Sep 172008

Back in the day I loved the video game Street Fighter 2. Ken, Honda, Vega and Chun Li were my favorites but I loved them all. I just loved the idea of going around the world to kick people in the face. Speed versus fireball, Hundred Hand Slap versus Lightning Kick, boxing versus Russian wrestling, I never got tired of the original game.

Man Factory is the name of a group who does Street fighter based music. It’s a rock opera and there are only 7 songs, but man they are on permanent rotation on my player right now. The sound quality varies but I can’t stop singing them.

The brilliant idea was that most of the songs revolve around characters in love with Chun Li. From the airplane pilot who takes her around the world to Zangeif who regrets clotheslining her, every one has a soft spot for the young girl on a mission of revenge. I love how a game of violence is transformed into love songs. There is a powerful message there but I am too busy trying to remember how to do a Dragon Punch to figure it out.