Sep 222021

Fucktoy sat in the corner. She was naked except for the hood around her face and the red ball gag in her mouth. Drool dripped onto her naked breasts. She sat with her back to the corner and her hands on her knees. Both legs were open wide to expose her hairy bush.

Master was having a party. Fucktoy wasn’t sure what kind of a party because of the earplugs she wore under the hood. Muffled and blinded, she only had her sensitive body to tell her what was going on. She knew that it was a large party because there always seem to be a hand on her naked body at all times.

The hands wore gloves, pulled from some box that Master had set somewhere nearby. Latex fingers pinched Fucktoy’s nipples. Gloved hands ran down her smooth legs. Hands of all sizes, male and female, groped her breasts. Brave fingers pushed through the bush of her hair to stroke sensitive pussy lips.

Fucktoy took it all. She offered no resistance. In fact, she often clasped her hands around her head to allow someone better access. If someone hurt her, she just bit down harder on her gag.

She wondered who the people were. Master had so many friends. Fucktoy has fucked quite a few of them for her Master’s pleasure. She wondered if some of the ones she had fucked were here now, touching her body as they reminisced.

The floor became wet under Fucktoy. Most of it was from her juices. A little came from the drool escaping her lips. One tiny drop came from someone who spat on her bush.

Time passed. Something hard and thick was placed against her right hand. Fucktoy closed her fingers and recognized the object. It was her favorite dildo.

Fucktoy moaned, her first real sound of the night. The dildo only had one purpose. She slid down the corner until her back was on the floor. The damp spot soaked her spine. She brought her knees up and spread her legs. Without a moment’s hesitation, she slid her dildo into herself.

It was a perfect fit. Fucktoy almost came. She plunged the dildo in and out of her cunt, not caring who saw. That isif anyone was even here anymore. For all she knew, the party was over and Master had given her the toy as a reward for being a good conversation piece.

Fucktoy preferred a different scenario. In her mind, the party was still going and everyone had gathered to watch the slut fuck herself. People snickered and laughed as she slammed the thick dildo in and out of her slick cunt. Some became aroused and asked her Master if they could use her. Perhaps her Master was getting his cock sucked by some wannabe toy right this very moment and he was watching Fucktoy’s performance.

She climaxed hard and bit down on her gag. Tremors ran through her body. Knees threatened to close but she kept them open for an audience that may or may not be there.

Sep 152021

“Settle a bet for us,” Miranda said. There was something in her tone that put me on edge. Or maybe it was the peeks I had into her white blouse that made me nervous. Freckled breasts with no bra had been teasing me all evening.

“What kind of a bet?” I asked.

“One where you can’t lose,” Laura said. Brown curls covered one half of her face. She was wearing dark lipstick that made her a little sinister looking. Pale cheeks were a little pink from the alcohol.

“Well, except for the pussy you will never get to have,” Kiera said. A bright pink tongue licked dark brown lips.

The ladies laughed, a bit too loudly. I think they were all drunk. Laura had said they had been drinking since lunch. I was only a recent addition to their little party.

“I don’t get it,” I said.

“That’s because you have to pick,” Miranda said. “Which one of us do you want to fuck? Tell us and you can have her, right here while the others watch.”

I snorted. “Yeah, right. You ladies are putting me on.”

“Nah, you have to put it on yourself,” Kiera said. She tossed me something. Her aim was shit but I caught the shiny little square. It was a condom.

“You’re serious,” I said, not quite believing it.

“Let’s show him how serious we are,” Laura said. She stood up from the couch and unzipped her shorts. The sound of her zipper sent a jolt down my spine.

The other ladies stood up as well. Kiera popped the buttons on her jeans and started to shimmy out of them to reveal dark smooth legs. Miranda slipped her fingers into the waistband of her skirt and pulled it down.

None of them were wearing underwear. Laura’s sex lips were smooth but crowned with a tuff of brown hair. Miranda had a full bush of reddish wiry hair while Kiera’s sex was as smooth as her legs.

The three ladies turned around and climbed onto the couch on their knees. Three beautiful asses faced me from across the living room. They bent over at the waist and rested their arms on the back of the couch.

“Believe us now?” Laura said.

I stood up and unzipped my shorts. The ladies giggled but didn’t look back. I pulled down my boxers and tore at the condom.

“Remember, you only get one of us,” Miranda said.

“And you will never, ever, ever get the others,” Kiera said.

“Not in a hundred years,” Laura said.

