Nov 132020

It is 8:30 in the morning. My wife is in the living room, logging into her daily conference call. She has been working from home since February. The television goes quiet and I know her call has started.

I am in the back of the apartment in the second bedroom. My work computer is set up at the desk. Technically, I am on the clock for my job but at the moment, I am standing at the window. My hand is in my sweatpants, toying with my dick.

Across from my apartment is a line of trees. Just beyond those Maple trees is another apartment complex. On the second floor is a window where the blinds are pulled halfway up. Due to the arrangement of trees, you can only see the window from my window.

A woman steps into view. Well, partial view. The blinds conceal her face. She is wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt. It is pretty much exactly like my work clothes for the past year.

There is a crack in the blinds as she peeks through.

That’s my cue. I pull down my pants. My hard cock is ready. I spit in my hand and stroke my shaft.

The woman reaches into her sweatpants. She forms a tent with her hand. The bulge moves as she strokes herself.

I shudder. My lips are clenched to prevent a groan. I wonder about that unseen pussy in the apartment across from mine. Does she shave? Is it furry? I may never know.

My bedroom door is closed. The excuse is that sometimes my wife uses her speakerphone and the Midwest accents of her coworkers are too distracting. It is a good story, but the door is unlocked and my wife never knocks. Disaster could happen at any moment.

The woman in the other apartment pulls up her shirt. Small breasts flash me from her window. The shirt stays up as she pinches a nipple. I think she has her shirt bottom in her mouth.

I stroke harder. The hand in her pants moves faster.

Who is she? I don’t know. She is here every morning. Well, at least during the week. Is she single? Is she working from home as well? Is there a spouse? Does her spouse work from home like mine? Is her spouse on the same work call as my wife?

She pulls on her nipple. I let my mouth hang open in a silent moan; knowing that she watches my face from behind the crack in the blinds. I pump my cock with hard strokes.

None of my questions matter. 2020 has been an awful year, but this little illicit act of intimacy has given me something to look forward to. It has given me a daily adventure in a world that has shrunk to my apartment. Jerking off with a total stranger has been the best part of a really shitty time.

Still, it would be nice to see her face when I come. Oh well, those are nice tits.

I come. My seed splatters the window. I make a mess as I show my lust.

The woman comes. It has happened so many times that I recognize the signs. Her hips buck, the movement in her pants quickens and then stops. She does a slight twist to her nipple as she rides out her orgasm.

We are done. She pulls her shirt down and takes her hand out of her pants. I wave, and she waves back. She steps away from the window while I get the Windex and paper towels.

My wife has yet to notice how clean the windows are in this room.

Oct 262020

Dearest Mackenzie,

This cursed pandemic has separated us for far too long. I miss binding your charming body. I miss tormenting your lovely breasts. I miss being the architect of your pleasure. Most of all, I miss your submission.

Last week I requested that you send me your favorite vibrator and you dutifully obeyed. I broke the vibrator down and inside my Hedonius Librarius and extracted its essential aura. I did the same thing with the red nipple clamps that I made you wear when you last came to visit, as well as the velvet glove that I used to explore your body. Last, through great personal exertion, I managed to create a sensory simulacrum of my cock.

I combined these potent qualities into the condom that is included with this letter. You no doubt have already sensed its potent enchantment. Tonight, take this condom inside your sacred circle along with a dildo. Slip the condom over the dildo and then slip the dildo inside your blessed cunt. Thrust six times while chanting the secret name that you call me. Afterward, remove the condom and set it aside in a safe place.

What is the purpose of this spell? It is simple, my most treasured one. Every time I touch my cock, the magic will activate. Your nipples will be pinched by invisible clamps. An unseen glove will caress your body. The ghost of my thick cock will fill your sex. Familiar vibrations will wash over your pussy.

The sensation will stop when I let go of my cock. You may also stop the sensations by having an orgasm. The only other way to stop it would be to cut the condom in half, but that would completely cancel the spell and then you would be without my touch once more.

I do realize that this gift of mine may be difficult at times. You do a lot of video conference calls for your job and the experience of having your nipples cruelly pinched will be distracting. I also know that you like to unwind with a good video game or two and your performance will certainly suffer if a velvet hand were to touch your ass. It is a good thing that you must limit your travel during this pandemic or else a sudden cock thrust inside your pussy would be quite hard to conceal while in public.

