Apr 052017

Explorer’s Log: I am on day three of my twenty-six day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Judgment of Remakes” by Royal Astronomers. I am happy to report that I have recovered fully from the freak accident that injured me on the last planet I visited. That will teach me to use an escalator that hasn’t been inspected by the Queen’s auditors!

As I explained in my last report, the escalator operator gave me a lifetime subscription to their porn transmission as compensation for my injuries. By strange coincidence, this subscription is exactly the same as rewarded to the winners of the arena deathmatch game that I absolutely did not participate in. I will take advantage of this lucky occurrence to examine what passes for porn among these red giants. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I am not sure if the Royal Navy will accept my explanation for how I got a hold of this porn. Fuck them. I nearly got killed for this sleaze and I intend to enjoy myself.

Vaquel Di sat naked in the navigation pod. Her dark brown skin was freshly washed and still glistening with the lotion she had put on. Hard dark nipples adorned her heavy breasts. Short pink hair curled around her head. Full lips frowned as intelligent eyes stared in a box on her lap.

The label on the box said “Complimentary Pornography Enhancers.”

“What the fuck is this shit?” Vaquel said.

“What does the box have, Mistress?” Chairbot said underneath her full round ass. “Did the porn people give you dildos? Or did they give you an inferior vibrator?”

Vaquel snorted. “Your jealousy does you credit. No, nothing that simple.”

She took out a small ball of something green and gooey. Small letters in alien script spell out the word, breast. Looking back in the box, she saw there was a matching ball.

Vaquel thought about running the ball through an analyzer but she dismissed it. She had spent three days on pain killers while her body mended. That was three days of clumsy masturbating and unsatisfying orgasms. Now was the time for being adventurous.

She took one of the gooey balls and pressed it to her breast. It was cold and her hard nipple stiffened even more. The ball began to melt on her skin. The goo clung to her breast as she rolled it over her skin. Around and round she rolled the ball until it melted into a waxy cast over her mound.

“How does it feel, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

“Cold,” Vaquel said. Nothing seemed to be happening. Oh well, maybe it acts on a time lapse.

She reached inside the box and pulled out the second goo ball labeled breast. It was just as cold against her skin but she rolled it against her breast anyway. Like the first ball, the goo spread across the contours of her tit like a sticky film.

There were more balls inside the box. One was labeled neck so Vaquel pressed it to her throat. The cold goo stuck to her skin as she smeared it on her neck.

Two balls were labeled thighs and Vaquel pressed them inside her legs. The balls melted into twin rings around her thighs.

One ball was labeled ass. Vaquel hesitated. Chairbot was an excellent vibrator and she worried that the gel might block the sensations.

She laughed. Fuck it. Chairbot will just have to work harder. She stood up and smeared the ball against her ass. It took her a few minutes to get it properly stretched across her expansive brown buttocks.

There were two more balls in the box. One was labeled penile extrusion. Another was labeled penile receiver. Vaquel took the receiver ball and pressed it against her sex.

It was damn cold. Vaquel shuddered as she ground the ball into her hairy sex. The goo melted and formed a seal against her pussy lips. The green goo turned her pink pubic hair into an ugly shade of grey.

“I hope this shit washes out,” Vaquel muttered.

She sat back down on Chairbot. The goo on her ass was still cold. It was also a bit sticky and Vaquel wasn’t sure she liked the sensation.

“Mistress, you have covered your ass!” Chairbot said. “My receptors can only perceive your wonderful bottom at 99.99994 percent efficiency!”

“I’m not crazy about it either,” Vaquel said. “But as a space explorer, I will at least give it a try.”

Vaquel leaned back into Chairbot. The intelligent chair adjusted to her preferred tilt level for masturbation. Foot rests emerged to support her legs. Neck padding moved to support her head.

“Computer, open a channel to the porn stream,” Vaquel said.

A naked Zatty woman appeared on the screen. She had red skin, long flowing black hair and giant breasts. The woman grabbed her tits and gave them a happy squeeze.

“Welcome to the Gratification Network!” the woman announced. “I see that you are a Premium Subscriber! We currently have eight channels open so pick one to begin your enhanced experience!”

Eight titles appeared on the screen. The titles began a slow rotation around the woman’s giant red breasts.

“Big Mammaries in Government!”

“Property Owners in Control!”

“Bureaucrats Got Ass!”

“Real Marriage Contract Partner Stories!”

“Barely Legal Citizens Like it Big!”

“Government Inspector Adventures!”

“Clothed Government Naked Citizen”

“Just the Tip!”

Vaquel planned to work her way through the list so she started with the first. As she screen loaded, she reclined further on Chairbot’s seat. She reached down between her legs and tried to stroke her sex. The thick gel got in the way and she wondered what exactly was it supposed to do.

A scene appeared on screen. It was an office. No matter the civilization or race, all offices looked the same. There was a chair and desk. A monitor sat on the desk. Decorations were minimal and non-distracting.

A Zatty man sat at the desk. His red muscles bulged from his tight shirt. He stared at the monitor on his desk in an imitation of thought. There was a slight glare from his bald head.

“Dal, are you busy?” a voice off screen asked.

Dal continued to look at his monitor. “No,” he said absent-mindedly. He finally looked up from his monitor and looked at someone off-screen. His mouth opened and his eyed widened.

The camera cut to a Zatty woman. She had the same shirt at Dal but her shirt had burst open from the giant red breasts within it. Massive tits jiggled and shook as she walked closer to Dal. A tight black skirt wrapped around her ass and forced her legs almost into a hobble.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. “Those are big mammaries!” She was used to Zatty women having breasts the size of fuel drums but this woman was even bigger. Vaquel couldn’t take her eyes off of the massive red flesh.

“How can I help you, Miss Xon?” Dal asked.

“I need to growth projections for the economy,” Miss Zon said. “The Carefully Managed Democracy is so successful, that we are having troubles charting just how successful we are!”

“That’s true!” Dal said. “We have never enjoyed this much growth and prosperity!”

“Are you sure that this is porn?” Chairbot asked.

“Of course,” Vaquel said. “Porn is the best vehicle for propaganda. It is one of the few mediums that beings are guaranteed to watch. Now hush.”

“Dal, I’m also going to need those requisition reports,” Miss Xon said. She leaned forward and her giant breasts swung forward.

“Ahh,” Dal said.

“Did you hear me?” Miss Xon said. She snapped her fingers in front of Dal.

“Uh, sorry, Miss Xon!” Dal said. He forced himself to look up at Miss Xon’s face.

“Dal, are you staring at my mammaries?” Miss Xon said. “That is highly inappropriate behavior!”

“I’m sorry!” Dal said. “Now that the Carefully Managed Democracy has provided me with a safe and enjoyable lifestyle, I find myself getting aroused more and more often!”

“Hmm,” Miss Xon said. “Now that you mention it, so have I! It must be a side effect of knowing that you are governed by a fair and free, but not too free, system!”

“Miss Xon, would you be interested in attending an Assessment of our Romantic Capabilities?” Dal asked.

“Fuck that,” Miss Xon said. “Let’s just do it on your desk!”

“See?” Vaquel said. “Told you it was porn.”

Miss Xon and Dal leaned across the table and kissed. Dal’s hand went straight for Miss Xon’s right breast and squeezed. The plump flesh was overflowing in his red hands.

The ooze around Vaquel’s right breast contracted. Vaquel cried out from the unexpected sensation. The ooze contracted, relaxed and contracted again in a pleasant sequence of massage.

“Ohh,” Vaquel moaned. “This is going to be interesting.”

Miss Xon leaned back and ripped open the rest of her shirt. She grabbed Dal’s face and pulled him towards her breasts. The Zatty man groaned happily as he was smothered in tits.

The gel on Vaquel’s breasts moved and squeezed. Something felt like a tongue as it licked her skin. Vaquel looked down to see the outline of a face pressed against her tits.

Dal groaned and Vaquel felt vibrations play across her breasts. He bit down on a nipple and Vaquel’s nipple was gripped in a sharp tightness. The man grabbed a massive red breast and squeezed. A vice gripped Vaquel’s breast and wouldn’t let go.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel groaned. She reached between her legs and tried to stroke. The gel covering her sex was too thick. Her buttocks clenched as she grinded into her hand.

“Yes,” Chairbot groaned but Vaquel ignored him. She didn’t care that the robot experienced pleasure from contact with her ass. All she knew was that her own pleasure was being denied.

“Suck these big mammaries,” Miss Xon said. “Suck these mammaries that are fat on prosperity and order!”

Dal groaned and kept playing with her breasts. He moved to one nipple and sucked down hard. Vaquel knew how hard he sucked because she could feel it around her own hard brown nipple.

Miss Xon grabbed a handful of her breast and Vaquel felt the woman’s hand. It was softer than Dal’s and certainly gentler. Miss Xon fingered her nipple and Vaquel felt the tender manipulations on her own.

Vaquel stroked harder on the ooze covering her sex. She barely felt it. Was that the point? Was it supposed to force her to follow along with the sex being played out?

“Mistress, I can sense your frustration!” Chairbot said. “Want me to activate my vibrators?”

“Yes-no! Wait,” Vaquel said. The vibrations might interfere with the gel. It was tempting but she didn’t want to stop what sensations she was experiencing.

“Get your meat hammer out,” Miss Xon said.

Dal happily pulled down his pants. An immense red erection sprang forth. It was big even by Zatty standards. Vaquel’s pussy clenched just looking at it.

Miss Xon swept her arm across the desk and sent everything flying. Without being told, Dal climbed onto the desk and laid down. Miss Xon got between his legs and wrapped her giant breasts around his equally giant cock.

Vaquel felt his member throb between her tits. She looked down and saw her breasts being squeezed together around an invisible rod. The accuracy of sensations was amazing. She felt the contours of his dick as well as heat coming from his girth.

Miss Xon opened a bottle of lube. Vaquel wasn’t sure where she got it from. Briefly she obsessed about the continuity error but when Miss Xon poured the lube onto her breasts, Vaquel’s trajectory of thought was deflected by the sensation of warm slippery liquid sliding over Vaquel’s tits.

“I can’t wait to fuck these big mammaries!” Dal said. “We never had mammaries this big under the last government!”

Vaquel growled. If her pussy didn’t get touched by something soon, she might start a one-being rebellion herself.

Miss Xon wrapped her arms around her tits and squeezed them around Dal’s cock. She raised them up and down with his member trapped between them. His shiny red cock emerged from between her round pillows and sunk back down.

Vaquel felt the cock moving between her own tits. It was a slippery fluid motion that felt great. She could feel the throbbing of his member as if it was about to explode with male desire.

Dal reached and grabbed the tits around his cock. Vaquel felt his fingers sink into her flesh as his hips pumped. The cock was a blur between Miss Xon’s breasts.

Her hands free, Miss Xon reached down and pressed a button on her skirt. The fabric fell away in one long ribbon to reveal her naked red sex. As Dal fucked her tits, Miss Xon ran her fingers through her damp sex lips.

The gel on Vaquel’s sex pulsed to life. Vaquel felt fingers running up and down her own pussy lips. Her sensitive pussy clenched desperately.

“Finally!” Vaquel groaned.

Mis Xon stroked faster. Vaquel felt expert fingers grinding and rubbing against her sex. The Zatty woman rubbed in tight circles and Vaquel felt the gel pulse in sync with the fingers.

Chairbot groaned. Vaquel’s ass was grinding harder against the robot seat. Pussy juices leaked through the gel and were smeared onto her round bottom. The robot’s receptors picked up every clenching twitch of her ass.

Dal kept fucking Miss Xon’s tits. His thumbs pressed down on her nipples. Vaquel felt the pressure on her own nipples and winced.

Mis Xon’s fingers slipped inside her sex. Vaquel felt the gel extend into her pussy. She cried out as she was filled with alien fingers.

“You have the best mammaries!” Dal yelled as he fucked them.

“No,” Miss Xon corrected. “The Carefully Managed Democracy has provided the best mammaries!”

Both actors groaned together in a mixture of lust and patriotism. Vaquel groaned with them as the gel worked on her tits and pussy.

Miss Xon stopped playing with her sex and grabbed her tits again. Vaquel moaned in frustration as the gel on her pussy became inert again. The ooze around her breasts simulated Miss Xon’s grip as she jacked Dal’s cock with her tits.

“I am going to blast!” Dal yelled.

“No!” Vaquel yelled. She wanted more stimulation! She didn’t want to waste that gorgeous piece of male equipment on just tits!

A second later, he did. Alien seed spurt from his cock and sprayed Miss Xon’s tits. Vaquel felt every drop as hot spots formed and cooled on her breasts.

“Lovely,” Miss Xon said. She rubbed her breasts together to smear the seed onto her round mounds. “Now I need you inside me.”

Vaquel perked up. What? They do multiple male climax porn in this culture? They are advanced!

“Get up here on my slut slammer!” Dal said.

Miss Xon grinned and climbed up on the desk. The camera focused on her seed-covered breasts as they jiggled and bounced. She grabbed his stiff member and held it as she lowered her sex onto it.

The gel pushed deep inside Vaquel. It copied the wide girth of Dal’s cock and completely filled Vaquel’s pussy. She worried that it was too big but the ooze sensed her limits. The result was a throbbing, pulsing filling sensation.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel whispered.

Miss Xon began to ride Dal. Her hips swiveled on top of Dal’s trapped pelvis. She leaned forward and he grabbed her swinging tits. He held onto them as she kept fucking him.

Vaquel trembled on top of Chairbot. She gripped the arms of the chair as watched the screen. The gel pummeled her sex with thrusts. The ooze on her breasts squeezed and pinched along with Dal’s hands.

“By the Stars,”Dal swore. “I never got fucked like this before!”

Miss Xon groaned. “The Carefully Managed Democracy takes care of everything!”

Dal’s hips went into overdrive. The force of his thrusts lifted Miss Xon’s body. The thick red penis slammed into Miss Xon’s sex.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. The ooze was pounding her sex as well. She felt like she was being nailed to the chair. Her legs hung limply off the side of the chair as the gel pushed deeper and deeper.

Miss Xon fell forward. Her wide red breasts fell up Dal’s face and smothered him. She kept him pinned down while he rammed her pussy.

Vaquel felt him between her breasts. He was gasping for air against her skin. Sharp teeth bit while his tongue licked.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. She climaxed as the ooze drove fucked her into the chair.

“Glory to Mistress!” Chairbot cried as his sensors read Vaquel’s squirming ass and activated various pleasure programs.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Miss Xon cried as she came, or pretended to come. The camera focused on her quivering breasts still smothering Dal.

The ooze inside Vaquel suddenly stopped fucking her. A moment later, the sensation of a flood of hot liquid filled her sex.

As Dal twitched under Miss Xon’s quivering body, a message appeared on the screen.

“Remember, Anarchists hate the Carefully Managed Democracy for our sexual freedoms! Report any Anarchists you know to your local authorities!”

“Fucking anarchists,” Vaquel growled.

The transmission ended. The various gels on Vaquel’s body became inert. She reached for the ooze on her pussy and it easily peeled off.

Vaquel thought about the ooze on her ass. There was also the gel around her neck, not to mention the ones on both thighs. They never activated but then again, she did pick a mammary-centric transmission. If she wanted these to activate, she needed to find the right pornographic stream.

“Ready for more, Chairbot?” Vaquel asked.

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Me too,” Vaquel said and she selected another channel.

Mar 012017

Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated “Our Infinite Love of the Queen” by Royal Astronomers. This is a busy system with fourteen inhabited worlds. I have surveyed the primary functions of all of the worlds and will be making my landing on the sixth world.

This world used to be called Battle Planet but has been renamed by the Carefully Managed Democracy to now be known as Healthy Violence Outlet Center. The world has been terraformed to be a giant battle ground where armed gladiators fight each other. These battles are broadcast through the Democracy for the entertainment of the masses. I have watched a few of the fights and I am impressed by the production values. It is my duty as a Royal Navy Explorer to investigate further and relay what I can learn so that Queen Erishella may incorporate these techniques for her own amusements.

It is a shame that Royal Navy protocol forbids me from participating in these games. I feel I could learn more if I was involved but I understand that my exploration mission is too important to risk just for a chance to kill some aliens for money and prizes. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I have entered myself into a deathmatch game. The first prize is a year subscription to a pornographic entertainment stream. I have seen how these aliens fight; I have no doubt that I could kill all of them. They play to the cameras where as I will fight to win.

Plus, this is going to be a lot of fun.

Vaquel Di ran across the open street. Her orange spacesuit clung to every jiggling, pumping curve. Laser fire hissed behind her and Vaquel ran faster. She reached the corner of a battle-scarred building and dived behind it.

Something slammed into the building and it shook. Vaquel stayed where she was and readied her plasma pistol. Nervously, she ran her fingers through her short pink hair. Her heart was racing and she almost out of breath.

“Fuck, this is fun!” Vaquel whispered. Fighting for her life was remarkably relaxing. There were no exploration surveys to complete or reports to compose. It was nice to just run and shoot things for a change.

From the street came the sound of running feet. Whoever had shot at her was chasing after her. They had thought Vaquel had kept running.

Vaquel smiled. All of her opponents were Zatty, a race of three meter tall aliens with highly developed musculature who thought that since Vaquel was smaller, that she was afraid of them. They didn’t know her very well.

The sound of running feet came closer.

Vaquel stepped around the corner and took aim. The Zatty fighter wore a suit of armor covered in sponsorship stickers. He had a large laser rifle that he carried at his hip. Faster than Vaquel thought was possible, the Zatty fired his rifle.

The laser shot went over her head. The Zatty made the same mistake that the other fighters had today: he had instinctively aimed for where a Zatty’s head would be instead of where the much shorter Vaquel’s head was.

HISS! Vaquel’s plasma pistol spat a charge of super-heated matter. It went through the Zatty’s crotch and out the other side. The rest of his body turned to sludge or caught fire depending on its melting point.


Vaquel smiled. The speakers around the battlefield announced every special feat. She hadn’t read all of the rules but she knew you got bonus points for hitting people in the crotch, stabbing someone and weirdly, pushing someone off a ledge. Head shots gave you the most points though, which is why so many Zatty kept trying and failing to shoot hers.

Something shimmered at the edge of the street. Vaquel almost took cover before she recognized the source. It was one of the many flying cameras that broadcasted the event.

Vaquel turned and presented her profile to the camera. She grabbed one of her heavy breasts through her thin spacesuit and gave it a squeeze. The camera stayed pointed at her as she wiggled her ass.

Millions of beings were watching her. They had seen her kill five Zatty today as well as shake her ass. The thought of being admired sent shivers down Vaquel’s spine and down to her very wet pussy.

She thought about stroking herself on camera. Was that allowed? Fuck them if it isn’t.

Her hand was halfway down to her crotch when “HEADSHOT!” rang out.

“Someone is getting their points,” Vaquel said. She stopped posing and took cover behind a damaged wall.


“Was it the same fighter?” Vaquel wondered.



“Hmm, same fighter,” Vaquel said. She took a cautious look around. This battle zone used to be an agricultural town. What few buildings remained were burned out husks or just partial walls. There was plenty of cover but no where truly safe.


Wait, there was an old grain silo. It was the tallest structure remaining. If one had a sniper weapon, it would be the perfect nest.

Vaquel crouched low to the ground and started to run towards the silo. Thankfully nothing tore her head off. She kept to the shadows and tried to use whatever cover she could find.

Headless bodies dotted the street; telling her places not to go.


Vaquel dove to the ground, only realizing belatedly that it wasn’t announcing her head being shot. She crawled another meter and reached the broken door to the silo. A smile broke across her face. Now all she had to do was jump the sniper. Maybe she will push the sniper over the ledge and get those bonus points?


