel’s ass burned like she was having her own critical core breach. The heat had evolved into a new kind of pain Vaquel had never experienced before. The rest of her body ceased to exist as all her attention was drawn to the twin hemispheres of pain that were her buttocks.

It hurt so much, that she didn’t notice her hands had pulled free of the chains until her hands came up and hit her helmet.

“Fuck, yeah!” Vaquel cried.

The spanking stopped. “What?” the alien asked.

Vaquel pushed herself off the crate and floated upwards. The chains around her feet kept her secured to the door. Her hands went to her belt and hey, look who still has her laser cutter!

“No! Bad time isn’t over, yet!” the alien yelled.

Vaquel turned with her laser cutter in hand and looked at the alien. The paddle she was using was a large piece of piece of the hull still connected to a support girder. Fuck, no wonder it hurt so much!

The alien swung the paddle at Vaquel. Vaquel fired the laser cutter. A beam of light sliced through the paddle, into the alien’s space suit, through the alien and out the other side.

“Grrgg!” the alien gurgled. It released the paddle and pressed something on its glove. The boots of the space suit glowed and the alien lifted away. It turned and flew off deeper into the debris field.

Vaquel fired at the alien again but the range on the laser cutter was too short. She turned the cutter to the chains on her feet instead. It only took a moment to cut through each chain and to be free.

“I got to get out of here,” Vaquel said to herself. “Crazy alien might be back with better weapons. I need to get my salvaged shit and go.”

Vaquel grabbed her flight pack and slipped it on. The straps were torn but she tied them together. It wouldn’t be a comfortable trip back to her ship, but it would have to do.

The sex toy drifted in front of her. Vaquel pushed it out of the way and reached for her salvage bag. She detached the clamp from the wall and attached it to her belt. There, now she was ready to go.

Well, almost ready.

Vaquel grabbed the sex toy. She moved close to the wall so that her back was to it, but of course, not touching it with her sore ass. The crazy alien wasn’t going to get behind her again this time.

The sex toy trembled in Vaquel’s hand. The alien had never turned it off. Vaquel pressed it against her crotch and let it works its magic.

“Oh, FUCK!” Vaquel cried. The powerful vibrations penetrated the space suit and pulsed against Vaquel’s sex. The phallus writhed against the suit stretched across Vaquel’s wet pussy lips. The suit stretched but only would allow barely a centimeter of the phallus inside her.

It was enough. Ecstasy exploded within Vaquel’s sex, followed by another explosion of pleasure and then another. It was like a chain reaction of collapsing power cores except instead of heat and light, the only thing being emitted was pure bliss.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel screamed, but in the void of space, no one heard her come.

Vaquel pulled the toy away from her body. Aftershocks of her orgasm made her body tremble. She considered ripping the panel out of the wall and trying to take the power and the sex toy with her, but she knew better. For better or worse, the sex toy had to stay here.

It was time to go. Vaquel let go of the toy and it drifted away. Vaquel uncoupled her shoes from the floor and felt herself drift up. She brought her legs together for the flight pose needed for optimal speed.

Pain flared along her ass. The power of her climax had made her forget about her spanking but she remembered now. Her buttocks ached and burned. They were going to hurt for a while.

Vaquel pulled out her laser slicer and fired it. A beam of light sliced across space and struck the power panel. Energy arced from the panel. Smoke emerged and instantly froze. The panel went dark as it was fried.

“No more fun time for you, asshole,” Vaquel whispered.

Jul 042018

Explorer’s Log: I am on day six of my twenty-two day journey to the star system designated The Queen’s Juice by Royal Astronomers. This area of space is filled with all sorts of odd energy readings and strange matter. I have detected six new kinds of energy waves as well as four unknown dark matter formations. My probes are not sophisticated enough for a full examination. It will take a dedicated science vessel to properly analyze these readings.

In the meantime, I have increased the maintenance schedule around the probe ship. I want to make sure that all these odd energies and inexplicable substances don’t affect the ship’s performance. It means a lot more work for me, but it is worth it in order to properly serve the Queen. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: There is a lot of weird shit out here. Some of the probe results look like logic puzzles. I’m glad that I don’t have to understand what it is. Let a science vessel get out here and fuck around with it.

“Oh please, Mistress!” Chairbot begged. “Sit down on me and I promise to make you come!”

“Nope,” Vaquel Di said. The space explorer squatted half a meter above Chairbot’s seat. She was naked, and the brown globes of her ass clenched in a rhythmic pulse. Her hands cupped each of her heavy breasts and squeezed. She spread her legs further to expose the pink pubic bush of her sex. Up and down she twerked her ass for the robot.

“I’m begging you, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “My vibrators are primed and ready to go! I have a new massage pattern prepared that is projected to give you twenty percent more pleasure!”

