Feb 242021

It started in October. I had come home from work and noticed something on the doorknob to my front door. It was a pair of panties in bright Halloween orange colors. Little black bats were sewn into the fabric. There was a strong musky odor to them. Thinking it was a weird holiday prank, I tossed them away.

Another pair appeared on the same door knob in December. These were dark red with white faux-fur trim. They had the same musky odor. This time I noticed a curly pubic hair on the crotch. It was a dark black color. I threw this pair away as well.

In January there was a fresh pair of panties on the door knob. They were teal with black lace. The odor was stronger this time. No pubic hair but the stain on the crotch was larger.

I admit, I took this pair inside and jerked off with it. The shiny teal fabric looked slick and inviting. I wrapped it around my cock and imagined what kind of cunt the panties had previously pressed against. It might have been my imagination but the panties felt warm around my dick. I came hard and soaked the panties with my cream. After that, I felt a little embarrassed and tossed it in the garbage.

The next day, I came down from my bedroom and made breakfast in the kitchen. When it was ready, I brought my eggs and toast into the living room to sit down in front of the television. On the couch where I usually sit, was a pair of green panties.

I nearly dropped my food. My heart pounded with fear. I checked the house from top to bottom. The doors and windows were locked. Nothing had been stolen. There was no sign of how my intruder came in.

The crotch of the panties was damp. The musky odor was much stronger. I put them in a ziplock bag so that the police could examine them, although I never did call the police. They would never believe my story.

I ate, showered and went to work. When I returned home, there were no new panties. I ate, showered with the door open and watched television. Before I went to bed, I put chairs against all the doors leading outside.

The next morning, I found a pair of panties halfway down the stairs to the first floor. These were black with red lips over the crotch. There was a wet spot that almost dripped.

I admit, I took a lick. It was delicious.

Not sure what else to do, I put the pair in another ziplock bag. It sat with the other bag on my living room desk. I checked the house and all the doors and windows were still locked. It didn’t make any sense.

I stayed home that day. At noon I took a sleeping pill and took a long nap. When I awoke at 10, I sealed the doors and windows with duct tape. I stayed up all night, walking a patrol that took me through every room of the house every twenty minutes.

At 3:06 in the morning, I found a pair of panties on the knob to my bedroom door. They were light blue and dripping wet. A puddle was forming on the carpet. When I touched the panties, they were warm to the touch.

I ran through the house. The locks were still locked. The duct tape was still in place. It was impossible for someone to come in and yet they had.

That was this morning. I called in sick to work again. The path is clear. The panties have gone from my door, to my living room, up the stairs and to my bedroom door. Tonight, they will come into my room. I will be waiting.

Will it be another gift of panties?

Or will it be the person with the dripping cunt who leaves the panties?

Tonight, I find out.

Feb 012021

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to Counter Employee shortage.
Location: Feel This! Sensorium, B-Deck.
Species Required: Human female or Banime female.
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Minimum Psychic Receptiveness of Level Two.
Duration of Assignment: Three hours.
Payment: Eighty credits per hour plus tips. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees).

Click Here to Accept Assignment.

Dazanna was on her back. The smart bed formed a soft hill under her head for neck support. She had one hand on her breast, squeezing and pulling on the flesh. The other hand was between her legs, idly running her fingernails up and down the bare lips of her vussy. Out of habit, she lifted one leg up into the air and then to the side to allow a better view of her crotch.

It was unnecessary. The eight sentient beings in front of her had their eyes closed. Well, those that had eyes. She wasn’t sure if the floating pink gas inside the containment sphere had sensory organs other than its mind. Either way, there was no need to put on a visual show.

Dazanna continued to knead her breast. The plump flesh was tender from so much squeezing. What appealed more to the minds feeling her body? Was it the weight of her soft breast or was it the growing sensitivity from so much groping? It was hard to tell with telepaths. They rarely gave you any sort of feedback.

Bing. A gentle bell announced that a tip had been paid. A hologram displayed the requested action above Dazanna. Eighty credits for finger penetration.

“Finally,” Dazanna moaned. She had spent thirty minutes touching the outside of her sex. Part of her worried that the psychic voyeurs were only interested in her soft skin and plump breasts. That was fine for her bank account as they tipped her plenty for the breast play but Dazanna was dying for some fingering.

Dazanna pushed one finger inside her vussy. Slick heat gripped her finger. Four of the psychics gasped. The pink gas bubbled inside his containment sphere. The face tentacles on the Igias vibrated.

“Like that?” Dazanna asked out loud. None of them answered. Their minds were on her body. They felt her finger sliding around the wet walls of her sex. Those without vussies marveled at the sensitivity. Those who possessed similar organs were fascinated by the differences. One being, his first time linking with a human, climaxed inside his pants.

