Jan 262022

“Now, one,” the technician said.

The dildo inside Debbie expanded in size. She grunted as it filled her. The pseudo-cock began to pump with slow steady thrust.

“Oh, fuck,” Debbie whispered. She was bent over the fitting table. The contours of the table adjusted to support her body was she getting slowly pummeled.

The cock was too big, but it also felt so damn good.

“And now, two,” the technician said.

The dildo remained the same but this time, it didn’t go as deep. It only went about three-quarters of the way in before pulling back. The pace quickened as well.

“Ohhh,” Debbie moaned.

“Which is better?” the technician asked.

“Uhhh,” Debbie responded.

“One,” the technician said.

The dildo pushed deeper. Debbie squealed but she wasn’t afraid. The thick dildo slowed down to a regular methodical pounding.

“Or two,” the technician said.

The pseudo-cock resumed a higher speed. It didn’t go as deep and Debbie groaned with relief and a touch of disappointment.

The choice was clear. “One,” Debbie whispered.

The dildo came to a stop. Debbie’s pussy clenched around it. She resisted the urge to rock back on it.

How long had she been at this? It felt like an hour but one damn good hour. Her pussy was being well-used and the patented lube they used kept her from getting sore. The people at Von Madd Laboratories were thorough. When they promised a custom-made sex machine, they weren’t fucking kidding about it being custom-made. They took calibration here very seriously.

“Okay,” the technician said. “Now this is one.”

The thick cock slid in and out like a steady piston. It went deep inside of her and Debbie knew she wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less. The dildo began to oscillate inside her.

“Oh!” Debbie cried out. This was new.

“And this is two,” the technician said.

The oscillations became more pronounced. It twisted and writhed inside her with every thrust. She had never experienced anything like this before.

“Oh fuck,” Debbie groaned. Was this better? Was it worse?

This might take a while to be sure.

Jan 192022

Commander, sentries report that all is quiet. The enemy is too cowardly to attack and are content to hide in their bunkers. Our forces are refueling and will be ready to attack again in six hours.

Now that we have this brief rest period, there is an issue I would like to bring to your attention. As your executive officer, I have noticed that you are showing signs of fatigue, irritability and a lack of focus. My professional opinion is that you are working too hard and have not made use of the recreational time afforded to yourself. It is my recommendation that you relive your tension by engaging in immediate sexual activity.

Yes, Commander, I am well aware of your reluctance to make use of the regular whores that have been assigned to our forces. Your tastes are too refined to use such common women and quite frankly, the women currently serving are a fatigued themselves. You deserve superior attention.

My recommendation, Commander, is that you allow me to serve your sexual needs. I am a loyal officer and it would be a privilege to perform this duty for my superior officer. Do you accept my service?

Excellent. I am happy to be able to assist, Commander. May I suggest that I remove my uniform and expose my breasts? I have noticed that you often admire my cleavage during briefings. Nature has blessed me with large natural breasts and sensitive large nipples. If you wish, I could lubricate your organ and then press my breasts around it until you achieve release.

Ah, I understand if you wish to simply grope them for the time being, Commander. Feel free to squeeze as hard as you wish. They are yours to do with as you please.

In the meantime, might I also recommend the use of my mouth, Commander? I have very little gag reflex and medical officers have assessed that I produce a large amount of saliva. It is my opinion that I could easily take your entire organ into my mouth with no difficulty. If you wish, I could swallow your seed upon ejaculation. If you wish to instead deposit it on my face, or somewhere else of your choosing, feel free to command it.

My cunt is also at your service, Commander. As you can see, I have kept the pubic bush neatly trimmed for your inspection. Lubrication will not be a problem as I have long found your strict sense of duty to be quite arousing. Previous lovers have commented that the grip of my cunt is tighter than a man’s hand and I would be pleased to demonstrate this for you.

Finally, I would like to offer you the use of my ass, Commander. I admit that I have little experience in this area but I am ready to serve under your direction. No doubt, an organ of your magnitude will inflict great pain upon my unprepared opening, but it is a pain I am willing to endure.

Have you made your decision, Commander? Oh, you wish to use my mouth, my cunt and my ass?

I see. Very well.

Let’s begin.