This was unreal but the hardness of my cock was very real indeed. They had a confidence that couldn’t have been from alcohol alone. Had they done this before? I bet they had.

I rolled the condom onto my cock. Three asses moved and waited for me.

Kiera was on the left. A round brown bottom clenched and flexed. I saw her jogging almost every day and it had more than paid off. Firm thighs parted to reveal smooth dark nether lips.

In the middle was Miranda. Freckles and birthmarks decorated her wide ass like constellations. There was a softness to her ass that would be wonderful to sink into. Juices glistened on her upside-down bush like jewels.

Laura was on the right and her ass was pale like the moon. Twin tattoos of roses decorated the tops of her thighs, stopping just short of her round buttocks. I had no idea she had ink on her body. The unexpected sight made me wonder what other surprises her body held.

It was a tough choice. Paris had it easier. Three bottoms swayed, flexed and clenched in front of me.

My cock throbbed. It was my divining rod. I walked over to the couch and one ass called out to my cock like a siren.

I put my hands on her hips and let them know my choice by sliding my cock into her waiting pussy.

Sep 082021

The alarm cut through my dreams like a buzzsaw. I pushed my eyes open through sheer willpower. It was still dark outside. The rest of the world was still asleep. I should be too.

But no, I had made promises last night. A friend needed a creek wight removed from his garage and I said I would help. He was a good friend and dropped off naked photos of his wife when she got into one of her exhibitionist moods. It was an easy promise to make.

What I didn’t know was that after I made that promise, a big box of occult porn would come in the mail from Nashville. It was a diverse hodgepodge of magical smut and I spent the better part of the night skimming and sorting the books for future research. By the time my curiosity was sated, it was well past a decent time for sleeping.

I turned off the alarm and pulled my arm back under the covers. For a brief moment, I considered calling my friend and making my apologies but no, that will not do. Creek wights were not something you should ever face alone and I would feel guilty the next time I looked at his wife’s bush.

The decision made, all I had to do was get up. My body refused to cooperate. The bed was very soft today. The snugness of the blanket reminded me that my bedroom was always chilly first thing in the morning. Half-remembered filthy dreams whispered for me to return to slumber.

Yeah, I was going to need some help this morning. Under the warm blanket, I made a certain symbol with my hand, (fingers clenched into a fist with the pinky extended) and took a deep breath. I let out my breath and spoke the name, Kof-Ea.

A soft whisper tickled my ears. Something under the blankets tugged at my boxers. Invisible breasts pressed against my face. The smell of spring showers filled my nose.

I kept my hand clenched. Fingers wrapped around my cock. The unseen mounds on my face moved away and a firm buttock took its place. I bit down on a hard ass and heard a faint whimper.

A mouth took my cock, swallowing it down completely. A tongue snaked through the lips and licked my balls. Choking sounds came from under the blanket.

I groaned and the ass slipped away from my teeth. Something wet and hairy smeared across my lips. My mouth opened and my tongue licked sweet juices from somewhere warm and tight.

Another mouth sucked my big toe. Gentle fingers played with my hair. A breast pressed into my free hand and I squeezed.

A growl rose from my throat. My hips rose to thrust into a choking mouth. I used both hands to grab thighs that weren’t there.

The sensations stopped. My cock pulsed unattended beneath the sheets. The spirit pussy left my mouth but the sweet juices lingered on my tongue.

Kof-Ea was gone but that was alright. I was awake now.

Aug 252021

The campground had a pool. It was a nice size and unlike some pools at some other campgrounds, this one was well maintained. The water was clean, cool and a perfect antidote for the Georgia weather.

A guy drifted towards me, trying to look casual. He had silver hair and was old enough to be my grandpa. More than likely, he was one of the people who lived here full time in his camper. I knew what he was going to say.

“Hey, when go the changing room, be sure to go all the way to end,” the man said. “The door has an out-of-order sign, but you knock three times the door will open. You’ll like what’s inside.”

“Okay,” I said. “Any hint on what’s inside?”

The guy grinned and swam away.

He was the third person today to tell me about the changing room. The first man was another elderly man. The second person was a young man barely out of high school. It sounded like a prank, but the part about the door opening on its own stuck with me. Maybe there was a dealer there, selling drugs. A campground pool changing room sounded like a shitty place to do business though.

I didn’t know what was there, but since I was out traveling alone, I was going to stay the fuck away from it.