“Twenty?” Vaquel asked. “That’s all?”

“If I burn through my reserve power, I can get as high as twenty-three!” Chairbot said.

“Hmm, I don’t know,” Vaquel said.

But she did know. There was no doubt that Vaquel was going to sit on her loyal robot’s seat. It was completely certain that she was going to let his vibrators bring her to at least three orgasms. There was a zero percent possibility that she was going to walk away from the pleasure he was promising. It was just too much fun to tease him.

Vaquel reached behind her and grabbed her ass. She spread her brown buttocks as the robot moaned. Releasing her ass, she gave herself a quick slap on both her cheeks.

“You don’t think my ass has gotten fat?” Vaquel said. “You sure that you still want it?”

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot nearly screamed.

“So it has gotten fat?” Vaquel said, slapping her ass again.

“No!” Chairbot squealed. “I was replying to your later question. Your ass is magnificent! The curve-to-mass ratio is an ideal mathematical truth! It is an honor to be sat on by your superior ass!”

Vaquel moaned. That was what she liked to hear. She reached around and pressed her hand to her sex. Her hips and buttocks swayed as she humped against her hand. A tremor ran through her body, making her brown ass clench above Chairbot.



The ONE stirred in its slumber. An eon of hibernation ended, and the process of awakening began. Dormant cells reignited. Sensory pods opened to better hear the universe. Five limbs uncurled from the protective ball and stretched in the cold inferno of space.

Hunger. The ONE felt the need in every cell of its body. The last feeding had been long ago.

FOOD! The ONE sensed FOOD nearby. It was moving away but slowly. The ONE must travel to it and gather and consume. Only when it was full, would the ONE be able to sleep again.

The ONE snagged a wave of radiation and rode it towards the FOOD. It also sent out a call.

The MANY heard.


“So, what you are saying, is that you want me to sit on you?” Vaquel teased.

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

“Hmm,” Vaquel said as if this was new information. She lowered her ass until it was just a few centimeters away from Chairbot’s seat and then stopped. Bracing her legs, she continued to shimmy her brown bottom just out of reach of the eager robot.

“Please, Mistress!” Chairbot whined. The vibrators in the seat roared to life.

Vaquel smiled. Chairbot could easily lift its seat to touch Vaquel’s ass but it knew better. For a robot chair, he was a good submissive. She had trained him well.

She rubbed her pussy harder. The sound of her wet hole getting fingered joined the hum of the vibrating chair. A shudder ran through her and a drop of pussy juice landed on the robot’s seat.



The ONE rode the wave of radiation towards the THING. The FOOD was inside the THING and the THING was moving slowly. Dimly, it perceived the THING was being pushed by waves from the BRIGHT PLACES, which is why it was so slow. The ONE would catch up soon.

Behind the ONE, the MANY followed.


“You know, I’m just not feeling it,” Vaquel aid and she stood up.

“Noooooooo!” Chairbot wailed.

“You’re so easy to fool,” Vaquel laughed. She sat down on the purple seat.

Intense vibrations pressed against Vaquel’s ass. She cried out and leaned back in the chair. Ridges rose and fall along the contours of the seat, pressing against her firm buttocks. The vibrations intensified to the limits of her sensitivity and then subsided, allowing her a moment to recover before they intensified again.

“Fuck, yes!” Vaquel cried out. “You weren’t kidding about this new pattern!”

Chairbot moaned happily under her. The seat rocked back and forth and Vaquel groaned. A ridge lifted in the front of the seat and pressed against her sex. Micro-ridges formed on the ridge to stimulate her drenched pussy.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled again. She cried out so loudly that she didn’t hear the patter of multiple objects hitting the hull. The collision warning on the navigation console flashed Vaquel was facing the opposite direction.



The ONE slammed into the THING. It spread its arms and grappled with the smooth surface. The MANY impacted around it. They crawled over each other as they sought a way in.

Here was a flaw in the THING. The ONE sunk its arms into the flaw and pulled. The MANY crawled over and helped. The THING gave way and opening was created.

The ONE rushed in. The MANY followed.



“Hull breach!” the ship systems announced. “Activating emergency force fields!”

Vaquel sprang up from Chairbot. “Queen’s tit! What’s going on?”

She turned to run to the navigation console but stopped in her tracks. Above her, she could hear something skittering in the service duct. No, make that a lot of something was in the service duct.

“I am detecting multiple quasi-lifeforms!” Chairbot said.

“What the fuck is a quasi-lifeform?” Vaquel asked.

Metal tore above Vaquel and out fell her answer. It was small, about the size of her hand and almost pitch black in color. The only variation in color with green circles that pulsed along its skin. It had five equal extensions radiating from a center. The thing reminded Vaquel of aquatic star-shaped creatures she had seen in tidal pools. Rising up on its extensions, it ran rapidly to her.