Jan 122022

Dear Madam,

You have either angered, offended, or disappointed someone you know. This someone could be a loved one, family member, coworker or acquaintance, but we will keep their identity and their grievance confidential. We have reviewed their application and have agreed that you are due a moderate to severe spanking of your bare buttocks while being secured to a bench. This spanking will be administered by one of our trained professionals.

If you feel that you do not merit a spanking, then please take no further action. Your consent is very important to Personal Solutions and is a core value of our company. Your non-compliance will be noted after 48 hours and the accusing client will be informed of your refusal.

However, if you feel that you are deserving of a moderate to severe spanking of your bare buttocks while secured to a bench by one of our trained professionals, please come to the Personal Solutions Office, located at 424 Third Street, Suite 6 and bring this notice with you. Our office is open twenty-four hours a day.

Compliance must be completed within 48 hours of receiving this notice.

Once you have complied with the requested service, video and photographic evidence will be submitted to the accusing client. A qualified assessor will then determine the proper monetary compensation for your compliance and write you a check. Personal Solutions will update your file and consider the matter closed.

Note One) A moderate to severe spanking by one of our trained professionals will last thirty to fifty minutes and will result in bruising, tenderness and possible arousal. Personal Solutions is not a sexual service and will not provide any relief of a sexual nature.

Note Two) Monetary compensation is determined by but not limited to surface area of bruising, declarations of contrition, quality of screams, aesthetics of struggles, and other factors at the qualified assessor’s discretion.

Note Three) It is highly recommended that you are accompanied by someone who can provide any necessary aftercare as well as transportation home as your ability to drive will be impaired by the moderate to severe spanking of your bare buttocks while secured to a bench by one of our trained professionals. If you wish to not bring someone for any reason, Personal Solutions can provide an Aftercare Provider for a deducted fee.

Thank you for your time,
Personal Solutions LLC.

Dec 152021

“Thanks everyone,” Paige said on the conference call before logging out. She looked at the clock and saw that she had half an hour before her next meeting. Was that enough time?

It would have to be. She came once this morning in bed and once again right before starting work. That was only two orgasms and it was already 3pm. The thought of cramming in four more orgasms between work ending and going to bed was daunting. If she got one in now, getting off three times after work seemed much more plausible.

“Fuck All-Nut December and fuck Mr. Corwin for making me do it,” Paige said.

There was no need to go to the bedroom. Paige was already naked from the waist down, another of Mr. Corwin’s little rules. She reached for the vibrator she kept under her desk and plugged it in. The sex toy was one of her bigger ones but she had come to reply on it for quickies these last few days.

Paige smirked and wondered what her coworkers would think if they saw her now. The pandemic had forced everyone to work from home and for the most part, Paige was grateful for that. The downside was that all this free time inspired Mr. Corwin and that perverted man didn’t need more inspiration. That is how she ended up masturbating at least six times a day for every day in December, no matter how sore and tired she became.

“Fuck you, Mr. Corwin,” Paige said again. She liked to say it a lot when he wasn’t around.

Paige leaned back in her chair and placed her feet on her desk. The camera on her computer was pointed right at her. The light was off, but it would be safer to turn the camera around or cover it with a cloth.

“It’s your lucky day, hackers,” Paige said. If there was a chance, however small, that someone was watching her, well, that might be just what she needs for Orgasm #3.

Paige turned on the vibrator. It roared to life. Her pussy was still a little tender from coming earlier but that was life. Paige counted to three and then pressed the vibrator to her sex.

“FUCK!” Paige yelled. It was too intense! She was too sensitive! This was too much!

Paige kept the vibrator where it was. It was what Mr. Corwin would do. The sick fuck would laugh and grind the vibrator harder into her crotch. No matter how loud she screamed or cried, he would keep it on her until she said her safeword.

The thought of Mr. Corwin’s cruelty did its magic. Paige felt her pussy react despite how exhausted it was. She helped it along by reaching under her blouse and pinching a nipple.

The camera stared at Paige. She imagined some secret stalker was watching her. Also, her coworkers, they were watching too. All of them were sharing the connection until each and every one of them saw what a horny desperate slut Paige was.