But I suspect these hardships will be a small price to pay for the intimate knowledge of knowing every time that I touch my cock. Any inconvenience will be washed away by the powerful vibrations of your former vibrator. Your submission to my whims is worth future embarrassments.

Remember, the only way to earn a temporary respite is to give yourself an orgasm. This will neutralize the enchantment for thirty-six minutes. After that, another touch of my cock will activate the magic once more.

Your Master,

Oct 142020

I awoke in silence. The eight hour mp3 of waves had turned off, despite only being midnight. The heater was silent even though there was a chill in the air. There were no ticks from the clock and I had wound it just before going to bed.

The silence was broken by a gasp. It wasn’t me. This was a feminine voice. It sounded like it came from beside me.

There was a squishy sound. I knew it well. Something slick plunged into something wet. It was fast. The wet sounds were accompanied by moans.

My cock hardened. My mouth watered. A terrible need rose within me.

I rolled over on my side towards the sounds. There was no one on the bed with me, but there was a depression in the sheets. I felt around and there was the wet spot.

The wet gushing sound grew louder. The moans became more insistent. The bed shifted as something unseen writhed on my sheets.

I brought my wet fingers to my lips. The musky smell made me moan. My dick pulsed within my boxers. It was tempting to rub the slick discharge onto my hard member.

There was a whisper. I strained to hear it. It was much softer than the loud sounds of something pushing into a damp tight place. I could almost make out the words.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” they whispered.

The bed creaked. I reached out and felt a dip in the bed. The wet spot had grown. My hand was soaked.

The cries grew louder. Sharp, desperate shouts of pure pleasure rang in my ears. The mattress shook.

I couldn’t resist. Temptation broke me once more. My hand went to my cock. Wet fingers wrapped around my hard length.

Silence. The bed stopped moving. My fingers were no longer wet.

The sound of the ocean returned to the speakers. The heater buzzed to life. Tick-tock went the clock.

I stroked myself with dry fingers. My moans were soft whimpers. My seed erupted forth and made a lonely mess in my boxers.

Sep 302020

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to Counter Employee Shortage
Location: Sparkling Orbs, B-Deck.
Species Required: Human, Wuat, Banime, Hermafut, or Yazamite
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Delta class breasts or greater. Level Two Bimbo Roleplay Certification.
Duration of Assignment: Four hours.
Payment: Three hundred credits plus tips. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees). Twenty Game Tokens. Five minutes in a sonic shower. Thirty credits per customer plus tips.

Click Here to Accept Assignment.

The Gillian mumbled into Dazanna’s breasts. She felt his forked tongue flicking against her skin. It wasn’t foreplay. There was a rhythm to his lips that she had felt before. The Gillian was praying.

“Oh baby,” Dazanna said with a giggle. She squirmed in place. If anyone had been watching, they would have thought Dazanna was near orgasming and delightfully surprised by the development.

But no one at the Sparkling Orbs was watching. The clientele was gambling. Beings fed credits into random number generators hoping for a rare combination. Holographic symbols flashed above tables as sentients placed bets. A group of solar technicians surrounded a table where a small metal disc slid along a near-frictionless table. It was a busy night.

Technically, someone was watching. It was the invisible but always present eyes of the casino’s security. But they were more likely to be watching the games and the clients, not Dazanna. She doubted that the security drones cared that her plentiful breasts were about to pop out of the tight golden corset that was her uniform. No drone was going to admire her long blue hair that was carefully styled to have that ‘just-been-fucked’ look. Most of all, no drone was appreciating the incredibly vacant look of sexual joy she was expressing on her face. Sometimes, she wondered why she put so much work into her craft.

The Gillian lifted his head from Dazanna’s tits. The black orbs that the alien had for eyes were hard to read. Chalky blue dust clung to its wide lips and flat nostrils.

“Good luck, baby!” Dazanna said. “Win a BIG ONE, just for me!”

The Gillian nodded and slipped a gaming token into her cleavage. Dazanna giggled like a madwoman as he pushed it down. A tiny gravity beam sucked the token down into her corset and into the cleverly concealed money belt that was part of her shimmering skirt.

“Thanks for the tip!” Dazanna purred.

The Gillian didn’t answer as it returned to the gaming tables.

Dazanna checked her cleavage. There was a bare spot where her skin was showing through the blue Ginmij dust. That wouldn’t do. Dazanna reached behind her and grabbed a soft brush. Still facing the casino and smiling like an eager slut ready for her first dock of the day, she brushed her exposed cleavage like it was the most natural thing in the world.

