Jun 012015

Secret Project is almost done. It is a male sub story which is something I don’t write that often. Back when I wrote for Usenet, it was a conscious choice not to write male submissive stories because it was so easy to get classified and then confined as a writer. It was hard enough getting people to read me when I wrote silly stories AND serious romance stories. Eventually I stopped caring and wrote whatever I liked but some habits linger.

It is interesting to me that I rarely write male sub stories because when I was younger, almost all of my fantasies were of being dominated. It was due to the high shame factor my parents attached to sex. It was comforting to fantasize about the hot bookstore clerk punishing me with sex for shoplifting as opposed to fantasies where I am choosing to do something that will send me to Hell. Also as a young person I had no idea what sex was so I liked the idea of an older more experienced partner initiating me into sex.  Shit, with my hostile parents, I probably just liked the idea of anyone taking an interest in me.

These days I write male submissive stories because I want to play with non-consensual themes and I find it easier to do that with a male character than a female. I know some women enjoy non-consensual fantasies but man, with all the examples of rape culture around us I have a hard time contributing to it. It is easier for me to use a male character who often not-so-secretly craves it than it is for me to have a female character in the same position. I am familiar with all the arguments about why I should/can do either, but when it comes to writing I go with what makes me comfortable.


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Apr 242015

I am in the mood to write another Choose-Your-Own-Erotica book again. I am leaning towards doing one where you play a woman recently abducted by a flying saucer and you try to escape but at the same time choosing when you want to get captured and have sexy time inflicted on you.

It is a tricky theme to deal with. I have done non-consent roleplay with people before but readers always feel different. You could argue that a reader gives consent by reading and that putting the book down is the ultimate safeword but I always have an initial hesitation when starting these projects.

A bigger concern is structure. I designed “Prisoner of the Wizard’s Harem” as a kind of complex challenge. For the reader to reach the one happy ending it will take trial and error. I was much happier with “Dominate Your Teacher” because it promised a sexy premise and the reader decided how they got there and what diversions they took. Prisoner was a gauntlet of choices that were designed to trip the reader, while Dominate was like a burger menu that wanted to know how you liked your burgers.

I would prefer to do something like Dominate again but the very nature of an abduction and an escape suggests the format of Prisoner. I feel like leaving the saucer is the best way to end the story. I could make a central alien and make having sex with them the climax of the story, but I feel that might be limiting.

When I get into a crossroad like this, I like to make a list of what appeals to me about the project I am working on. For this project, I want to tackle various science fiction themes in a non-consent format. I want robots, I want a tentacle monster of some sort, I want your anally obsessed Greys, I want anti-gravity and anything else that comes to mind.  As you can see, I want to tackle a genre as opposed to the single sexual stereotype of Dominate Your Teacher.  I just don’t want the complexity of Prisoner.

Luckily for me I experienced something recently that suggests a format; I’ve been to Dollywood. I went to the Dolly museum of dresses and movie clips, skipped the rollercoasters and hung out in the craft stores.  I had a buffet approach to Dollywood and I think that will work best for my saucer abduction story. In short, I need to turn the flying saucer into an amusement park for the reader.

Apr 032015

My favorite concept in gaming is the Megadungeon. In most gaming situations, a dungeon is a home to a single nasty monster and the nasty monster’s closest friends, family and minions. Adventurers go into the dungeon, kill the bad guys and take their loot. The dungeon reflects the personality of the nasty boss; a giant laboratory for a mad wizard or a military style barracks for an evil leader of orcs. Think of a normal dungeon as the setting for a two hour action movie.

In a Megadungeon, there is no single nasty boss monster. It is a huge sprawling home to multiple monsters who may or may not get along with the others. Monsters usually didn’t create the Megadungeon, they are just squatting in it. Because of this, the Megadungeon doesn’t necessarily reflect the monsters it holds; it has its own characteristics separate from the monsters. These often include mysterious fountains that may heal or poison you, odd traps that make no damn sense and secret tunnels undiscovered for centuries.

Because of its size and complexity, Megadungeons are never cleared out in a single adventure. In most settings, adventurers go in, kill and grab as much as they can and try to get out of alive. Most do not and their bones and equipment add to the treasure and ambiance of the area. Adventurers can spend entire lives trying to reach the bottom and never succeed. If a normal dungeon is an action movie, a Megadungeon is a movie franchise.

A big draw of the Megadungeon to me is the mystery of its existence. Who made the place? Why did they put up so many fountains? What does the motif of fish skulls mean? Where does the fresh food come from this deep underground? Who left these warning signs? A Megadungeon is part archeology, part haunted house and part being submissive with someone who never tells you any of the rules or safewords.

