Jun 242020

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to Counter Employee Shortage
Location: Shame of Ghorath.
Species Required: Human or Human Passable.
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Manual Endurance of at least Class Three. Non-allergic to Synth-Leather. Does not sweat fear.
Duration of Assignment: Four Hours.
Payment: Twenty-eight credits per customer plus tips. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees)

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The yellow Client light glowed. Dazanna took another bite of her protein stick and stuffed the remainder in the throne pocket. She sat up straight and felt her red corset slip down. Her hefty breasts almost spilled out. Almost. She crossed her legs and positioned them to emphasize her thigh-high leather boots dangle in the air. Was that everything?

Oops, almost forgot her replica Alliance of Free Systems combat helmet. She picked it up off the floor and put it on. Her long blue hair spilled out from under the helmet in a very non-army regulation manner but that was fine. They didn’t pay for accuracy around here.

Dazanna pressed the button on her throne. The Client light switched from yellow to green. The heavy looking, but actually quite thin security door slid up.

In walked a large reptilian humanoid. White scales sparkled in the dim light. One eye was in a state of regeneration while the other eye was blue and very active. Muscles rippled with every step. Large hands curled into massive fists the size of Dazanna’s head. It was naked, with a smooth bulge marking the gonad sack between its legs.

It was a Vozuy, and the white scales marked it as one of the Warrior Clans. They were natural predators and their training and warrior culture made them unnaturally good killers. The galaxy regarded an army of them to be a catastrophic event.

“Pathetic,” Dazanna said. She let the words hang in the air.

The Vozuy stared at her with its one good eye. The lips pulled back to reveal a row of black teeth. The nostrils flared.

“Don’t you dare look directly at me!” Dazanna screamed.

The Vozuy averted his gaze. The gonad sack pulsed.

Dazanna stood up. The tiny red panties with the Alliance of Free Systems flag rode up her ass. She ignored it and keptwalking. The boots clicked on the floor as she approached the large alien. She pulled the red leather gloves tighter onto her hands.

Holographic insults, provided by the employer, floated behind the Voyuz. Good, Dazanna wasn’t that familiar with Vozuy culture. Dazanna read one out loud.

“You look weaker than an egg grub,” Dazanna said with disgust.

The Voyuz hissed. A seam appeared in his gonad sack. The tip of his member, crowned with spikes, emerged.

“No wonder the Alliance of Free Systems defeated you,” Dazanna said. “Your entire species reeks of cowardice and you are a prime example. You are about to, uh, molt your tail, at any moment.”

The Voyuz unclenched his fists. Long talons emerged from his hands. He slowly turned his head to directly stare at Dazanna. Tiny quills quivered on the top of his head.

Dazanna returned his stare. Thankfully, the helmet had an opaque visor that obscured her eyes. She really hoped she did not smell of fear like the job listing said. Still, he wouldn’t be the first client that tried to intimidate her.

“Oh, you going to do something, Snake Shit?” Dazanna challenged. Snake Shit wasn’t one of the suggested holographic terms, but Dazanna preferred a personal insult when a client tried to mess with her.

Slits along the Voyuz’s neck opened and flared. The alien looked down at the ground. He lowered his head in submission.

The spiked member fully emerged from his gonad sack. Dazanna swallowed at the sight of it. The thing was half a meter long. Spikes ringed the head of it.

“You filthy carrion eater,” Dazanna said, using another phrase from the floating holograms. “You want me to touch your disgusting sex organ, don’t you?”

The Voyuz nodded.

Dazanna reached down and grabbed the member, just under the spiked head. She squeezed much harder than she would with any other species. The dock pulsed. Her gloved hand stroked up and down. The tiny ridges on the member were abrasive but the glove protected her.

“Weak little cowards,” Dazanna said. “So weak that you have to humiliate yourselves in front of a human to climax. Unable to claim mates of your own, you resort to the degrading touch of a soldier from an enemy army.”

A low growl rose from the Voyuz’s throat. The hard member pulsed in Dazanna’s hand. He clenched his hands tightly, pressing his talons into his own scales.

“You probably want me to lick it,” Dazanna said.

The alien’s good eye flickered towards her. His lips wrinkled in a strange way. Was that intrigue or disgust on his face? It might have been confusion. Licking wasn’t listed as one of the services.

“Fine, just one lick you sad coward,” Dazanna said. “But only because I have no fear of you and your weak species!”

Dazanna bent over lowered her face to the Voyuz’s dock. It trembled in her hand. The head changed from white to blue. Dazanna stuck out her tongue and took one long lick around the head of his member.

It tasted sour. Dazanna didn’t bother to hide her disgust.

The Voyuz hissed. Dazanna quickly pulled her head back up. Using both hands, she squeezed as hard as she could and stroked.

“Are you going to climax, Snake Shit?”

The Voyuz looked at her and nodded. His tongue emerged from his lips and shook. He threw his head back.