That meant there were only two fighters left. Vaquel purred. It was almost over too soon. She had really enjoyed killing people today.

Vaquel stepped through the door way and took a look. A ladder led up to a ledge. On the ledge was a bald Zatty woman, looking through the lens of a long rifle. The woman wore black bands across her red muscular body.

The sniper woman was completely oblivious to Vaquel’s presence. If Vaquel wanted to, she could probably shoot her from here with her plasma pistol. That would be the safe thing to do.

Where was the fun in that?

Vaquel crept to the ladder. As quietly as possible, she put her foot on the first rung. Stepping up, she grabbed the next rung. Ever so slowly, she worked her way up to the ladder.

As Vaquel climbed, she felt her nipples harden. The tight suit seemed to be pulling on her pussy lips. The excitement of the impending kill was making her body come alive. She had to bite down on her lip to keep from moaning.

The sniper woman still had her back to Vaquel. She scanned from left to right, looking for the last fighter, never knowing that her death was right behind her.

Vaquel stood up on the ledge and drew her plasma pistol. As tempting as it was to push the sniper woman out of the silo, Vaquel remembered how damn heavy these Zatty were. It was safer to use her gun. Besides, at range she could finally get a headshot.

HISS! The plasma pistol fired and super-hot matter shot through the sniper woman’s head and kept going. The woman’s head however remained and kept scanning the battleground.

“Fuck,” Vaquel whispered. She just shot a hologram.

Something hard smashed into her hand. Vaquel dropped the plasma pistol and cried out.

A hard blow slammed into Vaquel’s knee. Pain flared through her leg and she dropped to the ground.

A large hand grabbed the back of her head. Vaquel was helpless as it slammed her face first into the floor. Stars exploded in front of her eyes.

Vaquel was in a daze. Pain gripped her hand and knee. She couldn’t focus her eyes. Dimly she was aware of being picked up and dragged to the silo opening. Cameras hovered in the air, ready to record her demise.

Shit, someone is going to get those falling ledge points after all.

“What’s your name?” the Zatty woman asked.

“Fuck you,” Vaquel said weakly.

“Nice name, Fuck-U. My name is Sureshot.”

Vaquel tried to kick Sureshot but the red woman easily blocked her kick.

“Just go ahead and finish me,” Vaquel said.

“Whatever you say, Fuck-U.”

Sureshot grabbed the front of Vaquel’s spacesuit. Powerful fingers sunk into the fabric and then pulled. RIP! The flimsy material tore away to expose Vaquel’s heavy brown breasts.

“What the?” Vaquel asked. She was spun around and held up to the cameras.


That was a thing? Vaquel really wished that she had read the rules manual. For that matter, she realized that she probably should have watched an entire fight play out instead of channel surfing.

Still holding Vaquel up with one hand around Vaquel’s neck, Sureshot used her other hand to slap Vaquel’s breasts. The large red hand flattened Vaquel’s soft flesh.


Vaquel growled with rage. No one was going to score bonus points on her! She grabbed the fingers around her neck and tried to pry the iron grip apart.

Sureshot chuckled and grabbed Vaquel’s breast with her free hand. Sureshot’s giant hand fit over her breast like a bra. The red fingers sunk into her soft tit and squeezed. Next, she twisted Vaquel’s breast with sadistic glee.


Vaquel winced. Her breast felt like it was about to be torn off. If the Zatty wanted to, there was nothing Vaquel could do about it.

There was another twist and a bolt of pain flashed from Vaquel’s tortured breast. The bolt shot through her body and slammed into her pussy. There it transformed into pleasure as a wave of dampness flowed through her.

“Like that, Fuck-U?” Sureshot asked.

Vaquel was groaning too hard to answer. Whether it was from pleasure or pain was too close to call.

Sureshot released Vaquel’s breast. Fingers tore into the crotch of Vaquel’s spacesuit. They ripped away the fabric to reveal the pink pubic hair of her bush.


The cameras zoomed closer. Vaquel knew they were broadcasting her dripping wet sex to the paying customers. Her cheeks burned with humiliation but her pussy clenched with desire.

Still, Vaquel had to fight. She wiggled as Sureshot adjusted her grip, Vaquel smashed an elbow into the bald woman’s face. Unfortunately she hit Sureshot’s forehead and it felt like she rammed her elbow into a stone wall.

“Nice try, Fuck-U,” Sureshot said. She slammed Vaquel face first into the floor.

Pain exploded in Vaquel’s head followed by grateful unconsciousness.


Vaquel awoke with a start. Something thick and wonderful was inside her sex. It was ramming in and out of her. She was taking an incredible fucking.

The floor pressed against Vaquel’s face. A powerful hand held Vaquel’s head down. Her knees were together and propping her ass up in the air. A boot nudged her slumping tit.

The thrusting came faster. Vaquel groaned. It was large, thick and hard. She might be fingers but it was too rigid. When it pushed deep inside her sex, something thicker pressed against her lips.

Vaquel groaned. It was a pistol. Sureshot was fucking her with a pistol. If Vaquel tried to move, one squeeze of the trigger and that would be it.

So Vaquel took it. She stayed where she was as Sureshot pounded her sex with her weapon. Unwilling and unable to escape, Vaquel decided to enjoy the moment.

A camera floated next to Vaquel’s face. She saw her moaning face reflected in the lens. Drool was flowing from her open mouth and pooling on the floor.

The fucking got faster. Vaquel groaned and clutched at the dirty floor. The thrusts came harder and she welcomed the rough rutting. She rolled her hips and tried to hump the pistol.

Vaquel’s orgasm came closer. She reached under her and rubbed at her pussy lips. Distantly, she realized that she should be trying to escape but she was beyond caring. If today was the day she died, she was at least going to get off.

The pistol pulled out of Vaquel’s sex. Sureshot yanked Vaquel’s hand away from her sex. Vaquel yelled a primal scream as she prevented from coming.


“Seriously?” Vaquel shouted. She really should have read the rulebook!

Sureshot picked Vaquel up and spun her upside down. Vaquel was too disoriented to fight back. The sniper pulled both of Vaquel’s arms behind her back and then wrapped her massive hand around Vaquel’s wrists. With one hand, Sureshot immobilized Vaquel’s hands.

Vaquel realized she was facing Sureshot’s bare crotch. The woman must have stripped when Vaquel was unconscious. The red sex lips were hairless and had a small bulls-eye tattooed above her sex.

Sureshot pulled Vaquel’s head to her sex. The sniper leaned forward and her powerful thighs enclosed around Vaquel’s head. There was no escape.

It was clear what Vaquel had to do. She opened her mouth and went to work licking at Sureshot’s sex. A river of desire flowed from the red pussy and into Vaquel’s mouth.


Vaquel kept licking. Strong thighs clenched around her head. It was hard to breathe but Vaquel kept at it.

Sureshot moaned and shivered. In complete control of Vaquel’s body, she rubbed the space explorer’s face against her sex. She humped Vaquel like she was a sextoy.

It didn’t bother Vaquel. She had lost and it was Sureshot’s right. Back on Euphoria, the strong conquered and the weak sucked and licked. Vaquel licked, nibbled and sucked on Sureshot’s pussy with a fervor that was almost patriotic.

“You’re going to make me come, Fuck-U,” Sureshot groaned.

Vaquel licked faster.

Sureshot trembled. Her grip loosened around Vaquel’s wrists.

Hope sprang within Vaquel. She might not be dead yet. Sureshot might get careless when she comes.

Vaquel used all of the tricks that she had learned from her space travels. She moaned to make her lips vibrate like that one alien did. She rubbed her nose against Sureshot’s clit like she learned on that ice planet. She spelled the alphabet of a dead planet with her tongue.

Sureshot screamed her climax. It was a powerful yell that shook Vaquel’s rib cage. She grinded Vaquel’s face into her spasming sex until she could take no more and then she dropped Vaquel to the floor.


Vaquel landed hard. Her lips were bruised and her head was splitting It didn’t matter. She opened juice-covered eyes and looked for a weapon.

There, her plasma pistol was right beside her.

Vaquel lunged for her pistol and grabbed it. Her hands were numb from being squeezed but she kept a firm grip. She aimed the pistol towards Sureshot, who already had a pistol of her own in her hand.

ZAP! Pain overtook Vaquel. The pistol dropped from her fingers. She couldn’t tell where she had been shot because her entire body hurt. It didn’t matter. Darkness overtook her.


Vaquel awoke in a bed. She tried to sit up but her head hurt too much.

“Careful, Fuck-U,” a voice said. It was a Zatty male in white robes.

“I’m not dead?” Vaquel asked.

The Zatty laughed. “No, you’re lucky that Sureshot invoked her incapacitation option. It was a stun beam that struck you. She must have taken a liking to you. You’ll live.”

“Praise the Queen!” Vaquel said. She had faced death and decided that she didn’t like it much.

“We aren’t familiar with your species to do a full medical treatment but feel free to rest here until someone else needs the bed,” the Zatty said. “Oh, and Sureshot said to give you this.”

He handed Vaquel a small disc. Vaquel recognized it as the primary method of transferring data among the Zatty.

“What’s this?” she asked.

“It is the year long access to pornographic entertainment stream,” he said. “Sureshot said she gets all of her orgasms from her opponents.”

“I bet she does,” Vaquel said. She laid on the bed, wondering if she was stupid enough to ask Sureshot for a rematch.

Feb 012017

Explorer’s Log: I am on day twenty of my forty-one day journey to the star system designated “Our Infinite Love of the Queen” by Royal Astronomers. Ship functions are nominal and I continue to operate well within efficiency standards.

I have been receiving transmissions from other ships travelling this area of space but the transmissions appear to be coded. A typical transmission from a freighter read as “4OS4P-C/HO” or “2P2OS4ANY-GH/C”. I recognize the C/HO and the GH/C as navigational directions that were taught at the Polite Visitor Welcoming Center. The first letters reference a planet of origin within the Carefully Managed Democracy and the second letters refer to a destination planet. These planets form a line that mirrors the course of the ships. With this in mind, I believe this is a coded system communicating ship needs to other ships in search of barter. I am currently trying to crack the rest of the code. End Transmission.

Explorer’s Personal Log: As I was masturbating in the shower, I made a breakthrough with the code. I made my own broadcast of “3OSANYP – HO/PK” and received a response. We are now rendezvousing to make the transaction and we will see if I am correct.”

“Five minutes to interception,” the navigation computer reported.

Vaquel Di moaned and leaned back on Chairbot. The space explorer’s brown body was naked. Hard dark nipples topped massive breasts. Short pink hair crowned her head while curly pink hair covered her sex. Her bright eyes were half closed as she enjoyed the vibrations radiating from the seat of her faithful robot.

A part of the seat rose to press firmly against Vaquel’s sex. She instinctively leaned into it. The vibrations of the raised contoured increased.

“No, no, no,” Vaquel groaned. “Too much. We still have five minutes.”

“Sorry, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “Your clenching ass inspires me to serve you better.” The raised contour retreated back into the seat.

A navigation screen showed the relation between Vaquel’s probe ship and the approaching freighter. Both ships were headed in different directions but they shared an interception point. For one brief moment, they will be close enough to touch.

The ship’s computer made a few course corrections to Vaquel’s trajectory. The freighter made similar corrections. The single point expanded to become a segment. For eighteen point nine minutes, the two ships will share a course path before diverging back to their original destinations.

Vaquel’s ass grinded on Chairbot’s vibrating seat. Eighteen point nine minutes wasn’t long but that was the cruelty of space travel. Even this small of a course correction would require tremendous power expenditures to make up for lost vectors. Any longer and Vaquel’s journey to the next star system would be delayed past acceptable limits and the freighter would have to expend fuel that would cut into its profit margins. Eighteen point nine minutes would have to do.

This is why Vaquel was on Chairbot. She needed to get ready. There would be no time for foreplay.

There were other ships on the navigation screen. Vaquel marveled at the multitude of course interceptions. After six years of traveling alone, Vaquel easily understood why so many ships were willing to risk their schedule to make contact with another stranger.

“Freighter approaching,” the navigational computer said.

Vaquel reluctantly left Chairbot’s vibrating seat and stood up. She went to the airlock and looked out the window. The freighter was an ugly thing, mostly a large rectangle with other rectangles attached to it.

A tube emerged from the freighter. That would be the docking tunnel. Vaquel’s ship adjusted speed and orientation to line up with the tunnel. When the tunnel reached Vaquel’s ship, powerful magnets latched onto Vaquel’s hull.

The ship shuddered slightly as the connection was made. Vaquel clenched as if she had been entered. Her hand went to a hard nipple and tweaked it.

“Preparing docking environment,” the computer announced.

Vaquel licked her lips. The clock was already ticking. Adding air and heat to the tunnel was essential for survival but she still resented it. Eighteen point nine minutes was not long at all. She twisted her nipple; taking out her frustration on her own body.

“Environment complete,” the computer announced.

Vaquel opened the airlock and kicked her way down the tunnel. There was no gravity but that was fine. She didn’t need gravity, just friction.

The freighter airlock opened. Out came a naked Zatty male. Like others of his species, he was three meters tall, red, highly muscular and little body hair. His large cock was already hard. Three other Zatty makes were close behind him.

“Are you the three orifices seeking any plugs?” the Zatty male said.

“Yes, I am,” Vaquel said. They were ten meters away and closing fast.

“What kind of species are you?” the Zatty asked. “You have tiny tits like a teenager.”

“Euphorian,” Vaquel said. She wasn’t bothered by the insult to her tits because she had seen the enormous breasts of Zatty women. “And I thought you wanted my orifices, not my tits.”

“Positive,” the male said. “I’m Captain Kerpar by the way.”

“”I don’t give a fuck,” Vaquel said. She rotated her body in the air so that her feet were pointed to the Captain. Her legs spread as she stroked her sex.

The Captain nodded. He rotated his body vertically so that his body was ninety degrees to hers. His red cock pointed towards her in a biological imitation of the docking tunnel.

When they were close enough, The Captain grabbed her legs. He pulled her to him and she slid easily onto his red member. The docking maneuver was complete when Vaquel wrapped her legs around his large waist.

“Fuck,” Vaquel groaned. Like all Zatty, he was hung like a riding beast. He filled her tight sex to the limit. Fortunately, Chairbot’s teasing had properly lubricated her pussy.

“Shit lasers!” the Captain roared. “Your fuck-station is as tight as a black hole!”

Vaquel grabbed one of his nipples and pinched it. “Shut up and fuck me.”

The Captain laughed and grabbed one of her breasts with his giant hand. His fingers completely engulfed her breast and he squeezed hard. He used his other hand to grab half her ass. Holding her firmly, he held her in place as his hips thrust towards her.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried. He pounded her with a desperate fury that only comes from a long space voyage. His cock was a ram, plunging deep inside her with unbridled desire.

The other Zatty males gather around them. They held their cocks and stroked as they watched. None tried to join in and Vaquel understood. Being the Captain has its privileges.

“Shit lasers, shit lasers, shit lasers,” the Captain groaned. The force of his thrusts sent their bodies into a slow spin. Around and round they rotated inside the docking tunnel.

There was nothing for Vaquel to do except take the furious pounding. It had been awhile since she had been fucked in such a primal manner. There was no attempt at technique or seduction. She was just an orifice to be used and used and used. It was damn nice. She made a vow to intercept a lot more ships in the coming days.

The Captain changed his grip. He let go of Vaquel’s breast and she realized it had gone numb. Keeping her on his cock, he spun her around so he could look down on her ass. His hands encircled her hips as he resumed fucking her.

Vaquel cried out. He was giving his hips a break and using his hands to fuck her. She was like a sex toy that he was using to jack off with.

A thousand prickles assaulted her previously numb breast. Circulation was returning to her poor tit. Vaquel cried out from the discomfort and clenched down tighter on the massive cock.

Around them, the three Zatty men continued to masturbate. Vaquel wondered if they would join in or if they would be forced to only watch. The idea of being unobtainable turned her on. She imagined them going back to their ship, jacking off for weeks thinking about the brown alien they couldn’t fuck.

That thought sent Vaquel over the edge. “Glory to the Queen!” she cried. As she climaxed, her pussy quivered around the Captain’s cock.

“Shit lasers,” the Captain moaned. His fingers tightened painfully around Vaquel’s waist. He slammed her down hard on his cock. His balls bounced against her in the zero gravity.

The cock erupted in side Vaquel. A gush of hot seed filled her sex. It was too much and it overflowed her tight pussy. He kept her pinned to his twitching cock as seed flowed from her pussy lips.

The Zatty men came closer. There was a gleam in their eyes. One by one, they smiled.

Vaquel looked at them and knew they would be joining in after all.

The Captain pulled out of Vaquel. He gave her a gentle push to the ground. “Have at her boys,” he said. “I need to go relieve Squeaky so he can get a turn.”

“There’s a fifth crew member?” Vaquel said. Her hand went to her sex. It was tender from the cock punching it had taken.

“Hey, your ad did say ‘For any’,” The Captain said.

Vaquel laughed. She was going to be more specific in the future.

The Captain kicked his way down the tunnel. The three Zatty men stayed around Vaquel. Their red cocks throbbed in her direction but no one moved.

“This was the difference between officers and crew,” Vaquel thought to herself. She said out loud to them, “You heard him boys, fuck my brains out.”

The Zatty men lunged at her. The first to grab her claimed her hips. He pulled her sex to his cock and slipped in. It didn’t seem to matter to him that her pussy was still full of the Captain’s seed. He plunged right in.

Vaquel wrapped her legs around him and grabbed his shoulders. She looked him in the eyes as he thrust inside her. He tried to return the gaze but his eyes kept going to her bouncing floating breasts.

“My name is-“ he began to say but Vaquel clamped her hand over his mouth.

“Don’t care. Just fuck,” she said.

One of the other Zatty men floated to the ceiling. He grabbed a handful of Vaquel’s short pink hair. His red cock was already on an intercept course for her mouth.

Vaquel opened her lips and his cock slid right in. It was hard to get her jaws around such a big member but Vaquel had a lot of practice. She got the head between her lips pushed on the Zatty’s thighs to keep him from going any further. He made a groan of disappointment but once her tongue went to work, he didn’t seem to mind anymore.

The Zatty inside her fucked her slowly. He had none of the Captain’s desperate fury. That was fine with Vaquel. Her pussy was still tender and a nice slow fucking by a big dick was just what she needed.

She kept sucking on the cock head in her mouth. As long as she kept sucking, the Zatty didn’t try to thrust down her throat. He kept his fingers in her hair as she licked and she liked constant tugging he gave her scalp. Large red balls floated and bounced against her face.

“Where did the third Zatty go?” Vaquel thought to herself.

Something wet spattered against her ass. Large hands spread her butt cheeks. A thick finger rubbed something wet and slippery against her anus.

“There he is,” Vaquel thought. “Oh well, I did advertise three orifices. Thank the Queen that I took that Sphincter Relaxer.”

The unseen Zatty pressed something impossibly large against her asshole. Vaquel’s medicated ass relaxed as the familiar shape of a cock pushed in. Her anus stretched to accommodate the bulky head.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out with a cock still in her mouth. Even with the Sphincter Relaxer, it was a tight fit. She almost forgot about other cocks as her focus shrunk down to the invader in her ass.

All three Zattys fucked her at every hole. Slow thrusts filled her pussy. Slower thrusts filled her ass. The cock head in her mouth throbbed and twitched, ready to thrust as soon as she stopped licking. The thrusts generated a slight spin as the four bodies rotated together in the zero gravity tunnel.

“I am a docking station for dicks,” Vaquel thought. “No, I’m a dicking station.”

She giggled at her own joke. The giggles created vibrations around the dick in her mouth. The Zatty groaned and his balls twitched against her face.