Bing. More tips came in. There was a request for faster thrusts. Two tips asked for more fingers. A very large tip requested the use of one of the thick dildos that sat by the bed.

“Of course,” Dazanna said. “I will be happy to do each and every one of your requests.”

Eight psychics eagerly waited for the next sensation.

Jan 272021

Fucktoy hung in the air. Rope bounded almost every part of her body. She was locked into a standing position with her head encased in a rubber hood and her feet free to dangle. Cruel rope pinned her hands behind her back and a network of string spread her fingers apart. A thick ball gag in her mouth immobilized her jaw. There was nowhere to go.

Below her, Master reclined on his bed. The hood prevented her from seeing him. The plugs in her ears blocked her from hearing him. The only clue that he was there was the touch of his cock against her feet.

Fucktoy gripped the beloved dick with her feet. It was slippery with lubricant. Like a good Fucktoy, she tied to stroke him. The rope prevented her from bending her legs so she was forced to rely on her ankles to do all the work.

It was slow going. Sometimes Master’s cock slipped out from between her feet. She wasted precious seconds grasping it again. Fucktoy whimpered at how poorly she was doing. Master deserved better.

A knotted rope pressed against the lips of her sex. It was a gift from Master. The knots ground against her with every pull and tug of her body. Juices flowed and hopefully dripped onto Master’s body. The knots rubbed in just the right places, but not enough to bring her to climax.

But maybe, if she twisted just so, and flexed her hips like this or maybe pull with her thumbs, then Fucktoy could get the friction she needed to bring her greedy cunt to explode with orgasmic fury.

Fucktoy growled into her ball gag and pushed those thoughts away. No, that is not what she is here for today. She turned her attention back to her feet and the slick cock pulsing with need. The urgency ache of her pussy refused to go away but Fucktoy ignored it. She flexed her ankles and brought the inside curves of her feet tighter together. Up and down her feet moved with awkward grace.

She promised herself that she wouldn’t stop until she felt the hot splash of her Master’s seed on her obedient feet.

Jan 132021

“And what does the bruises on my breasts tell you, Mr. Holmes?”

“You have been recently groped by a left-handed man. His thumb is uneven, perhaps from an accident involving factory machinery. The bruises around your nipple are from his teeth, which suggests he was not as close to his mother as he desired. This redness here indicates that you took his member between your breasts long enough for chafing.”

“Is that a hint of jealousy I hear, Mr. Holmes? Would you like me to take your cock between my breasts?”

“That is unnecessary, Mrs. Adler. Your hand is quite stimulating enough.”

“Tell me Mr. Holmes, does the way I stroke your member give you any clues?”

“Of course. Your slow but steady pace is suggestive of training in a French brothel. There is a looseness to your grip that comes from fatigue. I suspect your hand is tired from a sexual earlier encounter, perhaps one related to the missing sapphire necklace stolen last night and reported in this morning’s paper.

“Mr. Holmes! Whatever makes you think I was connected to that shocking crime?”

“A few things, which would be obvious to anyone if they observed their surroundings. There is a small crease in your hair that could be the result of wearing a hooded mask. When I sucked on your fingers, I detected the faint taste of a reside left by certain acids commonly used in safe-breakings. On your inner thigh is a small burn consistent with wrapping a rope around your leg while descending a great height. Finally, the guard on duty reported that he saw nothing, which I find unlikely. I suspect he saw something and his desire to hide it comes from being persuaded in a sexual manner. Since you only copulate with the rich or brilliant, you satisfied his base urges with a combination of oral and manual manipulation culminating in his release between your breasts.”

“Will you report me, Mr. Holmes?”

“No. I have not been consulted and besides, this is mere speculation.”

“Your intelligence has once again soaked my flower. I am going to mount your stiff sinew and bring us both the sting of pleasure, but I have one final question.”


“Does Mr. Watson have to watch? It has been a bit unsettling having him sit here the entire time, though I do appreciate that he has stayed quiet.”

“Mr. Watson stays.”

“As you wish, Mr. Holmes.”

Dec 282020

Chelsea stroked my dick. She has the softest hands. Slow and smooth, she ran her hand up and down my length. I thought we were going to need lube, but my cock was already pulsing in her grip.

Maria fondled my balls. Despite her long fingernails, I never felt a single prick. She palmed my sack and gently squeezed and pulled.

I held both ladies around the waist. My fingers dug into Chelsea’s sweatpants and Maria’s jeans. It was tempting to sniff their hair, but that might be a little creepy. Besides, the mask wouldn’t let me smell anything anyway.

