Apr 212021

Christina rolled the last burrito and placed it in the pan. She stepped aside so I could sprinkle the cheese. After I was finished, she opened the oven door and I slipped the pan in. While she cleaned the counter, I checked the recipe and set the timer.

“We got eight minutes to kill,” I said.

“Good, clean the frying pan while I load the dishwasher,” she said.

“I was hoping we could do something else,” I said. I stepped behind her and placed my hands on her hips. The bulge in my pants pressed against the crack of her ass framed by her sweatpants.

Christina laughed. “We’ll never finish in eight minutes. Those days are long behind us.”

“Who cares about finishing?” I said. “Can’t a man just fuck his wife for eight minutes if he wants to? Or is the honeymoon already over?”

“Yeah, I think that happens after twenty years,” Christina said. Her ass pressed back against my trapped cock. “And it is probably seven minutes now.”

“Then we better hurry,” I said.

“Well, take my pants down already,” Christina said.

I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her sweats, making sure to catch her pink underwear as well. As she took a step back, I pulled them down and helped her step out of them. After the Easter Incident, we don’t fuck with our pants around our ankles. As I set her sweats on the table, Christina leaned forward and braced herself on the counter. A dark bush peeked from beneath her thighs.

My pants and underwear took less time to remove. Christina was already stroking her pussy. The wet sound hurried me along. I stood behind her and pressed the head of my cock to her lips. Slick fingers guided me in.

We moaned together. Our bodies joined once more. My hands on her hips, her elbows on the counter, we began to fuck.

The timer ticked on. Hips and ass created slow steady claps of sound. Groans and the occasional gasp filled the kitchen.

A plate moved. A cup rattled in a bowl. Spoons rattled together.

“Are you cleaning?” I asked. My hips kept moving.

“Just a little straightening up,” Christina said. Her sex clenched tighter.

I growled in disbelief and amusement. My hand grabbed her long black hair, streaked with gray. A sudden pull and there was a cry of pleasure. My hips slammed into her with increasing fury.

“Fuck,” Christina said. It was both a swear and a statement of fact.

It turned out that eight minutes was more than enough.

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Apr 142021

The video feed of my boss, Nadine, filled the monitor. She wore a burgundy pant suit today. We have been working from home for over a year but she still puts on work clothes. The matching lipstick is a bit too dark for a workspace, but no one would complain. The lack of a bra and shirt under her jacket means her pale freckled skin contrasts sharply with the suit.

Nadine wore a dark eyeshadow that gives her a slightly sinister look. Right now, they are staring at me. There is a hint of a smile on her lips.

I jacked my cock at a slow steady pace. The head of my member wa red and a drop glistens on the tiny slit. It would be so nice to speed up and climax already, but that is forbidden. I will stay hard until Nadine grants me permission.

“We reviewed twenty more audits today,” Carol said. “Five of them were unsatisfactory. Of those five, two were due to incomplete information . . .”

Carol droned on. It was hard to pay attention. My focus was on the contour of Nadine’s breasts under her suit top. I could almost picture where my boss’s nipples were.

Conference calls were my hardest challenges. Nadine insisted that I provide entertainment for her. We had a video link to each other’s computers. Every call, whether I was on it or not, she turned the link on.

Worsen I had to pay attention. Nadine might quiz me later. It was not good to fail those quizzes. That would mean the clamps. Or the ice. Maybe even the dreaded rubber bands.

“The last unsatisfactory audit was filed with an outdated form,” Carol continued.

“Was it the TH-99?” Sara asked.

“It was,” Carol said.

“I thought we had finally eliminated those documents,” Sara said.

My cock dried. It would be easier to spit but Nadine forbade it. There was a chance someone might hear. I had to lick my hand instead. It tasted like dick.

“I want a full investigation done,” Nadine said.

Her voice was cold and stern. I groaned but bit my lip just in time to stop it.