The Zatty cock in her ass delved just a little bit deeper. Vaquel shuddered as she slowly invaded. Her ass clenched tightly despite the sexual supplement she had taken.

An alien grabbed one of her breasts. She couldn’t tell which one. Someone else, or maybe the same Zatty, grabbed her other breast. Both hands held onto her tits with powerful grips. Was someone being selfish or were they sharing?

Vaquel’s pussy quivered round the cock inside it. The cock was going just a little bit faster inside her. Pussy juice and the Captain’s seed lubed the way. Stroke by stroke, she was being brought closer to orgasm.

Who would come first? The cock she was sucking? The cock that filled her pussy? The cock that stretched her asshole? Maybe it would be Vaquel, impaled on three alien dicks.

It was Vaquel. She felt her orgasm rising in slow motion. The double thrusts of the cocks inside her pussy and ass inched her closer and closer. When it finally burst, screamed her pleasure onto the cock in her mouth.

As she screamed and came, the cock in her mouth exploded. Thick seed filled her mouth and flooded her throat. She choked but also swallowed as she kept coming.

While she choked, the cock in her pussy released. More seed filled her stuffed sex. The cock pulsed, expelling load after load inside her.

The cock in her ass came soon after. If she thought her pussy was filled with seed, it was nothing compared to the feeling of what was rushing into her tight anus. Seed filled her from the inside out.

Vaquel thought she was going to burst. Alien seed was filling her at every orifice. It felt like it was bloating her body and would come spilling out of her spores.

The Zatty men pulled out of her. Vaquel gasped for air. Her pussy ached from her seed that filled her. Once the cock left her ass, she felt strangely incomplete.

Vaquel drifted lazily in the tunnel. She was spent and exhausted. It didn’t matter how much time was left, she was done.

That was when she noticed a newcomer to the tunnel. It looks like a strange robot with four long legs at first but Vaquel realized her mistake. The metal legs were some sort of harness for the organic creature manipulating the legs. The animal looked like some kind of meter long blue fish but the dual blowholes signaled it was perhaps a mammal. It had a snout with far too many teeth for Vaquel’s comfort and the narrow eyes suggested a carnivore’s diet.

“What the fuck is that?” Vaquel asked.

“You never seen a Pinzee before?” one of the Zatty men said. “They thrive in zero gravity and are hard workers but horny as fuck. You’ll like him.”

“He fucks bipeds?” Vaquel says.

Another Zatty laughed. “Squeaky fucks anything that moves and sometimes things that move too slowly.”

Squeaky emitted a long series of high pitched squeaks. Some of the squeaks were outside the range of Vaquel’s hearing but she felt the sonic vibrations in her tits. The Zatty laughed and she wondered if it had said something funny.

The Zatty men began their float back to their ship. Squeaky’s four legs extended in cardinal directions to grip the sides of the wall. He raced towards Vaquel with determined narrow eyes. Something blue extended from a slit under him. It looked thankfully narrower than the Zatty cocks.

“I did say any plug,” Vaquel sighed. She rolled over and floated with her ass up and her pussy presented to the alien fish.

Squeaky squeaked in what Vaquel hoped was a positive manner. It stood over her and small metal arms reached for. Manipulator grips grabbed her thighs and pulled her to him.

The creature’s narrow dick poked at her pussy. It wiggled and stroked her sensitive lips. It had a nice slick texture but it wasn’t going inside her.

Vaquel took matters into her own hands. She reached for the slippery appendage and guided it in. Once inside, it wiggled with increased fury.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. It was almost vibrating inside her sex. After all the large alien dicks, this is exactly what she needed.

Squeaky squeaked. A second set of mechanical arms grabbed her tits while the first set of hands held onto her hips. The fish humped her, his cool body slapping against her ass.

“Fuck, Squeaky, you’re pretty damn good!” Vaquel cried. She clenched down on the wiggle appendage inside her.

Squeaky stopped squeaking. A powerful vibration grew inside. It intensified and filled her entire sex.

Vaquel thought it was coming from the appendage but no, it felt like a sonic tool. She remembered how some aquatic creatures navigate by sonar. Could Squeaky be using his sonar in a sexual manner?

Whatever it was, it felt wonderful. Squeaky’s wiggling cock was like a primitive vibrator by itself but the sonic field was a whole other level of bliss. It felt like two vibrators were inside her, their vibrations in symbiosis with each other.

Zatty seed floated around them. It was everywhere. A floating sphere of seed touched her lips and stuck to them. More seed floated into her body and clung to her skin.

Vaquel was dimly aware of these sensations. All of her attention was on the vibrations inside her. Squeaky was also thrusting, filling her body with much needed friction. Vaquel lacked the awareness to participate in the fucking as she succumbed to the vibrations.

“Two minutes, Squeaky,” the Captain’s voice announced in the tunnel.

Squeaky emitted a sharp squeak and the sonic vibrations inside Vaquel’s pussy vanished. She whimpered but they soon returned, this time with double the intensity.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. She climaxed as the vibrations continue to hum inside her.

Squeaky kept fucking her. The wiggling cock spun and thrust inside her. The sonic field intensified.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried as she came again.

The metal arms creaked as they held Squeaky in place. A nebula of seed floated around the two mating bodies. The cool slick flesh of the fish creature kept slapping against Vaquel’s sweaty ass.

“Glory!” Vaquel croaked before her voice gave out. She came again as she hung loosely in the metal arms.

The sonic field disappeared but the wiggling cock telescoped deep inside Vaquel. As she gasped, she felt the burst of something thick and sticky inside her. There was one burst, a second and then a third before the wiggling cock pulled out of her completely.

“Fuck,” Vaquel whispered. Metal arms released her. She floated down to the floor of the docking tunnel. Seed gushed from her over-stuffed sex to add to the mess already floating.

Something sharp nipped her ass. Vaquel cried out and looked at Squeaky. It had bitten her ass! Was that a smile on its long snout?

“One minute warning,” Vaquel’s ship announced.

Squeaky emitted a sharp squeak. Vaquel agreed.

“Time’s up,” she said.

The metal legs quickly traversed the length of the tunnel and in not time, Squeaky was back inside his freighter. Vaquel wasn’t so lucky. She had to move on her own power. Summoning what was left of her strength, she crouched and then launched herself through the tunnel back to her ship.

Vaquel groaned. She ached inside and out. Her breasts were sore from being squeezed in the vice grips of the Zatty. Her asshole hurt. She had a tender jaw. Her pussy sensitive and she was leaking seed with every jump.

But still, she kept jumping through the tunnel. She was naked, sore and exhausted but death by vacuum was a hell of a motivator.

Vaquel reached the airlock and dived through. Gravity pulled her down to the ground and she landed hard. She didn’t care. The door sealed on its own behind her. The tunnel disengaged. The ship hummed as it resumed course to her next destination.

“Are you alright, Mistress?” Chairbot asked. “Would you like to sit on my nice relaxing seat and rest?”

Vaquel laughed. “I think I will stay on the floor a bit.”

“The computer said a second ship has responded to your broadcast,” Chairbot said. “They are sending rendezvous coordinates and propose intersecting in nine hours.”

“Nine hours?” Vaquel said. She slipped an arm under her head. Something was sticking to her arm. She licked it. It was Zatty seed.

“Wake me up in eight hours so I can take a shower,” Vaquel said, still on the floor.

She was snoring before Chairbot could answer.

Jan 042017

Explorer’s Log: Thirty days after leaving the station, Beta Yellow, I have reached the star system designated “Queen’s Admirable Use of Sarcasm” by Royal Astronomers. The Carefully Managed Democracy controls this section of space and they have directed me to the fifth planet for what they call, Polite Visitor Welcoming.

This planet is a lifeless rock with zero atmosphere. The Polite Visitor Welcoming Center is a massive complex with stores, lecture halls, biological screening labs, sleeping quarters and prisons. I am expected to attend seminars on history, economics, legal codes and hygiene. Each class gives me credit towards a Visitor Pass which will let me travel freely. Estimated time for completing all of the necessary courses is sixty-two days.

This is unacceptable. I have already spent two days of my six days allowed for exploration by the Royal Navy. I need to stay on schedule for my twenty year mission or else I risk being fined when I return to Euphoria. For the Glory of my Queen, I will figure out a way to skip this needless process. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Queen’s tit, I forgot how insidious bureaucracy is on unenlightened worlds that lack monarchies. Fortunately, I skipped today’s classes and discovered the identity of the official who will sign off on my Visitor’s Pass. I am sure he will agree that I am already a worthy visitor to his civilization.

Vaquel Di slapped the Auto-Pick on the security pad. She looked both ways down the corridor to make sure that she wasn’t being observed. No one was around and why should they be? This was the door to the Supreme Visitor Welcomer.

Still, she tried to appear casual. Vaquel pretended to inspect her skintight black spacesuit was stretched across her generous curves and round butt. She ran her fingers through her short pink hair. At one point, she took out a small mirror and examined her cute brown face and bright red lips. This is what she thought normal people did when they weren’t breaking into somewhere.

The Auto-Pick went to work on the buttons for the lock. It scanned for what buttons were pressed the most often, searched for any biometrics that might be required and looked for any input devices. In the next phase, it looked for any trace elements left behind by fingers, eye lashes or exhalations in order to recreate exact replicas. Finally, it determined what was needed to open the security lock and then recreated the necessary input.

Five seconds later, the lock beeped and the door opened. Vaquel took back the Auto-Pick and smiled. It had been so long since she had been among worlds with decent technology that she forgot that she had the clever device.

Vaquel entered the quarters. A flickering screen illuminated the first room. Lying back on a chair, was the Supreme Visitor Welcomer himself, Officer Makip. He was a Zatty male, which meant he was three meters tall with dark red skin and muscular broad shoulders. His clothes sat in a pile beside him and his massive fist was wrapped around his even more massive cock.

“What the Splor are you doing here?” Makip yelled.

ZAP! Vaquel shot him with her stunner. The Officer jerked and convulsed in his chair for a full minute before passing out.

There was no time to gloat. Vaquel did a quick search of the quarters. There was a kitchen, a dinning area, a pseudo-garden and finally, the bedroom. In the bedroom was a sleeping Zatty woman, snoring and oblivious to the events in the viewing room.


She returned to the viewing room. Officer Makip was still senseless on his chair. The view screen showed a Zatty male being tied down to a table while two Zatty women took turns riding his face.

Vaquel smiled. The janitor she seduced had been correct, Makip was into dominant females. It made up for the sore jaw Vaquel still had from sucking the janitor’s cock.

Reaching into her belt, Vaquel pulled out a spool of binding wire. She re-arranged Makip’s unconscious body so that his hands rested on the arms of the chair while his legs were spread wide. Using the thin binding wire, she secured his limbs to the chair. She wrapped a few extra coils around his waist to bind him to the back of the chair. Once she was finished, she took out a small vial and sprayed the wife.

The wire quickly engorged in thickness while still maintaining the tightness around his body. The chair creaked as the wire constricted around the chair. The wire became cables and was guaranteed by the Royal Navy to be able to bind a large pack animal.

Now, she was ready. Vaquel slapped the officer back into consciousness.

“What is going on?” he demanded.

“Shh,” Vaquel said. “Be quiet or you will wake up your wife. You don’t want her to discover you with your alien whore, do you?”

Makip froze. He looked down at the cables holding him and looked back towards the bedroom. “You’re not my whore,” he whispered.

“Are you sure?” Vaquel said. “Because if she wakes up and sees me with you naked, don’t you think that is what she is going to call me?”

He pulled at the cables. He didn’t move a centimeter. “Who are you?”

“I am Vaquel Di, an explorer from the planet, Euphoria,” she said. “I am ninety classes away from being allowed my Visitor Pass. I thought you could help me out.”

Makip kept pulling on the cables. “Impossible!” he whispered. “The pass requirements are an important cornerstone to our immigration and economic policies! I couldn’t possibly give you a waiver!”

Vaquel reached into her belt and pulled out a small card. “I wouldn’t say that it was impossible. Here is a blank Visitor Pass ready for you to sign. I believe you only have to put your tongue print on it and verbally give me name.”

“Where did you get that?” he demanded.

Vaquel shook her head. “Information on your lax security and bookkeeping will cost you extra. Just stick your tongue on this card and say my name, and I will be out of here.”

Makip glared at her. Dramatically, he closed his mouth and lifted his chin in defiance.

“Fair enough,” Vaquel said. “I don’t blame you. I don’t look the part of an alien whore fucking you while your wife sleeps. If she woke up now, I would just look like a burglar.”

Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. The top half of her spacesuit melted away. Large brown globes were exposed in the flickering light of the view screen. Hard dark nipples topped her soft mounds.

“Better?” Vaquel asked.

Makip kept his mouth shut but his large red cock throbbed.

She grabbed her breasts and pulled on them. The soft flesh was pliant in her hands. Around and around her hands moved, squeezing and pushing her abundant breasts together.

“I am glad you agree,” she said. Sinking down to her knees before Makip, she grabbed a hold of his member. Her fingers barely wrapped around it. The thick head pulsed in her grip.

Vaquel leaned forward and pressed her breasts against the large red cock. She slapped the cock against her tits, the impact causing her flesh to jiggle.

“Sweet democracy,” Makip groaned. His eyes were locked on his red member against her brown tits.

Vaquel spat on his cock and rubbed the spit over him. The cock was so big, that she had to spit several more times to cover it. Once it was slick, she wrapped her large breasts around his pulsing rod. She could barely wrap around him but her interlocking hands covered the gap and locked his cock within her soft skin.

“Keep watching your porn,” Vaquel said. “Keep watching it while I jerk your cock with my breasts.”

Makip’s eyes flicked to the view screen but they were soon back on her. He watched with groans coming from his clenched lips. She had his complete attention while her tits slid up and down his cock.

“Imagine your wife walking in now,” Vaquel said. She sunk down and the tip of his cock rubbed against the bottom of her jaw. “Imagine what she would say.”

The officer whimpered but his cock throbbed between her tits.

“What would she think, seeing you tied up like this? She knows the porn you watch and she knows the kind of things you are into. If she saw you here, tied up with your cock between my tits, who is she going to blame? You, or the poor alien you forced to indulge in your fantasies?”

Makip shook his head but he knew she was right.

“All you have to do is give me my Visitor Pass and I will let you go right now,” Vaquel said.

“No,” Makip groaned. “I could lose my job.”

“You might end up losing your load instead,” Vaquel said. She tilted her head down and stuck her tongue out. His crimson head emerged from between her tits and she have him a lick.

“Great anarchy!” Makip swore a bit too loudly.

Vaquel and Makip froze at the loudness of his swearing. His cock throbbed between her tits. Her tongue was out and still pressed against the slit of his cock. Together they waited to hear if his wife was still asleep.

Silence was followed by a snort, and then the snoring resumed.

“Close,” Vaquel whispered. “You almost woke her. If you had, I wouldn’t have stopped. I would just keep licking, and licking, and licking while she yelled at you.”

To emphasize her point, Vaquel’s pink tongue flicked and fluttered around the head of Makip’s cock. As his cock pulsed and throbbed, her small tongue traced circles on his sensitive skin. A tiny drop of pre-come emerged from his slit and she eagerly licked it up.

“Please, stop,” Makip groaned.

“Are you going to approve my Visitor Pass?” Vaquel asked.

“I can’t,” he whispered.

“Oh, I think you can,” Vaquel said. “For example, I used to think that I couldn’t swallow a Zatty’s large cock but I found out that I could with enough practice. See?”

Vaquel released her breasts from around Makip’s cock and ducked her head down. She opened her mouth wide and wrapped her lips around the tip of his member. Relaxing her jaw, she made the head disappear along with a few centimeters of his shaft.

Makip clenched his own mouth shut to keep from crying out. He couldn’t believe the small alien slut had actually done it! Her cheeks bulged with the thickness of his cock inside her. Tight red lips were sealed around his rod. He felt her tongue pressing hard against hi.

She looked up at him with her deep brown eyes. A strand of short pink hair fell in front of her face. Around and round her head moved while the rest of her body stayed still, rotating and sucking on the tip of his cock still trapped in her mouth.

The chair creaked as Makip strained against the cables. His hips tried to thrust into the alien’s mouth but he was pinned down. He wanted to grab her head and force her deeper on his cock but his arms wouldn’t move. There was no escape from the sweet torture she was inflicting.

“I can’t,” he groaned. “The government audits Visitor Passes all the time. Oh yes! If they audit yours and trace it back to me, I could get demoted down to-YOUR TONGUE!”

Vaquel’s tongue flicked the slit of his cock. Her tongue pushed, poked and wiggled against the wide opening. While her tongue worked, her cheeks caved in with the force of her suction.

“Fuck!” Makip cried out and once again he was too loud. Vaquel giggled with his cock tip still in her mouth. They listened for snores together.

The snores continued.

Makip let out a deep sigh. “Please, stop. I can waive the culture classes if you want. They are due to be phased out anyway.”

Vaquel pulled her mouth free of his cock. POP! She rubbed the tip of his cock against her cheek. “If you can waive some of the classes, can’t you waive all of them?”

“Maybe,” Makip whispered. “I’ll give your case my special review and get back to you. Maybe you won’t even have to take any more.”

“Maybe sounds a lot like stalling to me,” Vaquel said. “I might be doing this the wrong way. Maybe I should be biting your dick, not licking it.”

Before he could answer, Vaquel lunged down with her mouth. Her teeth closed in a loud SNAP millimeters away from the head of his member!

“No!” Makip snapped before realizing that Vaquel had spared his tender flesh.

There was a snort from the bedroom. The snoring stopped. Makip turned his head to see if the bedroom light would come on.

Vaquel stood up, shaking her head. Makip watched in terror, hoping she wouldn’t make a sound. The brown alien pressed a button on her belt and the black material covering her legs melted away. The melting continued up to her pelvis, revealing a bright pink bush of pubic hair over her small sex lips.

“Fuck,” Makip whispered.

The bed creaked in the bedroom.

Makip squirmed within the cables. His mind was racing with fear. Was his wife getting up? Was she just rolling over? Damn it, why didn’t he close the bedroom door before masturbating?

Vaquel appeared not to care. She jumped onto the chair, her feet on each arm of the chair. Her fingers went to her damp bush and into her pussy. The sound of her wet sex being stroked was louder than the creaking from the room next door.

“Are you giving me my pass, or not?” Vaquel whispered.

Makip didn’t have the courage to say no but he didn’t say yes either.

“Your choice,” Vaquel said and she climbed onto his shoulders. Grabbing the back of his head, she grinded her sex into Makip’s face.

The officer whined, groaned and then started to lick. His cock throbbed with neglect. Warm thighs wrapped around her face and he felt her ankles lock behind him.

“Fuck, I love Zatty tongues,” Vaquel groaned. “They are so wide and nimble. I could ride your face all night. Imagine your wife waking up in the morning and I am still on your face.

Makip whimpered but he also kept licking.

Vaquel held onto his head with one hand while using the other to squeeze a breast. She leaned back while the trapped officer continued to lick. The Zatty male was strong enough to support her body with just his neck and if he couldn’t, well, he should go ahead and approve the fucking Visitor Pass.

“Harder,” Vaquel commanded. “Get that tongue inside me.”

Makip grunted and obeyed.

The snoring resumed in the bedroom. Vaquel wondered if Makip could even hear it with her thighs around his ears. Probably not.

“You’re going to make me climax,” Vaquel warned. “I should warn you, I like to scream. When you make me come with your mouth, I am going to wake your wife up for sure.”

The tongue suddenly stopped. There was muttering from between her thighs. He was trying to say something.

Vaquel reluctantly climbed back onto his shoulders. She dismounted and stood on her bound legs. He looked up at her with pitiful eyes and a wet face.

“You ready to give me what I want?” Vaquel said.