Vaquel kicked it. The thing clung to her bare foot. Its touch was surprisingly warm and soft. As she tried to shake it off, the thing crawled over her toes. She felt a mouth open in the center and encompass her two middle toes.

“Fuuuuuuu-hey, that doesn’t feel bad,” Vaquel said.

The creature’s mouth sucked on her toes. It was a gentle sucking motion. Something that resembled a tongue played over the tips of her toes. It might have tickled if the tongue was any faster.

“Mistress, put your foot down and I will run over it!” Chairbot said.

“No!” Vaquel snapped. She stood there with her foot raised. “If it wants to suck my toes, let’s not be too hasty. One little toe-sucker isn’t a threat. Wait, what’s that sound?”

Vaquel looked up and a surge of black star creatures spill from the hole.

The star creatures fell on top of Vaquel. Their extensions clung to her body like tractor beams to space debris. They were weightless as the scrambled and crawled over her body. Several clung to her face and covered her eyes.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel swore. she stumbled around and tried to pull the creatures from the face. They stubbornly held on with surprising strength.

Then their mouths opened. All over Vaquel’s body, she felt tiny tongues licking her skin. There was one creature on the top of her breast and it was flicking its tongue just shy of her areole. Another creature clinging to the side of her other breast and passionately licked her side boob. Creatures hanging onto the curves of her ass licked while creatures wrapped around her legs licked as well. One creature engulfed her hand and was eagerly sucking on her thumb.

It was quite pleasant. As Vaquel stood there, she began to enjoy it more and more. Like Chairbot’s new seat program, the tongues worked at different yet complimentary speeds. She wondered if they were telepathically linked.

“Stop, drop and roll, Mistress!” Chairbot yelled.

That was a reasonable idea but did Vaquel really want to? The mouths were nice, and the tongues were nicer. She could do without the mouth licking her left eyelid, but the rest were good. There were no teeth.

Well, no teeth yet.

Caution won out over lust and Vaquel dropped to the ground. The cabin area was small, so she made sure to do tight controlled rolls. Back and forth she rolled but none of the star creatures would let go.



The ONE sucked and licked. The FOOD was just out of reach. It was here but the ONE needed to unlock it. Hunger drove it to move and find ways to pry it out.

The MANY agreed.


The creatures slithered over Vaquel’s body. At first, she thought they were leaving but no, they were repositioning. What were they doing? Looking for a tender part of her to bite down on?

“Chairbot, get me a mask! We might need to gas these things!” Vaquel yelled.
The star creature on her eye crawled down her face and climbed onto her mouth. The arms clung to the side of her face and sealed her lips. The tiny tongue licked her full lips.

The creatures on Vaquel’s tits moved as well. They licked their way up and down her large brown breasts. One of them licked her nipple and Vaquel shuddered. The star creature immediately sunk onto her nipple and sucked harder.

The same thing happened to Vaquel’s other breast. The creature stopped licking her underboob and scrambled onto her nipple with surprising speed. It latched onto her breast as the mouth furiously licked her sensitive nub of flesh.

A star creature crawled over her sex. The small mouth sucked on the side of her pussy lip and Vaquel gasped. The star creature sucked harder and its tongue lashed at her skin. The legs moved to get a better grip on her and one of the legs slipped into her pussy.

“Mmmm!” Vaquel cried with a star creature over her lips. The sudden penetration sent a shudder through her body. Her back arched and her hips lifted.

FOOD! The ONE tasted it on the air. It was inside the wet slick hot tight place. The ONE needed to get it out.

The MANY needed to get it out.

The star creature stopped sucking on Vaquel’s pussy lip. It pushed another arm into Vaquel’s sex and then another. The three arms came together to form a wedge inside her wet walls. The other two arms clung to her lips as the makeshift wedge sunk deeper.

Vaquel’s moaned. The creature on her mouth pushed her jaws open. Three arms pushed into her mouth and formed another wedge. It pushed against Vaquel’s tongue and tasted slightly metallic.

Other penetrations were occurring around Vaquel’s body. Arms slipped between fingers and toes. An extension tried to enter her left ear canal. A stubborn creature crawled between her buttocks and was carefully poking her anus with an arm.

But it was the creature in Vaquel’s pussy that had her full attention. It pushed deep inside her and wiggled. As Vaquel clenched around it, the wedge of arms shifted and pushed. It clung to her sex lips as the wedge began to thrust.

Vaquel’s cry were muffled by the creature in her mouth. She planted her feet and shoulders on the ground and lifted her ass. The creatures hung onto her body as she humped the air.

