Mar 072018

Co-Explorer’s Log: We are on day fifteen on our forty day journey to the star system designed as “Queen’s Lingering Bite” by Royal Astronomers. Explorer Mon has been checking the solar sails to see why we can’t reach our regular speed. She calculates that the strange radiation in the area may be blocking the solar rays needed for optimal travel. She has determined that there is nothing we can do about it until we leave this section of space.

In the meantime, I have been using the extra days in our journey to compile more comprehensive scans of the area. There is a high level of psychic radiation in the area, which is strange for open space. Maybe it is just a natural phenomenon. I’ll leave that for Explorer Mon, she’s the smart on in the team. End Co-Explorer’s Log.

Co-Explorer’s Personal Log: These long stretches between star systems can be boring as fuck. Praise the Queen for Kanae, I would go out of my mind if I didn’t have her around.

Vaquel Di rubbed her tired eyes and ran her fingers through her short pink hair. The scanners were still showing unusual psychic energy readings and the long lines of data were starting to blur. She needed a break. Maybe she should get a drink from the algae processor. Or maybe she should quench her thirst by licking Kanae’s pussy.

No, no. Vaquel needed to be good. Kanae was sleeping in their relaxation bunk. It was her shift to sleep and Vaquel already cut into Kanae’s rest period by fingering Kanae’s pussy earlier. Vaquel knew her co-explorer needed her rest.

Vaquel was still horny though. She placed a hand on her full breast that was straining against her skintight red spacesuit. Her hard nipple was poking against the material, yearning to be free. Vaquel pinched her nipple through her spacesuit and shuddered. She was so wet right now.

Should she rub one out? She could lean back in the navigation chair, prop her feet up on the console and open her spacesuit. Her wet pussy was so horny that it would only take a minute of stroking to come. In fact, she could make a game of it. If she didn’t come in time, then she would have to stop. Maybe she could punish herself more by not allowing herself to masturbate until an hour passed by.

A delicious shiver ran through Vaquel. That sounded like fun, but no, there was no need to masturbate. She had Kanae’s willing mouth, nimble fingers and collection of dildoes from various worlds to satisfy her. Why masturbate when you have that waiting for you?

Still, the image of masturbating in the navigation chair was so vivid. It was almost like Vaquel had done it before. No, it was more like she had done it many times, right down to the game she invented. She even knew that her right foot could secure itself against this ridge in the console while her left foot would have to stretch to hook her toes against the drive lever.

How strange! Vaquel decided she must be extra horny today.

Vaquel stood up and left the navigation pod. Kanae was sleeping in their bunk made for one person. Vaquel had this incredible urge to crawl into the bunk with Kanae but experience has taught them that there just wasn’t enough room. Vaquel cursed the Royal Navy for insisting on one bunk for peak crew efficiency.

That wasn’t the only tight spot on the ship. Royal Navy conservation was everywhere. The hygiene pod was just big enough for one person to wash themselves comfortably. The algae producer had just one chair and a small table to eat meals at. Even the armory only had enough weapons for one explorer. It was crazy.

Oh well, Kanae and her always made it work. Still, the ship was pretty cramped. Take the Survey Crystal for example. It was a giant yellow crystal that filled most of the central corridor that they had to walk around. Couldn’t they put that crystal somewhere else? It looked so out of place, like someone dropped it in the hallway.

Vaquel frowned and stared at the Survey Crystal. Wait a second, what does the Survey Crystal actually do? She was having a hard time remembering.

The door to the relaxation bunk opened. Kanae was on her side with the blankets pulled back to reveal her naked body. She yawned and then smiled at Vaquel.

“Good shift,” Kanae said.

Vaquel’s heart beat faster, like it always did when she saw Kanae. Her fellow explorer was beautiful. Kanae had a slightly androgynous face that did funny things to Vaquel’s libido. Kinky pink hair formed a bouffant that was always perfect even when she had been sleeping. Vaquel’s eyes glided down to take in Kanae’s small round breasts and a sliver of pink pubic hair above her dark nether lips.

“I had a dream that I was thirsty,” Kanae said. “Can I take a lick of your pussy?”

Vaquel squirmed. “If it would help,” she tried to say indifferently. She faked acting calm as she opened a seam in her spacesuit at the crotch. The red material parted to reveal her thick pink pubic bush. She walked over to Kanae and leaned against the relaxation bunk.

“You’re already damp,” Kanae purred. She licked a drop of juice from Vaquel’s bush. “Rough shift?”

“Not anymore,” Vaquel groaned and she leaned into Kanae’s mouth.

Kanae nuzzled against Vaquel’s pubic hair. Her lips kissed Vaquel’s sex before her tongue parted Vaquel’s nether lips. She took a long single lick and then moved back.

Vaquel groaned. “Don’t tease me.”

“You like to be teased,” Kanae said.

It was true. Vaquel’s hips bucked towards Kanae’s face.

“Please,” Vaquel groaned again.

Kanae took another lick. It was long and slow until the end where her tongue quickly whirled before retreating.

“Oh, fuck,” Vaquel groaned. “Please, please, please. I need more.”

“Open your legs,” Kanae said. She rolled over onto her back and moved so that her head hung off the bunk.

“Yes,” Vaquel said and she widened her legs so she could straddle Kanae’s head. She squatted down until she felt those lovely lips on her sex. Her hands reached under and supported Kanae’s neck because that is what space explorers do for one another.

Kanae was done teasing. Her tongue pushed deep inside Vaquel’s wet sex. She opened her mouth wide so she could drink Vaquel’s juices. Her hands reached around and grabbed Vaquel’s ass.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. She thought about pulling her suit open so Kanae could grab her butt directly but she resisted. The feeling of Kanae’s fingers digging into her suit to grab her bottom was perfect. Besides, she would wait until Kanae asked her and then it would be Vaquel’s turn to tease.

In the meantime, Kanae kept licking. Her tongue stretched up inside Vaquel’s shuddering sex. Long deep licks alternated with quick lashes. She would focus on one area until Vaquel was shaking and then her tongue would move to somewhere else.

Vaquel squirmed on top of Kanae’s face. She never got tired of her fellow explorer’s mouth. After eight years together, Vaquel still got as wet as if they had just met last week.

Kanae’s small breast tempted Vaquel. The dark nipple was similar to Vaquel’s but a slightly lighter shade. She reached down and pinched a nipple. Kanae groaned into Vaquel’s sex. Vaquel slowly twisted the hard nipple back and forth, as Kanae licked harder.

Pain with pleasure was one of many things that Vaquel and Kanae had in common. Over the years, they took turns dominating the other. Sometimes one of them would tie up the other and have their way with them. They swapped roles as the mood hit them and strangely for Vaquel, Kanae was always willing to switch when Vaquel was ready. She had never enjoyed that kind of compatibility before.

Kanae stopped licking. “Give me your asshole,” she gasped before going back to licking.

Thoughts of teasing Kanae and making her beg for it went out the airlock. Vaquel pressed a button on her belt and a seam opened along her bottom. Kanae’s hands quickly pulled the red spacesuit apart to get to Vaquel’s ass.

Vaquel groaned as Kanae’s finger pressed against her asshole. Kanae’s nails were always short and blunt for just this reason. The finger wiggled, pushed and squirmed against the tight ring of Vaquel’s asshole. It finally slipped in and Vaquel cried out.

The finger was nice and slow in Vaquel’s ass. There was no lube but it wasn’t needed. A little rough ass play was okay between lovers.

It reminded Vaquel of the rough fucking they received from the cyborg on the last planet. They took turns getting pounded by his relentless cock while the other tried to find a way to turn him off. When they finally defeated him, they were both too sore to fuck. Well, for a day at least. They were soon back to licking each other until they were strong enough for fingers and dildos again.

Kanae’s tongue went into overdrive. It darted around as Kanae spelled out the Euphorian alphabet with her tongue. All the while, Kanae’s finger pushed in and out of Vaquel’s asshole.

It was too much. Vaquel wanted to spend hours on Kanae’s face but her body was going over the edge. She clenched her thighs around Kanae’s face as her tongue and finger pushed her to orgasm.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. Her climax made her toes curl and her eyes roll. She shuddered on top of Kanae’s face. Kanae kept licking until Vaquel got every second of her orgasm.

“Fuck, that was nice,” Vaquel said when she dismounted from Kanae’s face. “Shall I return the favor? Want me to get a dildo?”

Kanae giggled. “Not now. I need to check on the Survey Crystal.”

“Okay,” Vaquel sighed. She pressed a button on her belt and the seams of her spacesuit sealed. “I’m going to clean up a little bit. See if I can make some more room.”

“Good luck with that,” Kanae said with a laugh. It was a running joke between them that they could somehow make more room in this cramped ship.

Vaquel stripped the sheets from the relaxation bunk while Kanae checked out the Survey Crystal. It was hard to focus on her work while Kanae was walking around in the nude. The other explorer rarely put on clothes, which was fine with Vaquel. She liked the constant display of naked beauty.

It was probably for the best since the spacesuits didn’t really fit Kanae anyway. The suits were perfect for Vaquel’s larger bust but were too baggy for Kanae. There were discrepancies with the bottoms as well. They fit Vaquel’s round ass but were insufficient for Kanae’s much more abundant bottom. It was like the Royal Navy only gave them suits for Vaquel.

There was a hum from the Survey Crystal. Kanae operated the crystal in some unknown way as she glided her hands over it. The yellow crystal changed from yellow to purple and back again. The cabin was filled with alternating light. The colors were pretty and made Vaquel lost a few minutes as she stared at the light.

She went back to work cleaning. Some of their dildoes were on the floor from their last lovemaking. They went through dildoes a lot and had to find or make more all the time. Vaquel cleaned them and checked to see which may need to be replaced soon.

“Hey, how come we don’t have a double-ended dildo?” Vaquel asked. “Now that I think about it, we have never had one. That’s weird. I would have thought we would make that a priority.”

Kanae passed her hand over the Survey Crystal. The light flickered rapidly. “Yes, we did. Remember, we broke it when that entity possessed us.”

Vaquel did remember. Some strange anomaly had possessed her body. It was new to sensual feeling and it spent most of its time feeling Vaquel up with her own hands.

No, that is not quite right. The entity possessed both of them. Vaquel and Kanae had touched each other. The entity quickly learned that their breasts and pussies were their most sensitive parts.

Another image filled Vaquel’s mind. Kanae and Vaquel were sharing the opposite ends of a pale plastic dildo. Their legs were entwined as their hips humped together. The squishy sounds of their sexes filled the ship.

Vaquel remembered looking into Kanae’s eyes as they fucked. She recalled the sweat running down Kanae’s beautiful dark face. She thought of the way Kanae bit her lip and the flush to her cheeks. She remembered the scream Kanae made when she climaxed.

A shudder ran through Vaquel. How could she have possibly forgotten that? It was a good thing that Kanae was around to remind her of these things.

Vaquel went back to work cleaning. She did try to see if there was a way to make more room. Could they put the meal chair in the spacesuit closet when they weren’t using it? What about the sex toy locker? Could they store it behind a wall panel or would that be too much trouble to get into? She kept looking but there really didn’t seem to be a way to make more space.

That was when she saw the strange chair. It was a dark purple and had tracks but Vaquel couldn’t remember seeing it ever move. The chair had a lot of lights but none of them were working. Was it some sort of automated chair? If so, it didn’t seem to be working anymore.

Did they really need another chair? It took up a lot of room. If they dropped it through the airlock, they might have enough room for the two of them to lay down side by side. Or on top of each other.

“Hey, I was thinking of getting rid of this chair,” Vaquel said.

Kanae abruptly looked away from the Survey Crystal. “No! Don’t do that.”

“Really, why?” Vaquel said. “You never sit in it.”

Kanae shrugged. “You would regret it if you threw it out. Just trust me, okay?”

“Okay,” Vaquel said and that settled it. If Kanae asked her to trust her, then Vaquel would.

As Kanae went back to staring at the Survey Crystal, Vaquel took a closer look at the chair. The back was high and could provide support for the head. The seat was wide enough for Vaquel’s ass but oddly, it was too narrow for Kanae. There was a raised contour in the front of the seat that might feel good against one’s pussy.

A rush of desire swept over Vaquel. Despite just coming, her pussy was wet again. Her hand drifted to her sex before she realized what she was doing.

What is so special about this chair? Why did Vaquel get hot just looking at it?

There was only one way to find out. Vaquel sat down in the chair. Wow, it was a perfect fit. It was as if the seat was made for her. That was weird because Vaquel still didn’t remember ever sitting in it.

The raised ridge pressed against Vaquel’s sex. She leaned forward and it pushed wonderfully against her. Heat rushed between her thighs as she started to grind. Her ass rubbed back and forth against the seat.

Oh, this was nice but something was missing. Vaquel had a feeling that she knew what it was. She needed to be naked. The seat was meant to be ridden bare.
A strange hesitation came over Vaquel. She glanced at Kanae but her co-explorer was still looking at the Survey Crystal. Good. For some reason, Vaquel didn’t want Kanae to see her grinding on the chair.

Vaquel pressed a button and her spacesuit from her waist down retracted into her belt. The feeling of the purple chair on her bare ass triggered a feeling of familiarity. She had not only sat here before, but she had climaxed here. Multiple times, if her pussy was any judge.

But how? Did she masturbate? Vaquel reached between her legs. Yes, that felt familiar. She stroked herself, using short quick circular motions just like Kanae when she touch her. Her fingers moved faster and faster over her sensitive sex.

Yes, Vaquel had done this before. The way her bare ass clenched on the chair felt right. The wet sport forming on the seat felt like something she had experienced a hundred times. No, thousands of times. This was her chair.

But it wasn’t quite right. Something was missing. It was on the tip of Vaquel’s mind but she just couldn’t think of what it was.

Could it be the way she masturbated? Vaquel tried slipping a finger inside her. No, that wasn’t it.

Was it the need for something thicker? Vaquel added a finger and then another. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine it was a dildo. It felt good to pump herself but it still wasn’t quite right.

Vaquel looked at Kanae. She was busy making adjustments to the Survey Crystal. Purple and yellow light filled the cabin. The explorer was deeply engrossed in whatever she was doing.

That left Vaquel alone to figure out the mystery of the purple chair. She tried grinding harder on the chair. That brought vague memories to mind. She had done this before but with more passion. Why? Just to grind on this small contour? That would be really hard to get off on. Is that why she was grinding so hard?

Vaquel leaned forward and kept grinding. Her fingers fucked her slick sex. An orgasm was rising and she on the cusp of coming.

She remembered begging but not her words, it was someone else. Not Kanae either. No, this voice was a little higher. A little more desperate. Submissive, no, outright submissive. They debased themselves and Vaquel delighted in their humiliation.

And what did they beg for? Vaquel’s pussy didn’t seem quite right. They didn’t beg to come either. It was something else. Something only Vaquel could give.

It was Vaquel’s ass. She was sure of it. Someone begged relentlessly for her naked ass. They liked touching it. They loved the way it clenched. They didn’t just crave her ass, they worshipped it.

Vaquel looked at the busy Kanae. Was it her begging for Vaquel’s ass? No, that didn’t feel right. When Kanae asked for something, Vaquel’s stomach fluttered and she loved giving it. This begging made Vaquel’s libido flare with the cruel sweetness that comes from completely dominating someone.

The begging was important, but it still wasn’t the whole memory. Vaquel knew something else was missing. It was so close but she couldn’t remember it.

In the meantime, Vaquel was close to coming. She bit her lip to keep from disturbing Kanae. Her fingers plunged deeper inside her. She grinded faster on the chair.

It wouldn’t be long now. The slightest extra stimulation would make her come. She needed someone to kiss her, or bite her nipples, or suck on her toe or put a vibrator against her sex or maybe against her whole ass.

That was it! This chair used to vibrate! It could vibrate at low speeds or so strong that Vaquel would scream for mercy until the chair would turn off.

“Chairbot,” Vaquel whispered. The chair was a robot and his name was Chairbot! He was her slave and companion. On some lonely nights, she even considered him to be her friend because he was the only company that she had-

Vaquel stood up. She remembered everything.

“Who the fuck are you?!” Vaquel screamed at the woman who didn’t belong here.

Kanae stood up and sighed. “This is awkward. Normally I just leave while my subjects are asleep. You are the first one to break through the conditioning.”

“That doesn’t answer the question,” Vaquel snapped. Kanae, and her giant crystal that also didn’t belong here, was between Vaquel and the weapons locker. She wasn’t sure how good of a fighter Kanae was. Well, she remembered Kanae being very good at fighting but she didn’t trust her memory.

“I am an explorer, like you,” Kanae said. “My kind exist on a more psychological plane. We explore other minds by manifesting in your reality. This Survey Crystal records your mind for further study back home. It takes a few days to record everything. To make things smoother, we make slight alterations so you believe we were always here. It cuts down on conflict and makes for exploring relationships, much like what we have together.”

“We don’t have shit,” Vaquel snapped. She looked around for a weapon. There was the sex toy locker. One of the dildoes was made of smooth stone. That might work as a club.

“I disagree,” Kanae, the being posing as Kanae, said. “The memories might be implanted but our relationship is based on our emotional connection. I enjoyed our sex as well as our exploration of the galaxy. You and I have a lot in common as explorers and we make quite a team. We make an even better pair of lovers.”

“Really?” Vaquel said. “No, wait. Shut up. Sex is good but lovers don’t implant memories in each other. Fuck, how long have you been here? And what did you do to Chairbot?”

“I was unable to affect his memories,” Kanae said. “He comes from a unique species of robots. Did you know that he can repair himself at the molecular level? There was a debate among my people to study him but you narrowly won out as more interesting.”

“Thanks,” Vaquel said as she leapt for the sex toy box. She flipped it open and grabbed the stone dildo. Now armed, she spun around to face the intruder on her ship.

Kanae was gone. So was the Survey Crystal. The cabin was a lot more spacious without a giant alien crystal dominating the place.

“Mistress, what happened?” Chairbot said. “I detect that I was incapacitated for thirty-six hours!”

“Thirty-six hours?” Vaquel whispered. It still felt like eight years to Vaquel. She remembered the first planet that her and Kanae explored together, the one with the amorous plant creature. Did that mean Vaquel was alone when she faced the cosmic entity known as Voice? What about the Zatty? Did she take all those long red cocks by herself?

“Mistress, are you okay?” Chairbot said. “Do you need me to run a medical scan on you? I think you should sit down in either case.”

“I agree,” Vaquel said and she sat down on Chairbot’s seat. The many vibrators that filled the seat buzzed to life. Vaquel cried out as Chairbot quickly brought her to orgasm.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried.

The memories of Kanae were already fading. The bliss of her orgasm washed them away. Vaquel knew that a few more orgasms might wipe all traces of the false orgasms.

Vaquel wondered how her hair would look in a bouffant.

Feb 072018

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “Queen’s Superior Stamina” by Royal Astronomers. There are a measly two planets here. One is so close to the sun that my probes relay minimum information before melting. The second is a radioactive wasteland with no signs of life.

I believe the second planet has suffered a nuclear extinction event. There are signs of industrialization and former population centers in the blast craters. They may have been destroyed by outside forces or as is more common, they destroyed themselves. I won’t know until I land.

Fortunately, a lull in one of the many super-storms that wrecks the planet has revealed an intact bunker. The bunker is buried deep inside a mountain in the southern hemisphere. I believe I can reach the bunker through one of the side tunnels. Any records that have survived will help in determining whether this planet is worth the Queen’s attention. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I miss cock. Cock is great. I really could do with some cock.

Vaquel Di approached the bunker door cautiously. Two turrets holding unknown weaponry pointed down the tunnel towards her. She walked from side to side but the turrets didn’t move to track her movements. That might be dead.

Why take the chance? She should shoot the turrets. Then again, if there were people inside the bunker, they might object to blowing up their weapons.

The turrets didn’t move as Vaquel walked up to the bunker door. She stepped inside their firing arc and relaxed. It was nice to not have to worry about the turrets but it didn’t bode well for whether or not anyone was inside.

She examined the door. It was built for someone her size or a little bit bigger. There was a large wheel that served as a locking mechanism. She turned the wheel and surprised to see it turn freely.

The door opened. An unlocked door in a radioactive wasteland? Again, not a good sign for life.

A large airlock was inside. The lights were on. Pictogram instructions explained that people were to enter, close the door, wait to be identified as the radiation was cleansed, and then proceed through the other door.

“This should be good,” Vaquel said. She closed the outer bunker door and waited.

The bright light changed to a dull green. There was a humming sound. Vaquel checked her radiation counter on her wrist and sure enough, the radiation levels were dropping. Some things still worked.

Vaquel wondered if someone were trying to identify her. What would they make of the purple spacesuit that clung to her ample curves? Were they even a species that understood the large breasts and plump ass she possessed? Did they think the skin they could see through her bubble glassteel helmet was a pretty shade of brown? Was her short pink hair cute?

“Hello?” she asked.

A speaker crackled to life. It spoke in a bastard dialect of Ebrima. Vaquel missed the first part of what was said but caught the rest of it.

“. . .emergency protocol directive. Access granted to any survivors. Please proceed and may Gorth protect you.”

The green light changed to white. The door leading deeper into the bunker clicked and swung open. Another tunnel stretched before Vaquel.

It looked safe. Vaquel smirked. Traps always look safe.