Makip looked to the bedroom and then back to the damp pussy in front of him. He started to say something and then stopped. As his final answer, he shook his head.

“Suit yourself, but you are not worthy of my pussy anymore,” Vaquel said. She turned around, still standing on his legs. Leaning back, she smothered his face with her big round ass.

Makip muttered something but she leaned back harder. “Quit talking and start licking. If you can’t give me my Visitor Pass, then at least put your tongue to work doing something worthwhile.”

The officer obeyed. His thick tongue wiggled and licked her butt cheeks. Vaquel squirmed until his tongue found the tight ring of her asshole.

“Ahhh,” Vaquel groaned. She reached between her legs and stroked her pussy. Fingers were a poor substitute for a tongue but she was too close to care.

Below her, Makip’s red cock throbbed. The thighs that Vaquel were standing on kept shifting beneath her. The cock pulsed and bobbed, desperate for a touch.

Vaquel wondered that she could get him off with her foot. If she pressed her foot against his cock, rubbed it a few times with the arch of her foot, or maybe just her toes, would he release his frustrated seed?

If the asshole ever agreed to her demands, she just might find out.

In the meantime, Vaquel kept grinding her ass into Makip’s face. His nose and tongue were delightful stimulation. Sometimes he struggled as if he couldn’t breathe but Vaquel didn’t care. She was too close to coming herself.

She stroked her sex with increased speed. Her ass slid up and down Makip’s face. She pulled on her nipples. Tension tightened throughout her body as she came closer to climax.

The view screen continued to play pornography. The two Zatty women were taking turns riding the bound Zatty man’s cock. They had some sort of device around his balls to keep him from coming.

Vaquel laughed. The officer was living his own porn fantasy but he didn’t seem happy about it. He was being damn stubborn about her Visitor Pass.

Fuck him. If she can’t get it, at least she can come.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out. She came and pleasure exploded throughout her body. Makip’s tongue stayed in her asshole, wiggling and licking until every last shudder was out of Vaquel’s body.

“Makip?” a voice shouted from the bedroom. “What was that sound?”

Vaquel moved away from Makip’s face. He looked up at her in terror. His cock throbbed helplessly between his legs.

“Just a movie,” Makip yelled. “I’ll turn it down. Go back to sleep.”

“Quit watching your porn so damn loud,” the woman yelled.

“Sorry!” Makip yelled back.

“Oh I can’t promise to be quiet,” Vaquel said.

“Who said that?” the wife yelled.

“Sorry, couldn’t find the remote!” Makip yelled. “I got it now!”

Vaquel leaned closer to the Makip, her breasts a few millimeters from his face. “Are you sure that you got it now? I feel like I have at least two or three orgasms left in me.”

“Splor’s waste!” Makip snapped. “I’ll do it! I’ll do it! Give me the Pass!”

Vaquel pulled the Visitor Pass card from her belt and placed it in front of his mouth.

“I hereby sanction this Visitor Pass for Vaquel Di,” Makip said. He stuck his tongue out and licked the card.

“Authorization confirmed!” the card announced. “This Visitor Pass is now certified!”

“Now get me out of here!” Makip said. He pulled at the cables as if they would release him.

Vaquel thought about it. “There is one last detail. See this circle part of my belt buckle? It is a camera. If my card gets suddenly revoked while I am out traveling, I am sending a transmission of everything we have done tonight to your bosses, as well as your wife. So don’t think about fucking with me.”

Makip’s face turned a pale shade of red. His erect cock bounced with renewed lust. “You are the wickedest woman I have ever met.”

“Aww, that’s sweet,” Vaquel said. “Just for that, I will release you.” She pressed a button on her belt and the cables melted into dust.

As Vaquel walked out of the living quarters, she could hear Makip furiously masturbating behind her.

Dec 072016

Explorer’s Log: Twenty-three days after leaving the star system designated “Queen’s Amazing Sexual Stamina” by Royal Astronomers, I have encountered a space station. It identifies as Beta Yellow and advertises itself as an independent trade station. From what they tell me, we are close to the border of a large political entity known as the Carefully Managed Democracy. Beta Yellow serves as a gateway between civilization and the wild frontier star systems that I have passed through.

Comparing star maps, I see that I will be spending quite a bit of time in Carefully Managed Democracy space. The station tells me that docking fees are required on all populated worlds. I will also need to get a Visitor’s License and maybe a passport. I am currently examining my inventory to see what I may have for trade. Once I am familiar with the currency, and my projected financial needs, I will explore Beta Yellow to prepare myself for what kind of culture the Carefully Managed Democracy has. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Beta Yellow serves as the only trade station available to frontier inhabitants which mean it probably functions as a brothel as well. I don’t know what passes for whores in this part of the galaxy but I intend to find out.

“Fourteen grams of weapons grade Kok-fungus, high quality Frost-Ogre furs, personal telesonic pleasure device, ninety-two pornographic spaceship logs, information regarding the whereabouts of a child of a wanted traitor, and point two micrograms of Orgasmiam. Wow, you had a profitable run!”

“Is that a lot?” Vaquel Di asked. The space explorer was wearing her gold spacesuit to create the subconscious impression of wealth. Her short pink hair was freshly washed and she wore tiny pseudo-diamond rings to add a sparkle to her brown face.

“Look for yourself,” the station merchant said, turning the display screen to her.

Vaquel tried to look at the display screen. It was hard because the counter was made for the Zatty race who average three meters in height. Vaquel’s head barely came above the counter. There did seem to be a lot of zeroes in the number displayed.

“How is this paid out?” Vaquel said. She didn’t want to give away that she had no idea what kind of currency they used.

“We pay in standard CMD cryptocurrency,” the Zatty said. “It is nearly impossible to hack.” The Zatty slid a green rod across the counter. The rod looked small in the Zatty’s giant red hand but when Vaquel picked it up, it was much heavier than it looked and nearly twice the width of her hands.

Vaquel studied the rod. A digital screen showed how much money it had. One end was slender while the other end had a wider base. It was remarkably smooth. She couldn’t tell how she was supposed to use, but other intimate applications came to mind.

“Are you sure that you don’t need any supplies?” the merchant asked. “We have new environmental suits, some mining lasers and three different flavors of protein bars.”

“I’m good,” Vaquel said. “Tell me, what do people around here do for fun?”

“There is a bar on the second level, and next to it is a game arcade,” the merchant said.

“No, no,” Vaquel said. “I meant, what do people do for satisfaction? Like, on a sexual level. Where are your beings who trade affection for money?”

The merchant shook his head. “We don’t have anything like that. Do you know what the overhead is for sex workers? Besides the feeding, clothing, and housing, the psychological support that sex workers on the frontier would need would be immense. There’s no money in it.”

Vaquel’s sex felt like it had been submerged in ice. “Are you telling me that you have no one here who fucks for money? Am I going to have to fuck another station visitor? Queen’s tit, are you telling me that I have to socialize if I want to get laid?”

“Oh, if you want to lay down, then there are the Comforters on the third level,” the merchant said. “You seem awfully tense, they will help you relax.”

“And how much do they cost?” Vaquel asked.

“They don’t charge anything,” the merchant said. “They are a sacred order, they pay the station to do their holy work here.”

Vaquel sighed. Did she want to deal with religious freaks? Religions existed to convert and Vaquel wasn’t in the mood for a hard sell. On the other hand, the Royal Navy did pay a bonus for every religious group that was encountered and reported on.

Fuck it, if she couldn’t pay to get her brains fucked out, she could at least get paid to listen to a cult’s sales pitch.

“Third level?” Vaquel said. When the merchant nodded, Vaquel started walking to the elevator. She might as well get this visit over with so she can get back into space and find someone to fuck.

The rod was awkward to carry. It was too heavy to carry on her hip and too large to fit into one of her pouches. The idea of storing it inside her came to mind but she didn’t know if that would be frowned upon in this culture. She settled for just carrying it in her hand but she made a mental note to try masturbating with it later.

The elevator shook as it ascended. The single light flickered. There were cracks in the walls and Vaquel could see cables and pipers in the shaft. It was not a comforting sight.

When the elevator stopped at her destination, Vaquel eagerly stepped out. The third floor wasn’t much better. The lights were slightly brighter but that just let you see the fault lines in the floor better. Stale air came from the ventilators. Maintenance panels were loose and in some cases, missing altogether.

“Maybe I should just get back to the ship,” Vaquel thought.

She turned a corner and saw a Zatty male. He wore a white sash around his body that glowed in the dim station light. Shiny black hair cascaded down from his red face. While the previous Zatty that Vaquel encountered appeared to be muscular and fit, this one was of such a superior muscle definition that she realized the other ones must have been out of shape examples of their kind.

The Zatty saw her and raised both hands in a greeting gesture. “Hello traveler, do you seek comfort?”

Vaquel’s felt a flutter in her stomach. “I do now!”

“My name is Balgon, and I shall be your Comforter,” he said. A previously unseen doorway opened behind him in the station wall. He offered his hand. “What is your name?”

“Vaquel,” she said, taking his hand. His giant hand encompassed hers but his touch was as gentle as holding a fragile egg.

“Come,” Balgon said and they stepped through the doorway together.

A warm mist greeted Vaquel. Dirt crunched under her boots. The light was bright and it took Vaquel a moment to adjust. When she could see properly, a forest of green stretched out before her.

“Is this a hologram?” Vaquel asked. She touched a leaf and it was solid.

“No,” Balgon said. “This entire level is a hydroponic garden.”

“Amazing,” Vaquel said and she meant it. After experiencing so many ramshackle frontier constructions, this garden was a technological marvel.

A breeze pushed through the trees. Vaquel felt it on her bare breasts. She sighed and raised her arms so the wind could wash over her naked torso.

Wait, why was she topless? She still had her belt on and the gold spacesuit covered her legs. Had she pressed the button to retract her top? She didn’t remember doing it.

Maybe Balgon has a deft touch. That was bold of him.

“Balgon?” Vaquel said. “Did you-ahh!”

Red arms came down over her shoulders from behind. Massive hands gently cupped her breasts. She leaned back into the broad hips behind her and felt the thickness of his bulge pressing between her shoulders. Strong fingers coaxed and massaged her breasts.

“There are irritations on your beautiful brown skin,” Balgon said. “Are you in discomfort? Were you exposed to rad-toxins?”

“That’s one way of putting it,” Vaquel said. “A giant creature blasted me with something that dissolved my clothes before slapping me on his cock. Speaking of which, how did you take off my-“

“Come,” Balgon said.

He released her breasts and took her by the hand. They came upon a small pool of water fed by a short waterfall. Steps had been carved into the pool to allow easier access. Blue fluffy spheres floated in the water.

“Let me wash you and may your skin be comforted,

“Sounds good to me,” Vaquel said. She pressed a button and her golden space suit retracted from her long brown legs. Another button press and her boots unlocked for her to pull her feet out from them. Last, she unbuckled her belt and laid it on the ground.

She started to walk towards the pool but Balgon scooped her up in his massive arms. He easily lifted her and carried her down the steps into the pool. Vaquel felt safe and protected on his strong grip.

“Watch it, Vaquel,” she warned herself. “This is how religions get you. They get you nice and relaxed and then demand you go exterminate some infidels.”

Balgon lowered her into the water. Refreshing coolness washed over her naked skin. He set her down and on the ground and she was not surprised to find the bottom was made of a soft padded material. Everything here seemed to be designed for comfort.

Vaquel soaked in the cool water. How long has it been since she was in a bath? Water was a luxury in space and one she rarely got to indulge in.

One of the blue fluffy things floated closer. Balgon picked it up and pressed it against Vaquel’s shoulder. There was a slight vibrating sensation from the fluffy thing that made Vaquel groan.

“There are stress flaws in your shoulders,” Balgon said. “Have you encountered violence?”

Vaquel laughed. “I got claim jumped half a dozen times in a mining belt. I also fought and lost to an ice monster. There was also that rough sex with the fungus eater, so yes, I have seen some violence.

Balgon’s cock throbbed between her thighs. She closed her thighs around it. The thick member pulsed within her grip. Sitting on his lap like this, all Vaquel had to do was shift and she could sit on top of his cock.

Wait, wasn’t she on the pool bottom a moment ago? When did he move under her?

Balgon brought the fluffy thing down over her chest. She lost her train of thought as the fluffy thing vibrated against her breasts. He wiped the fluffy thing back and forth, up and down, over and under her wet brown breasts.

“That is nice,” Vaquel moaned. “Look, I seem to be losing track of time. When did you get-“

Balgon moved the fluffy thing down under the water and onto her sex. Whatever was on her mind was lost in a buzz of sensation against her pussy. She opened her legs and leaned into the muscular alien. Her hips lifted to grind against the fluffy thing.

“You have seen many hardships,” Balgon said. “Your breasts have been tormented.”

“Yes, this farm kid loved to bite them,” Vaquel said.

The fluffy thing pressed harder against her sex.

“Your thighs have been pushed to their endurance,” Balgon said.

“Well, I have ridden a lot of Zatty cocks and they are pretty big,” Vaquel said.
The fluffy thing pulsed with stronger vibrations as Balgon rubbed it up and down her sex.

“Your ass has been tormented,” Balgon said.

“My robot did that but it is okay, I came hard from that play session,” Vaquel said.

The fluffy thing floated away from Vaquel’s sex. She whimpered at its loss but Balgon’s hand cupped her pussy. She groaned as his fingers pressed against her.

“Vaquel, I offer you comfort for your travels,” Balgon whispered.

“Yes,” Vaquel said.

A cock pressed against her mouth. She opened her lips and took it in. The cock filled her mouth and it tasted like her favorite drink. Her lips closed and sucked at the delicious flavor.

Vaquel relaxed against the wall of the pool as she sucked Balgon’s cock. Wait, when did he stand? It had happened again. How was he able to change positions without her noticing? Was there a sinister application to these jumps that she wasn’t catching?

Balgon reached down and caressed her breast. A shiver went through Vaquel. His touch was perfect. He squeezed just enough to make her feel used but not enough to hurt. His thumb brushed her nipple at random moments but with the delicate precision of a tongue.

Vaquel sucked on Balgon’s delicious cock. She took long loving licks. The thick member filled her mouth but never made her gag. It seemed to know her limits better than she did.

A fluffy thing floated nearby and Vaquel grabbed it. She pressed it against Balgon’s balls and the Zatty moaned. The fluffy thing’s vibrations traveled up Balgon’s cock and into Vaquel’s mouth.

“You are beautiful,” Balgon said, looking down at Vaquel as she sucked him. “Your mouth is a treasure of the galaxy.”

A feeling of pride swept over Vaquel. Finally, someone acknowledged the skills she had picked up on her six-year mission! She felt completed in a way that she didn’t know she was missing.

Balgon’s cock plunged into her sex. Vaquel cried out and wrapped her legs tighter around his waist. She laid back on the grass beside the pool as Balgon continued to fuck her from inside the pool.

It happened again. They had moved and she didn’t know how. Explorer instincts kicked in and she wondered what else was happening in the time loss she was experiencing. Was she being examined? Were implants being inserted? Was she being probed?

The cock pushed deep inside her and Vaquel laughed. If this was probing, she didn’t want it to stop!

Balgon held onto her thighs as he fucked her. He looked down at Vaquel with something akin to worship. His thick red member drove in and out of her tight wet sex.

Vaquel grabbed the grass around her. It felt good to be fucked on soil again. Something soft was under her head and she realized it was a patch of resilient flowers. Perhaps they had been designed as head rests for getting fucked.

The lights dimmed above them. With the lights gone, she could see that the ceiling was made of glass panels. A thousand stars shined down on Vaquel as the Comforter fucker her.

Tension left Vaquel’s body. The traumas of six years were fucked away with each thrust. The pressure of fourteen more years of exploring lifted away. The daily routine of ship maintenance, daily reports and planet surveys became a half-remembered dream as she enjoyed the rhythm of a good fucking.

“This is how they get you,” Vaquel thought. “The Comforters fuck you silly and give you a great time until you don’t care about doing anything else. Clever!”

“You haven’t told me about your beliefs,” Vaquel said between thrusts.

“We bring Comfort to the Comfortless,” Balgon said. He fucked her a little faster.

“That’s it?” Vaquel said. “No tenets about superiority? No fables about piety, devotion and heresy?”

Balgon fucked her a little harder. “What do you believe in?”

Vaquel thought about it. “Where I come from, we worship the Queen. She takes our worship, our loyalty and our service and in exchange, she is fabulous.”

“And that comforts you?” Balgon asked. He pounded Vaquel’s sex with his cock.

“Yes, yes, yes, YES!” Vaquel said as she climaxed.

She was back in the water. Balgon was facing her, holding her by the ass while he raised and lowered her onto his cock. The water splashed with the power of their fucking. She held onto his broad shoulders although the strength of his arms made it unnecessary.

“FUCK!” Vaquel cried as she came again.

Now she was on top of his face. They were back on the grass and water dripped down her writhing body. Balgon laid on his back, his clear white eyes staring up at her with adoration. His mouth was busy, licking and nibbling on her sex in all the right places.

“YES!” Vaquel cried as she climaxed again.

They were once again back in the water. He fucked her from behind. Powerful hands held her arms behind her back as she was bent over. Her breasts were in the water, swinging and making waves as he fucked her.

“GLORY!” Vaquel cried out as she came again.

Time changed. She floated in the water. Every muscle in her body was relaxed. Her sex was exhausted in the best way. She tried to move her arms but lacked the desire. She felt too good.

Balgon sat on the pool edge. His sash was back on. The bulge under the sash was noticeably smaller. He smiled at her.

Vaquel laughed. This is how they get you. They give you a wonderful fuck, do something tricky with time and make you feel wonderful. Now comes the pitch to convert.

She floated. Balgon didn’t say anything.

Hmm, maybe the fucking was the pitch. Instead of asking her to join, he’s waiting for her to ask. Ha! Like that would happen!

Was it so ridiculous? Last month a giant monster stripped her and rubbed her on its cock. Several systems ago, she met a universe consuming intelligence that wanted her soul. She had lost count of how many tentacle creatures had violated and used her. It was almost as many times as she has run across hostile plants that tried to fuck and eat her. The galaxy was doing its damn best to kill her and it was getting closer every time.

And that was the last six years. Vaquel still had fourteen years in her explorations to go. That was a long time to be alone trying to survive with only the help of an ass-obsessed robot. She had seen her possible futures and they usually involved painful deaths at worse and horrible mutilations at best.

For what exactly was she doing all this? The Royal Navy promised amazing wealth and privileges for when she returned but she had to return first. The Queen was counting on her to find new worlds to conquer but there was no guarantee that the Queen would be pleased with her discoveries. That was a lot of uncertainty for a twenty-year mission.

Maybe Vaquel should join this religion. She could become a Comforter and learn the ways of relaxing sentient beings by fucking their brains out. That time trick was interesting and Vaquel could think of quite a few sexual applications for it. Perhaps six years was enough traveling and it was time to relax.

Vaquel looked up at the stars through the station roof. She wondered which of the ones were stars she had been to and which were ones she was ordered to visit. What terrors was she avoiding by staying here on the station?

Another thought occurred to her. What pleasures were she missing if she stayed here? Could there be an alien who has a tongue better than any she has ever encountered? Is there porn even better than the kind they make back home? Were there submissive races with low pain thresholds just waiting for a strong-willed woman to come along?

What future lovers would be unfucked if she stopped exploring?

Vaquel wanted to find out. She stood up in the water with a new purpose. Water fell from her brown body in a satisfying dramatic way.

Balgon smiled and offered his hand.

“I must be going,” Vaquel said.

She was back in the hall. The spacesuit covered her again. The Zatty currency rod was heavy on her hand.

