Sep 012021

Explorer’s Log: I am on day fourteen of my twenty-six day journey to the star system designated “The Way The Queen Stands on the Crotches of her Haters,” by Royal Astronomers. The ship density is low here and I have been able to avoid any encounters. Ship functions are at peak efficiency.

Scans have detected a single lifeform inside a small vessel. It has a slight amount of power but no propulsion. I suspect it is an escape pod of some sort. Scans are having trouble reading the lifeform, but is too big to be one of the Entitled, unless those phallus-shaped aliens grow to a meter in height. It is probably a member of their slave species.

I will attempt a rescue and pump the slave for information. If they are useful, I might even reach another planet before shutting them out the airlock. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Information won’t be the only thing I pump out of this slave. Queen’s tit, I hope it is a woman. I could really do with some pussy.

Vaquel Di stood by the airlock. She wore an intimidating black spacesuit today that stuck to her curvy body like a second skin. Weapons hung from a white belt around her waist. Short curly pink hair crowned her head. Matching black lipstick shone on her lips. She had a laser pistol in one hand while the other hand idly played with a stiff nipple poking against her spacesuit.

Outside the airlock, tractor beams pulled a small vessel, barely the size of a closet, towards the probe ship. Vaquel watched through a monitor as the cylinder’s door was oriented to the airlock. Scans were still fuzzy on the interior of the vessel but something was alive in there.

“Get ready, Chairbot,” Vaquel said. “I want you linked to the controls and ready to jettison this vessel on my command. We don’t need to lug its extra weight and slow us down.”

“Yes, Mistress!” the loyal robot said a meter behind her.

There was a rattling noise. Vaquel scowled at the containment aquarium that held HoleBuster-442. The phallic alien was slamming itself into the sides of his enclosure again. A blinking red light on the glass indicated that the cock-shaped alien was speaking through his communicator but it was set on mute.

“Chill out, asshole!” Vaquel snapped. HoleBuster-442 was her prisoner and she kept it alive because it was supposed to provide crucial intelligence on his fellow Entitled. On the last world they visited, the smug dick had told Vaquel that she would be unmolested by others of his kind if she carried an unbreakable puzzle on her communicator. He neglected to mention that a lot of the Entitled just used cheat programs to break the harder puzzles.

Fortunately, Chairbot had made a puzzle unbeatable by Entitled technology but Vaquel was still pissed off about it. She had muted HoleBuster-442’s cage ever since and the egotistical cock responded with these occasional tantrums

The vessel’s door was near the airlock. Force fields activated and created a temporary safe zone between the ships. Oxygen was pumped into the fragile environment.

The door on the other ship cracked open. A small woman, naked with bright blue skin peeked out. Curly green hair framed her face.

Vaquel opened the airlock. She pointed her laser pistol to the ground and waved the woman over. “Come quick!” she said.

The blue woman swung her door wide open. Small blue breasts adorned her chest but Vaquel’s eyes dropped down to the woman’s waist. Wide hips couldn’t hide an even wider ass behind it. Queen’s tit! How did that ass get in such a small craft!

“Are you rescuing me?” the woman called out. Her voice was soft and delicate.

“Yes!” Chairbot said. The ass-obsessed robot was at the airlock with Vaquel. “Hurry!”

“Shut up, you!” Vaquel snapped at the robot. “Not you!” she shouted at the blue woman. “Get your ass over here!”

“Praise the Masters!” the blue woman squealed. She turned sideways and slowly squeezed through the door. It was a tight fit.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. The sight of the large blue ass made the inside of her spacesuit damp.

The blue woman slipped free of the doorway and quickly crossed the force field. Her hips swung as if trying to counteract the centrifugal force of the buttocks she was carrying. Like most of her cloned species, the woman barely came up to Vaquel’s chest. She was completely naked, except for the glittering sheen of some sort of lotion or oil.

“The oil might be to help her get through doors,” Vaquel thought to herself.

The blue woman came into Vaquel’s ship. Vaquel closed the airlock and gave the signal. The force fields released the tiny vessel and sent it adrift.

“Thank you, slave, for rescuing me!” the blue woman said. “Take me to your Master so I may thank him!”

“Mistress is no one’s slave!” Chairbot said. The robot chair had wheeled itself directly behind the blue woman. His seat was already rising towards her giant butt.

“Mistress? What does that mean?” the blue woman said.

“It is my title,” Vaquel said. “Although you can call me Vaquel. What is your name?”

“My Master calls me Boom-Boom,” the woman said.

“Yeah, I bet he did,” Vaquel said. She grabbed the smaller woman by the shoulders and spun her around to take a better look at her ass. Chairbot whined behind her and lowered his seat.

The woman had a perfect blue bubble butt. Both buttocks were nearly spheres. Vaquel grabbed a cheek and squeezed. It was almost rock hard.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore.

Boom-Boom swatted Vaquel’s hands away. “Slaves shouldn’t touch each other without their Master’s permission!” She turned back around and looked at Vaquel with disdain.

Vaquel frowned. The Entitled didn’t value intelligence among their clone slaves. This one was clearly missing a few of the brighter genes. Oh well, Vaquel didn’t mind stupid when they carried an ass like that. She holstered her laser pistol. This one was no threat.

“How did you end up out here?” Vaquel asked.

“Raiders attacked my Master’s ship,” Boom-Boom replied. “He ordered me to carry him to the escape pod but a hull breach ripped him from my hands. I barely managed to make it to the pod myself. The Raiders ignored me and I have been drifting for seventeen days.”

Vaquel kept staring at the woman’s ass. “Clearly you didn’t starve on the pod.”

Boom-Boom didn’t reply. She walked away from the airlock and looked around the cramped interior of the probe ship. Her eyes swept past the hygiene pod, the sleep bunk and the algae dispenser with little interest.

Chairbot rolled beside her. “Boom-Boom, would you like to sit down?” The contours of his seat rippled with anticipation.

“What is this?” Boom-Boom said, pointing at Chairbot.

“He’s my robot chair,” Vaquel said. “Though if he keeps talking, he is in danger of becoming excess weight and will be dumped out the airlock.”

Boom-Boom stopped listening partway through Vaquel talking. She returned to look around the interior and spotted HoleBuster-442’s enclosure. The blue woman let out an ear-piercing squeal.

“There’s your Master!” Boom-Boom cried. She ran towards the aquarium and grabbed the sides of it. “Thank you for saving me! Please, fuck me and claim me for your harem!”

HoleBuster-442 shook violently in his cage, slamming himself into the glass wall. The speaker light blinked furiously as he ranted. Vaquel was amused by his reaction. The cocky dick must be dying to jam himself into that blue ass.

“Look, that’s not my Master, or anyone’s Master,” Vaquel said. “He is my captive. I run this ship and you should be thanking me.”

Boom-Boom laughed and bent over to hug HoleBuster-442’s aquarium. Her round blue ass was on full display to Vaquel. “He is your captive? That’s ridiculous! Master, let me punish your slave for her lies and prove how useful I can be!”

“Okay. fuck this,” Vaquel said. She walked over to Boom-Boom and grabbed her by the hair. As the blue woman screamed, Vaquel took a few steps back and faced HoleBuster-442’s cage.

“Chairbot, get under my ass now!” Vaquel snapped.

“Yes, Mistress,” Chairbot said. There was a little less enthusiasm in his voice than usual but Vaquel would deal with that later. The robot rolled behind Vaquel as Vaquel began to sit. The padded seat cradled her ass with his usual perfect fit.

“Time for you to learn who the boss is around here,” Vaquel said. Still holding onto Boom-Boom’s head, she pulled the blue woman across her lap. As the blue woman struggled, Vaquel let go of her hair and grabbed one of the clone’s arms instead. Vaquel was much stronger than the smaller woman, and she easily pinned the woman’s arm to the small of her back.

“Master!” Boom-Boom yelled. “See how your slave abuses me for declaring my loyalty to you!”

“Woman, they must have skimped on your intelligence genes to pump up that ass,” Vaquel said.

“It was good design decision!” Chairbot said.

“Shut up,” Vaquel snapped. She grabbed a handful of Boom-Boom’s ass. It was delightfully firm. The glistening oil wasn’t as slippery as Vaquel was expecting. For a moment, she lost her train of thought as she groped the bubble buttock.

“Master!” Boom-Boom cried out again. “Stop your jealous slave and claim me for yourself! My come-hole aches for you!”

Whap! Vaquel slapped Boom-Boom’s abundant ass with her bare hand. The firmness of the woman’s butt stung Vaquel’s hand. The pain was alleviated slightly by the sight of that firm buttock bouncing.

“Ow! Help me, Master! Help!” Boom-Boom cried.

“I’m the Master, I mean Mistress here!” Vaquel said. She rained down six more slaps, three to one buttock and then three to the other. The hard buttocks jiggled slightly in ways that made Vaquel’s mouth water.

“Help, Master, help!” Boom-Boom continued to scream. She kicked her legs and squirmed on Vaquel’s lap. The blue woman was too weak to escape Vaquel’s single pinning hand.

“You’re a slow learner,” Vaquel said. “I like that.”

Vaquel tore into Boom-Boom’s butt with more spanks. The woman’s ass was as hard as a force field but she screamed with every slap. A slight purple color started to form on the shiny blue buttocks. The repeated slaps sent oil flying and it wasn’t long before Boom-Boom’s bottom was completely dry.

The same could not be said for the blue woman’s pussy. Liquid heat dripped from her pubic hair and splattered against Vaquel’s leg. Curious, Vaquel paused in her spanking to slip a finger into hairy sex. Slick warmth gripped her finger.

“Ohhh,” Boom-Boom moaned. “See how you slave molests me, Master? It should be you violating my come hole!”

Vaquel tried to pull her finger out. The suction of the blue pussy was incredible. She had to exert herself to finally get her finger free.

“Queen’s tit, that shit is tight!” Vaquel said.

“Hear that, Master?” Boom-Boom said to HoleBuster-442’s enclosure. “My come-hole is tight and ready for you!”

“Yeah, see that asshole?” Vaquel said to HoleBuster-442. “If you weren’t such a dick on the last planet, I would let you fuck this willing slut.”

HoleBuster-442 undulated wildly inside his cage. The speaker light blinked rapidly. It looked like he was having an epic fit.

Vaquel hit Boom-Boom’s ass again. Whap! The loud sound of the slap echoed through the ship’s interior, followed by Boom-Boom’s scream of distress.

“Ooow! You’re killing me!” Boom-Boom whined.

“Only thing dying here is my hand,” Vaquel said. It was starting to ache but she loved slapping that ass too much to stop. She used lighter spanks on the blue ass and that helped with the pain.

Fortunately, Boom-Boom was so sensitive and Vaquel was so strong that lighter slaps didn’t diminish the blue woman’s suffering. She screamed and kicked her short little legs. The woman’s free arm slapped useless against Chairbot’s wheels. Pussy juices continued to flow and form a puddle against the side of Vaquel’s leg.

Still, the repeated slaps against a hard ass took its toll on Vaquel’s hand and she had to stop. She shook her hand and tried to get rid of the stinging sensation. What she needed was a bucket of ice.

“Have you learned your lesson?” Vaquel asked.

Boom-Boom whimpered on Vaquel’s lap. The welts on her blue butt had done from purple to a deep burgundy. The buttocks clenched and unclenched in spasms.

“I’ve learned that Master enjoys seeing his slaves suffer,” Boom-Boom said. “So I will endure this torment to make him happy!”

“Rageshit!” Vaquel snapped, unconsciously borrowing one of HoleBuster-442’s own curses. “Chairbot, bring us to the toy locker!”

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot said. The loyal robot wheeled Vaquel and her captive over to a set of panels. The seat rotated and rose a few decimeters so Vaquel’s free hand could reach the locker.

Vaquel opened the locker door and reached inside. A black paddle sat in the back, a little dusty from not being used lately. Ever since Chairbot upgraded his vibrating seat to deliver a credible spanking, Vaquel’s hasn’t had much use for the paddle. Vaquel held onto it because it pained her to part with a perfectly good instrument of discipline and pain.

“Here we go,” Vaquel said. She pressed the flat of the paddle against Boom-Boom’s ass. Chairbot wheeled back into the center of the ship and lowered himself back to optimal spanking height.

“I’m going to spank you until you understand that I am the Mistress here,” Vaquel said. “Beg me for mercy, not that impotent cock I have in a cage!”

Boom-Boom shook her head. “I will never do that! Master is clearly trying to test my intelligence! Only a fool would obey a fellow slave!”

Vaquel glanced at the HoleBuster-442. The alien phallus was leaning back and forth. He was desperately trying to get her attention. Good. She enjoyed denying him what he wanted.

Vaquel slammed the paddle into Boom-Boom’s ass. WHOMP! The firm ass took the hit and barely budged. The sound of the impact was like a drum being struck.

“Slubie!” Boom-Boom screamed.

Vaquel smiled. The blue woman had switched to insults. Vaquel rapidly spanked the burgundy bottom with the paddle.

“Fucking whorser!” Boom-Boom shouted. “When I am the favorite slave, I’m going have the Master sell you to a Mining Zone!”

“Hit her harder, Mistress!” Chairbot squealed under Vaquel.

Vaquel did. The paddle protected Vaquel’s hand as she delivered spank after spank. She made sure to strike from different angles so that Boom-Boom couldn’t predict what was coming next. The burgundy area on the blue woman’s butt grew larger and larger until it encompassed her buttocks.

Chairbot activated his vibrating seat and Vaquel shuddered. She didn’t admonish the robot’s initiative. The tingling sensations caused her own pussy juices to flow into her suit.

“I hate you, you fucking nitch!” Boom-Boom screamed.

“What the fuck is a nitch?” Vaquel thought but she didn’t want to stop her spanking to ask.

WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! The burgundy butt took Vaquel’s abuse. Boom-Boom’s insults turned into sobs. The juices from her pussy soaked the spacesuit on Vaquel’s leg.

“Stop! Stop! Please, stop, Mister!” Boom-Boom yelled.

Vaquel paused in mid-swing. “I think you meant, Mistress.”

“Yes! Mistress! Mistress! Mistress! Mistress!” Boom-Boom babbled.

“Then you accept that I am the one running this ship? And that you will obey me?” Vaquel asked.

“Yes, Mistress!” Boom-Boom said. I will serve and obey you!”

“About fucking time,” Vaquel said. She pushed the blue woman off her lap. Before Boom-Boom had fallen to the floor, Vaquel had spread her legs and pressed a button on her belt. A slit appeared over Vaquel’s crotch and then widened into a circle. Vaquel’s pink pubic hair, slick with her juices was revealed.

“Eat your Mistress, slave!” Vaquel said.

Boom-Boom nodded and rose to her knees. She winced as the welts in her ass flared. It was only a moment’s hesitation as she quickly crawled between Vaquel’s legs and pressed her face to the slick pussy.

“I’ve never done this before,” Boom-Boom said.

Vaquel grabbed Boom-Boom by her short green hair. “No better time to learn,” she said as she pulled the blue woman’s face to her sex.

Warm lips pressed against Vaquel’s pussy. A long tongue pushed in and swirled. Warm breath tickled Vaquel’s pubic hair. The tongue reached deep and rapidly flicked.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel groaned. When it came to pussy-eating, Boom-Boom was a fast learner. Vaquel rubbed the woman’s face into her crotch.

Boom-Boom started to suck on Vaquel’s pussy. Chills went up Vaquel’s spine. The blue woman had a lot of suction in her throat. It was a strange sensation that made her all the more sensitive.

“Stick your butt out,” Vaquel whispered between groans. “I want to see that ass,

With her mouth stuck to Vaquel’s pussy, Boom-Boom got on all fours and scooted her ass back. The burgundy butt arched up high as Boom-Boom dipped her back. The perfect butt twerked in the air in a blatant display.

Hole-Buster-442 was directly behind the bubble butt. The phallic alien trembled in place. The speaker light blinked furiously.

“Oh yeah, you wish you were in that ass,” Vaquel taunted. “I bet you would love to jam your thick self into that tight little hole.”

HoleBuster-442 quivered with what Vaquel assumed was rage.

The vibrations under Vaquel increased. Vaquel gripped Boom-Boom’s head with both hands. The combination of Chairbot’s vibrators and the blue woman’s suction pushed Vaquel to the edge.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. Bliss rocketed through her body.

The vibrations grew stronger. “Don’t forget to make Boom-Boom sit on me when you’re done, Mistress! I can keep punishing her for you!”

Vaquel snorted. “You just want that giant bottom on your seat,” she said. “Get me off again and I might consider it.”

Boom-Boom groaned into Vaquel’s sex. The vibration of her lips felt wonderful against Vaquel’s pussy. The blue woman placed her hands on both of Vaquel’s thighs with surprising strength. She sucked harder as she licked.

Chairbot’s seat vibrated harder. The back reclined a few degrees and Vaquel leaned back into it. A small force field emerged from the seat to press between Vaquel’s buttocks.

Vaquel cried out and looked down. Boom-Boom’s blue face looked up at her, her face shiny with juices. The beautiful burgundy ass bounced with sexual energy.

“Oh shit, I’m going to keep her,” Vaquel thought. She already had a robot chair, and an alien cock prisoner; what was one more pet? The weight displacement needed to be compensated for, which meant Vaquel might have to jettison some sexy toys, some survey equipment and maybe some emergency water, but it might be worth it.

Boom-Boom sucked harder on Vaquel’s pussy and Vaquel came again.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted. She let go of Boom-Boom’s face to grip Chairbot’s arms. The robot increased his vibrations as Vaquel climaxed.

Boom-Boom lifted her face from Vaquel’s sex. A pink pubic hair clung to her lip. “Please, Mistress, can I please come now?”

Vaquel nodded, a little breathless. She stuck her left leg out. “You can hump my foot.”

Boom-Boom immediately mounted Vaquel’s leg on the ankle. She gripped Vaquel’s calf and began to grind right away. Back and forth her dripping sex slid over Vaquel’s foot.

“Oh nice,” Vaquel said. She expected Boom-Boom to complain or resist such a humiliating action but nope, the clone slave obeyed instantly. Chairbot and HoleBuster-442 could learn a lot from this one.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, yes,” Boom-Boom babbled as she humped Vaquel’s foot. Her small breasts bounced with every hump. Juices dripped from her open mouth. The force of her pussy-eating had bruised her blue lips purple. She shuddered from her impending orgasm.

Vaquel tapped the arm of Chairbot’s arm and the robot ceased vibrating. She relaxed into the afterglow of her orgasms. Lazy daydreams of what to do with her ass-gifted slave floated through her imagination.

A rattling sound disturbed Vaquel’s daydreams. It came from HoleBuster-442’s cage. The thick alien cock was throwing himself at the glass walls hard enough to make the enclosure move across the surface of the table. The speaker light flashed like a beacon.

“Queen’s tit, what?” Vaquel snapped. The Entitled couldn’t answer because the speaker was still turned off. “Chairbot, bring me closer!”

Chairbot wheeled towards HoleBuster-442’s enclosure. Boom-Boom followed along, hopping as she continued to hump Vaquel’s leg. Vaquel turned in the seat, turning Boom-Boom with her leg, so she could reach the speaker button.

“What is so damned important?” Vaquel snapped as she pressed the button.


Vaquel looked down at the clone on her leg. Boom-Boom quivered from head-to-toe. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. A low constant moan came from her open mouth.

There was no hesitation on Vaquel’s part. She brought her right leg up and kicked out at Boom-Boom with all of her might. The foot caught Boom-Boom right in the face and she went flying back. There was a ‘POP’ sound as her pussy lips left Vaquel’s foot. The blue woman rolled backwards, ass over head down the interior of the ship.

The giant buttocks glowed with white light as she rolled.

Vaquel jumped out of Chairbot and dived in to the opposite direction. She turned her head just in time to see a white light spread from Boom-Boom’s ass and form two spheres of light that were centered around her ass. The lights flared and then vanished, taking Boom-Boom and a chunk of the probe ship’s floor with it. Lights flickered and a couple of warning lights flared from damaged systems.

Rushing air told Vaquel what had happened. It was a localized implosion. If the clone had still been on her leg, Vaquel would have been a goner.

“We need to leave right now!” HoleBuster-442 yelled. “Trap clones release a signal when they implode to let their owners know that they have killed an Entitled and his ship is ready to be looted.”

“Chairbot, full speed our of here,” Vaquel said. The ship thrummed as it accelerated. Vaquel rose to her feet and tried to slow her heart after that near death experience.

“Don’t they have trap clones where you come from?” HoleBuster-442 yelled. “It is the oldest trick there is! A poor naked clone with a big ass or big tits is drifting alone, waiting to be picked up by an Entitled in a ship. As soon as the Entitled fucks the clone, the easily-aroused slave climaxes and activates the implosion bombs in her tits or ass! Only slubies and whorser Entitled fall for them! How did you not know it was a trap?”

Vaquel stared at the trembling phallic alien. Juices dripped from her well-eaten pussy. She tried to think of a witty comeback but she had nothing.

That ass was a damn good trap.

Aug 042021

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Queen’s Ass Can Shake The Stars,” by Royal Astronomers. There are seven planets here, and most of them are heavily industrialized and designated Tycoon Zones. One planet, 4th from the sun is designated something called a Puzzle Zone. A quick scan shows that it is lightly developed with an emphasis on luxury and beauty. That is peculiar, considering how the dominant species, the Entitled, usually make sport of dominating bipedal humanoids.