It was time for me to get out of the water. I climbed the steps and water fell from my body in sheets. My sandals and bag were next to this elderly lady sitting under an umbrella. She had sunglasses on but her head followed me as I walked. Her line of sight never went above the bulge in my swimsuit.

“Hey, good looking,” the lady said. “Have you heard about the door at the end of the changing room?”

That surprised me. “Yes,” I said. “No one has said what’s in it.”

“It’s a little community project we set up,” the woman said. “Have to make sure you young folk keep coming back with your rental fees.”

The lady turned her attention back to the pool and yelled at a grandson. I had a feeling that was all I was going to get. I picked up my bag and went through the pool gate.

The walk to the changing room was hot. There was barely any wind and water dripped from my soaked swimsuit. I hurried to the door to the changing room and stepped inside.

Fuck, it was hotter inside. There was no air circulation. The floor tiles were cracked and the paint was faded. Clearly, all the money was spent on the pool. There was an intense smell of bleach that probably covered the smell of extensive mildew.

The showers were to the left and a long line of changing stalls were to the right. A single fluorescent light lit the area. I appeared to be the only one here.

Curiosity won out over common sense and I walked to the end of the stalls The sign said “OUT OF ORDER” just as promised. I tried the door and it was locked. The only thing left to do was to knock three times.

The sound of a small bar being slid was followed by the door opening a few inches.

I pushed the door open. A woman with long blonde hair squatted on top of an ice cooler. She was naked with golden brown skin and pale white tan lines over her large breasts and hairy crotch. She was covered in sweat and her hair was nearly plastered to her head. A grin spread wide on her face as she took in the sight of me.

“Come in,” she whispered.

I quickly stepped inside the small stall and closed the door behind me. The sight of her naked body overrode any paranoia on my part. Once inside, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do next.

“I don’t have my wallet,” I said.

“Shhh,” the woman said, her finger to her lips. “This is free,” she whispered.

“What is?” I asked.

“Jack off on me,” the woman said. She pointed at the bulge in my pants. “Give me your load.”

My eyes adjusted to the dim light. It wasn’t just sweat that covered her naked body. Sticky splatters glistened on here and there. The large breasts practically shined with dried semen. There were a mess on her right cheek and a bright white glob in her hair. It wasn’t just sweat that made her hair sticky.

This was obscene. She was a squatting dumpster for men’s come. It was like something out of a trashy sex blog. What was the point?

I thought about what the lady said back at the pool. This was supposed to keep people coming back? Christ, what kind of people were they looking for?

The blonde leaned forward and grabbed my swim trunks. She pulled me to her until I was right in front of her. With practiced care, she pulled down my trunks to my ankles. My hard cock sprang free and nearly brushed her face.

“Give it to me,” she whispered. Her hand went to her hairy cunt. “Please. I want your come.”

Fuck it. I spat into my hand and grabbed my cock. The skin was a bit wrinkled from the pool water but the spit helped. I jacked my dick and stared at her body.

The woman smiled and leaned back. Her fingers stroked the lips of her pussy. She used her other hand to grab a plump tan lined breast. The hard nipple jutted forth and needed a mouth to suck on it. Her eyes were intense and locked onto my cock.

I would rather it was her mouth on my dick instead of my hand but oh well. She only wanted my come. Was that more hygienic? I laughed at the idea. Sitting in a hot changing room stall while strangers come on you isn’t something people worried about germs do.

The woman shuddered. She slipped her two middle fingers inside her cunt while the rest of her hand was flat against her hairy pussy. Short hard thrusts fucked her sex.

How long had she been sitting in here in this wet heat? I didn’t know, but I suspected the cooler had water to keep her hydrated. One thing the cooler didn’t have was wipes because the woman’s body was covered in come. With each passing second, I saw another sign of where someone had popped their load on her face, her shoulders, her tits, her belly and her thighs. I bet if I got down on the ground, I could see where someone had come on her foot.

Yeah, I was not going to get down on this floor. Thank God I was still wearing my sandals.

“Come,” the woman whispered. “Give it all to me.”

I spat into my hand and jerked faster.

Questions raced through my mind. Who was this woman? She looked to be in her thirties but I was a terrible judge of age. Was this a volunteer job? She certainly looked enthusiastic about it but you can never tell. Maybe she did this to offset her own fees.

The woman looked at my cock and licked her lips. I stopped thinking and jerked harder.

A door opened. The sound of flip-flops smacked against the floor. Someone muttered about how hot it was.