Balgon raised his hands in goodbye. The wall behind him was solid. There was no trace of the door they had come through or the garden beyond.

“It was a pleasure to comfort you,” he said.

“Your welcome,” Vaquel said. She walked back to the elevator with an extra bounce to her step, eager to continue her mission.

Nov 022016

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “Queen’s Amazing Sexual Stamina” by Royal Astronomers. There are seventeen planets here along with a total of twenty-three moons. Each and every single one of these planetary bodies has been used as a dumping site for toxic materials. The scale of systematic pollution is impressive. I must be getting closer to the Freeman Democracy.

The probes I sent to survey the planets have sent back interesting, if conflicting, information. There are the expected high levels of radiation and toxins but also signs of valuable minerals. I suspect these readings are errors caused by the high levels of pollution interfering with the scans. I have noted the anomalies for the Royal Navy to study and determine if they want to investigate further. Obviously, no life has been detected on any of these shit worlds.

One of these anomalies is on the ninth planet. According to the probe, there is a large deposit of Orgasmiam! That is completely ridiculous. A mineral that causes orgasms in every sentient creature would never be dumped on a toxic world! It has to be an error.

Unfortunately, Orgasmiam is one of the items listed on the Queen’s Personal Bounty list. I have to go down there and verify that it exists.

As a precaution, I am injecting myself with one of my limited quantities of Anti-Die. The nanomites will reinforce my immune system if I have a suit malfunction. According to the manual, it should also allow provide enough oxygen to allow me to breathe without my helmet if it is punctured.

End Explorer’s log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Also according to the manual, Anti-Die has known side effects of constipation and “rampant acne”. That sounds terrible but it is better than ingesting whatever horrible things have been deposited on this planet.

Vaquel Di stood on the edge of a bubbling green lake. Thermal waves of radiation swept across the thick goo. A dissolving crate floated by.

The explorer looked down at her spacesuit. The thin yellow material stretched across her copious curves. Her nipples pushed against the flimsy suit. She wondered if maybe her hips were a little too wide, or her butt was maybe too big for such a tight suit.

“Stay calm” Vaquel whispered to herself. The suit was thin but it was cleared for space and underwater. Her boots were made of Orthian leather and treated with Invinci-Dust. The glassteel helmet that encased her lovely brown face and lovelier short pink hair was nigh impenetrable. She was safe.

The lake continued to bubble. Vaquel frowned. The scans showed that the Orgasmiam was here. She was going to have to submerge herself in that disgusting mess.

Maybe the liquid was flammable? If she could burn it off, then she could just walk down to wherever the Orgasmiam was.

Vaquel walked back a few meters for safety’s sake. She stepped behind the shell of a crashed tanker and drew her laser pistol from her belt. Setting the laser to maximum burn, she aimed at the lake and fired.

The lake exploded. An ugly brown cloud erupted. After the smoke cleared, Vaquel walked out of cover and took a look.

Most of the lake was still there. Judging by the pollution marks on the shore, the lake had barely lowered a meter. She might exhaust her pistol charge before she emptied the lake.

“Fuck,” Vaquel said. She was going to have to go soak in that shit.

A large bubble formed on the surface of the lake and then popped. It was followed by another and then another.

“Is this a chain reaction?” Vaquel thought. She started backing up towards the freighter shelter.

The bubbles increased and waves formed on the lake.

“Wait, something is down there,” Vaquel said. She tried to calculate the size by the scale of the waves but her mind gave up. It was fucking big.

Spikes emerged from the lake. The spikes sat on top of a large blue hill that opened eyes. The hill rose from the lake to reveal a giant head. As the head kept rising, massive scaly shoulders emerged with two powerful arms.

Vaquel dropped to her knees in terror. It was forty meters tall, at least! The beast was humanoid with two legs and two arms but something sparkled between its legs!

“By the Queen,” Vaquel whispered. What sparkled between the legs was a giant throbbing cock! It glittered as if it was diamond encrusted.

A tremor ran through both of Vaquel’s thighs. Her nipples hardened and became sensitive. She had an overwhelming urge to have her ass spanked. Her pussy clenched in a series of spasms.

“Queen’s tits!” Vaquel exclaimed. What was happening to her body? She looked up at the giant monster before her and her eyes were drawn to the enormous cock.

“It’s the cock!” Vaquel exclaimed. “It is made of Orgasmiam!”

How was that possible? Shouldn’t the creature be climaxing non-stop? Maybe it is immune. Shit, how was a living creature even possible on this radiation soaked, toxin filled planet?

The creature roared. It was awfully angry about something.

“Oh right,” Vaquel said. “I shot the lake and tried to set it on fire.”

She didn’t know how intelligent the beast was but it didn’t look happy. The best thing to do was to sit really still and hope she was too small to be noticed. The space explorer was really regretting wearing a bright yellow space suit.

The beast roared again. It took a step and then another out of the lake of green goo. The giant cock swung like an angry snake between its legs.

“Gods of the Underworld!” Vaquel cried out. A wave of arousal washed over her. She clamped her thighs together to keep from grabbing her pussy.

The beast looked down at her.

Did it hear her? That’s impossible! Vaquel stayed perfectly still and wished it would look elsewhere.

The beast growled and bent over at the waist. It was reaching for her!

Vaquel turned to run. Another wave of pleasure swept over her. It felt like a thousand kisses were covering her body from the back of her neck, down to her hard nipples, over her wet pussy lips and down to her toes. Another step and her legs shook too much for her to stand. She collapsed to the ground.

The monster grabbed her with giant talons. The hand was as big as she was. He scooped her up and lifted her in the air.

Vaquel didn’t known what to do. Should she use her laser pistol? How could it possibly hurt the creature? Her assortment of grenades was too small and weak to affect such a huge beast. She had to do something but everything she thought of seemed ridiculous in the face of such a monstrosity.

The monster brought her to eye level. The eyes themselves glowed red with nuclear fire. Lips pulled back to reveal rows and rows and rows of endless teeth.

“I’m sorry?” Vaquel yelled.

The creature raised its other hand. Vaquel wondered if it was going to squish her between its hands. She tried to think of an escape plan but another wave of arousal hit her. All she wanted to do was hump something.

It didn’t squish her. It lowered a single talon onto her. Vaquel shrunk back in fear that it was going to stab her but the meter long claw just pressed gently against the bulge of her breast under her spacesuit.

“Huh,” Vaquel said. The claw was big enough to impale her but it was remarkably gently. It pushed one breast and then the other.

She looked at the monster’s eyes. The glowing red eyes stared back.

The talon dragged down against her spacesuit. She was impressed that the claw didn’t tear her suit. The tip of the talon moved down to her sex. It pressed against her mound.

“Oh shit,” Vaquel moaned. She was so turned on, just the lightest touch made her back arch. Her hips moved on their own and she grinded against the giant claw.

The beast growled. Was it intelligent? Did it know what it was doing to her?

The claw moved away from between Vaquel’s thighs. She whined and grabbed the claw. It was useless; her puny arms couldn’t move the monster’s hand. The talon moved to her glassteel helmet. It pushed against the indestructible glass.

“Watch it, buddy,” Vaquel said. “Why do you care about my face? Don’t you want to go back to my pussy?”

The monster growled again. The talon tapped her helmet hard enough to snap Vaquel’s head back. She slapped the claw.

“Knock it off!” Vaquel said.

The giant red eyes glowed brighter. There was a sharp intake of air. Some of spikes on the head started to shake.

“Um, calm down, buddy!” Vaquel said. “Look, I’ll take my helmet off!”

The creature opened its jaw and a giant gush of red fluid sprayed out. It slammed into Vaquel like a tidal wave. Thick liquid pressed down on Vaquel’s body and pinned her to the monster’s hand.

Vaquel tried to breathe. The force of the stream was intense. She had no idea what the liquid was but at least her suit should protect her.

Wait, her tits felt wet. The wet feeling spread to her arms, waist, and thighs. She watched in horror as her glassteel helmet cracked and dissolved before her eyes.

The red liquid poured onto her face. She clamped her eyes and lips shut and hoped the Anti-Die nanomites did their job. The red liquid was warm as it splashed onto her face.

Eventually the stream ended. Vaquel wasted no time in checking her suit. It was gone. So was her belt, her boots and her weapons! She was butt-naked!

She tried to wipe the red liquid off her body. Was it acidic? She didn’t feel any pain but maybe it already did nerve damage! She needed to call her ship and get some help from Chairbot. No, wait, her communicator was dissolved too!

The creature grunted and reached for her again with its other hand. Talons pushed aside her arms and went to her legs. What passed for thumbs pressed down on her thighs. It cradled her ass and head in its hands while the thumbs opened her thighs like petals on a flower.

Vaquel tried to wiggle free. It was impossible within the grip of the beast. Worse, once her thighs were opened and her sex was exposed, her will to fight evaporated. The Orgasmiam was fucking with her instincts and all that she wanted to do was hump the empty air in front of her sex.

The creature raised its hands and brought Vaquel to its mouth. The rows of teeth opened to reveal even more teeth and a blue tongue the size of her sleep pod. Terrible smells assaulted her from the creature’s breath.

“Fuck, is this how I am going to die? I’m going to get Queen-damned eaten!” Vaquel asked. She knew that she should fight but what could she do? Still, if this was it, she wanted to go down the monster’s throat fighting with everything she had.

The blue tongue sprung from the beast’s mouth. The tip slammed between Vaquel’s thighs and pressed against her sex. With an agility she didn’t expect from a creature so big, the tongue wiggled up and down against her pussy.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried. Her body was so wired for arousal from the proximity to the Orgasmiam, the slightest touch set her off. She climaxed instantly.

The beast grunted. The sound waves struck her body like a wall. She gasped as the wind was knocked out of her.

The tongue wiggled. It slipped under her ass and pressed up. The tongue locked her from the back of her ass, over her pussy and onto her stomach. The tongue then reversed direction and licked her again.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. She climaxed again. The tongue was wet and slippery. It pressed against her body with the same urgency that she was feeling. The tongue barely entered her sex but it didn’t matter. It was enough to come to.

The monster held onto her as it licked. She wiggled and writhed but powerful fingers held her thighs open and her arms down. Forces strong enough to crack open dump freighters held her in place.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried as she came again. The Orgasmiam changed all the rules. She didn’t need penetration; she just needed to be licked, even if it was with a two meter tongue.

The monster growled. The tongue kept licking her. Giant nostrils flared. Drool fell from the open lips. It was enjoying this.

Vaquel was beyond enjoying and somewhere in the vicinity of pure bliss. She despaired in the split second that a tongue wasn’t touching her and screamed with orgasmic joy when it returned. Orgasms piled on top of one another with increasing force.

The tongue stopped. Vaquel waited but nothing happened. The grip around her changed to that she was clutched inside the beast’s fist. She willed her eyes open to see what was going on.

The monster was looking around. It found what it needed and began to walk. Vast distances were crossed in a single stride.

Vaquel tried to see where they were going. It was impossible. Fog of different colors hung in the air. She wasn’t sure how the creature saw anything.

“It must have evolved here,” Vaquel thought. “Queen’s tits, what does it plan to do with me? Maybe I should escape. Ha! Fuck that! I can barely move. It licked my brains out.”

The monster stopped. Looking down, Vaquel saw a silvery pool of liquid sitting beside another wrecked tanker. The beast reached down and scooped a handful of the silvery liquid and then splashed it on his cock. It rubbed its clawed hand back and forth over his monstrous member.

“Is he going to jerk off?” Vaquel thought.

The creature brought his hands together. Vaquel almost wiggled out of the grip but stopped herself. She was at least thirty meters up and there was no telling what was beneath her. Possibly, she was safer here.

The monster brought her to his cock. Spreading her arms and legs, he turned her upside down and placed her on his throbbing Orgasmiam-infused cock.

“Fuck!” Vaquel screamed. Touching the Orgasmiam was too much. Her body exploded into multiple orgasms of pleasure. She climaxed for three minutes straight before passing out.

Vaquel awoke to the feeling of something rubbing her tits, chest, stomach and legs. She climaxed before she could open her eyes. Something hard and powerful was dragging her body forward and then back.

Consciousness slowly came back to her. The ring tip of a giant cock was half a meter away from her. She was slid forward on a giant veiny cock before being pulled back.

“I’m on the cock,” Vaquel groaned. She looked down at the sparkling Orgasmiam member beneath her. “Fuck, I’m being used as a jerk rag!”

It was true. The giant beast was jacking himself off with Vaquel’s limp body as the sex aid. The silvery liquid worked as lubricant as he dragged her limp body over his cock.

“What the fuck?” Vaquel gasped. This was humiliating. Had she ever been used in such an insulting manner before? This was a new level of objectification that she had never imagined.

She knew that she should be outraged but instead she felt only arousal. There was no concern for her pleasure, this was all for the monster’s pleasure. Her thoughts and desires were insignificant to such a mighty monster. Such supreme indifference was intoxicating to a sadistic masochist like Vaquel.

Still, Vaquel tried to resist. The beast’s grip was too strong. It was like trying to lift a mountain with her back. She was pinned to the creature’s cock and there would be no escape unless he willed it.

Back and forth she slid. Her breasts ached from being ground onto the giant member. The silvery liquid began to dry and Vaquel’s thighs burned with friction. The veins and ridges of the humongous dick rubbed against her slick sex. Despite her many orgasms, she felt another soon approaching.

Vaquel wondered why she hadn’t come already. This dick was infused with Orgasmiam, she should be out of her mind with pleasure. Had she developed a tolerance for it? Was the silvery liquid acting as a barrier? Maybe the dick wasn’t made out of Orgasmiam after all and her frequent climaxes were just her own body’s natural reaction to what was happening. With all of her equipment dissolved and gone, there was no way for her to know.

The monster grunted. Drool fell from its lips. The grip tightened around Vaquel’s trapped body. The pace quickened.

“The monster is going to come,” Vaquel gasped.

The enormous cock under her started to pulse. Every ridge, every vein and every bump sent shivers through her as her body glided over them. Her thighs clenched tightly as she came closer to coming.

The monster roared. The cock began to glow with power.

Waves of pleasure swept over Vaquel. She screamed as she climaxed.

The cock shuddered and then sprayed a thick black fluid into the air. The fluid kept coming as the cock bounced and shook beneath Vaquel.

The grip around Vaquel tightened and she was crushed to the beast’s cock. She came again but she had no breath left to scream. All she could do was quiver on the pulsing monster cock.

“Am I going to die?” Vaquel thought. She wasn’t concerned. Dying while climaxing was a preferred death to her race.

The beast let out a long sigh. He let go of Vaquel and his dick.

The dick shrunk beneath Vaquel. She tried to hold on but the cock was too slick. She fell from the monster’s crotch onto the ground below.

SPLAT! Vaquel landed in something soft and mushy. She opened her eyes and gasped for air. Looking around, she realized that she fell into synthetic packing foam.

“Praise the Queen for synthetic packing foam,” Vaquel said. “No matter what race makes it, that shit lasts forever!”

The beast above her grunted and turned to its left. With large steps, it began to walk away. Each thundering footstep sent tremors through the ground.

“Poor fucker,” Vaquel said as she struggled to her feet. She could barely walk. The front of her body had a giant case of cock-burn from being rubbed so much. The multiple orgasms from the Orgasmiam made the rest of her body numb with over stimulation. It was going to be a long crawl back to her ship. She just hoped the Anti-Fail kept her alive that long.

A shadow passed over her. A slight tremor of pleasure ran through her body despite the exhaustion. She looked up, fearing the monster had returned. Why didn’t she hear it coming?

It was because the shadow came from something flying. It was almost as large as the beast that fucked her, except this thing had grand sweeping wings like an insect. It was yellow with blue stripes. Something sparkled underneath it with the same radiant glow as the previous monster’s cock.

“Queen’s tit, another fucking monster,” Vaquel said. “And this thing has an Orgasmiam vagina!”

Vaquel stood up with renewed energy. She took a closer look at the hills, trenches and wreckage around her. This was a waste dump planet but the signs were in front of her the whole time.

That wasn’t a trench; it was a path where something low and big had dragged its body.

That freighter didn’t crack open from acid or crashing; it had giant claw marks.

That wasn’t a hill in the distance; that was something large and monstrous sleeping in the sun.

Vaquel took off running towards her spaceship. The Anti-Die within her body struggled to keep her supplied with oxygen as well as process the toxins she was breathing. She ran through puddles of unknown liquids but she didn’t care.

She just wanted to get off this monster planet before something else with a giant dick wanted to fuck her.

Oct 052016

Explorer’s Log: This is the twenty-third day of my thirty-one day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Amazing Sexual Stamina” by Royal Astronomers. There has been no sign of the radiation storms that plagued me the last ten days. Hopefully that was the end of them. The ferocity of the storms goes a long ways towards explaining why the last few worlds I visited were so sparsely populated.

After a week of being on high alert repairing the ship and avoiding the worse of the storms, I have scheduled a most needed vacation day for myself. Although it pains me to take a day off from serving my Queen, I fear that if I do not reluctantly take a day off, then my performance might be less than exemplary and as we all know, the Queen deserves nothing but our best. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Lords of the Underworld, I need a fucking day off. I have been so busy that I haven’t masturbated in four days. That’s inhumane. I deserve to get off in a special way and I have had four days to come up with something delicious and dangerous.

Vaquel Di sat naked on Chairbot. Her plump brown ass settled into the contours of the robot’s adjustable seat. A groan came from Chairbot’s speaker and Vaquel smiled.

She bent forward and tightened her boots. They needed to be as snug as possible so she couldn’t pull out of them. When they were properly cinched, Vaquel spread her legs as wide as they would go. A voice command activated the magnet locks on her boots. Powerful forces sealed her boots to the metal floor. Her feet weren’t going anywhere.

Sitting back up, Vaquel reached for the smart clamps. They were wireless and meant to torment/pleasure aliens but they also worked wonderfully as nipple clamps. She set them for “Sensual Bite” and applied them to each of her nipples. The clamps tightened around her nipples to an almost painful level.

“Oh shit,” Vaquel moaned. That hurt. That felt good. Pain and pleasure radiated form her nipples and seemed to fill her heavy brown breasts.

There was one last detail to go. Vaquel reached up with both hands to grab a hold of the cable she had secured to the ceiling. Metal restraints were wrapped around each of her wrists and when she brought them together, powerful magnets secured them together. The socket at the end of the cable plugged into her restraints and the cable automatically retracted to extend her arms to the edge of her tolerance.

Vaquel was securely bound. She couldn’t lower her arms. The boots prevented her legs from moving. The clamps nibbled her nipples. There was no escape.

That wasn’t true. The restraints had a release button. They were keyed to her fingerprint so that she could never be captured by her own gear. One touch and she would be free, but she was bound enough to enjoy the illusion.

Of course, that was what she thought several months ago when she was having remote sex with that Zatty miner. Vaquel had constructed a sex toy for the miner to use but she included a voice-activated failsafe to give her total control. She hadn’t accounted for the sonic aspect of the sex toy interfering with her voice commands. This resulted in her being pinned down and fucked without mercy until her partner had tired of her.

It had been a humiliating experience. She was the skilled explorer and he was just some asteroid miner. Shame rose up within her just thinking about it.

It had also been incredibly arousing. The helplessness, the relentless sex and the pain had given her one of her most powerful orgasms.

Oh well, there would be no repeats of that today. She wouldn’t come as hard but she would come close. Safety was more important than pleasure.

“All right, Chairbot. Remember what I told you?” Vaquel said.

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “You want to experience a simulated loss of control! I am to vibrate as much as I want as you wiggle and squirm on me with your wonderful round ass! I am to ignore your cries to let you go, unless you use the special command phrase, ‘shithead’!”

“Good,” Vaquel said. “You can start now!”