My prisoner, HoleBuster-442, explained what a Puzzle Zone is. It is a world where some Entitled bred desirable slaves as well as complex puzzles involving matching colors and symbols on a grid. Other Entitled pay a fee to play a slave’s puzzle, and if they solve it in a certain number of moves, they get to fuck the slave. If they fail, they can pay the fee again for another attempt.

What an insane way to run a brothel! I asked HoleBuster-442 why the Entitled just don’t assault the slaves and skip the puzzles? He said there were strict rules against such behavior. What kind of masochist would agree to this system? It would be cheaper just to buy or hire a sex slave in a Tycoon Zone. HoleBuster-442 responded that some Entitled prefer the cerebral challenge.

This kind of deviant masochism deserves closer examination. At great personal risk, I will land on the planet and make closer observations. May the Queen protect me! End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: The slaves apparently wonder around free to tempt Entitled into playing their puzzles. I have my eye on a beautiful looking water recreation park that would be perfect for a few hours of “observations.”

Vaquel Di floated on her back. Her short pink hair formed a wet skullcap on her head. The bright sun kissed her brown body. Water glistened on the bright yellow bikini top that struggled to contain her large breasts. A single pink hair from her bush peeked out from the tight yellow bikini triangle that covered her sex.

The warm water felt wonderful under Vaquel. There was a slight current that was generated by the water falling from the giant stone cock above the pool. The current gently guided Vaquel’s floating body through a holographic boat. Vaquel giggled as she watched her wet breasts break through the hull of the white ship.

Someone screamed to Vaquel’s right. It came from a green woman at the edge of the pool. She was on all fours, getting fucked from behind by a metal body in the shape of a giant feline. Vaquel could make out the black cock that was ramming the woman’s gushing pussy. The cock was an Entitled, a phallic race of self-centered bastards. The metal cat was the Entitled’s vehicle and fuck-mobile. A name, SlubieSavager-991, was painted on the side.

The woman’s screams were a mix of pain and pleasure. Vaquel felt a stirring in her pussy as she listened to it. It was lovely pool music.

A shadow fell on Vaquel’[s body. It was a glowing sphere, hovering above Vaquel. A blue phallus floated inside the sphere. It was pointing down at Vaquel. Letters scrolled along the surface of the sphere, letting everyone know that the Entitled was named AssAce-308

There was a beep from her wrist communicator. Someone, most likely AssAce-308, had paid fifty credits to play Vaquel’s puzzle. If they won, they could fuck her just like the green woman was being fucked for two kiloseconds.

“Good luck, asshole,” Vaquel whispered. The puzzle had been designed by Chairbot, her loyal robot and sextoy. Not only could the puzzle pass for the kind of puzzles that were used here, but it had been altered to be nearly impossible to solve. Chairbot assured her that it would take a team of super-intelligences to solve, and if the robot ever wanted Vaquel’s beautiful ass to sit on it again, he had better be right.

Vaquel rolled over onto her stomach in the water. Her brown buttocks and her nearly invisible thong faced the Entitled above her. Water sparkled on her firm curves. She clenched her buttocks multiple times to taunt to the phallic alien.

The communicator beeped, indicating the puzzle had been failed.

“Rageshit!” the Entitled screamed above her. “Your puzzle is too hard, hole-walker!”

“Take it up with my owner, dickhead!” Vaquel shouted over her shoulder.

Vaquel’s owner was registered as HoleBuster-442, but since that was the Entitled who was currently a prisoner on her ship, she wasn’t worried about any complaints that were filed.

“Your ass is too fat anyway!” AssAce-308 yelled before flying off.

Vaquel sighed and swam down into the water. The same cycle repeated itself. An Entitled would try her puzzle, they would fail, and then insult her before flying off. For a race of sentient cocks, the Entitled had very fragile egos.

Holographic fish swam in the water. Each was a different vibrant color and no two shared the same shape. Vaquel swam alongside a gorgeous red fish until a larger holographic fish swallowed it whole. She wondered who designed the fish. All of the slaves she had met were uneducated while the Entitled were too obsessed with fucking to care about fish.

A blue holographic fish swam by. The front of its body supported perky blue breasts that did not belong on a fish. It was only because it was a hologram that the poor thing didn’t float straight to the surface on its large tits.

“An Entitled definitely designed these fish,” Vaquel muttered.

Vaquel surfaced for air. She swam to the nearest pool edge and pulled herself up. Water cascaded from her curvy body. She paused in mid-lift to tilt her head back. Her massive breasts strained against her tight yellow top.

“Damn, that was sexy,” Vaquel thought to herself. “Everyone is going to want to fuck me.”

The communicator on her wrists stayed silent.

Vaquel frowned and looked around. The metal cat body was fucking a red woman laying on a towel. A fleshy tentacle body pinned down a brown man in his lounge chair while the Entitled controlling the body fucked his mouth. In the center of the pool, a gleaming body made of force fields held a pale woman in the water while an Entitled humped her tits. Three other Entitled bodies strolled through the pool area, browsing the slave men and women while planning their next puzzle attempt.

No one was looking at Vaquel.

Technically, that was a good thing. Vaquel was an illegal visitor to this planet. As a non-Entitled, she had no rights. If she attracted too much scrutiny, then someone might notice that her certification as a slave was just a forgery. The more people ignored her the better.

But where was the fun in that?

Vaquel climbed out of the pool. Water dripped from her brown curves. She clenched her ass and not-so-casually rubbed her neck, making sure to jiggle her tits with her arm. Swinging her hips, she walked over to the swimsuit kiosk.

A holo-screen floated before her. A row of swimsuits appeared. A wave of Vaquel’s hand and the swimsuits spun like a carousel. There were suits for all types of bodies and every level of modesty. A touch of the screen changed the colors of the suits while another touch added patterns and other details.

Vaquel had something special in mind. The bikini she wore was tight and skimpy but she felt it could be more so. There was a lot of Vaquel’s body to admire and she wanted to make sure that the horny Entitled saw it all.

There. A swimsuit appeared that was obscene and hideously expensive but Vaquel didn’t care. Unlike the slave-owners who would normally receive these funds, Vaquel had no overhead or operating expenses. This planet visit was a vacation and she intended to spend every credit she earned.

Vaquel tapped a symbol on the holo-screen. Her wrist communicator beeped as the credits were deducted from her account. A laser mount in the swimsuit kiosk fired a beam that disintegrated Vaquel’s yellow bikini top. Her large brown breast fell free from their vanished restraint. The laser fired at her thong and the yellow fabric vaporized to reveal her slick pink bush of soaked pubic air.

As soon as Vaquel was naked, the matter-fabricators activated. Molecules were constructed on the sub-atomic level around Vaquel’s body. Two large rubies appeared over Vaquel’s aureoles. Three gold threads, almost invisible in thickness, spread from the rubies to circumference the curve of her breasts. The threads met at Vaquel’s neck to form a necklace.

Vaquel laughed. The micro bikini offered no support. It merely covered her nipples and highlighted her curves. It was perfect.

The matter fabricators went to work on her bottom. A tiny swath of red cloth covered her sex. The fringes of her pink pubic hair peeked out from the edges of the cloth. The fabric was so tight that the lips of her pussy were clearly visible. Gold threads that matched her top secured the cloth in place with glittering web that revealed more skin than it covered. A single thread clung tightly to the crack of Vaquel’s ass, completely exposing her buttocks.

“Perfect,” Vaquel said. She turned around and walked along the edge of the pool. Every step pulled the thong fabric tighter against her pussy lips. The red cloth was already soaked with her juices.

The sun felt great on Vaquel’s nearly naked breasts. The rubies were cool against her nipples and she wondered if they had a cooling mechanism inside. Despite the lack of support from the scant threads, there was just enough tension in the top to make her plentiful tits jiggle.

Vaquel passed the tentacle body fucking the face of the man on his lounge chair. The Entitled paused in mid-thrust down the gagging man’s throat. A tentacle-mounted sensor pointed at Vaquel and followed her as she walked by.

The wrist communicator beeped. Vaquel smiled at the sound. The Entitled was deep in someone’s mouth and he was still trying to solve Vaquel’s puzzle. That was more like it.

Up ahead was a blue woman with long green hair. She sat on the edge of the pool, slowly kicking her legs to show off how long they were. A white swimsuit clung to her modest breasts.

The woman turned as Vaquel walked by. Her eyes bulged at the sight of Vaquel’s exposed body. A flash of envy flared across her bright white eyes.

A jolt of heat filled Vaquel’s sex. The only thing better than naked desire was raw jealousy. The sheer fabric over Vaquel’s pussy began to drip with her flowing juices.

Vaquel was too turned on to return to the pool. She wanted to soak in the admiration and envy of the people around her. The nearly naked explorer walked over to a lounge chair sitting next to a purple woman wearing a yellow bikini. The woman’s body was slender, which made her nearly sexless compared to Vaquel’s dark curves.

The communicator on Vaquel’s wrist beeped. The Entitled had failed to crack her puzzle. A second later, the Entitled shouted “Ugly whorser!”

The frustrated hostility warmed Vaquel’s pussy like a nimble tongue.

Vaquel sat on the lounge chair and pressed a symbol on the side. Credits were deducted from Vaquel’s account and a slot opened on the side of the chair. Vaquel reached in and pulled out a vial of ultraviolet ray blocker. She sat up in the chair and aimed the bottle at her breasts. A simple squeeze squirted slippery liquid onto her chest. It was as warm as hot seed.

The metal cat body walked over to Vaquel and sat down. A silver saucer floated above her. A red humanoid body shaped to look like it was made of stone took a position in front of Vaquel.

The communicator beeped. One of the Entitled were attempting her puzzle. She wondered which one it was.

Vaquel rubbed the lotion into her breasts with one hand. It would be quicker to use both hands but this was much more fun. The micro bikini offered no resistance to her hands as she groped, cupped and massaged her large brown tits. It was easy to slip her fingers under the red ruby that covered each nipple, although technically the nipples didn’t need any lotion since they were covered by the rubies.

The communicator beeped, signaling the puzzle had been failed. The metal cat dug its claws into the tiles of the ground. Strangely, there was no verbal insult to accompany his failure.

Another beep came from the communicator as someone else tried.

When Vaquel’s breasts were bright and shiny with lotion, she pointed the bottle at one of her legs. The warm liquid flowed onto her thigh. She used one hand to massage the oil into her skin. The inner thigh required extra attention so Vaquel spread her thighs wide so everyone got a good view.

The purple woman next to Vaquel snorted.

“Did you say something?” Vaquel asked sweetly.

“You’re coming off as desperate,” the purple woman said. “Solvers prefer a little more mystery.”

“Oh, they do?” Vaquel said as she leaned back into her chair. She lifted her legs and pointed her feet at the sky. Her hands went to the back of her thighs as her exposed buttocks clenched together.

All three Entitled moved closer together to get a better look at Vaquel’s ass.

“Slubie,” the purple woman whispered and then turned her head away from Vaquel.

Vaquel giggled. She rolled over onto her side. Squirting more lotion into her hand, she rubbed her ass, one butt cheek at a time. In the interest of protection, Vaquel made sure to rub the lotion with slow circular motions of her hand. She even reached under the single gold thread that was her thong to make sure her crack was covered.

The communicator beeped another failure. The saucer flashed angry yellow colors. “Your ass is too big,” a speaker blasted from the saucer.

“Oh, is it?” Vaquel said innocently. She slapped her ass as hard as she could. The brown buttock quivered from the force of her strike.

The communicator beeped as someone else attempted her puzzle.

Vaquel laid back on the chair. A green sphere rolled up to Vaquel’s chair. A blue Entitled emerged from the top of the sphere and pointed at Vaquel. It pulsed in silence.

That didn’t bother Vaquel. She liked it when cocks stared at her. As the Entitled watched, she squirted more lotion into her hands and rubbed her shoulders. She took care to fold her arm over her tits as she did so, causing her large brown breasts to flatten, jiggle and compress with every movement.

The communicator beeped another failure. The red stone body barked a single “Rageshit!” before falling silent again. The communicator beeped as someone else tried.

“Oh, I bet you were really close,” Vaquel said. “Maybe you should try again.”

“The puzzle is too damn hard for this fee,” the red stone body said.

“There are too many line breakers,” the metal cat said.

“The puzzle designer doesn’t understand game balance,” the saucer complained.

“Aw, maybe you are just not that good?” Vaquel offered.

None of the bodies said anything but Vaquel could feel their frustrated rage. HoleBuster-442 had explained that damaging another Entitled’s property on a Puzzle Zone was severely punished so Vaquel she was safe, but the thrill of taunting them was making her wet. It was good to have fun while on vacation.

The communicator beeped a failure. The Entitled on top of the sphere shook with indignation.

“Impossible!” the sphere blasted over its speakers. “This puzzle is broken! It is not worth the trouble to fuck your weird looking face! I’m going to fuck this tit-sack instead!” The sphere rotated to face the purple woman at Vaquel’s side.

“Oh well,” Vaquel said with feigned sadness. “I guess I will have to wait for a real puzzle solver to fuck me. It is a shame. I have been waiting so long that my slit is just soaking wet. See what I mean?”

Vaquel spread her legs on the lounge chair. The red fabric over her sex was completely damp. To emphasize the point, she rubbed the small triangle into her pussy lips.

The sphere rotated back to face Vaquel. The metal cat and the stone body took a step closer to her crotch. The saucer hovered lower to get a better view.

“I need a big thick cock so badly,” Vaquel said and it was true. She grabbed one of her brown breasts with her hand and squeezed. The abundant breast threatened to spill out of her hand.

The communicator beeped. One of them was trying again. The purple woman glared at Vaquel with unconcealed hatred.

Vaquel shuddered. Still holding onto her tit, she pressed her other hand down on her bikini bottom. The heat of her sex warmed the fabric. Vaquel ground her palm into her sex and moaned.

“The slubie is a freak,” the metal cat said.

“Her genetic code must be hyperactive,” the saucer said.

“When I finish this puzzle, I am going to pump her slubie hole raw,” the stone body said.

The Entitled on the sphere said nothing but the pulsed with eager menace.

Vaquel stared at the stone body that threatened to fuck her raw. Her mouth opened and she licked her lips. Both eyes closed to narrow slits. Keeping eye contact with the stone body’s crotch, she rubbed the thin cloth covering her sex with slow up and down motions.

The communicator beeped a failure. The stone body clenched its hands in frustration. Another beep signaled someone else trying Vaquel’s puzzle.

“Who’s trying to fuck me now?” Vaquel groaned.

“I am, whorser,” the sphere said. “And when I solve it, I am going to pump my seed down your throat and make you choke on it!”

“I’m looking forward to it,” Vaquel groaned. “I can’t wait for you to fuck my face.”

Vaquel rubbed her bikini bottom harder. The thin material was tight against her pussy lips. She pushed down and the cloth sunk into her pussy. More and more of her pink bush was revealed.

The metal cat stood on its hind legs. A panel opened in its crotch to reveal the black shape of the Entitled inside. The phallus vibrated with rigid tension.

Vaquel shivered. She needed more than just rubbing. Snatching a hold of the wet fabric, she pulled her bikini bottom out of her sex and to the side. With her cunt completely exposed, she plunged three fingers into her pussy.

“Oh fuck!” Vaquel cried out.

“Disgusting,” the purple woman said loudly, but no one acknowledged her.

The communicator beeped another failure. The Entitled on the sphere threw a silent tantrum and swung back and forth. The sphere he rode wobbled with him.

There was another beep as someone else tried Vaquel’s puzzle. The metal cat took another step closer. “This time, your ass is mine, hole-walker!” the cat said.

“This ass?” Vaquel said. She rolled over on the lounge chair and rose up on her knees. Tilting forward, she laid her face down on the chair with her ass high in the air. One hand kept the bikini bottom pulled to the side while the other hand continued to fuck her slick pussy. Her big brown buttocks shook and wobbled as she fucked herself.

“You’re talking about this ass?” Vaquel taunted. “You want to sink yourself into my tight asshole? I bet you wouldn’t even use any lube. That would be your right. You could pound my ass and make it your slubie.”

Another shudder went through Vaquel. The lounge chair was hard against her cheek. She rocked back and forth on her knees, rolling her ass with practiced ease.

The communicator beeped. “Old slubie!” the metal cat screamed. Old? Before Vaquel had time to process that insult, her communicator beeped again as someone else tried.

The saucer dropped down behind Vaquel’s ass. It was less than a meter away from her shiny buttocks. The top of the saucer opened to reveal a thick pale phallus.

“Keep talking shitsmack, flucke!” the saucer said. “We’ll see how well you talk when I pump your slit and break you in two. I’m activating my flare-processor for this one! I’ll crack your puzzle and then I’ll crack that ass!”

A bolt of terror went through Vaquel. It had never occurred to her that the Entitled might cheat. HoleBuster-442 had conveniently left that part out. Could these angry fuckers actually solve her puzzle?

Vaquel’s pussy responded by tightening around her fingers. She groaned and kept thrusting. Juices spilled from her soaked pussy.

Fantasies flashed through Vaquel’s mind. The Entitled would ride his saucer right into her ass. The metal cat would fuck her face and choke her with its girth. The stone body would hold her down as it savagely rammed her cunt. The sphere would roll onto her chest and fuck her tits. Other Entitled would get in line, eager to break her puzzle and then fuck the battiness right out of her.

Vaquel’s climax slammed into her. She cried out as spasms racked her pussy. A spray of juices flew through the air and coated the saucer.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out. She rubbed her face into the lounge chair as aftershocks of pleasure shook her body.

The communicator beeped. The saucer had failed.

“Rageshit!” the saucer yelled. “I’m done wasting my credits on you! Your pussy is too wet, anyway!”

“Your pink hair is a weird shade,” the stone body said as it walked away.

“I like a bigger ass,” the metal cat lied as it sulked away.

“Whorser!” the sphere simply yelled.

Vaquel collapsed into the lounge chair. The wet spot from her juices soaked into her skin. She pulled her fingers out of her pussy and sucked on them. Another aftershock of pleasure made her squirm.

The chair beside her was empty. The purple woman had left at some point and Vaquel hadn’t noticed. Vaquel saw her getting fucked by the tentacle body in the water.

There was an incoming message on Vaquel’s communicator. It was from Chairbot.

“Mistress! I have been monitoring communications in your area! Puzzle Moderators are converging on your location. Nineteen reports have been filed accusing you of using a broken puzzle and being too ugly to arouse Entitled.”

Vaquel sighed. “I should have predicted that. Fine. There are other parks to go to. Send me the coordinates to that flower garden I saw earlier. I’m in the mood to tease some more cocks while I sniff something pretty.”

Jul 142021
Nine years of this nonsense?

Volume Nine of Vaquel Di’s erotic exploration of space is live on Amazon. This volume covers Vaquel’s journey through the territory of the Prober Supreme! Thrill to her sexual adventures as she takes on perversions of science and nature. This volume also includes the first appearance of the Booty Hunter.

I got to be honest, when I first thought of doing a twenty year arc of stories, I thought I would be lucky to get to five years. The fact that I am currently in the eleventh year blows my mind. Thank you for coming along with this prolonged flight of sexy madness.

Jul 072021

Explorer’s Log: I am on day fourteen of my twenty day journey to the star system designated “The Queen’s Ass Can Shake The Stars,” by Royal Astronomers. My prisoner, HoleBuster-442, tells me that much of this area is frequently patrolled by raiders looking for prey. With that in mind, I have been running on stealth mode and limiting my scanner emissions.

In the meantime, I have successfully connected the power cell I obtained recently to the new laser array. Test shots have been promising. The damage output is truly amazing. If the Royal Navy can reverse engineer this, then the Queen’s forces will be greatly enhanced.

Unfortunately, my attempt to recreate the Entitled’s force field technology has failed. The shield matrix array is just too complex for me to create with my tools. Without that shield, I wouldn’t be able to survive more than two attacks from a standard Entitled ship weapon. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: It is a bit nerve wracking knowing how vulnerable the ship is but I am doing my best to keep calm. Chairbot has been generating a constant low vibration field on his seat that is quite relaxing to sit on. Besides, I am running in stealth mode using what I have learned about Entitled scanners. I just need to trust in the Royal Navy’s tech and I will be fine.


“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. Smoke stung her eyes. Sparks flew from an overhead panel. She grabbed her glassteel helmet and slapped it on. Her short pink hair fluttered as impure air was flushed from the interior of the helmet. The bright yellow suit clung tighter to her curvy body as it pressurized.

“Where is the ship now?” Vaquel yelled.

“It’s coming back for another attack!” Chairbot yelled from under her ass. The loyal robot had linked to her ship systems in order to help. For some reason, his voice trembled as if he was moaning.

“You have doomed us all, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 barked through his speakers. The phallic alien slammed his body into the side of his containment box. “I told you that your pathetic ship wouldn’t be able to hide from the Raiders! They live to hunt, kill and fuck! Now they are going to board ship, fuck your miserable wet hole and sell me into wage slavery!”

“Shut up!” Vaquel snapped.

“Three more ships detected!” Chairbot said. He trembled under Vaquel’s ass. Was that fear?

Vaquel looked at the navigation screen. Fuck, three more ships were coming from three different directions. The Raiders never worked together. It was every Entitled for themselves out in space.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel whispered. The probe ship was barely holding together. One more hit would cripple it for good.

Or maybe it is already crippled?

“Shut down all power!” Vaquel yelled. “Vent plasma through the port exhaust!”

“Obeying, Mistress!” Chairbot said. His link to the ship meant he could do all of those things must faster than the ship itself.

“What foolish hysteria is this?” HoleBuster-442 yelled from his speakers. “Has your womb tilted and affected your mind?”