She took out her plasma pistol and set it to Immolate. Pistol in hand, she slowly walked down the tunnel, sticking to the side. Her foot steps echoed down the tunnel. After a long tense walk, Vaquel reached another door. This one opened as she approached it.

There was a large room that comprised three different levels. Doors and hallways leading out surrounded the room. Control panels and seats filled most of the space. There was a giant video screen that was currently displaying static. It looked like it used to be a command center.

That was might have been its former purpose but now it served as a morgue. Corpses of an unknown species littered the place. They were slung over control panels, dead in their chairs or splattered across the floor.

Vaquel approached a body that was mostly intact. It was humanoid, slightly shorter than her. It had the same shade of brown skin as herself. Three eyes stared out in shock while a long tongue lolled from its mouth. Cause of death appeared to be from the row of cauterized holes that perforated its chest.

Laser fire? These people died in battle. Whomever killed them must have left the bunker unlocked. No sense locking up the dead.

Among the carnage was an anomaly. One of the corpses was laid out on a stretcher. He was clearly a male with an impressive organ lurking beneath his tight blue briefs. One arm was completely robotic with several weapons welded on. The other arm was organic but studded with various pieces of equipment. Both legs were armored and Vaquel wasn’t sure if they were clothes or bolted onto the legs themselves. The chest was bare except for a large cable that was plugged into a port on his pectoral muscles. The cable led to a nearby console that was displaying a constant stream of numbers.

It was the face that drew Vaquel’s attention. Metal covered the top half, obscuring everything above the nose. A full quarter of the man’s head was missing and in its place, was a crater of fused metal. The mouth pulled back into a rictus against gleaming metal teeth.

“Are you alive?” Vaquel asked. She poked the flesh on the less-robotic arm. It felt warm.

She looked at the missing part of the man’s head. “I don’t know anything about your species but that can’t be good. If you are alive, I doubt you have a pilot in your cockpit.”

One of the speakers in the room came to alive. “Voices detected. Standby for message from Director Inogue.”

The static on the giant monitor disappeared. In its place was a recording of a brown alien sitting in this very room. All three eyes looked exhausted. A nasty wound was leaking blood on his dirty blue uniform. Corpses were strewn all over the place.

“My name is Director Inogue. I am the last survivor of Fortress Dawn. I was also the chief researcher on the Fire Warrior program and may Gorth have mercy on my soul.”

Vaquel looked at the bodies around her. There, sitting right next to the cyborg on the stretcher as the corpse of the Director. He must have perished from his wound.

“Sensors have recorded three separate detonation events. The Union of Fernas is gone. The Federation of Strange is no more. The Poov Corporation has been eradicated. Weather patterns have already changed dramatically. Fallout covers almost the entire world. Species failure is certain. We have failed as custodians of the planet.

I doubt any Gorthin will ever hear these words. Perhaps some explorer from another world will come across this bunker and wonder what happened. Will these future visitors look upon the devastation and mourn for us? Or will they curse us for throwing away the gift of life in the pursuit of war?

Perhaps our demise will be a lesson for other species? They can see the terrible destruction and-“

“Yeah, I’m bored,” Vaquel said. “End recording!” she shouted but the message kept playing.

“If you are an alien and you are listening,” the Director continued, “perhaps I can explain it best by an old fable of our kind called the Sand Weasel and the Blood Shark. One day, the Sand Weasel needed to get across the ocean-“

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. She tuned the Director out and went back to examining the cyborg. Specifically, she was interested in the alien’s cock. She pulled at the waistband of the cyborg’s tights and pulled down.

A magnificent brown cock was revealed. It was long and thick with three ridges that ran from the base of the member up to the triangular tip. Three hairless balls sat in separate sacks. Even limp, it looked impressive.

Vaquel sighed. It was a lovely cock. Those ridges were interesting. She imagined how that would feel inside her.

“And then the Blood Shark said he needed to make a quick detour between the crashing rocks. The Sand Weasel didn’t like this idea but the terms of the contract were clear on detours and he knew that he didn’t have standing to dispute the-“

Vaquel placed her hand on the cock. It was warm like the rest of the cyborg. She wrapped her fingers around it and squeezed.

The cock pulsed in her hand.

Vaquel dropped the cock and looked at the cyborg’s face. The same rictus grin was on its face.

“Just an automatic response,” Vaquel said. “The thing is most likely brain dead.”

She grabbed the cock again. A squeeze and a tug made it pulse again.

“With all of these cybernetic bits, he’s more a robot than a living being,” Vaquel told herself.

She kept stroking the cyborg’s cock. It pulsed and hardened in her hand. Stroke by stroke, the cock grew. The ridges stayed soft as the member turned rigid.

“But then the Sand Weasel reminded the Blood Shark of its poor mother who needed the nuts that the Sand Weasel was bringing. That convinced the Blood Shark to spare the life of the Ice Eel-“

“Just a lick,” Vaquel said to herself. “So I can remember what it tastes like when I masturbate later.”

The space explorer touched a button on her collar. There was a hiss of air as the bubble helmet she wore came loose. She took it off and set it on the console nearby. The numbers on the console were streaming faster but Vaquel didn’t notice.

Vaquel’s mouth was water. She bent over the stretcher and took the cyborg’s cock in hand. It pulsed in her hand. She stretched out her tongue took a long lingering lick of his member.

It tasted dusty. Vaquel snorted and spit out. Of course it was dusty. The poor thing had been here awhile.

She spat a few times on the cock and rubbed it. Her gloved hand wiped the dust from the cyborg’s skin. She kept spitting and rubbing until it was coated in her saliva.

“The Night Whale refused to let the Sand Weasel and the Blood shark pass. The three were at an impasse. The travelers worried that their long journey was all for nothing. They told the Night Whale about everything they had been through, starting with those first contract negotiations-“

Vaquel took another lick. This time she tasted flesh and spit. It was a little sweet. She took another lick and then another, relishing the flavor.

The ridges on the cock fluttered. It vibrated against Vaquel’s tongue and then stopped. She kept her tongue pressed against the ridge until it fluttered again. It was a lovely sensation.

“Okay, now I have to ride it,” Vaquel said. “Such a unique cock would be of interest to the Queen and the Royal Navy. The race may be dead but maybe the genetics could be harvested. Yes, I must get this hard, ridged, vibrating cock inside me for the glory of the Queen!”

Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. A slit appeared in the crotch of her purple spacesuit. The slit opened to reveal a thick pubic bush of pink hair. The hair was damp and had been since she took her first lick.

“The Sand Wesel offered to bring the Night Whale news of the other side. The Night Whale refused. The Blood Shark offered to tell the Night Whale of a good hunting sight for fish. The Night Whale refused. The Sand Weasel then offered-“

Vaquel climbed onto the stretcher. She swung a leg over the cyborg’s crotch and planted her feet to either side. Holding the hard member, she pointed it up to her sex as she squatted downwards.

The triangular tip pushed into Vaquel’s pussy lips. As the nimble explorer lowered herself, the long cock slowly impaled her. The ridges rubbed against the walls of her sex, fluttering from time to time as Vaquel sank deeper.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. It was big. It was unforgivably hard. It was almost too much.

It was perfect.

Vaquel leaned back and braced her hands on the cyborg’s legs. Up and down she moved on the hard cock. The muscles along her legs flexed and clenched against her skintight purple spacesuit.

“-and then the Sand Weasel jumped down the throat of the Night Whale. It clawed and scratched its way along the way, inflicting terrible wounds inside the Night Whale. Meanwhile, the Sand Shark was tearing away at the Night Whale’s tail but the Night Whale smashed him against a reef, breaking the Sand shark’s back.”

“What?” Vaquel said. The fable had turned violent. Maybe it would have been worth listening to after all.

Nah, nothing was more important than this nice cock inside Vaquel. Her hips swiveled with the cyborg’s member still in her pussy. The cock was more flexible than expected and stayed within her.

“Fuck,” Vaquel said. She humped the cyborg’s cock faster. Her arms trembled as she stayed in the position. It wasn’t the most convenient position but that was why Vaquel chose it. If her partner was going to be half-dead, it was up to her to work up the sweat for a good hard orgasm.

The stretcher creaked as Vaquel fucked the cyborg. The numbers on the console monitor raced by. Drool leaked from the open smile of the cyborg but Vaquel was too busy staring up at the ceiling in bliss.

“The Sand Weasel tore out the Night Whale’s heart but the Night Whale’s death spasms crushed the Sand Weasel. The Night Whale fell on top of the crippled Blood shark who couldn’t escape. Pinned, the Blood shark drowned in its own blood.

That is what happened to our planet. The three major powers were unable to work together. We had an arms race that consumed our economies. We developed bio weapons, nuclear weapons and worse. For my sins, I created the Flame Warriors, cyborg soldiers who accounted for eighty percent of all casualties in combat.”

“That’s you, cock-meat,” Vaquel said to the cyborg. She shifted position to give her calves a break. Her knees settled on the stretcher as she sat up on the cyborg’s cock. She rested her ass on the cyborg’s crotch while her hands went to the alien’s chest. Her hips shifted back and forth, grinding the ridged cock deep within her pussy.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel groaned. “Too bad your brain is missing. I bet you would like this.”

Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. A seam appeared between her breasts. She pulled the purple spacesuit apart and out flopped her beautiful brown breasts. Reaching down, she grabbed the cyborg’s more organic hand and pressed it to one of her breasts. The fingers were limp but they were warm and felt good against her sensitive nipple.

“Most of the Flame Warriors perished in the nuclear holocaust. The Poov Corporation added an unknown element to their warheads that was fatal to the cyborgs. This bunker had a damaged Flame Warrior that has not been exposed to the radiation. It recovered and perhaps due to its severe head trauma, it didn’t recognize us as allied forces. It slaughtered everyone here until I was able to shout the auto-repair command to it.”

“Aww, not only are you hot, but you massacred this bunker,” Vaquel said. “Good job you little killing machine.”

“Once deactivated, I plugged it into a console which is running a lopping diagnostic program. The bunker’s reactor shouldn’t fail for another few centuries so the console should keep it sedated. If the Flame Warrior is still inactive when you come here, be sure to destroy it!”

“Fuck that,” Vaquel answered. She grinded harder on the cyborg’s crotch. She was close. This orgasm was going to be incredible.

“Be aware that the only thing that will disrupt the diagnostic program is if the Flame Warrior becomes sexually stimulated. We wired a lot of the martial instincts through the sex drive in order to achieve the overwhelming viciousness required for war. Any kind of stimulation will bypass the diagnostics and engage the Flame Warrior’s kill drive.”

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel screamed as she climaxed. Pleasure exploded through her body and sent her into a shuddering spasm. The thick cock fluttered as she came, extending her orgasm to new lengths.

“Wait, what was that last part he said?” Vaquel said.

The cyborg’s hand closed around Vaquel’s breast. The hips surged up and lifted Vaquel into the air. A loud hiss came from clenched teeth of the grinning mouth.

“Oh, fuck,” Vaquel whispered.

The Flame Warrior sat up. The machine arm wrapped around Vaquel’s waist. The cyborg spun around on the stretcher, carrying Vaquel on its cock as it hopped off the stretcher. It stood up, still balls deep inside her. There was a hissing sound and the cable popped free from the port in his chest.

The metal arm grew warm against Vaquel’s back. A beam projected from the metal mask and scanned Vaquel’s face. An attachment on the cyborg’s shoulder swiveled and pointed a small barrel at her chest.

“Wait!” Vaquel yelled. “I’m not your enemy!”

The Flame Warrior hissed. Was he even capable of speaking with his teeth perpetually bared like that?

Vaquel had an inspiration. She clenched as hard as she could around the hard cock inside her. She rubbed the cyborg’s organic hand across both of her tits. Her mouth opened and her tongue flicked obscenely at the cyborg.

The Flame Warrior froze. His cock pulsed inside her. The ridges fluttered.

The cyborg began to pump his hips. He grabbed her plump brown breast and squeezed. His metal arm was tight around her as he fucked the space explorer.

“There you go,” Vaquel moaned. “You want to kill but you like fucking too. I can sympathize.”

The Flame Warrior’s hips accelerated. Back and forth they pumped, slamming his thick cook deep inside Vaquel. The sound of motors filled the room, seconded by the sound of a wet pussy getting thoroughly fucked.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel swore. Her sex was getting pummeled. It felt awesome but it was bruising the fuck out of her pelvis.

The Flame Warrior hissed and Vaquel felt a surge of hot seed fill her sex. The additional sensation pushed her over the edge and she climaxed again. She hung onto the cyborg as they both came.

The fucking continued. The cyborg didn’t even pause. It just kept pumping away at her exhausted sex.

“The Flame Warrior is the worse crime we could have committed,” the director continued. “Instead of eliminating emotions, we encouraged the cyborg’s worse instincts. We gave them an endorphin boost for every kill. Firing its weapons got them hard. Consecutive kills gave them an orgasm. We tinkered with their bodies so that they had near-infinite stamina for sex.”

“Now you tell me!” Vaquel yelled. This was a problem. She liked sex but she couldn’t take much more. Her thighs were already doing numb from the constant collision of crotches. She had to do something and do it now.

As the cyborg kept fucking her, Vaquel took popped an explosive marble from her belt pouch. She was going to jam it in the cyborg’s mouth but his clenched teeth never opened. The only other option was an open cable port on his chest. She gave the marble a quick squeeze and pushed it into the port.

BOOM! The marble exploded inside the Flame Warrior’s chest. The metal buckled but remained while. Smoke rose from the port.

The Flame Warrior stopped thrusting. The arms went limp. Multiple lights flashed along the cyborg’s neck and there was the distressing sound of machinery grinding.

Vaquel pulled herself off the cyborg’s cock. She dismounted and fell to the floor. Her crotch ached as she stood up but at least she was free. One button press and her suit sealed back up again at her sex and breasts. She grabbed her bubble helmet and slapped it back on.

“Sssssss,” hissed the Flame Warrior. It stood up straight and pointed its metal arm at Vaquel. The tip of the weapon glowed red.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled as she dived behind a console. The sound of a laser scorched the air and the floor where Vaquel had been standing caught fire.

“You assholes recover quick,” Vaquel said. She grabbed her plasma pistol and set it to “Queen’s Wrath.” Crouching behind the console, she took aim and fired.

A glowing ball of plasma shot through the air and landed perfectly on the Flame Warrior’s chest. Fire engulfed the cyborg. He stood there burning but didn’t fall down.

The Flame Warrior fired again. A laser punched through the console Vaquel was hiding and scorched her elbow. Pain shot up her arm.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel screamed. It took a plasma shot straight to the chest and it is still functioning? No wonder this planet had an extinction even!

Vaquel ran for the airlock. She fired another shot from her plasma pistol and watched the door melt into goo. There, that is how you should properly respond to a plasma hit!

The sound of running metal followed Vaquel and so did the smell of burning flesh. Another laser fired as Vaquel dived through the door.

She was back in the airlock chamber. Her plasma pistol needed to recharge. Terror gripped her until she remembered that the door leading out was unlocked. She rushed to it and pulled it open. Alarms sounded as the chamber was filled with radiation.

The long tunnel back to the surface stretched ahead of her. Fuck. It was a long way back to her ship.

A laser shot seared the door. Vaquel ducked into a roll. The Flame Warrior was inside the airlock chamber. Parts of the cyborg was still on fire. The flesh had melted away to show a robust metal skeleton.

Vaquel checked her plasma pistol. It still needed to recharge. She could use her laser but she doubted it would do anything. Hand to hand? That was suicide.
The Flame Warrior ran towards her. Its cock was on fire. How was it still attached? What was that cock made of?

The cyborg stumbled and fell on the ground. Sparks arced from the weapons arm. It tried to stand back up but collapsed.

Vaquel kept her distance. The cyborg was prone and on fire, but she wasn’t taking any chances. What happened? Did it finally collapse from the explosive she pushed in?

“Wait, didn’t that guy say something about the radiation?” Vaquel asked out loud. She couldn’t quite remember. The guy said a lot of stuff and she wasn’t listening. Maybe historians from the Royal Navy will come by and get the details but as far as Vaquel was concerned, this planet had nothing left to offer.

She had fucked the last cock here. It was time to go.

Jan 032018

Explorer’s Log: I am on day eighteen of my twenty-four day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Superior Stamina” by Royal Astronomers. Frequent energy pulses in the region have been playing havoc with the ship’s systems but my personal vigilance have kept everything running within expected performance levels.

It is unclear where the energy storms are coming from as there has been no discernible pattern. The storms themselves vary greatly in intensity as well as energy types. I have logged thirty-two different energy types including four of an unknown type. The chaotic nature of the storms probably explains why the nearby Zatty race never expanded into this region.

I will be monitoring the storms around the clock in order to gain as much data as possible. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: There is no need to mention that Chairbot will be the one monitoring the storms. The Royal Navy doesn’t need to know who is actually doing the work as long as I get the credit.

Vaquel Di dreamed of a soaking in a hot bath. The water was a dark blue and obscured her brown body. Her heavy breasts floated in the water. She stretched out her legs and tried to reach the bottom of the tub but her toes only touched water. A warm current moved between her legs and caressed her round ass.

The space explorer wondered where she was. The walls surrounding the tub were a dark shade of blue that matched the blue of the water. There were designs in the walls but they changed whenever Vaquel tried to stare at them. Up above was a bright light, casting down blue rays.

There was humming in the air. No, it was more of a crackling sound. It was static.

Vaquel didn’t like this. Everything was tranquil. This was a place to soak and relax.

It felt like a trap.

She swam towards one of the walls. It was too smooth to climb out. She dived down into the water. It was dark but the kept swimming. If she could find the bottom, she might be able to find a hatch or a grate.

Vaquel kept moving downward. She wasn’t sure how far she had dived but oddly, her lungs weren’t burning. Either she had greater breathing capacity than she knew, of something was very wrong.

She parted her lips. No water came into her mouth.

What was going on? Vaquel opened her mouth and tried to swallow the water. Nothing passed her lips.

Vaquel kicked back towards the surface. She broke through the water in seconds. That made no sense, she had been heading downwards forever.

Something weird was happening. Was she in a simulated environment? Was she dreaming?

Vaquel thought about it. Like all Euphorians, she thought better while turned on. She reached between her legs and began to stroke.

A tremor ran through her body. Vaquel smiled. At least that was normal. She stroked herself in a slow circular manner as her legs lazily kicked in the water.

Another tremor ran through her. The walls shimmered. The light above flickered. The water seemed to boil.

Vaquel stroked faster. She didn’t understand what is going on but somehow her arousal was disrupting the place.

The walls faded away. The feeling of being in water vanished. Only the light above remained and it was flickering faster.

She plunged her fingers into her sex. A shudder ran through her body.

Vaquel awoke with a start. She was back in her spaceship. The cold metal of the floor supported her bare feet. She felt the flow of the air circulator on her naked body. For some reason, she was standing in front of her power control panel.

She tried to turn around but her body wouldn’t move. Her arm lifted on its own accord and pressed a button. She watched as her head moved on its own volition to look up at the display panel. Vaquel tried to shift her eyes but she couldn’t even do that.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore silently. Her mouth refused to obey her desire to curse. She was trapped within her own body!

Vaquel’s body moved. It walked down the corridor that made up the spine of her ship. The view lurched as whatever controlled Vaquel’s body wasn’t used to walking on two legs.

Chairbot sat in the middle of the corridor. Blue sparks popped from his chassis. The seat was uncharacteristically limp, which only happened when the robot suffered a full shutdown.

A feeling of rage boiled within Vaquel. It wasn’t out of concern for the loyal robot. No, it was anger that someone might have killed the best sextoy she had on the ship.

Her body stumbled. A hand reached out towards a wall for support but the fingers were clenched in a fist. The body came to a stop and a blue haze came over Vaquel’s eyes. The fist slowly uncurled and the body resumed walking.

Vaquel thought about what she had observed. The fist was her doing. She wasn’t as helpless as she thought. Strong emotion could disrupt whatever was controlling her.

She tried to get angry again. Vaquel raged at the idea of someone hijacking her ship. She fumed at the idea of someone hijacking her body. Anger flared at the unknown force that was interrupting her mission. When she thought of the Queen’s disapproval at Vaquel for losing her ship, a white-hot fury engulfed Vaquel’s mind.

The body shook. Hands curled into fists. The body slumped against a wall and slid down to the floor. Legs kicked with rage.

A blue aura surrounded her body. The legs stopped kicking and her fists unclenched. The blue intensified, flaring brightly around her brown body.

Vaquel raged silently within her body. The anger peaked and then began to fade. She was furious but the level of anger it took to overcome the blue was just too much to maintain for any length of time.

The body stood back up. It walked over to the food dispenser. The hand pressed buttons to scroll through the options while the eyes observed the various forms that algae can take. For some unknown reasons, the fingers selected the algae meat nuggets with sweet spice dipping algae sauce.

As the dispenser hummed and prepared the meal, Vaquel speculated on her situation. Something had possessed her but it seemed content to just explore her ship. The way it kept looking at her ship reminded her of herself when she was somewhere new. Could the thing possessing her be another explorer?

It didn’t matter what its motives were, Vaquel wanted control of her body back. Strong emotion seemed to disrupt the entity’s control but anger was too hard to maintain. She needed another emotion to use, something that she could keep at an intense level for a sustained amount of time.

Sadness? No. She was too annoyed to be sad.

Pride? Maybe. She was pretty vain and this entity was wasting her hot body by not doing anything with it.

Happiness? Impossible. There was no way she could be happy in this situation.