I paused in my stroking. Was he going to come to the door? If he knocked, would she let him in? The thought of jacking off with a stranger didn’t appeal to me.

It also didn’t stop me from jerking faster.

The woman put a finger to her lips. She mouthed a single word to me. It was “Come.”

I nodded back and kept stroking. The chance of interruption added a thrill to my already racing heart. I put my hand on the wall over her and leaned closer to the squatting woman.

The woman pulled her fingers from her cunt. They were shiny with juices. She reached under both breasts and lifted them towards my cock. The mix of tanned flesh and pale skin sent another shiver through my body.

One of the showers turned on. Good. Knowing that I had a few more moments of privacy was just what I needed.

The woman noticed it too. “Please,” she whispered. “Glaze my tits with your cream.”

It was straight out of a porno and my body reacted. A stream of seed flew from my cock and landed on one of her perfect globes. The woman clapped her breasts together as I kept coming. The obscene absurdity of it all sped my hand as more come painted her tits.

When I was finished, I was left shaking. The woman leaned back and returned her hand to her pussy. My seed dripped from her filthy tits. Her eyes closed and I watched as her body shuddered with her own orgasm.

“Thanks,” I whispered as I pulled up my trunks. What else does one say?

The woman nodded, her eyes still closed and her hand still pumping her hairy cunt.

I knew I was no longer needed. Moving quietly, I left her stall and closed it behind me. The bar locked in a place a second later.

Feeling drained and a little dirty, I went to one of the shower stalls. It was thankfully empty. I stood under the lukewarm water and tried to process what had just happened.

Tomorrow I was going to move out, but now I wasn’t so sure. Maybe I should stick around and see what other amenities this campground had to offer?

Aug 182021

Drool dripped from Erica’s mouth. The drool splattered on her bare breasts. She had three fingers in her mouth and her poor lips were stretched to their limit.

That was nothing compared to Erica’s pussy. She had her white dildo inside her today, the big one that Sir had bought her. The regular ridges played havoc with the inside of her cunt as she plunged it in and out. Pussy juice soaked her chair.

Across from Erica on the desk was her phone. Sir watched from the screen. He had that cocky smile on his face. It was the same smile that made Erica hate him the first time they met. It was also the same smile that made her come the first time he was inside her.

“My cock in your mouth,” Sir said.

Erica groaned. Instead of her fingers, she could feel his cock in her mouth. More drool fell from her lips. She could almost feel his cock pulsing on her tongue. There was nothing she wanted more than his salty load.

Sir glanced at something. It was probably the clock. Erica deliberately didn’t look at hers. She didn’t want to know how much of their precious lunch break was left.

“My cock in your ass,” Sir said.

Erica’s ass clenched around a cock that wasn’t there. She could imagine his hands on her hips as he slowly pushed in. Her heart raced as she remembered his short smooth thrusts.

Sir stared at her cunt. He watched the dildo slide in and out. The smug smile grew wider.

“For the rest of the day, I want you to work with nothing on below your waist,” Sir said. “Sit in your juices as you work, slut.”

Erica nodded in submission. There was a conference call at 2. She had to present some slides and it was going to be much harder sitting in a sticky seat.

Sir’s smile faltered. He sighed. Time must be about to run out.

“Would you like to come, slut?” Sir asked.

Erica nodded. More drool fell from her stretched mouth and splattered against her tits. She shoved the dildo in deeper.

“Too bad, you’ll have to wait until I get home,” Sir said.

A spasm racked Erica’s cunt. She almost went over the edge from his denial. Her teeth bit down on her fingers and the pain kept her body from going over the edge to climax.

Sir’s smile returned. He had seen how close she was. “Good slut,” he said and ended the call.

Aug 112021

She is darker than the night. Her body is a void in the shadows of the bedroom but my eyes track every movement. She climbs onto the bed and my heart races.

I go to her and take her in my arms. She is so small. I am a giant and she is a pixie. My mouth opens wide and I engulf a tiny breast.

She pushes me down. When we flirted, I was the dominant one but my former aggression has melted into submission. I lay down and follow her silent commands. In an instant, I have become her willing devotee.

A tongue flickers over my cock. Spit coats my length. A small hand wraps tightly around me. Slow steady strokes with the occasional kiss to my tip pin me to the bed.