In erotica my rule of thumb is “Interesting people having interesting sex.” The setting is often important but rarely is it the star. Lately I have been wondering if it was possible to bring the Megadungeon to erotica. It would easy to just do a sword and sorcery fantasy erotica story set in a Megadungeon but I wasn’t thinking of a straight copy. I was thinking of something more surreal where a character explores a sprawling erotic place. Instead of interesting people having interesting sex, it would be about the interesting sex one person had in a strange place.

The obvious problem with that idea is that it would one long series of masturbation scenes. Even if a character is fucking some sort of strange magic chair, it is still a form of masturbation. The fix for that is to populate the place with people but to not let the people steal the spotlight from the setting.

I am reminded of Alice in Wonderland and it makes me think that Wonderland and Oz were a form of Megadungeons. They were strange places that allowed for stranger characters. I even wrote a story like that already with the Hero of Delightia. I don’t want to do stories like those again simply because I feel like they have already been done.

A solution for that would be to kick up the surreality. In Wonderland, the characters were nonsensical but they spoke English and though their motives were wacky, they had a sort of twisted logic. Take away their communication or make it incomprehensible and you reduce them to mysteries. Of course in sex there is always that risk of reducing their individuality to the point that they are dull but hey, erotica always has challenges.

A big attraction to me with the erotic Megadungeon would be some sort of underlying mystery. It would have to feel like the place was made for a reason and the main character was on the verge of figuring out what that was.

Another attraction would be the idea that the main character was not the first person to visit here. There would be signs of previous travelers. Heck, there may be other travelers that the main character meets. They should be as hopelessly confused as the main character.

On that note, maybe we don’t see the same character every time. It is about the place after all. Every story or chapter could be about a different character having different experiences with places and things that they reader recognizes. Maybe we see previous characters again. Maybe not.

I don’t have any more to say on the subject at the moment. Consider this article to be my notes in blog form. Feel free to add your own observations to the idea of an erotic Megadungeon.

Sep 082014

I am often by myself. I am often never alone.

I have more imaginary friends than friends in the real world. It started when I was young when I would create personalities for my toys for them to interact with each other. It bled into talking to them when I was by myself and it shifted into talking to them when I wish I could be alone and I wasn’t.

I never really grew out of it.

Writing is an act of creation. It is also an act of listening. I have been doing this for so long that I can provide the thoughts, dialogue and actions of imaginary people with barely a thought. I still don’t beleive that characters write themselves, I know better than that. I I think my brain can write some characters without much input from me.

These characters aren’t confined to stories. They inhabit my personal mythology and take roles inside a pantheon of divine inspiring forces. I talk to them when I am stumped, I talk to them when I am worried and I talk to them when I am excited. I think sometimes my biggest problem with religion is that I don’t understand why people follow a religion that they didn’t write.

I never plan anything alone anymore. I have advisers. I have critics. I have friends.

Luckily, I don’t have any enemies. Yet.

A friend of mine is into the Tarot. I scoff at it politely and then go home to randomly sort through sketch cards I have commissioned of characters to listen to.

Some characters I fall madly in love with. I write their stories as an act of adoration. I entertain myself and hopefully my readers.

Some characters I kill. I kill them in the story and I love them too because if I didn’t, they wouldn’t be worth killing.

Some characters I kill by not writing about them. The stories run out and there is nothing more to say. I miss them and sometimes my heart aches for them like an ex that I am not over. I tell myself that I will write about them again but you know, I almost never do.

My favorite characters have large bits of me in them. They might be women, they might be aliens and they might be complete assholes but I see myself in them. I see the fears we share, the tastes we have and the anger.  I love them for who they are but maybe this is also a way for me to love me which is not always easy for me to do.


Jul 212014

I saw the Purge 2 this weekend. My wife saw the 1st movie and I hadn’t but hey, what else were we going to watch this week, Sex Tape?

The Purge 2 is about a future American society that has one night out of the year where all crime is legal. People use this time to mostly kill people instead of knocking over banks or stealing a better laptop. The movie is about 5 people who through various bad circumstances are caught outside of their homes and are trying to get to safety. They elude gangs, psychos, goddamn rich white people, and a secret government conspiracy. For a horror movie, it was quite bloodless and more of an survival action movie. I liked it.

I read reviews after seeing the movie where most critics and regular viewers couldn’t get past the premise. They pointed out the plot holes in having a night of crime and were eager to point out how utterly realistic it is for America, a country obsessed with guns and violence, to endorse and profit off a night of guns and violence. They questioned the legal system and were skeptical of the enforcement policies. Mostly, they just thought the premise was full of shit.