The food dispenser beeped and out came a tray. On the tray were nine green nuggets of meat and a green dipping sauce.

The body poked the nuggets. The finger recoiled from the heat of the nugget. It touched the sauce and liked it better. It swirled the finger in the sauce and examined the sticky thickness.

Did this entity understand food? It was content to keep poking the sauce and watching it drip from her fingers. It wasn’t even trying to taste it.

Vaquel sighed internally. Watching the finger push and swirl inside the sauce reminded her of touching herself back in the blue pool.

Wait, what was that pool? Was it some sort of holding area for her conscious? That made sense. And how did she escape it? She had used sex.

Of course! If Vaquel could control her hand, she would have slapped her forehead. It was weird that Vaquel hadn’t of thought of using arousal sooner. Maybe being detached from her body had inhibited her natural sex drive.

Vaquel focused on the finger playing with the dipping sauce. Instead of the cup of green sauce, Vaquel imagined her fingers dipping into her own wet sex. She pictured her fingers pushing past the pink bush of pubic hair and into her brown folds. Her fingers would slip deep inside as the muscles of her sex would clench tightly around them. Instead of the green sauce coating her fingers, it would be the stickiness of her pussy juices.

The hand spasmed and knocked the sauce cup from the tray. The vision wobbled as the body shook. A hand went out and grabbed the machine for support. The blue around Vaquel’s brown body intensified.

Vaquel thought dirtier thoughts. Why settle for fingers when she could imagine a cock? She pictured a thick red cock plunging deep inside her. The massive member would fill her tight sex and stretch her to her limits. Her body would shake from the force of the thrusts, causing her large brown tits to jiggle. She would wrap her legs around the pelvis of the alien fucking her and hold on for dear life.

The body collapsed. From her possessed eyes, Vaquel watched the wall zoom away and then focus on the ceiling above. She winced at the sudden stop and was then grateful she couldn’t feel the back of her head collide with the floor.

The blue grew brighter. A shaking hand rose up and slowly began to calm itself. The entity was fighting hard.

Vaquel had more fantasies to think of. She pictured a wet pussy dropping on her face. Sticky juices would run down her face. Vaquel imagined each lap of her tongue as she licked the imaginary sex. Her lips would be bruised from the weight crushing down but it wouldn’t stop Vaquel from licking.

The shaking increased. The hand clenched and unclenched rapidly. The battle for Vaquel’s body continued.

Vaquel thought about her tits. She thought about what it felt like when aliens grabbed her breasts. Every species loved breasts, and every species loved to maul, grope and fondle her plentiful mounds. She thought about strange fingers pinching her nipples while nimble tentacles squeeze her breasts. A dozen different alien grips played through her mind and she thought about how each one turned her on.

The blue grew so bright that it overwhelmed everything else. Vaquel wanted to close her eyes to the blue but of course she couldn’t. Her only defense was to keep thinking filthy thoughts.

She thought about the taste of alien seed filling her mouth and dripping down her chin.

She imagined a rough creature fucking her from behind; its thrusting member spearing deep inside her.

She fantasized about a dozen mouths sucking and licking her clitoris.

She pictured herself, suspended in sentient ooze as it filled and fucked every hole that she had.

The blue glow subsided. Vaquel felt a numb tingling sensation in her right hand. Excited, she clenched her fist and felt control of her arm return to her.

There was a loud crackling sound. The tingling in her hand increased. The entity was trying to take back control.

Vaquel knew what to do. She grabbed her breast. Her sticky fingers sunk into her soft flesh and she squeezed. It didn’t matter that she didn’t have any sensation in her breast because her hand could feel her tit. It was like squeezing someone else’s breast.

That was all she needed. Her fingers danced over her soft nipple. She smeared the dipping sauce over her nipple. She pinched herself and she felt a slight flicker of pain. Pulling on the nipple made the pain grow stronger. Vaquel pulled and pulled until she slowly felt sensation return to her breast.

The crackling sound grew softer. There was another sound now. Vaquel strained to hear what it was.

It was a moan.

What did that mean? Was her body subconsciously reacting to her attention? Or was the blue entity enjoying what Vaquel was doing?
Vaquel watched her other hand rise up. It came down on her left breast. She tried to see what the hand was doing but her head refused to move.

There was a tingling sensation on her left breast. She felt fingers pinching the side of her tit. It was her own hand, but being unable to control the hand, it might as well as belong to a stranger.

“You like that?” Vaquel thought. The fingers kept pinching. They tugged and pulled on her flesh. The more the fingers pinched, the more of her breast that Vaquel could feel.

Fuck, even weird possessing entities love tits. It really was a universal constant.

It was time to show the entity what else hands could do. Vaquel scraped her fingernails across her stomach. Slowly she dragged her nails over her skin. This usually sent shivers down Vaquel’s spine but this time she felt nothing.

The entity felt it. There was another moan. The head rolled back and froth and Vaquel, looking out her own eyes, became a little dizzy.

Vaquel moved her hand past her hips and onto her bush of pubic hair. Her fingers parted her sex lips and slid between them. Up and down she rubbed, careful not to penetrate herself.

A shudder ran through her body. Vaquel’s legs parted and she felt them move. Her hips lifted and Vaquel felt the pressure shift to the back of her shoulders.

This was progress. She still only had control of her hand but at least she was feeling other parts of her body.

The left hand moved again. It dragged fingernails across her skin and this time Vaquel felt every grazing touch. The hand moved up her chest, to her throat, to her chin and over her lips.

Vaquel’s lips tingled. It was almost painful but that was okay; the pain turned her on. She focused on the sensations on her lips and willed them to move.

There was a shudder and then her lips opened. The fingers almost recoiled but Vaquel opened her mouth wide. The fingers pushed cautiously inside. Vaquel closed her mouth around the fingers and sucked.

The blue shimmered around Vaquel. She regained control of her tongue and started to lick her fingers. It was weird not being able to feel her hand but once again it created the sensation of touching a stranger.

Vaquel didn’t forget about the hand she did control. She pushed her fingers inside her. Wet heat gripped her fingers. Powerful muscles that Vaquel didn’t control contracted around her fingers.

A moan came from Vaquel’s throat. There was a shift and her hips bucked. Her pussy grinded on her hand in fits and starts, as if unsure how to properly fuck.

Vaquel could work with that. She stroked the sex that was technically hers but for now belonged to another entity. Her fingers slid in and out with practiced ease. She took care to rub that tiny button of pleasure that was her clit. As the pussy muscles contracted tightly around her hand, Vaquel plunged harder and harder.

The fingers in her mouth copied her motion. The hand fucked her face and Vaquel groaned from the force of the thrusts. The fingers plunged deep into her throat while Vaquel sucked as hard as she could.

The blue light flickered around Vaquel’s body. She felt her heels digging into the hard floor of the spaceship. Sweat ran down her back and she felt every drop. Her butt cheeks clenched and Vaquel felt the cold of the floor.

Vaquel stroked faster. She added a twist to her wrist that always put her over the edge. Her fingers began to randomly pinch her from the inside to add that final touch of pain.

The hand in her mouth began to quiver. It shook as Vaquel licked hard with her tongue. Her cheeks puckered as she sucked as hard as she could.

The blue around her body changed hues. As Vaquel furiously stroked and licked, the blue darkened to a deeper shade. The glow grew brighter until Vaquel’s eyes instinctively closed. That was when Vaquel knew she could actually control her eyes again.

Vaquel’s pussy muscles clenched painfully hard around her hand. A moment later, the walls of her pussy quivered. Her thighs closed shut and a scream came from her finger-jammed mouth.

The dark blue glow flashed and then was gone.

Vaquel gasped as a tingling sensation came over her body. She pulled her hands out of her mouth and pussy and sat up. The tingling sensation faded away and she regained control of her body.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel groaned. Her throat was dry. She reached between her legs and winced. It was very sensitive down there, as if she had climaxed.

A snort came from Vaquel’s lips. She had climaxed, she was sure of it. She just hadn’t been in control of her body enough to feel it. The greedy blue entity that controlled her had received the orgasm that Vaquel had worked so hard for.

There was a beeping sound behind Vaquel. She turned to see Chairbot’s seat turn rigid again and the sensor lights come on.

“Mistress!” Chairbot squeaked. “I was invaded by an unknown energy matrix! My core systems shut down in a defensive measure! Are you alright? Is your wonderful ass damaged? Does your round fit bottom require assistance?

“No, no, no and shut up,” Vaquel said. She went to the sensor station and ran a full scan. Her fingers were sticky with dipping sauce and pussy juice. As the scan ran, she sucked on the fingers.

“Mmm, sweet, spicy and tangy,” Vaquel said. She wondered if she could program the algae fabricator to duplicate the flavor.

The sensor station finished the scans. There were nine unknown energy signatures in the area. Four of them possessed a blue quality. All of the energy signatures were moving in unpredictable ways across space.

Could these energy signatures be a new form of life? Whatever had possessed her was sentient but clearly unfamiliar with organic life. It was also virginal in its knowledge of pleasure. Maybe the blue energy was conducting its own research and her body was its unknown territory.

Curious, Vaquel scanned the path ahead and searched for similar energy signatures. The display panel lit up with multiple matches. Were they all connected to the entity that possessed her or were they all individual beings with their own curiosity about her tits and pussy?

Vaquel debated directing the ship through the thickest mass of them. It might be fun to be possessed by stranger after stranger. Now that she knew how to break their control, she could teach the joys of sex to one incorporeal being after another.

The thought was tempting but the appeal quickly faded. As fun as her encounter was, she didn’t even get an orgasm out of it.

“Fuck those blue lights,” Vaquel said out loud. “Let them get their own climaxes.” She programmed a course that avoided all of the energy signatures.

“What was that, Mistress?” Chairbot said. He was lurking behind her, as if hoping he could trick her into sitting on him.

“Shut up,” Vaquel said again. She sat down on the robot chair and the seat conformed to her contours. “Make me come in ten minutes or I’ll blast you into space.”

Vibrator motors roared to life from inside the seat. Vaquel cried out with pleasure and leaned back in the chair. A ridge rose within the seat and pressed against her sex.

The little robot completed his mission with time to spare.

Dec 082017

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Queen Won’t Back Down Even if You Stand Her at the Gates of Hell,” by Royal Astronomers. This is a small system with two gas giants and their twelve moons. Valuable gases and minerals are in low supply here. It is on the edge of Zatty space but the lack of resources doesn’t even warrant a government outpost.

What I did find was a high amount of illicit traffic. A large number of space ships are converging around the second gas giant. A warship from the now fallen Carefully Managed Democracy is providing protection while the owners of the ships meet in a temporary shelter on the third moon.

I was able to convince a patrol that I was not a member of the new Strictly Rationed Liberty Federation by providing oral sex to all sex members of the patrol team. After my face was splattered with Zatty seed, the patrol explained to me that this was a meeting of refugees from the Carefully Managed Democracy. They have come to swap information and trade goods before embarking on their self-imposed exiles until they feel confident to return to in order to support the next rebellion.

For the Glory of Queen Erishella, I will visit this den of disloyal iniquity and pretend to have things to trade. This will let me see how the refugees act firsthand and will inform the Royal Navy on what to expect when they inevitably conquer the Zatty. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I have a ton of souvenirs from visiting all of those war memorials lately. I really don’t know what got into me. Once I had a few, I couldn’t stop collecting photos, plates, coins and those little Zaz figures. Now that I have a supply crate full of this crap, I am not sure what I saw in them in the first place.

Vaquel Di looked around the temporary shelter. It was a true hive of villainy and rebellious scum. Zatty men and women from all walks of life were here. There was a former Zatty war officer, heavily wounded and now more machine than man with his bionic replacements. There was a Zatty women who used to be some sort of judge, now reduced to haggling with a known smuggler for food supplies.

The mood in the air was sour. These people were the defeated. They once commanded armies of soldiers or bureaucrats and were now incapable of controlling what would happen tomorrow. The presence of their powerless colleagues didn’t illicit comradery as much as a reminder of their own defeats.

Vaquel, however, was in a great mood. She had sold half of her souvenirs in exchange for pornography, some ancient wine and a small pillow for her neck. There was a huge demand for her goods, which wasn’t that surprising once she thought about it. Refugees who were expecting to spend years in exile wanted to have cheap little shit that reminded them of home.

A potential customer came to the makeshift table that she was renting. He was a tall Zatty male wearing the helmet of a planetary security officer. A scorch mark covered half of his shirt. His right arm was covered in medical gel and hung useless from his side. He studied the souvenirs she had for sale and then pointed at one.

“How much for the “Battle of Luxaz Station” cup?” he asked. The helmet hid his eyes but his mouth was curled into a perpetual frown.

“What do you offer?” Vaquel asked.

“How about sixty credits?” the officer said.

Vaquel pointed to her right breast. There, attached to the bright pink spacesuit that covered her massive mounds, was a small sign that read, “Barter only, no money!”

“People usually notice that first off,” Vaquel said.

The security officer grunted. “I’ll give you ten units of rations.”

“No thank you,” Vaquel said.

“What about fifty kilograms of fuel?” he offered.

“Don’t need it,” Vaquel said.

“Thirty bottles of high grade alcohol?”

Vaquel thought about it. “Sorry, but my ship is nearing the weight limit for optimal travel. I’ll have to pass.”

The security officer glared at her. It was an impressive trick considering that his helmet was obscuring his eyes and half his face. He must have intimidated a lot of criminals before his government was conquered.

“What do you want?” the officer yelled. “Just say it and quit fucking around with my time!”

Conversation came to a halt inside the small shelter. Sellers and customers alike turned to look towards Vaquel and the security officer.

Vaquel basked in the attention. She had made sure to select a table where the dim overhead light highlighted her tight pink spacesuit. The suit matched the color of her short pink hair as well as the lipstick across her full lips. She looked great, and considering that her current course took her into unknown space, it might be awhile before there are sentient beings who will admire her curves and pretty face again.

With that in mind, Vaquel realized what she wanted from the tall, glaring security officer.

“Lick my pussy and you can have it,” Vaquel said.

“Like your what?” the guard snapped. There was a confused muttering from the onlookers.

“Give me a sec,” Vaquel said as she struggled to remember the varied slang that the Zatty used. “Lick my fuck station, my slut hole, my pound target.” Vaquel pointed at her crotch for extra emphasis.

A ripple of laughter went through the crowd. The security officer sneered. “Right here? Are you mad, alien?”

“No, just horny,” Vaquel said. “And why not? This is neutral ground, right? Unless you rather come back to my ship where I might have anything that might incapacitate you and then I can sell your ass to your enemies?”

“This is ridiculous,” the officer said. He began to turn around.

“I’ll toss in the matching “Battle of Luxaz Station” plate as well,” Vaquel said.

The security officer froze. His left hand clenched and unclenched but he wasn’t walking away.

“I don’t where you plan to go and how long you plan to be away,” Vaquel said, “But are you really going to turn down a chance for a matching plate and cup that commemorate one of the Carefully Managed Democracy’s greatest victories?”

The security officer sighed. His clenched fist relaxed and he turned around. “The helmet stays on,” he grunted.

“Shit, I insist,” Vaquel said.

She hopped onto the table as the everyone looked on in disbelief. She pressed a button on her belt and an opening appeared in her spacesuit over her pelvis. The suit opened to reveal a thick pink bush of pubic hair that covered her sex.

Vaquel squatted down and sat on the table. She spread her legs wide and motioned to the officer with her fingers. “Make your payment,” she said.

The security officer went down to one knee in front of her. The mirror visor over his eyes reflected her wet pussy. He bent down to her sex, hesitated and then finally went all the way down.

Hot breath blew onto Vaquel’s sex. A thick alien tongue pushed inside her. Rough lips pressed against Vaquel’s soft nether lips as the security officer began to lick.

“Oh, yes!” Vaquel cried out. The officer licked her quickly; his tongue lashing at her with amazing speed. He pressed down hard against her sex, perhaps physically dominating her tender pussy like he would any criminal he encountered.

One by one, conversations resumed all through the small interior. There were deals to be made and bounty hunters to avoid. The humiliation of a security officer by an alien wasn’t even the most debasing thing most of them had seen lately.

Not everyone went back to trading. Some watched. Vaquel noticed the short Zatty woman who’s hand kept drifting to between her legs before she stopped herself. Two young Zatty males wearing rich clothes whispered to each other as they watched. A male soldier missing an eye was using his good eye to watch every bob of the security officer’s head between Vaquel’s out-stretched legs.

The security officer paused. “Is that enough for our trade?”

Vaquel pushed down on his head. “It’s enough when I say it is enough!”

The security officer moaned into her sex. Vaquel smiled. She bet that no one talked to him like that before the government fell.

He licked faster. His tongue pushed deep inside of her with every lick. He chewed with his lips, munching and slobbering on her hot sex.

Vaquel shuddered. He was good. It wasn’t going to take long at all. She put one hand on the back of his hard helmet and pushed him down onto her sex.

The short Zatty woman came closer. She pretended to glance at Vaquel’s souvenirs but she kept stealing glances at Vaquel’s face. A smile spread across her face with a hint of tongue.

Vaquel’s pelvis flexed as she humped the officer’s tongue. She watched the Zatty woman’s smile grow bigger as Vaquel began to moan.

The security officer licked harder. His tongue rapidly jabbed at Vaquel’s wet sex.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried as she climaxed. She pressed her sex to the licking officer’s face as her orgasm spread through her body. The officer kept licking.

“Enough,” Vaquel said and she let him go. The security officer rose to his feet, gasping. “That is a fair trade, now go.”

What little of the security officer’s red face that Vaquel could see reddened even further with shame. He almost turned away before remembering his cup and plate. Grabbing them quickly, he carried them low to cover the enormous erection in his pants.

Vaquel laughed as the officer walked away and turned her attention to the Zatty female. She stayed on the table with her legs spread and her sex still exposed.

“Any piece you like, for the same price,” Vaquel said.

“He received two pieces,” the woman said.

“Queen’s tit, you got me,” Vaquel said. “Any two pieces for the same price he paid.”

The woman nodded. “It is a fair price.” She bent over the table and looked down at Vaquel’s sex. “And your tiny meat socket has a strange appeal.”

Vaquel sighed. “I get that a lot. You Zatty are freaking giants.”

The woman giggled and dipped her head down to Vaquel’s sex. Soft lips pressed gently against Vaquel’s sensitive area. A gentle tongue pushed inside her and began to swirl slowly inside her.

Vaquel gasped. She was so sensitive that this gentle swirl was almost overwhelming. She grabbed a handful of the woman’s thick black hair and held on as the woman continued to lick.

The two Zatty men came closer. They pointed at Vaquel and argued about something. Both of them couldn’t take their eyes off of Vaquel.

They weren’t the only ones. The seller at the table to Vaquel’s left had turned his full attention to Vaquel and ignored the customer trying to talk to him. At Vaquel’s right, a woman customer there pointed to Vaquel and asked the merchant if he was willing to make a similar exchange for their goods.

The woman between Vaquel’s legs kept licking with the slow swirl of her tongue. Her discipline was amazing as her tongue never slowed down or speeded up. She kept her lips just barely touching Vaquel’s sex, which meant that when they did touch, it sent fresh shivers up Vaquel’s spine.

Vaquel pulled on the woman’s hair but the more powerful Zatty didn’t budge. Her lips continued to tease Vaquel’s pussy as her tongue worked its slow magic. Around and round the tongue swirled inside Vaquel’s hot sex.

“Oh, fuck,” Vaquel groaned. She let go of the woman’s head and braced herself on the table. It was tempting to lie back but she didn’t want to break her view of everyone watching her. She stayed on her elbows, half-sitting up as this beautiful alien licked her.

The Zatty woman reached up and placed her hand on Vaquel’s chest. Her massive hand sunk into the thin spacesuit material and squeezed the soft breast underneath. Wide fingers contracted tightly around her mound in contrast to the slow gentle licking happening between Vaquel’s thighs.

The pain in her breast pushed Vaquel over the edge. Tension gripped her pussy and then vanished with the coming of her orgasm. Pleasure rippled through Vaquel’s body.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out again. “Stop, stop, stop, enough!”

The Zatty woman rose from Vaquel’s sex. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Her yellow eyes twinkled with mischief.

“I’ll have the “Death of Congress” coin and the Fighter Pilot Zaz figure,” she said.

Vaquel was still breathing hard. “Yeah, yeah. Take it.”

The woman had a smug smile as she picked up her souvenirs. Maybe she thought that she had gotten the better of the deal. Vaquel didn’t mind, that woman didn’t know how valuable her tongue was.

As soon as the woman had stepped away, one of the Zatty men in nice clothes nearly rushed Vaquel’s table.

“I want the framed image of the explosion of the Doomnaut!” he proclaimed. “But instead of my mouth, I offer you my whore-hammer!”

Vaquel frowned and then smiled as she translated his slang. “Let’s see it first.”

The Zatty reached into his clothes and pulled out his cock. It was standard size for a Zatty which is to say it was huge. The hard member pulsed as he held it in his hand. The tip was shiny with pre-come.

“That will do,” Vaquel said. “Now put it in my deposit slit.”

He eagerly stepped up to the table. Vaquel cried out as he grabbed both legs and brought them up against his chest. He pulled her to him and pressed his cock to her wet sex.

Vaquel cried out again as the thick head invaded her. He wasn’t the first Zatty cock that she had had so she was getting used to their immense size but they were still a beast to have inside her. She shuddered as the giant girth stretched and filled her.