It was game night. My neighbors were fond of boardgames but not the games I grew up on. They played big expensive games with complicated rules and deep strategies. Some of their games take all day to play. Before the pandemic, they would play a few games on the weekend with their friends. Now stuck in their apartment, they just play against each other every day.

They don’t play with me. The four of them have been really good at social distancing and having me over for a five-hour game would be pushing it. Still, they have gotten bored with playing games without stakes. They invite me, (and my double layered mask) to come over and help them settle rewards and penalties. It rarely takes more than ten minutes.

By my understanding, Chelsea and Maria won today’s game.

“I can feel the come in your nuts,” Maria said. “He’s got a big load for you, Rina.”

“Yeah,” Chelsea said. “We’re going to glaze your entire face.”

Rina pouted. She knelt in front of me with her hands behind her back. Lovely lips were tightly clenched together. Today she had her silky black hair held back in a strict ponytail. A modest pink bra covered her small tits.

It was clear that Rina had lost today’s game.

“How’s Jasmine doing?” Chelsea asked me. “Is she licking your asshole? It is hard to tell from here.”

“Yes,” I groaned. Jasmine’s face was wedged between my buttocks. Her nimble tongue licked my anus without fear or hesitation. Her heavy breasts pressed into the back of my thighs. She didn’t have her shirt on either. I thought she had lost the game as well, but the enthusiasm with which she attacked my asshole made me think oltherwise.

“I didn’t catch that,” Chelsea said to me. She added a little twist to her wrist that made my knees tremble.

“Yes!” I said more forcibly. I keep forgetting how much my mask muffles my voice.

“Good,” Chelsea said. “What do you say you pop your load already? My hand is getting tired.”

I nodded and squeezed Maria and Chelsea closer to me. It felt good to have a woman in each arm. Sure, touching my dick and balls was nice, but I think I enjoyed the physical touch of their bodies more. It is a shame they were both wearing clothes.

Other game nights flashed through my mind. I remember spanking Maria’s naked bottom as Rina held her arms. Memories of fondling Jasmine’s heavy brown breasts made my mouth water. The sound of Chelsea gagging on my cock as Maria held her head down on my crotch echoed through my mind.

Chelsea quickened her pace. The grip loosened ever so slightly. There was an urgency to her stroking that became contagious.

Rina stared at my cock. A little bit of pre-come glistened. She closed her eyes and leaned forward.

Maria let go of my balls and reached under my shirt. Nails gently grazed my chest. She gently pinched my hard nipple.

Jasmine moaned. Hot breath caressed my cheeks. The tip of her tongue pushed into my asshole.

I climaxed. Chelsea and Maria laughed as my seed flew into the air. Rina stayed where she was as Jasmine’s tongue probed deeper.

They never invite me to their games, but I feel that I always win.

Dec 142020

Mrs. Grenier kept her mask on as I fucked her pussy. She didn’t mind breaking her marriage vows with the young man next door, but she wasn’t willing to risk catching the coronavirus from me. I explained that I always wore a mask when I went out, but she thought I should be double-masking. The mask prevented me from seeing her face as we fucked, but at least I could hear her moans.

She also kept her sports bra on, although she didn’t mind my hand cupping her plump tit from the outside. Her husband thought she was jogging and he expected a sweaty bra when she got back. At least, that is what Mrs. Grenier tells me. I suspect she is just being modest.

Mrs. Grenier’s shorts were on the floor but her panties were still around her ankles. They kept her feet together as I pointed her legs to the ceiling. The soaked panties were stretched taut in front of me. They vibrated as I pounded her cunt.

The fitness monitor on her wrist beeped. Mrs. Grenier always kept that on. She wanted to get credit for raising her heart beat during our fuck dates.

Mrs. Grenier moaned. She reached between her thighs and rubbed her pussy while I fucked it.

I picked up the pace. Juices fell from her shaking panties. My hand crushed a soft tit inside her sports bra.

Dec 022020

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to fulfill Lube Technician Union Break Requirements.
Location: Lubricant Pump Station 92, Y-Deck.
Species Required: Banime, Human or Jeline.
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Minimum Orifice Endurance of Class Two. Multi-partner Certified.
Duration of Assignment: One hour.
Payment: Three hundred credits. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees). 1/100th Unit of Station Grade Lube

Click Here to Accept Assignment.


Dazanna floated in the air, her body parallel to the ground. The gravity negator in the floor kept her afloat with none of the skin-tingling that you get from cheaper models. She was pleasantly surprised to see her large breasts and long blue hair hang down towards the ground. That meant the negator had a program that could pick and choose what parts of her body to levitate.