Which the premise is totally full of shit. Most fiction is. Harry Potter and a magical society that sneaks around while having World Cup Quidditich matches is full of shit. Star Wars and their single biodome planets is totally full of shit.  Vampires dating high school Mormon girls is totally full of shit. Shit is the fuel that keeps our fiction running.

Still, I understand that when suspension of belief is not achieved, it is the art’s fault, not the reader’s. Okay, I know it but I have a hard time believing it.  I have trouble believing in other people’s lack of suspension in belief.

Lately I have been reading Thomas Ligotti and Jorge Luis Borges so maybe I am mentally predisposed to believing in weird shit. My attitude when I watch a movie or a series is that everything in that fictional universe makes sense in that universe.  The people in the Purge really like murder and don’t bother to think of other crimes. Star Wars meteorology climates must have been really fucked up by the presence of the Force.  Muggles in Harry Potter might be mentally handicapped and incurious.  To me, it is more fun to revel in the differences of a fictional world than trying to shoehorn real world stuff into it. Instead of doubting whether the characteristics of a fictional world is beleivable, I ask myself why the fuck this weird detail works in this universe.

Which brings me to porn. If I have one grand universal theory for my stories, it is this : All my porn stories take place in a world where porn scenarios make sense. Pizza Delivery Guys accept blowjobs in lieu of payment because for some reason, they make enough money that they can afford to pay for the occasional pizza. BDSM societies are never corrupted by serial rapists because they have their shit down tight. Aliens have a surprisingly high number of sexually compatible genitalia for a reason I am totally going to get into.

To me, plot holes are a hint that a place is more interesting than what is on the surface.

Mar 282014

F-ToyMichael Powell did this drawing of a not-quite character of mine that I call F-Toy.  I use the term not-quite because I have her in my head but I don’t have any stories for her at the moment and she has become a sort of ghost in my head.

Years and years ago, I read an erotica book with a title I can’t remember.  It was about a woman who lives with a couple as they train her to be their sex toy. I didn’t like the book because it was more about suppressed the submissive’s identity to nothing and I was still in a romantic frame of mind when it came to BDSM fiction. It also included some sex that was squicky for me which prompted me to trade it in.

The weird part of that book was the last 50 or so pages. That is when you find out that the cellar of the couple’s house has hundreds of sex slaves, all without identity, all masked and all in a sort of sexual limbo of fucking. The ultimate goal is to have the main character become one of these creatures and it sort of baffled me. It was the most interesting part of the book and I wished the whole book was like that.

Now that I am a more mature pervert, my interests have changed. Romantic BDSM holds little interest and I am more intrigued by the surreality of weird fiction.  Too much of BDSM fiction deals with the psychological quandaries of desire, submission and motivation. It justifies, quantifies and in my mind, normalizes BDSM to something mundane. Weird fiction however deals with other realities without the hindrance of realism. Things exist because they do and for no other reason. I find myself thinking back to that book that I wonder if that was a theme that I had missed in my younger worldview days.

And that is where F-Toy comes from. Originally I called her Fucktoy but that almost seemed too specific. F can stand for fetish, fantasy or freak. F can be as much of a designation as a number.  F-Toy appeals to my sense of mystery. F-Toy also asks the reader or watcher what they think the F stands for.

I don’t have a story for her yet and I doubt at this point that I will.  She exists as a concept. A story would tell too much. A story would give her conflict and motivation. A story might unmask her.

So I had a drawing made of her. I wanted to capture her visually if I wasn’t going to do so textually. Maybe it is better this way. F-Toy exists in my head and on paper as the toy she was meant to be.

I also want to take a moment to praise Michael. He took my reference pictures, my incoherent thoughts and my goals and he made it all come to life. He nailed it and it is a special moment when an artist creates what only existed in your head.

Mar 142014

Bow Before Your Queen!This massive piece of art of Queen Erishella was created by Becca. It is too huge for my scanner so you will have to settle for this picture taken by my camera. I apologize for the unclear picture but much like Queen Erishella herself, it is dangerous to gaze on her beauty directly.

I don’t do as many Erishella stories as I would like. Most of it is my fault. When you have an all powerful female character with a kingdom at her command, it is hard to find the conflict necessary for a story. Most of my stories focuses on another character with Erishella being the conflict in their lives. These characters run smack into the immovable sexual object that is the wicked Queen.