It still amazed Dazanna that gamblers believed that Ginmij dust brought them luck. Ginmijes were terrible beasts the size of station decks. The monsters roamed the blasted plains of a planet that killed its own population so long ago that nothing remained of their civilization. It took small armies to bring a Ginmij down, and even then, they can only subdue one long enough to cut off one of eight thousand spikes before the beast regenerated and tried to kill them. It was that spike which was ground down and transported across the galaxy as a probability-enhancer. Allegedly, rubbing one’s face into the dust greatly improves one’s relationship with the chaos of reality.

Dazanna snorted. She wasn’t sure what was so lucky about the spike dust. It didn’t help the Ginmij when it got hunted down by raiders. It sure as fuck wasn’t lucky for the hundreds of raiders who die each year trying to get the shit.

As for putting the dust on breasts, there was no stated explanation for that. Dazanna knew the reason. This was a Pleasure Station. Why not put it on tits?

A pink humanoid approached Dazanna. The eyes were shimmering. The pink face was a bit paler than the rest of the body. There was a sheen of sweat permeating the smooth white hair. It didn’t take a psychic or a trained Sex Labor Guild member to feel the despair radiating from them.

“Hey baby!” Dazanna squealed. “I would just LOVE to help you with your luck!”

The humanoid almost said something but shuddered instead. It clamped its mouth shut. With a shaking hand, it put a token into the crack of Dazanna’s cleavage. Barely before the token disappeared, the being smashed its face into her breasts.

The info block for this job suggested minimal contact. Dazanna made a personal decision on the spot. She put her hands around the humanoid’s head and hugged it tight to her breasts.

The humanoid sobbed. Tears flowed from its eyes. It wrapped its arms around her chest and held on. The tension in the being’s body slowly relaxed.

A red orb floated closer. It was an Enforcement Drone. The programming had detected possible harassment. Dazanna shook her head at it. The orb floated back.

“Sorry,” the humanoid said into her tits.

“It’s okay,” Dazanna said. She had gotten good at hearing people when their mouths were on her breasts. “Take all the luck you need.”

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Sep 232020

“I recognize that breastplate,” Lieutenant Lustbane said. “It belongs to Lady Griefbringer. She led one of the patrols that went missing in this area.”

“What is a noble woman’s breastplate doing on the outside wall of a tower?” Lady Virtueheart asked.

“Not covering her breasts,” quipped Initiate Darren.

Lady Virtueheart cut Initiate Darren a stern look. He had the wisdom to look embarrassed. She turned her attention back to the breastplate and examined it.

The red steel was covered in white stains. Pieces of steel had been removed from the cups of the breastplate that would have exposed the wearer’s nipples. There was an impression on the side that looked like a hand print. What could leave a dint in true steel?

There were words engraved on the wall. Lady Virtueheart sneered. Literacy was a burning offence on its own.

“Read it,” Lady Virtueheart commanded.

Initiate Fianne leaned close to the wall. The Rune-Bearer was eager to be of use. She whispered a mantra and the red runes on her bald head pulsed with magic. The Great Burner granted her the power to understand the profane writings.

“Lady Tezera Griefbringer, leader of armed men and a fantastic cocksucker.”

“How dare you!” Lt Lustbane growled. He swatted the back of Initiate Fianne’s head with the back of his mailed hand.

“I’m sorry!” Initiate Fianne said. “I swear, that is what is written there! I am only obeying the Lady’s orders!”

“Stay your hand,” Lady Virtueheart commanded the lieutenant. “Let her read the words free from punishment. Continue, Initiate.”

“Thank you, Milady,” Fianne said, rubbing the back of her head. She whispered her mantra and the runes flashed again.

“Plump of breast and narrow of hips, she has a fondness for anal fornication and verbal degradation. Lasted ten minutes in the purple room before screaming for my cock. Deep-throated an ogre. Favorite whore of the goblins.”

Initiate Fainne’s cheeks flushed. She backed away from the wall and the breastplate. The runes returned to normal. “That is all, Milady.”

“Read this one,” Lt. Lustbane commanded. He stood a few feet away, next to a large spiked club and more illicit words. The tip of the club had been recently broken recently.

Initiate Fianne walked over to him and read aloud.