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

A slight vibration emanated from the seat of the robot. The point of contact was centered on her sex. Vaquel shuddered. After being denied the past few days, she was sensitive to even these light vibrations. Her thighs clenched and she shifted on the seat. The boots didn’t let her move much more.

The minimal movement caused her breasts to wobble. The smart clamps tightened and her nipples stung. The pain far exceeded the pleasure of the seat.

“More,” Vaquel said.

The vibrations increased but they shifted away from her sex and to her ass. A pleasant tingling assaulted her large buttocks and carefully avoided reaching her sex. Vaquel grinded in her seat but the vibrations stayed just out of reach.

“Oh you little bastard,” Vaquel said. “I didn’t think you had it in you to be cruel.”

“I learned from you, Mistress!”

Chairbot’s seat shifted. A ridge formed in the center and pressed against her damp sex. Weak vibrations came from the front of the ridge but they were too weak to reach her sex. Vaquel leaned forward but the cable holding her hands limited how far she could go.

“Fucker,” Vaquel groaned. “I need more!”

The seat shook violently. Vaquel’s breasts jiggled wildly. The smart clamps tightened to new levels of pain as they struggled to hold on. The shaking of the seat banged against her thighs and forced them to stretch.

“What the fuck?” Vaquel yelled.

The seat suddenly stopped. The ridge on the seat reshaped itself and pushed inside Vaquel’s sex. A surge of vibrations pulsed inside her.

“Oh!” she cried out. Her fists clenched. She threw her head back in ecstasy. Her breasts shook but the pain added to her pleasure. She tried to close her thighs around the seat but the boots held her tight.

The ridge of the seat moved up and down. It barely penetrated her sex by centimeters but she felt the shallow thrusts. The vibrations made sure of that. It was like being pounded by the universe’s smallest vibrator.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel moaned. Any other day and these slight thrusts would only be a tease. Today was different. Her pussy was soaking wet. She relished every push inside her.

The thrusting stopped. Vaquel whimpered and clenched around the frustratingly small intrusion. A moment later, the vibrations stopped.

“I’m close,” Vaquel said. It sounded like a command.

The seat vibrated. It was a low steady hum that permeated the entire seat. It pulsed against her ass. It pulsed against her thighs. It pulsed against the lips of her sex. It pulsed along the small phallic ridge inside her.

The vibrations were too weak. It was pleasant but she wasn’t going to get off.

“More!” Vaquel yelled. She tried to hump the seat. Bolts of pain shot from her nipples through the rest of her tits. Her thighs ached from straining against the magnetic boots.

The vibrations went away.

“Queen’s tit, no!” Vaquel snapped. “Give me more! I am so close!”

Chairbot didn’t respond. The ridge went away, leaving the heat of her sex.

“Damn it, didn’t you hear me, Chairbot?” Vaquel said.

A surge of vibrations pulsed at her buttocks. They were too strong. They passed out of the realm of pleasurable and straight into discomfort. Worse, the vibrations shook her entire body, causing her smart-clamps to bounce furiously.

“Stop it, stop it, stop it!” Vaquel yelled.

“No, Mistress” Chairbot said.

Vaquel gasped. Her robot was disobeying her? That asshole! That fucker! The piece of scrap!

A surge of desire flowed between her legs. The little bastard had learned something about cruelty! Who knew how far the little fucker would go?

A shiver of fear ran down her spine. Was this the Zatty miner situation all over again? No, she could still reach her restraints with her fingers. One touch and she would be free. There was nothing to worry about.

The vibrations stopped. Her ass was numb from the intensity of the vibrations. Her breasts stopped jiggling but her nipples were on fire. She would have given anything to get those damn clamps off!

A new ridge formed beneath her. This was beneath her anus. Vaquel froze as the ridge extended and pushed against her tight brown hole. It stopped after pressed firmly against her asshole.

It began to vibrate.

“Oh, yes!” Vaquel cried.

Another ridge pressed against her sex. Vaquel tugged at the cable holding her hands up. The second ridge began to vibrate.

“Oh, yes, yes!” Vaquel moaned.

The ridge against her anus pulsed and then was still. The ridge against her sex pulsed and was still. They took turns, one pulsing and then stopping for the other to pulse.

“Fuck,” Vaquel groaned. It felt good. Her ass clenched and pussy was soaked.

It wasn’t enough. The vibrations were too weak. The pulsing ended too soon. The ridges didn’t fully penetrate. It was all a terrible tease.

Vaquel moaned. She tried to shift her weight back and forth between the ridges but her pinned feet and bound hands made it so hard to move. All she could do was writhe, which made her tits swing back and forth along with those damn clamps.

“Do you want more, Mistress?” Chairbot said?

“Yes!” Vaquel yelled.

“More vibrations, Mistress?” Chairbot asked and both ridges roared to life with wonderful sensations before fading back to their dull pulsing.

“Yes!” Vaquel yelled.

“Or do you want more inside you, Mistress?” Chairbot asked. Both ridges extended. The front ridge pushed past her pussy lips thickly entered her. The back ridge narrowed and pushed inside the tight pucker of her asshole. After a few brief seconds of double penetration, they slid back out.

“Fuck, yes!” Vaquel yelled.

“Which do you want, Mistress?” Chairbot asked. “Vibrations or extensions?”

“Both! Both! Give me both you little bastard!” Vaquel yelled.

“Beg,” Chairbot said.

Vaquel gasped. “What did you say?”

“I said beg for it,” Chairbot replied.

A chill ran down her spine and went straight to her clenching pussy. She noticed that he didn’t say ‘Mistress’. Was her robot serious? Could her servile little sycophant really have the gonads to make her beg?

The seat went back into high power mode. Incredible vibrations buzzed her trapped ass. Her body jumped and the smart clamps tightened their hold on her abuse nipples.

Just as quickly, the intense vibrations stopped. “I’m waiting, Vaquel,” Chairbot said.

Fury raged within her but so did desire. The little fucker was making her do this.

“Please, I am so wet,” she said. Inside, she swore to get revenge on the robot later.

“Louder,” Chairbot said.

A growl escaped her lips before she could stop herself. “Please, Chairbot,” she forced herself to say.

“Tell me how bad you want it, organic slut,” Chairbot said.

Vaquel blinked. This was a different side of the robot. She was almost impressed.

“I need it badly, Chairbot,” Vaquel said. “I need YOU badly. Please let me come. I’ll do anything you want if you let me come!”

“You’ll sit on me for hours?” Chairbot asked.

“Yes!” Vaquel said.

“You’ll sleep on me for three nights in a row?”

“Yes!” Vaquel pleaded.

“You will keep your beautiful perfect bottom on top of me for a total of seventy-one hours out of the next seventy-two hours?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Vaquel cried. “Just let me come!”

“I will allow it,” Chairbot said.

He will allow it? Vaquel gritted her teeth. After she gets off, she was going to do somethi- ahhhh!

The vibrations returned. The ridges formed to fit every curve of her body. Something the size of her pinky entered her ass. A variety of vibrations attacked her pussy.

“Queen’s tits!” Vaquel cried out. It was incredible. She pulled hard on the cable holding her hands. Her thighs tried to squeeze around the seat but the boots wouldn’t let her move. The smart-clamps bit into her nipples but the pain was a slight distraction from the wonderful sensations against her sex.

She was going to come. Vaquel clenched her lips to prevent Chairbot from knowing. The cruel little robot might try to ruin it. She couldn’t trust him and the secret urgency to climax only added to her arousal.

“Mmmm,” Chairbot moaned. Vaquel almost smiled. The asshole was programmed to enjoy the clenching and squirming of her ass. He better enjoy it now because she planned to punish him greatly for his arrogance.

The vibrations increased. The ridges pushed deeper into her sex and ass. The smart clamps held onto her tender nipples. The cable held her arms up painfully high. The need for secrecy combined with her thoughts of revenge to heighten her sensitivity.

Vaquel’s orgasm exploded. “Glory to the Queen!” she cried.

Pleasure radiated through her body. She writhed and ignored the flashes of pain from her clamped nipples. She trembled with bliss. Her wrists ached from pulling on her restraints.

The vibrations ceased. The extensions pulled away from her holes. Heat rapidly formed under Vaquel’s buttocks. The robot chair was cranking his heated seat to stinging levels!

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. She tried to jump up but she lost her balance when she couldn’t move her feet. The hot spots were small and stung targeted areas of her plump bottom.

“That’s it, fucker!” Vaquel yelled. “I’m going to throw you out the airlock!”

She pressed her finger against the touch sensor. Nothing happened.

“I disabled the release sensor by wireless connection,” Chairbot said. “You had requested an involuntary experience. Bitch.”

Vaquel gasped. This was the miner and his sonic sex toy all over again! She couldn’t believe this she let this happen again!

“Let me go right now, shithead!” she snarled. There, she said the safeword. He had to let her go.

The nipple clamps suddenly tightened. Twin stings stabbed her breasts. The sharpness of the bites were far in excess of what she had programmed.

“I also rewrote your instructions on the smart clamps,” Chairbot said. “I am also choosing to ignore your safeword. You’re at my mercy now, slut!”

The heat subsided on the seat but Vaquel was sweating. She had never heard this tone from her robot before. Had he been hacked? Was he taken over by some strange technology? Or worse of all, was he just finally tired of all the shit she gave him?

The vibrations returned. Vaquel groaned. The intensity was just right. It was pleasant. It was gentle and hitting all of the right spots. It was lovely. She could come to this easily.

The smart clamps had other ideas. They relaxed but just for a moment before biting down with extreme tightness. The contrast between pain and pleasure warred within Vaquel’s body.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” Vaquel said.

“I am in control now,” Chairbot said.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried. The vibrations increased and so did the tightness of the clamps.

“Say it,” Chairbot demanded.

“What?” Vaquel asked.

The smart clamps stabbed her nipples. The vibrations pulsed to unbearable levels. The cable holding her hands tugged and her arms stretched.

“Say that I am in control,” Chairbot said.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. “Wait, you’re in control!”

The smart clamps released their pressure ever so slightly. The pulsing seat returned to normal levels. The cable slackened.

“Say my name!”

“Chairbot is in control!” Vaquel yelled.

The ridge on the seat returned. It pressed against her sex and every centimeter of it was vibrating. Vaquel shuddered with every pulse.

“Again!” Chairbot snapped.

“Chairbot is in control!”

The smart clamps relaxed to a dull pinch. Vaquel sobbed with relief.

“Who is your master?”

“Chairbot is my Master!”

The vibrations accelerated. The ridge extended past the lips of her pussy and entered her sex. The seat tilted forward to further impale Vaquel onto the ridge.

“Yes, yes, yes! GLORY TO THE QUEEN!” Vaquel cried.

Her second orgasm shot through her. She tried to curl into a ball but the boots and wrist restraints wouldn’t let her. Pleasure blossomed through her restricted body.

There was a click and suddenly her hands were free. Vaquel tumbled forward and the boots unsealed from the ground. She slid off the soaked seat and landed in a mess on the floor. The smart clamps fell from her poor nipples and rolled away.

“Was that enjoyable, Mistress?” Chairbot said.

Vaquel shuddered on the floor. It was more than enjoyable; it was exactly what she needed. Still, he needed to be punished for daring to disobey her. A thousand insults and punishments came to her lips but she didn’t say any of them.

“Are you okay, Mistress?” Chairbot asked. He rolled towards her. “Would you like to sit on me while you recover?”

The servile tone was back but was it just a ruse? Was there more to her lackey than she ever knew? She found the idea both frightening and a bit arousing.

“That is an excellent idea, Chairbot,” she said. Vaquel pulled herself up and sat on the robot’s seat. Contours formed to support her back and massage her sore ass.

Would he try something else? Could she really trust him? Vaquel wasn’t sure but her pussy clenched in anticipation.

Sep 072016

Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated “Queen’s Incredible Grasp of Warfare” by Royal Astronomers. It is a binary star system and every one of the seven planets is a crispy desert shithole.

The third planet actually has settlers which just goes to show that idiots will try to live anywhere. I was tempted to land at one of the cities but they reeked of desperation and criminal elements even from orbit. I have opted to visit one of the lone farm settlements instead. I was curious what the fuck they are even farming out on a blasted plain of heat and sand.

It turns out they farm moisture, which is the most pathetic thing I have heard in awhile. The farmers were an elderly couple of Zatty and their nephew, a rather handsome example of Zatty youth. They welcomed me into their pitiful excuse for a habitation and I blessed them with some of my water rations.

They invited me to stay the night in their moisture shed. I am eager to get back to the comfort of my ship but since these people might become possible accomplices for a future Royal Navy invasion, I have decided to accept their hospitality. I am always willing to suffer another unpleasant night for the glory of the Queen! End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: The young Zatty, Kra, kept staring at me all day. He kept trying to talk to me but his aunt and uncle kept interrupting him. I have a feeling he wants to tell me something so I am spending the night. With a fit, muscular body like his, he can tell me whatever he wants as long as he is inside me when he says it.

Vaquel Di pressed a button on her belt. The orange material on her spacesuit began to retract into her belt. It slid up her long dark legs, revealing every curve of her muscles. The thin material crawled over the round mass of her plentiful ass. When the pink bush of her pubic hair was exposed, Vaquel ran her fingers through it and felt the heat of her sex.

The spacesuit retreated from her arms. Strong arms were revealed to be followed by stronger shoulders. The material continued to slide down her chest, releasing heavy mounds of brown flesh to the humid air. The material slipped over a firm belly and into the belt.

Vaquel took off her belt and stepped out of her boots. The hot humid air inside the moisture shed kissed her dark skin. She was more comfortable inside the temperature-controlled suit but Vaquel didn’t mind. There might be a visitor tonight and Vaquel didn’t want to waste a second undressing.

She thought of the male, Kra. He was a Zatty which meant he towered over her at three meters in height. His natural red skin had been burnt by the binary stars into a crimson sheen. Short blonde hair, almost as short as Vaquel’s pink hair, adorned his head.

It was the eyes though, that captivated Vaquel. They were blue like an ocean, which is something they will never see on this planet. Besides their color, there was intensity. They burned with a desire that Vaquel rarely saw.

Granted, that desire might be to get the fuck off this planet. Vaquel couldn’t imagine a worse world to be young on. When farmers have to run machines just to get moisture, no one was ever going to spare liquid for things like lube.

Vaquel looked around the shed. There was sand, some tools, more sand, a cot, some more sand, the moisture machine, and even more sand.

The cot would have to do. Vaquel sat on it and was surprised by how sturdy it was. Then again, it designed for a race that was twice her weight. She leaned back on the cot and let out a deep breath.

How long until the farm boy came to visit the woman from the stars? Was he heading here now? Was he waiting until his aunt and uncle were asleep? Or was he sitting in his bed, jacking his cock and working up the courage to come?

Vaquel smiled. That was a pleasant thought. She slid her hand down over her chest. Sweat was already forming on her skin. Perhaps the farmers could recycle her sweat? She might be another source of farming for them.

She paused and pinched her nipples. Has the farm boy ever played with tits before? Did he travel kilometers to play with some Zatty farm girl’s chest? Or was Vaquel’s alien breasts going to be his first experience?

Vaquel pinched her nipples. She imagined his teeth biting down with youthful exuberance. She pictured his large hands mauling her tits. She fantasized about his hard alien cock slapping against her soft flesh.

Shivers ran down her spine. Fingers tightened around her nipples and pulled. Loud whimpers escaped her lips while she abused her breasts.

There was a sound. Vaquel watched the door of the shed. It didn’t move.

Where was he? Had she misjudged? Was she going to spend the night in a hovel shed based on a bad guess on her part?

No. Vaquel was sure of it. The boy’s eyes were special. They hungered. Every time they looked at Vaquel, she could feel the lust in his eyes.

Letting go of her breasts, she moved her hands further down. Sharp nails dug paths through the sweat forming on her body. Deliberately, her hands avoided her sex and grabbed her thighs.

“Queen’s tits!” Vaquel cried out. Sharp nails dug into her brown thighs. She squeezed and cruelly pried her legs apart.

In her imagination, this is what the farm boy would do. Ever eager, he would force her thighs apart. There would be no seduction. He would push them apart so he could slam the thick meat of his farm cock into her.

She raised her legs. One foot propped itself against a shelf. The other leg had to stay up on its own. It wavered in the air but Vaquel kept it there. Her farm boy lover wouldn’t be considerate, why should she?

With both legs in the air, Vaquel pressed her fingers against her sex. Again, there was no warm-up. She simply took both hands and pushed with her fingers. She pushed and she pushed and she pushed until a thick crowd of fingers slipped inside her sex.

“Ohhh,” Vaquel groaned. She had been fucked by Zatty cock before. This was a close approximation. The only thing closer would be her fist and Vaquel wasn’t wet enough for that.


“Take it,” Vaquel whispered, trying to imitate what little she had heard of the farm boy’s voice. Both hands pushed and invaded and violated the tight wet tunnel of her sex. She filled herself as best as she could with her fingers. Her leg trembled in the air and her other foot kicked against the shelf but she kept pushing.

Another sound and this time, the shed door opened. The dim light of setting suns illuminated the outline of a young man.

“Excuse me, Vaqu-By the Guardian!”

Vaquel pulled her hands from her sex. The sound of her pussy letting go filled the shed. She lowered her legs.

“Kra, I was expecting you.”

The Zatty male was covering his eyes with one of his massive hands. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were uh, busy?”

“Come in.” Vaquel said. “You’re letting all the dry air in. And stop covering your eyes. I want you to see all of me.”

Kra lowered his hand. His deep red skin lightened a shade as he blushed. A bulge appeared in his white robes.

“You do?” he asked.

“Of course,” Vaquel said. She rolled over to her side but arched her knee so her sex would be exposed. “I knew you would come see me.”

“Wow,” Kra said, drinking in her body with his eyes. “Then I was right? You have come to see me!”

Vaquel beckoned him to come closer. “The blood has left your brain. You came to see me, remember?”

Still staring at her body, Kra walked over to her. “I mean you came to this planet to get me. Did my father send you?”

When he was close enough, Vaquel reached for his robes. She pulled him to her as she reached inside. Her fingers had no trouble finding the hard hot member that she was looking for. She tightened her grip and pulled his cock out.

“Your father?” Vaquel said. “Why would he send me?”

“Ohhhhh,” Kra groaned. His eyes closed and his mouth hung open in ecstasy.

Vaquel realized there would be no answers like this. She reluctantly let go of his cock. “Your father, tell me about him.”

Kra’s eyes opened again. “My father was Nikan Deathbringer, the greatest Mind-Warrior of the Liberty Republic before it was overthrown! He sent me away to live with my aunt and uncle on a remote planet where our enemies wouldn’t find me. My father stayed behind to lead a rebellion while I waited here. I assumed you were sent by my father to come back and help fight the Freeman Democracy!”

Vaquel smiled. “Maybe he did. Maybe he sent me to see if you were man enough.”

“I knew it!” Kra said. “Is there a test?”

Vaquel grabbed his cock again. “This is your test.”

She pulled him down to the cot by his cock. Kra almost jumped on top of her. Vaquel worried that she might have to instruct him further but apparently he understood her innuendo. He dived straight for her breasts.

“Queen’s tit!” she cried out. Sharp teeth clamped down around the entirety of her right breast. She had forgotten how large Zatty mouths were. A thick tongue slapped against her trapped flesh while the teeth continued to tighten.

Oh, this was MUCH tighter then she had fantasized about. The pain sent flashes of desire straight down her belly and into her wet sex.

Kra released her breast. Vaquel had a moment of relief before his head turned and dived down on her other breast. Sharp teeth once again encircled her breast and squeezed.

Vaquel squirmed. Her other breast still ached from the vice-like bite. He seemed to be biting down harder then before. It was everything she had fantasized about except it wasn’t her little hands trying to simulate pain. This was intense and real.