The stories I love focus on Erishella dealing with conflicts. The easy way to do this is to have stories where Erishella is somehow depowered or in a weaker position than usual and she overcomes it with her inherent awesomeness.  That is also the kind of story I despise when it happens to strong female characters. It is as if writers can’t relate to a strong woman so they have to make her a weak woman to make her interesting.

This is why my position on Erishella stories is to make her a fabulous powerful woman AND give her equally awesome opponents/lovers. My last story, War and Fornication was my ideal embodiment of that concept and I am very proud of it. I want to do more stories like that.

Lately I have found that difficult to do. It can be hard to create awesome characters worthy of a wicked clever queen. It can be difficult to create characters in opposition to evil and not make them more sympathetic.  This is why I don’t often write Erishella stories.

Which brings me to something I read once about the writers on the television show, Cheers. The writers were struggling with a scene and they decided to just skip it for now, write something else, and come back later. This is perfectly good advice for writing and I highly recommend it.  The head writer however had a different opinion. He said, “What are we, cowards?”. They went back to the scene and finished it.

I love this story because it is fabulously wrong headed and macho, yet it embraces the idea that no problem with writing can’t be overcome.

I think Erishella would approve.

Mar 072014

mramclaireCurrieTo the left is a custom made bookmark of Claire Currie. I love bookmarks and lately I have been trying to get bookmarks with all of my characters. The artist is MRAM and you can get your own bookmark or other great art from him by clicking here.

You can also email him here.

Claire’s sexy professional appeal is appropriate art today because I wanted to talk about the Choose-Your-Own-Erotica book I am working on. It is about you playing a student who gets a chance to blackmail your mean sexy teacher and do sexy things with her.

Why another book about sexy teachers? My best selling book on Kindle right now is “My Teacher, My Slave” and although I think it is one of the best things I have written, I have a sneaking suspicion that it does so well because it is about one of the oldest erotica genres I know; dominating your teacher.

Back in the early days of the Internet, I got most of my written erotica from newsgroups like Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated. A large portion of those stories were about turning a teacher into a sex slave. It has straight forward appeal. Teachers are often the first authority figures that we butt heads with and look up to so of course a lot of people want to butt genitals with them. For some reason, simply seducing your teacher seems too far fetched for most erotica writers so they resort to blackmail and coercion.

I often enjoyed these stories at first but some of the more negative attributes of these stories would wear on me. For starters, most of the teachers had very passive personalities and the sex was often obsessed with humiliation and control. The teachers to me came across like victims and though I see the appeal of that kind of sex story, it was a bit too borderline rape for me.

And here is my quick aside where I understand that both all sorts of people enjoy rape/reluctant/nonconsensual sex but it just wasn’t something I like to write.

I got around that in “My Teacher, My Slave” by making it a seduction. Granted, it was a silly seduction where the main character was a BDSM prodigy that saw his teacher’s hidden submissive potential, but it was still a romance. At no point was their nonconsensual sex.

So why am I doing a Choose-Your-Own-Erotica story about blackmailed teachers? The short answer is, I thought I could fix it to make it more palatable.

The first thing I have done is I made the teacher in my story a mean person. She sexually teases her students and humiliates them. She is a terror in the classroom and unlikable. She becomes a villain that the reader will enjoy seeing go down.

The other thing I did was fully embrace the reluctant but excited mindset that I used to scorn in erotica. The teacher gets herself into a compromising position but it takes next to nothing to get her to perform sex acts for the reader. Heck, she suggests quite a few sex acts herself as bribes.

Back in the day, I didn’t buy into this kind of reluctant-but-excited mentality until I talked to my readers. It is amazing to me how some of the nicest most vanilla appearing people secretly confess to loving some of the most morally ambiguous stuff or outright immoral plots. There is a big line between what is acceptable to do and what is acceptable to fantasize about and at my old age, I am tired of trying to philosophize. People like what they like and that is good enough for me.

The last thing I did was add humor to the story. It isn’t a satire but it isn’t grim and super serious. People make jokes. Funny shit happens. It is hard to debate moral issues when you are smiling.

I send the book to my editor today so publishing is still undetermined. I hope that when it does come out that you will give it a try.

Jun 182013

I am going through like my seventeenth childhood recently. I used to play various tabletop wargames and I recently got the bug to play/invest/paint some spaceship miniatures. This has led to me to dozens of hobby blogs and message boards.

Quite a few of these hobbyists talk about the fact that they may buy rulebooks, miniatures, paints but nnot actually ever use them because they have no one to play these games with. That doesn’t stop them from purchasing things because the next best thing to playing is the collecting and reading. In fact, these non-players make up a large part of the consumer base.