“You never heard of pretending to be dead?” Vaquel said.

“What a foul idea!” HoleBuster-442 said. “No Entitled would ever think of displaying weakness!”

“Good,” Vaquel said. “That is what I am counting on.”

The attacking ship to Vaquel’s rear turned sharply in the direction of the nearest newcomer. It unleashed a barrage of laser fire. The newcomer did as well. Lasers smashed into shields on both ships until the newcomer cracked in half.

“Enemy ship down!” Chairbot said. The vibrations on Vaquel’s ass increased and her pussy responded in kind.

“Control yourself,” Vaquel whispered to her robot, though her hand did go to her sex. She idly stroked herself as she watched the navigation screen.

The two newcomers changed course to engage with the attacking ship, while also launching attacks at each other. The three ships flew in evasive patterns while still fighting. It was a complex dance of speed and lasers.

“I can’t believe it,” HoleBuster-442 said. “The hole-walker’s pathetic scheme worked! We are saved by her lack of pride! We should flee now! The winner of this battle will return to loot the fallen ships and fuck whatever is left alive!”

“Now there’s a thought,” Vaquel said. She looked out the viewport at the shattered ship nearby. “I wonder if it’s shield matrix array works.”

“Mistress, I can drift the probe ship towards the wreckage with the thrusters,” Chairbot said. “The chemical discharge shouldn’t be picked up the Entitled.”

“Do it,” Vaquel said. “HoleBuster, how big is a shield matrix array?”

“About as big as your ass, slubie,” HoleBuster-442 said.

“Hmm, that’s not bad at all,” Vaquel said. She stood up and went to the weapons locker.

“You are really doing this, you ignorant fluck?” HoleBuster-442 said. The phallic alien shook within his cage. Laughter cackled over the speaker.

“Yes, go! Go and get captured when the surviving Raider gets back! Me and Chairbot will stay here and escape while you are getting your holes fucked raw!”

Vaquel walked over to the containment box. The laughter died on the speakers.

“Don’t worry, dickhead,” Vaquel said. “You’re coming with me.”

A few minutes later, Vaquel stepped through an airlock on the broken starship. Lights flickered with low power. The HUD on her glassteel helmet told her there was an atmosphere but she left her helmet on. There was no telling how long the remains of this ship could maintain life support.

A small red cock with white spots flew next to Vaquel. It was HoleBuster-442. The anti-gravity rig around its base looked like a high-tech cock-ring. The phallic alien didn’t need a spacesuit.

“Remember, stay within three meters of me or the gravity rig will smash you through a wall and shoot you towards the nearest star,” Vaquel said.

“Bah! Your threats mean nothing to me,” HoleBuster-442 said. His words broadcasted on a radio channel to Vaquel’s helmet. “Nothing you can do is worse than what an Entitled will do to me if we get caught. I have no interest in becoming someone else’s slave. Let’s find the shield matrix array and get out of here!”

They exited the airlock and turned a corner. A green woman’s face, her mouth open was displayed on the wall. The face was large enough to stretch from the floor to the ceiling. Next to her was another woman, this time with blue skin but a similar expression on her lips. The entire hallway was covered in displays of women’s faces.

“What the fuck?” Vaquel said.

“We Entitled like to keep mementos of our victories,” HoleBuster-442 said. “These are clearly the pained faces of the slubies the owner of this ship has fucked.”

“They look more like happy faces to me,” Vaquel said.

“Ridiculous!” HoleBuster-442 snapped. “An Entitled takes and ravishes! These are the faces of clones in pain, no doubt in the middle of being penetrated most cruelly!”

“I don’t know,” Vaquel said. “Most people don’t roll their eyes when they are in pain.”

HoleBuster-442 ignored Vaquel and floated down the hallway. “Let’s find the array and get out of here.”

Vaquel followed the flying phallus. The Entitled understood these ships better than Vaquel and made an excellent guide. They passed through corridors of moaning faces and soon reached the engineering section.

The door was open and HoleBuster-442 flew in. He went straight to a white device that stood two meters tall. Cables crossed over the device in complex patterns. Vaquel recognized the device from the schematics that HoleBuster-442 had given her.

“Wait, this is the shield matrix array?” Vaquel said. “It’s huge! You said it was as big as my ass?”

The floating cock turned towards her. “It isn’t? They look the same size to me.”

“Look, asshole,” Vaquel said. “How the fuck are we going to move it?”

“Easily, you ignorant flucker,” HoleBuster-442 said. “This button decouples the array from the mounting and this button activates the gravity suspensor to make it weightless. Then you just push it to the airlock. Should I explain it again in simpler words? I know how rarely blood reaches your brain because they pool in those giant sacks you call tits.”

“You smug little cock,” Vaquel muttered. “Wait, what is that thing over there?”

Vaquel pointed at a curious device. It was a floating sphere with five attachments sprouting from it and all them were phallic. A disc hovered half a meter above the sphere and several metal tentacles dangled from it.

“It is a torture device for hole-walkers,” HoleBuster-442 said. “I used to have one. They are great for tormenting your captives. Except mine didn’t have a vibrator function, and wait, these spikes are smooth and ribbed. This piece looks like a tongue.”

“It’s not a torture device, dickhead,” Vaquel said. “It’s a machine for getting humanoids off.”

“Rageshit,” HoleBuster-442 swore. “You’re right. How disgusting! I knew Entitled who became Raiders were deviants but his is unthinkable! He actually pleasures his captives!”

“Turn it on,” Vaquel said. “I want to try it.”

“Are you insane, slubie?” HoleBuster-442 said. “As soon as those Raiders are done fighting, they’re going to come here to loot this ship!”

Vaquel opened a channel back to the probe ship. “Chairbot, how is the fight going?”

“One of the Raiders was incapacitated but five more Raiders have joined the fight!” Chairbot reported.

“Perfect,” Vaquel said. “Activate the sextoy, HoleBuster.”

The alien cock hovered in front of Vaquel. The white spots seemed to pulse. “You are really not leaving until you satisfy your disgusting slick hole, are you?”

“Not a chance, dickhead,” Vaquel said.

“Rageshit!” HoleBuster-442 snapped. He flew over to a panel and rammed his head into glowing buttons. “I cannot believe that I have been reduced to serving as a technician for a biped’s pleasure!

There was a hum from the sphere. The attachments vibrated and then retracted into the sphere. The floating globe rotated and dropped down low enough for Vaquel to sit on.

“Good,” Vaquel whispered. She pressed a button on her belt. The locks on her helmet popped free and she took it off. Another button press and a seam appeared in her yellow spacesuit over her sex. She pulled the seam apart to reveal the thick pink bush of her pubic hair. A few strokes of her fingers opened the brown lips of her pussy.

“What do I do?” Vaquel said.

The sphere dived between Vaquel’s legs. She nearly fell over but powerful gravitational forces compelled to legs to close around the sphere. Something narrow and vibrating pressed against her pussy lips and entered her.

“Whoa!” Vaquel cried out. The slender dildo arced inside of her sex and curved with her natural slope. Strong vibrations brought her sex to life in an instant.

“Not bad!” Vaquel said. “Keeping my balance on this thing is almost a workout.”

“It’s not fully activated yet, flucker,” HoleBuster-442 said.

The disc flew to over Vaquel’s head. Metal tentacles stretched down and wrapped around Vaquel’s wrists. The tentacles then retracted, forcing Vaquel’s arms to pulled straight up.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. “Let go!”

“I thought you were enjoying the pleasure device, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 said. “Try another setting!”

The slender dildo withdrew from Vaquel’s sex. Something much thicker pushed up into her. She cried out as her tight pussy struggled to contain it all.

“Oh, you fucking cock!” Vaquel cried out.

The thick cock vibrated with increasing intensity. Vaquel shuddered from the powerful sensations. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

There was a flash of light. On the far wall, an image of Vaquel’s face was projected.

“Ha!” HoleBuster-442 snorted. “The Entitled who owns this ship is incapacitated and he still made a trophy of you!”

Vaquel tried to think of a retort but the vibrations were too strong. She could feel the buzzing in her stomach. Her pussy shuddered around the thick dildo as juices flowed onto the sphere.

HoleBuster-442 tapped a few more buttons with his head.

The dildo in Vaquel’s sex withdrew. Something smaller, but still decent in girth pushed into her. It filled her pussy and then began to pump at a steady pace.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Vaquel cried. “Right there! Keep doing that!”

BOOM! The ship rocked. Vaquel cried out in fear and them moaned with pleasure as the dildo continued to fuck her.

“We’re going to die!” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

“Don’t worry, Mistress!” Chairbot announced over the comm. “That was the shockwave of an exploding Raider ship. There are still four Raiders fighting.”

“We must stop, slubie,” HoleBuster-442 said. “Even your inferior hole-tainted mind understands that!”

“Keep . . .going . . .” Vaquel groaned.

There was a growl from HoleBuster-442’s communicator. He flew back over to the control panel and slammed into a few more buttons.

More tentacles stretched down from the disc above Vaquel. A tentacle wrapped around each of her breasts. They constricted, straining the yellow spacesuit as they compressed Vaquel’s plentiful breasts into tight cylinders.

“Oh, you fucker!” Vaquel cried through gritted teeth. The pain on her tits was incredible.

It also made he pussy all the wetter.

Another port opened in the sphere Vaquel was sitting on. It was another tentacle, although much smaller and made of a softer material. The red tentacle reached for Vaquel’s sex and burrowed into her pink pussy hair. The tiny tentacle flailed at her sex lips like a tongue.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried. No humanoid tongue could move as fast as that little tentacle. Combined with the pain of her tits being crushed and the pumping of the dildo, the pseudo-tongue was speeding her to orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes, Glory to the Q-UUHCK!”

As Vaquel was screaming her orgasm, HoleBuster-442 flew into her open mouth. The red phallus jammed itself between her lips and hit the back of her throat. Ignoring her choking, the alien phallus gleefully fucked her mouth.

“Take it you filthy slubie!” HoleBuster-442 taunted over the comm line. “Just sitting there, taunting me with your fuck-mouth and you didn’t expect me to use it! My rightful place is inside any hole that I choose!”

Vaquel gagged on the alien fucking her mouth. The spasms caused her pussy to clench tighter around the thrusting dildo inside her. The surprise abuse and filthy language pushed her towards another orgasm.

“MMMMMM!” Vaquel cried with a mouth full of sentient phallus.

A second min-tentacle joined the first. Twin tongues lashed at her pussy lips as the vibrating dildo fucked her. Juices flow from her sex, soaking the hovering sphere and dripping onto the floor.

“Take more of my magnificent girth you flucker!” HoleBuster-442 yelled. “Choke on it! I love the feeling of you gagging around me!”

Vaquel climaxed again. The resulting shudders caused her to choke spectacularly.

HoleBuster-442 flew out of Vaquel’s mouth. She continued to gag and drool feel from her lips. Tears stung her eyes.

“You fucking dickhead!” she snapped. “When we get back-UHHCK!”

HoleBuster-442 slammed back into Vaquel’s mouth. The sentient phallus pulsed in her mouth with laughter. He roughly fucked her mouth, changing angles quickly to stretch her cheeks from the inside.

“Your threats are meaningless to me!” HoleBuster-442 cackled over the speakers. “Suck on your superior, slubie!”

The dildo in Vaquel’s pussy paused. Studded bands emerged from the smooth surface. The fucking resumed.

Pleasure suffused Vaquel’s body. Her jaw went slack as HoleBuster-442 ruthlessly fucked her mouth. Both eyes rolled as her back arched.

There was another flash of light. Vaquel saw another picture of her face appear on the wall. This time it showed the flying red phallus deep between her lips.

Another shudder went through her body.

“Mistress! Seven more ships have joined the fight!” Chairbot reported over the comm. “Current number of ships fighting is nine!”

HoleBuster-442 flew out of Vaquel’s mouth again. It hovered in front of her face. A line of spit connected her lips to the red phallus’ tip.

“You fucking asshole,” Vaquel whispered. Her jaw hurt to speak.

“Good idea, hole-walker,” HoleBuster-442 said and he hovered down to the belt around her waist. He tapped his head against a button and Vaquel felt her spacesuit open in the back. Cool air kissed her bare brown bottom.

“What the fuck?” Vaquel said. HoleBuster-442 flew behind her. The tip of his head pressed against the crack of her ass. Vaquel tried to rise up but the gravity fields of the sphere kept her thighs in place. She tried to use her hands but of course the tentacles arms from the floating disc wouldn’t let go.

HoleBuster-442, slick with her spit but not slick enough, pushed against her asshole. The wiggling red phallus slithered against the tight brown ring until it slowly expanded. The sentient cock then pushed himself the rest of the way in.

“QUEEN’S TIT!” Vaquel swore. The Entitled was a little too big, a little too dry and way too much for her ass to take. It felt like her insides were being compressed to make way for a massive cock.

Vaquel climaxed again.

“Yes! I feel your pleasure as you clench tighter!” HoleBuster-442 exclaimed. “Your ass-burrow is mine, slubie! I am your lord and master! Say my name, flucker!”

Vaquel’s struggles caused the tentacles around her breasts to squeeze tighter. Her tits felt like twin stars of pain. She couldn’t believe the shape her round mounds were being compressed into.

The pain in Vaquel’s chest was beautifully countered by the sphere’s attention on her pussy. A third pseudo-tongue lapped at her sex while the studded dildo continued to fuck and vibrate inside of her. The sphere itself vibrated lightly, adding a pleasant tingling to Vaquel’s thighs.

But Vaquel barely noticed any of that because all of her attention was on the thick angry phallus fucking her ass. It reamed her tight hole without mercy. Not hampered by a body and aided by the antigravity ring, the sentient cock plunged in and out with pitiless aggression.

“I’m going to detonate inside your filthy hole, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 bragged. “I’m going to fill your dirty little shit-burrow with my essence and you can’t do a thing about it!”

“Glory the Queen!” Vaquel cried as she came again.

Hot seed shoot into Vaquel’s crammed asshole. The sentient phallus lurched and squirmed. The feeling of warmth penetrated deep within Vaquel. The quantity of seed felt like twice the size of the Entitled inside her.

HoleBuster-442 shook violently for ten seconds and was suddenly still. There was another pulse and more seed pushed into Vaquel. She felt like she was going to burst at any moment.

The sphere kept fucking Vaquel. It was almost too much. The three mini-tentacles lavished her pussy with adoration as the studded vibrator increased in speed. Throughout it all, HoleBuster-442 sat in her ass, his hot seed cooling inside of her.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried again.

The ship shook. “Mistress, that was a shockwave from four ships colliding! There are only two fighters left! You should hurry back and come sit on me!”

Vaquel winced reflexively. She doubted that she would be sitting for a long time.

“HoleBuster, wake up!” Vaquel snapped. “There are only two Raiders left fighting.”

There was no response inside her ass.

“Fine, stay in my ass and get captured by the Entitled,” Vaquel said. “Maybe they will sell you to a tycoon zone and you can coordinate cargo bay drones for the rest of your miserable near-immortal life!”

“Rageshit,” HoleBuster-442 muttered. He pulled out of Vaquel’s ass, thankfully at a sluggish pace. When he popped free of her tight ravished hole, it felt like a liter of seed gushed out.

HoleBuster-442 flew into the control panel. The tentacles from the flying disc released Vaquel’s arms and tortured breasts. The dildo swiftly withdrew from her over-stimulated pussy. The gravity felid turned off and the sphere suddenly tilted forward one hundred and eighty degrees. Vaquel slid off the pussy juice-soaked sphere and fell onto the floor.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. Hitting the floor tender tits first muted some of her afterglow.

“Are you still on the floor?” HoleBuster-442 said. The shield matrix array floated next to Vaquel. The alien cock had already decoupled it and made it weightless. He hovered in the air, still dripping with seed.

Vaquel jumped up and grabbed the slimy phallus. The red cock pulsed in her hand.

“You bound, fucked and abused my body,” Vaquel whispered.

“And I will do it again, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 shouted over the comm link.

They stared at each other intensely. Well, Vaquel stared at the phallic alien. HoleBuster-442 didn’t have visible eyes, but she was sure that he was looking at her.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said over the comm. “One of two remaining ships lost half of its mass! It is still fighting but probably not for long! You should return now! My seat warmers are standing by!”

Vaquel released the alien. “You are damn lucky that was a good rough fuck. Try it again and I will send you to the Entitled myself.”

HoleBuster-442 pulsed silently in the air. Whether it was with fear or arousal, Vaquel wasn’t sure.

Jun 072021

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Queen’s Ability to Suck Your Soul,” by Royal Astronomers. There are three planets in this system. One is a gas giant, the second is a near-molten slag too close to the sun and the third outermost planet supports life.

According to a satellite beacon, this inhabited planet is a “Chamber World”. My alien prisoner, HoleBuster-442 explained that the rules of this world. Certain sadistic/voyeur Entitled create mazes, compounds or towers that are filled with monstrous clones and valuable prizes. Other Entitled come to this planet, with their small armies of slaves, to invade these structures. Following strict guidelines, the Entitled are allowed to fuck whatever clone they defeat and in some cases, gather genetic material in order to create their own monster-slaves. In exchange the Entitled that set up these chambers are rewarded with endless recordings of the savagery that takes place, as well as the gratification of watching their monsters tear apart the challenger’s forces. It is a win/win for sadists on both sides.

Some of those prizes could be of great use to me. My prisoner has given me many of the design specs for his species’ technology, but some of the power sources needed to construct the weapons are beyond my abilities to replicate. According to the advertisements from the satellite beacon, one of those energy cells is the prize for reaching level sixty of a certain monster tower.

The Entitled’s superior weapons is a constant threat to my well-being as well as my mission for the Queen. I have no choice but to invade this tower and face down sixty levels of engineered monstrosities. It won’t be easy, but I can no less for my Queen.

Fortunately, the identification codes provided by my prisoner has allowed me to pass as an Entitled ship while in orbit. It is very uncomfortable parked next to dozens of ships that are easily capable of ripping my hull apart. After this mission, I plan to at least be able to do the same to their vessels. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Yeah, there is no way I can fight my way through this tower. According to HoleBuster-442, I would need at least thirty of my own monster slaves to get that far. It is a good thing that I don’t plan to play by the rules.

Darkness filled the room. Beams of light stabbed up from the floor in random spots. Hanging from the ceiling were white cocoons four meters in length. Each cocoon held a woman. It was easy to tell because the white material wrapped around them had been pulled apart to reveal perky breasts of all shapes and sizes.

TIK! TIK! TIK! Something tapped the ceiling as it moved. A shape emerged from the darkness. The top half, or maybe the bottom half since it was upside down, was that of a busty red woman. Eight eyes glittered on her face. Giant breasts sagged downwards. She had four arms, two of which were always groping her breasts. The other half of her body was the bloated oval of an arachnid, complete with eight spindly legs. This was the source of the tapping.

Vaquel Di stayed where she was. A skintight stealth suit clung to her voluptuous body from head to toe. Light refracted around her suit, making sure that not a single round breast, wide hip or thick thigh was visible.

The spider-woman monster paused. She pulled on her large breasts and moaned. Her eight eyes stared at the entrance of the chamber. There was a hopeful look on her face. It was clear she was hoping for an intruder.

“Might be a long wait,” Vaquel thought to herself. She has passed a group of invaders ten levels ago. They were having a tough time with a group of top-heavy cyborgs. Vaquel had lingered to watch the cyborgs fire rockets from their vaginas but left before she could find out who won. Her bet was on the cyborgs and their crotch-rockets.

One of the cocoons moaned. The spider-woman disappeared back into the darkness. TIK! TIK! TIK!

Vaquel hurried across the chamber. The stealth suit muffled the sound of every step. A beam of light emitted from the floor and passed through Vaquel’s invisible body. She reached the stairs at the end of the corridor and quickly ascended.

A sign at the top of the stairs declared in Palatino, “Level 60”.

A smile came to Vaquel’s lips. All she had to do now was find the power cell and then escape. It should be easy enough to locate. So far, every prize in the tower has been left on a convenient pedestal for easy removal.

The stair case opened into a wide room. Bright lights illuminated intersecting metal bars that emerged from the floor and walls. Each bar was a third of a meter thick. The bars formed a sort of web through the room. Curiously, the space between the bars were huge and offered no impediment to Vaquel’s height.

There was no sign of a monster. Vaquel found that suspicious. The metal bars obstructed her vision but she could make out a pedestal on the far end of the room, right beside a flight of stairs. Unsure of what else to do, Vaquel slowly walked towards the pedestal.

There was a skeleton on the floor. It looked humanoid, expect all of the bones had been crushed. That’s wasn’t good.

A meter away was another skeleton. Further down was another. Queen’s tit, the floor was littered with them!

Vaquel was increasingly unnerved. What had crushed these skeletons? For that matter, what had stripped out the rest of the body from these broken bones? Could it be invisible too?

Staying on the ground seemed like a bad idea. Vaquel grabbed a metal bar and climbed onto it. The bar was not as stable as she expected. It shifted a few centimeters. Vaquel was in no danger of falling, but it could be a problem if she was in a hurry.

There was a grinding sound. Vaquel froze where she was on top of the bar. She looked around for the source of the noise.

It was coming from a far wall. There was an opening there that Vaquel had missed earlier. Out came something large and red. It was a giant of a red woman. No, it was the top half of a red woman. The bottom half was the long tail of a giant snake.

The monster was huge. She was twice as big as Vaquel in width and girth. Glittering red scales covered most of her body except for a yellow area around her face, neck and tits. She had two arms and they rippled with muscles. The creature stretched out of the hole and curled around a large metal bar. The back half of her body extended for six meters at least.