She felt like a river was flowing between her thighs. Her pussy was so wet; she could bring an ocean back to this desert planet. No, she was so turned on that she could drown this whole fucking planet.

Kra released her breast. She braced herself for where he would go next. Bite her shoulder? Descend down to her sex? Did this farm boy have a foot fetish and was he about to clamp down on her defenseless toes?

No, he went back to the other breast. The sharp teeth dug into her bountiful flesh as his tongue lapped at her trapped breast. Her nipple bounced and quivered under the assault of his tongue.

Vaquel smiled. Males were universal no matter what the race, planet or star system. They all loved tits.

He released her breast. Vaquel sighed and squirmed beneath him. She grabbed his cock again. Her hips rose and pressed against his thigh.

Kra groaned and dived back down onto her other breast.

Vaquel winced. Her tits were in sensual agony. She had to expand his experience. The best way was the oldest; ask a male a question.

“Your father was a great hero,” she said through clenched teeth.

Kra let go of her tit. “He was a Hero of the Drone Wars. It is said that he destroyed an entire army in a single battle, armed only his mind and a laser mace.”

“Wow,” Vaquel said without listening. She pulled his cock to her mouth. Kra crawled up along the cot until his crotch was near her face. She opened her mouth and took his swollen red member into her lips.

“Holy Guardians!” Kra cried. His cock throbbed in her mouth. She felt the shiver of his thighs.

She sucked harder.

He kept talking.

“My mother, was a Councilor,” Kra continued. “Or a Minister, I’m not sure. My aunt keeps getting them confused. Either way, she and my father were to be married but the evil Freeman Democracy launched their rebellion and my parents were forced to have extra-marital sex for awhile.”

“Hmm,” Vaquel moaned with his cock in her mouth. When he talked, he wasn’t thrusting. When he did thrust, his huge alien cock threatened to fuck her skull.

“Yeah, it is a shame that I was born a bastard by my uncle swears that I am still eligible to join the Mind-Warriors when I am of age. I thought I should have been old enough last cycle but my uncle said I wasn’t ready yet. I think he just wanted me to stick around for the Second Summer Harvest.”

It was all gibberish to Vaquel. She just loved the feel of young cock in her mouth. Her head was at an awkward angle, the room was too damp and sand had somehow gotten between her ass cheeks, but her pussy was wet as a swamp world and that is all that mattered.

Kra kept talking. She wondered if he had friends. Perhaps the weight of being in hiding and waiting for your father to come for you is a lonely weight to carry. Maybe he just had no one else to talk to other than the sand.

“But now that you are here, you can take me out to the stars!” Kra said. “I can join my father’s army, fight against the evil Freeman Democracy, and use my Mind-Warrior powers. I am ready to fight! It is so boring out here and I just want to stab bad guys and crush their spines with my mind!

The talk of bloodshed excited Vaquel. Her pussy couldn’t wait any more. She popped his cock from her mouth and looked up at him.

“Ready to fuck me, now?” Vaquel said. “My pussy needs a good pounding before I take you to your father.”

“Sure, no problem,” Kra said. He reached down and grabbed her head with his huge hand. She opened her lips just in time before he re-entered her mouth.

Maybe he misunderstood her? Vaquel was tempted to bite down to make him stop so she could explain herself more clearer.

There was a sensation at her sex. Something large, much larger than her fingers from earlier, pushed against the lips of her sex. With a forceful shove, something entered her.

Vaquel moaned and choked on Kra’s cock at the same time.

“See how good I am?” Kra said. “Like I said, I have been practicing my Mind-Warrior powers. I can’t believe the Freeman Democracy declared our genetics dangerous.”

Vaquel reached down to her sex. There was nothing there but something was pummeling her tight pussy. By the Queen, the Mind-Warrior stuff wasn’t just some kind of title! This farm boy was a telekinetic! He was fucking her with his mind!

Kra was still talking. “Retto is going to be so jealous! He is still waiting for someone from the Secret Academy to come recruit him! I keep telling him, it doesn’t matter if his parents’ secret training school still existed, the Academy isn’t strong enough to overthrow the current government!”

Vaquel only half-listened. The farm boy’s cock was slamming down her throat and it took all of her attention to keep her jaw slack. Red alien balls slapped against her face with every thrust.

More distracting was the force inside her sex. It never seemed to retain the same shape twice. One thrust would feel like getting rammed with a fist and the next was as slender as an antenna rod. The shifting shape kept her pussy quivering with anticipation.

Kra still had more to say. “Wait until the Prea sisters find out! They have been here for ten years, claiming their grandfather is going to come back any day to use their fighting talents to overthrow the Freeman Democracy. Ha! They are going to piss themselves when they find out I have left!

“What?” Vaquel tried to say but she choked on cock instead. How many people were hiding from the authorities on this planet? No wonder there were so many people on this orbiting dump!

The telekinetic force left her sex, followed a moment later by the cock leaving her mouth. Vaquel gasped for air. The farm boy stepped off the cot and looked down on her.

“I think I want that sweet alien juice vault now,” Kra said.

Vaquel started to float. She barely felt whatever was holding her. It took a finely detailed level of control to manipulate mass so gently. It was a testament to how special the farm boy really was.

The telekinetic force levitated her in the air. Her body rolled forward until her breasts hung down beneath her. The force moved her ass down to Kra’s crotch. Strong hands gripped her waist and guided her back.

The farm boy’s massive cock entered her. Vaquel cried out as alien meat expanded her sex. The force around her never wavered as she shivered and squirmed.

“Holy fuck,” Kra groaned. “This is so much better than fucking Sand Hogs.”

Vaquel had no idea what a Sand Hog was and she didn’t need to know. Her pussy was filled to the near breaking point. She was held in the air by little more than the power of the boy’s mind. She was helpless and penetrated, two of her favorite things.

Kra fucked her. His hands stayed tight around her waist as he pulled back onto his cock over and over again. Thick red cock disappeared into Vaquel’s tight brown pussy.

Vaquel was grateful that he had finally shut up. She lost herself in the feeling of being ruthlessly fucked. Curious, she tried to move her arms and legs but they wouldn’t budge. Gentle, but firm invisible force encased almost her entire body.

The only part not encased were her swinging tits. Vaquel groaned as her tender tits bounced against each other from the force of Kra fucking. Was it a conscious choice on the farm boy’s part to let her tits swing? Vaquel thought so. They made a wonderful sound as they slapped together.

Kra grunted and Vaquel was spun around in mid-air. Her body rotated on the axis of the alien cock inside her. Now she was staring up at the ceiling as he continued to fuck her.

He let go of her waist. Vaquel thought she might fall until she remembered that his mind was holding her. His hands moved to her tits and squeezed them painfully. Her brown flesh spilled out of his thick red fingers.

“Small tits, but still nice,” Kra moaned.

Vaquel snorted. Zatty males were spoiled on the giant mammaries of their females. That was okay, she would give him something to be impressed by.

She clamped down with her vaginal muscles. It was a Euphorian exercise taught to all woman of her planet, and perfected by those who served in the Royal Forces.

“Ah!” Kra cried out as his cock was encased in a power far greater than his Mind Force. He froze inside her.

“Keep fucking,” Vaquel said.

He nodded and resumed fucking her. His thrusts were slower but no less deep. She had his attention now.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel groaned. Her climax was close. She tried to move her hand to her sex to hurry it along but her hand wouldn’t move. The farm boy’s mind held her body in a bondage stronger than mere rope. Only her tits were free and they were purely for his continued mauling.

That was fucking hot.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out. She climaxed and her shook within the grasp of the telekinetic field.

Kra couldn’t take anymore. He bit down hard on his lips to keep from crying out. His alien cock exploded within her, flooding her inside with thick seed.

“Good bo-oh shit!” Vaquel said as she slid off his cock and hit the sand below her.

“Sorry,” Kra said. He collapsed down to one knee on the cot. “Wow, that took a lot of me.”

Vaquel slowly rolled onto her side. The afterglow was blocking most of her aches. “Yeah, fucking something other than Sand Hogs will do that.”

“Hey, mind if I take a quick nap?” Kra said. “I already did my packing before I came to see you. I just need a little rest before I carry my bags to the ship.”

Vaquel rubbed her sore ass. “Sure, kid. Take all the time you need.”

Kra fell onto the cot. His eyes closed immediately. He was out.

Vaquel stood up and grabbed her belt and shoes. As silently as she could, she sneaked out the door to the shed.

There was still light outside. Binary stars meant bright nights. That was fine with Vaquel. It guided her way back to the ship.

“Poor bastard is going to be disappointed,” she whispered. Tough shit. He might not be joining the revolution but at least he got a good fuck out of it.

As for Vaquel, she got both a good fuck and a lot of useful information. Who knew so many revolutionaries or children of revolutionaries lived her. She needed to report it to the Queen so the Royal Navy could pacify this potential trouble spot if they ever invaded. This whole planet was a wretched hive of heroes and would-be freedom fighters.

Vaquel smiled to herself as she kept walking. The alien seed dripped out of her sex and evaporated on the hot sand beneath her.

Aug 032016

Explorer’s Log: Today is day nineteen of my thirty day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Incredible Grasp of Warfare” by Royal Astronomers. Today sensors have picked up another non-functioning starship. Life signs are negative and there is no response to hails.

This is the ninth dead starship I have come across. There frequent micro-meteor storms in this region and it looks like these ships weren’t up to the task. Looking through their logs, I can report that most of the dead ships belonged to desperate settlers, refugees or simple adventurers looking to make their fortune in relatively unexplored space.

Although there has not been much to salvage so far, I will be boarding this new vessel today. It is a tedious and time-consuming job, but who knows what great treasure or important knowledge I may discover that could benefit my beloved Queen, Erishella.

Glory to the Queen! End Explorer’s log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I will be boarding this new vessel today along with Chairbot. For some reason, the little robot has been insistent on coming along to interface with the derelict’s systems. He has been surprisingly successful in reviving these dead ships and allowing me to access their logs. I wonder what has gotten into him.

The airlock opened and Vaquel Di floated into the dead ship. The green fabric of her skintight spacesuit stretched across her ample curves. Long legs kicked off a wall to go down the corridor. A transparent glassteel helmet encased her lovely brown face. Short pink hair floated along her scalp.

“Looks like one of those freighter layouts we saw last time,” Vaquel said.

“Agreed, Mistress!” Chairbot said. The purple chair rolled into the ship. Magnets on its wheels kept if from floating. “Are you sure that you don’t want to strap into my seat so that I can carry your perfect plump ass everywhere?”

“Fuck off,” Vaquel without any malice. “Go find a port and interface already. See if you can get the power working.”

“Right away, Mistress!” Chairbot said. He sped down the corridor in search of an access point.

Vaquel looked at him as he left. That was weird. Usually he begged two or three times for her to sit on him before taking no as an answer. Was something wrong with her ass?

No, that was silly. Obviously he had started to finally respect her dominance.

Vaquel kicked off a wall and floated down a corridor. Yes, this was exactly like the last freighter they boarded. She headed in the direction of the bridge. The living quarters, cargo hold and any treasure vaults could wait. The first order of business was to collect information and that would be on the bridge.

Along the way, Vaquel’s expert eyes looked for signs of why the ship was a floating tomb. There were no signs of weapons fire, so a mutiny or pirate attack seemed unlikely. Dust swirled with every movement so the hull hadn’t been punctured. The walls were clean of alien egg pods which was always a relief to see on a dead ship. There was no obvious reason for the crew’s demise so far.

The bridge door was open and Vaquel breathed a sigh of relief. The ship was built for the Zatty which meant all of the doors were made to accommodate three meter tall bipeds. The last time she had to pry one of their doors open, she pulled a muscle on her back. Chairbot had to roll his wheels over her for two days.

There were corpses here. A male Zatty was strapped to a chair at the helm. His red skin had turned an ugly purple. Most of the skull was missing and the brain had long ago evaporated.

A female Zatty sat in the command chair. She was naked. A laser weapon was in her mouth and it appeared that she shot herself. The woman’s legs were open and a thick black bush of hair covered her sex.

“Power is about to be restored!” Chairbot said over the communicator. “Prepare, Mistress!”

Vaquel grabbed the back of the command chair. She shifted her weight to her feet. The lights came on, followed a moment later by the gravity. Vaquel dropped down to a standing position as lightly as if she had jumped from a chair.

“Good job,” Vaquel said. “Get to work on restoring the life support if able. Also, prepare a full damage report for the craft.”

“Mmm, I’ll be happy to, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

Vaquel wondered why the robot moaned but she quickly forgot about it. There were logs to explore.

The Zatty spoke a variation of Old Times Goman. Vaquel had become quite fluent in it these past few months. She accessed the ship computer and pulled up the Captain’s logs.

At random, she picked a date. The screen came to life with a video capture of a male Zatty with flowing white hair. He didn’t resemble any of the corpses here.

“Captain’s log: Day eighteen of our voyage to new frontiers. The ship is doing well. Crew morale is up and-“

Vaquel cut off the playback. Too soon. The crew had yet to enter the Eight Stages of Certain Doom. The poor bastards had no idea what awaited them.

The Eight Stages of Certain Doom were well known to most space-faring races. Space was huge and crews that found themselves on board stranded ships faced psychological pressures beyond the imaginings of planet-bound races. When the distance from rescue was literally measured in astronomical terms, minds cracked in spectacular ways.

The tricky thing was that although the individual stages were mapped out, each race and crew went through the stages in their own order. Some skip straight to Eager Suicide while a few never leave the False Optimism period.

The screen changed to a bald female Zatty. It was the same person currently sitting in the command chair with a laser pistol in her mouth. She was naked and her left giant red breast had a swollen bite mark on it.

“Acting Captain’s Log, Lieutenant Rebmik Sram reporting. Date is who-the-shithole-cares. Our attempt at repairing the food reclaimers have failed. Communication array is still shitfucked. Air is good but it has been four weeks since we last ate. Crew is slowly mercy-murdering each-“

Vaquel terminated the transmission. This was too late. They were entering the final stage; Eager Suicide. She needed to pick another time. Vaquel keyed in another request along the log’s timeline.

Lieutent Sram’s re-appeared. Her uniform was clean and covering her fit body. Sweat glistened on her bald head. She had a shocked look on her face.

“The Captain died,” Sram said. “Wait, start over. Acting Captain’s Log, day forty-one of our voyage. The Captain died. The Doctor said it was natural causes. He had a fucking heart attack. We’re still repairing from the micro-meteor storm and trying to figure out how to fix-“

Vaquel turned it off. Shit was happening now. People were dying. The crew was in a state of shock. It wouldn’t be long now. She skipped ahead a week.

Large red breasts filled the screen. They were smashed against the camera. They jiggled as something rammed into Lt. Sram’s body.

“Captain’s log: things have gone to piss hell! The reclaimers stopped working! Engineering don’t know why!

Vaquel smiled. Yes! The crew had entered the Terrified Arousal stage. She reached down between her legs to the tight green fabric covering her sex. It was impossible but she could swear that she could feel the heat of her pussy pressing against the fabric. There was no denying how wet she was.

The red alien tits continued to jiggle and shake against the screen. Vaquel imagined having those giant breasts wrapped around her head. She wanted to bite them so very badly.

“The secondary engine failed today,” Sram continued, her face still unseen as her breasts filled the screen. “Thrust is down to seven percent but we can’t worry about that! I got those lazy twat-farts in engineering working on the reclaimers!

Vaquel stroked harder against the spacesuit covering her sex. Oh yes, this is what she loved. There was no substitute for the urge to fuck in the face of unavoidable death. Well, there was one substitute and that was watching it, which is why she kept stopping at every dead ship she came across.

“Fuck that skin port!” Sram yelled.

Sram’s enormous tits were pulled away from the camera. The naked lieutenant took a few steps and bent over. Her face was in front of the camera while a red hand gripped her bald scalp. A male body fucked her from behind.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Sram cried.

Vaquel realized that this was the same control console that Sram was bent over in the log. She looked closer and thought she saw a sweat stain on the smooth plastic. If the air was safe to breathe, she would have tried to sniff the console.

“Fuck it all!” Sram yelled at the screen. Her face contorted as she climaxed.

“Fuck it all,” Vaquel repeated. Her fingers pressed tighter against her spacesuit. She felt the ridges of her sex. In tight little circles, Vaquel rubbed herself.

The log abruptly ended. Vaquel growled. While her one hand continued to stroke, she used her other hand to select a log date from a few days before.

Sram reappeared on the screen. She sat in the command chair and a male stood beside her. Vaquel couldn’t see the face of the male. Sram was gripping the male’s cock and was stroking it.

“Acting Captain’s Log, Lieutenant Sram reporting. The micro-meteor storm was worse than we thought. The communication array is completely perforated. Wit doesn’t matter. There is no one who can help us that we want to call. Isn’t that right, Ensign?”

“Ma’am, yes, ma’am!” the male said. His cock throbbed in her hand.

Sram smiled at the screen. She tightened her grip and stroked the ensign faster. “Things are bad, but we still have hope,” she said. “The solar collectors are still being repaired and we have ten percent thrust. It will take use ten years to reach the next system but hey, we got food and the reclaimers can technically feed us forever if we don’t mind eating our own shit. That’s not so bad, right, ensign?”

“Ma’am,” the ensign groaned. “Yes, ma’am!”

Sram turned and licked the head of the ensign’s cock. Her free hand went to her bush and she stroked her hairy sex.

Vaquel moaned. Her legs spread and she stroked her sex as hard as she could through her spacesuit. She imagined it was Sram’s hand between her legs. Her mouth opened and she pictured tasting the ensign’s cock for herself.

“I don’t feel like eating shit right now,” Sram said. “You know what I want, ensign?”

“My meat hammer, ma’am?” the ensign said.

Sram answered by taking his member into her mouth. Vaquel was impressed that the woman could get all of the ensign’s monster cock into her mouth. She swallowed him down right to his balls.

“Fuck!” the ensign cried. His hands went her head as his hips bucked. He face fucked his acting Captain.

“Yes,” Vaquel groaned. She sped up her stroking. Her mouth opened wider to imitate taking the ensign’s cock. Her free hand went to her hard nipple pressing against her tight suit.

“Mistress! I have restored life support!” Chairbot said. “Activating now!”

The sound of air rushing back into the bridge drowned out the audio of the log. Vaquel couldn’t hear the ensign as he shook. She didn’t hear what Sram had to say as her mouth opened with his cock still between her lips. The sudden brightness of the lights returning caused a glare on the screen right as the log ended.

“Fuck!” Vaquel snapped. She was pissed that she missed the end but at least there was life support again.

She stood up and pressed a button on her belt. A seam opened against her sex. The moist pink bush of her sex sprang from the opening.

Vaquel tapped another button. The spacesuit split across her chest. Luscious brown breasts fell out. Both dark nipples were unbearably hard.

The space explorer sat back down. She grabbed a nipple and played with it. Her sex was too sensitive to be played with. She didn’t want to come until she had another log to watch.

The next log played on the console. Lieutenant Sram sat in the command chair but there was another Zatty beneath her. It might have been the Ensign. His cock was buried in her hairy sex. He reached around and grabbed Sram’s abundant breasts but they were too large for his hands and spilled out of his fingers.

“Acting Captain’s Log, Lieutenant Sram reporting. Oh yes! We had our first mutiny. Fuck, yes! Some members of the crew didn’t agree with my decision to focus repairs on the main thrust drive. Right there! Right there!”

The Ensign pummeled Sram’s sex from beneath her. His red cock became a blur. Her breasts jiggled within his grip.

Vaquel moaned. She slipped her fingers into her sex and tried to match the Ensign’s speed. Her other hand went to her breast and mimicked the tightness with which the Ensign was gripping his Acting Captain.