Nadine’s eyebrow arched. She looked right at me through the monitor. Did they hear my groan on the call?

My heart accelerated. If someone had heard, then maybe they would report it to Human Resources. I would be investigated. They might find out about Nadine and all of the improper ways she abuses the boss/employee dynamic. There would be firings and mandatory training for everyone else.

I guess technically, she would be the one that got in trouble, but if she got fired, who would tell me to do the filthy things I love to do?

“I’ll let Steven know,” Carol said. “He has been the point person for updating the forms.”

“I bet he will know where to look,” Sara added.

No one heard my groan. My heart was still pounding but it was going to be okay. That had been close.

“All right, go on with your report, Carol,” Nadine said.

As Carol resumed talking, Nadine pointed upwards with one finger. I was to go faster.

My stroking increased in speed. Oh, I was close. This was going to be much harder to keep from coming. It was a suitable punishment.

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Mar 312021

Meanwhile, at the Justice Force headquarters.

Major Valor: Bad news, Justice Force. Professor Nasty has kidnapped the Mayor again.

Night Bane: Again?

DJ Punch: Aw, shit.

Lady Fire: I thought the Junior Justice Legion was protecting him?

Major Valor: They were but Professor Nasty spiked their breakfast with super-laxatives. She kidnapped the Mayor while the Legion was uh, incapacitated.

DJ Punch: You mean they shit themselves and now we’re the ones in the shit.

Lady Fire: What is the wicked Professor’s demanding this time?

Major Valor: She is requesting another orgy

Night Bane:

Lady Fire:

DJ Punch: Fuck, yeah!

Major Valor: She also says that if we do not arrive by midnight, she will debone the Mayor.

DJ Punch: Like, with a knife or some sort of beam that removes his bones?

Night Bane: It doesn’t matter how. She is brilliant and evil enough to make good on her word. She is honorable in her own way. She will release the Mayor if we give her what she wants.

Lady Fire: Sadly, this true. I agree with Night Bane. We must give in her to demands.

Major Valor: Agreed.

DJ Punch: I told her last time that if she needed some dick, she didn’t have to go kidnapping people. I’m willing to tap that smart ass for free!

Night Bane:

Lady Fire:

Major Valor: Anyway, the Professor requires us to meet her at the old sex toy factory near the docks.

Lady Fire: Has she told us how to perform? I want time to prepare for the depravities she requires.

Major Valor: She sent me a very detailed e-mail on the subject with several images she commissioned from internet artists. Night Bane, you will be on kissing duty. She requests you use two breath mints this time.

Night Bane: Noted.

Major Valor: Lady Fire, Professor Nasty requires you to stand behind her and grope her breasts from behind. You will also kiss her neck but no biting this time. She wants you to wear your black leather gloves.

Lady Fire: Understood.

DJ Punch: What about me? Does she want to ride my cock again?

Major Valor: That is a negative. She said that you enjoyed it too much. This time she wants you blindfolded and handcuffed to dildo presser. Also, she wants your underwear stuffed in your mouth so you can’t speak.

DJ Punch: Son of a bitch!

Night Bane: Well, at least there will be less talking this time. What is your job, Major?

Major Valor: I will be required to service her vagina with my mouth and then my penis. It will be a vile deed but I am willing to do it for the sake of the Mayor, and for Justice!

Night Bane: For Justice!

Lady Fire: For Justice!

DJ Punch: Maybe I’ll get to fuck her next time.

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Mar 242021

The Cat meowed at my window. It was a desperate sound, full of hunger and need. She cried a second time and this time the meow stretched out for a full ten seconds.

It sounded like she was at the kitchen window, although now that spring was here, I had all of the windows open. Still, I doubted that she would be so bold as to come any of the windows at the front of the house. I set my away message on my work laptop and went to the kitchen to investigate.