“This is a damn good negator,” Dazanna thought. “These beings must have an awesome union.”

The lube technician fucking Dazanna’s vussy grunted. His dock expelled a load of seed into her stuffed sex. The new seed joined the thick seed left by the last three technicians. He thrust a few more times to finish his ejaculation and then pulled out.

Dazanna moaned around the slender member that was in her mouth. The technician she was sucking shuddered. She looked up at him and moaned louder.

“Greedy whore,” the technician said with affection. “We have made a mess of your face and I am about to make another.”

Dazanna nodded her head like an eager puppy. Seed from previous technicians dripped down her face. Rough handling had smeared her makeup. She had spent extra money to purchase makeup that ran. Previous experience had taught her that technicians loved dirtying their union-required sluts.

Another technician stepped behind Dazanna. He spread apart her ass cheeks. Slippery lube, straight from the pipelines, rubbed against her asshole. A thick head pressed against her loose ring and pushed in. It jammed the seed that been left by previous technicians deeper into her ass.

The technician she was sucking cried out. He quickly pulled out and jacked his cock. Dazanna opened her mouth and stretched out her tongue. His dock exploded and shot a stream of come into her mouth.

As Dazanna swallowed the load, the technician turned her head so he could come on the side of her face. Some of the seed got into her blue hair. The technician made a point of ejaculating on a clean spot. It joined the other sticky clumps.

When he was done, the technician stepped away from Dazanna’s face. As the other technician fucked her ass, Dazanna took the chance to look around the break room. It was nice. There were two fresh food vending machines, a large video screen showing a slime fight and a row of isolation nooks for those who wanted some peace and quiet before going back out on the pipes. Technicians ate their lunches at smart tables that refilled their drinks.

Across from Dazanna was the other break slut. It was a Jeline male and he was pounding a woman technician while a male technician fucked his ass. The Jeline’s claws drew blood on the woman’s shoulders and his tail was wrapped around the man’s throat. Neither technician seemed to mind. Dazanna admired the Jeline’s golden fur and wondered if it had an easier or harder time getting out semen stains.

The technician fucking Dazanna’s ass grabbed her hair. He pulled back on her head as his hips picked up speed. His dock was a piston inside her slippery ass.

Dazanna whimpered submissively. The technicians liked to play rough. That wasn’t surprising; it was a rough job. They had to clear out blockages in the lube pipeline. Thieves were constantly trying to tap the line and technicians were personally responsible for stopping them. Floods were a possibility and accidental drownings were not uncommon. It took a certain type of person to work around these dangers, and that certain type of person made the most of their break time.

The slime fight ended on the videoscreen. About a dozen technicians rose from their chairs and looked towards Dazanna and the Jeline. Seams opened in their jumpsuits as they approached the break sluts.

Dazanna stretched her jaw and flexed her fingers. There was half an hour left in the break period. It was going to be a nice long gangbang before Dazanna could have her own break.

Nov 132020

It is 8:30 in the morning. My wife is in the living room, logging into her daily conference call. She has been working from home since February. The television goes quiet and I know her call has started.

I am in the back of the apartment in the second bedroom. My work computer is set up at the desk. Technically, I am on the clock for my job but at the moment, I am standing at the window. My hand is in my sweatpants, toying with my dick.

Across from my apartment is a line of trees. Just beyond those Maple trees is another apartment complex. On the second floor is a window where the blinds are pulled halfway up. Due to the arrangement of trees, you can only see the window from my window.

A woman steps into view. Well, partial view. The blinds conceal her face. She is wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt. It is pretty much exactly like my work clothes for the past year.

There is a crack in the blinds as she peeks through.

That’s my cue. I pull down my pants. My hard cock is ready. I spit in my hand and stroke my shaft.

The woman reaches into her sweatpants. She forms a tent with her hand. The bulge moves as she strokes herself.

I shudder. My lips are clenched to prevent a groan. I wonder about that unseen pussy in the apartment across from mine. Does she shave? Is it furry? I may never know.

My bedroom door is closed. The excuse is that sometimes my wife uses her speakerphone and the Midwest accents of her coworkers are too distracting. It is a good story, but the door is unlocked and my wife never knocks. Disaster could happen at any moment.

The woman in the other apartment pulls up her shirt. Small breasts flash me from her window. The shirt stays up as she pinches a nipple. I think she has her shirt bottom in her mouth.

I stroke harder. The hand in her pants moves faster.

Who is she? I don’t know. She is here every morning. Well, at least during the week. Is she single? Is she working from home as well? Is there a spouse? Does her spouse work from home like mine? Is her spouse on the same work call as my wife?