“Enjoy that executive whore-hammer,” the Zatty male said. “Once the Strictly Rationed Liberty Federation raise taxes on hard-working innovators, there won’t be any more executive founders!”

“Shut up and fuck,” Vaquel said. “You’re paying me with cock, not your personal philosophy on why you suck.”

The Zatty snarled but he didn’t say anything. He held on tightly to her legs and fucked her harder. His whore-hammer slammed inside of her with short rapid thrusts.

That was fine with Vaquel. He could take out all of the aggression he wanted to on her pussy.

The seller to Vaquel’s right pulled down his pants. A woman wearing a military uniform dropped to her knees to suck him. The seller fucked her face while looking at Vaquel. He gave her a knowing nod.

Vaquel smiled back at him. She was glad to see that she was inspiring alternative methods of commerce. These Zatty might not be so hopeless after all.

The Zatty fucking Vaquel made a strange expression on his face and then his cock began to spasm inside her. A hot rush of seed filled her and the Zatty began to pull out.

“Fuck no,” Vaquel snapped. She grabbed the man by his expensive shirt. “You’re not done until I say you are done, executive ass!”

“But I finished!” the Zatty said.

“Do you want the framed image of the Doomnaut exploding or not?” Vaquel shot back.

The Zatty groaned and looked at the picture. Indecision warred across his face. He sighed and then his hips kept pumping. He winced as his sensitive cock grinded inside her.

“That’s right,” Vaquel said, still holding onto his shirt. “You got to make a full payment. Keep fucking until I tell you to stop!”

The Zatty bit his lip as he kept fucking Vaquel. His thrusts were slower and his face kept wincing from the overwhelming sensations. He began to pant.

Vaquel laughed. She tightened her pussy muscles around him. Her heels ground into him.

“You might have been someone important,” Vaquel said. “But now you’re fucking some alien at a secret station just to get a picture of what used to be home. So, fuck me good, loser. Fuck me like piece of shit you have become.”

The Zatty’s cock throbbed inside her. She felt him harden and she laughed. His face burned with shame and rage.

It was too delicious for Vaquel. She climaxed hard around the Zatty’s tender cock. She screamed her orgasm and her cry filled the small shelter.

Another scream answered her. It came from a woman but Vaquel wasn’t sure where. There was no dying the pleasure in the woman’s scream.

The former executive was still inside her. “Was that enough?” he gasped.

“Go,” she said. “Take your picture, too.”

The executive pulled out of her. She felt a void inside her when his large length left her. To her surprise, the executive’s friend stepped up with his cock already out.

“I want the Zaz figure of the Admiral,” he said.

“Payment in advance,” Vaquel said, spreading her legs wide.

The Zatty took his place. In went his cock and Vaquel welcomed his girth. His cock was shorter in length but a little thicker. It would do nicely.

“I won’t stop,” the Zatty said. He fucked her with a steady pace. “I promise to keep going until you are-“

“Shut the fuck up,” Vaquel said.

The Zatty smiled and his cock drove deeper inside her.

Someone lurked behind the Zatty. Vaquel looked past the male fucking her and saw the cyborg soldier she had spotted earlier. Behind him a Zatty woman polishing a phallic object of some sort. Standing behind her was an older looking Zatty male wearing the clothes of a pilot. A fucking line of fuckers was forming at her table!

There was a grunt to her left. A seller was getting her ass fingered by a soldier. She was bent over the stack of ammo pods that she was selling.

“Pick me up,” Vaquel told the Zatty fucking her. “Pick me up and fuck me.”

“Yes,” the Zatty said. He easily scooped her up from the table with his cock still inside her. His hands on her ass, he raised and lowered her on his giant cock.

Vaquel looked around the room from her new vantage point. The line to her table was getting longer but that wasn’t what held her interest. The other sellers were engaging in their own intimate barter situations. Mouths, cocks and slut-holes were being used in crude and direct ways. Crates were turned into furniture for fucking. Some of the people fucking weren’t even bothering to make trades.

The Zatty fucking her groaned. He stared down at her breasts that were bouncing within her spacesuit. He lifted and dropped her faster on his cock to make her tits jiggle more.

“Just like that,” Vaquel moaned. “Keep going and don’t stop. Make me come on your giant slut hammer.”

The Zatty nodded and did as he was told. His thick member drove deep up inside of her. The impact of thighs slamming into his crotch grew louder as he pummeled her sex.

Vaquel went over the edge of pleasure once more. “Glory to the Queen!” she cried. Her scream carried through the barter shelter and but was drowned out by the pleasure cries of others.

“Stop,” Vaquel gasped.

The Zatty paused. His cock throbbed inside her. “But I haven’t creamed my sausage,” he said.

“I don’t give a fuck,” Vaquel said. She pulled his cock out of her and lowered her legs. She was unsteady on her feet so she fell back onto the table. “Your cock is my payment. Your seed isn’t part of the trade. Take your souvenirs and go.”

The Zatty made a whining noise but he grabbed the figure that he wanted. He noticed the orgy around him and his mood brightened. Perhaps he could make another trade to relieve his needs.

Vaquel steadied herself on the table. The cyborg soldier came to the table. His face was unreadable behind a mask of metal. He took out his cock, which appeared to be entirely organic. She was a little disappointed in that.

“I want the Zaz figure of the diplomat robot, the cup from “The Siege of Justice Prison”, and the official scrap metal fragment from the Law Table.”

Vaquel looked at the cyborg’s organic but still sizable cock. His demands were not unreasonable for what he was sporting but she also looked at the line forming at her table.

“No, you get one item of your choice,” Vaquel said. “My inventory is running low and I want to make sure all of my customers get a chance to satisfy me.”

The cyborg looked down at her with his blank face. “Don’t you mean, you want all of your customers a chance to be satisfied?”

“I said what I meant,” Vaquel said as she spread her legs once more for commerce.

Nov 012017

Explorer’s Log: I am on day sixteen of my thirty-two day journey to the star system designated “The Queen Won’t Back Down Even if You Stand Her at the Gates of Hell,” by Royal Astronomers. I am heading to the edge of Zatty space and commercial and military traffic is light. I have seen a few starships that were running fast and quiet, so I suspect they are refugees from the fallen Carefully Managed Democracy’s government.

There is little to report except a decrease in the ship’s cruising speed. It appears that we have taken on unaccounted weight somewhere in the ship. It could be a stowaway or more likely, debris that made it past the engine filters. Scanners are not picking up anything so I will be conducting a personal search through the maintenance crawlspaces. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I can tell that I am bored because I am looking forward to dragging my sweaty ass through tight spaces just to give me something to do.

Vaquel Di squeezed through the crawlspace junction. Her white spacesuit hugged tightly around her round breasts and wide hips. Instead of her usual glassteel helmet bubble helmet, Vaquel was wearing a skintight extension of her spacesuit over her head. Her short pink hair was pressed tightly against her scalp but not as tightly as the material pressing against her lips. It felt like her mask had been kissing her for the past hour.

The junction was a tight fit for her ass. This was her maintenance suit and the material was designed to reduce friction but there was only so much it could do to ease her large round buttocks through the small tunnel. It took her twenty seconds to finally get her butt around the corner.

“See anything, Mistress?” Chairbot said on the communications link.

“Not a damn thing,” Vaquel said. The crawlspace lights were on but all Vaquel could see where dirty panels, corrosion stains and the occasional puddle of lubricant.

“I should really come down here some time and clean up,” Vaquel said.

“Shall I place it on the schedule?” Chairbot asked.

“Fuck no,” Vaquel snapped. “I’m never that bored.”

Vaquel proceeded down the tunnel. She crawled forward on her hands and knees. The spacesuit hugged her body tightly but her breasts still swung with every crawling step. The material rubbed against her nipples, keeping them in a constant state of stimulation.

It was worse between her legs. The tight suit pressed down on her pussy lips so that the slightest movement rubbed back and forth. The faster she crawled, the harder it stroked
Vaquel made sure to crawl as fast as she could. Maybe by the time she finished her survey, she would manage to climax.

She came to another junction. Instead of the usual lubricant stain, the puddle here was a bright blue. She touched it with her gloved hand. It was too sticky to be a machine fluid.

“Chairbot, run a scan on Junction F-K,” Vaquel ordered.

“Nothing unusual on scanners,” Chairbot reported. “Are you ready for a rest break? Would you like to come back and sit on me? I have a new vibration pattern that you will enjoy.”

Vaquel’s pussy clenched. It was tempting. She could use a break but she could use a vibrating chair seat even more.

There was a rumbling noise down the K branch of the crawlspace. Vaquel had spent eight years on this ship and knew every sound by heart. That rumble was a new one.

“Focus the scanner on K branch,” Vaquel ordered. She squeezed into the crawlspace. The ceiling was low and her breasts were crushed against the floor. The top of her ass slid along the ceiling. She had to crawl on her elbows to move forward.

“Nothing unusual,” Chairbot reported.

The way ahead was dark. “What about the lights?” Vaquel asked. “Any error messages?”

“None, Mistress,” Chairbot reported.

That meant that not only was a light out, but the backup reporting system was down too. This job was getting more complicated.

Vaquel crawled into the darkness. The rumbling sound grew louder.

What was that sound? Was a panel loose and vibrating? Was it gas compression? Could an exhaust fan be malfunctioning?

It was pitch black. She felt around with her hands. The service panel was tight against the wall. There were no fluids, sticky or slippery. The fan grill was perfectly still. She didn’t feel anything unusual.

The low ceiling against her round butt shifted. Vaquel froze as the ceiling pressed down on her. She groaned as the weight increased and pinned her to the floor of the crawlspace.

“Mistress, is anything wrong?” Chairbot asked.

Something was very wrong. The weight shifted along Vaquel’s back. It flowed down her legs and wrapped around her legs. The top of her shoulders was pushed down. Something wrapped around her face and pressed against the material covering her mouth. There was something alive here in the crawlspace with her!

There was a flicker of light and then it was gone. Vaquel understood what had happened. The light was on and working fine; it was just blocked by whatever was lurking on the of the crawlspace.

Vaquel reached for whatever was touching her face. The gloves were designed for tactile use and she felt fur around a tentacle of some kind. She pulled it from her face.

The rumbling grew louder. Vibrations ran up and down Vaquel’s body where it was touching the creature. Something coiled around her arms and legs with amazing strength.

“Mistress, report!” Chairbot begged over the link.

“There’s something down here,” Vaquel gasped. “I don’t know how it got here, but we need to flush it out. It seems to be organic.”

The creature rumbled louder. Vibrations increased against Vaquel’s buttocks. The vibrations were strong enough to be felt by her pussy.

“Should I fill the crawlspace with emergency toxins, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

The vibrations grew stronger. “Uh, hold on with that,” Vaquel said.

Vaquel tried to move. She arched her back to press her ass harder against the clinging alien. Her hand guided one of the vibrating tentacles to her breasts. Pleasant sensations ran along her chest. Vibrations pulsed against her sore shoulders and felt great.

“This isn’t so bad,” Vaquel whispered.

Something hard pressed against her mouth. It was vibrating. It poked against the material of her mask as it tried to enter her mouth. The vibrations made her lips tingle.

“What about now, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

“Negative!” Vaquel yelled.

She didn’t know what this thing was, but she didn’t intend to kill it until she was able to fully make use of it. The vibrations were wonderful on her ass, she just needed to get them in the right place.

The tentacle on her breasts constricted. Vaquel groaned as the powerful vibrations hummed against her mounds. Her nipples pressed hard against the thin material as if trying to get free.

The creature pressed against her bottom. It wiggled between her cheeks. Something hard, thick and vibrating was trying to work its way into her ass.

The vibrations pulsed harder. Vaquel’s pussy clenched in frustration that nothing was touching it.

Vaquel reached for her sex. The crawlspace was too tight and the creature was pressing down too hard. She couldn’t even reach her belt to manipulate her suit controls.

Maybe she could lure it somehow. Vaquel moved her hips and spread her thighs as much as the tight space would allow. She grinded her pussy into the floor with short micro-humps.

A vibrating tentacle moved to the top of her thigh. The buzzing tip started at her ass and slowly moved down to the crease of her knee. Vaquel tried to move backwards to chase the tentacle but the weight pressing down on her was too much.

The tentacle at her mouth began to glow. It was a faint blue light. The tentacle tip bulged and then released a squirt of fluid unto Vaquel’s lips.

The space explorer froze. What was that? Poison? Some kind of acid? She tried to touch her face but the tentacles had her too tightly pinned. She waited for the dread feeling of her mask disintegrating.

Nothing happened. Whatever it had squirted her with, the liquid dripped harmlessly from the mouth of her mask.

“Praise the Queen,” Vaquel whispered. That could have ended very badly. Maybe it was time to stop fucking around and get rid of this thing.

The rumbling grew louder. Vibrations engulfed Vaquel’s back and ass. Her breasts were gripping in buzzing bliss. The tentacle tip at her leg slipped between her thighs.

No, she could wait a little longer.

The vibrating tentacle poked the inside of her thigh. It tapped, tapped, tapped its way closer to her sex. It was looking for something.

Vaquel wondered if it was trying to mate. She didn’t know what this thing was or when it got aboard her ship, but she had encountered quite a few tentacle creatures in her travels. The one thing they all had in common was that they liked to fuck just about anything. In fact, Vaquel wasn’t sure if she had ever encountered a tentacle creature having sex with its own kind.

The tentacle between her legs was centimeters away from her crotch. It was lingering for some reason. It rubbed back and forth, perhaps trying to burrow into a crease in her spacesuit.

Vaquel groaned. The vibrations were so close to her sex. She wiggled her leg in an attempt get the tentacle to move on but it wouldn’t.

Meanwhile, the rest of her body was being probed and groped. A second tentacle poked at the crack of her ass, trying to push into the spacesuit. A tentacle ran up and down her foot. The tentacle at her face tried to poke her mouth again, as stubborn as any male wanting a blowjob.

The creature rumbled and powerful vibrations engulfed her back. The tentacle around her chest vibrated so hard that her breasts jiggled wildly inside her suit. The teasing tip of the tentacle beside her thigh buzzed stronger than even one of Chairbot’s vibrators.

Vaquel groaned and kept her thighs apart. She only had one chance at this.

The tentacle moved away and Vaquel almost screamed with frustration but a second later, the tentacle dived back down and pressed hard against her crotch. The buzzing tip vibrated hard against the thin material covering her wet sex.

“Got you!” Vaquel cried and she slammed her thighs shut around the tentacle.

The creature rumbled unbearably loud. The tentacle against her sex squirmed and thrashed but it couldn’t escape the vise of Vaquel’s thick thighs. That didn’t stop it from trying as it flailed and buzzed.

“Oh, fuck!” Vaquel cried. The vibrations permeated Vaquel’s entire pelvic region. Her thighs clamped tightly around the tentacle as her ass rose and fell to hump the squirming tip.

The creature wrapped more tentacles around Vaquel. Multiple arms coiled around her chest and crushed her breasts with vibrating lengths. It wrapped around her throat and squeezed. Several tentacles tried to get between her thighs and pry them apart but the creature was no much for Vaquel’s powerful legs.

“Yeah, no one gets these legs open unless I want them to,” Vaquel said. “And I’m not letting go until you get me off!”

The tentacle tip between her legs thrashed against her. Vaquel gasped as the tentacle grinded against her spacesuit-covered sex. It wasn’t penetration but with vibrations this strong, it didn’t need to enter her to make her come.

“So close,” Vaquel gasped.

The tentacle around her neck squeezed. It became harder to breathe. The suit compensated by enriching her oxygen but that wouldn’t help if her throat was crushed.

She should let go. This thing might kill her to get free. Was a vibrating tentacle worth dying for?

The vibrations from the tentacle on her sex grew stronger. Vaquel made her choice. She kept her thighs tightly around it.

A weird whistling sound came from the creature. What the fuck did that mean?

The weight on her back lifted. The tentacle around her throat released its grip. Arms uncoiled around her chest and shoulders. Tentacle tips stopped poking her ass. Light flooded the crawlspace as the creature ceased to block the light source.

“You tentacle things are all alike!” Vaquel yelled. “You love holding people down and fucking them but no one has ever done it to you, have they? What’s the matter? Don’t enjoy being used?”

The creature was pulling away but it couldn’t leave with its tentacle trapped between her thighs. The vibrations were just as strong as ever. The tip turned, twisted and pulled but it couldn’t escape.

Vaquel lifted herself onto her elbows. Reaching down, she rapped a button on her belt. A slit opened over her crotch. The furry tentacle writhed against her hairy pussy lips. A wet spot formed instantly under her.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. The vibrations were twice as strong on her bare skin. She had no idea the suit had that much insulation.

The tentacle tip pressed against her sex. It easily slipped inside the wet folds. The tentacle expanded inside her and filled her sex with alien flesh and vibrations.

“Yes, yes, yes, get in there you dirty fucker!” Vaquel yelled. She still didn’t trust it to stay so she kept her thighs tightly pinned around it.

The tentacle fucked her. Was this what it wanted or did it sense that it had to do this to get her to let go?

Vaquel didn’t know and she didn’t care. The furry tip plunged in and out of her with frantic speed. It kept expanding with every thrust, filling her tightly as the vibrations grew stronger.

She remembered the blue liquid earlier. Was this thing about to spray stuff inside her? That might not be healthy considering she still had no idea what it was. Should she stop?

Fuck that. She clenched down hard on the tentacle with her pussy. It was going nowhere.

The vibrations surged and Vaquel came. Her orgasm exploded through her body and made her toes curl. She shuddered, clenched harder and then shuddered again.

“Glory to the Queen!” she cried and her thighs relaxed.

The tentacle shrunk and yanked out of her sex. It pulled out from between her legs so fast that she heard it cut through the air like a whip. There was a thumping noise above her as the unknown creature scrambled away from her down another maintenance tunnel.

Vaquel collapsed onto the floor of the crawlspace. Her pussy was numb. The floor beneath her was soaking wet with her juices. She could do with a nice nap.

“Chairbot, isolate K-2 branch,” Vaquel commanded.

“Yes, Mistress,” Chairbot reported.

Above Vaquel, she heard the maintenance shaft doors click into place. She pushed her fingers into her tingling pussy. She was sensitive to the touch but she didn’t feel any fluid that shouldn’t be there. Good.

“K-2 branch is sealed, Mistress” Chairbot said. “Shall I decompress it and vent it into space?”

“Yes,” Vaquel said. The robot sounded eager. Maybe he was jealous of how hard the creature had made her come.

The crawlspace shuddered around Vaquel. She listened to the familiar sounds of airlocks opening and the quiet explosion of decompression. It was followed by the clamping of airlocks resealing and the increased hum of air pumps working to restore equilibrium.

“Sensors indicate that ship mass has been restored to optimal limits, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “The unknown lifeform has been expelled.”

“Any idea how it got here in the first place?” Vaquel asked.

“Considering the nature of the creature, Mistress, my hypothesis is that one of the bio-filters is faulty and it came aboard during one of our planet landings. It may have been smaller when it came aboard and then grew to its current size later, which is when we detected it because of the extra mass.”

“Do you mean that there could be more of these things on board?” Vaquel asked.

“If they haven’t grown, we wouldn’t detect them,” Chairbot said. “This is just a hypothesis. We won’t know for sure until we pinpoint how it came on board.”

Vaquel picked a direction and started crawling. The slit of her spacesuit was still open and her pussy dragged along the floor, leaving a trail behind her in her the crawlspace.

“Mistress, the bio-filters are in the other direction,” Chairbot said.

“True, but if there are more of those vibrating creatures, they will probably be in this direction,” Vaquel said.

“Shall I begin isolating branches and decompressing them, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

“Fuck, no!” Vaquel snapped. “If there are any left, they are probably too small to effect ship speed. That means I can study them before they grow too big. I might learn something that will be useful to report back to the Queen.”

“And they might be useful for your pleasure, Mistress.” Chairbot said. “May I suggest testing them while you sit on me?”

“Maybe,” Vaquel said as she crawled along the tight tunnel. “Depends on how fast you help me find them.”

“Calculating likely locations now,” Chairbot said.

Vaquel grinned. There were a lot of tunnels to check but at least she no longer had to worry about being bored.

Oct 042017

Explorer’s Log: I have completed my eleven day journey to the star system designated “That Special Feeling You Get When The Queen Punishes Traitors” by Royal Astronomers. The Carefully Managed Democracy has collapsed. The six planets in this system have declared their allegiance to the new government which is being called the Strictly Rationed Liberty Federation. Technically they don’t have a government up and running yet, but they have already begun to round up members of the former government for persecution and exile. In this system, they have consigned their political prisoners to a miserable moon orbiting the local gas giant.

One of the political prisoners is a gladiator warrior by the name of Sureshot. I watched her fight on the battle planet that I was strictly forbidden from participating in. It is too bad as she is cruel, capable and quite beautiful. I had marked her as someone the Queen might find amusing when the Royal Navy conquers this sector of space. Alas, she is scheduled to be executed.

No matter. The planets here are in a state of chaos and are forbidding outsiders from landing. I will need to conduct my surveys from my ship and there are six inhabited planets with fifty-one inhabited moons. I will waste no time in beginning the remote surveys for the Queen. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I cannot believe they are going to execute Sureshot! She humiliated me when I took part in that arena fight but she also abused me ways I haven’t experienced since leaving Euphoria. Knowing she is about to die is affecting me in ways I don’t understand . . .