There she was, right against the sliding glass door I had cracked open. I recognized the white cat mask that she always wore. She stretched her arms up and arched her back. This pressed her small breasts into the mesh of the screen door. Both nipples were hard and almost brown. She wiggled her hips as if to draw attention to the white fur that now covered her pussy. That was new. She normally came to me bare.

I took in the sight of her. Previously, she only came at night when the neighborhood was asleep and everything was quiet. This was the first time I had been able to look at her body in full day light. I liked what I saw.

“I haven’t seen you in a while,” I said. “What has it been? Since last March? Before this stupid pandemic, right?”

The Cat ignored my questions, like she always does. Brown eyes stared at me from behind her cat mask. A pink tongue licked her lips as her eyes darted to the rising bulge in my sweatpants.

“Seriously though, have you been okay?” I asked. “I was worried about you and well, it is not like I have your number or have a way to contact you.”

The Cat licked a spot on her arm, clearly bored with my questions.

“Fair enough,” I said. She never talked before, so why start now? I went to the door and reached for the handle.

The Cat smiled. She stepped back from screen door and turned around. A long white tail swung from her ass.

Oh wow. Normally she wears a belt for her tail but not this time. The tail hung from a plug in her ass. There had been some changes since last I saw her.

The Cat walked over to the rail on my porch. She bent over the rail and spread her legs. Looking over her shoulder, she meowed at me again.

I paused. This was new as well. Normally the Cat liked to crawl in the grass. Sometimes up against an outside wall, but always in the darkest spot possible. She had never been this bold before.

Before I stepped out of my kitchen, I grabbed a face mask. She wasn’t wearing one but there was point asking about vaccinations. It was better safe then sorry.

“Are you sure?” I asked. Across from my porch was a short plank fence that did nothing to block the view of the next yard over. My neighbor to the left had a separate garage that provided privacy but my neighbors to the left had a deck with a clear view of my porch. It was the opposite of private.

The Cat hissed. Her back arched. She was tired of questions. Delay any longer and she would leave. She had left before when I was too hesitant.

“Fuck,” I swore. I stepped behind the Car and pulled my sweatpants down to my ankles. My cock popped free and brushed her tail. She moaned when I held her tail up to guide my dick to her wet pussy.

I went inside her. She was as perfect as I remembered. Holding the tail up, I fucked her from behind. The large plug pulled at her asshole in delightful ways.

The Cat shuddered. Her pussy clenched tight. She clamped a hand over her mouth but I could still hear her cry out with every thrust.

Feb 242021

It started in October. I had come home from work and noticed something on the doorknob to my front door. It was a pair of panties in bright Halloween orange colors. Little black bats were sewn into the fabric. There was a strong musky odor to them. Thinking it was a weird holiday prank, I tossed them away.

Another pair appeared on the same door knob in December. These were dark red with white faux-fur trim. They had the same musky odor. This time I noticed a curly pubic hair on the crotch. It was a dark black color. I threw this pair away as well.

In January there was a fresh pair of panties on the door knob. They were teal with black lace. The odor was stronger this time. No pubic hair but the stain on the crotch was larger.

I admit, I took this pair inside and jerked off with it. The shiny teal fabric looked slick and inviting. I wrapped it around my cock and imagined what kind of cunt the panties had previously pressed against. It might have been my imagination but the panties felt warm around my dick. I came hard and soaked the panties with my cream. After that, I felt a little embarrassed and tossed it in the garbage.

The next day, I came down from my bedroom and made breakfast in the kitchen. When it was ready, I brought my eggs and toast into the living room to sit down in front of the television. On the couch where I usually sit, was a pair of green panties.

I nearly dropped my food. My heart pounded with fear. I checked the house from top to bottom. The doors and windows were locked. Nothing had been stolen. There was no sign of how my intruder came in.

The crotch of the panties was damp. The musky odor was much stronger. I put them in a ziplock bag so that the police could examine them, although I never did call the police. They would never believe my story.

I ate, showered and went to work. When I returned home, there were no new panties. I ate, showered with the door open and watched television. Before I went to bed, I put chairs against all the doors leading outside.