The bar Vaquel was on vibrated as the monster moved. Vaquel grimaced. All the bars must be connected. The monster must have detected the vibrations when Vaquel climbed onto the bar.

The snake-woman slithered through the bars and towards Vaquel. A long forked tongue fluttered from her open lips. Bright yellow eyes scanned the room. The monster came within a meter of Vaquel and looked around.

Vaquel examined the creature. The scales looked armored, but the bare skin did not. Other than the forked tongue and reptilian eyes, the woman was quite beautiful. The arms were bigger than Vaquel’s thighs. Sharp talons glittered on the tips of each finger.

It was impossible not to stare at those giant breasts. They were big enough to exert their own gravity. Vaquel shook her invisible head. Every monster in this tower had enormous breasts. She wondered if they came that way or if the Entitled that owned this place bred enhanced that feature. It made her own large breasts feel small by comparison.

“I smell you,” the snake-woman said. Her voice was melodic. “I only smell one of you. Are you all that survived from your team? Take my advice and go back. Tell your owner that you failed.”

Vaquel said nothing. Maybe the snake-woman will think she left.

The monster shot through the bars with amazing speed. She slithered to Vaquel’s left and then cut back behind Vaquel. Briefly, her back was to Vaquel but then spun around. Her forked tongue extended nearly a meter and tasted the air.

“Wait a moment, something is wrong,” the monster said. Her forked tongue undulated in front of her. “I don’t smell blood. I don’t smell sweat. I don’t smell a treasure hole or the musky reward of lust. You didn’t fight and fuck your way to this level.

Slowly, Vaquel raised her wrist laser to point at the woman. It was one of the Entitled’s weapons, and she prayed that meant it would be tough enough to stop this busty horror. Maybe if she aimed for one of those tits. No, they enormous orbs might be too thick for her laser to penetrate.

“Clever, clever, clever,” the snake-woman sang. The music of her voice was quite soothing. “You are not a fighter. You have sneaked your way here. Fifty-nine levels of monsters, hand-picked for maximum sexual combat and you have avoided them all. Your plan was to just walk in and take the Mark Nine Ultra-Cell and walk out. Clever, clever, clever.”

Vaquel finally brought the wrist laser to bear. It was pointed right at the woman’s yellow eye. Wait. What was that dark furrow between the eyes? Vaquel recognized that triangle from somewhere. Was it in Exobiology class?

The snake-woman lunged to Vaquel’s left. Vaquel turned to track the monster with her laser but the snake-woman swung a thick fist and hit Vaquel’s weapon. The laser broke from her wristband and fell onto the skeleton-ridden floor.

Before Vaquel could react, the monster slithered onto Vaquel’s metal bar. She spun around the invisible explorer with incredible speed. The massive red body of the snake half coiled around Vaquel and squeezed.

Vaquel gasped. Her arms were crushed to Vaquel’s sides. Only her head, shoulders and tops of her breasts had escaped the enclosing grip.

The snake-woman brought her face close to Vaquel. She smiled. The forked tongue emerged from her lips and flicked the tip of Vaquel’s nose.

A memory came rushing back to Vaquel. Heat sensors. The dark area between the snake-woman’s eyes were heat sensors. Some reptiles evolve them to help track prey.

The snake-woman squeezed. Vaquel cried out as the crushing pain gripped her. The stealth suit flickered as the fragile systems failed. Vaquel became visible.

“There you are,” the monster said. “You wrapped yourself for me. How thoughtful!”

The snake-woman grabbed Vaquel’s head with her giant hands. Sharp talons pierced the flimsy stealth suit and pricked Vaquel’s skin. The monster pulled strips of the suit away from Vaquel’s head, exposing her face.

“Pretty, pretty,” the snake-woman said. She ran a talon through Vaquel’s short pink hair. The flickering tongue glided over Vaquel’s dark cheek.

“You are bigger than most clones,” the creature said. The forked tongue glided over Vaquel’s full lips. “I don’t recognize your class. Are you from another tower?”

“My name is Vaquel,” the explorer offered.

“No, no, no,” the snake-woman said. “You are wrong. Your name is Dinner.”

Vaquel’s heart raced but she kept her face calm. “I am not a clone. I come from another planet. That power cell is important for my survival. If you let me have it and let me go, I can help you get out of this place.”

The snake-woman hissed. Vaquel was afraid that she had offended the monster but then she noticed the creature’s tits were jiggling. The hissing gave way to laughter.

“Help me get out?” the snake-woman said. “And then what would I do? Lurk around other towers and ambush invaders on the outside? That sounds like too much work. I’d rather stay here and let come to me. I am kept very well fed.”

The coils tightened around Vaquel. She cried out again as the air was crushed from her body. Fire lanced through her ribs where her own breasts were crushing her.

“Fine, stay here,” Vaquel gasped. “Just spare my life. I’ll give you anything you want!”

“Anything I want?” the snake-woman said. “How interesting! I don’t usually think about what I want. I just take it.”

The monster’s snake body slid down Vaquel’s body a small amount. It was just enough to expose Vaquel’s chest but her arms were still pinned to her sides. The snake-woman grabbed the black steal suit that was stretched across Vaquel’s breasts. The sharp talons ripped strips away from the suit until Vaquel’s brown tits were exposed.

“They are lovely little pedestals, Dinner” the snake-woman said, staring at Vaquel’s breasts. “Do they do anything? Shoot fire? Aim your weapons? Help you fly?”

“The nipples are really sensitive,” Vaquel said.

The snake-woman flicked a dark nipple with her forked tongue. The feathery touch sent a shiver through Vaquel’s body. The monster leaned closer and took Vaquel’s breast into her mouth. Sharp fangs bite down around her nipple but fortunately didn’t break the skin. Vaquel screamed and the monster let her go.

“I see,” the snake-woman sang. “They are more sensitive than mine.”

“Can I have a taste?” Vaquel said. “You tasted mine.”

The monster hissed. “What an idea! An equal exchange! I accept your perversity, Dinner.”

The snake-woman grabbed one of her yellow breasts and leaned close to Vaquel’s face. The taloned hand squeezed and the hard yellow nipple jutted forward. She brought the nipple to Vaquel’s lips.

Vaquel sucked the nipple into her mouth. Her tongue circled the hard flesh. It had a spicy flavor. Vaquel almost drew back but she kept licking. Her tongue took long loving licks of the nipple.

The snake-woman shuddered. The yellow face faded in color. Her mouth opened and pointed fangs were barred.

“What is this, Dinner?” the snake-woman asked. “It feels good.”

Vaquel let the monster’s nipple fall from her mouth. “My kind calls it foreplay.”

“But there is only two of us?” the snake-woman said.

“No, it is what we do before we have sex,” Vaquel said.

“Ah, I usually humiliate, crush, and poison before sex, but this is nice too,” the snake-woman said. “Do it to my other breast!”

The snake-woman grabbed her other tit and presented it to Vaquel’s mouth. As Vaquel sucked on the offered nipple, the monster tilted her head back. The long forked tongue emerged and flicked the empty air.

Vaquel sucked on the spicy nipple. Her lips and tongue burned but she kept at it. She was tempted to use her teeth but the monster was probably used to rough treatment. The novelty of tender licking might be the only thing keeping her from swallowing Vaquel.

“that does feel good, Dinner,” the snake-woman said. “You are making me slick in my treasure hole.

Vaquel opened her mouth, keeping the yellow nipple between her lips. “You have a um, treasure hole?”

“Of course, Dinner!” the snake-woman sang. “How else will an Entitled fuck me if he ever defeats me? I have two. Do you want to see them?”

Vaquel nodded with the spicy nipple in her mouth.

“This is my primary treasure hole,” the snake-woman said. She used her hands to reached for an area just below her humanoid waist. Her fingers parted a fold in the scales to reveal a yellow slit.

“And this is my secondary treasure hole, in case they prefer something tighter and more painful.” The snake-woman twisted around to present her humanoid backside to Vaquel. The familiar curve of buttocks confused Vaquel until she remembered the creature was designed by horny cock-aliens. The snake-woman reached behind her and spread her buttocks to reveal a tight yellow hole.

“May I lick your asshole?” Vaquel said. “It is another skill of our people.”

“Yes, do it, Dinner!” the snake-woman demanded. Still coiled around Vaquel’s body, the monster brought her backside to Vaquel’s face. Red scales pressed against the trapped explorer’s cheeks.

Vaquel leaned into the scaly buttocks. The giant ass cheeks dwarfed Vaquel’s head. She wedged her face into the crack of her ass but the cheeks were too tight.

“This would be easier if I have my hands free,” Vaquel said.

The snake-woman didn’t hesitate. The coils around Vaquel loosened enough for her to pull her arms free. As soon as she grabbed the monster’s scaly ass, the red coils tightened back around Vaquel’s body. Her large breasts were flattened against her aching chest.

Vaquel pushed through the pain. She grabbed a red buttock in each hand and spread them apart. The yellow sphincter muscle winked at her. She leaned in and stretched out her tongue.

A bitter flavor greeted Vaquel’s tongue. At least it wasn’t spicy. She took a lick and then another. The giant butt cheeks quivered but Vaquel kept them from clenching around her head.

“Dinner!” the snake-woman cried out. “That feels great! More! Give me more!”

The snake-woman thust her ass into Vaquel’s face. The red coil tightened around Vaquel’s body. A hand reached back and grasped Vaquel’s head in a taloned grip. She pulled Vaquel hard against her asshole.

Vaquel licked harder. There was nothing else she could do. The monster’s cheeks kept clenching and it took all of Vaquel’s strength to keep them apart. Her tongue did tight circles around the yellow asshole before taking darting pokes inside the clenching hole.

“My treasure hole is soaking wet!” the snake-woman cried out.

The grip on Vaquel’s head pushed her deeper into the monster’s ass. Vaquel’s face grinded into the clenching asshole. She lost her grip on the buttocks and they closed around her. The world went dark but Vaquel kept licking.

The snake-monster shuddered. The coils cinched around Vaquel. The air was forced out of Vaquel’s lungs. Her tongue was tingling. It was getting harder to lick.

The buttocks moved away. The grip on Vaquel’s body relaxed. The pinned explorer was still trapped by enclosing scales but she could breathe again. Her breasts ached from the constant crushing.

“I need . . .a . . . moment,” Vaquel gasped.

The snake-woman swayed in front of Vaquel. The tallow coloring of her skin was almost white. Both eyes were wide open and staring at Vaquel. The forked tongue flicked the air with rapid urgency.

“Dinner, do that to my treasure hole!” the snake-woman demanded.

Vaquel shook her head. “I only do that for friends,” she lied. “I don’t lick treasure holes of people who will eat me.”

The snake-woman growled. Vaquel didn’t know reptiles could growl. She didn’t like the sound.

“I’ll make you do it,” the snake-woman said.

“You can’t,” Vaquel said. “Crush me and poison me all you like; I won’t do it unless we’re friends.”

The monster frowned. “I have never had a friend. What does that mean?”

“It is simple,” Vaquel said. “You let me go, and you let me have the power cell that I need. In exchange, I will lick your treasure hole until you scream my name.”

The snake-woman swayed as she thought. “My job is to protect the Mark Nine Ultra-cell with my life. But I have failed before, and Master always revives me. I am the best clone he has and I have never had a friend before. Hmm, alright, I will be your friend. Now lick my treasure hole!”

“Let go of me first,” Vaquel said. “No, wait. Being hugged like this is turning me on. Just don’t crush me by accident.”

“That will not happen,” the snake-woman said. “I will crush you on purpose.”

Before Vaquel could respond to that, the monster woman grabbed Vaquel’s head and brought her sex to Vaquel’s mouth. Cold scales pressed against Vaquel’s lips. Vaquel used her own hands to part the slit in the scales. A musky scent greeted her nose.

“Lick, friend! Lick!” the snake-woman demanded.

“At least she isn’t calling me dinner anymore,” Vaquel whispered. She took a test lick of the monster’s pussy. There was a savory flavor that she wasn’t expecting. It was quite nice. Vaquel licked deeper.

“Oh!” the monster woman moaned. “I like this! Give me more!”

Vaquel swirled her tongue inside the snake pussy. It was tighter than she expected for such a large creature. No doubt the Entitled made sure that all of their monster clones retained a sex tight enough for their fucking.

The snake-woman shuddered. The coils quivered around Vaquel’s body. Vaquel felt her own pussy dampen in response. She tried to push a hand into the coils to rub her sex but the enclosing body was too tight around her.

“This is almost better than fighting!” the snake-woman cried. She ground her sex into Vaquel’s mouth. As her torso moved, the top coil of her snake body rubbed back and forth against Vaquel’s trapped tits.

The smooth scales felt great on Vaquel’s brown breasts. Her nipples were rubbed one way and then the other. The compression of her tits on her chest made it harder to breathe, but there was no denying the increasing heat inside her pussy.

Vaquel explored the snake-woman’s pussy with her tongue. The texture inside was ribbed. She used her nose and chin to wedge her face between the slit in the scales. As her mouth licked, she reached around with her hands and grabbed the monster’s buttocks.

“Yes!” the monster woman cried. “You’re a good friend! Take that treasure hole like you have earned it legitimately and according to the rules!”

Sharp talons pressed against Vaquel’s head. The tiny pricks of pain fired like flares that went straight to Vaquel’s crushed breasts. The sensations amplified and went down to her neglected pussy.

Vaquel moaned into the snake-woman’s pussy. Savory juices flowed into her mouth. She used her tongue to map out the contours of the monster’s sex. Every fresh discovery was greeted with a spasm in the coils around her.

“Yes, Friend!” the snake-woman cried. “You are on target!”

Vaquel repeated the lick she just performed at the center of the monster’s sex. The interior of the pussy clenched in response. She rapidly licked in that same spot as juices soaked her face.

“Victory!” the snake-woman cried.

The monster’s body tightened in a spasm around Vaquel’s body. The air was forced out of the explorer’s lungs. Her tits felt like they were in a crushed by a gravity compacter. She gasped into the gushing pussy and frantically slapped the snake-woman’s ass.

The coils released Vaquel’s body. Vaquel nearly fell except for the snake-woman’s grip on her skull. She choked for air as her feet kicked in the air. The strain of her body weight on her neck almost made her forget about breathing.

The snake-woman shifted her grip to under Vaquel’s arms. The easing of Vaquel’s neck was euphoric. The monster lifted Vaquel until their faces were level. The bright yellow eyes glittered with excitement. Her face was almost as white as her fangs. The forked tongue emerged and licked the pussy juices from Vaquel’s face.

“That was very good, Friend,” the snake-woman said. “When I defeat the next round of intruders, I will make them lick my treasure hole like you did. Then I will eat them, of course.”

“Happy to help,” Vaquel said. Her lungs burned, but not as much as the heat in her pussy.

“You may have the Mark Nine Ultra-Cell,” the snake-woman continued. “You may even use the secret exit under the pedestal so you won’t have to go through the tower again.”

“Thank you,” Vaquel said. “I think my stealth suit is pretty much crushed at this point.” She poked the crotch of her suit. Her finger sank right into her wet pussy.

The snake-woman held onto to Vaquel’s shoulders. “Yes. I have spared you and given you the Mark Nine Ultra Cell in exchange for your life. That is what friends do. So, what will you give me in exchange for the secret exit?”

Vaquel rubbed her pussy as the snake-woman held her. “I don’t know. What do you want?”

“Lick my treasure hole, again!” the snake-woman said.

“Sure,” Vaquel said.

The snake-woman wrapped around Vaquel’s body again. The crushing coils closed around Vaquel’s sore body. The monster’s hand pressed Vaquel’s soaked face to the alien pussy once more. There was no escape until she made the creature come again.

At least Vaquel’s hand was pinned to her own pussy this time.

May 052021

Explorer’s Log: I am on day nine of my twenty-one day journey to the star system designated “The Queen’s Ability to Suck Your Soul,” by Royal Astronomers. The ship computers have finally finished analyzing the scans I made of the Entitled I captured. The creature’s genetic structure has been heavily modified to the point that I am not sure what kind of being the species was originally. That makes sense, as a species that is just a sentient cock wouldn’t be much of a competitor on the evolutionary stage.

From what I can tell, the Entitled’s body is designed to self-generate sustenance and feel extraordinary sexual pleasure. Large parts of the nervous system are dedicated to interfacing with cybernetic implants for the purpose of guiding artificial bodies. The brain is surprisingly complex and can retain amazing amounts of information. He could probably tell me everything I need to know about their technology if I could just get him to cooperate. Unfortunately, the scans tell me that his body is designed to also block unwanted painful stimuli.

Well, that explains why the first eight days have been such a failure. I thought starving him and setting extreme temperatures for his containment aquarium would get him talking but now I see I was wasting my time. If I am going to get his cooperation, I am going to have to engage him on a level he cares about. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: If I’m being honest, I was going to get my hands on the Entitled today no matter what the scans said. It has been hard staring at a lifeform the shape of a thick cock and leaving it alone.

Vaquel Di sat down in front of the enclosure she had constructed. Glassteel walls surrounded a gravel bed. Standing erect on the gravel, was a red phallus dotted with white spots. The phallus pulsed with indignant fury.

The Entitled had a name. He was HoleBuster-442. Vaquel wondered if there was a HoleBuster-441 running around. She also wondered if it was a family name. For that matter, did Entitled even have families?

She knew that HoleBuster-442 was staring back at her. The creature didn’t have visible sensory organs but she knew he was taking in the sight of her. Today she was wearing a blue spacesuit stretched across her abundant curves. The seam of her suit was open to reveal dark brown skin and the top of her cleavage. Short pink hair topped her pretty face.

The speaker light was blinking. HoleBuster-442 was speaking. Vaquel turned off the mute button.

“-and then I will fuck each one of your ears! I will detonate my seed and fill your brains with my thick ooze!”

Vaquel shook the enclosure. The Entitled fell over onto the gravel. A long snarl emanated from the speakers.

“We’re going to try something different today, HoleBuster,” Vaquel said. “I had Chairbot power down and take a nap. I don’t want my robot interrupting us.”

“That’s HoleBuster-442!” the speakers crackled. “Are you going to try new insidious tortures? Try your best, slubie! Your pathetic attempts at torment only cause me amusement. Ha, ha! See? I am already chuckling at your ineptitude!

“Damn, you talk a lot and never about anything I want to hear,” Vaquel said. “Why don’t you tell me how the force fields on your ships work?”

“You will be forever ignorant of our weaponry, hole-walker!” HoleBuster-442 said. “It sickens me to my core to think of giving a slubie like you that kind of information! If you possessed our incredible force field technology, then you would no longer be preyed upon by other Entitled! You would disrupt the natural order of your inferiority! Your kind was made to be taken and fucked!”

“Refresh my memory, does your species like tits?” Vaquel said. She pulled on both sides of her spacesuit. Blue fabric parted to reveal large brown globes of soft delight.

The red phallus pulsed in her direction. The speaker was unusually quiet.

“Or do you need a better look?” Vaquel said. She leaned against the glassteel side of the enclosure. Both of her large breasts flattened against the wall. She shifted from side to side, dragging her hard nipples across the glass.

“Squash your milk-sacks all you want!” HoleBuster-442 said. He leaned to the left and to the right in sync with her breasts. “I will tell you nothing!”

“Hmm,” Vaquel said. She leaned back from the glass. HoleBuster-442 leaned forward inside his cell. Vaquel reached for two small nipple clamps she had modified. She brought them up to the enclosure and opened their jaws. The sharp points stretched open.

“Are you going to clamp those onto me?” HoleBuster-442 said. “Ha! I am shaking with merriment! I won’t feel a thing!”

“They are not for you,” Vaquel said. “See the little bit here at the base? That is a piece of your mech body control system. I connected it to the clamping mechanism. According to my scans, you should be able to remotely control it.”

HoleBuster-442 twitched, The clamp in Vaquel’s right hand snapped shut. It opened and then clamped shut again. The clamp in her left hand did as well.

“What is the purpose of this?” HoleBuster-442 asked. There was a faint hint of excitement in his voice.

“I will put these on my nipples,” Vaquel said. “I should let you know; my nipples are very sensitive. The slightest pressure makes me wet. Because they are so sensitive, that means any sort of painful pinch is unbearable. Do you understand?”

“And I will control these clamps?” HoleBuster-442 said. “Why would you do that? I will show you no mercy!”

“I’ll do it because you will have told me how your ship’s force fields work,” Vaquel said. “My computers have a link to your neural relay. Transfer the information about force fields, and I will put the clamps on my nipples.”

There was a retching sound from the speakers. “You want me to elevate you above your undeserving status with force field technology? Just to clamp on your enormous flesh mountains? Never!”

Vaquel brought one of the clamps closer to her nipple. It was a few centimeters away. The clamp opened and closed in a fury.

“So close,” Vaquel said.

The speaker growled.

Vaquel held the other clamp to her other nipple. She moved her shoulders to swing her breasts back and forth. The clamps chomped eagerly at her moving nipples.

“You wretched hole-walker,” HoleBuster-442 snarled.

“If you don’t give me the specs on your species’ force fields by the time I count to three, then I’m cutting off your control of the clamps,” Vaquel said.

“Unworthy stupid phallus sucker!” the speakers crackled.


“Worthless underachieving slubie!” HoleBuster-442 yelled.




“Stop! Stop!” HoleBuster-442screamed. “Here! Take it all you ignorant fluck! I doubt you will know how to even use it!”