“Katrick Lowborn, Confessor and adequate footstool. Long of tongue and steady of arms, he is a quick learner and fierce humper. A natural sadistic with a low pain tolerance. Says he hates fucking the ratwomen but is always hard for them.”

Lt. Lustbane vibrated with rage. “Confessor Katrick was a friend of my father’s. He helped me flog my first harlot.”

Lady Virtueheart turned and walked along the circumference of the wall. A few feet away hung a broken sword. Further down was the mailed skirt of a Tormentress. Past it was the torn pants of a soldier of the Great Burner. She counted thirty trophies before returning back to her party.

“Ready your weapons and say your prayers,” Lady Virtueheart announced. “I believe we have discovered a Lustmancer.”

Sep 022020

Fucktoy tugged on Master’s cock. It was dim underneath the desk, but the lube caught what little light there was and sparkled. The head of his dick almost shimmered.

She wished that she could taste Master’s cock but the hard ball gag in her mouth prevented. Besides, she had been commanded to only use her hands this evening. Master wanted a handjob, and that is what he would get.

Where was she going to direct his seed when Master came? Should she lean in and pump his load onto her bare breasts? Maybe she should aim Master’s come at her ball gag? If she leaned back, could she shoot it down to her wet cunt? Probably not, but it might be fun to try.

On top of the desk, Fucktoy heard clicking. Master was typing. Was he writing a letter? Maybe some filthy message to another of his toys? Was every stroke of Fucktoy’s hands inspiring Master’s instructions to another slut?

Jealousy burned within Fucktoy. There was also annoyance over being under the desk out of Master’s view. Most of all though, there was lust. Her wet cunt was dripping onto the carpet, neglected, needy and so much nearer to Master’s cock than some whore online.

Fucktoy stroked Master’s cock. She used both hands. It was a requirement. Master had ordered both hands was to be on him at all times. There was no way to sneak a hand away to pinch her nipple or stroke her pussy. Master would know and his punishment would be unpleasant.

There was a groan. Fucktoy knew that groan. Master was aroused. Surely, it was from her hands and not from something he read? No words written by a skank online could compare with her hands.

But a picture might. Fucktoy thought of the pictures that Master makes her take. He often made that same groan when he saw her pictures.

Fucktoy increased the pace of her pumping. The lube made loud squelching noise. She leaned closer, tempted to rub her nose against Master’s tip but knowing better.

Tonight, he only wants her hands.

Aug 312020

Fucktoy found the dildo. The ball gag mouth muffled her moan of excitement. The dildo was floppy but it would serve her needs. She tugged at it but it wouldn’t move. It was secured to the wall.

Another sob of relief was choked by the ball gag. The dildo hadn’t been easy to find. Master only told her that one was somewhere in the house, and if she found it, she could use. It hadn’t been easy to find with a leather hood blocking her eyes. The heavy plug in her ass hadn’t helped as well. Neither did the six-inch boots she wore, or the sharp clamps biting her nipples. It had been a struggle to search the house blind and she had the sore nipples, sore ass and collision bruises to prove it.

She wondered how many minutes were left on the timer. The loud ticks had followed her around the house. Did that mean Master had followed her around with the timer? Or was she hyper-sensitive to the ticking as she made her search.

It didn’t matter. Fucktoy had found the dildo and it was hers to use until the timer dinged. She would enjoy for as long as she could.

The dildo was two and a half feet off the ground. Too high to back into on her hands and knees and too low for her to simply back into it. Fuck, she was going to have to squat.

Fucktoy squatted down to the ground. The plug in her ass continued to split her in half. Her feet wobbled on the high heels. She leaned forward and the clamps pulled her nipples downwards. A whimper peeked out from her ball gag.

The dildo touched her sensitive sex. She trembled. How long has it been? Fucktoy knew the answer. It had been nine days and twelve hours since Master had touched her pussy. It had been eight days and one hour since anything had filled her cunt. It had been seven days and eighteen hours since she had been allowed to even touch her sex except during her toiletries.

It had been too long.

Fucktoy reached between her legs. She took hold of the floppy dildo and leaned forward. There was a brief sense of vertigo. It was an awkward position to balance and the hood made her feel like she was on the edge of a precipice.

If she fell, would Master be there to catch her? She’d like to think so, but she knew better. Her pleasure was her own to earn.

Fucktoy bent over at the waist and stretched out a hand. She touched the floor. Her breasts fell forward; the clamps sending bolts of pain through her flesh. She used her other hand to guide the phallus into her sex lips. The tip pushed inside of her.