Paige’s pussy reacted in a slow crescendo of pleasure. The tension grew unbearable as her orgasm was slow to come. She vividly imagined each and every one of her coworker’s faces as she ground the vibrator harder into her sex.

She finally came. Bliss radiated through her body. Page gasped and then shuddered as she rode the peak of euphoria and then whimpered as it quickly faded.

Paige turned off the vibrator. There was one more thing to do. She took her cellphone and snapped a picture of her sore pussy. Without looking at it, she sent it to Mr. Corwin.

He texted back two minutes later. “Three more to go” it said

Dec 082021

Brooke was on her knees in front of me. Her short blonde hair was hidden by a green wig. She wore a purple and yellow outfit that was based on some anime character that I didn’t know.

I leaned back in the chair and spread my legs. My hard cock waited for Brooke’s attention. Over my shoulder was Brooke’s video camera. Practice had taught her just where to put it for the best angle.

“Thank you for saving me from the demons,” Brooke said in her husky voice. “Please, let me show my gratitude by sucking your cock.”

I didn’t answer. It is not my job to talk. That would ruin the illusion that the viewer of this video was getting his cock sucked. My job was just to provide the cock.

Brooke took my dick in hand. I pulsed in her grip and she smiled. Moving ever so slowly, she leaned down and took one shy lick of the tip.

I groaned but no sound left my clenched lips. My hands gripped the seat of the chair.

“Mmm, delicious,” Brooke moaned. She took another slow lick, and then another.

My cock throbbed in her grip. Once again, I thanked my lucky stars that Brooke was my neighbor. I thanked COVID for locking us down in our apartment building, keeping out her usual film partners. I thanked the horny fans who begged and pleaded for Brooke to play with a live cock to the point that she asked her older neighbor if he could help out. I thanked the endless demand of porn that she needed my cock to film content every week for the last eight months.

After three solid minutes of licking cock like it was a lollipop, Brooke opened her lips and took me into her mouth. A small sigh of bliss did escape my lips but it couldn’t be helped. Brooke moaned loudly to cover any sounds I might make.

Up and down, Brooke’s head rose and fell on my cock. Her bright blue eyes looked up at the camera to show her worship. Sometimes she would pause with only the tip of my cock in her mouth and stretch out her tongue so it would leave her lips and swipe across the underside. The camera would catch the fleeting glimpse of her tongue.

I bit down hard on my own tongue. The pain helped keep me from coming. It wasn’t easy. I bit down harder.

When we first started eight months ago, Brooke would only jerk me off with her plump tits. I would come in just a few minutes. Who can blame me? Here I was, getting my dick smothered in tits belonging to a woman half my age and way out of my league. Once I could last five minutes, Brooke switched to blowjobs. She has said that if I ever lasted ten minutes, we could upgrade to fucking her pussy. That hasn’t happened yet.

I turned my head and looked at the display window on the camera. We had been going for seven minutes.

Maybe I would make the full ten this time.

Brooke tilted her head and my cock popped from her lips. She took my cock in hand and flicked her tongue over my tip. Rapid licks covered the head of dick.

Nope, I wasn’t going to make it to ten today.

I tapped my chest silently. Brooke opened her mouth wide and stretched out her tongue. She stroked my cock with rapid speed.

Seed popped from my cock and onto her waiting tongue. She swallowed one load and stretched out her tongue for another. The camera recorded it all, except for my internal disappointment.

Oh well, maybe next time.

Nov 242021

Princess struggled to stab through the turkey meat. The fork she was using, pink with a cartoon princess’ face on the handle, was made for children and therefore the tines were remarkably blunt. It was also tiny, which made every bite feel like a small nibble. The spoon was just as bad and the knife was only good for spreading butter, and it had better be half-melted at that.

She finally managed to spear a small piece and she brought it to her lips. A tiny bit of gravy fell from the bit of turkey and landed on her bare breast. For today’s event, she was wearing one of her special-made dresses. It looked exactly like a certain fairy tale princess except the part where her breasts were exposed. Her nipples were bright red from all the sucking that Master and his friends had given them.

