Aug 182014

51KF--m5eUL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_My interactive erotica story, Dominate Your Teacher, is now available for purchase on Kindle. You play the role of a male student who may get the chance to dominate your most hated, and lusted, teacher. Because it is an interactive story, nothing is guaranteed but you can always try again.

Not to give anything away but this book contains spankings, female and male submission, other students, humiliation and all sorts of sex.

This is book one in a series I plan to call Choose Your Own Pleasure. This is a much easier book to play than my last one and it also has quite a bit of variety in it that I think will encourage a lot of replay.

If you enjoy it, please, please, PLEASE leave a review on Amazon as reviews are priceless there.

Buy it here at this link

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Feb 102014

Be conquered by that womb!Conqueror Womb is now live on Kindle.  This ebook is an anthology of erotic Shub-Niggurath fiction and you probably won’t see anything like it ever again.  I highly suggest you purchase a copy because I am in it and every purchase helps me build my S.E.T.S.B.* program.

You can purchase this ebook at Kindle here.

You can purchase it direct from martian Migraine Press here.

*Search for Extra-Terrestrial Space Babe

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Oct 042013

cover art4 Doom Vagina is a new ebook of mine for sale on Amazon. It tells the story of the world’s unluckiest groupie as he becomes the sex slave of an all female demon metal band. There is a lot of rough sex, humiliation, pain, trippy death experiences, song lyrics, more sex, a journey to a mystical realm and some damn demons.

I highly recommend reading Doom Vagina while listening to Monster Magnet, the Plasmatics, and your angry neighbors having sex.

You can buy Doom Vagina here.

Remember that you do not need a Kindle to read this book as there are many Kindle apps for all kinds of computers.




Feb 222013

My Teacher, My Slave is available for sale at Kindle. It tells the heart warming story of a young man who has been trained since birth by his father in the art of BDSM. Nick isn’t allowed to play bondage games with women his own age but he figures that his teacher doesn’t count. Kids, they are such rascals.

This story has spanking, sex, wisdom, angst and a torrid teacher/student romance.

Feb 082013

The second ebook of Vaquel Di stories are available for sale. This volume starts with ‘Bruises and Blobs’ and ends with ‘Space Maids’.

Vaquel is a favorite character of mine because she is always lonely and always horny, which pretty much makes her my spirit animal. Writing these kind of science fiction stores allow me to play with sci-fi tropes, create aliens and capture a little of the wonders of space.

You can buy your copy of Deep Space Probe Volume Two by clicking this link.

Sep 172012

Long, long, long ago, small child Shon Richards saw a movie that changed his life.  It wasn’t Star Wars, it was Roger Corman’s Battle Beyond the Stars.  It was a science fiction version of the Magnificent Seven and it defined for me what an epic story was.

See, there is this planet in trouble.  A big bad guy is going to come by and blow them up so the planet goes looking for help.  They find a motley group of people that no one could consider to be heroes.  This ragtag group comes together, becomes freinds and fight off the bad guy.  It is about doing the right thing against impossible odds.  It is about dying because evil is never easy.

Now I know this movie is a knockoff of the original Japanese movie, Seven Samurai.  I have seen that version along with a dozen other versions, updates and revisions.  I love them all.  It is a central piece of what I consider to be a hero.

I had an idea a long time ago to do Seven Magnificent Doms but the idea never really gelled.  It lurked in the back of my mind until I realized I had this one Western character, Texanah, that I only did short stories with.  I realized I could tell an all female version of the Seven Samurai and I could do it in a time when women were treated like shit.  I could make heroines in a genre that is sadly lacking in heroines.

Seven Magnificent Sluts is a story about a small town in Texas.  They are attacked by mysterious pale women who drink the blood of men and kidnap most of the womenfolk. They spare one survivor, a man by the name of Henry Bardin, and tell him that they will be back next year to kill him.  Henry realizes that he is going to need some bad ass women of his own.  He goes looking for female gunslingers.

