Feb 192020

Nemi was not a mermaid, though to be fair, I wasn’t sure what she was. She might have been Indian or Hawaiian, philosopher or ditz, grifter or independently wealthy or some combination I never guessed. But I knew for sure that she wasn’t a mermaid.

No mermaid would be able to grip so tightly with their legs. A mermaid’s sex should be smooth and hairless, not the bristly black briar patch Nemi had. No, a mermaid should smell of the ocean or maybe the beach while Nemi smelled of sex and apricot body wash.

Nemi never said she was a mermaid, but then Nemi never said much about herself. She asked of others. Everything was a mystery to her and she wanted to know it all. Some of it was straight forward, like where did viruses come from? Other questions were whimsical like why does gravity love us so much? A few questions were disturbing, like when she asked me what was the monetary value of a human life.

It would be easy to believe Nemi was a mermaid asking questions about the surface world. If she was a mermaid, it might explain why she would giggle incessantly as she straddled my hips and rode my cock. She had the hair of a mermaid, long and black with streaks of brown and gold. A mermaid might never say goodbye and instead just leave in the night.

But Nemi never said she was a mermaid. The only time she used the word was when it was my time to come. No matter the position and no matter the passion, Nemi would insist that I ejaculate onto her chest. She would laugh as the white pearls splattered against her large brown breasts.

“Mermaid style” she called it.

Jan 292020


Chloe was on her cheek and knees. Stone clamps held her wrists somewhere between her shins. A rock stockade restrained her ankles. The position kept Chloe’s buttocks high in the air but she didn’t want to think about that.


She wanted to turn her head but it was impossible. The grubby little men used a weird paste to glue her long blonde hair to the hard stone floor. They made the paste themselves, out of their ejaculate and a certain blue mushroom. Chloe knew from experience that she would pull her hair out of her scalp before it ever let go of the floor.

There was a solvent that the small men used to dissolve the paste. The sharp smell suggested what it was made from, but Chloe didn’t want to think about that either.


Chloe winced and tried to focus on something else. Shapes lurked in the room but it was hard to make them out. The single lantern in the room pulsed a sickly orange light. Could that be a bound person over in the corner? Was there a cage to the left of her? She tried to remember what the room looked like when she was brought here, but all she remembered was that terrible machine that was now behind her.


Not for the first time and not for the last, Chloe cursed her boyfriend, Kyle. It was his idea to go camping. He was the one that insisted they get away from the main sites and set up someone out of the way. When she heard digging sounds beneath their tent, Kyle was the one who told her not to worry as he went back to fucking her. He is the reason she was on this floor right now.


Chloe wondered Kyle was now. When the ground gave out beneath them, they fell together in the darkness. She cried out to him as small hands grabbed her. He might have screamed too, but she wasn’t sure. Chloe was too busy fighting in vain as she was bound and taken away through tunnels small and large.


Chloe shuddered. She hoped Kyle got away. He would have told the park rangers what happened. They might not believe him, but they would go looking for her.

But would they know to check deep beneath the earth?


Chloe growled and hoped that Kyle didn’t get away. She had never seen her small captors with a male prisoner, but that didn’t mean they might not have any. Kyle deserved to be naked and trapped somewhere. He should be the one getting tormented, not her!


Chloe sobbed with relief. The thick stone phallus in her ass slowly retracted. It pulled nearly all the way out of her puckered asshole. After being fucked for hours, the sudden absence of the massive dildo felt like heaven.

SPLOOSH! The phallus sprayed Chloe’s asshole full of a slippery liquid. Her ass struggled to hold it all until it could hold no more. Lube leaked from her ass and dribbled down her thighs.

Thu-THUMP! The machine went back to work. The stone phallus plunged deep inside of Chloe’s stretched asshole. It filled her and then stayed inside of her. The gears turned silently inside the machine, waiting until the next thrust cycle.

Chloe moaned. Her sex ached to be touched. Her ass ached to be empty again. Bound and plastered to the floor, neither was likely to happen until one of those strange small men returned. Even then, there was no telling what bizarre machine or cruel lust they would inflict on her next. She was at their mercy and from what she had seen, they had no mercy.


Jan 222020

I stopped in mid-thrust. Fucktoy whimpered beneath me. The hood prevented her from seeing my face. She almost spoke but she knew better.

My cock throbbed inside Fucktoy. Her pussy clenched in response.

I grabbed her throat. A smile spread across her lipstick-smeared lips. I squeezed and she gasped.

Fucktoy locked her legs around me. Her hips moved. Side to side, up and down, round and round with my cock trapped inside her sex.

I didn’t move. My body was a statute. Fucktoy humped me like a wild animal. It was a wonder my dick didn’t break off inside of her.

All the while, my fingers closed tighter around Fucktoy’s throat.

A gasp came from her lips. Fucktoy pulled hard on the chains securing her wrists to the headboard. Her mouth widened as she tried to suck in air.

But her hips kept fucking me so I kept squeezing.

The sound of our fucking filled the room. Fucktoy’s breasts shook and jiggled. My own hips began to bruise from the violent impacts.

And I kept squeezing.

Finally, Fucktoy’s hips stopped. I released her throat. As she sucked in huge gulps of air, I pounded her pussy with hard swift thrusts.