She pulls on her nipple. I let my mouth hang open in a silent moan; knowing that she watches my face from behind the crack in the blinds. I pump my cock with hard strokes.

None of my questions matter. 2020 has been an awful year, but this little illicit act of intimacy has given me something to look forward to. It has given me a daily adventure in a world that has shrunk to my apartment. Jerking off with a total stranger has been the best part of a really shitty time.

Still, it would be nice to see her face when I come. Oh well, those are nice tits.

I come. My seed splatters the window. I make a mess as I show my lust.

The woman comes. It has happened so many times that I recognize the signs. Her hips buck, the movement in her pants quickens and then stops. She does a slight twist to her nipple as she rides out her orgasm.

We are done. She pulls her shirt down and takes her hand out of her pants. I wave, and she waves back. She steps away from the window while I get the Windex and paper towels.

My wife has yet to notice how clean the windows are in this room.

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Oct 262020

Dearest Mackenzie,

This cursed pandemic has separated us for far too long. I miss binding your charming body. I miss tormenting your lovely breasts. I miss being the architect of your pleasure. Most of all, I miss your submission.

Last week I requested that you send me your favorite vibrator and you dutifully obeyed. I broke the vibrator down and inside my Hedonius Librarius and extracted its essential aura. I did the same thing with the red nipple clamps that I made you wear when you last came to visit, as well as the velvet glove that I used to explore your body. Last, through great personal exertion, I managed to create a sensory simulacrum of my cock.

I combined these potent qualities into the condom that is included with this letter. You no doubt have already sensed its potent enchantment. Tonight, take this condom inside your sacred circle along with a dildo. Slip the condom over the dildo and then slip the dildo inside your blessed cunt. Thrust six times while chanting the secret name that you call me. Afterward, remove the condom and set it aside in a safe place.

What is the purpose of this spell? It is simple, my most treasured one. Every time I touch my cock, the magic will activate. Your nipples will be pinched by invisible clamps. An unseen glove will caress your body. The ghost of my thick cock will fill your sex. Familiar vibrations will wash over your pussy.

The sensation will stop when I let go of my cock. You may also stop the sensations by having an orgasm. The only other way to stop it would be to cut the condom in half, but that would completely cancel the spell and then you would be without my touch once more.

I do realize that this gift of mine may be difficult at times. You do a lot of video conference calls for your job and the experience of having your nipples cruelly pinched will be distracting. I also know that you like to unwind with a good video game or two and your performance will certainly suffer if a velvet hand were to touch your ass. It is a good thing that you must limit your travel during this pandemic or else a sudden cock thrust inside your pussy would be quite hard to conceal while in public.

But I suspect these hardships will be a small price to pay for the intimate knowledge of knowing every time that I touch my cock. Any inconvenience will be washed away by the powerful vibrations of your former vibrator. Your submission to my whims is worth future embarrassments.

Remember, the only way to earn a temporary respite is to give yourself an orgasm. This will neutralize the enchantment for thirty-six minutes. After that, another touch of my cock will activate the magic once more.

Your Master,

Oct 142020

I awoke in silence. The eight hour mp3 of waves had turned off, despite only being midnight. The heater was silent even though there was a chill in the air. There were no ticks from the clock and I had wound it just before going to bed.

The silence was broken by a gasp. It wasn’t me. This was a feminine voice. It sounded like it came from beside me.

There was a squishy sound. I knew it well. Something slick plunged into something wet. It was fast. The wet sounds were accompanied by moans.

My cock hardened. My mouth watered. A terrible need rose within me.

I rolled over on my side towards the sounds. There was no one on the bed with me, but there was a depression in the sheets. I felt around and there was the wet spot.

The wet gushing sound grew louder. The moans became more insistent. The bed shifted as something unseen writhed on my sheets.

I brought my wet fingers to my lips. The musky smell made me moan. My dick pulsed within my boxers. It was tempting to rub the slick discharge onto my hard member.

There was a whisper. I strained to hear it. It was much softer than the loud sounds of something pushing into a damp tight place. I could almost make out the words.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” they whispered.

The bed creaked. I reached out and felt a dip in the bed. The wet spot had grown. My hand was soaked.

The cries grew louder. Sharp, desperate shouts of pure pleasure rang in my ears. The mattress shook.

I couldn’t resist. Temptation broke me once more. My hand went to my cock. Wet fingers wrapped around my hard length.

Silence. The bed stopped moving. My fingers were no longer wet.

The sound of the ocean returned to the speakers. The heater buzzed to life. Tick-tock went the clock.

I stroked myself with dry fingers. My moans were soft whimpers. My seed erupted forth and made a lonely mess in my boxers.

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