Vaquel Di stood against the archway. Her special camouflage spacesuit blended with the green metal of the wall. The color changing material struggled to smooth out her wide hips, busty chest and thick thighs. The glassteel helmet changed color as well so to conceal Vaquel’s brown face and short pink hair.

Air recyclers hummed all around Vaquel. There were twenty kilometers underground on a cold rock of a moon. The metal walls were designed to protect the inhabitants from the gas giant’s radiation but Vaquel had her doubts. Too much of the metal walls had sickly blue spots that glowed in the darkness.

A prison guard was approaching. The Zatty was three meters tall like all of his race but the special armor he wore added an extra meter to his frame. He was a giant, with pulsing electrical gloves, heavy armored boots and a helmet flanked by two shoulder cannons.

CLANK! CLANK! CLANK! Every step thundered down the hall.

Vaquel watched as he came closer. Her heart pounded. The armor was too tough for most of her weapons. Only her plasma pistol had any chance of cracking the armor and even then, it had to be at point blank range against one of the seals on the helmet. At that range, it was an instant kill but it took the pistol a full second to charge and the hum of the plasma would give her away. The timing had to be perfect.

CLANK! CLANK! CLANK! The guard as almost there. His helmet turned in her direction.

Vaquel held her breath. The camouflage suit should conceal her but she was taking no chances. One touch of those electrical gloves and she would be unconscious. One blast of those shoulder cannons and she would be atomized.

CLANK! . . .CLANK! He was slowing.

Vaquel almost groaned but she caught herself in time. He did see something! Fuck! Should she charge up her pistol and rush him? Could she clear the distance in time to jam her plasma pistol in the guard’s neck before he blasted her?

CLANK! CLANK! CLANK! The guard sped up and looked away from her. He was almost right beside her.

A tremor ran through Vaquel. A rush of heat went between her thighs. A clenching spasm ran through her pussy. These near-death experiences always turned her on.


It was time. He was within arm’s reach. Vaquel flipped the switch on her plasma gun. The hum of the pistol reached its highest pitch as the guard’s foot came down for another CLANK! She swung her arm out, avoided the shoulder cannon, wedged the pistol barrel into the seal crease of the helmet and pulled the trigger.

The armor absorbed the sound of the plasma shot. The guard shuddered and fell forward. Smoke rose from the hole in the helmet along with the smell of heated flesh.

Vaquel was already running. This was the final corridor. According to the information Chairbot hacked from the prison system, Sureshot was in the second cell down.

She reached the cell door and typed on the alphanumeric lock. Chairbot had assured her that it had retrieved the passcode from the system but Vaquel had her doubts. She didn’t like the way the little robot had moaned and vibrated as it hacked the system. If she didn’t know any better, she would have thought the robot chair was having sex with the system.

Multiple locks disengaged. “The little fucker was right,” Vaquel whispered. She made a note to sit on him for a good long time and masturbate. The sycophantic chair loved that.

The door slid open to reveal a small cell. Sitting on a bunk with her legs crossed was a tall Zatty woman. Her red skin was dirty and tattered clothes barely covered her muscular frame. The dim light reflected off the woman’s bald red but the eyes looking back were very bright indeed. Both hands curled into fists as her body tensed into a offensive posture.

Vaquel’s pussy clenched. It was Sureshot!

“What are you?” Sureshot asked. She stood up and assume a martial pose. Despite being unarmed and dirty, Sureshot projected an aura of menace that made Vaquel take a step back.

“I’m here to rescue you,” Vaquel said. She realized her glassteel helmet was still in camouflage mode so she pressed a button. The helmet changed from dark green to transparent.

Sureshot stared at Vaquel for a full second before smiling. “I remember you,” she said. “I beat and used you. It was my highest humiliation score in competition. I gave you my prize of a year of pornography.

Heat rose to Vaquel’s face. “Yes, my name is Vaquel and I owed you for sparing my life.”

“Hmm,” Sureshot said. She approached Vaquel and stared down at the brown woman. “No, that isn’t your name. Your name is Fuck-U. I remember that much.

Vaquel blushed again. That was what Vaquel had yelled at Sureshot as she was being woman-handled. Sureshot had turned it into an insulting nickname for Vaquel.

A shudder ran through Vaquel. Her pussy clenched around something that wasn’t there. She must still be turned on from the last kill.

“Come on,” Vaquel said. “We need to leave this cell block before a patrol comes through.”

Sureshot looked at her strangely. “Sure, Fuck-U. Lead on.”

Vaquel tried to remember the route she had planned. She drew a blank. Sureshot’s tunic was open at the waist and both of her massive red breasts are almost entirely exposed. The dark red circle of Sureshot’s aureole peeked out from tattered fabric.

She forced herself to turn around and look down the corridor. Now she remembered. Left, right, left, left. The clock was ticking.

“Follow me,” Vaquel said and she took off running. She ran as fast as she could, knowing a guard patrol could come by any moment. Her large breasts bounced within her spacesuit and sweat trickled down her spine and between her plump buttocks.

Sureshot jogged easily beside her. The tall Zatty barely exerted herself to keep up with the shorter space explorer.

Vaquel glanced at Sureshot as they ran. Muscles rippled under her red skin as she moved. The tattered tunic flashed tantalizing peeks of powerful thighs, ripped abdomen muscles and firm buttocks. Vaquel stumbled and she forced herself to look away as she kept running.

The door out of the cell block was up ahead. When it came within sight, Sureshot put on a burst of speed and reached the door first. She looked at the keypad and then back at Vaquel. The strange expression was still on her face. She turned around and leaned on the keypad, blocking it with her body.

“Move aside,” Vaquel said. “I have the passcode.”

The Zatty woman shook her head. “No.”

“Why?” Vaquel said with ragged breath. “A patrol should be here in a few minutes but they integrate a random variable to their timing. We need to get through now!”

The Zatty woman crossed her arms. “No, I don’t trust you.”

“What?” Vaquel said. “I’m here to rescue you! I owe you, remember?”

“Do you?” Sureshot said. “I have seen you fight for your life, as well as your orgasms. You are a weak alien but I feel like you are lying. Why are you really here? Is it for revenge? Do you plan to betray me and humiliate me?”

“This was a mistake,” Vaquel said. “You are too paranoid to rescue. Fine, stay here but move the fuck from that door so I can get out!”

Vaquel reached for her plasma pistol. In a blink of an eye, Sureshot grabbed Vaquel’s wrist and twisted. Pain shot through Vaquel’s arm and she dropped her pistol. Sureshot twisted Vaquel’s arm behind her back and slammed her face first into the cell block door.

Sureshot leaned in closer. Her breasts pressed into Vaquel’s back. She pulled the arm up higher and the brown explorer winced.

“Tell me the truth, Fuck-U,” Sureshot whispered. “Have you come to kill me personally?”

“No,” Vaquel groaned.

Sureshot reached between Vaquel’s legs. The thin spacesuit offered no protection as the Zatty woman’s fingers pressed hard against Vaquel’s sex.

Vaquel gasped. Despite the pain in her arm, she closed her thighs around Sureshot’s hand. Her needy pussy clenched with desire.

“Have you come to humiliate me?” Sureshot whispered.

“No,” Vaquel moaned.

Sureshot ground her hand against Vaquel’s sex. The powerful fingers dug into the flimsy spacesuit material and pushed into Vaquel’s wet folds. Sureshot could feel the shudders of the woman’s pussy.

“Then why are you rescuing me?” Sureshot whispered. “Answer me with the truth or I will break off your arm and fuck you with it.”

Vaquel shuddered. Whether it was from fear or desire was impossible to say.

“On my world, we have a Queen,” Vaquel said. “She rules with cruel affection and merciless authority. Her family has guided our people out of the dark ages and into conquering prosperity. She is insatiable and beautiful and we all serve at her pleasure.”

“Hmm,” Sureshot said. She stroked harder at the thin spacesuit. “What does this have to do with anything?”

“I have spent almost two years with your people,” Vaquel said. “I have seen how they tear each other apart with their civil wars. I have seen them swear loyalty to ideas that are less than a decade old. I have seen how petty and fickle they are. If it wasn’t for their large cocks and giant tits, I would be disgusted with your race.”

Sureshot snorted. She twisted Vaquel’s arm harder until the brown woman cried out. “Your point, Fuck-U?”

“Your race is pathetic!” Vaquel said through gritted teeth. “But you are not! You are cruel! You are dangerous! You are beautiful! How dare your people try to kill you!”

“I understand,” Sureshot said. “You’re homesick.”

“What?” Vaquel said.

“Take off your helmet,” Sureshot said.

“We don’t have time!” Vaquel said. “We need to go now!”

Sureshot pushed harder on Vaquel’s arm and the explorer screamed. Her fingers also dug deeper into Vaquel’s crotch and the material stretched as Vaquel’s pussy was penetrated.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel gasped. She fumbled with her neck with her free hand. The release catch was activated and her helmet popped free.

Sureshot released Vaquel’s arm and her groin. She grabbed the helmet and pulled it off Vaquel’s head. As Vaquel nursed her arm, Sureshot spun her around and grabbed Vaquel by her short pink hair. Scooping one arm under Vaquel, Sureshot lifted her from the ground. Her head dipped down as her lips went for Vaquel’s mouth.

Vaquel froze in Sureshot’s grip. She opened her mouth for the Zatty woman’s powerful tongue. Her heart pounded as Sureshot drank deeply of Vaquel’s mouth. A warm feeling spread through Vaquel and she felt like she was floating.

Sureshot grabbed one of Vaquel’s breasts. She could feel the explorer’s hard nipple underneath the thin spacesuit. Her large hand encompassed the breast as her fingers squeezed tightly.

The tugging of her breast woke Vaquel from the bliss of the kiss. She kissed back, wrestling her tongue with Sureshot’s. Her legs lifted and wrapped around the larger alien’s hips. She pressed her crotch to Sureshot in a desperate urge to merge with the beautiful woman.

Their kissing grew more frantic. Sureshot pulled at her tunic to expose her chest. Vaquel pressed a button on her belt and a seam opened in her spacesuit from her groin to her neck. They kept kissing as they slipped hands under cloth to grope and maul each other.

A finger slipped inside Vaquel. The large Zatty finger was almost the size of a cock. It filled her as it pushed her open. She gasped into Sureshot’s ever demanding mouth.

Vaquel reached between them and ran her hand over Sureshot’s smooth sex. The thick lips were soaking wet. The angle prevented Vaquel from entering the taller alien but she could rub her fingers back and forth across the wet pussy lips.

“Yes,” the alien groaned.

They fingered each other. Sureshot continued to hold Vaquel up as they ravaged each other’s mouths. Vaquel’s large breasts pressed against the giant mounds of Sureshot. Brown skin writhed against red.

Sureshot groaned. “Make me come, Fuck-U.”

Vaquel stroked faster. Her fingers grinded as hard as they could. The heat from the alien’s pussy was incredible.

“Yes,” Sureshot groaned. She pulled her finger out of Vaquel’s sex and grabbed the explorer’s ass instead. Her wet fingers squeezed hard around Vaquel’s plump buttock.

Vaquel missed the finger inside her but that was okay. The powerful woman had given her a command and Vaquel planned to complete it. She stroked Sureshot’s pussy with renewed vigor.

The slick pussy trembled under Vaquel’s hand and then there was a sudden gush of fluid. Sureshot screamed into Vaquel’s mouth as she finally achieved her climax.

The Zatty woman broke the kiss. Vaquel pulled her hand away from Sureshot’s dripping sex. Her fingers were numb from rubbing so hard.

“Please make me come,” Vaquel whispered.

“Halt!” a voice cried out.

“What?” Vaquel said. She looked past Sureshot to see the armored form of a prison guard. Fuck!

The hands holding Vaquel up suddenly let go. There was a moment of freefall and then Vaquel’s ass landed hard on the ground. Pain shot up her spine.

Sureshot ran down the hall towards the guard. The twin shoulder weapons swiveled to track her. The red woman turned at a sharp angle towards the wall. Step by step, she ran up the side of the wall while still headed for the guard.

Laser fire sliced through the air but Sureshot was one step ahead of every red flash of light. She ran along the wall and then summersaulted through the air over the guard. His shoulder cannons lacked the elevation needed to fire up at her.

As she flipped over the prison guard, Sureshot grabbed the barrels of both cannons. She pulled them inward as they kept firing. The weapons pointed at the guard’s head and fired. The lasers cut through the helmet and punctured the skull of the Zatty inside.

The guard fell to his knees. Sureshot wrenched a cannon from the shoulder mounting and examined the wires hanging out. The guard fell forward and blood leaked from the helmet.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. She was still sitting on the ground, her hand dripping pussy juices.

“Got it,” Sureshot said and she touched a wire. The cannon in her hand fired a short burst. “It’s not ideal but at least I have a weapon again.” She took some of the extra wires and made a sling for her new gun.

“Right,” Vaquel said as she stood back up. Her pussy ached to be filled again but that guard had reminded her of the danger they were in. She turned around and typed in the passcode.

The cell block door opened. A long tunnel stretched before them. Weapon turrets hung limply in their brackets.

“Why aren’t they firing?” Sureshot asked.

“I deactivated them before I got here,” Vaquel said. The truth was that Chairbot had done that but Vaquel wasn’t going to tell her that. Let the hot alien woman think she had done all the work.

Vaquel took a step towards the door but a powerful hand grabbed the back of her head and slammed her into the wall. Pain exploded along Vaquel’s face and she tried to pull back. The hand kept her pinned to the wall.

“What?” Vaquel said.

“You made a request,” Sureshot said. She kicked apart Vaquel’s legs as she kept her pinned to the wall. Her free hand moved down and entered Vaquel’s sex from behind.

“Ahh!” Vaquel cried out. “Let’s get on the other side of the door and close it,” she said. “Then you can fuck me.”

Sureshot drove her finger deeper inside Vaquel. “I’m granting your request and you’re telling me how to do it?”

“No, No!” Vaquel said. The submissive side of Vaquel flared to life. “I’m sorry, Mistress! Thank you for this pleasure!”

“That’s better,” Sureshot said. Her hand pumped Vaquel’s clenching pussy.

Vaquel groaned. The finger inside her was too rough. It was too fast. It was a savage taking of her most vulnerable spot. It was nailing her to the wall.

It was wonderful.

She couldn’t help thinking about the guards. Were more coming? Did the wardens know the computers had been hacked? Was a small army coming to kill them right now?

Probably, but it didn’t matter. Sureshot was granting her the gift of an orgasm. It didn’t matter that the rough prison wall was hard on Vaquel’s softs breasts. It wasn’t important that her face was being crushed. It was of no concern that their chances of escaping this prison was getting slimmer with every hard thrust of Sureshot’s finger.

Vaquel climaxed. She screamed her pleasure in a primal cry of bliss. She kept screaming as Sureshot fingered her to a second orgasm and then a third.

“You’ve had enough,” Sureshot said and she pulled her finger out of Vaquel. She pushed Vaquel’s stumbling body through the cell block door.

They entered the tunnel and Vaquel stumbled to the lock. She typed in the code and locked the door behind them. She pressed a button to seal her spacesuit back up.

“No,” Sureshot said. “Leave your suit open.”

Vaquel nodded weakly. She was dazed with afterglow. She tapped a button and the seam opened along her spacesuit again.

“We have five kilometers to go before we reach a water hatch,” Vaquel said. “From there we need to swim through some hopefully clean water before working our way through the water treatment station. My ship is waiting there. I can take you to another planet but I can’t take you to another star system.”

“Understood, Fuck-U” Sureshot said. She slung her weapon over her shoulder. “I have friends on the second planet. They were talking about setting up a rebel group. This new government we have coming is already pissing people off. Maybe we’ll try that system you were telling me about. I wouldn’t mind being a Queen.”

Vaquel smiled with pride until an unpleasant thought occurred to her. What would Queen Erishella think if she came to invade this system and they already had a cruel queen? The Queen had a dim view of plagiarists. Would she blame Vaquel?”

Sureshot kept talking. “Five kilometers you said? In one kilometer, we’ll take a fuck break so you can eat me. At the second kilometer, we’ll take a break so I can spank your ass and those tiny milk pumps of yours. I haven’t decided how I will use you at the three kilometer mark, but I’ll think of something.”

A warm feeling suffused through Vaquel. She would worry about Queen Erishella some other time. She had a queen right here that she was eager to serve.

Sep 062017

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Queen Tires of Your Excuses” by Royal Astronomers. The Carefully Managed Democracy is making their last stand in this system against the rebel forces. Giant fleets are attacking each other around the clock making exploration of this system near-impossible.

I say near-impossible because for the last three days I have been carefully avoiding detection by using incredible heroic measures that I am too humble to describe. Through great personal risk and sacrifice, I have been monitoring the battles as well as conducting long-range scans of the planets in this system. In two more days, I should complete my survey and be able to resume my journeys for the Glory of Queen Erishella. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Hopefully the Royal Navy won’t ever ask for the details of my ‘heroic measures’. If they do, at least I have thirteen more years to think of a convincing story.

Vaquel Di was asleep on top of Chairbot. Her beautiful brown face, topped with short pink hair, snored peacefully. The purple spacesuit covered her from neck to toe except for her bare brown ass which was being loving supported by Chairbot’s seat. The robot’s seat massage motors were humming as they gently kneaded her relaxing ass.


Vaquel was awake as soon as the alarm went off. She jumped out of Chairbot and rushed to the Navigation Bay. Dark bruises shifted on her brown buttocks as she ran.

“What’s wrong, Mistress?” Chairbot asked. “Want me to shut off the alarms so you can sit your glorious ass back on me?”

“I rather not get hit by a stray torpedo,” Vaquel snapped. She glanced at the sensors. Had the battle she been monitoring moved? No, the edges of the fleets were still a good distance away. Did a battleship break formation and stray near her position? No, the scanner was picking up something much smaller. It could be an asteroid or maybe a stray torpedo after all.


A red face appeared on the communication window. It showed a young Zatty male with a smirking smile. He was licking his lips.

“This is Captain Spakt of the Mostly Volunteer Space Force,” the Zatty said. “Please identify yourself.”

Vaquel sighed. “You know who I am, Spakt so cut the shit. What are you doing here? I just paid you to overlook my presence a few hours ago. I have the bruises on my ass to prove it. Or have you already forgotten how you made me spank myself while you masturbated?”

The Zatty grinned. “I haven’t forgotten. We have had a few casualties and we’re running short of pilots. The Fleet sent my fighter ship back on patrol so I figure if I have to work, so do you.”

“Really?” Vaquel said. “The deal was that you leave me alone for a full solar cycle after each one of our ‘sessions’. I’m not attacking anyone, I am just observing the battle. A battle you guys are losing by the way. You should be spending your time figuring out how you are going to flee this system when the rebels win.”

“Nice try,” Spakt said. “Fleet Command assures us that we are winning and our new secret weapon will turn the tide at any moment. They are just waiting for the last minute for maximum psychological impact. The Carefully Managed Democracy will make the galaxy great again!”

“Whatever,” Vaquel said. “I’m sore and I want to go back to my nap. Go away and we’ll play again tomorrow.”

“We’re playing when I say we are playing, alien slut,” Spakt said. “I am locking torpedoes onto your ship and warming up my laser cannon. So, what is it going to be?”

Vaquel felt a shudder of desire. Spakt’s ruthlessness reminded her of her own people. She was experiencing a strange mix of homesickness and lust.

“No, wait!” Vaquel said in a submissive tone. She wasn’t afraid of this asshole but it was fun to play the part. “I’ll do what you want, just don’t attack me!”

“Shall I arm our weapons?” Chairbot asked. “We outclass his vessel in every capability.”

“Shh!” Vaquel quietly said to Chairbot. She hoped that Spakt didn’t hear that. He might wonder why she kept submitting to him.

Spakt didn’t appear to notice. There was the sound of clothes rustling and then Spakt groaned. He was grabbing his cock.

“Alright slut,” Spakt said. “We’re playing a new game. Attach your dildo to the top of that doorway behind you.”

Vaquel picked up the dildo that she had been using for the last few days. It was white with a magnetic base. She walked over to the doorway and frowned. “Pointed down or out?”

“Pointed towards me,” Spakt said from the monitor.

Vaquel slapped the dildo to the top of the doorway. It protruded at a ninety-degree angle from the wall.

“Now what?” Vaquel said.

“Turn off your gravity support and mount the dildo,” Spakt said.

Vaquel did as she was told. The gravity field turned off and she began to float. She grabbed the dildo and held onto it as she turned around. Her suit already had a hole around her bottom so it was just a matter of backing into it.

“Ahhh!” she groaned. The dildo was thick and almost too big for her. That was why she had been using it for Spakt’s bribes. A bribe isn’t real unless it hurts.

Vaquel settled onto the dildo. She floated in the air, facing the monitor that transmitted her image back to the fighter captain. Short pink hair floated around her face.

“Is this what you want?” Vaquel moaned.

“Not quite,” Spakt said. He spitted into his hand. “Open your suit and get those milk factories out. You know I love your small brown pumps.”

Vaquel sighed. Her tits were huge but to the Zatty and their three-meter tall frames, they considered her to almost be flat. She pressed a button on her belt and a seam appeared on her chest. She pulled her suit apart just wide enough to let her round brown breasts float free.

“Yes,” Spakt groaned. “Now ride the dildo.”

Vaquel planted her feet on the doorway. Small magnetic locks in her boots activated and clamped her to the metal surface. Secured, she slid back and forth across the thick dildo.