The thick member erupted. Dazanna held on but leaned back as much as possible. Black seed shot high into the air. A miniature tractor beam in the ceiling activated and gathered the flying fluid and collected it for future disposal.

After a long minute of stroking, the last of the Voyuz’s seed dribbled out. Dazanna let go and the member retracted into his gonad sack. She resisted the urge to shake her aching hands.

“I’ve seen bigger loads,” Dazanna sneered.

The alien’s giant hand grabbed her by the helmet. The giant hand easily encompassed her skull. With one good squeeze, he could crack the helmet easily.

Dazanna froze as the Voyuz stared at her. The one good eye stared at her with savage intensity. The alien’s lips pulled back into a mockery of a smile.

“Good human,” the Voyuz said. His voice sounded like knives slapping together. “I will tip you when I get my clothes back. Snake Shit, ha!”

The Voyuz let go of Dazanna’s helmet and turned around. She watched the muscles ripple on his back as he left. The door closed the client light blinked off.

As Dazanna returned to her chair, her wrist computer beeped. Fifty extra credits had been transferred to her account. The Voyuz might be scary, but they tip well.

She waited for the next costumer.

Jun 232020

Dazanna awoke slowly. She opened her eyes to a dark room. Dreams of tentacles and laser dildoes struggled to stay with her but slipped away. Her cheek was sticking to the pillow. There was a pressure in her bladder that needed to be taken care.

It was another day on Pleasure Station Sigma.

Sensing she was awake, the video screen set in her bunk flickered to life.

“It is currently Airday, 10.21 hours. You have sixteen days of leasing left in your rental of this habitation cube. You have one message. It is from the Sex Labor Guild concerning upcoming certification training. Transferring to news feed in five, four, three-“

“Shut down feed,” Dazanna said. She rolled over onto her back. Long blue hair got in her way. The movement agitated her bladder. She really should go to the waste station.

Dazanna grimaced and touched the screen instead. Quickly, she logged into Waste-Watchers. A questionnaire appeared and Dazanna tapped away at the answers. Oh yes, she would be producing liquid waste. Fuck yeah, it would be soon.

On a hunch, she had the screen take a picture of her in bed. An image of Dazanna appeared. Her makeup was smeared. The tangled blue hair needed a brushing. Bite marks covered her left breast. She looked like she had been whoring all night and had yet to roll out of bed with her bladder bloated with bodily fluids.

It was a perfect image. Dazanna hit send.

Now came the hard part. Dazanna sat up and swung her legs over the bunk. The full bladder pulsed urgently. She stood up and hurried to the opposite side of her habitation cube where the waste station lied.

The waste station was a transparent chair of clear plastic. The inner bowl was lined with small cameras. A faint glow emitted from the seat, partially to provide a warm surface for Dazanna to sit and partially to illuminate the waste process for viewers.

Dazanna stood next to the bowl. She knew from experience that if she sat down, that she wouldn’t be able to hold. It was better to wait, even if it was uncomfortable.

A notification pinged from her wrist computer. Waste-Watchers had processed her availability and was awaiting clients.

Dazanna sighed and tried to think of anything else. What kind of gigs was she going to accept today? The bite marks would limit her breast-appeal but her ass was fine. Should she submit for spanking work? It paid well, but it would limit her availability to other jobs. How much did she want to do today?

Fuck, she really had to piss.

The wrist computer beeped. She had a client! He was willing to pay ten credits.

(4 of the credits would go to Waste-Watchers as a service fee. One credit will go to the renter of the habitation cube for equipment and bandwidth. Half a credit will go to the Sex Labor Guild as a union due. Four credits will go to Dazanna’s bank account.)

“Praise the Lords of Space,” Dazanna said. She sat down on the waste station.

A hologram materialized in front of her. The client wanted her to know he was watching. An image of a muscular man wearing the top half of a Station Security uniform. He furiously jacked his cock.

Dazanna smiled. Half of her Waste-Watchers clients worked in security. She made a mental note to access the Archives later and find out why.

The client watched. His eyes stared straight ahead. He was probably looking at a camera shot of her hairless vussy from one of the waste station cameras, but at the moment, it felt like he was staring right at Dazanna’s face.

Dazanna stared back. This wasn’t her first performance. Even though he was likely staring at her sex, she bit her lip and half-closed her eyes.

A moment later, she released the liquid she had been holding.

Halfway through the stream, the security guard released his essence as well.

It was a good start to Dazanna’s work day.

Feb 192020

Nemi was not a mermaid, though to be fair, I wasn’t sure what she was. She might have been Indian or Hawaiian, philosopher or ditz, grifter or independently wealthy or some combination I never guessed. But I knew for sure that she wasn’t a mermaid.

No mermaid would be able to grip so tightly with their legs. A mermaid’s sex should be smooth and hairless, not the bristly black briar patch Nemi had. No, a mermaid should smell of the ocean or maybe the beach while Nemi smelled of sex and apricot body wash.