Shudders racked her body. The tip almost slipped out. The butt plug felt like it was going to drag her body down to the ground. The vertigo increased.

Fucktoy bit down on the ball gag. The shudders stopped. She slid backwards.

The dildo filled her cunt. Stars exploded in the darkness of the hood. Spit fell from her lips. The plug in her ass shrunk in comparison to the fullness she felt in her pussy. The dull sting of the clamps became gentle kisses.

Fucktoy fucked herself on the dildo. There was no grace in the awkward position. Her right heel slipped an inch but she didn’t stop. Every thrust sent her ass, and the plug, crashing into the wall behind her. It was a violent fuck, and she did it to herself.

How much time was left on the timer? Could she come before the tiny bell rang? When the timer was over, would Master take the place of the dildo with his cock?

Fucktoy didn’t know, which is why she humped the dildo with everything she had.

Aug 192020

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to Counter Employee Shortage
Location: Feed and Be Fed.
Species Required: Any with a physical mouth(s).
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Oral Endurance of Class Two.
Duration of Assignment: Two Hours.
Payment: One free meal from the employee menu. Thirty credits per customer plus tips. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees)

Click Here to Accept Assignment.

Dazanna waited impatiently inside her nook. A privacy field blocked anyone in the restaurant from seeing her, but the field also prevented her from seeing or hearing any of the customers. Were they busy? Was the place full or empty? She couldn’t tell.

The privacy field did nothing to block smells. The aroma of hot Banime noodles filled the small nook. She could almost taste the Vulthan spices in the air. She desperately wanted to stick something in her mouth.

“This is why the free meal is after the shift,” Dazanna said out lout. She liked talking out loud. It broke the silence of the privacy field.

The shift had started ten minutes ago but Dazanna hadn’t had a client yet. Maybe Dazanna should have used a different picture? Above her, on the table she couldn’t see, was a picture of her face. It showed her smiling, with her long blue hair coming down to her bare shoulders. Was that good enough? Should she have stuck her tongue out or maybe opened her mouth? When her shift was over, she would ask one of the other employees for next time. If there was a next time.

A yellow light flickered inside the nook. Someone was setting their tray down on the table above Dazanna. Instead of thinking about the client, she wondered what dish was in the tray. Was it Tousacon Beef Noodles? A Vigen Avian Wrap?

“Damn, I’m hungry,” Dazanna whispered.

Thin legs emerged from the privacy field and sat down. Shiny red pants covered the legs. An automated zipper opened along the curve of the crotch. Inside was pink cloth and a hidden shaft trying to poke free.

Dazanna leaned forward in the nook. She gently spread the client’s legs apart to get closer to his bulge. Expert fingers glided over the cloth and found a seam. She pulled the opening apart and reached inside.

A small dock pulsed against her hand. The size didn’t bother Dazanna. It would be easier to suck. She bent over and gave the tip of the dock a slow lick.

The member tasted like oranges and mint. Was she so hungry that she was becoming delusional? Dazanna took another lick, slowly circling the head of the organ.

Positive, that was orange and mint. The client had an enhanced dock!

Dazanna couldn’t resist. She parted her lips and took his dock into her mouth. Down she went until his nose and chin were in the client’s underwear. Her lips closed around him as she rapidly licked.

The client shuddered. The dock throbbed. Both legs closed together around Dazanna’s body.

Dazanna moved her head from side to side, letting the small organ roll around in her mouth. She licked as she moved, unable to get enough of the orange-mint flavored dock. It was tempting to bite down but she resisted the urge.

She wondered what the client was doing. Was he already eating or was he too distracted by her mouth? The lack of audio cues meant she was flying blind. Oh well, she would have to stick with the basics.

Dazanna reached into the client’s underwear and pulled out his gonad pouch. It was smooth and hairless. She took all of his dock back into her mouth until her lips were touching his sack. Her tongue slipped out of her lips and flicked his balls.

The dock throbbed in Dazanna’s mouth. The client nearly lifted from his seat. The small cock pushed into her mouth.

Dazanna giggled. He wanted to fuck her mouth? She could help with that. She tightened her lips around his dock and slid her head up. The tip of his dock popped free of her lips. A line of spit connected her lips to his dock. She plunged back down, swallowing his modest cock in a single gulp. As soon as her lips touched his sack, her tongue gave him a quick lick before she slid her mouth back up his short shaft.