Vaquel glanced at a monitor. The screen scrolled as it rapidly received the data from the Entitled. The amount of information was astonishing.

“Now do it!” HoleBuster-442 commanded. “Give me your flesh morsels!”

Vaquel, flush with excitement from the data transfer, pressed the clamps against her nipples.

The clamps bit down. Twin bolts of pain shot through Vaquel’s tits. The teeth grinded together. HoleBuster-442 manipulated the jaws with cruel expertise.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried. She grabbed the sides of the enclosure for support. Tears sprang to her eyes. The clamps were familiar toys, but the savage biting controlled by the entitled was new.

“Yes, suffer, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 said. “Feel my power! Take what you deserve for imprisoning your betters!”

Vaquel hissed through clenched teeth. The clamps were stars of pain upon her breasts. She didn’t remember them being this tight. Was the Entitled somehow amplifying their pincer strength?

“Tremble with agony, hole-walker!” HoleBuster-442 said. “Your quiver of pains brings me delight! Oh, how I long to wiggle against your flesh-mountains as you suffer!”

Vaquel smiled. She sat up and winced as the clamps pulled on her plump breasts. Leaning back in her chair, she pressed a button on her belt. A seam opened around her crotch and expanded leave her sex bare. The bright pink hair of her pubic bush nearly glowed in the ship light.

HoleBuster-442 pressed against the glassteel of her enclosure to get a better look. “Don’t try to distract me with your fur-burrow! It will not save you from my wicked bite!”

To prove his point, the clamps opened and flexed mere micrometers. It was just enough movement to cause Vaquel’s nipples to ache with new pain.

Vaquel reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips. Pink walls glistened with her juices. She clenched and the tunnel of her sex pulsed.

HoleBuster-442 groaned. The clamps bit down with new force.

Wincing, Vaquel let go of her pussy lips and reached for something else on her belt. She pulled out two pieces of metallic cloth and pressed them to the wall of the Entitled’s prison.

“What are these?” HoleBuster-442 asked. “I am unfamiliar with your primitive excuses for technology.”

“There are cunt prickers,” Vaquel said. Her voice ragged from the cruel clamps. “I had to use precious resources from my supplies to fabricate them. They are considered an interrogation and recreational device back home. They stick to the outside of my sex.”

“Why should I care about your filthy hole accessories?” HoleBuster-442 said.

“Because there are tiny extendable needles embedded into the fabric,” Vaquel said. “Usually they are controlled by voice-command, but it was a simple matter to connect it to your cybernetics. Give it a try.”

HoleBuster-442 was unusually quiet. An instant later, a hundred needles stabbed the glassteel walls of the enclosure. The needles retracted and emerged in rapid pulses. The tapping sounds from the walls sounded like a rainstorm.

Evil laughter boomed from the speakers. “Put them on now! I demand it!”

Vaquel shook her head. “What good are force fields without weapons? I have been trying to duplicate the lasers that your ships use, but the power source and frequency is beyond my scanners’ capabilities. I need more information.”

HoleBuster-442 wiggled. The clamps on Vaquel’s breasts relaxed to a dull sting. The Entitled fell over and continued to wiggle on the sharp gravel on his cell.

“Fuck,” Vaquel whispered. Is he having a seizure? Much of the creature’s biology was still a mystery. Was there a problem with the cybernetic connection?

“RAGESHIT!” HoleBuster-442 screamed over the speakers. The entitled jumped back up to is base and slammed into the wall of the enclosure. “Fucking slubie fluck whorser!”

“Is that a yes?” Vaquel teased. She pulled the cunt-prickers off the side of the prison and leaned back in her chair. With her legs spread wide, she dangled the metallic strips over het wet sex.

“It is unthinkable!” HoleBuster-442 said. “A slubie armed with Entitled weapons? It is an abomination! It upsets the natural supremacy! I would be the most hated Entitled of all time! The ultimate fluck!”

“I don’t know what that is,” Vaquel said. “Do you want to dominate my pussy or what? You have to the count of ten.”

“RAGESHIT! Here! Take it, slubie!” the speakers snarled.

New data filled Vaquel’s computers. The monitor displayed reams of text flying by. Diagrams and blueprints flashed and disappeared.

Vaquel smiled. The fucker actually did it. The need to hurt someone outweighed his loyalty to his species. She sympathized.

“Put them on, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

Vaquel did what as he commanded. She pressed both strips to either side of her labia. Nanobot adhesives pushed past her thick pubic hair and secured themselves to the skin. Thankfully, the adhesives wouldn’t strip her hair out when she removed it later.

“There,” Vaquel said. “They are in place. FUCK!”

Hundreds of needles stabbed Vaquel’s sex. She gripped the arms of her chair in pain. The needles lingered and then retracted. A moment later, needles stung on her left side and lingered briefly before retracting. That is when the needles of the right side struck.

“Oh, perfect,” HoleBuster-442 moaned on the speakers. “I can see the agony etched on your face. When I escape from here, I will create more of these hole-stabbers and sell them to other Entitled. I will make a killing at a Tycoon Zone!”

The clamps on Vaquel’s nipples bit down harder. The fucker hadn’t forgotten about those. The clamps released and tightened in unpredictable patterns that happened to coordinate with the stabbing of Vaquel’s sex.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel babbled. She hadn’t been subjected to a cunt pricker since the Academy. It was too easy to forget just how insidious they could be. The hundreds of tiny needles not only pricked with stinging pain, but they also sensitized as they worked, making Vaquel more aware of every new pain she endured.

“Take it, slubie,” HoleBuster-442 babbled. “Call me you master! Do it!”

Vaquel grimaced. “You’re the one in the cage, cock-brain!”

Hundreds of needles stabbed Vaquel’s sex at once. The clamps bit down with force far exceeding their construction parameters. Vaquel’s nipples and pussy transformed into burning infernos of pain.

“Ow! No, Master! Please, don’t Master! I’ll call you whatever you want”

The needles retracted, or at least most of them did. Enough remained to keep Vaquel’s pussy feeling like it was being perforated. The clamps around her nipples relaxed and but still held on tight enough to keep her pinched flesh buttons throbbing.

“Yes, slubbie, I am your Master!” HoleBuster-442 moaned.

The Entitled pressed against the walls of the enclosure. His red body writhed and undulated against the hard glassteel. The white spots on his body pulsed. Lubricant fluid oozed from the slit in his head.

Vaquel smiled. Her vision was blurry with tears but she could see how aroused the Entitled was. Now was the time for the most important question.

“I want to know how the Entitled ship sensors work,” Vaquel whispered. It was hard to speak when your pussy was being needled. “I want to know what it takes to evade them.”

The relentless stabbing and retracting of Vaquel’s sex continued. “What can you possibly offer me for that?” the speakers rumbled. “I am the Master of your misery. No further torture is necessary now that I have your hole.”

Vaquel reached for her last surprise that she had kept under her chair. Pain flashed in her sex as she moved. The terrible clamps pulled at her nipples as her weight shifted. Fresh tears flowed down her cheeks as she picked up the small ring and set it down in front of the enclosure.

“This is a harness,” Vaquel said. “I modified some of the anti-gravity thrusters from my micro-probes and connected it to your cybernetics. If you wear this, you will be able to fuck me.”

All of the needles retracted. The clamps relaxed to a muted throb. Then, all of the needles stabbed at once. The clamps bit down with doubled strength.

“Is this true? Are you lying, hole-walker?” HoleBuster-442 said.

“Have I lied yet?” Vaquel said through clenched teeth.

“The hole-biter stays on if I fuck you,” HoleBuster-442 said. “And the clamps!”

Vaquel laughed. Instead of denial, he was negotiating. “Deal, but you can only fuck me until you come.”

“How dare a whorser like you tell me when I am done!” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

Hundreds of needles rapidly stabbed Vaquel’s labia. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. In a storm of painful pricks, she felt the lightning flash of a near-orgasm.

“Take the deal, or keep humping the wall, cock-brain,” Vaquel said.

The speaker was silent. The small ring levitated off the table. HoleBuster-442 must have established a connection. The ring flew in tight circles and then settled back down.

“I accept, slubie,” HoleBuster-442 said. “Now open this cage!”

New data filled the monitor. Vaquel could barely see the screen through her tear-filled eyes. She pressed a button on the side of the aquarium and the lid retracted.

The harness flew up and into the cage. HoleBuster-442 stood up straight and the ring slid down his length and tightened around his base. There was a groan from the speaker and then HoleBuster-442 levitated into the air.

“Told you,” Vaquel said. “Now fuck me, cock-brain!”

HoleBuster-442 shot out of the enclosure. The phallic alien flew with surprising skill. As soon as it was out of the cage, it dived down towards Vaquel’s spread open legs.

The thick head of the red alien smashed into Vaquel’s pussy. She cried out as hundreds of needles grinded against her sex. HoleBuster-442 wiggled and burrowed his way inside of her until almost his entire length was submerged.

“Feel my immense girth, slubie!” the speakers cackled. “I know this is what you have been craving! All of your demands have just been a ruse to have me fuck you again like the cock-loving fluck that you are!”

At that moment, it was hard for Vaquel to deny. The arrogant alien felt wonderful inside her. Thick veins pulsed and grinded inside her in all the right ways.

The anti-gravity harness continued to work. It pulled HoleBuster-442 halfway out of Vaquel’s tight cunt and then plunged back in. After several punishing thrusts, the harness began to rotate, spiraling the phallic alien in and out like a drill.

The rest of the connected toys continued to punish Vaquel. The nipple clamps bit and relaxed in furious pulses. The stabbing needles from the cunt-pinchers tattooed sadistic designs into the over-sensitized sides of Vaquel’s pussy. Both sets of devices tormented Vaquel while the thick alien fucked her silly.

Pain and pleasure warred within Vaquel. Every fuck of the phallus agitated the stabbing needles. Every gasp of pleasure moved her breasts and caused the clamps to tighten. She groaned with pain. She moaned with pleasure. Her body was in a tug of pain between ecstasy and agony.

Ecstasy won. Vaquel climaxed and screamed her pleasure.

“Glory to the Queen!” she screamed.

The speakers grunted in response. “You love it, you whorser! You live for the pain! My cock in your fur-borrow justifies your existence!”

Vaquel came again. “Glory to the Queen!” Her pussy clenched despite hundreds of pricking stings.

“Your sex hole is so big!” the speakers crackled. “I have had tighter but not wetter! You are a sorry excuse for a fluck but I am going to rut your pitiful small brains out anyway!”

Vaquel came again. She grabbed both of her breasts and squeezed, not caring that she was grinding the biting clamps into her breasts.

“Oh, oh, oh!” HoleBuster-442 grunted. “You’re going to make me detonate! You’re going to do it! You filthy slubie, here I blast!”

Hot seed flooded Vaquel’s stuffed pussy. The alien jerked and wiggled. Vaquel felt a surge of sticky fluid fill her sex and spill out. Where did it all come from? She swore the amount was larger than the Entitled’s total mass.

After ten seconds of coming, HoleBuster-442 was suddenly still. It pulsed once more to eject a final load of seed into her sated sex. The needles retracted from Vaquel’s exhausted labia. Both the clamps relaxed but were still tight enough to barely hang onto her tender nipples.

“Damn, you’re a good fuck despite having no legs or hands,” Vaquel whispered. She reached between her legs to pull the alien out.

HoleBuster-442 suddenly withdrew from her pussy. More seed spilled out of her sex. The clamps bit down with full force. More needles, no, ALL of the needles stabbed her vulnerable sex.

“FUCK!” Vaquel cried out. Any afterglow was obliterated in a flash of sudden pain.

WHAM! Something thick and heavy slammed into her head. It left a sticky mess on her hair.

“Die you weak ignorant fluck!” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

WHAM! The flying red phallus smashed into Vaquel’s head again, knocking her out of the chair. She spilled to the ground, landing on top of her tits and the savage clamps. Hundreds of needles grindinded into her pussy.

“Computer!” Vaquel screamed. “Override: Cockblock!”

HoleBuster-442 fell to the ground. The speakers emitted a scream of helpless despair. The cunt-pincher strips dropped from Vaquel’s skin. Both clamps let go of her nipples.

“RAGESHIT!” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

Vaquel sat up. The wiggling red phallus was trying to crawl away from her. It was leaving a trail of pussy juice and alien seed. She grabbed it and gave it a good hard squeeze.

“RAGESHIT!” the speakers screamed again.

Vaquel kept squeezing. She knew HoleBuster-442 wasn’t feeling any pain, but it felt good to do it.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” Vaquel said. “I gave you a great fuck and you immediately tried to kill me afterwards. That is downright ungrateful of you.”

“Death is too good for you, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 yelled. “I was going to send out a distress call and then bargain with the first Entitled who came! My plan was to barter for a new body and then use it to fuck each and every one of your holes until you screamed in submission! When I was done with you, I was going to shave your head and wear your hair as a come-rag!”

Vaquel laughed.

“What are you laughing for, you stupid fluck?” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

“You’re a mean little dick,” Vaquel said. “I think I got all of the information I need from you, but I don’t know. Maybe I should keep you for a little bit.”

“RAGESHIT!” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

Apr 072021

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Ecstasy of the Queen’s Slightest Touch,” by Royal Astronomers. There are twenty-three planets in this system and all of them are inhabited by the Entitled and their bipedal clone slaves. It may take a few days to catalog every planet while also dodging Raider ships.

The ninth planet is less populated than the others and therefore the safest to explore personally. There is a curious lack of technology on the planet, except of course for the automated clone tanks underground that occasionally spits out new clones. The clones themselves use only primitive hand weapons and live as nomads. Animal life is abundant with almost no carnivore species. Weather patterns are mild and produce is plentiful. It fits the criteria for a Garden Planet and if verified, it will be another jewel for the Queen’s collection.

The Entitled must use this planet for their war games. I have witnessed this on other worlds. The Entitled like to collect harems of soldiers and battle each other. No doubt the lack of technology is just another variant for them. The sadistic bastards must enjoy watching the clones fight with such inefficient weapons.

I want to examine one of the clone tanks. Maybe I could learn something about the bipedal clones that would let me exploit them on other planets. Sensor scans have detected a possible tunnel entrance in a sparsely populated area. I will go down and see what I can find. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Thanks to Chairbot getting mugged at the last station we visited, I only have one miserable weapon capable of taking on an Entitled and it’s a laser that I have to strap to my wrist. I should be okay. All the clones are carrying edged weapons and clubs; I am sure the Entitled are similarly armed. The fuckers do like their rules.

Vaquel Di squatted down in the tall grass. A cool breeze blew past and the vibrant blue grass wavered like ripples in a pond. Small birds flew in lazy circles under a clear orange sky. The rays of the bright sun warmed the soul as well as the body.

It was nice. No, it was fantastic. The sun and the breeze felt good on Vaquel’s bare skin, and today, there was a lot of skin. Instead of her normal skintight spacesuit, Vaquel decided that she needed to blend in better with the local population. She wore a white loincloth made of synthetic fur that covered her pink pubic bush but barely covered her large brown buttocks. Around her chest was a synthetic white fur bikini top that struggled to contain her massive dark tits. The scanner she used was cleverly disguised as a water gourd that she wore on a strap. She also carried a spear that she made from a tree, but that was mostly to show she was armed. For real protection, she carried the laser that Chairbot had bought, but covered it with a synthetic fur wristband.

The only thing missing from Vaquel’s disguise was dirt and filth, but she wasn’t that committed to authenticity.

There was movement in the grass. Vaquel stayed perfectly still. About ten meters away, a small group of nearly naked humanoids walked by. There was two men and two women. They stuck close together and constantly looked in all directions.

Were they hunting? They looked a little too fearful for that. A bird took flight and all four of the humanoids dropped to the grass and hid.

“Not much of an army,” Vaquel thought to herself. On other worlds, the Entitled liked to fight each other with proxy armies of sex slaves. If these primitives were soldiers, they were poor ones at that. Then again, maybe the Entitled liked the challenge of leading such cowardly forces. Who knew with those phallic assholes?

The small group took off running to the east. Vaquel wondered what spooked them. Probably their own shadows.

Vaquel returned to the task at hand. She tapped the side of her ‘gourd’. Holographic numbers appeared in the air. Power readings were nearby, which meant there was a possible entrance to the underground clone tanks.

But where? Vaquel stood up. Fields of blue grass stretched in all directions. The wind blew and set off waves of movement in the swaying grass.

“Fuck. Meter by meter circle scan it is,” Vaquel said. She stuck her spear in the ground to give her a central point. Gourd in hand, Vaquel began to walk an ever-expanding circle around her spear.

The readings were unusual. The ground had been disturbed in multiple places, and there were signs of collapsed tunnels. Something burrowed through this region and did it often.

Vaquel had a theory. The clone factories were underground, and they supplied the world with a steady supply of clones for the Entitled to abuse, but you would also want to protect the clone tanks from being broken by foolish clones. What if the clone factories shipped their clones to the surface somehow? Maybe with a tunnelling vehicle?

On her sixth circuit around her planted spear, the gourd-scanner beeped.

That was when the ground erupted. Dirt and grass flew into the air around Vaquel. Instinctively, she reached for the pistol she normally kept on the belt of her spacesuit, but all she touched was the synthetic fur of her loincloth.

Cold metal grips encased Vaquel’s waist and lifted her from the ground. Strong pincers cinched around her ankles and spread her legs apart. Another pincer snatched her loincloth and ripped it away.

It was a giant crab of some sort with a long oblong body and multiple limbs. Vaquel counted four legs and three sets of arms of descending sizes. The largest arms and pincers had her waist. The second largest held her legs apart and the smallest set of arms had stripped her loincloth. There was no discernable head or eyes, though there were some curious looking whorls on the surface of the shell.

Wait, that looked like a metal shell. Vaquel grabbed the arms around her waist and felt a hard alloy. This was no natural creature; this was a mechanized body.

Could this be the vehicle the clone factories used to deliver clones to the surface? The shell was big enough to hold a clone, although it might be a little cramped. Vaquel decided to wait and see what the crab did.

“Aren’t you a big clone!” the crab said in crude Palatino. The sound came from speakers on the arms. “I’ve never seen this color of hair before. Are you a rare?”

It was a fucking Entitled! Now that Vaquel knew what she was looking at, she realized the whorls on the shell was actually writing. It read, “HoleBuster-442.’

Something touched her head from behind. One of the smallest arms had extended around her. It stroked her short pink hair in an almost pleasing manner.

Vaquel was annoyed by her naivety. The clone slaves on this planet might be restricted to primitive weapons, but the Entitled wouldn’t feel compelled to handicap themselves that way. These bastards had just as much respect for rules as Vaquel did.

It was a good thing that Vaquel had her wrist laser. The stupid crab hadn’t bothered to restrain her hands. She just needed to figure out where to aim. Fuck that. She would just shoot every bit of it until it stopped moving.

One of the small metal hands went to her sex. It was surprisingly tender. The pincer rubbed up and down the slit of her pussy.

Vaquel decided to hold off on shooting it just yet.

“Is the interior of your fur-burrow as big as the exterior?” HoleBuster-442 asked.

Vaquel wasn’t sure how the primitive clones on this world talked, so she kept her mouth shut. She squirmed within the crab’s pincers but was careful not to actually wiggle free. To complete her disguise as a helpless captive, she bit her lip in mock-fear.

The small pincer pushed inside Vaquel’s sex. The ridges on the claws felt wonderful. Vaquel clenched down and shuddered.

“That’s a good fit,” HoleBuster-442 said. “I was out here spawn camping for new clones. I like to snatch them as soon as they crawl out of the ground. There is nothing like new slubie holes. I like to be the first Entitled they get in their little fur-burrows.”

Aha! That confirmed Vaquel hypothesis about how the clones get to the surface, though she didn’t think they would dig their way up. It showed a lack of concern about the clones and their safety. That was something to think about.

The Entitled’s story about ambushing newly born clones also confirmed her very well documented theory that the Entitled are all assholes.

The claw began to pump inside Vaquel. It moved slowly, exploring the depths and tightness of her slick sex. The small arm swiveled and looked for new angles to plunge into her.

Vaquel clenched her mouth shut. It felt great. She wiggled her pelvis as much as the pincers around her waist would allow. One of her breasts fell out of her tight fur top but the Entitled inside the crab didn’t seem to notice.

“I’m going to make this fur-borrow my cock-lair, but I have to make sure you’re wet enough first, slubie,” HoleBuster-442 said.

Vaquel whimpered submissively. Some of it was acting.

The pincers holding Vaquel’s ankles spread her legs wider apart. Just when she thought that her legs couldn’t spread any further, the pincers stopped. The stretching was just on the edge of being painful. Vaquel felt terribly exposed, which only turned her on more.

The wind gusted around them. The tall blue grass bent in submission. The cool wind kissed Vaquel’s pussy lips as she was being fucked.

The claw inside her sex moved faster. It pumped in and out with mechanical precession. Between thrusts, the claw would rotate one hundred and eighty degrees before plunging back in. The ridges on the claws grinded wonderfully against the walls of her pussy.

It was getting harder for Vaquel to keep quiet. The Entitled was damn good at what he did. Tremors ran down her spread legs. The urge to clench her thighs around the thrusting claw was incredible and being denied that urge only made her wetter. She grabbed her exposed breast and brough the nipple to her mouth. Biting down on her soft flesh sent a shiver through her body and kept from crying out.

“You enjoy that, don’t you, you over-sized slubie,” HoleBuster-442 said. “Your fur-borrow is so lucky I am fucking it! No one invades a fur-burrow like me! This is the best you have ever had!”