Nemi never said she was a mermaid, but then Nemi never said much about herself. She asked of others. Everything was a mystery to her and she wanted to know it all. Some of it was straight forward, like where did viruses come from? Other questions were whimsical like why does gravity love us so much? A few questions were disturbing, like when she asked me what was the monetary value of a human life.

It would be easy to believe Nemi was a mermaid asking questions about the surface world. If she was a mermaid, it might explain why she would giggle incessantly as she straddled my hips and rode my cock. She had the hair of a mermaid, long and black with streaks of brown and gold. A mermaid might never say goodbye and instead just leave in the night.

But Nemi never said she was a mermaid. The only time she used the word was when it was my time to come. No matter the position and no matter the passion, Nemi would insist that I ejaculate onto her chest. She would laugh as the white pearls splattered against her large brown breasts.

“Mermaid style” she called it.

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Jan 292020


Chloe was on her cheek and knees. Stone clamps held her wrists somewhere between her shins. A rock stockade restrained her ankles. The position kept Chloe’s buttocks high in the air but she didn’t want to think about that.


She wanted to turn her head but it was impossible. The grubby little men used a weird paste to glue her long blonde hair to the hard stone floor. They made the paste themselves, out of their ejaculate and a certain blue mushroom. Chloe knew from experience that she would pull her hair out of her scalp before it ever let go of the floor.

There was a solvent that the small men used to dissolve the paste. The sharp smell suggested what it was made from, but Chloe didn’t want to think about that either.


Chloe winced and tried to focus on something else. Shapes lurked in the room but it was hard to make them out. The single lantern in the room pulsed a sickly orange light. Could that be a bound person over in the corner? Was there a cage to the left of her? She tried to remember what the room looked like when she was brought here, but all she remembered was that terrible machine that was now behind her.


Not for the first time and not for the last, Chloe cursed her boyfriend, Kyle. It was his idea to go camping. He was the one that insisted they get away from the main sites and set up someone out of the way. When she heard digging sounds beneath their tent, Kyle was the one who told her not to worry as he went back to fucking her. He is the reason she was on this floor right now.


Chloe wondered Kyle was now. When the ground gave out beneath them, they fell together in the darkness. She cried out to him as small hands grabbed her. He might have screamed too, but she wasn’t sure. Chloe was too busy fighting in vain as she was bound and taken away through tunnels small and large.


Chloe shuddered. She hoped Kyle got away. He would have told the park rangers what happened. They might not believe him, but they would go looking for her.

But would they know to check deep beneath the earth?


Chloe growled and hoped that Kyle didn’t get away. She had never seen her small captors with a male prisoner, but that didn’t mean they might not have any. Kyle deserved to be naked and trapped somewhere. He should be the one getting tormented, not her!


Chloe sobbed with relief. The thick stone phallus in her ass slowly retracted. It pulled nearly all the way out of her puckered asshole. After being fucked for hours, the sudden absence of the massive dildo felt like heaven.

SPLOOSH! The phallus sprayed Chloe’s asshole full of a slippery liquid. Her ass struggled to hold it all until it could hold no more. Lube leaked from her ass and dribbled down her thighs.

Thu-THUMP! The machine went back to work. The stone phallus plunged deep inside of Chloe’s stretched asshole. It filled her and then stayed inside of her. The gears turned silently inside the machine, waiting until the next thrust cycle.

Chloe moaned. Her sex ached to be touched. Her ass ached to be empty again. Bound and plastered to the floor, neither was likely to happen until one of those strange small men returned. Even then, there was no telling what bizarre machine or cruel lust they would inflict on her next. She was at their mercy and from what she had seen, they had no mercy.


Jan 222020

I stopped in mid-thrust. Fucktoy whimpered beneath me. The hood prevented her from seeing my face. She almost spoke but she knew better.

My cock throbbed inside Fucktoy. Her pussy clenched in response.

I grabbed her throat. A smile spread across her lipstick-smeared lips. I squeezed and she gasped.

Fucktoy locked her legs around me. Her hips moved. Side to side, up and down, round and round with my cock trapped inside her sex.

I didn’t move. My body was a statute. Fucktoy humped me like a wild animal. It was a wonder my dick didn’t break off inside of her.

All the while, my fingers closed tighter around Fucktoy’s throat.

A gasp came from her lips. Fucktoy pulled hard on the chains securing her wrists to the headboard. Her mouth widened as she tried to suck in air.

But her hips kept fucking me so I kept squeezing.

The sound of our fucking filled the room. Fucktoy’s breasts shook and jiggled. My own hips began to bruise from the violent impacts.

And I kept squeezing.

Finally, Fucktoy’s hips stopped. I released her throat. As she sucked in huge gulps of air, I pounded her pussy with hard swift thrusts.