Drunk on pleasure, my mind refuses to sit still. I recall every flirtation, every glance across the room and every seemingly random but ever so important moment that led to right now. Are we a couple? Will this happen again? There is an overwhelming desire to speak to her and lock down our relationship so I can guarantee that this will not be the only time we groan in darkness together.

I open my lips but fingers push into my lips. They are coated in her juices. I suck hard on the fingers that had just been in her smooth pussy.

It is too much. My orgasm is fast approaching. I am ashamed at my lack of endurance. If this is our only time together than I have spent it too soon.

“I’m going to come,” I whisper around the fingers in my mouth.

She pumps faster.

My seed spurts onto her chest. White stars sparkle on the night of her skin. I spray a galaxy onto her as she keeps pumping.

Jul 212021

The first orgasm is the easiest. All I have to do is pull Tracey’s pants down to her ankles and press my mouth to her cunt. On some days, her pants barely make it to her knees before she pulls my head to her sex.

Tracey’s panties are always soaking wet. It is a long drive from her husband’s house to my place. It is plenty of time for her to finger herself in the car. Once or twice, she leaves her panties at home but then the stains to her pant crotch are too obvious to hide.

Describing the taste of her sex would flummox a food writer. I wish I could say that I am some sort of expert of eating pussy but the truth of the matter is that I only know what Tracey likes. My tongue presses flat against her pussy like a palm. My mouth growls slightly. My head tilts against her like I am trying to hump her with my face.

A few minutes later, Tracey comes. Despite being older than me, she sounds like a young lady when she squeals. Hands clutch my thick hair as her pussy quivers against my lips.

The first orgasm done, we move on to slower and more mutual climaxes.

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Apr 212021

Christina rolled the last burrito and placed it in the pan. She stepped aside so I could sprinkle the cheese. After I was finished, she opened the oven door and I slipped the pan in. While she cleaned the counter, I checked the recipe and set the timer.

“We got eight minutes to kill,” I said.

“Good, clean the frying pan while I load the dishwasher,” she said.

“I was hoping we could do something else,” I said. I stepped behind her and placed my hands on her hips. The bulge in my pants pressed against the crack of her ass framed by her sweatpants.

Christina laughed. “We’ll never finish in eight minutes. Those days are long behind us.”

“Who cares about finishing?” I said. “Can’t a man just fuck his wife for eight minutes if he wants to? Or is the honeymoon already over?”

“Yeah, I think that happens after twenty years,” Christina said. Her ass pressed back against my trapped cock. “And it is probably seven minutes now.”

“Then we better hurry,” I said.

“Well, take my pants down already,” Christina said.

I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her sweats, making sure to catch her pink underwear as well. As she took a step back, I pulled them down and helped her step out of them. After the Easter Incident, we don’t fuck with our pants around our ankles. As I set her sweats on the table, Christina leaned forward and braced herself on the counter. A dark bush peeked from beneath her thighs.

My pants and underwear took less time to remove. Christina was already stroking her pussy. The wet sound hurried me along. I stood behind her and pressed the head of my cock to her lips. Slick fingers guided me in.

We moaned together. Our bodies joined once more. My hands on her hips, her elbows on the counter, we began to fuck.

The timer ticked on. Hips and ass created slow steady claps of sound. Groans and the occasional gasp filled the kitchen.

A plate moved. A cup rattled in a bowl. Spoons rattled together.

“Are you cleaning?” I asked. My hips kept moving.

“Just a little straightening up,” Christina said. Her sex clenched tighter.

I growled in disbelief and amusement. My hand grabbed her long black hair, streaked with gray. A sudden pull and there was a cry of pleasure. My hips slammed into her with increasing fury.

“Fuck,” Christina said. It was both a swear and a statement of fact.

It turned out that eight minutes was more than enough.

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Apr 142021

The video feed of my boss, Nadine, filled the monitor. She wore a burgundy pant suit today. We have been working from home for over a year but she still puts on work clothes. The matching lipstick is a bit too dark for a workspace, but no one would complain. The lack of a bra and shirt under her jacket means her pale freckled skin contrasts sharply with the suit.

Nadine wore a dark eyeshadow that gives her a slightly sinister look. Right now, they are staring at me. There is a hint of a smile on her lips.

I jacked my cock at a slow steady pace. The head of my member wa red and a drop glistens on the tiny slit. It would be so nice to speed up and climax already, but that is forbidden. I will stay hard until Nadine grants me permission.

“We reviewed twenty more audits today,” Carol said. “Five of them were unsatisfactory. Of those five, two were due to incomplete information . . .”