The next morning, I found a pair of panties halfway down the stairs to the first floor. These were black with red lips over the crotch. There was a wet spot that almost dripped.

I admit, I took a lick. It was delicious.

Not sure what else to do, I put the pair in another ziplock bag. It sat with the other bag on my living room desk. I checked the house and all the doors and windows were still locked. It didn’t make any sense.

I stayed home that day. At noon I took a sleeping pill and took a long nap. When I awoke at 10, I sealed the doors and windows with duct tape. I stayed up all night, walking a patrol that took me through every room of the house every twenty minutes.

At 3:06 in the morning, I found a pair of panties on the knob to my bedroom door. They were light blue and dripping wet. A puddle was forming on the carpet. When I touched the panties, they were warm to the touch.

I ran through the house. The locks were still locked. The duct tape was still in place. It was impossible for someone to come in and yet they had.

That was this morning. I called in sick to work again. The path is clear. The panties have gone from my door, to my living room, up the stairs and to my bedroom door. Tonight, they will come into my room. I will be waiting.

Will it be another gift of panties?

Or will it be the person with the dripping cunt who leaves the panties?

Tonight, I find out.

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Feb 012021

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to Counter Employee shortage.
Location: Feel This! Sensorium, B-Deck.
Species Required: Human female or Banime female.
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Minimum Psychic Receptiveness of Level Two.
Duration of Assignment: Three hours.
Payment: Eighty credits per hour plus tips. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees).

Click Here to Accept Assignment.

Dazanna was on her back. The smart bed formed a soft hill under her head for neck support. She had one hand on her breast, squeezing and pulling on the flesh. The other hand was between her legs, idly running her fingernails up and down the bare lips of her vussy. Out of habit, she lifted one leg up into the air and then to the side to allow a better view of her crotch.

It was unnecessary. The eight sentient beings in front of her had their eyes closed. Well, those that had eyes. She wasn’t sure if the floating pink gas inside the containment sphere had sensory organs other than its mind. Either way, there was no need to put on a visual show.

Dazanna continued to knead her breast. The plump flesh was tender from so much squeezing. What appealed more to the minds feeling her body? Was it the weight of her soft breast or was it the growing sensitivity from so much groping? It was hard to tell with telepaths. They rarely gave you any sort of feedback.

Bing. A gentle bell announced that a tip had been paid. A hologram displayed the requested action above Dazanna. Eighty credits for finger penetration.

“Finally,” Dazanna moaned. She had spent thirty minutes touching the outside of her sex. Part of her worried that the psychic voyeurs were only interested in her soft skin and plump breasts. That was fine for her bank account as they tipped her plenty for the breast play but Dazanna was dying for some fingering.

Dazanna pushed one finger inside her vussy. Slick heat gripped her finger. Four of the psychics gasped. The pink gas bubbled inside his containment sphere. The face tentacles on the Igias vibrated.

“Like that?” Dazanna asked out loud. None of them answered. Their minds were on her body. They felt her finger sliding around the wet walls of her sex. Those without vussies marveled at the sensitivity. Those who possessed similar organs were fascinated by the differences. One being, his first time linking with a human, climaxed inside his pants.

Bing. More tips came in. There was a request for faster thrusts. Two tips asked for more fingers. A very large tip requested the use of one of the thick dildos that sat by the bed.

“Of course,” Dazanna said. “I will be happy to do each and every one of your requests.”

Eight psychics eagerly waited for the next sensation.

Jan 272021

Fucktoy hung in the air. Rope bounded almost every part of her body. She was locked into a standing position with her head encased in a rubber hood and her feet free to dangle. Cruel rope pinned her hands behind her back and a network of string spread her fingers apart. A thick ball gag in her mouth immobilized her jaw. There was nowhere to go.