“Mistress!” Chairbot yelled. “I am detecting a flaw in their metabolism. They may be vulnerable to an increase of nitrogen in the air supply. The increase would be small enough that it wouldn’t affect you but it should choke them. Should I initiate the nitrogen increase?”

Vaquel shook her head vigorously. She tries her best to glare at the robot. If she didn’t have a creature wrapped around her fingers, she would have added an obscene gesture for emphasis.

The creature inside her pussy thrusted deep inside Vaquel. It took her by surprise and she rolled her eyes in bliss. The wedge formation pushed and retreated at a punishing pace. It was almost too much for her but Vaquel didn’t want it to stop.

“Mistress, was that a yes?” Chairbot said.

Vaquel looked at the eager robot in disbelief. Was he serious? Couldn’t he see how much she was enjoying this? Was he fucking with her?

The creature on Vaquel’s ass grew braver. It pushed a spiny extension into the tight ring of her asshole. Only the tip made it inside of her and it felt like a tongue as it wiggled around.

“Fmmmk!” Vaquel screamed with a creature sealed over her mouth. She rolled over onto her side so she wouldn’t squish the creature that was exploring her ass. The other creatures hung on, tightening their grip as the continued to lick, suck or thrust.

The green circles on the creatures’ skin began to glow. The glow grew brighter as Vaquel moaned. As the brown woman shuddered on the floor, the glow pulsed in time with her tremors.

“Nitrogen increase has been inputted into environmental controls!” Chairbot announced.

Vaquel screamed in annoyance. She took a swing at the purple robot, but he had incidentally rolled out of range. Her leg kicked out at him but a star creature sucking her toes took most of the impact.

The creature inside her sex fucked harder. The arms bent slightly to reach her deepest depths. It was learning the contours of her pussy and adjusting. Ridges formed on the skin of the extensions to further stimulate her. The thrusts included a slight twist that drove Vaquel closer to orgasm.

“Nitrogen adjustment has been processed and will commence in thirty seconds!” Chairbot gleefully announced.

Vaquel ignored her star creature-blocking robot and focused on her body. She rolled over onto her back and spread her legs. The creature on her ass was smashed against the floor but its arm continued to twist and turn inside her asshole. The star thing on her mouth continued to thrust inside her mouth. The creatures on her nipples sucked harder with their tiny tongues. Dozens of other creatures licked, sucked and wiggled against her fingers, toes, and bare skin.

Last, but not least, Vaquel directed her attention to the star creature fucking her pussy. She concentrated on every thrust of the three extensions inside her. Her pussy clenched against the shifting ridges that formed on the creature’s skin. As Vaquel inched closed to orgasm, the creature continued its relentless hard pounding of her sex

Vaquel climaxed. Pleasure exploded from her sex like a supernova. Her toes curled inside tiny mouths. Her ass clenched around the probing extension. Shudders ran up and down her spine.

The green glow from the star creatures intensified. They shone like small stars all over her body. Vaquel clenched her eyes shut but the bright green glow couldn’t be blocked.

“Nitrogen is being released!” Chairbot said.

The star creatures shrieked. They let go of Vaquel’s body an instant. The creature inside her sex pulled out so fast that Vaquel whimpered at the loss. One moment, she was covered in their warm embrace and the next, she was alone on the floor.

“Warning! Hull breach in progress!” the ship’s computer announced.

There was a familiar rush of air as the hull was compromised. It lasted only a moment as the ship’s emergency force fields activated. Vaquel rolled over onto her side and felt the numbing touch of a force field on her breast. The star creatures had burrowed their way out through the floor of her ship.

“Mistress!” Chairbot yelled. “Are you alright? Did I save you in time? Would you like to recover from your ordeal by sitting your lovely brown ass on my seat?”

Vaquel said nothing as she laid on the floor. Her body was still clenching from the orgasm she experienced. She would need a few minutes to gather her wits come up for a punishment for the robot that would adequately express her displeasure.


The ONE drifted lazily in the void of space. Receptors converted psychic pleasure into enzymes. The enzymes were released into the ONE’s body, providing nourishment. The hunger pangs faded.

All around the ONE, the MANY floated in a contented stupor.

The FOOD had been especially plentiful. The ONE felt other changes happening within its body. A line formed down the middle as the skin parted. The ONE shuddered in ecstasy as it split in half. Cells quickly healed the rift and formed arms to replace the ones that had moved away. The ONE observed the OTHER float away but stay nearby.

All around the ONE, the MANY became MORE.

The ONE was exhausted. Its metabolism slowed as it curled into itself. One by one, its senses went dormant except for one lone sensory pod that would watch for more FOOD. Floating in space with the MANY, it went to sleep.

The ONE dreamed of tight wet places flowing with FOOD.