Princess winced from the kiss of hot liquid. When she looked up, she noticed Beggar Boy across the table was staring her tits again. Princess blew him a kiss and the handsome man winced. No doubt his cock was trying to grow again inside the tight metal cage that surrounded it. Princess enjoyed teasing Slut-Beggar because it was always so easy to torture a man who only comes every other month.

Beggar Boy returned to his food. He had not been given silverware and was struggling with the mashed potatoes. Princess was tempted to reach out and get his attention with her toe, but no, they were not allowed to touch each other at the Sub Table and Princess always followed the rules.


Loud smacking noises came from Princess’ right. It was Fucktoy. Unable to see with her hood on, and her hands bound to her thighs, Fucktoy was reduced to eating from her plate with her mouth. She was making a mess, all over the plate, the tablecloth and her bare tits with the cruel metal nipple clamps.

Princess was of the opinion that Fucktoy should be eating with the pets at the trough. Unfortunately, Master had explained that Fucktoy had earned her place at the Sub Table. Seeing how Fucktoy was sucking the kernels off the corn cob with no hands, Princess had a few suspicions on how that had happened.

Beggar Boy jumped in his seat. Next to him, Bella giggled. Her dark breasts jiggled within the tight French maid uniform she wore. She caught Princess looking at her and she winked.

Princess blushed and looked away. Master had talked about arranging a playdate with Bella and her Mistress. It was implied that Princess could have Bella as her personal maid for the session as others watched. Princess was terrified of performing for others, but she also couldn’t stop thinking about it.

“Leave Beggar Boy alone,” Thor said from Princess’ left. The big man spoke with authority that he didn’t really have.

“Are you going to tell on me, Thor?” Bella said. There was a vulnerability in her voice that Princess wished she could emulate. “Maybe if you do, they will let you punish me with that big hammer between your legs.”

Thor frowned. The oil on his muscles glistened.

Princess did her damn best to not look to her left and at the hammer Bella had mentioned. She especially tried not to imagine the metal bar than ran through the thick head of his massive cock. Most of all, she tried not to think of that powerful man driving that monstrous tool into her screaming body.

A bell rang on the table. Princess took a quick drink of her water. Thor and Bella put down their silverware while Beggar Boy sighed and cleaned his fingers on a napkin. Fucktoy lifted her head from the plate and finished chewing.

Twenty seconds later, everyone’s vibrators activated.

Princess cried out as her thick toy buzzed to life inside her.

Thor let out a pleasant moan and smiled.

Bella squealed and gripped the edges of the table.

Fucktoy shuddered, drool falling from her open lips.

Beggar Boy frowned and then whimpered as his cock strained against the small metal cage.

After a minute, or maybe two, the vibrations stopped. Everyone slowly recovered and went back to eating. It was quiet once more at the Sub Table.

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Nov 172021

The Goddess, blessed be her lovely body, chose Brother Blake to lay beneath her. We praised her decision with our voices while our jealous hearts cursed Brother Blake. He stripped off his robes and laid on the Altar Bed. His erection was tall and ready for the ritual.

The Goddess, blessed be her soft skin, mounted Brother Blake. He cried out in pleasure as her holy sex sheathed his cock. Rapture spread across his face.

The Goddess, blessed be her bright eyes, chose Brother Curtis and Brother Todd. The two climbed onto the Altar Bed to either side of the Goddess. Brother Todd leaned down to suck on her left nipple while Brother Curtis sucked on her right. The Goddess rested her hands on their bald heads and whispered secret wisdom to them.

The Goddess, blessed be her bountiful curves, chose me to brush her hair. I picked up the Sacred Brush and took my place on the Altar Bed behind her. The hair, white as platinum and twice as precious, was soft to the touch. My cock pulsed as I gathered it in my hand. With all of my care, I began to brush.

The Goddess, blessed be her sacred pussy, chose Brother Larry to feed her. Voices groaned in disappointment and the Goddess laughed with pity. Brother Larry climbed onto the Altar Bed, stood over Brother Blake and presented his member for the Goddess to consume. She opened her ruby lips and took him into her mouth.

The Goddess, blessed be her hungry lips, rode Brother Blake and sucked Brother Larry. Brother Curtis and Brother Todd held onto her breasts, sucking and moaning their pleasure. I continued to brush her hair, careful not to disturb her holy movement.