A blue light turned on. A small camera emerged from the ceiling of the nook and pointed down on Dazanna. The client was paying extra to see her work.

Dazanna smiled. That was twenty extra credits, straight to her account. She looked at the camera and gave her best sexy wink.

Now that the client was watching, it was time to perform visually as well as orally. She added a twisted to her motion so her blue hair would bounce. Her lips opened so more spit could fall. She gripped his thighs and sunk her fingers into his pants like a desperate slut.

Sweet liquid gushed in her mouth. Was that chocolate? Lords of Space, the client’s seed had been enhanced to taste like chocolate!

Dazanna sealed her lips around him as the dock pumped. Load after load of chocolate-flavored seed filled her mouth. She swallowed it all and when he was done pumping, she meticulously licked every millimeter of his limp organ for more chocolate.

When there was no more delicious seed left, Dazanna let the member fall from her lips. A burp rose from her throat. She was immediately grateful for the privacy screen.
The blue light turned off. The client wasn’t interested in watching anymore. Their focus was on their meal, and the remaining time they had left to eat it.

Dazanna rested her head on the client’s lap. She doubted that he would recover in time to want more. For that matter, she wasn’t sure what the policy was for second orgasms at this establishment. The owners might not want her to provide another climax.

Fuck that. Dazanna stayed where she was. If that delicious orange-mint dock got hard again and wanted to spray some more chocolate, then Dazanna would be ready to make that happen.

Aug 122020

Nash Nighthammer dropped to one knee. Blood poured from a bite on his right shoulder. A claw mark on his broad chest burned. Sweat stung his eyes. He set his gore-encrusted warhammer down on the ground but his fingers would not release his mighty grip.

All around Nash were the corpses of the enemy. No two lifeless bodies were alike. They were mutants, creations of the Depraved Alchemist. Some had claws, others were armed with tentacles and one had a strange orifice in its chest that spouted fire. The only thing that united the horrible beasts was their color, a dismal unnatural grey color like milky mud.

A horn blasted from the depths of the forest. Somewhere, the Depraved Alchemist watched Nash slay his creatures through arcane means. The horn was a signal to the next wave. Another horde of mutants were being unleashed. They would be here soon.

Nash grunted. This would be the fifth time that the horn had sounded. Four times the mutants had come to the entrance of the Winged Mercy Temple and four times Nash Nighthammer had slain them all. Would he be able to stop this fifth group? Will there be a sixth or a seventh? How many mutants did the Depraved Alchemist have?

“Get up, Nash,” he told himself. He didn’t like how ragged his voice was. If he hurried, he might be able to bandage his shoulder before the mutants came. Or maybe he should swallow the last of his water to sooth the dryness of his throat. Whatever he was going to do, he should do it now.

Nash stood up and the world spun. He had lost too much blood. His legs gave out and he fell backwards. The sky appeared above him and something hard hit the back of his head.



There was a breeze. Gold flashed above him. There was the ruffle of wings.

“Rest Dauntless Mortal,” a voice chimed. Each word was the ringing of a bell.

A woman was beside him. Her skin was a deep bronze. Giant breasts swelled from her chest. A band of diamonds held back long black hair. A lovely face smiled at him. Wings of gold feathers stretched behind her.

“Who? What are you?” Nash whispered.

The women lifted his head. She pressed his face into one of her abundant breasts. Nash instinctively opened his mouth and took her nipple between his lips.

Heat flowed into Nash’s body. It was like being covered in a fur blanket. Aches faded. The burn in his chest cooled.

“The Faithful In The Winged Mercy Temple Prayed For Their Defender,” the woman chimed.

Nash mumbled something about the approaching mutants. It was hard to enunciate with a nipple in his mouth and a breast pressing against his face.

“They Will Wait,” the woman chimed.

She took Nash’s hand and pressed it to her other breast. He gripped her soft tit and sunk his fingers into warm flesh. Strength flowed into his arm. Each squeeze of her breast sent a surge through his muscles.

“You Have Fear But You Fight,” the woman said. “You Love Life But Are Willing To Die To Defend The Weak. You Are A Blessing Of Your Kind.”

Nash felt his loincloth being pulled away. Warn fingers gripped his member. A shudder ran up his spine.

“Rest Hero And Be Relieved,” the woman said.