“Faster, slut!” Spakt said. “Ride it like it was my seed shooter!”

Vaquel increased her pace. The thick dildo pushed deep inside her. The bruises on her buttocks flared and sent fire through her ass. She winced but she kept going as she impaled herself over and over again.

As she rode the dildo, her large breasts floated in the zero gravity. They bounced and collided against each other. Sometimes they smacked into her face which she was sure was the point of Spakt’s commands.

“You are an eager slut,” Spakt said.

“Yes,” Vaquel said. Her pussy was wet and flowing with juices.
“You like fucking yourself for me,” Spakt said.

“Yes,” Vaquel said. She liked being forced to fuck and hurt herself. It reminded her of home.

“You better like it,” Spakt said. “Or I could destroy your ship at any moment.”

“Yes,” Vaquel said. She was pretty sure that he couldn’t destroy her but the thought of fucking for her life had great appeal. There was no need for him to know that it was just a fantasy.

“Slap those brown head pillows,” Spakt demanded.

As Vaquel continued to fuck the dildo, she lightly slapped her breast. It was a light tap because she was curious if Spakt would challenge her on it. She liked being submissive but it didn’t mean she had to make it easy.

“Harder,” Spakt growled. “Slap the shit out yourself.”

Vaquel clenched around the dildo. That was more like it. She swung her hand as hard as she could at her floating breast. The sound of her slap echoed through the ship. Stinging heat exploded across her breast.

“Again!” Spakt demanded. She could hear him furiously stroking his cock through the speakers.

WHAP! WHAP! Vaquel slapped her right breast and then her left breast. Stinging pain blossomed across her tits.

“Keep slapping and fucking,” Spakt said. He was breathing hard.

Vaquel did her best. It wasn’t easy to do both but Vaquel was aroused enough to try. Back and forth she slid along the thick dildo. She slapped one tit and then the other at a steady pace. Each slap sent a burst of pain through her floating breasts that went straight to her soaking wet pussy.

“Just like that,” Spakt growled. “Yeah, you like it, you filthy alien slut. Slap those tiny milk pumps harder for me!”

“Yes, Captain,” Vaquel groaned. She was already slapping herself hard but she tried harder. Her hand slammed into her tender breasts at a rapid pace. She was hitting herself so fast that her hand was beginning to sting.

“Nice,” Spakt said. “Bring your meat port to the camera. I want a closer look at it.”

Vaquel pulled herself off the dildo. The thick phallus left her sex and she regretted its absence. She kicked off the doorway and floated towards the monitor. Turning in mid-air, her feet landed on either side of the transmission station and the magnetic boots locked her into place.

“Oh, fuck,” Spakt moaned.

“Like it?” Vaquel said. She squatted onto the monitor. Her fingers pushed into the thick mass of pink pubic hair and spread her brown lips apart to reveal the pink inside.

“Yes,” Spakt groaned.

“I wish you were here to lick it,” Vaquel said. “I would spread myself wide for you so you could lick as much as you wanted. My pussy is so wet, especially after my tits get slapped.”

“Stroke yourself,” Spakt ordered.

Vaquel plunged her fingers into her sex. Juices fell from her pussy lips as she fucked herself. Her hips rolled as she humped her hand.

“Oh fuck,” Spakt said. “Pinch both of your meat port lips as hard as you can.”

“What?” Vaquel said. “No, that would hurt!” She was more than ready to do it but she had to keep pushing him.

“Do it!” Spakt said.

“No!” Vaquel said in her best attempt at outrage. “I can’t!”

“I am locking torpedoes now, slut!” Spakt said. “I will slam a torpedo right up your exhaust port if you don’t pinch yourself NOW!”

A shiver of desire ran through Vaquel. She’d train him to be a good sadist yet.

“Okay, okay,” Vaquel whined. She grabbed a pussy lip in each hand. Her fingers pinched and her sharp nails dug into her tender flesh.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel screamed. She was willing to do it but it is still hurt.

“Tighter,” Spakt commanded. “And now twist!”

Vaquel hesitated. There was no denying how turned on she was; her pussy was dripping onto the monitor. She just didn’t know if she could take twisting right now.

“Do it, slut!” Spakt commanded. He tapped a few buttons on his console.

“Fuck you!” Vaquel yelled defiantly as she twisted both pussy lips.

Pain shot through Vaquel’s sex. Her pinched lips were already on fire but now they felt like they were being stabbed. The pain shot through Vaquel’s body and her sex clenched in uncontrollable spasms of desire.

“Hold it,” Spakt commanded.

Vaquel maintained the painful pinch and twist. Her body began to tremble. She bit her lip to keep from crying out.

“Hold it,” Spakt said. “Let me enjoy the sight of you hurting yourself for me.”

Vaquel whimpered. Tears sprang to her eyes. Her pussy continued to flow with juices.

“All right, let go and get your ass back on that dildo!” Spakt said. “Do it before I type in this command for the pulse cannon to fire on your ship! Hurry, slut!”

Vaquel released her pussy lips and gasped with relief. Her lips were still sore and it was going to hurt when she got back on the dildo. Was his threat real? Probably not, but it was more fun to pretend that it was.

She kicked away from the monitor and rocketed back to the doorway. Spinning around, she faced the monitor as her pelvis went towards the dildo. Her boots locked onto the wall and in one fluid motion, she mounted the dildo once more.

Vaquel was right, it did hurt when the dildo pushed aside her tender lips to enter her. The moment of pain was soon upstaged by the feeling of a nice thick phallus ramming deep inside of her. If anything, the pain was just an extra spice to the wonderful feeling of penetration.

“Slap your head pillows!” Spakt said. There was an urgency in his voice. He must be close.

She resumed slapping her breasts. The short respite hadn’t been enough and her breasts were still tender. They stung with every touch and her slaps only made it worse.

Spakt was breathing hard. He spat onto his crotch and stared at the monitor. She could hear his cock being pumped.

“Tell me you love the Carefully Managed Democracy!” Spakt said.

Vaquel winced. To a royalist like Vaquel, spouting propaganda from another civilization was deeply taboo. It was just unthinkable.
She slapped her breast as hard as she could. As the pain shot through her, she yelled out “I pledge allegiance to the Carefully Managed Democracy!

A thrill of desire went through Vaquel. She clenched tighter around and the dildo. Her sex shuddered from her heresy.

“The Carefully Managed Democracy is the best government!” Vaquel cried. The forbidden nature of what she was saying brought her closer to orgasm.

“Yes,” Spakt said. “More!”

Vaquel slapped her breast with cruel resolve. She deserved the pain for what she was about to say. “If the Carefully Managed Democracy had a cock, I would suck it!”

“PROXIMITY ALERT!” the computer announced. Vaquel stared at the scanner screen. Something was approaching and approaching fast.

“I’m close, don’t stop!” Spakt commanded. “Tell me you want my payload!”

Vaquel tore her eyes from the computer and stared at Spakt. He was breathing hard and his red face was flushed a deeper red. It would be any moment now for him to come.

“Give me your payload,” Vaquel said. “I wish you were here to give it to me right on my milk pumps! You represent the Carefully Managed Democracy and I want your payload so bad. Give it to me, I’ve earned it! My sore tits have earned it! Give it to your alien slut!”

“Yes, yes, WHAT THE F-“ Spakt yelled before his transmission suddenly cut off.

“Transmission lost,” the computer announced. Transmitting ship has been destroyed. New transmission coming from approaching vessel.”

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel said. The approaching object must have been a second ship. This was a war zone after all. She should probably get off this dildo and investigate but she was so close to coming. Maybe she would take the message first.

“Hail unidentified craft,” a voice announced. The monitor revealed two Zatty males sitting at a console together. “We are from the Strictly Rationed Liberty Forces. I am Captain Ghirby and this is my co-pilot, Lieutenant Plee.”

“Oh, hello,” she said. “I am Vaquel Di of the Royal Navy of Euphoria. I am on a mission of exploration. Please give me a moment to dismount and I can explain what I am doing here.”

“No!” Captain Ghirby said and Vaquel froze in place. “That is, we would like you to continue what you were doing.”

“Yeah, but if you could pinch your pump nozzles while you bounce, that would be great,” Lieutenant Plee said.

Vaquel nodded. “Of course,” she said. “I am always happy to cooperate.”

She grabbed her floating breasts and pinched her nipples. A wince of pain crossed her face that she exaggerated for her audience. She slid back on the thick dildo, making sure her face expressed every centimeter that was penetrating her.

The two aliens reached for their crotches. Their control panels blocked the view but it was clear that they were masturbating. Judging from the wet sounds coming from their groins, they had been masturbating already. How long have they been watching?

It didn’t matter. Vaquel was close to coming and these new pilots wanted to watch. She pulled on her nipples and her breasts stretched in the zero gravity. Her pussy humped the dildo and drove it deeper inside of her. She stared at the screen, making sure they saw the desire in her face.

Both aliens groaned. Their arms pumped their unseen cocks. The Lieutenant groaned while the Captain used a second hand.

“Declare your love for the Strictly Rationed Liberty Forces!” Captain Ghirby demanded.

A sinful tremor ran through Vaquel. Shouting slogans of a foreign government was one thing, but endorsing a rebel force? The punishment that Queen Erishella would decree would be unimaginable!”

She had to do it. Her pussy couldn’t stop spasming at the thought.

“I want to give my body for the cause,” Vaquel said as she humped the dildo. “I want to bend over and let every single member of the Strictly Rationed Liberty Forces fuck me! They could fuck my pussy or my ass; it wouldn’t matter. I would take it for them!”

“Oh!” the Lieutenant groaned and a fountain of seed gushed into the air. He threw his head back and kept stroking. More seed pumped into the air as he finished himself.

“What else?” the Captain demanded.

“I love the Strictly Rationed Liberty Forces so much that I would suck their cocks clean,” Vaquel said. “I would let them fuck my big brown tits. I would let them come all over me, one by one until I satisfied your entire force!”

Vaquel couldn’t hold back any more. The thought of sexually serving a rebel army was too treasonous to even imagine. Her pleasure pushed past the point of no return and a powerful orgasm wracked her body.

“Glory to the Strictly Rationed Liberty Forces,” Vaquel cried out, relishing in the forbidden declaration.

The Captain cried out too. A large load of seed splattered his control console. He kept pumping and his eyes never left Vaquel’s climaxing face.

When they were done, Vaquel slowly pulled herself free of the dildo. Her thighs ached from fucking and her tits were shifting mounds of pain. The afterglow was helping but she was going to need a fistful of pain killers for this.

First things first, she needed to address the pilots. The Lieutenant was up and around, cleaning the mess that they had made. The Captain was wiping down his console with a content smile on his face.

“Like I said, I am Vaquel Di of the Royal Navy. I am here to observe your conflict and continue om my way. I am a neutral party.”

“We know,” the Captain said. “We have been observing your interactions with the patrol fighter. We have been sneaking in forces while he was distracted with you. You have greatly aided the Strictly Rationed Liberty Forces.”

“Oh,” Vaquel said. “Uh, happy to help!”

“We are getting ready for the final assault today,” the Captain said. “You are free to maintain this position and record our victory. We will assign you a beacon signal so that our side will leave you alone.”

“That’s great,” Vaquel said. “Like I said, I am neutral but I wish you luck in your revolution.”

“However,” the Captain continued. “We may need to come back and confirm that you are free of Carefully Managed Democracy sympathies. Say, in about twelve standard units?”

“Sure,” Vaquel said. “Should I prepare anything?”

“If you have any yellow suits, that would be great,” the Lieutenant chimed in. “Also, get some oil for your milk pumps.”

“Remember,” the Captain said. “We’ll back to investigate in twelve standard units.”

The transmission ended and Vaquel sighed. When it came to governments and their rebels, she didn’t see much difference between the two. Oh well, better rest up before some other force decided she needed to be inspected.

Aug 022017

Explorer’s Log: I am on day twenty of my thirty-one day journey to the star system designated “The Queen Tires of Your Excuses” by Royal Astronomers. The Carefully Managed Democracy is in a full civil war and great battles have been waged. My understanding is that the rebels are winning and the government is consolidating their last forces at some sort of battle station. I have successfully managed to avoid most of the battles and the ones that I have witnessed, I made sure to record data for analysis by the Royal Navy.

Currently I have been stopped by a rebel fleet of starships who wishes me to donate my ship for their final assault. The rebel fleet offered me transport to the nearest planet as well as a robot versed in thirty different plumping systems. I declined their request and they escalated to threatening to board my ship. I offered to activate the self-destruct on the ship and ram their command ship.

They considered my final offer and are now sending over a representative to discuss matters. These fools are gripped by rebellious fever and I am sure that their envoy will try to persuade me to join their cause. I will counter with a seduction attempt followed by extreme violence. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: These rebels have interrupted my daily masturbation break and I am horny as fuck. Their envoy will be lucky to get out of this with their pelvis intact.

Vaquel Di stood by the airlock. She wore her blue spacesuit today and it clung to her heavy breasts and wide hips. The ship lighting was dimmed so that her short pink hair would stand out more on her brown face. A single laser pistol hung from her belt.

She had her arms crossed under her breasts to make them look even bigger. The Zatty were a well-endowed race of red giants who average three meters in height. Their tits were huge and Vaquel was starting to develop a complex from their comments on her own chest.

The airlock opened and the giant form of the Zatty came into Vaquel’s ship. The spacesuit that the Zatty was wearing was bulky but it couldn’t hide the large warheads that were here breasts. Vaquel pulled back her shoulders in an attempt to compensate.

The Zatty pressed a button on her helmet and the visor swung open. The Zatty woman looked young with bright yellow eyes. She was hairless like many of her race and there was a tiny metal stud in her lip.

“Hello alien,” the Zatty said. “My name is Faso and I am here as a representative of the Strictly Rationed Liberty Forces.”

“My name is Vaquel Di of the Royal Navy of Queen Erishella,” Vaquel said. “I am on a twenty-year mission to explore and report.”

“A twenty-year mission?” Faso said. “How extraordinary! I doubt we have ever had a regime last that long. Of course, that will change when we take over. We hope to bring peace and stability to the galaxy that will last centuries. When we are in power, people will be free but not too free and prosperity will lift us all.”

Vaquel shrugged. “That sounds great, but you can’t have my ship.”

“But we need every ship for the battles ahead,” Faso said. “Even your small ship can serve as a scout or communications hub. We lack the industrial power of the Carefully Managed Democracy and must use every resource we can find.”

“Sucks to be you,” Vaquel said. “That is an old saying from my planet that means I don’t give a shit. You can’t have my ship and I am ready to blow it up.”

Faso nodded gravely. “I am sure that you have already programmed your ship with some sort of terrible deterrent device in case we try to forcibly take your ship.”

“Of course,” Vaquel said. “I have five systems in place and a robot chair that is angry that you interrupted masturbation time.”

“That settles it then,” Faso said. “We do not need unnecessary bloodshed. It is good that I am here. Tell me, have you heard of the Flow?”

“Uh, no,” Vaquel said.

“It is a cosmic force that binds and holds us all together,” Faso said.

“Oh, where I come from, Queen Erishella is what binds and holds us altogether.”

“This is something different,” Faso said. “I am a practitioner of the Flow. Right now, the Flow connects my heart to your heart, my soul to your soul.”

A warm feeling came over Vaquel’s body. It tingled and spread from her head, down her shoulders, over her breasts, onto her sex and down her legs. She tried to touch herself but her hands wouldn’t move.

“Psychic!” Vaquel thought because she could no longer speak.

“Yes,” Faso answered in her mind. “Do not worry. I am one of the few survivors of the Mind Warriors sect. This is perfectly safe and you will not be harmed. I am going to convince you to deactivate your security measures and hand you ship over to us. You will be given transport to another planet though we will keep the free plumbing robot that we offered you earlier.”

“Fuck you!” Vaquel thought. She tried to move. Something held her arms and legs. It felt like it was coiled around her limbs. It slithered over her skin and tightened. There was something familiar about it.

“It is hopeless to struggle,” Faso said. “There is nothing to struggle against except your own mind. Now please, tell me how to turn off your security measures.”

Vaquel ignored the Zatty woman. She could wiggle a little. The invisible force wrapped around her breasts. It pressed down and crushed her tits to her chest. There was a strange smell of something fruity.

“I can’t make you do anything,” Faso said. “That is not how the Mind Warriors operate. But I can make this unpleasant.”

Something hard slammed into Vaquel’s ass. She tried to cry out but her voice wouldn’t work. It struck her ass again and the sting exploded across her buttocks. The Zatty witch was spanking Vaquel with her mind!

“I do hate to do this,” Faso said. “But I will for the glory of the rebellion.”

The spanking continued. There was no sound to warn Vaquel, just the sudden impact of something flat and powerful colliding into her ass. It struck her bottom in a rapid rhythm that kept her off-balance and unable to anticipate the next strike. The stinging sensation in Vaquel’s abundant ass grew to inferno levels of heat.

There was a similar level of heat occurring between Vaquel’s legs. Each spank was responded to with a clenching of her sex. As the pain in her ass grew, Vaquel’s pussy grew wetter. Despite the strange force coiled around her limbs, Vaquel managed to grind in place as she sought relief for her sex.

“What a curious alien,” Faso said. “You are stimulated by pain.”

Vaquel ignored the Zatty. There was something about the spanking that bothered her. The two slaps, followed by three slaps, followed by two slaps rang a bell. She knew this spanking from somewhere.

Something bit into Vaquel’s nipples. It was harsh and came without warning. Vaquel screamed silently with her mind as the pain increased.

Vaquel’s sex clenched even harder. Juices ran down her leg inside her spacesuit.

“Pain stimulates you but you also want it to stop,” Faso said in her mind. “I can make it stop as soon as you hand over your ship.”

Vaquel shuddered. The pain on her nipples was intense but it was also familiar. It felt like clamps. More importantly, it felt like clamps that Vaquel owned.

“What about pleasure?” Faso said. “Will you give up your ship for a righteous cause in exchange for pleasure?”

Something pushes deep inside Vaquel’s sex. She trembled in place as something long and thick filled her pussy. It was a Zatty cock. There was no doubting the thickness and length.

The unseen cock thrust up inside Vaquel. She felt her body slamming back into it even though she couldn’t move. There was something strange about her movement though. It didn’t feel like normal humping on her part, it felt like gravity or momentum was impaling her on the alien dick.

“I remember this,” Vaquel groaned in her mind. “When I escaped the last planet, I got a ride on a jet bike. A Zatty drove it while I fucked him.”

“That isn’t important,” Faso said in her mind. “Give us your ship and this sensation can continue.”

“The pain on my nipples,” Vaquel thought. “Those are my clamps. I use them when I masturbate. The spanking, that was my old instructor at the Royal Navy. She always spanked me like that whether I succeeded or failed.”

“Give us the ship,” Faso said. The spanking, the clamps and the fucking vanished. The sudden lack of penetration was the cruelest of all. The invisible force tightened around her breasts and made it hard to breathe.

“I am being choked by a plant,” Vaquel groaned. “I don’t remember which planet. A lot of planets have vegetation that will fuck you up. I do wonder why they seem to be into bondage.”

“You are too sensual a creature for normal persuasion,” Faso said.

An electric shock passed through Vaquel. Or rather, the memory of an electric shock. It racked Vaquel’s body with pain as she struggled in the clutches of the memory of a plant holding her. After a few seconds, the shock stopped and Vaquel was left twitching in place.

“Don’t remember where that is from,” Vaquel said. “And I don’t fucking care to.”

“That was just a sample,” Faso said. “Please, hand over you ship.”

“You’re using my own memories,” Vaquel said. “Weird, I would think a telepath would inflict her own memories on her victim.”

Water filled Vaquel’s lungs. She was drowning. Vaquel could feel the water seeping into her spacesuit. The tug of the current was pulling her downward. Her heart pounded and she desperately wanted to flail her limbs to swim upwards.

Vaquel remembered. It was an ocean world. She had gone swimming and there was a fault in her suit. She had corrected it almost immediately but there was that split-second when things were dire.

She was trapped in that split-second. Her body remembered the gasping, the struggling and the panic. It lasted for only a moment but that moment was being stretched for far too long.

It suddenly stopped. Vaquel gasped for air. She coughed and tried to force out water that wasn’t there.

“We will have your ship,” Faso said. “I will re-establish the Order of Mind Warriors. The universe will know the ways of the Flow.”

“You don’t have any memories of torment of your own,” Vaquel said. “You have to use mine.”

Faso stared at her with her yellow eyes. “Give us the ship.”

“Wait!” Vaquel said. “Just give me a moment to recover.”

“You are stalling,” Faso said. “I can feel your mind. It isn’t recovering. It is . . .searching. It is reaching out. It is touching . . .oh no!”

Faso cried out as something slammed her onto her back on the floor. Metal hands held down her arms and legs. Something slammed into her mouth and down her throat.

“Mmmm!” Faso cried. She tried to lift her hands but whatever was holding her was too strong. The thing in her mouth pounded her lips at a rapid pace.

Vaquel stared at her. “Welcome to the Squix,” she said. “They were a bunch of crazed sex robots. I never quite understood what their purpose was but they liked to fuck anything organic or non-organic.”

Faso closed her eyes. She tried to sever the connection with the alien’s mind. For some reason, it wasn’t working.