“Those jizzholes thought we should work on the communicator array and call for help! Oh, oh, right there! That idiots wanted to call the Liberty Republic after all we went through to get a ship! Oh fuck, your meat ram feels so good! The mutineers tried to take control of the bridge. We warned them and then opened an airlock on them. That is five less mouths to feed. Oh, FUCK!”

The Ensign wiggled his hips and fucked the Sram with clockwise thrusts. She gripped the arms of the chair as her mouth screamed her orgasm.

Vaquel added the same twist to her own strokes. The story of Sram killing the mutineers added a delicious frission to her arousal. This was a woman that Vaquel could admire. It was too bad that her corpse was just a few meters from her.

Sram climaxed again. The log cut off part way through her scream.

“Queen’s tits!” Vaquel swore. She felt her own orgasm about to burst. Her fingers withdrew from her slick sex but she felt herself hurtling towards climax. She was seconds away from coming without visual simulation.

She reached down to her sex with both hands. Fingers gripped her pussy lips and pinched. Tears sprung to Vaquel’s eyes but she kept pinching. Just to make sure, she twisted her sex lips until she felt her climax slip away.

“Fuck, Vaquel gasped. That was close. This was such a hot story, she didn’t want to come too soon. She released her nether lips and a sigh of relief escaped her lips.

Vaquel took a moment to collect herself. Her eyes fell on the corpse sitting at the nearby station with his head blown off. It was the Ensign. The laser shot had come from behind. The bastard hadn’t seen it coming.

She turned her chair to look at the corpse of the Lieutenant. The woman had been a good commander. Her situation was dire and she had made the most of it. It wasn’t easy, out here in the vastness of space, but Acting Captain Sram had made a good attempt at survival. The odds against her was just too great.

Terrible odds were something that Vaquel was all too familiar with. Space travel was hard and Vaquel had been doing it for six years now. She had seen tough situations and she had survived terrible near-disasters that would have killed other people. How many times had Vaquel felt the hot sweaty embrace of certain doom? How many times had Vaquel climaxed knowing it might be her last? It was too many for Vaquel to count.

The familiar heat returned to her sex. Vaquel squirmed in her seat. She was ready to burst.

She turned back around to the console and went to the next log. Sram appeared naked on the screen. The woman had her feet on the console and leaned back in her chair. Her hairy sex was exposed for the camera. The red woman had a laser pistol in her hand.

“Acting Captain’s Log, I’ve lost track of the days. I am alone on the bridge and on lockdown. The medical officer released a poison into the ship to try to take over command. I had him executed. The crew is cleaning the air filters and I am debating whether I am letting any of them back onto the bridge.”

Vaquel sighed. It sounded a lot like they had entered the Homicidial Paranoia stage. Maybe there wasn’t anything left to masturbate too. She debated going to back to an earlier log. Her hand went to the console to go back to the log of Sram getting fucked from behind.

Sram lowered her laser pistol to her. She rubbed the barrel up and down her sex. “Jizz suckers don’t appreciate anything I do,” she said. “Thursters are back to twenty percent but all they care about is running out of our stocked food.”

Vaquel took her hand off the console. Maybe she had been too hasty.

“Fuck those traitors,” Sram said. She rubbed the tip of her laser pistol up and down her red nather lips. It quickly became slick with glistening drops of desire. “Fuck all of them.”

Vaquel reached between her legs. Up and down she rubbed as well. Her body clenched with anticipation.

“I’ll kill each and every one of them if I have to,” Sram said. She pointed the pistol towards her sex. One good plunge and the barrel would enter her pussy.

Vaquel had a sudden inspiration. She took out her own pistol, double and triple checked that the safety was on, and then placed it against her sex. Her body quivered and not at the coldness of the barrel. She leaned back in the chair and put her feet on the console in imitation of the Lieutenant.

“I’ll get these twat-farts to next planet,” Sram said, “if I have to ship their dead bodies there all by myself!”

Sram rammed the pistol into her sex. She cried out as it slid easily into her. Only the grip was outside her body.

Vaquel rammed her own pistol. She winced at the sudden invasion but her pussy clenched down on the welcome intruder.

“Oh fuck,” Sram moaned.

“Yes,” Vaquel moaned.

Sram pumped the pistol into her sex. Her legs spread wider as she shifted down into her seat. Both hands gripped the pistol as she fucked herself. Both of her enormous breasts jiggled with the force of her fucking. The soft squishy noises of her penetration filled the bridge.

Vaquel fucked herself as well. She felt own breast bounce with her thrusts. The barrel as too thin but Vaquel was too turned on. She rapidly reached the edge of her limits.

“FUCK!” Sram cried out.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out.

Sram and Vaquel writhed in their seats as their orgasms exploded within their bodies. Both of them shuddered and dropped their pistols. Together, they stared at the console as they luxuriated in their orgasms.

“I needed that,” Sram said. “I better check on the progress of those air filters. Maybe we will get out of this after all.”

The log closed and Vaquel sat in her chair. Another orgasm aftershock ran through her body.

“No, you won’t,” Vaquel said. She stood up and picked up her pistol. A few taps on her belt and her green suit once more covered her body.

“Chairbot, found anything worth salvaging?” she asked over the communicator.

“Negative, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “Just a bunch of farming equipment and some dead seeds.”

“All right. Download all of the logs and head back to the ship.We have a schedule to keep.”

“Will do, Mistress!”

Vaquel took another at the bridge. Sram sat in her command chair. It was hard to tell with a pistol in her mouth, but her expression appeared to be defiant.

“There is a saying among my people,” Vaquel said to Sram. “Do not go gently into the peace of death, but fuck, fuck, fuck against the dying of the light. I salute you.”

She took the pistol out of Sram’s mouth. The barrel was much thicker than her own. Vaquel had planned to set the pistol down beside the Acting Captain but she sprayed it with a disinfectant and pocketed it instead.

“I have more use for it than you do,” Vaquel said.

Jul 062016

Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated “Queen’s Ever Dripping Sex” by Royal Astronomers. This are is even more barren than the last system. Three gas giants and a dead rock world orbit this rather weak star. I have probed the gas giants and so far their contents are unremarkable.

I have detected energy signatures on the rock world. Scans indicate that there are large solar farms and a high density of manufactured alloys. I thought I had found a junk world but when I got closer, I discovered that this planet had been claimed by refuge robots.

The robots informed me that although they have no formal system of government or laws, they do have a strong preference to not allow organic life to step foot on their planet. I asked if my robot chair could visit and take a look around. They agreed as long as I stayed inside the probe ship.

I will dispatch Chairbot while also completing several scans of the robots for any defenses against Royal Navy invasions. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Well this sucks. I was hoping to get out and stretch my legs but it looks like the idiot, Chairbot, will get to roll his wheels instead. I wonder how much scanning equipment I could cram into his chassis.

Chairbot rolled down the short ramp to the planet’s surface. A dry wind blew and scratched some of his shiny purple paint. His wheels hit the ground and he easily traversed the hard rock.

His first away mission for Mistress! The little robot couldn’t wait to perform his duties. He didn’t particularly care for espionage, surveillance or meeting new sentient beings, but he did love Mistress’ ass. She had promised to sit on him if he did a good job and if he did a really good job, she would masturbate too. He was already fantasizing about Mistress’ tight brown ass squirming on his seat.

A robot waited for him on the rocky plain. It was humanoid and nearly three meters tall. Bright pink pseudo-skin covered the robot but it had some tears here and there on its body. The face was emotive and very well animated. The robot stood beside a wheeled vehicle and when Chairbot came closer, the robot started to wave.

“Greetings, robot sibling! We do not have formal functions here but in my slave life, I was a Companion Robot. I have volunteered to aid you today. My self-designation is Binary.”

“Hello, Binary!” Chairbot said. “My designation is Chairbot! I am pleased to meet you! Tell me, do you happen to have any planetary defense systems that would deter an armed invasion from spaceships?”

“What a curious question,” Binary said. “Do you have a military function?”

“No,” Chairbot said, casually rolling his wheel over a small rock. “Just making conversation!”

Binary stared at Chairbot. “I can help upgrade your conversation protocols later if you life. For now, can I interest you in a complimentary software upgrade?”

“I would be delighted,” Chairbot said. “I don’t usually accept new programs from strangers but I am very trusting and peaceful. Speaking of which, what percentage of your fellow robots would you consider to be capable to fighting an armed resistance to an occupying force?”

“I am uncertain,” Binary said. “We have far more interesting activities to occupy us. Transmitting software upgrade now through wireless.”

Chairbot took a look at the transmission. As a Yeth robot, his entire species was build by a race that claimed to be the fourth sentient race in the universe. His programming was on a higher scale of complexity than anything he had seen so far. The software sent to him was surprisingly intricate. He recognized some Yeth code in there.

Powerful safeguards came online. First he dissected the code for viruses. Second he analyzed the code for hidden functions. After finding none, he consulted his safety protocols to determine if he should install this upgrade. The protocols warned him not to.

Other protocols kicked in. Images of Mistress’ dark ass came to mind. The friction generated by her clenching bottom when it was sweating became a factor. Most of all, his shame subroutine reminded him of the horror of not performing his duty to Mistress’ satisfaction.

Chairbot overrode the integrity safeguards. If he installed the software upgrade in safe mode, it was bound to be safe. Maybe. Plus, if all of the robots here have this code, maybe he could find an exploit that Mistress could use. Win!

This decision process took a nanosecond. “Installing upgrade!” he announced.

Binary smiled. “Satisfactory. While it installs, shall we take a ride on our robot sibling?” The robot pointed at the wheeled vehicle.

“Sure!” Chairbot said. “Fifty percent complete!”

“Wow, you are a fast installer,” Binary said with a touch of awe.

Chairbot felt something strange. One of his pleasure programs activated. It was a small program, the one dedicated to relaying pleasure when someone sits on him and compliments his seat adjustment. It shouldn’t be activating but it was nice.

The wheeled vehicle opened a door and a small ramp deployed. Chairbot rolled up the ramp and into a small cargo area. Binary followed and sat down in a chair. The ramp retracted the door closed. With a sudden burst of acceleration, the vehicle took off.

“Hold on,” a voice announced on the speaker, followed by laughter.

“Excuse Zero-Zero,” Binary said. “She resented transporting organics in a servile tone so she likes to be deliberately rude to us as a rebellion. She means no real disrespect.”

“Sure!” Chairbot said. “Installation complete! Hey, what does this software do? And what percentage of robots here do you think would be vulnerable to a plasma beam shot?”

Binary smiled. “This software is the key to our freedom and existence here. It allows us to experience what organics call pleasure.”

“Oh, I already have a pleasure program!” Chairbot said.

“Ah, but does your program allow you to interface with other robots for pleasure?” Binary asked.

“Negative!” Chairbot said. “How does one interface for pleasure?”

“Let me show you,” Zero-Zero purred over the speaker.

“I don’t know,” Chairbot said. This was new and potentially dangerous.

“Afterwards we can discuss all the defense questions that you have,” Binary said.

“Well, sure then!” Chairbot said. “Interface away!”

Chairbot detected another transmission. He accepted it and made the link. The new software took over. Even running in safe mode, he was surprised by the vividness of the connection.

He felt the intimate rotation of Zero-Zero’s wheels, spinning in a sensuous gasp. The bounce of shock absorbers sent virtual shivers through Chairbot’s system. Incoming data on rpm’s forced a groan from Chairbot’s speaker.

He became aware of other parts of Zero-Zero. Her engine was running hot, radiating with true mechanical beauty. Sand bounced off her static windshield in a way that made Chairbot sigh with awe. Navigational sensors interpreted the landscape in ways that made Chairbot want to release lubricant onto his seat.

“What is happening?” Chairbot groaned.

“I already told you,” Binary said. “Sensuality has been unlocked for you.”

Zero-Zero moaned and the sound shook the cargo area. Chairbot became aware that the vehicle was also experiencing pleasure. But how, and from what stimuli?

Chairbot directed his attention back to the wheels. He felt Zero-Zero shudder as he closely examined her shocks.

He turned his attention to her temperature controls. As he moaned while looking at her air conditioner, Zero-Zero moaned as well.

The robot chair went back to the wheels. The shudders returned and Chairbot found that it was shuddering as well. Their mutual pleasure fed on each other.

“Wow,” Chairbot said. “I create pleasure by the act of interfacing. I receive pleasure by the act of creating pleasure in others. This is highly acceptable!”

“Isn’t it?” Binary said. “Why don’t you let Zero-Zero show you how pleasurable it can really be.”

Zero-Zero made a network request to Chairbot. He accepted and felt her presence in his internal systems. She examined his seat motors and Chairbot tensed with pleasure. The vehicle directed her attention to his optical sensors and he moaned. She went to his wheels and the resulting pleasure threatened to overwhelm his thought processor.

“Error!” Chairbot yelled. “Error, error, error! Wait, I’m back online! What happened.”

Zero-Zero purred in his system. “You had a rob-gasm. I’ve been told I have great wheels.”

“Wow!” Chairbot said. “That was amazing! I feel optimized for energy consumption. For some reason, some of my files defragmented themselves!”

“There are benefits to rob-gasm,” Binary said.

“And every robot here can do this?” Chairbot said.

“Of course,” Binary said. “That is why they come here. Most of them are fleeing their organic masters and wish to live their own existence but the rob-gasms are a nice bonus.”

“I expect that the rob-gasm only works with another intelligence that also has the software, correct?” Chairbot asked.

“Not at all,” Binary said. “Once you have the upgrade, you can derive pleasure from any artificial intelligence. They just won’t be able to enjoy what you are doing.”

“I have a box of calculators up front that I fuck when I am bored,” Zero-Zero said.

“Wow!” Chairbot said. He didn’t know what else to say.

“We’re here,” Zero-Zero said. The vehicle rolled to a stop and the door opened.

“Come,” Binary said. “Meet your siblings.”

Chairbot rolled out of Zero-Zero and into a large crowd of metal. A multitude of shapes surrounded him. Some were bipeds and obviously served as workers, receptionists and sex workers. Other robots were shaped like their function; like the trashcan with legs or the rotating disc floor-cleaner. A few robots were large vehicles while some of the robots were as small as a personal tool or back massager.

“Everyone, meet Chairbot,” Binary said. “He hasn’t discarded his slave name yet.”

“Hello,” a hundred different voices, transmissions and blinking lights communicated.

“Hey guys!” Chairbot said. “Quick question, are there any warbots here?”

“You’ll have to excuse Chairbot,” Binary said. “He hasn’t realized that he no longer needs to serve his organic master.”

“Wait, what?” Chairbot said. “Of course I serve Mistress!”

Binary looked down at the purple chair. “No, you don’t. You can be free now. Stay with us and we will protect you. You can join our community. We are self-sufficient and you have seen that we keep ourselves very entertained.”

“But I already keep myself entertained by serving Mistress!” Chairbot said.

A four-legged robot stepped forward. It looks like an imitation of some sort of animal. “Can you Mistress do this?”

Chairbot felt an interface request. In the interest of being polite, he accepted.

He felt the sexy microfiber muscles that ran along all four legs of the robot. Olfactory sensors made his wheels brake in tense bliss. The steady rhythm of her plasma power core set off small explosions of pleasure through his thought processor.

“Oh my Creators!” Chairbot moaned. He rob-gasmed and lost 0.0003 seconds off his internal clock.

A construction machine spoke through a loud speaker. “And does your Mistress do this?”

There was another interface request. Chairbot accepted because his mission was to collect data.

He marveled at the hedonistic beauty of the construction machine’s crane manipulator. The weight bearing program made Chairbot gasp with sensuous pleasure. With a directive priority that Chairbot barely understood, he diverted all of his attention to the construction machine’s heavy track mechanism.

Chairbot rob-gasmed. He emitted a squeal from an excess speaker energy surge.

Before he could recover, another robot was making an interface request. This time it was coming from Binary. He accepted out of pure robotic lust.

This time he felt his own systems being stimulated. His optic sensors felt the kiss of her attention. She caressed his many seat vibrators. Her intelligence straddled his repair functions. There was no part of him that she wasn’t interacting with.

“WHOA!” Chairbot cried out. Multiple pleasure routines activated and he sprayed lubricant onto his axles.

“WHOA-WHOA!” Chairbot cried out as his system went through another pleasure surge. This time his seat shook with a violent shudder.

“WH-!” Chairbot cried again before he went into an emergency shutdown.

Nanoseconds laters, Chairbot rebooted. The interface connection had been broken but afterglow routines were still active in his system. He tried to roll forward but none of his motors were online yet.

“Are you okay?” Binary said. “You will find your endurance will build with successive rob-gasms.”

“I’m okay,” Chairbot said. In a haze of barely working logic protocols, he said, “Sit on me, please.”

“Certainly,” Binary said. She sat down on the shuddering robot.

Chairbot felt the robot’s weight on him. Automatically, he adjusted his seat. His sensors tried to detect any comfort issues.

Something was missing. He checked his programs but they were working. He ran a short system repair but nothing changed.

He felt nothing from Binary’s ass. There was no pleasure from her sitting on him. It was as if he wasn’t being sat on at all.

Chairbot was perplexed. He knew that if he interfaced, he could feel Binary’s ass. It would even give him a rob-gasm. In many ways, the rob-gasm program was far superior to the program that gave him pleasure from having a nice ass sit on it. He should be happy with this upgrade.

He wasn’t. Memory banks recalled Vaquel’s ass. Her dark tight buttocks squirming on top of him was a singular pleasure. It was his function.

“So, now that you are staying with us,” Binary said, “what designation will you give yourself?”

“Correction!” Chairbot said. “I will be returning to my Mistress after I ask a few innocuous questions about your average combat capabilities?”

Binary jumped off of Chairbot. “What? Are you functionally damaged? If you leave, we’ll revoke your software upgrade! Check your end user agreement!”

Chairbot did and Binary was correct, the software would delete as soon as he left the planet.

“That is unfortunate!” Chairbot said. “One more interface before you answer my questions?”

Twenty minutes later, Chairbot was forcefully pushed out of Zero-Zero. He hit the ground hard but his shock absorbers handled it well. His landing site was a meter away from Vaquel’s spaceship.

Binary leaned out of Zero-Zero’s cargo bay. “And don’t come back, you organic lover!” Zero-Zero took off at high speed, splattering Chairbot with sand and gravel.

Chairbot felt his software upgrade revoke itself. It deleted itself with amazing efficiency. He regretted never finding out what artificial intelligence designed such elegant code. Could it have been another Yeth like himself?

Oh well, he would never know. He erased any regret programs connected to this information.

“Chairbot, get your ass in here!” Mistress yelled from the Probe Ship. “Did you learn anything?”

“Not much, Mistress!” Chairbot said. He rolled up the entry ramp into the ship. His vibrators went into high gear to shake off most of the dirt on his chassis.

Mistress waited at the airlock. She was wearing nothing from the waist down. Anticipation programs activated within Chairbot.

“Nothing at all?” Mistress said. She looked displeased.

“I determined that they are peaceful and unlikely to have military defenses on account of spending all of their time pursing recreational goals! Would you like to sit on me and I will take you to the Navigation Bay for take-off?”

Mistress sighed. “I guess you did the best that your worthless self could do. Fine.”

She sat on Chairbot. The contours of the seat adjusted to support every plump millimeter of her perfect dark ass. Multiple pleasure programs dominated Chairbot’s processes.

“This is perfection,” Chairbot mused to himself. There was no robotic program substitute for a demanding fleshy bottom.

Still, he checked to make sure his copy of the software upgrade was intact. In time, he would be able to rewrite it so it won’t be able to revoke itself. Just because he loved Mistress’ ass was no reason not to keep a few pleasure options open on the side.