The Goddess, blessed be her grinding hips, snapped her fingers. The Brothers who had not been chosen reached into their robes. Faithful fingers stroked, pulled and tugged on loyal cocks. Some climaxed right away but their hands kept pumping. Only the unbeliever would stop before being commanded by the Goddess.

The Goddess, blessed be her loving discipline, shuddered with pleasure.

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Sep 292021

I bent the blonde girl over the dining table. She squealed as I roughly pulled her pants down. Bright green panties stretched across her wide butt. I pulled those down and took out my cock. She breathed loudly as I put the condom on.

Patricia didn’t say anything. She continued to eat her salad at the table. Her only concession to what was happening involved moving a flower arrangement from the center so the blonde wouldn’t knock it over.

I pushed into the blonde. She was wet, tight and hot for me. A cry of surprise came from her lips. She tried to rise up on her elbows but I pushed down firmly on her back. The blonde whimpered slightly as I pressed her flat.

“Stay there,” I said.

The blonde nodded her head.

I began to fuck her. Short, violent thrusts shook the table. The soda sloshed in Patricia’s glass. The blonde’s young ass made a clapping sound as I slammed my hips into her.

Patricia kept eating. This was nothing new to her. Earlier this year, I let her rent this basement apartment for half the usual rent. In exchange, she agreed to let me fuck her every other Tuesday afternoon. I could do whatever I wanted and she would never complain.

But Patricia had insisted on another clause to our agreement. If Tuesday came around and she had a proxy for me to use, I would fuck that person instead. That seemed extremely unlikely but also hot as fuck, so I agreed.

Eight months and sixteen fucks later, I have yet to fuck Patricia.

I pulled on the blonde’s hair. She lifted her head to face Patricia. No words passed between them as I continued to fuck the tight young pussy.

Where does Patricia get these women? Every week, it is a different one. They are always young. They are always hot. Never do they complain no matter what my vice is that week and trust me, I have a lot of kinks.

The blonde whimpered as I fucked her. Patricia finished her salad and toyed with the crust on her bread. I slapped the side of the blonde’s ass and she jumped. The clenching of my cock was delightful. I slapped her ass again.

Patricia got up to take her dishes to the kitchenette. After cleaning her dishes, she usually goes to the couch and watches television. Sometimes she goes to her desk and plays on her computer. Curiously, she never goes to her bedroom. She is always a witness to what I do to her proxy.

As for me, after a few more minutes of fucking, I plan to pull out and spank this blonde’s wide ass. We’ll go to the couch and I’ll have her suck me. Patricia might sit beside me to watch TV but she’ll never touch me. After the blowjob, I’ll might spank the blonde’s ass again or maybe I will just skip the spanking and go to fucking her ass.

Either way, I have already decided that I will come on the blonde’s face. A lot of the women hate that but it never stops me. This is a nice basement and these proxies are here to be used.

I know Patricia agrees.

Sep 222021

Fucktoy sat in the corner. She was naked except for the hood around her face and the red ball gag in her mouth. Drool dripped onto her naked breasts. She sat with her back to the corner and her hands on her knees. Both legs were open wide to expose her hairy bush.

Master was having a party. Fucktoy wasn’t sure what kind of a party because of the earplugs she wore under the hood. Muffled and blinded, she only had her sensitive body to tell her what was going on. She knew that it was a large party because there always seem to be a hand on her naked body at all times.

The hands wore gloves, pulled from some box that Master had set somewhere nearby. Latex fingers pinched Fucktoy’s nipples. Gloved hands ran down her smooth legs. Hands of all sizes, male and female, groped her breasts. Brave fingers pushed through the bush of her hair to stroke sensitive pussy lips.

Fucktoy took it all. She offered no resistance. In fact, she often clasped her hands around her head to allow someone better access. If someone hurt her, she just bit down harder on her gag.

She wondered who the people were. Master had so many friends. Fucktoy has fucked quite a few of them for her Master’s pleasure. She wondered if some of the ones she had fucked were here now, touching her body as they reminisced.

The floor became wet under Fucktoy. Most of it was from her juices. A little came from the drool escaping her lips. One tiny drop came from someone who spat on her bush.