“I spent a year in a sector of space that had some psychic entity from another plane of existence,” Vaquel said. “The Voice tried to seduce me into being its carrier into the universe. You know, typical hazards of deep space travel kind of stuff. I was in psychic contact with that asshole for way too long. I couldn’t wait to get away from it but I guess all that time fighting back against its malevolent power made me a little stronger. Stronger than you at least.”

Faso couldn’t answer. It wasn’t because the imaginary thing ramming her mouth was preventing her from speaking. No, it was too hard to focus when something is fucking your face.

“It has been a year or two since the Voice tried to talked to me,” Vaquel continued. “But once you connected to my mind, it felt like yesterday. I remember feeling the connection. I remember how I used to push back with my thoughts. I just didn’t know how to stop you from what you were doing.”

The violation of Faso’s mouth finally stopped. Her lips were bruised and her throat was raw. She tried to sit up but the unseen grip from the robot hands were still there.

“Here, try this,” Vaquel said.

Something slapped Faso’s right breast. It was hard and quick. She cried out and something struck her ass. She screamed louder as some unknown force struck her breasts and ass in rapid succession. The strikes happened too quickly to guess what was actually hitting her.

“Blobs,” Vaquel said. “Orange blobs that would stretch and whip me. They only hit my ass and tits. Why would blobs even slap a breast? The universe is strange that way. Everything seems to be obsessed with tits.”

“Stop it!” Faso cried.

“No,” Vaquel said.

The slapping increased. Faso screamed and writhed on the floor. The slaps struck every angle of her massive breasts. The spacesuit she wore was no protection as the memory of Vaquel’s slapping imprinted into Faso’s sensations.

The strikes on her ass were worse. They came in rapid fire, sometimes missing her buttocks and striking between her legs. The slaps to her pussy made her scream but they also made her wet.

Wait, was the slaps turning Faso on or was she remembering how turned on Vaquel was? Her mentor on the swamp planet never prepared her for things like this!

The slaps stopped. Faso struggled for air. She could barely breathe from all the screaming that she had been doing. Her sex was a wet mess begging for attention. By the Flow, how does this alien think with such a needy sex orifice?

“Anyway,” Vaquel continued. “Once I realized you were using my memories, it made sense to me. Memories are ammo in a psychic fight. Good memories, bad memories, I see how they can be effective against someone, even if the memory belongs to them.”

“Please, let me go,” Faso said.

“Not yet,” Vaquel said. “I got plenty of memories. Certainly, more than you.”

Something licked Faso’s sex. It was a tongue and what an amazing tongue. The speed of the tongue was incredible. It lapped at her sex with a passionate fury.

“That’s a Kowe,” Vaquel said. “They were little furry monsters that loved to eat meat and lick pussy. An asteroid hit their planet soon after this. They are probably all dead now but I remember them.”

Faso moaned. The mouth pressed closer to her sex. She could feel the sharp points of its teeth against her delicate folds. The tongue pressed down hard and licked her like no one has ever licked her before.

“Pretty nice, isn’t it?” Vaquel said. She pressed a button on her spacesuit. A seam appeared in the blue material over her crotch. Vaquel pulled it apart to reveal a pubic bush as pink as the hair on her head. She slipped her fingers into her pussy and started to stroke.

Faso felt the fingers. The memory of the Kowe’s mouth continued as the new sensation of Vaquel’s fingers joined it. She felt the tongue licking fiercely at her sex while Vaquel plunged in and out of her sex.

The tongue vanished. The fingers remained. Faso and Vaquel groaned together as Vaquel continued to finger herself.

“Tell your friends to let me go with my ship,” Vaquel said.

Faso shook her head. “No, I can’t. We need as many ships as we can get! The fate of the Mind Warriors depends on this! I can’t fail my order!”

Vaquel kept stroking herself. “I have worse memories,” she said. “I’ve been shot at. I’ve nearly burned in a volcano. There was that time I hallucinated that I died in acid rain but since I still remember it, I could share it with you.”

Faso groaned. It was hard to tell if it was from fear. Her hips were rising to meet the memory of the Kowe’s mouth.

“Wait, I do remember that something that might change your mind,” she said.

Something fluttered against Faso’s stomach. She jumped and tried to cover her belly with her hands but her arms were still pinned down. Light touches danced against her under arm. She shuddered and a laugh burst from her mouth. What was going on?

“This was done by some shadow creature I came across on a dead world,” Vaquel said. “It was a scary bastard. I doubt anyone will tickle me as bad as those things did.”

Stop!” Faso yelled. The light fluttering kept moving. It was behind her knee. It was on her neck. It went to the bottom of her feet and that was worse of all.

Faso’s body shook. She laughed uncontrollably. She wiggled and squirmed as the fluttering continued. Her body writhed out of her control.

“What is going on?!” Faso screamed. It was terrible yet it didn’t hurt! She was laughing but nothing was funny! Her body tried desperately to escape the light touches but her sex was getting wetter by the second!

“It’s called tickling,” Vaquel said as she kept stroking herself. “It is a form of torture and arousal among my people. Your race must not be wired for it. Isn’t that interesting? You’re the first Zatty to experience tickling. You should be proud.”

“Stop it!” Faso yelled. She squirmed on the floor of the ship uncontrollably. She laughed and laughed despite her rising fear. The tickling covered her entire body; even the lips of her pussy.

Suddenly, the tickling stopped. Faso gasped for air. She sat up, breathing hard. It took her a moment to realize that she was no longer being held down.

“Are you going to let me go?” Vaquel asked. She was still stroking herself. Faso felt Vaquel’s fingers stimulating her own sex. She didn’t answer the alien’s question as she took the moment to enjoy those talented fingers.

“Is that a yes?” Vaquel said.

Something tickled the side of Faso’s ribs. “Stop!” Faso screamed in a panic. “You can go! We don’t need your ship! I’ll tell them that it is falling apart and unsafe! Just don’t tickle me again!”

“Good answer,” Vaquel said. She pulled her fingers out of her sex. “Now let’s seal our bargain.” She pointed at her sex.

It was clear what the alien wanted. Faso had experienced the depravity of this creature. The cruel being would be satisfied with nothing less than further stimulation.

Faso crawled on her hands and knees towards Vaquel. She took off her helmet so it wouldn’t get in the way. Her head tilted upwards and she pressed her lips to Vaquel’s sex.

A jolt went through Faso. Someone was kissing Faso’s own needy sex. It was her mouth. The terrible alien was broadcasting Faso’s own pussy-eating to her own sex. It was stunning how skilled Vaquel was with no formal training. Perhaps Vaquel’s need to humiliate and fuck gave her strength that was better than any training.

It was a horrible thought. Had the Mind Warriors been doing this wrong all this time? Has Faso been wasting her time with lessons and philosophy discussions when true mastery of the Flow came from sexual experiences?

“Lick it,” Vaquel snapped. “Lick it like I own you.”

Shame filled Faso but she did as she was commanded. She burrowed her face into Vaquel’s pink bush and licked the brown lips of the alien’s sex. Her tongue reached deep and licked as hard as she could.

“There you go,” Vaquel said. She grabbed Faso’s smooth head and kept her pinned to her sex. Her hips undulated as she fucked Faso’s face.

Faso moaned. She moaned with despair at what she had been reduced to but she also moaned at the sensations that Vaquel was broadcasting to her. Faso’s sex clenched with Vaquel’s sex. Her tongue pleasured Vaquel and herself at the same time. They shuddered together as Faso licked deeper and harder.

As Vaquel squirmed, Faso squirmed. As Vaquel cried out, Faso cried out. As Vaquel moaned, Faso moaned.

“I’m going to come,” Vaquel groaned. She rubbed her sex harder onto Faso’s face. “I’m going to come on your pretty red face and you are going to love it. You’re my mouth-slave and years from now, you’re going to wish that you were back here, on your knees, licking my pussy by my command.”

Faso climaxed. Or did Vaquel climax and Faso was riding her orgasm? She didn’t know. They were too closely bonded to tell.

Vaquel pushed Faso away. “Enough, that is all you get.”

Faso felt the sensations leave her body. She quickly put up her mental defenses like she had been taught. She rubbed her lips which were bruised and smeared with Vaquel’s juices.

“Now get the fuck off my ship and tell your friends that I am leaving,” Vaquel said. She pressed a button and the spacesuit came back together over her crotch.

“Yes,” Faso said as she struggled to her feet. She toyed with the idea of telling the rebel fleet to fire on Vaquel’s ship but fear gripped her heart at the thought of it. If Vaquel could think of a terrible torture like tickling, who knows what other depraved tricks she might know and use on the fleet. No, it was better to let her go.

As the airlock opened for Faso, Vaquel called out to her one more time.

“Hey, Mind Slut!” Vaquel yelled. “What’s the range for your telepathy? I plan to masturbate thinking of your face and wanted to know if you could join in.”

Faso ran in terror through the airlock. Vaquel’s laughter would haunt her forever.

Jul 052017

Explorer’s Log: I have arrived on the third planet of the star system designated “Beloved Third Toe on the Queen’s Right Foot” by Royal Astronomers. This is a busy system with various industrial and commercial interests. The planet I have chosen to land on has the densest population and therefore provides an opportunity to get the best data on the citizens of this society.

After landing at the local spaceport on the planet, I have decided to go out and perform a discreet surveillance on the infrastructure, local civilian forces and possible weakness in their planetary defenses. To perform this task for the Queen, I shall begin with popular bars and nightclubs. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Shortly after landing, I was contacted by a representative of the rebel forces. They wanted to get their robot with the top-secret plans. I told them that their idiot robot crawled through a garbage airlock and jettisoned himself out as soon as I took a nap. They were not happy with me and thought my explanation was highly unlikely. Fuck them, Chairbot said that was what happened and he is too servile to lie to me.

The rebel made some threatening comments and I kicked him in his baby pump. It is hard to take these losers seriously. They appear to be indecisive and cowardly. If they ever do rebel, which I highly doubt, it won’t be for another ten years.

Vaquel Di groaned as the Zatty male drove his cock deep inside her sex. The large alien stood on the side of the bed as he pounded Vaquel’s reclining body on the bed. She tightened her thick brown legs around the Zatty’s red hips. The Zatty grabbed one of her large tits and squeezed. Together they held onto each other as they fucked.

The bed shook. Vaquel reached out and grabbed the bedsheets. They were stain-resistant vinyl. It matched the décor of the hotel room which appeared to be Easy-Hose-Down.

Vaquel liked it. It was a dirty place for having dirty sex. The hotel was located next to a nightclub and charged by the hour. It was just big enough to fuck in and lacked any form of illumination except the city lights that came through the large glass wall.

“You are the tightest alien I have ever fucked,” the Zatty said.

“Damn right,” Vaquel said. The Zatty was three meters tall like all of his race and his cock was proportional in girth. Vaquel had spent months in Zatty space slowly getting used to the enormous phalluses of these aliens. It was time well spent.

“What’s your name again?” the Zatty asked.

“Vaquel,” she said. She didn’t remember his name and didn’t bother to ask. Who needs the name of someone you picked up an hour ago?

“I’m going to fill your piss tank with my seed!” the Zatty said.

Vaquel didn’t even flinch at the strange obscenity. “Then do it.” Her pussy clenched tighter around his thick cock.

“I’m going to rocket your cock intake!” the Zatty groaned.

“Yes!” Vaquel said. She was close, damn close.

“I’m going to squiggle thump your meat lips!” the Zatty cried.

“Whatever!” she yelled. She was . . .almost . . .there!

BOOM! A large explosion shook the fornication room. An angry red cloud surrounded one of the large buildings in the skyline. Smaller explosions blossomed around nearby buildings.

The Zatty stopped fucking and stared out the window. His thick cock pulsed inside of her.

Vaquel clenched around his cock. “Keep going,” she groaned.

He pulled out of her. She tried to hold onto him but he was too strong. His amazing cock left her sex leaving being an empty void.

“It’s starting!” the Zatty said. He grabbed his clothes and checked his communicator.

“What’s starting?” Vaquel asked.

“The rebellion!” the Zatty said. He was very excited. “The leaders were going to signal the start by taking out the Justice Tower and they just did! Now every righteous citizen must take up arms and overthrow the tyranny of the Carefully Managed Democracy! Isn’t it awesome?”

“No, it is not!” Vaquel said. She spread her brown legs wide and fingered the pink hair of her pubic bush. “Don’t you want to finish fucking before you go rebel?”

The Zatty laughed. “And miss out on the glory?” He grabbed his shirt and ran out the door.

Vaquel growled. This was unbelievable. No one left her sex unless they were dying or she had kicked them off. The insult was nearly unbearable but it didn’t curb her desire. She would have to take care of this herself.

BOOM! The room shook as another building exploded nearby. Cracks formed in the glass wall. Sirens screamed in the night.
Vaquel tried to ignore it. She pressed down on her sex and slipped her fingers in. Her greedy pussy clenched tightly as she stroked herself. She closed her eyes and pictured the idiot Zatty finishing what he started.

It was useless. Her fingers were too small. She couldn’t make the bed shake like the large alien could. Slowly she felt her near-climax slip farther and farther away.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled and climbed off the bed.

BOOM! Another building exploded and then melted nosily onto the street.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled as she pulled on her belt. She pressed a button and the green fabric of her spacesuit began to spread from the belt and over her body. The snug material slid over her large brown breasts, her hard dark nipples, her damp pubic bush, her sweaty thighs, her round ass and over her muscular arms. She stepped into her boots and the clamped tightly around her feet.

“Fuck!” Vaquel snarled as she looked out the window. The streets were clogged with people fighting. It was a fucking war down there.

“Fuck!” Vaquel snapped as she checked her belt for weapons. Customs had been strict and forbade her from bringing any armaments on planet. That meant she was only carrying what she could smuggle on her suit and it wasn’t much.

“Fuck,” Vaquel sighed as she checked her communicator. It was static. Either the government or the rebels were jamming signals. There was no way to contact Chairbot or her ship. That meant she couldn’t request a pickup. She was going to have to get to the spaceport on her own.

“Fuck,” Vaquel growled as she pressed a hand to her crotch. Her orgasm might have slipped away but she was still horny.

Enough bitching, it was time for action. It would be reasonable to exit the hotel room and take the elevator downstairs but Vaquel wasn’t in a reasonable mood. She was turned on and her blood was pumping. She planned to keep it that way.

Vaquel peeled a thin strip from her boot and attached to the window. The strip began to glow. She backed away to the far wall away from the window, took a deep breath, and then started running towards the glass wall.

The shape charged glowed a bright red and exploded outwards. The glass wall shattered into a thousand pieces just as Vaquel reached it. She took a giant leap into the air plunged towards the riot below.

Emergency anti-gravity fields pulsed through Vaquel’s spacesuit. She was still plummeting towards the crowd below but her acceleration was slowly dropping. The wind rushed through her short pink hair and a thrill ran down her spine and right to her soaking wet sex.

Five meters up, Vaquel’s fall has slowed to a gentle float. She landed on top of a rioting citizen. For no good reason, she smashed her fist into the Zatty’s red face. His nose crunched in a gratifying manner but it didn’t do anything to satisfy the need between her legs.

Zatty were fighting all around her. Armed authorities smashed into masked citizens. Only melee weapons were being used as both sides were afraid of accidentally hitting someone from their one side.

Vaquel had no such compulsions. She stepped behind a uniformed soldier and drove her elbow into her best guess for where a vital organ would be. The soldier fell to one knee as a rioting civilian hit him viciously with some sort of plastic sports tool. As the soldier tried to defend himself, Vaquel stole his pistol and blended into the crowd.

The pistol was made for larger hands than Vaquel’s but that was fine. A disproportion weapon worked better for intimidation purposes.

An engine roared and Zatty screamed. Something large and nasty was pushing through the crowd. Vaquel dodged fleeing aliens and climbed on top of a public urination cubicle. She wanted to see what was coming.

It was a bus of some sort. Judging from the hole in the windshield and the corpse stuck on the hood, Vaquel figured that it was a public transport vehicle recently liberated for the use of the rebels. Yelling hooligans had shot out the windows and were firing into the crowd. They were running people over on both sides.

Vaquel smiled. This could be here way out of here.

As the bus came closer, Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. A seam opened on the top of her spacesuit to reveal the generous cleavage of her brown breasts. They were small by Zatty standards but Vaquel had learned that aliens of all kinds everywhere appreciate tits of any size. She didn’t think the Zatty would be any different.

The bus screeched to a halt beside her. The door opened to reveal the driver leering at her. It was a Zatty woman with breasts bigger than Vaquel’s entire torso straining through a torn shirt. She was bald and had three separate piercings through her lips. The woman turned in her seat and wasn’t wearing any pants. Her sex was shaved and glistening.

Vaquel groaned. Her pussy clenched. She wanted her sex filled but she would settle for getting eaten out by this tough lady.

“Hey, what kind of alien are you?” the woman driver yelled at Vaquel.

“The kind that will lick any part you want to get a ride to the spaceport!” Vaquel yelled back.

The woman laughed and pulled a lever. “Get in and get to work on my slut flower! If you’re good, I might even finger zap you!”

“Fuck, yeah,” Vaquel said.

The smell of ozone filled the air. The hairs on the back of Vaquel’s neck stood up. A tingling sensation spread through her nose as if she was about to sneeze.

Vaquel’s training took over and she dived for the ground. She flattened herself and clamped her arms over her head.


A shockwave passed over Vaquel as burning metal and plastic showered the area. The smell of ozone was replaced with burning flesh.

She lifted her head. The bus was a burst shell of itself. Anything that could burn was burning. Anything that couldn’t burn was melting. Of the driver, there was only ash.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. There went her ride! Fuck! There went her hot lesbian sex!

People rushed past Vaquel. She didn’t have to climb anything to see what was coming this time. It was a tank and it was twice the size of the bus. The ion cannon was still glowing from firing on the bus. Soldiers manned smaller guns on the sides of the tank and were mowing down any one who came close.

“These assholes owe me a ride,” Vaquel said. “And a good fuck!”

As the crowd ran from the tank, Vaquel ran towards it. She tapped a few more buttons on her belt. The seam on her chest widened until the top half of her spacesuit disappeared altogether. She ran topless towards the firing tank with her large brown breasts bouncing in the wind.

One of the soldiers spotted her. He swung the mounted weapon towards her but he didn’t fire. Other soldiers drew a bead on her but they didn’t fire as well.

“Tits truly are the universal language,” Vaquel said. She climbed up on the tank.

“What are you doing?” the soldier said. He wore a helmet that covered his entire face except for his mouth. He licked his lips as her tits was reflected in his mirror-visor. “This is a Justice Vehicle!”

“I need a ride to the spaceport and I don’t care who I have to fuck to get there!” Vaquel said.

The soldier’s mouth hung open. He pressed something on his helmet. “Sir, I have an alien female requesting a ride. She is offering to fuck her way out of here.”

There was a pause as the soldier listened. Vaquel wondered how many soldiers there were. Was there room inside the tank for a gangbang? Had she traded one dick for a whole tank crew of dicks? If so, this revolution might not be such a bad development after all.”

The soldier nodded. “Show me your soggy ammo box!”

What? Vaquel hadn’t heard that one before but she quickly guessed the meaning. She pressed a button on her belt and a slit appeared in her spacesuit above her sex. Pulling the seam apart, she revealed her slick pink bush and the glistening lips beneath.

The soldier reached out with his fingers. He pushed into Vaquel and she clenched tightly around him. Fuck, it was just a finger but Vaquel was grateful for it.

“She has a tight soggy ammo box,” the soldier reported back. “I suggest we bring her down. Request permission to ground and pound her first, sir!”

Yes! Vaquel was going to get fucked silly and get back to her spaceship! Who said rebellions were hard?

CRACK! The tank shifted towards the right. Vaquel nearly fell over but she held onto the soldier’s finger still inside her.

“Sir?” the soldier yelled. CRACK! The tank shifted towards the left. CRACK! The tank shifted forward.

Vaquel pulled the soldier’s finger from her desperate sex. It was almost physically painful for her to let her pussy go empty again but she had a suspicion as to what was happening. As the other soldiers started to scream, Vaquel took a running leap off the tank and back onto the ground.

CRACK! The ground gave way as the last of the underground charges went off. The tank sank into the earth and down into the sewer below. The scream of laser fire was followed by the screams of the soldiers.

Vaquel was impressed. The rebels must have had demolitions prepared underground to deal with heavy vehicles. That takes a lot of foresight and quite a bit of luck to set off the charges in a way to catch a moving vehicle. Lucky for them, a horny space explorer stopped the tank trying to hitch a ride.

“Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” Vaquel yelled. This time she had inadvertently sabotaged her own way out. Was she ever getting back to her space ship? Was she ever going to fucking get laid?

Vaquel raised her pistol and took a shot at a rioting citizen. The laser punched through the rebel’s head, punched through the soldier he was fighting and lanced through the arm of another rebel.

“Great,” Vaquel said. “Everyone is getting penetrated but me!”

She walked through the rioting crowd, shooting people in frustration. The holes in her spacesuit were still open, exposing her breasts, hard nipples and wet sex to everyone. People were too busy fighting to leer at her which just pissed her off more.

The sound of breaking class caught her attention. There was a group of citizens looting the front of a store. They were young Zatty men and they were stealing hover cycles. One by one, they zoomed into the air making their escape.

“Yes,” Vaquel said and started running towards the hooligans. She didn’t need something big, she just needed something that was fast.

By the time she reached the store, there was only one bike and one looter left. He had started the bike but stopped to watch the half-naked brown alien running towards him.