Below her, Master reclined on his bed. The hood prevented her from seeing him. The plugs in her ears blocked her from hearing him. The only clue that he was there was the touch of his cock against her feet.

Fucktoy gripped the beloved dick with her feet. It was slippery with lubricant. Like a good Fucktoy, she tied to stroke him. The rope prevented her from bending her legs so she was forced to rely on her ankles to do all the work.

It was slow going. Sometimes Master’s cock slipped out from between her feet. She wasted precious seconds grasping it again. Fucktoy whimpered at how poorly she was doing. Master deserved better.

A knotted rope pressed against the lips of her sex. It was a gift from Master. The knots ground against her with every pull and tug of her body. Juices flowed and hopefully dripped onto Master’s body. The knots rubbed in just the right places, but not enough to bring her to climax.

But maybe, if she twisted just so, and flexed her hips like this or maybe pull with her thumbs, then Fucktoy could get the friction she needed to bring her greedy cunt to explode with orgasmic fury.

Fucktoy growled into her ball gag and pushed those thoughts away. No, that is not what she is here for today. She turned her attention back to her feet and the slick cock pulsing with need. The urgency ache of her pussy refused to go away but Fucktoy ignored it. She flexed her ankles and brought the inside curves of her feet tighter together. Up and down her feet moved with awkward grace.

She promised herself that she wouldn’t stop until she felt the hot splash of her Master’s seed on her obedient feet.

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Jan 132021

“And what does the bruises on my breasts tell you, Mr. Holmes?”

“You have been recently groped by a left-handed man. His thumb is uneven, perhaps from an accident involving factory machinery. The bruises around your nipple are from his teeth, which suggests he was not as close to his mother as he desired. This redness here indicates that you took his member between your breasts long enough for chafing.”

“Is that a hint of jealousy I hear, Mr. Holmes? Would you like me to take your cock between my breasts?”

“That is unnecessary, Mrs. Adler. Your hand is quite stimulating enough.”

“Tell me Mr. Holmes, does the way I stroke your member give you any clues?”

“Of course. Your slow but steady pace is suggestive of training in a French brothel. There is a looseness to your grip that comes from fatigue. I suspect your hand is tired from a sexual earlier encounter, perhaps one related to the missing sapphire necklace stolen last night and reported in this morning’s paper.

“Mr. Holmes! Whatever makes you think I was connected to that shocking crime?”

“A few things, which would be obvious to anyone if they observed their surroundings. There is a small crease in your hair that could be the result of wearing a hooded mask. When I sucked on your fingers, I detected the faint taste of a reside left by certain acids commonly used in safe-breakings. On your inner thigh is a small burn consistent with wrapping a rope around your leg while descending a great height. Finally, the guard on duty reported that he saw nothing, which I find unlikely. I suspect he saw something and his desire to hide it comes from being persuaded in a sexual manner. Since you only copulate with the rich or brilliant, you satisfied his base urges with a combination of oral and manual manipulation culminating in his release between your breasts.”

“Will you report me, Mr. Holmes?”

“No. I have not been consulted and besides, this is mere speculation.”

“Your intelligence has once again soaked my flower. I am going to mount your stiff sinew and bring us both the sting of pleasure, but I have one final question.”


“Does Mr. Watson have to watch? It has been a bit unsettling having him sit here the entire time, though I do appreciate that he has stayed quiet.”

“Mr. Watson stays.”

“As you wish, Mr. Holmes.”

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Dec 282020

Chelsea stroked my dick. She has the softest hands. Slow and smooth, she ran her hand up and down my length. I thought we were going to need lube, but my cock was already pulsing in her grip.

Maria fondled my balls. Despite her long fingernails, I never felt a single prick. She palmed my sack and gently squeezed and pulled.

I held both ladies around the waist. My fingers dug into Chelsea’s sweatpants and Maria’s jeans. It was tempting to sniff their hair, but that might be a little creepy. Besides, the mask wouldn’t let me smell anything anyway.