Time passed. Something hard and thick was placed against her right hand. Fucktoy closed her fingers and recognized the object. It was her favorite dildo.

Fucktoy moaned, her first real sound of the night. The dildo only had one purpose. She slid down the corner until her back was on the floor. The damp spot soaked her spine. She brought her knees up and spread her legs. Without a moment’s hesitation, she slid her dildo into herself.

It was a perfect fit. Fucktoy almost came. She plunged the dildo in and out of her cunt, not caring who saw. That isif anyone was even here anymore. For all she knew, the party was over and Master had given her the toy as a reward for being a good conversation piece.

Fucktoy preferred a different scenario. In her mind, the party was still going and everyone had gathered to watch the slut fuck herself. People snickered and laughed as she slammed the thick dildo in and out of her slick cunt. Some became aroused and asked her Master if they could use her. Perhaps her Master was getting his cock sucked by some wannabe toy right this very moment and he was watching Fucktoy’s performance.

She climaxed hard and bit down on her gag. Tremors ran through her body. Knees threatened to close but she kept them open for an audience that may or may not be there.

Sep 152021

“Settle a bet for us,” Miranda said. There was something in her tone that put me on edge. Or maybe it was the peeks I had into her white blouse that made me nervous. Freckled breasts with no bra had been teasing me all evening.

“What kind of a bet?” I asked.

“One where you can’t lose,” Laura said. Brown curls covered one half of her face. She was wearing dark lipstick that made her a little sinister looking. Pale cheeks were a little pink from the alcohol.

“Well, except for the pussy you will never get to have,” Kiera said. A bright pink tongue licked dark brown lips.

The ladies laughed, a bit too loudly. I think they were all drunk. Laura had said they had been drinking since lunch. I was only a recent addition to their little party.

“I don’t get it,” I said.

“That’s because you have to pick,” Miranda said. “Which one of us do you want to fuck? Tell us and you can have her, right here while the others watch.”

I snorted. “Yeah, right. You ladies are putting me on.”

“Nah, you have to put it on yourself,” Kiera said. She tossed me something. Her aim was shit but I caught the shiny little square. It was a condom.

“You’re serious,” I said, not quite believing it.

“Let’s show him how serious we are,” Laura said. She stood up from the couch and unzipped her shorts. The sound of her zipper sent a jolt down my spine.

The other ladies stood up as well. Kiera popped the buttons on her jeans and started to shimmy out of them to reveal dark smooth legs. Miranda slipped her fingers into the waistband of her skirt and pulled it down.

None of them were wearing underwear. Laura’s sex lips were smooth but crowned with a tuff of brown hair. Miranda had a full bush of reddish wiry hair while Kiera’s sex was as smooth as her legs.

The three ladies turned around and climbed onto the couch on their knees. Three beautiful asses faced me from across the living room. They bent over at the waist and rested their arms on the back of the couch.

“Believe us now?” Laura said.

I stood up and unzipped my shorts. The ladies giggled but didn’t look back. I pulled down my boxers and tore at the condom.

“Remember, you only get one of us,” Miranda said.

“And you will never, ever, ever get the others,” Kiera said.

“Not in a hundred years,” Laura said.

This was unreal but the hardness of my cock was very real indeed. They had a confidence that couldn’t have been from alcohol alone. Had they done this before? I bet they had.

I rolled the condom onto my cock. Three asses moved and waited for me.

Kiera was on the left. A round brown bottom clenched and flexed. I saw her jogging almost every day and it had more than paid off. Firm thighs parted to reveal smooth dark nether lips.

In the middle was Miranda. Freckles and birthmarks decorated her wide ass like constellations. There was a softness to her ass that would be wonderful to sink into. Juices glistened on her upside-down bush like jewels.

Laura was on the right and her ass was pale like the moon. Twin tattoos of roses decorated the tops of her thighs, stopping just short of her round buttocks. I had no idea she had ink on her body. The unexpected sight made me wonder what other surprises her body held.

It was a tough choice. Paris had it easier. Three bottoms swayed, flexed and clenched in front of me.

My cock throbbed. It was my divining rod. I walked over to the couch and one ass called out to my cock like a siren.

I put my hands on her hips and let them know my choice by sliding my cock into her waiting pussy.

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