Vaquel shuddered with pleasure but her analytical mind couldn’t help judging the alien’s statement. It was good, but she was sure that she had better. A few past lovers came to mind as well as once or twice with her own hands. She stayed quiet though. The Entitled were like most cocks in that they were made of mostly ego.

Something touched Vaquel’s thigh. It was the other small crab hand. At some point it had stopped petting her hair and she forgotten about it. This one gently pinched the inside of her dark thigh. It was light enough that it didn’t hurt, but the extra stimulation made her skin all the more sensitive. She bit down harder on her plump breast to keep from screaming.

“I know what slubies like,” HoleBuster-442 said. “Once they take a ride on my claws, then I invade their fur-borrows personally. You’re going to beg me to keep you but I’m going to get my trophy, toss you aside as soon as I finish. I’ll be fucking another slubie while you spend your days and nights wishing I would come back for you! But I am not going to come back! I fuck them and leave them! That is what I do and you are just going to be another poor slubie dreaming about me being inside you again!”

The Entitled’s unlikely scenario enflamed Vaquel’s lusts. She pictured herself wondering this primitive planet in search of this one alien. Her pussy would ache and drip but nothing could every satisfy her again. She would give up traveling through space just to get fingered by a crab machine again.

Sometimes the more ludicrous fantasies are the ones that Vaquel needed. She climaxed. Pleasure blossomed from her pussy and spread through her body. She cried out her pleasure in a primal scream.

“That’s right, soak my claw,” HoleBuster-442 said over the speakers.

The claw came to a stop inside of her. Vaquel shuddered with the aftershocks of her orgasm. She opened her mouth and her exposed breast fell from her lips.

Oh, that was nice but Vaquel still had a mission to do. Maybe it was time to wrap this up and shoot herself free. She looked down and tried to judge where to best fire her shot. Maybe at the joint where the arm connects to the shell? She pulled the fur wristband covering from her laser.

“Now you are ready for me,” HoleBuster-442 said. “Prepare to be astonished!”

The small claw pulled out of Vaquel’s sex. She whimpered at the absence in her pussy. The large claws holding her waist pulled her up and over to the top of the crab body. The pinchers holding her ankles brought her legs up and together, stretched out in a sitting position.

“Behold my immense power!” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

The top of the crab shell cracked open. A red cock with white circles emerged. Cybernetic implants at the base of the phallus secured the Entitled to his mech body. The alien phallus throbbed and pulsed.

Vaquel looked down. It was a nicely shaped and a bit thick, but ‘immense’ might have been an exaggeration. Still, she wouldn’t mind having it inside her. She pulled the fur wristband covering back over her laser. Maybe the alien could fuck as well as he fingered.

“I can see you are stunned by my giant size!” HoleBuster-442 said. “Even your giant fur-borrow might not be able to contain me! Prepare to be stretched beyond your wildest dreams!”

Vaquel bit her lip to keep from laughing out loud.

The large crab arms lowered Vaquel down towards the Entitled. The tip of the phallic alien wiggled against her pussy lips. The arms kept lowering Vaquel as the Entitled slipped inside her. Down she went until she was completely impaled on the boastful cock.

Vaquel shuddered. The Entitled wiggled and writhed inside of her. It wasn’t the biggest that she had ever had, but he was certainly among the most mobile. Her closed legs added to the snugness of the fit. The Entitled’s frantic writhing inside of her was hitting all the right spots. If he vibrated, he would be damn near perfect.

“Yes! So much delicious fuck cream!” the crab speakers blasted. “Feel my power within you! Take the best cock you will ever have in your pathetic slubie life! Prepare for ultimate fur-burrow drilling!”

The crab arms suddenly lifted Vaquel’s body upwards and then dropped her back down on the Entitled’s impaling body. The collision of the metal shell on her bare ass stung like a slap. The thick alien rammed deep up inside her. A split-second later, the motion repeated and kept going.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out, forgetting her pretense of silence. The rapid fucking caught her by surprise. The hard metal shell of the crab smacked her ass with each drop of the claws. Her remaining breast bounced out of her fur bikini top and now both tits flopped wildly. She grabbed the large claws for support but her fingers slid off the smooth metal.

The claws used Vaquel’s body as a sleeve to fuck the Entitled. Despite the incredible speed, the claws never lifted Vaquel high enough for the Entitled to leave her pussy. The squirming alien filled her sex with each jarring impact. Juices drenched the Entitled and formed a puddle on the crab shell.

Vaquel gritted her teeth. Her ass burned from the rapid collisions with the shell. Both breasts bounced and swung with their own centrifugal force. The position of her closed legs meant every drop was snug and constricted. Her pussy melted from the non-stop pounding.

The helplessness of the situation increased Vaquel’s arousal. She was being used like a toy. The Entitled wouldn’t let her spread her legs to release some of the tightness. With the exception of her secret wrist weapon, she was being completely dominated. Another climax was swiftly fucked out of her.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted. A group of startled birds took flight from the tall blue grass.

“Yes!” the crab speakers hissed. “Spout your savage babble! Crumble in submission as I claim your fur-burrow!”

The fucking increased. Vaquel sobbed in bliss. Her ass was a stinging star. The wiggling phallus inside her ravaged her captive pussy. One of her breasts slapped her face and she didn’t care. She threw her head back and stared up at the clear orange sky as another orgasm rose within her.

“Glory to the fucking Queen!” Vaquel shouted again.

“Yes!” HoleBuster-442 shouted. “Yes! Yes! This is my cock-lair now! This wet slick hole belongs to me! Oh-I’m going to detonate!”

The crab claws suddenly stopped. Vaquel’s large brown tits slapped her again in the face before dropping. Her tender ass burned against the multiple slams into the metal shell.

Hot seed filled Vaquel’s sex. The Entitled spasmed inside of her. The thick seed stuffed her slick pussy and spilled from her sex lips.

“Ohhhhhhhhh,” the crab speakers blasted.

Vaquel caught her breath. She hadn’t realized she had been panting. The crab arms stayed tight around her. The pincers around her legs kept them stretched out.

Should she escape now? There was a clear line of sight to the joint she had picked out earlier. Vaquel held her fire. Maybe the Entitled wanted to keep fucking. She wouldn’t mind another round.

Oh Cruel Queen, did that mean she was addicted to the Entitled’s cock body after all? Had HoleBuster-442 been telling the truth? When she left, was she going to pine for him?

Vaquel snorted. That was ridiculous. No, she was just willing to have a little more before she left this planet. That was perfectly normal, right?

A minute passed. HoleBuster-442 was silent and also still. The wind blew and was cold against Vaquel’s nipples. She stuffed her tits back into her white fur bikini top.

Another minute passed. Vaquel became impatient. She clenched around the alien.

“No more, no more,” the speakers crackled. The crab arms lifted Vaquel upwards and forward. The alien slipped out of her sensitive pussy. Seed and juice splattered down onto the shell. The Entitled sunk back down into the depths of the crab body as the opening in the shell sealed shut.

Vaquel was disappointed but she noticed it was a normal level of disappointment. It wasn’t an insane level of disappointment that meant she was addicted to his alien body. No, what she felt was a normal response to having a good fucking and wanting just a little more.

Then again, Vaquel was a bit tired. It would be nice if the Entitled would just let her go and be along his way. It would save her the trouble of fighting him. Besides, after a fuck like that, she was feeling merciful.

The crab arms let go of her feet but the larger arms held onto her waist.

Another part of the crab shell cracked open. A new arm came out. There was something sharp on the end of it. The sharp end began to buzz.

“Hold still while I get my trophy,” HoleBuster-442 said. “Don’t interfere or it will cut your hands.”

Trophy? Vaquel had seen this before. One Entitled took pictures of her tits. Chairbot reported that some Entitled on the station he visited liked to collect articles of clothing. Maybe HoleBuster-442 wanted to take her loincloth or her top.

The arm with the buzzing tip moved towards Vaquel’s head. Understanding crashed into Vaquel. The fucker was going to cut her hair!

“Fuck this!” Vaquel said. She pointed her wrist laser at the buzzing arm and fired.

ZAPPP! A crimson beam sliced right through the shaving arm. The top half of the arm fell to the ground.

“That was a laser! Slubies aren’t allowed lasers!” HoleBuster-442 yelled.

The claw arms tightened around Vaquel’s waist. Crushing pain assaulted her pelvis.

ZAPPPP! The laser sheared the crab arm at the joint where it connected to the shell. The pincer popped open. ZAPPP! Vaquel shot the other arm and dropped to the ground.

“Oh spoor,” HoleBuster-442 said.

ZAPPP! Vaquel shot one of the legs out from under the crab.

“Stop! Wait!” HoleBuster-442 said as the mechanical crab scrambled backwards on its remaining legs. “This body is not equipped for laser weapons!”

Vaquel laughed. ZAPPP! There went another leg.

Two of the crab arms lunged towards Vaquel. She danced back and fired. ZAPPP! ZAPPP! The arms fell to ground.

“This isn’t fair!” HoleBuster-442 yelled. “Slubies are made to be hunted! Not to hunt us! Who gave you a weapon, you ignorant savage!”

ZAPPP! Vaquel shot out another leg as she circled the crab.

“I bought it,” Vaquel said. “From a weapons dealer on a space station. Well, my robot did.”

HoleBuster-442 gasped. “I fucked an off-worlder? Ewww! Fine, go away! I don’t need a trophy anyway!”

Vaquel stopped firing. She pulled lightly on her damp bush. “Really? You don’t want this nice pink hair in your collection?”

The crab body stopped retreating. “Maybe just your pubic hair?” HoleBuster-442 said.

“No,” Vaquel said.


Sparks flew from the perforated remains of the crab machine. Whole sections cracked open and spilled parts and circuits to the grass. Hydraulic fluid pumped like burst arteries. The smell of burnt metal hung in the air despite the breeze

Vaquel reached into the wreckage. She felt around and wrapped her fingers around something soft and terrified. Pulling her hand free, she looked at the red phallus with white spots that she had captured.

“Come to think if it, maybe I want a trophy.”

The Entitled wiggled in terror.

Mar 032021

Explorer’s Log: This is day twenty of my fifty-eight day journey to the star system designated “The Ecstasy of the Queen’s Slightest Touch,” by Royal Astronomers. I have encountered a space station called “Tycoon Zone-54”. Entitled Raider ships are docked here and there is an atypical lack of combat between the ships. The Entitled are usually at each other’s phallic throats, so I have decided to stop and investigate the cause of their non-hostility.

Initial contacts with the station have been revealing. They assumed I was an Entitled and I did nothing to dissuade them of that mistake.

The rules-of-engagement document they transmitted was fascinating. The Entitled on the station engage in a form of Commerce Warfare. Raiders come to the station to trade their stolen property for credits. The Station Entitled then offer services and goods in exchange of these credits. These credits cannot be taken off station, so the Raiders are encouraged to spend everything before leaving.

Interesting. The Entitled have exchanged one form of combat for another. Competition for goods, credits and workers is high. If an Entitled who lives on the Station ever loses all of their money, they are ejected out an airlock or forced into debt-slavery. Most Entitled purchase a ship and become Raiders before that happens.

One of the trade goods provided on Tycoon Zone-54 are weapons. Nothing I have has even scratched an Entitled or one of their ships so I need to purchase some weaponry for my own protection. My plan was to steal some, but buying will be much safer.

Initial inquiries with the station have established that they are willing to give me credits for the pornography I have recorded for the past ten years. I can’t purchase any ship weapons with the amount estimated, but I could easily buy personal weapons. The problem is only Entitled are allowed to step foot on the station without becoming property. That is a big fucking problem.

Fortunately, the Entitled are just big sentient cocks with no arms or legs of their own. They like to travel inside mechanized bodies for protection. This gives me a cunning idea. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: The interest rates for Starting Business Loans on Tycoon Zone-54 are as cruel as any torture Queen Erishella has ever come up with. These business-minded Entitled are just as vicious as their Raider kin. There is no fucking way I am going on that station. That is what loyal robots are for.

Chairbot wheeled through the deck of the station. Entitled pseudo-bodies pressed around him from all sides. Some of the bodies were floating boxes while other bodies resembled humanoids with enormous codpieces. The Entitled took pride in how they looked, so each one was heavily customized and unique.

Which made Chairbot feel oddly underdressed. He was just a purple chair on roller wheels. Mistress had painted one of her didloes to look like an Entitled and then placed it inside a matching purple box. The box was sitting on Chairbot’s seat. Personal force fields kept the box in place. If he needed to, he could open the lid of the box and present his “true self” and hopefully pass as a real Entitled.

Hopefully. If it didn’t work, Chairbot would be captured by the first Entitled who could subdue him. From there, he could be sold to other Entitled, forced to work in one of the many fabrication factories on the station or even broken down for raw materials.

Chairbot suppressed this negative stream of reasoning. It was no good contemplating catastrophic scenarios. Mistress was counting on him. If he succeeded at this mission, Mistress had promised that she would sit on him for twelve uninterrupted hours!

Multiple pleasure routines activated at the concept of this possibility. Chairbot contemplated how wonderful it was when Mistress’ large brown ass grinded against the contours of his seat. He lost several thought-cycles calculating the thousands of micro-clenches Mistress’ bottom would perform on his vibrating body.

Chairbot returned to the task at hand. He had already visited the credit exchange and finalized the sale of Mistress’ pornography. Using the station’s communicators, Chairbot had made contact with several weapon dealers and compared their prices. He created a potential buying list based on Mistress’ requests and current funds.

Current Purchase List

Two beam weapons capable of breaking Entitled force fields.
One ballistic weapon capable of penetrating Entitled armor.
Three venomous weapons capable of poisoning an Entitled.
Two stun weapons capable of incapacitating an Entitled mechanized pseudo-body.
Five grenades capable of shredding Entitled armor and equipment.
One really cool looking knife.

It was possible to buy every item on this list with eight hundred and forty-one credits left over. That bothered Chairbot. The closed economy of Tycoon Zone-54 forbade any credits leaving the station. Once Chairbot left, those credits would be reclaimed by the station. That kind of loss was unacceptable to Chairbot’s analytical mind. He felt that losing credits was a disservice to Mistress.

But what else could Chairbot spend credits on? Even a second cool looking knife was beyond his budget. He resolved to scan the stores along the way to the first arms dealer in the hopes of finding inspiration.

The layout of the station was a maze of shops and narrow walkways. Every square meter of space was available for rent. Stores and service shops were crowded against each other with only cheap force fields and flickering holographic privacy fields to separate them. The designated walkway was narrow and winding as the station owners sought to wring every possible rentable store space out of the layout.

Chairbot rolled at a slow pace, constantly jostled by larger and quicker Entitled pseudo-bodies. Through the crowd of bodies, he scanned for promising stores. The entitled were not ones for subtlety and their store titles were easy to understand.

Stuff You Eat. Sluts to Fuck. Guns. Body Repair. Weapons for your Ship. Harem Replacements. Guns. Stuff to Wear. Guns. Big Breast Clones. Intoxicants. Media about Explosions. Guns. Mouths to Fuck. Raw Food. Weapons for You. Clone Tanks. Guns. Asses.

Chairbot came to a stop. The Asses sign hung on a flimsy looking shack. Next to the sign was a monitor screen playing looped videos. The image of a green woman’s ass clenched and unclenched on the screen.

Several pleasure programs activated inside Chairbot and faded too quickly. That was a magnificent ass. The buttocks were round and firm without a hint of gravity’s influence. Was it a real ass or just a simulation?

Chairbot was mesmerized by that ass. Before meeting Mistress, Chairbot was just a sex robot on a planet of sex robots that didn’t know their function. Mistress had taught him that he was made to vibrate against asses and in exchange for this knowledge, he had loyally accompanied her across countless star systems. In all those journeys, he had been lucky enough to experience a few more asses upon his seat but the total number was less than double digits. In his entire existence, that he was aware of, he had never been sat on by such an astronomical body of an ass like the one on the screen.

There was a price listed beside the ass. It was just under the number of leftover credits that Chairbot needed to spend. .0000006 milliseconds later, Chairbot decided that it was a worthy purchase.

Chairbot rolled through the curtains covered the doorway into Asses. There was a small lobby area with five doors leading out. Inside the lobby was a beige humanoid woman working on a console. The monitor cast a reflection of scrolling numbers across her face.

“Welcome to Asses,” the woman said, not looking up from her monitor. “What kind of ass can we provide you with today?”

Chairbot was not insulted that the woman was focused on the monitor. Almost every worker on the station served multiple jobs in order to maximize their owner’s investment. Judging by the numbers he saw; this greeter was also in charge of record-keeping and paying bills.

“I want the green ass from the video outside,” Chairbot said.

“Right way,” the beige woman said. “Please sign this user agreement first and transfer your fee to the listed account.”

Chairbot received the user agreement over the station’s system. The agreement penalized the user financially or any harm to the store’s property. It also specified that the initial fee only close proximity with clothed property and any other interactions could be unlocked with future payments. There was a last cause, coded in dense jargon, that penalized the user for any damage inflicted on the store’s property.

It took Chairbot half a second to read, analyze and sign the agreement. He transferred it back, along with the initial fee listed. The motors inside his seat buzzed with anticipation.

The beige woman kept typing. “Go to the third door. You have three pulse cycles. More time can be purchased inside.”

Chairbot rolled over to the third door. It opened on its own. It was dark on the other side, though Chairbot’s sensors easily detected the dimensions of the small room and the one life sign. For a moment, he considered that this might be a trap and was tempted to roll away.

But then he remembered the wonderful green ass in the video monitor and decided to take the risk.

As Chairbot wheeled into the room, a dim light came to life in the ceiling. It illuminated a sparse room with a sink, waste receptacle and a cot along one wall. Holographic numbers appeared on the far wall, counting down. The door closed behind Chairbot as he rolled towards the center of the room.

A woman lied on the cot with her backside to Chairbot. She was a meter tall with a shiny white material stretched across her body like a second skin. Only her head was uncovered, to reveal green skin and curly blonde hair.

Chairbot stared at her bottom. The white fabric was a flimsy polymer on the wonderful ass. Even lying sideways, Chairbot could tell that this was the same ass from the display screen. A pleasure program activated inside his system by the sheer proximity to this remarkable ass.

The woman sat up and turned around. She turned off the small computer she had in her hand. Chairbot briefly wondered what secondary job she had been working on before deleting the query as unimportant.

More important to Chairbot was that now that she was sitting up, the woman’s ass was temporarily obscured from his view. The loss of visual contact triggered a despair program in Chairbot’s operating system. He became painfully aware of the speed that the holographic numbers were counting.

“Hello, my name is Ressy,” the woman said. Dimples formed in her cheeks when she smiled that reminded Chairbot of the dimples in her buttocks. “What is your name?”

Chairbot had to check the alias that Vaquel had created for him. “VaginaBreaker-216,” he replied.

“It is a pleasure to serve you, VaginaBreaker-216,” Ressy said. She stood up and turned around. The glorious polymer-covered bottom returned to Chairbot’s view. Giant globes flexed and shimmied under the white polymer.

“Does my ass meet your approval, VaginaBreaker-216?” Ressy asked.

“Yes!” Chairbot answered.

Ressy shifted her hips from left to right. The liquid-thin polymer covering her body glistened in the light. She reached back and grabbed both buttocks with her hands. The polymer looked like it was about to crack but held firm.

New pleasure programs came online inside Chairbot. No wait, he had experienced them before, but it was a long time ago. It was the same programs that activated when he first met Mistress. How interesting. That implied that there were rare enjoyments that could only be accessed when encountering new asses. That was valuable to know.

“I really shouldn’t do this for free, but there is something about your chassis that liquidates my assets,” Ressy said.

“Do what?” Chairbot asked.

Ressy let go of her buttocks and then expertly slapped her own ass. SMACK! The impact sent shockwaves through the polymer-covered ass.

Other programs turned on inside Chairbot. There were slight pleasure components in these programs but their overriding function was something else. Desire. Chairbot found himself overwhelmed with internal requests for more of that wonderful ass.

“Please don’t tell my bosses I did that,” Ressy said with practiced meekness. “They would be so angry.”

“Sit on my seat!” Chairbot snapped.

Ressy grabbed her ass again and pulled. The massive buttocks spread open but the white fabric skin obscured the growing crack of her ass.

“Pay the close contact fee first,” Ressy said.

Chairbot scanned the list of fees that been transferred to him. Close contact was one of the cheaper fees, but was still a significant portion of his budget. It would greatly impact his ability to buy weapons for Mistress.

Updated Purchase List

Two beam weapons capable of breaking Entitled force fields.
One ballistic weapon capable of penetrating Entitled armor.
(Cancelled) Three venomous weapons capable of poisoning an Entitled.
Two stun weapons capable of incapacitating an Entitled mechanized pseudo-body.
(Reduced from Five to Two) grenades capable of shredding Entitled armor and equipment.
One really cool looking knife.

Ressy released her buttocks and clenched her ass in front of Chairbot. Scanners told Chairbot how much force Ressy’s ass was generating between her cheeks. The need to feel that force for himself was insurmountable.

Chairbot authorized the credits. The station communications system made the necessary transactions. Once the transfer was finalized, the shop’s computer informed Ressy by the implant in her skull.

“Thank you, VaginaBreaker-216!” Ressy said. She looked over her shoulder. There was a triumphant smile that quickly faded.

“Do you want me to sit right on top of your cockpit?” she asked, a bit uncertain.

Chairbot had forgotten about the false Entitled pod on his chair seat. The programs that appreciated wonderful butts was eating into his short-term memory cycles. There was no way that he could get the woman to sit on him without crushing the pod.