Which got me thinking about erotica. While there is an immediate release that can be derived from porn through masturbation, I find myself watching, buying and collecting porn that I don’t technically use in the masturbation sense. I collect porn art because I think it is pretty. Or maybe I buy it because it has a gimmick that appeals to me on a mental level. Or maybe I buy it because it’s very existence is arousing. But am I buying porn to aid in masturbation? Not really.

In fact, I would say quite a bit of my porn falls into a collector’s interest. I have a X-rated parody of Friday the 13th simply because I am appalled/fascinated by the Friday the 13th franchise. I have quite a few bad porn books from the 90’s just because I thought it would be cute to collect one particular cover model. I have stuff just because it is weird. I have some stuff just because I wonder if they were as good or bad as I thought they would be.

And then again, I have quite a bit of porn because it is fucking sexy. And yes, I do have some porn just because I do like masturbation aids. I guess in that sense, I am a hobbyist lucky enough to get to play.

All of this has got me thinking if maybe we should approach sex blogs in a different manner. I would wager that most sex bloggers are not banging a hundred different people each year, and although the may want to, the reality is not very conducive. Most sex bloggers are sex hobbyists. We like sex. We like talking about it. We like looking at it. We like reading it. We would like to do it, but the frequency of our activity shouldn’t define our level of interest. We are fans. We are creators and consumers or erotica.

Erotica is our hobby.

Feb 202013

I have been asked by Bird’s Nest Soup to participate in a Blog Hop where I discuss my next book and talk a little about the process. This came at a fortunate time as my buffer of short stories is almost gone and I could use something else to talk about. Also, every time I tell people the subject of my book, they hate it, but once they read it, they love it. Maybe this little behind the scenes will encourage you to give the book a try.

1. What is the working title of your book?

I went with “My Teacher, My Slave” because I am a firm believer in letting people know what is going on by title alone.

2. Where did the idea come from for the book?

An e-publishing company announced that they wanted to do porn that was reminiscent of the sleazier porn of the 60’s and 70’s but well written. I was intrigued by the idea of taking a trashy premise and elevating it.

For my trashy idea, I didn’t go to sleazy paperbacks. I went to an even sleazier place, the usenet erotica groups where I got my start. Specifically, when I first started reading usenet smut, the most popular subject by far was the domination of teachers by students.

The premise goes like this. A student blackmails a teacher. The teacher does slutty things for the student. The student escalates their demands until the story collapses under the weight of depravity and stupidity. The stories are almost never finished because the writer runs out of awful things to inflict on the teacher.

So, that is my awful inspiration that I hoped to make a good story out of.

3. What genre does your book come under?

I would say Domination/Submission with a touch of young adult angst. This is the story of a young man who has been taught my his father to be a dominant since, well, since way too young. The man is a wunderkind of domination and he is seducing his teacher to be his submissive. He might be a genius of domination but he is also a young man which means he gets a bit melodramatic as young people often do.

4. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

My brain is incapable of answering this question. I describe my characters in broad strokes. Physically their appearance doesn’t mean as much to me as their character. I also find that when it comes to sex, I rather be as inclusive as possible.

For example, the teacher in this story is busty and wears glasses. For the reader, that could be anyone from Scarlett Johannson to Melissa McCarthy and that is the way I like it.

5. What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Eighteen year old specially trained dominant male sets his sight on his submissive history teacher.

6. Is your book self-published, published by an independent publisher,
or represented by an agency?

The company that inspired me to do this story decided they wanted to do short story collections instead. That freed me up to self-publish it.

7. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

This one pretty much wrote itself and it took less than a week. That is the upside to writing a story in a genre you despise. You know how to fix it and you know exactly what you want.

8. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

You know, I kind of try not to write in my own genre. I would say this story is closer to ‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose’, a little ‘Bourne Identity’ with spanking and sex.

9. Who or what inspired you to write this book?

My biggest problem with Student-Dominates-Teacher stories is that my real life experiences have taught me that you need a lot of practice and play to really know how to dominate someone. To fix that, I drew on movies like “Hannah” and Doc Savage stories for the concept of the really obsessive father figure who trains their child relentlessly. My parents never had an interest in anything I did so maybe that is what I am so attracted to overbearing parental figures who train their kids instead of letting them be kids.

10. What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

This is a story told from a rather unique dominant male. I don’t see many stories told from the point of view of dominants and I sure as heck have never read a story about a dominant who practiced spanking his stuffed animals when he was old enough to swing a stick.

Since this is a blog hop I would like to suggest the following two writers.

Daisy Danger who is working on a really great idea of a book so she should tell you about it.

Joe Tortuga writes a little of everything and all of it great.