It was game night. My neighbors were fond of boardgames but not the games I grew up on. They played big expensive games with complicated rules and deep strategies. Some of their games take all day to play. Before the pandemic, they would play a few games on the weekend with their friends. Now stuck in their apartment, they just play against each other every day.

They don’t play with me. The four of them have been really good at social distancing and having me over for a five-hour game would be pushing it. Still, they have gotten bored with playing games without stakes. They invite me, (and my double layered mask) to come over and help them settle rewards and penalties. It rarely takes more than ten minutes.

By my understanding, Chelsea and Maria won today’s game.

“I can feel the come in your nuts,” Maria said. “He’s got a big load for you, Rina.”

“Yeah,” Chelsea said. “We’re going to glaze your entire face.”

Rina pouted. She knelt in front of me with her hands behind her back. Lovely lips were tightly clenched together. Today she had her silky black hair held back in a strict ponytail. A modest pink bra covered her small tits.

It was clear that Rina had lost today’s game.

“How’s Jasmine doing?” Chelsea asked me. “Is she licking your asshole? It is hard to tell from here.”

“Yes,” I groaned. Jasmine’s face was wedged between my buttocks. Her nimble tongue licked my anus without fear or hesitation. Her heavy breasts pressed into the back of my thighs. She didn’t have her shirt on either. I thought she had lost the game as well, but the enthusiasm with which she attacked my asshole made me think oltherwise.

“I didn’t catch that,” Chelsea said to me. She added a little twist to her wrist that made my knees tremble.

“Yes!” I said more forcibly. I keep forgetting how much my mask muffles my voice.

“Good,” Chelsea said. “What do you say you pop your load already? My hand is getting tired.”

I nodded and squeezed Maria and Chelsea closer to me. It felt good to have a woman in each arm. Sure, touching my dick and balls was nice, but I think I enjoyed the physical touch of their bodies more. It is a shame they were both wearing clothes.

Other game nights flashed through my mind. I remember spanking Maria’s naked bottom as Rina held her arms. Memories of fondling Jasmine’s heavy brown breasts made my mouth water. The sound of Chelsea gagging on my cock as Maria held her head down on my crotch echoed through my mind.

Chelsea quickened her pace. The grip loosened ever so slightly. There was an urgency to her stroking that became contagious.

Rina stared at my cock. A little bit of pre-come glistened. She closed her eyes and leaned forward.

Maria let go of my balls and reached under my shirt. Nails gently grazed my chest. She gently pinched my hard nipple.

Jasmine moaned. Hot breath caressed my cheeks. The tip of her tongue pushed into my asshole.

I climaxed. Chelsea and Maria laughed as my seed flew into the air. Rina stayed where she was as Jasmine’s tongue probed deeper.

They never invite me to their games, but I feel that I always win.

Dec 142020

Mrs. Grenier kept her mask on as I fucked her pussy. She didn’t mind breaking her marriage vows with the young man next door, but she wasn’t willing to risk catching the coronavirus from me. I explained that I always wore a mask when I went out, but she thought I should be double-masking. The mask prevented me from seeing her face as we fucked, but at least I could hear her moans.

She also kept her sports bra on, although she didn’t mind my hand cupping her plump tit from the outside. Her husband thought she was jogging and he expected a sweaty bra when she got back. At least, that is what Mrs. Grenier tells me. I suspect she is just being modest.

Mrs. Grenier’s shorts were on the floor but her panties were still around her ankles. They kept her feet together as I pointed her legs to the ceiling. The soaked panties were stretched taut in front of me. They vibrated as I pounded her cunt.

The fitness monitor on her wrist beeped. Mrs. Grenier always kept that on. She wanted to get credit for raising her heart beat during our fuck dates.

Mrs. Grenier moaned. She reached between her thighs and rubbed her pussy while I fucked it.

I picked up the pace. Juices fell from her shaking panties. My hand crushed a soft tit inside her sports bra.