“One moment, please,” Chairbot said.

Ressy frowned. “I’m sorry, I am not familiar with that word you said.”

Chairbot ignored her linguistic request. All of his attention was on moving that pod. He tinkered with the vibrational motors in his seat to create a tactile compression field. Once the field was established under the fake life-support pod, he moved the field and the pod to the back of his seat and up the back-support section of his chair. The motors in his back-support were designed for this, but Chairbot was capable of amazing engineering feats when it came to getting access a new ass.

“Oh, how versatile!” Jessy said.

“Now sit on my seat, please,” Chairbot said.

“There is that word, again, ‘please’,” Ressy said. “Is that a new term for sluts?”

Chairbot was about to answer when Ressy sat down on his seat. Abundant curves eclipsed the flat platform of Chairbot’s seat and spilled over the edges. Multiple pleasure programs activated, duplicated themselves and activated again. The thin material of the woman’s outfit blocked .08% of Chairbot’s sensors from detecting every muscle, every fat deposit and every structural design of the two heavenly buttocks.

“Queen’s tit,” Chairbot said to himself. It was one of Mistress’ orgasmic exclamations but it was appropriate here. He had no other terminology to describe the overwhelming grandeur he was experiencing.

The woman began to move. She braced her feet and clenched. Back and forth, she grinded her ass across Chairbot’s seat.

“Like that?” Ressy asked.

Pleasure programs filled Chairbot’s consciousness. Countless sensors scanned the composition of muscle and fat inside the woman’s ass. Euphoric reports overwrote non-critical memory storage spaces like fire hazard protocols and grappling resolutions.

In response to this unearthly ass-grinding, Chairbot’s vibration motors activated. Waves of vibrations pulsed against the woman’s bottom. The polymer sheath she wore stretched under the duress.

“Oh! Your chassis vibrates! It feels so good!” Ressy moaned.

“Take off your suit and it will feel better!” Chairbot said.

Ressy clenched on top of Chairbot’s seat. “I’d love too, but you have to pay for it first.”

Chairbot consulted the list of fees again. The listed amount triggered self-preservation warning systems. The ability to complete his purchasing mission for Mistress would be greatly compromised.

Ressy wiggled on Chairbot’s seat. The resulting pleasure programs consumed computing cycles necessary for threat-analysis. The decision became a lot easier.

Chairbot spent five whole seconds considering the consequences of spending more of Mistress’ money. Unfortunately, his risk-reward processor was spending all of its computing power on committing the grinding of Ressy’s plump ass into permanent memory storage. After failing to get an accurate risk assessment, Chairbot decided to just pay the damn fee.

Updated Purchase List

(Reduced from Two to One) beam weapons capable of breaking Entitled force fields.
One ballistic weapon capable of penetrating Entitled armor.
(Cancelled) Two stun weapons capable of incapacitating an Entitled mechanized pseudo-body.
(Reduced from Two to One) grenades capable of shredding Entitled armor and equipment.
One (moderately) cool looking knife.

Chairbot authorized the credits once again. A dread program tried to activate but was over-written by seven anticipation programs.

“Thank you, VaginaBreaker-216!” Ressy said. She stood up from Chairbot’s seat and pressed a button on the wall. A red light projected from the ceiling. The polymer covering on her body began to disintegrate.

As soon as Ressy had moved from Chairbot’s seat, Chairbot began to have second thoughts. Did he really just spend some of Mistress’ money to strip a woman? Mistress was going to kill him! He needed to leave right now before he wasted any more of her credits!

The last of Ressy’s outfit fell apart. She was completely naked. Two angelic green buttocks were exposed in all of their glory.

Chairbot’s guilt and fear were smothered by visual pleasure programs.

Without being told, Ressy sat back down on Chairbot. The ecstasy of bare skin against vibrational motors sent Chairbot into a stupor. He mapped out every millimeter of her ass while her cheeks clenched and quivered.

“Oh yes, you feel so good, VaginaBreaker-216!” Ressy moaned. “Is there anything I can do to make you feel good? Want to come out of your cockpit and let me touch you?”

Cockpit? Chairbot was confused for a moment before remembering he was impersonating a sentient phallus driving a chair-shaped body. She was offering to touch the fake dildo that Mistress stuffed in a box. That wouldn’t do much for him, but he thought of some other things.

“I want to exert a force field into your anal orifice,” Chairbot said. To sweeten the request, he increased the power of the vibrators in his seat.

“OH!” Ressy cried out. She gripped the edges of Chairbot’s seat. The vibrations caused ripples to form on her ass.

“I would love that, VaginaBreaker-216,” Ressy said. But you got, OH YES! Pay the fee first. OH FUCK FUCK FUCK!”

That was a bad idea. Even Chairbot’s compromised systems knew that. The resulting credit balance would be invoke Mistress’ rage and tendency towards revenge. He would be lucky if she didn’t eject him her ship.

Ressy’s buttocks clenched tighter. The intense vibrations caused her sex to flow with lubrication. She rubbed her ass back and forth and side to side against Chairbot’s seat.

Rational systems within Chairbot failed in exponential numbers. He calculated the damage if he paid the fee for penetration. The numbers were almost, but not quite, sobering.

Updated Purchase List

One beam weapon capable of breaking Entitled force fields.
(Cancelled) One ballistic weapon capable of penetrating Entitled armor.
(Cancelled) One grenade capable of shredding Entitled armor and equipment.
(Cancelled)One moderately cool looking knife.

Chairbot authorized the credits. A new program, entitled “Existential Gloom” came online. The concept of mortality cycled through the robot’s systems and introduced him to the speculation of what happens to a robot’s identify when it has been disassembled.

“Thank you, VaginaBreaker-216!” Ressy said. “Penetrate my ass at will!”

Chairbot set aside thoughts of eminent dissolution and acted on Ressy’s permission. His seat motors changed vibrational frequencies. A phallus made of projected force rose from the seat. Other vibrational forces pulled the green buttocks apart to expose her asshole. The rising phallus entered her ass and slowly expanded.

“OH FUCCCCCK,” Ressy said. There was no need for lube because there was no friction. One moment her ass was closed and now it was open. Tingling vibrations pushed deep inside of her.

“This is incredible!” Ressy said. “You’re going to make my assets liquidate, and for real! I’m not going to have to fak-FUCK!”

Ressy climaxed. The giant green buttocks quivered, clenched, spasmed and shook. Her anus clenched down with monstrous force but the force field inside her ass stayed firm. Fluid sprayed from her sex and soaked the floor.

Chairbot drowned in ass and pleasure programs. Every processor was dedicated to experiencing the bliss he was generating. Every other system became secondary, then tertiary until finally being knocked offline in preference to feeling the ecstasy of this amazing ass.

That included the force field holding Chairbot’s pseudo-cockpit to the back of his chair. The purple box fell and slid off Ressy’s back to land on the floor. The bottom corner of the box crumpled from the fall.

“Bankruptcy!” Ressy swore. She jumped up from Chairbot’s seat and knelt down beside the fallen box. “Holy RGN, are you all right?!”

The sudden removal of Ressy’s bottom deleted multiple pleasure programs. Chairbot felt himself returning to sanity. Enough pleasure programs remained to give him a sense of afterglow, but that pesky Existential Gloom program was refusing to go away.

“I’m alright,” Chairbot said. “Uh, the interior is much tougher than the exterior suggests. Could you put my cockpit back on my seat, please?”

“Right away, VaginaBreaker-216!” Ressy said. She picked up the box very carefully and set it back on Chairbot’s seat. The force fields reactivated and locked the seat in place.

“Want to go back to what we were doing?” Ressy asked.

Chairbot checked his systems. Curiously, the overwhelming desire for the green ass was lessened. He could make proper decisions again. It suggested that the experience of the new ass might have been more appealing than the ass itself. He would have to ponder that at a later date. If he survives Mistress.

“No thank you,” Chairbot said. “I must be going!”

“Too bad,” Ressy said. “Come back anytime!”

Chairbot didn’t answer. He rolled out of Ressy’s room and considered what he was going to tell Mistress when he returned. The Existential Gloom program took over two processors as he considered his options.

Explorer’s Log: Chairbot returned with only one lousy beam weapon and a nasty dent to the fake cockpit I attached to him. He claims he was mugged and threw himself at my mercy. It looks like I made the right choice in sending him. The damage to his cockpit looks ugly. Better him than me.

I told him he was being punished by not being allowed to touch my ass for a full day cycle. The meek robot eagerly accepted his punishment. Weird, I know how much he loves ass. He must feel really guilty about failing me. Good. He should. End Explorer’s Log.

Feb 032021

Explorer’s Log: This is my fourth day at the star system designated “The Exhausted Whimpers of the Queen’s Enemies,” by Royal Astronomers. After mining raw materials from the atmosphere-less fifth planet, I have been able to fabricate metals and components to repair most of the damaged inflicted on the probe ship by the Entitled I encountered weeks ago. Weapons and parts of the solar sails are still offline, but I will need to obtain rarer elements in order to continue those repairs.

The third planet in this system looks promising. Ruined cityscapes cover the planet. I detect the remnants of higher technologies mixed in with the rubble and blast craters. Some kind of massive war happened here but I detect no sighs of any active weapons of mass destruction.

What I do detect is groups of life signs engaged with battles with each other. Their weapons are small scale and personal. Initial observations cannot discern any sort of communications or greater organization. I suspect these are small bands of survivors fighting over the scraps of this world.

What is really curious is that a tiny fraction of the life signs read as the small phallic aliens known as the Entitled. The rest of the life signs are humanoid. Are these humanoids slaves or enemies? I shall see what I can discover when I go scavenging. End Explorer’s Log.

Vaquel Di opened her eyes. The open sky loomed above her, framed by three ruined walls. Her nipples ached. Pain flared along her back. The crotch of her spacesuit was soaked like she had just been fucked.

What happened? Where was she?

She turned her head. Grit pressed against her brown cheek. She saw the top of a set of stone stairs. Turning her head in the other direction, she saw a busted window and the ruined cityscape beyond.

Memories slowly crept forward. Vaquel was on this planet to look for materials to scavenge. The sound of battle had echoed all day. Her scanner indicated some sort of power cells on the third floor of this ruin. She had climbed the stairs and looked out the window. There had been a pink flash of light.

That was it. Vaquel couldn’t remember anything else. She tried to sit up but her pussy was too tender to move.

“I found her!” a voice yelled in Palatino.

“Move to secure!” a second voice commanded.

Vaquel battled her soreness to rise to her feet. A busty female humanoid was at the top of the stairs. She was naked except for a tactical harness that exposed her dark black breasts. A sparkling blue collar was around her neck. Frizzy black hair formed a halo around the woman’s head. She was barely a meter tall. Each hand held a short sword.

The woman dropped her swords and rushed towards Vaquel. Vaquel tried to fight her but her body was moving so slow. The woman pushed Vaquel onto her back and easily rolled her over. Vaquel was helpless as the woman slapped some sort of restraint around Vaquel’s wrists.

“Target secured, Biper!” the woman said.

“Sit her up, Posa, so we can get a look at her,” Biper replied.

Vaquel was rolled back onto her back. The dark woman grabbed Vaquel by her short pink hair but couldn’t get a grip. She grabbed Vaquel’s shoulders instead and pulled her to a sitting position.

Another short humanoid stood before Vaquel. She was a bluish color with long green hair pulled into a ponytail. Like her companion, the woman wore little in the way of clothing except for a pair of green open-crotch pants. A matching blue collar was around her neck. The rifle she carried was almost as tall as she was.

“Damn, her capacity for pleasure must be high if she is already awake,” Biper said. She pressed a button and the rifle’s barrel retracted by half. Now that it was smaller, she slung the weapon over her back.

A third humanoid came up the steps. She was yellow in color and had much smaller tits than the other two. Metal clamps pinched her nipples. A thick blue dildo jutted from her bare pussy. The way she walked indicated that she had something inserted into her ass. Her head was completely bald. A holster strapped around his hip carried a small pistol.

“Which Entitled does she belong to?” the bald woman said.

“Shut up, Rianca,” Biper said. “Though it is a good question. I have never seen a soldier with this many clothes before.”

Posa touched Vaquel’s neck. “I don’t feel a collar.”

“Could she belong to a Raider?” Rianca asked.

“Raiders don’t have harems, slubie,” Biper said. “That is what makes them raiders. They are too lazy to manage and dominate slaves so they steal from others. No, she might be an unclaimed clone.”

“I’m no clone,” Vaquel said. “I am a member of the Royal Navy serving Queen Erishella.”

“What is a Queen?” Posa asked.

“It is a woman who rules over everyone,” Vaquel said.

Biper laughed. “That is ridiculous. Only Entitled can rule people. She must be a defective clone. It would explain how big she is. Open her suit up.”

Posa pulled a small knife from her tactical rig. She pressed the knife point to the neck of Vaquel’s grey spacesuit. The sharp metal sliced through the flimsy material. Posa cut a seam between Vaquel’s large breasts and down to her metal belt.

Vaquel’s heavy tits popped free of the torn spacesuit. All three of the soldiers gasped. Rianca came closer and poked Vaquel’s dark breast with her finger.

“They’re bigger than my head!” Rianca said.

“Shut up, Rianca,” Rosa said. She tried to cup one of Vaquel’s tits with her hand. The small palm barely covered an aureole.

Vaquel groaned. Her breasts were sensitive to the touch. What exactly had they shot her with?

“Let’s get a look at her ass,” Biper said. “If it is as big as her fun sacks, then Master ReamCreamer-0990 is going to give us a huge reward. Maybe even promotions.”

Posa pushed Vaquel back down onto the ground and then her rolled over. Vaquel felt her strength returning and tried to fight back. It was futile with her hands bound. Rianca braced her knee on Vaquel’s back while Posa applied to the knife to Vaquel’s buttocks.

Vaquel froze as she felt the knife point press against the small of her back. The knife pierced her space suit with ease. She laid perfectly still as Posa cut a circular hole around her buttocks. Posa tore the material away and then laid a dark hand on her brown ass.

“It is just the way he likes it,” Posa said. Her hand squeezed. “ReamCreamer-0990 is going to fuck this loot box for week solid.”

“Good,” Biper said. “He has been in a shit mood ever since GagLord-4444 captured three of us yesterday.”

“I miss Nayley too,” Rianca said.

“Shut up, Rianca,” Biper and Posa said together.

“Should I call ReamCreamer-0990 and report this in, or do you want to?” Posa asked.

“Not yet,” Biper said. “It is another hour before we need to check in. I say we take a turn with this mutant clone before we turn her in collaring and training. I want to see if that big mouth of hers knows how to munch my depot.”

“But ReamCreamer-0990 cut our orgasm rations after our defeat!” Rianca interjected. “it is against orders to feel pleasure for another fifty hours.”

“Get smart, slubie,” Biper said. “I have been in five different harems since I stepped out of the clone banks. One thing I have learned is that Masters only care about fucking and taking shit away from other Masters. Part of being a harem soldier is learning when to look out for yourself. We’re all going to take a turn with this mutant’s face and maybe play with her loot box. Got it?”

Vaquel groaned. They planned to abuse her? The thought sent a fresh gush of heat to her wet pussy.

“I don’t know,” Rianca replied.

“Shut up, Rianca!” Vaquel snapped.

“You heard the mutant,” Biper said. “Posa, roll this slubie over. As long as we leave her ass alone, ReamCreamer-0990 will be happy.”

Vaquel was pulled back over onto her back. This time, Vaquel didn’t resist and in fact, she helped. Grit from the floor poked her bare ass. As Biper approached Vaquel’s legs, the space explorer spread her legs in submission.

“See? She spreads her legs like a soldier,” Biper said. She got down on her knees between Vaquel’s legs. Producing her own knife from her pants, she cut a hole around Vaquel’s crotch. She tore the grey spacesuit material away to reveal the thick pink bush of Vaquel’s pubic hair.

“Wow, she is soaking wet!” Riance said.

“Open your mouth, Rianca,” Biper said. She pushed three small fingers into Vaquel’s exposed sex. The fingers sunk into Vaquel’s wet heat and then withdrew. The blue fingers were covered in glistening juices.

Rianca opened her mouth. Biper put her wet fingers into Rianca’s mouth and Riance closed her lips around them. The subordinate soldier moaned her delight.

Biper grabbed one of the clamps around Rianca’s yellow nipples. As Rianca sucked Vaquel’s juices, Biper twisted the clamp. Rianca rose to her toes and her face contorted in pain, but the obedient soldier kept sucking.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. She hadn’t seen such dominance and abuse of rank since her days at the Navy Academy. It made her pussy ache worse than it already was.

Biper pulled her fingers out of Rianca’s mouth and let go of her nipple clamp. She slapped the yellow woman on the ass and pointed at Vaquel’s chest. “Play with her ammo dumps, slubie!”

Rianca dropped to her naked knees beside Vaquel. She grabbed Vaquel’s nipples in each hand and pulled. The tony hands were like clamps of their own as they pulled on the hard nipples.

“Permission to assault her face first?” Posa asked.

“Granted,” Biper said. She jammed her fingers back into Vaquel’s slick sex.

Posa braced her dark feet to either side of Vaquel’s head. Juices dripped from the smooth pussy lips. The soldier squatted down and lowered her sex directly to Vaquel’s mouth. The shortness of her legs meant her crotch was fully settled onto Vaquel’s trapped head.

Vaquel opened her lips. The fruity taste of the woman’s sex surprised her. The small sex didn’t give Vaquel’s tongue much room to work with but she made up for it with enthusiasm. She rapidly licked the alien soldier pussy with mouth-watering need.

Biper curled her fingers inside Vaquel’s sex. The tiny hand formed a fist within her. She pushed in and out of Vaquel’s larger pussy with increasing speed. The slickness of Vaquel’s sex with ease.

“She might be too big for ReamCreamer-0990,” Biper said. “It is a good thing he only fucks asses. If he fucked this giant loot box he might feel inadequate.”

“Maybe he could wear some sort of a sleeve to make him bigger,” Rianca said.

“Shut up, Rianca,” Biper snapped. “And keep working those turrets.”

Rianca pulled harder on Vaquel’s nipples. Vaquel whimpered into Posa’s sex. As Rianca leaned in close and bit the side of Vaquel’s breasts. Sharp teeth clamped down on Vaquel’s sensitive brown globes.

“Whoa!” Biper said. “She clenched so hard that she nearly broke my hand.” It didn’t stop her from continuing to fist Vaquel’s gushing sex.

“Oh, waste buckets!” Posa cried. Her dark thighs quivered as held her squatting pose. Vaquel’s mouth was sealed onto her pussy lips. She had to reach down and brace herself on Rianca’s shoulders to keep her position.

“The mutant is going to make me boom!” Posa cried.

Vaquel barely heard her. She was focused on the fruity juices flowing from the alien’s sex. Her tongue found three different nubs of flesh that might have bene clitorises. Vaquel licked and sucked on each one in a rapid rotation.

“Boom!” Posa cried. She spasmed uncontrollably. The halo of her frizzy black hair shook wildly.

“I want some of that,” Biper said. “Get up, Posa. Rianca, eat this mutant’s loot box.”

“Right away!” Rianca said.

Three bodies shifted around Vaquel. The weight of Posa’s body left her face. Hands and teeth released her tits. A small fist left her sex. Vaquel stayed where she was; her face soaking wet but not as wet as her hungry cunt.

Biper mounted Vaquel’s face facing away from Vaquel’s body. The rough fabric of the soldier’s green pants pressed against Vaquel’s cheeks. The blue pussy lips were dripping wet in the open crotch of the pants. Biper grabbed Vaquel’s head as she grinded her sex into Vaquel’s face.

Vaquel tried to lick but Biper was moving too fast. The alien soldier was fucking her face. Vaquel’s nose, lips and chin were ground into the slick pussy.

A small mouth pressed against Vaquel’s pussy. She felt Rianca settle in between her thighs. An eager tongue licked Vaquel’s outer sex lips with only teasing flicks going any deeper. Hot breath tickled Vaquel’s pubic hairs. Firm hands pressed down on Vaquel’s thighs even though she had no intention of ever closing them.

Where was Posa? Vaquel got her answer when a hand slapped the side of her breasts. The small but powerful hand struck like a paddle. Before Vaquel could process the pain, a backhanded slap struck her other breast.

Vaquel was in a state of euphoric delirium. Her body was already super-sensitized from whatever the fuck they had shot her with. The act of being stripped and judged had triggered all of her masochistic tendencies. Having her face used while her sex was being stimulated was sending her to another level of pleasure. The hard slapping of her breasts was just the final push she needed to go over the edge and into a hard orgasm.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel screamed into Biper’s grinding crotch. Her back arched and her bound hands pushed into the ruined floor. Spams ran down her spread-open thighs.

The soldiers took no heed of her climax. Rianca kept licking Vaquel’s pussy. Posa kept punishing her tits. Biper mercilessly rubbed her sex into Vaquel’s face.

“I can’t wait until ReamCreamer-0990 is done fucking this slubie’s ass,” Biper grunted between thrusts. “I am going to fuck her face every shift!”

“I’m going to use all of my clamps on these ammo dumps,” Posa said after a hard slap.

Rianca said something into Vaquel’s pussy but no could understand her and no asked her to repeat herself.

Vaquel wondered if this would be her fate. Would she become an ass slave to some alien cock? Was she destined to die while fighting meaningless wars between armed harems? Was she to spend the rest of her days eating pussy and getting her breasts slapped and clamped?

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted as she climaxed again.