“Wait, I want a ride!” Vaquel said.

“Where are you going?” the man asked.

“The spaceport!” Vaquel said. She tried to hold the pistol in a non-threatening manner but it was heavy. She wondered how fast she could draw and shoot on him if needed to.

“Damn, that’s far,” the man said. “What you offering? Credits, stimulants or orifices, no one rides for free!”

Vaquel pointed between her legs. “I got it covered.”

“All right,” the man said. He patted the seat in front of him. “Get your cock-hugger up here!”

He pulled at his pants and a hole formed. A giant mass of red cock emerged from his pants. It hardened with every passing second.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel moaned. It was a monster of an organ. This was going to be a rough ride.

Vaquel climbed into the bike. It was a simple design that resembled an engine with a seat strapped to it. The rider was meant to recline with his legs straddling the frame. There was plenty of room for Vaquel to sit between the rider’s legs.

“My name is Rego,” the rider said.

“I don’t care,” Vaquel said and she sat on his cock. The phallus was thick but Vaquel was slick and ready. It pushed easily inside her and filled her deepest regions.

“Fuck,” Vaquel groaned. She was complete again for the first time since this stupid rebellion started.

“Down. I need to see,” Rego said and he pushed her head. Vaquel leaned forward until her breasts were resting on the frame of the hover-bike. The Zatty’s cock stayed inside her, pulsing the entire time.

Rego grabbed the steering handles that were on either side of Vaquel’s head. The hover-bike lifted into the air. Vaquel dropped her weapon as she tried to hold on. Her thighs tightened around the Zatty’s waist but not as tight as her pussy was holding onto his cock.

“For the people!” Rego cried and the hover-bike shot through the air with astonishing speed.

Gravity pushed Vaquel back against Rego. The alien’s thick cock impaled her and she cried out. The forward momentum pinned her to the immense girth.

“Yeah!” Rego cried and he slammed his hand down on Vaquel’s ass. The thin spacesuit was no protection from the Zatty’s huge hand. His palm impacted into her ass and she felt it deep inside her tight sex.

Vaquel cried out. She was stuck on a large dick but she needed friction. Straddling the bike with her thighs, Vaquel reached for parts of the fuselage to brace herself. Once secure, she began to rock back and forth on the alien’s cock.

“Fuck!” Rego yelled. The bike swerved towards a building and he regained control just in time to miss it.

Vaquel kept fucking him. A near-miss like that wasn’t going to stop her. Let him worry about staying alive, she needed to come.

The hover-bike dipped down towards the ground. They skimmed less than a meter above the rioting crowd. People screamed as Rego fought to maintain control.

Vaquel fucked him harder. She found the best places to support herself as she slid back and forth along his thick cock. Her motions were aided by the pussy juices soaking the seat and lubricating the way for her shifting body.

Rego yelled and the hover-bike gained altitude. It rose up at a sharp angle and barely missed colliding into another public transport. The hover-bike reached its maximum altitude and leveled off although now it was in danger of smashing into elevated walkways.

Vaquel looked up and watched buildings zip past. A walkway approached fast and the hover-bike just managed to dip under it. Lurking beneath the walkway was another tank and the hover-bike flew by too fast for the soldiers to shoot it down.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel moaned. She rode the Zatty’s dick even harder. Two near-death experiences in less than a few seconds! This beats the hell out of fucking in some hotel room.

“Yeah, ride my sperm cannon!” Rego cried. He slapped her ass again and then quickly grabbed the control handles as they nearly swerved into a bank.

Vaquel fucked him faster. The hoverbike vibrated beneath her. It felt great against her sliding sex. She hugged the bike tightly so her big brown breasts were flattened against the vibrating metal.

Laser fire ripped through the air. Soldiers were trying to take them down, obviously fearing that the hover-bike was going to strafe them. The bike swerved and janked as Rego tried to desperately dodge the weapons fire.

Vaquel kept fucking. Something burned her arm but she kept fucking. The hover-bike shook as something slammed into it but Vaquel kept fucking.

As lasers tore through the air, Vaquel climaxed. Her sex spasmed around the thick alien cock. The vibrations from the hover-bike blended with the pleasure of her pussy until Vaquel felt like her entire body was climaxing.

“Right there!” Rego cried.

Whether he was talking about sex or an impending doom, Vaquel didn’t know. She clenched tighter and kept humping his cock. If they were to die, she hoped to get him off first.

Rego came. He roared his pleasure as a surge of seed filled Vaquel’s tight sex. She clenched tightly around him, milking his trapped dick inside her.

The hover-bike shuddered and dipped down. It slammed into the road and bounced upwards from the shock of the impact.

Vaquel came again. The sudden shock and skip sent shockwaves through her pussy and pushed her over the edge again.

The hover-bike flew forwards for several hundred meters before dipping back down again. It came down on top of a stationary vehicle and sipped forward again.

Vaquel climaxed again. She knew this kind of skipping was bad and probably meant their doom, but the sudden impacts were driving Rego’s cock deep inside her and her pussy reacted in the only way it could.

The hover-bike dropped again onto the ground and this time it didn’t rise back up. It skidded down the road with the horrible sounds of metal tearing coming from the base of the hover-bike.

Rego screamed and suddenly his cock was gone from Vaquel’s pussy. Vaquel no longer felt him behind her. She cried out at his sudden absence but at least this time her pussy was sated.

Vaquel hung onto the bike as it slowly skidded to a stop. The hover-bike hissed and beeped as various functions died or suffered catastrophic failures. It wouldn’t be flying again.

She climbed off the bike and nearly fell over. Her legs were jelly. She laughed and then winced as her tender pussy complained. There were going to be bruises.

“Where did that Zatty go?” Vaquel asked. She looked down the street and saw a red splatter that might have been him. Oh well, she was too sore to walk all that way to find out.

There was a sign nearby. It read, “Spaceport One Hundred Meters”

“Thanks for the ride,” she told the splatter down the road. “I think I can walk the rest of the way.”

Vaquel started walking, Her pussy was sore and made it difficult to walk. That was okay. The warm seed cooling in her sex helped with the pain.

Jun 082017

Explorer’s Log: I am on my first day of my thirty-seven-day journey to the star system designated “Beloved Third Toe on the Queen’s Right Foot” by Royal Astronomers. Systems scans show that everything is optimal but my own personal diligence has revealed that we are currently travelling under nominal thrust as if we have extra weight on board. I will engage in a thorough search for possible stowaways as well as examine the propulsion units. To accommodate for the reduced thrust, I am enacting an emergency protocol to use extra power to stay on schedule. The twenty-year mission for the Queen cannot be jeopardized! End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I was recruited by rebel forces to smuggle a robot to the next star system. The robot has plans for a planet killing weapon and the rebels want to develop counter-measures. I could give a slave’s pimple about the rebels but I am debating blackmailing the rebels for a ransom before returning their robot. I am not sure what I should demand, although the idea of a bed slaves comes to mind. I have thirty-six days to think of something.

The robot exceeds my cargo limit but I think I can successfully lie about it for a few weeks. I have yet to activate the robot so who knows, it might actually be entertaining in its own manner.

“It doesn’t look like much,” Chairbot said. The robot chair had elevated his seat in what could only be described as a haughty manner.

Vaquel agreed. Right now, the robot looked like a bunch of metal bars stacked on top of one another. The box it came in didn’t contain any instructions. What kind of robot was this, anyway? Some sort of plumbing examiner?

“Oh well, it must be inactive,” Chairbot said. “Too bad! I guess we’ll never know! Would you like to sit on me, Mistress? I can detect that your ass is particularly sweaty today!”

“Eww, no,” Vaquel said. She self-consciously picked at her violet spacesuit. To make up for the extra power to thrust, Vaquel had to turn down the temperature controls. It was muggy inside the ship and her short pink hair was sticking to her scalp. The spacesuit insulated her curvy body from the heat but unless she wanted to wear her helmet for a weeks, there was still going to be some sweating.

She took a closer look at the robot. There had to be a way to power it up. If it did nothing else, she could instruct it to wave a fan at her.

A black button almost perfectly blended in with a metal bar. Who designed this shit? Vaquel pressed it.

There was a buzzing sound. The metal bars began to slide around. Two of the bars planted themselves and lifted the rest of the bars into the air. More bars slide around to form legs and arms. A metal bar rose from the shoulders and flashed blue lights. Small metal bars extended from the ends of bars to form hands.

“Still doesn’t look like much,” Chairbot said in a surly manner. “There is nowhere to sit!”

It was true. The robot now looked like a skeleton frame of a three-meter tall humanoid. It still wasn’t clear what its function was.

“Hello!” a polite voice said. “I am Fictor-96! I am a Personal Attendance Robot trained in eighty techniques of personal satisfaction! How may I attend to you?”

Vaquel’s eyebrows raised. “Personal attendance? I like the sound of that. What kind of attendance?”

“Anything you can imagine, madam,” Fictor-96 said. “I can answer messages. I can serve drinks. I can cook meals. I can bathe you. I can perform sanitary waste manual exertions on your behalf.”

“Wait, is that a fancy way of saying you can wipe my ass?” Vaquel said.

“I would be happy to, madam!”

“I didn’t hear provide a comfortable place to sit,” Chairbot said. “That’s too bad! I guess we have no use for you!”

“It may appear so, little friend, but I have a few surprises,” Fictor-96 said. He held his metal hands out. The buzzing sound became louder.

“Well, if you like that sort of thing,” Chairbot said.

“What? I don’t see anything,” Vaquel said.

“Sorry madam, I am unfamiliar with the ocular abilities of your petite species,” Fictor-96 said. He extended his hands towards Vaquel. “Feel for yourself.”

Vaquel reached out and felt his hands. There was a pleasant vibration as she touched something solid. “Oh, it’s a force field.”

“Yes, madam,” Fictor-96 said. “I am equipped with forty different force fields with nine different variable speeds. They allow me to lift objects, provide defensive cover, apply massages and substitute as furniture for rest and comfort.”

“I’m the only furniture that Mistress needs around here!” Chairbot snapped.

“Hush, Chairbot,” Vaquel ordered. “Don’t say another word! Fictor, what was that about massages?”

“The massage skills of my make and model are rated highly by robot users,” Fictor-96 said. “Although massages designed for muscle relaxing is my primary massage function, a surprisingly high number of users use their robots to perform massages of sexual gratification.”

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel swore. “If those idiot rebels had told me that they wanted me to smuggle a sex robot, I wouldn’t have given them such a demanding time!
Wait, you are aware that you are carrying plans for some sort of terrible weapon, right?”

“I cannot confirm or deny such information to a user without the proper password or biometric data,” Fictor-96 said.

“That is smart,” Vaquel admitted. “Although it would be smarter if you lied about that rather than telling someone they don’t have clearance. Fuck, it is amazing these rebels accomplish anything.”

“Lying is outside of my capabilities,” Fictor-96 said. “Which means you can be sure that I am being completely factual when I say that I would like to demonstrate some of my sexual gratification fields for you at this time, since you seemed to have such an intense interest in it.”

Chairbot’s seat vibrated with jealous rage.

Vaquel kicked Chairbot. “Show me one of your sexual massage fields.”

“Where shall I apply it, madam?” the robot asked. “I shall also consider your limited ocular senses.”

“Try my breasts,” Vaquel said.

Fictor-96’s hand was surrounded by a red glow. He spread his small metal fingers and the field shrunk around them like a glove. The robot placed his hand on one of Vaquel’s massive breasts.

“Whoa,” Vaquel groaned. The spacesuit dulled some of the vibrations but not all of them. She felt her breast quiver inside her suit. Vaquel’s nipple hardened and poked against the violet material.

“Oh my,” Vaquel said. She took Fictor-96’s hand and pulled it down to her sex.

“Is it enjoyable, madam?” Fictor-96 asked.

Vaquel tried to speak but all that came out was a moan. The vibrations were wonderful against her pussy. If it felt this good with her suit on, how good will it feel inside her?

She pulled the hand away and gasped. “You have been trained to get people off like this? You finger-fuck them with your force fields?”

“I have been trained in that manner of stimulation, yes, madam,” Fictor-96 said. “However, I thought you might enjoy it more if I create a phallus to stimulate you instead.”

“You can do that?” Vaquel asked.

“Allow me to demonstrate,” Fictor-96 said.

A red field formed under what passed for a pelvis on Fictor-96’s skeletal metal body. The field coalesced into a phallic shape. It grew and extended to an impressive size.

“Whoa,” Vaquel said. “A little shorter and half as wide.”

“Yes, madam,” Fictor-96 said. The phallic field changed to her specifications.

Vaquel was impressed. It wasn’t often she got a cock made to order.

She touched a button on her belt. The skintight violet spacesuit began to retract to from her body. Her larger brown breasts flopped out of her suit. The material pulled away from her wide hips and generous ass. The pink bush of her pubic hair was revealed and they were already damp with desire.

Vaquel pulled off her belt and stepped out of her boots. She stood naked before the metal robot and its force field cock. “Well get to it, Fictor. Skip any foreplay you have programmed. I’m ready to go.”

“I will take that into my calculations,” Fictor-96 said. “Choosing random position. I’ve selected Executive Power.”

The robot bent over at the waist and grabbed Vaquel’s thighs with his manual force fields. He stood up, sweeping the explorer’s legs out from under her. As she cried out, the fields held onto her thighs and lifted her up. She was upside down with her head missing the floor by inches.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Vaquel yelled.

“Shall I subdue him, Mistress?” Chairbot said. The robot chair bumped aggressively against Fictor-96’s leg.

“Position is nearly complete,” Fictor-96 said.

Vaquel felt something thick and vibrating press against her upside-down pussy lips. It was the force field cock. The robot lifted Vaquel by her thighs and the force cock entered her sex.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. “Shit, that feels good!” The robot began to lift and drop her in a slow manner with its force cock inside her.

“I almost have him!” Chairbot said as he continued to ram against Fictor-96’s leg.

“Stop, Chairbot!” Vaquel yelled. “It feels great and if you stop it, I’m selling you for scrap!”

Chairbot speed away in a silent huff.

“I am glad that you enjoy it, madam,” Fictor-96 said.

The robot kept fucking Vaquel. The arms did most of the work, as it slid Vaquel’s tight sex up and down its force cock. The vibrations pulsed in an unpredictable manner that kept Vaquel shuddering with delight.

Blood rushed to Vaquel’s head. Her large breasts flopped down to her shoulders and felt weird. She had her arms down on the ground for lack of any better place to put them but it was still awkward. There had to be a better way to have sex but it felt too good to interrupt.

“Would you prefer this speed instead, madam?” Fictor-96 said.

The vibration inside her increased. Vaquel moaned as her sex was assaulted with more sensation. She clenched tightly around the field and rode the pleasure.

“I will accept that answer as a positive,” Fictor-96 said. “Standby for more friction.”

The field elongated inside her. Vaquel cried out at the increased depth and then groaned as it shrunk back.

It happened again. Vaquel cried out louder.

The field did it again and again and again and again. The force field cock was cycling through different lengths inside her pussy as the robot continued to lift and drop her in mid-air.

Vaquel squirmed within the robot’s force field grip. She wanted to wrap her legs around something but the fields hold her thighs wouldn’t let her move. She wanted to use her hands to hold onto something but hanging upside down as she was, all she could grab was the floor. She wanted to kiss or suck something but all she could do was bite her lip.
There was one more thing that Vaquel could do. She could come.

“Glory to the Queen!” she cried out. Her orgasm was powerful and rocketed through her body. The force of her climax was so strong, she felt herself on the verge of passing out.

Then again, that might just be from being upside down so long.

“Gratification detected,” Fictor-96 said. “Selecting another position at random. Changing to Rebel Hideout.”

“What the fuck is that?” Vaquel asked.

Fictor-96 lifted pulled out of Vaquel’s wet sex and lifted her body in the air. Vaquel was spun around so that now her feet were pointing at the floor again and her head was nearly upright. A wave of dizziness came over her as force fields grabbed and pulled at her limbs. She offered no resistance as she was guided into a new position.

Vaquel was levitating facedown a meter from the ground. Her arms knees were pulled up and pressing into her breasts. Strong forces pinned her arms around her legs. She felt like she was sitting inside an invisible egg of force.

“This will be tight, madam,” Fictor-96 said and he entered her from behind.

“Oh, yes!” Vaquel agreed. The familiar phallic force field was back inside her. With her legs compacted, she felt like a tiny ball of muscle being penetrated by something wonderful. The field pushed inside her and she felt tighter than she had in years.

“Prepare for heightened stimulation,” Fictor-96 said.

“What does that mean?” Vaquel tried to ask but she got her answer immediately. The phallic force field dived deeper inside her and then pulled nearly out almost as fast. It repeated the action as the vibrations increased.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel said as she was fucked. It was almost too much. The vibrations were too powerful. The penetration was too deep. The position of her body made her too tight. She was overwhelmed with sensation.

“Your posterior area jiggles in a manner that most sentients find pleasing,” Fictor-96 said. “I will record my visual data so you may appreciate it later.”

Vaquel frowned. Was this dirty talk? If it was, it was working.

“The tightness of your vaginal port is in the top five percentiles of desired sexual characteristics,” Fictor-96 said.

Vaquel moaned in response.

“If I was an average Zatty male, I would have reached climax three minutes ago due to your superior attractive qualities,” Fictor-96 said.

“Oh yeah,” Vaquel groaned.

The fucking increased in speed and force. Vaquel cried out as the vibrations filled her sex. As tightly bound as she was, it felt like the force field was penetrating her entire body.

“Do you want more, madam?” Fictor-96 said.

Vaquel laughed between gasps. She couldn’t possibly take any more, could she? There was only one way to find out.

“Give it to me,” Vaquel said. “I order you to fuck my brains out!”

“Complying,” Fictor-96 said. The fucking increased in speed. The phallic force field lengthened and thickened. The vibrations reach new levels of intensity.

“Glory to-“ Vaquel’s cry turned into a scream as the power of her orgasm broke through her body. She screamed in pleasure as her senses reeled. She kept screaming as her body shook and then collapsed.

“Oh dear,” Fictor-96 said. “Is she broken?”

Chairbot rolled next to Vaquel’s hovering body. “She’s passed out.”

“Is that normal?” Fictor-96 said.

“Only when the sex is really bad,” Chairbot said.

“That’s too bad, I thought she was enjoying it,” Fictor-96 said. “She had all of the signs of good sex. She was sweating profusely. Her breathing was elevated. The spasm of her vaginal cavity was rapid.”

“Correct, that is bad sex,” Chairbot said.

“I will enquire when she wakes up as you what I can do to make it better,” Fictor-96 said. “Is there a place I should put madam?”

“Mistress sleeps here,” Chairbot said as he rolled down the probe ship corridor. He stopped in front of a wall. A section of the wall lifted to reveal a bed bunk.

Fictor-96 carried the sleeping Vaquel over to the bed. He placed her down gently and deactivated his force field. Vaquel instinctively stretched out. Fictor-96 covered her with a blanket.

“Now that madam is asleep, I wanted to say something to you, Chairbot,” Fictor-96 said.


“I notice that you are jealous of me,” Fictor-96 said. “Although I am capable of providing many services to madam as well as endless variations in sexual pleasure, there is no need to worry about me replacing you. I admit, I do appear to be superior in you in many ways, including providing a place for madam to sit, but I am sure you will serve madam’s needs in your own way.”

Chairbot processed this. “Thank you for saying that. I feel much better now.”

“I am glad,” Fictor-96 said. “I am sure that we will become great friends. Now I need to recharge. Sexual gratification drains a lot of my batteries. I am unfamiliar with this ship design and the language of the signs is unknown to me. Is there a recharging station I can use?”

“You can use mine!” Chairbot said happily. Chairbot rolled over to a different part of the wall. A small panel opened retracted into the floor. The new doorway was just large enough for Chairbot to roll into.

“It is quite low,” Fictor-96 said.

“I am sure your superior design will allow you to use it!” Chairbot said.

“True,” Fictor-96 said. The robot’s frame began compressing onto itself. The leg bars telescoped down and the arm bars shrunk. The shoulder bar reduced in length. Even the robot’s head bar collapsed onto itself.

Now much smaller, Fictor-96 crawled into through the hole in the wall. Once he was completely inside, he scanned the interior.

“Chairbot, I do not detect a charging port,” Fictor-96 said.

“Oh, that is because the door needs to be closed first,” Chairbot said. The robot beeped and panel door slid close.

“I still do not see it,” Fictor-96 said.

“Really?” Chairbot said. “Even with your superior design that doesn’t allow lying?”

“What does lying have to do with-“ WOOOSH!

“Garbage Airlock Cycle Completed,” the ship’s computer announced.

Chairbot rolled over to the navigation pod. He accessed the ship’s systems to find and detect Fictor-96. The flailing robot was drifting in space as the probe ship continued its course to the next star system.

“Incoming message from outside object,” the ship’s computer said.

“Block transmission,” Chairbot said. “Delete log of transmission blocking. Delete log of transmission. Delete log of log deletions.”

Chairbot rolled over to Vaquel’s sleeping body. It placed itself with leg’s reach in case Mistress wanted to sit down when she woke up. Vibration motors began a maintenance cycle for peak efficiency.

“Mistress, the robot stepped right into the garbage airlock!” Chairbot practiced. “I tried to stop it but it said it was superior and knew what it was doing!”

Chairbot marked that lie as believable and filed it away for when Mistress woke up.