Carol droned on. It was hard to pay attention. My focus was on the contour of Nadine’s breasts under her suit top. I could almost picture where my boss’s nipples were.

Conference calls were my hardest challenges. Nadine insisted that I provide entertainment for her. We had a video link to each other’s computers. Every call, whether I was on it or not, she turned the link on.

Worsen I had to pay attention. Nadine might quiz me later. It was not good to fail those quizzes. That would mean the clamps. Or the ice. Maybe even the dreaded rubber bands.

“The last unsatisfactory audit was filed with an outdated form,” Carol continued.

“Was it the TH-99?” Sara asked.

“It was,” Carol said.

“I thought we had finally eliminated those documents,” Sara said.

My cock dried. It would be easier to spit but Nadine forbade it. There was a chance someone might hear. I had to lick my hand instead. It tasted like dick.

“I want a full investigation done,” Nadine said.

Her voice was cold and stern. I groaned but bit my lip just in time to stop it.

Nadine’s eyebrow arched. She looked right at me through the monitor. Did they hear my groan on the call?

My heart accelerated. If someone had heard, then maybe they would report it to Human Resources. I would be investigated. They might find out about Nadine and all of the improper ways she abuses the boss/employee dynamic. There would be firings and mandatory training for everyone else.

I guess technically, she would be the one that got in trouble, but if she got fired, who would tell me to do the filthy things I love to do?

“I’ll let Steven know,” Carol said. “He has been the point person for updating the forms.”

“I bet he will know where to look,” Sara added.

No one heard my groan. My heart was still pounding but it was going to be okay. That had been close.

“All right, go on with your report, Carol,” Nadine said.

As Carol resumed talking, Nadine pointed upwards with one finger. I was to go faster.

My stroking increased in speed. Oh, I was close. This was going to be much harder to keep from coming. It was a suitable punishment.

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Mar 312021

Meanwhile, at the Justice Force headquarters.

Major Valor: Bad news, Justice Force. Professor Nasty has kidnapped the Mayor again.

Night Bane: Again?

DJ Punch: Aw, shit.

Lady Fire: I thought the Junior Justice Legion was protecting him?

Major Valor: They were but Professor Nasty spiked their breakfast with super-laxatives. She kidnapped the Mayor while the Legion was uh, incapacitated.

DJ Punch: You mean they shit themselves and now we’re the ones in the shit.

Lady Fire: What is the wicked Professor’s demanding this time?

Major Valor: She is requesting another orgy

Night Bane:

Lady Fire:

DJ Punch: Fuck, yeah!

Major Valor: She also says that if we do not arrive by midnight, she will debone the Mayor.

DJ Punch: Like, with a knife or some sort of beam that removes his bones?

Night Bane: It doesn’t matter how. She is brilliant and evil enough to make good on her word. She is honorable in her own way. She will release the Mayor if we give her what she wants.

Lady Fire: Sadly, this true. I agree with Night Bane. We must give in her to demands.

Major Valor: Agreed.

DJ Punch: I told her last time that if she needed some dick, she didn’t have to go kidnapping people. I’m willing to tap that smart ass for free!

Night Bane:

Lady Fire:

Major Valor: Anyway, the Professor requires us to meet her at the old sex toy factory near the docks.

Lady Fire: Has she told us how to perform? I want time to prepare for the depravities she requires.

Major Valor: She sent me a very detailed e-mail on the subject with several images she commissioned from internet artists. Night Bane, you will be on kissing duty. She requests you use two breath mints this time.

Night Bane: Noted.

Major Valor: Lady Fire, Professor Nasty requires you to stand behind her and grope her breasts from behind. You will also kiss her neck but no biting this time. She wants you to wear your black leather gloves.

Lady Fire: Understood.

DJ Punch: What about me? Does she want to ride my cock again?

Major Valor: That is a negative. She said that you enjoyed it too much. This time she wants you blindfolded and handcuffed to dildo presser. Also, she wants your underwear stuffed in your mouth so you can’t speak.

DJ Punch: Son of a bitch!

Night Bane: Well, at least there will be less talking this time. What is your job, Major?

Major Valor: I will be required to service her vagina with my mouth and then my penis. It will be a vile deed but I am willing to do it for the sake of the Mayor, and for Justice!

Night Bane: For Justice!

Lady Fire: For Justice!

DJ Punch: Maybe I’ll get to fuck her next time.

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