The woman pressed Nash harder against her breast. Warm flesh enveloped his head. He bit down on the nipple and felt honey and cream fill his mouth,

Strong fingers stroked his cock. They were impossibly soft. Despite the sweat and grit of battle, Nash felt like he was being gripped by a velvet glove.

Cool wind blew over his body. He heard the sound of wings gently flapping. Each gust of wind blew away another ache on his body.

“Rest,” the woman chimed. “Release. Restore.”

Pleasure flowed through Nash’s body. It came from the nipple in his mouth and the breast against his face. It flowed through the hand that gripped the winged woman’s breast. It pumped through his hard shaft with every stroke of the woman’s hand.

Nash climaxed. Seed erupted from his cock and flowed over the woman’s heavenly hand. He shouted his orgasm into her breast. As his body shuddered, the winged woman held him tightly against her body.

And then Nash was alone. He was on his back, staring up at the sky. The smell of sex hung in the air. The felt the wind on his naked cock.

There was a howl from the woods. Nash sat up and flipped his loincloth back over his crotch. He grabbed his hammer and rose to his feet. The wound in his shoulder was gone. The cut on his chest was a faint scar. He swallowed and realized his throat was wet as if he had drunk from a spring.

As for his cock, it felt like it had been properly drained but there was not a trace of his seed on it.

The mutants were twenty feet away and coming fast. The one in front wielded hands with fingers that had fused together into clubs. Sharp thorns protruded from the ugly gray skin. It was a monster but not even the most monstrous of his kind.

Nash readied his hammer. In the corner of his eye, he saw a flash of gold.
He smiled and charged the mutants, knowing that live or die, he would not be alone.

Aug 102020

I held Lillian’s heavy breast in one hand, careful not to smudge any of the painted letters. With my other hand, I held a small brush as I touched up the letter ‘G’. The bottom half of the letter was red and angry so I was trying to be careful.

Disco music played on the speakers. A circle of porn magazines from the 70’s surrounded us. The flames of nineteen white candles flickered.

“Who is this asshole again?” Lillian asked.

“His magic name was Stephen Karma, and he was an expert on regional spirits,” I said. “He wrote the best book on sentient cities that I have ever read, although my copy has some rain damage.”

“Ow,” Lillian said when my brush touched another bruise.

“Sorry,” I said but I kept painting.

“And you can’t use a normal Ouija board?” Lillian asked.

“As you can tell, Stephen really liked tits,” I said, beginning work on the letter ‘M’. “And not just any tits. They have to be large, magnificent and wonderful examples.”

Lillian blushed. She was so pale with her dyed black hair that when she blushed, her skin turned a rosy pink. “Magnificent, huh?” she asked.

“That is why I asked your coven to send me someone of your qualities,” I said. “I am grateful that they answered my request, especially with the pandemic.”

“Coven Mistress said that they owed you,” Lillian said. “They owed you big. She didn’t tell me why.”

“Well, when they need someone with my qualities for a magic work, I am always happy to help,” I said.

Lillian licked her lip. She was young and her cues were an open book written in large type. “What kind of qualities?” she asked. “Are they big ones?”

I painted another ‘No’ on her right aureole. The previous one had been rubbed completely off.

“Okay, so he likes tits,” Lillian said. “But can’t we use one of those glass things they use on Ouija boards?”

“A planchette,” I said. “And no. Stephen prefers the personal touch.”

I put the paint brush down and inspected my work. The golden letters glittered in the flickering candle light. Waving my hand, I dried the paint as best I could.

“Ready to continue?” I asked.

“How many more questions do you have?” Lillian asked.

“It’s a bit more complicated than that,” I said. “I’m trying to replace one of the damaged parts in the book. I’m going to need him to pinch out an entire page worth.”.

Something close to a whine escaped Lillian’s lips before she remembered that she was serving a friend of her coven.

“Can we ask him to not pinch as hard?” Lillian asked.

“I wouldn’t do that,” I said.

“I want to try,” she said.

It was her right. “Stephen Karma, would it be possible to pinch a little softer?”

An invisible force flattened Lillian’s right nipple. The bottom part of the ‘No’ was caught in the pinch. Lillian hissed and tears sprung once more to her eyes. “Okay, okay!” she snapped.

The nipple resumed its normal shape, although it was much harder now.

Lillian looked right at me. “Fine, you were right. Let’s get this over with. Ask your questions, but you’re going to fuck me stupid when this is over.”

I kissed her left nipple. She moaned from my answer.