“Boom!” Biper yelled. The grinding of her crotch onto Vaquel’s face came to a sudden stop. Her pants clenched tightly around Vaquel’s head. Tremors ran through her body.

Posa gave Vaquel’s heavy tits one more slap. Stinging pain shot through her massive globe. As Biper’s body shuddered on Vaquel’s face, Vaquel trembled and rode out the pain in her tit.

As for Rianca, the submissive soldier kept licking Vaquel’s soaked sex.

“PING!” A high-pitched note rang from three collars. Biper dismounted from Vaquel’s face in an instant and stood at attention. Posa and Rianca did as well. They grabbed their breasts and held them up as if for inspection.

Vaquel looked up at them in a post-orgasmic haze. What was going on?

Holograms projected from the soldiers’ collars. The holograms merged to form a floating white sphere covered in weapons. Jutting from the center of the sphere was a thick yellow phallus covered in black stripes. The phallus throbbed with malignant urgency.

“All fighting soldiers report back to base!” ReamCreamer-0990 shouted. “Enemies are inside my base, killing my slaves!”

“Yes, Master!” all three soldiers shouted. The hologram vanished and the women let go of their breasts.

“Rianca, grab the mutant’s legs and I’ll get her arms,” Posa said. “She’s heavy but the two of us might be able to carry her.”

“Forgot that,” Biper said, unslinging her rifle. “If we try to carry her back, we’ll be easy pickings for whomever is invading the base. I have no wish to join a new harem today. Posa, you come with me and we’ll help defend the base. Rianca, you keep your useless ass here and guard the captive. We’ll come back for her when it is safe. Don’t fuck this up, Rianca!”

“Right away!” Rianca said. “I won’t let you down.”

“You better not,” Posa said, picking up her swords. “Or we will double the clamps on your ammo dumps and triple the size of the punishment rods in your loot boxes.”

Rianca shivered with fear.

Biper and Posa went down the stairs. Rianca walked over to one of the busted windows and looked out. She idly touched the dildo in her pussy and played with it while keeping watching.

Vaquel rolled over onto her side. She lifted one leg up into the air. Juices dripped from the wet bush of her pussy.

“Hey, Rianca,” Vaquel said.

“What?” Rianca said from her post.

“Do you want to keeping eating my pussy?” Vaquel said.

Rianca turned towards Vaquel and licked her lips. “I’ll get plenty of chances once we get back to base. Then you will be the newest soldier and I will be your senior officer.”

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Vaquel said. “I’ve seen how little respect the others have for you. I’m bigger than you and more exotic. They will promote me over you almost right away. Then I will sit on your face and slap your tiny ammo dumps.”

Rianca frowned. “We’ll see about that!” She stormed over to Vaquel and kicked Vaquel in the breasts. Vaquel grunted and rolled over onto her back. Rianca dropped down between Vaquel’s thighs and angrily pushed her face into Vaquel’s wet sex.

Vaquel clamped her thighs around Rianca’s bald head. The soldier’s eyes bulged as Vaquel’s brown legs cinched tight. She clawed and scratched at Vaquel’s thighs but they wouldn’t budge. Desperate, she reached for the pistol on her hip.

“No, no, no,” Vaquel said. “Touch that weapon and I will squish your head flat. Don’t doubt that I will do it.”

Rianca whimpered into Vaquel’s pussy.

“Now release these cuffs,” Vaquel commanded.

Rianca nodded submissively and reached for Vaquel’s hands. Vaquel lifted her hips and formed a bridge so the shorter alien could reach her hands. Rianca’s fingers found the control dial and turned it. The cuffs popped free.

“Yes,” Vaquel hissed, pulling her hands out from under her. With her thighs still clamped around the soldier’s head, she rubbed her wrists. Circulation slowly flowed back into her hands.

Rianca mumbled something into Vaquel’s pussy. She might have been begging for mercy.

“Shut up, Rianca,” Vaquel said. She delivered one swift punch for Rianca’s trapped face. The soldier’s body went limp.

Vaquel opened her legs and rolled the unconscious soldier away from her. Adrenaline raced through her body. This planet was more dangerous than she expected! She needed to forgot about scavenging and just return to the ship as fast as possible.

“Well, maybe I can scavenge one thing,” Vaquel said. She bent down towards Rianca’s prone body. She took hold of the blue dildo lodged in the soldier’s pussy and pulled. Out came a small, but impressively thick plastic cock. Alien juices dripped from the toy.

“When I fuck myself with this tonight,” Vaquel said out loud, “I will be thinking of how Biper and Posa will punish you for fucking this up.”

Rianca’s unconscious body didn’t answer.

Jan 062021

Explorer’s Log: This is day thirty-nine of my journey to the star system designated “The Exhausted Whimpers of the Queen’s Enemies,” by Royal Astronomers. Despite leaving Interplanetary Championship Alliance space ten days ago, I have yet to see any sign of the species that lays claim to this area of space. There are no patrol ships, space stations or even a message beacon announcing their claim to this territory. Perhaps they are not that advanced or have a pitiful appreciation of property.

I was told that the species here were called “The Entitled,” but it is unclear if that is a personal designation or one given to them by others. So far, I am not impressed. They leave their borders undefended. They are probably hopelessly naïve and gentle. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I dreamed of home last night. In my dream, I was back at the Royal Navy Academy, getting spanked by senior officers who had raided our barracks. The officers fucked me and my fellow recruits without mercy or humanity. I woke up a horny mess and sat on Chairbot’s vibrators for an hour before starting my day.

Damn, I miss Euphoria. I miss my own kind. The last species I encountered, the Goxx, were cool and well-endowed, but they were also a bit on the gentle side. Such consideration and kindness have left me feeling deprived and horny.

Vaquel Di looked at her pink hair. There was nothing else to look at in this empty area of space. It had been a while since she cut her hair and the short length was creeping down over her ears. There was a hint of bangs over her forehead.

“Maybe I should grow it long?” Vaquel mused out loud. She had long hair when she joined the Royal Navy. The instructors had used her hair as a leash when they disciplined her. During combat training, instructors had pulled her hair to throw her off balance. When she had clandestine sex during her training missions, her fellow trainees would grab her hair to establish dominance. She got rid of the length and found the short hair much more practical. Maybe it was safe to grow it all out again.


“Finally,” Vaquel said. She sat up in Chairbot’s seat. The loyal robot chair adjusted his contours to provide better back support.

The tactical screen displayed the approaching ships. That was odd. One was directly ahead of her while the other two were to the ship’s starboard. If they were a patrol, it was a sloppy formation.

“These Entitled must be as lax as I suspected,” Vaquel said.

“Show them no mercy, Mistress,” Chairbot said.

“Ha, you are a bloodthirsty little robot,” Vaquel said. “You just like how much my ass clenches during combat. Remember, I am on a scouting mission for the Queen to invade later. For now, we have to play nice.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Chairbot said. She could tell he was sulking by the way the arm rests lowered a few centimeters.

Vaquel opened a channel to the approaching ships. The outgoing transmission beamed a video of her from the waist up. Her immense breasts strained against the purple material of her spacesuit. She smiled at the camera and tried to exude harmlessness.

“Greetings from the planet of Euphoria,” Vaquel said. “I am Vaquel Di, an explorer to your system. I come with peaceful intentions and a message of diplomacy from the great Queen Erishella.”

Responses came from all three ships. The monitor split into three equal parts. In each triad, there was an image of a yellow phallus. There were black stripes on one phallus, a metal piercing on the second and the third had red spots. All three were turgid and pulsing.

Conflicting audio crackled from the speakers. The language was a crude variation of Palatino. The computer isolated the messages and played them in turn.

“Get ready to get fucked, slubie!”

“You got a stupid looking ship but I am still going to fuck you!”

“Bend over and open wide, holebearer!”

“What the fuck?” Vaquel said out loud. These beings were not interested in exchanging pleasantries. Did they even represent the Entitled or were they just raiders?

“INCOMING MISSLES” the ship announced.

“Evasive maneuvers!” Vaquel yelled. “Arm weapons! Activate sensor countermeasures! Chairbot, strap me down!”

“Yay!” Chairbot said. Metal arms wrapped around Vaquel’s waist and chest. The robot used his magnetic fields to lock himself down to the floor.

The ship swerved to dodge missiles from the ship to the front. Weapons activated and diverted power from all non-combat functions. The ship’s interior gravity resistors switched off and Vaquel was pushed hard into Chairbot’s seat. She gritted her teeth as the ship spun through a dazzling sequence of twists and turns.

“ENEMY SHIP DESTROYED!” the ship announced.

“How? We haven’t opened fire yet?” Vaquel asked.

She checked the tactical screen. One of the ships that had been approaching from her right was now a mess of shattered debris and emergency force fields. The ship nearest it swung back around and raked the debris with laser fire.

“These fuckers aren’t working together,” Vaquel said. “They are in competition.”

Vaquel grabbed the controls of the weapons. Ten separate systems targeted the nearest ship. She unleashed a hail of lasers, plasma, micro missiles and ion blasts.

The enemy ship blasted her missiles with small missiles of their own. Lasers reflected off defensive force fields. Plasma collided into the ship and barely scorched its armor. It was completely unharmed.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. It had been ages since she met a species with equivalent weapon technology. A shiver of fear ran down her spine.

Curiously, her pussy clenched with wet heat.

The back of the pursing ship exploded. The other ship was back in the fight. The ship chasing Vaquel broke off its pursuit to turns towards the more dangerous foe.

“Fuck it, we need to get out of here,” Vaquel said. “Activate the stealth field and plot a course out of here at maximum speed.”

The lights dimmed from the enormous power drain of the stealth field. Weapons cycled down to compensate for the loss of power. That fine. The ship was now invisible to all known sensor arrays. They should be safe now.

“ENEMY SHIP DESTROYED!” the computer announced.

“That was quick,” Vaquel said. Weapon and defense technologies usually followed parallel paths. Most beings liked survival over killing, but these beings must put a higher priority on weapons. That spoke to a certain savage mindset.


“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel snapped. She checked the tactical screen. The ship was coming straight for her. It couldn’t be a coincidence. These assholes knew right where she was.

“Deactivate stealth field and power up-“

BOOM! The ship shook violently. Vaquel lurched forward, held in place only by Chairbot’s protective arms. Warning lights flashed all across the console.

“Damage report!” Vaquel yelled.


Vaquel was about to give another order when she looked out the window. The attacking ship had come to a stop directly in front of her. Glowing a dark red, the shape of the ship resembled a jagged knife. It was a sleek, nasty looking craft with multiple sharp edges. Whether the edges were weapon ports or for decoration, Vaquel didn’t know. Either way, she admired the way that vessel projected hostility.

“Fire everything at the enemy!” Vaquel yelled. It was a futile gesture but maybe the closer range would get past some of the attacking ship’s defenses.

A torrent of green energy flew from the enemy vessel. Vaquel’s ship shook again. There was a smell of melting metal. The warning lights on the console died. The ship’s interior illumination cut out. When the emergency lights failed to come on, Vaquel knew they had suffered a catastrophic systems failure.

“What do we do, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

Vaquel didn’t answer. The probe ship was dead in space. They had no way to escape or fight back. All they could do was wait for the enemy to finish them off.

“Fuck that,” Vaquel said to herself. She grabbed her glassteel helmet and slapped it over her head. The suit’s automatic systems secured the helmet and activated internal life support. Shoulder lamps turned on to illuminate the dark interior of the probe ship. Floating in zero gravity, she kicked her way to the weapon’s locker and grabbed a plasma pistol and a vibration sword.

“Our ship is dead,” Vaquel said. “If we get out the airlock, we might be able to jet across, latch onto their ship and cut out way inside.”

Chairbot rolled over to the airlock on his magnetized wheels. “That does not seem likely, Mistress.”

“Yeah, it sure as fuck doesn’t but I am not going to sit here and die.”

CLUNK! The probe ship vibrated once more. Vaquel tensed for an imminent explosion but it didn’t come. She looked out the nearest window and saw that the enemy craft had extended metal arms to grab Vaquel’s probe ship. A shimmering blue field formed a cylinder between their two vessels.

“Change of plan,” Vaquel said. “They appear to be boarding us. Alright, we’ve done this before. I’ll fight them or try to seduce them. Chairbot, you pretend to be a chair and hack the other ship’s computers. We got this.”

A part of the ceiling glowed. Vaquel sighed and stepped to the side. There was a perfectly good airlock over to the side but these assholes had to cut their own way in. That was just rude.

A chunk of the ceiling vanished. A small metal robot floated down. Barely over a meter tall, it was humanoid in shape with two arms and two legs but no head. Video images of breasts played across the metal body except for the ridiculously large codpiece between its legs. There were over forty separate screens displaying tits of all shapes, sizes and colors.

Vaquel hesitated, a bit distracted by the images of jiggling breasts, but only for a second. She activated the vibration knife and swung for the robot’s chest. Sparks flew as the vibrating blade came in contact with an invisible force field inches from the robot’s body. With her other hand, Vaquel fired her plasma pistol at point blank range into the robot’s leg. The plasma ricocheted off the force field and melted a nearby wall panel.

“Pathetic shit-popper!” the robot screeched.

The robot attacked. It pointed one arm at Vaquel and a small cannon in the palm of the hand fired a ball of blue energy at her. The ball struck Vaquel in the stomach and sent her flying backwards in the zero gravity. She slammed into a wall and the air rushed out of her lungs.

“You fight like a pregnant ass-washer!” the robot yelled.

Before Vaquel could react, the robot flew towards her. It grabbed her by the wrists and squeezed. Intense pain forced her hands to open and drop her weapons. The robot then spun around in the air, holding onto Vaquel as it slammed her backside into the floor.

Pain spasmed along Vaquel’s back. The air rushed out of her chest again. The back of her head had slammed into the glassteel helmet and stars burst in front of her eyes.

“Are you going to start fighting?” the robot mocked.

“This is bad,” Vaquel thought. “I hope Chairbot is doing better.”

Chairbot screamed. It was a piercing cry that cut short after a second. Vaquel had never heard the loyal robot make such a noise.

“Did that chair just try to hack my systems?” the robot asked. “Stupid!”

The robot still had Vaquel by the wrists. A panel in the machine’s chest opened and a large tube emerged. It sprayed something green at her legs. The green goo solidified and pinned Vaquel’s legs to the floor.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. She tried to pull her hands free but the robot’s grip was too tight. The robot’s goo gun splatted each of her hands. The gel pinned her hands to the floor, yet curiously didn’t restrict the robot from removing his hands from the goo.

“What kind of milk-bagger are you?” the robot asked. It planted its feet to either side of Vaquel’s hips. “You are too small to be a Goxx, and too tall to be a Bayper.”

“I’m a Euphorian!” Vaquel said. “I am an emissary from the mighty Queen Erishella and her dreadful army! She will smite you for your attack on me!”

“Not if her weapons are as limp as yours,” the robot said. It grabbed Vaquel’s belt and ripped it from her spacesuit. The robot tossed her belt and it’s equipment like it was rubbish.

“Now let’s see what kind of fun pillows you got,” the robot said.

The robot grabbed Vaquel’s chest. Sharp edges emerged from the metal fingertips and tore into her suit. Vaquel winced, expecting her skin to get cut, but the robot’s fingers were unexpectedly careful. The robot pulled and tore the purple suit open.

Vaquel’s large brown breasts popped free. The robot paused. There was a groaning sound. The breasts on the multiple screens froze.

“Loot!” the robot yelled.

There was a crack in the codpiece. Light spilled from the crack. The codpiece opened to reveal a thick yellow phallus. Red spots dotted the sides. Cables and wires plugged into the base of the pulsing cock.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. “I recognize you from the hailing messages. You’re a creature and this robot is just a vehicle for you, isn’t it? You’re just a fucking cock!”

“I am one of the Entitled, holebearer,” the speaker on the robot said. “Our species is so advanced that we don’t need your stupid legs and arms all that other shit. The galaxy is our playground and you are just another tit-wearer for me to fuck.”

A chill ran through Vaquel’s body. The malevolent arrogance of the yellow phallus was terrifying. It reminded her of home. That must be why she was so wet right now.

Two small nozzles emerged from the robot’s legs. Hot liquid sprayed from the ports and onto Vaquel’s breasts. The fluid clung to her breasts.

“I’m going to be the first Entitled to fuck these treasure boxes,” the robot said.

The robot squatted down on its metal legs. It lowered the spotted phallus into the canyon of Vaquel’s tits. The metal hands grabbed the sides of her breasts and squeezed them around the alien cock.

“Fuuuuck,” the robot moaned. “These are rare loot bags.”

Vaquel groaned as well. The alien phallus was hot to the touch. It was a contrast to the cold metal hands. The warm fluid oozed along her skin.

The hips of the robot began to pump. The pale phallus slid back and forth along Vaquel’s breasts. The fluid lubricated the rough thrusting.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” the robot groaned.

Vaquel pulled on her hands and legs. The green goo pinned her down. She tried to wiggle but the robot’s hands on her tits kept her in place. There was not a damn thing she could do to resist this abuse of her chest.

This alien cock had completely disabled her. He had dominated her in seconds. Stripped, and humiliated, he was now using her at her leisure.

She was so turned on.

“Fuck me,” Vaquel moaned.

“I am, slubie,” the robot said. It continued to fuck her tits.

“No, fuck my pussy,” Vaquel said. “I am so wet right now. Claim my wet hole and make it yours.”

“I fuck breasts, not holes,” the robot said. “That is why my designation is ChestDriller-912. Your fuck pillows are all I want.”

Vaquel’s pussy ached. Domination, verbal abuse and denial? It was becoming more and more like home by the second.

“Please,” Vaquel begged. “If you won’t fuck me, let me fuck myself. Release one of my hands.”

The phallus throbbed between Vaquel’s breasts. It undulated and wiggled like a snake. The spots raised to form irregular ridges.

“Beg me,” ChestDriller-912 said.

Vaquel whimpered. “Please let me fuck myself. My cunt is so wet right now. I promise to do anything. Just let me touch myself, please!”

“Louder,” ChestDriller-912 demanded. The phallic alien gyrated between her breasts.

“Please let me fuck myself! Please! Please! PLEASE!”

The metal hands crushed her slippery tits around the thrusting alien.

“Tell me I am the biggest to ever fuck your milk bags!” ChestDriller-912 shouted.

“You’re the biggest fucking alien cock I have ever seen!” Vaquel lied with convincing passion. “No one has ever fucked my tits this hard! You are like a cargo ship on my chest!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” blasted from the robot’s speakers.

“Please let me touch myself! Just give me one hand!” Vaquel begged.

“No, slubie!” ChestDriller-912 shouted.

The yellow phallus spasmed between Vaquel’s breasts. A thick stream of seed shot from the head of the member. Most of it splattered against the bottom of Vaquel’s bubble helmet, but a large strand of yellow seed landed across the front.

Babbling moans came from the speakers. The robot pushed for one more thrust and then let go of Vaquel’s breasts. As the robot stood up, Vaquel noticed that the alien phallus was still big and hard, although a bit darker in color.

“Please,” Vaquel begged. Hot seed coated her breasts. The yellow seed clung to the face of her helmet.

“Shut up,” ChestDriller-912 said. “Need to add you to my collection.”

One of the breast images on the robot’s chest went dark. A moment later, an image of Vaquel’s tits appeared. They jiggled and moved as if Vaquel was jumping up and down. Vaquel was impressed with the physic-simulation program that animated her breasts.

“What happens now?” Vaquel said. She pulled at the goo holding her hands and legs but they held fast.

The Entitled didn’t answer. The codpiece closed around the phallic alien and sealed tight. The robot levitated upwards. It exited the probe ship through the hole it had cut earlier. Vaquel saw the force field that had linked both their ships and kept her interior pressurized.

Once the Entitled was back in his ship, that force field fashioned.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel swore. The probe ship depressurized. The air was instantly sucked out of the ship. Loose items like Vaquel’s belt, her weapons and a few dildoes flew out into the void of space.

Vaquel screamed. The goo held her in place but her spacesuit was still open. Without her belt controls, she had no way to seal her suit. It would be only moment before she died of exposure.

She couldn’t believe it. The alien cock had fucked her tits and left her to die. She didn’t think it was out of malice but sheer indifference. They truly were the Entitled.

The lights to the probe ship came back on. Emergency force fields activated around the breach in the ship. Vaquel heard the pump of the air cyclers. What was going on?

“Mistress! Are you okay?” Chairbot said. “I tried to make contact with the enemy ship but it counterattacked with ninety-thousand attacks to my systems! I had to divert all of my resources to denying their attempts to hijack me. I was just now only able to function again now that the attacks have stopped. The ship had been breached so I plugged into the ship and supplied the emergency systems with my own power. Are you okay? What is that yellow substance on your chest and helmet? Would you like to stand up and sit down on me?”

Vaquel took a moment to collect herself. She found it hard to think over the pounding of her heart. Her tits ached from the rough handling and the brief expose to the vacuum of space. The need in her neglected pussy was as strong as ever. It was all very overwhelming.

“Mistress?” Chairbot asked. It rolled over to Vaquel’s bound body.

“Get rid of this shit on my hands,” Vaquel said.

Chairbot moved to Vaquel’s hand. One wheel went over the goo and rolled back and forth. Slowly, very slowly, the hardened goop began to crumble.

Vaquel sighed and stared at the alien seed drying on the front of her bubble helmet. The Entitled had nearly killed her, and that was just one of the damn species. What was it going to be like as she goes deeper into their space? Did she have any chance of survival?

“Guess I better cut my hair after all,” Vaquel said. She was going to need every advantage she could get.