This book is almost an all star cast of ancestors of other characters that I have written.  Amy and Bethany’s great-great-etc grandmothers are in this one.  Otto Von Madd’s ancestor in this story.  An ancestor of the Volputmancer is in this story.  Some monsters I have written about before appear as well.

This is also the book that I wrote during most of my chemo treatment and I think it shows.  There is a lot of writing about life and death.  There is a lot about courage.  There is a lot about how fucking unfair life is.  There is also a ton of sex.

George Sportelli did the cover and the awesome back cover.  I told him I wanted a dirty Justice League style cover and he nailed it.  

I will be positing the first chapter this Wednesday as a teaser.

You can buy a hard copy of Seven Magnificent Sluts from Lulu by clicking this link.

You can buy a Kindle version of Seven Magnificent Slut from Amazon by clicking this link.  

Jun 152012

The Dark Lords of the Earth is a new story of mine that I am selling on Kindle.  It is roughly thirty pages of a conservative rightwing nutjob who is convinced that on her last camping trip, she was abducted by short horny men from beneath the earth.  She has repressed memories of sadistic situations, bizarre sex toys and eating out her fellow camp goers.  She also has lots and lots of repressed memories of being a decadent slut and enjoying the hell out of it.  The only way to bring back these repressed memories to commit her own filthy sex acts like masturbation and having sex with her husband more than twice a week.

This story is a tribute to the alien abduction fiction that I read and partially believed as a youth.  It is also a mockery of some of the paranoid themes that is so prevalent in our culture, both current and in the past.  Lastly, it was a chance for me to write about inexplicable perverts who lurk underground.

I also wrote this story during my chemo treatment and it was one of the things that helped me to smile during that awful time.  No guilt or anything if you don’t buy it, you monster.

The Dark Lords of the Earth can be bought by clicking this link. 

Apr 022012

Hot damn, my science fiction book, Violatrix, is finally available for purchase. Holy shit, this one took forever. Two years ago I starting thinking about how cute it would be to write about a starship where the crew was more Ming the Merciless than Star Trek and after a long perilous journey, the book is finally here. Hell, before I went into surgery to get my giant nad removed, my last request to my wife was that if I died, to make sure that Violatrix book got published.

So what is it about? The Violatrix is a warship that seeks out new planets and new lifeforms to enslave for the wicked Queen Erishella. Captain Mitus Raz does his best to keep his crew in top fighting shape while also fucking them on the side. It is a crew where officers fuck those of lower rank and fuck over those of higher rank. They encounter a planet where the population appears to be submissive pain sluts who were waiting for the Great Ones to come back and enslave them. It seems too good to be true and yeah, it kind of is.

“Hey Shon, this sounds a lot like the Mirror Universe in Star Trek!” you may say. You’re right. I was greatly inspired by the Enterprise episodes that took place entirely in the evil universe. It occurred to me that I rather watch bad people who got laid than watch good people who flirt. Since I already had the Queen Erishella universe I figured that I would use her as a guiding point. Let’s face it, most of the best lines from the Flash Gordon movies comes from the bad guys. Bad guys are cool.

For the low price of 9.99$ you can buy the paperback version with the cool George Sportelli cover at Lulu. Buy the Lulu Version Here

For the lower price of 2.99 you can get the Kindle version from Amazon. Buy The Kindle Version Here

Aug 082011

I am deeply grateful for every person who buys one of my books. As a cheap bastard myself, I am deeply touched that people out there want to own something that I wrote. It blows my mind.

Which is why it breaks my heart when I get emails asking if I can sign a copy of their book. Print on demand means that the book isn’t actually printed till you buy it. I never see the book as it goes into the mail towards you. It also never occurred to me that anyone would want me to sign a book. Madness!

Here at the laboratory, we have finally come up with a solution. I will sign your book on a post-it note, mail it to you, and you can then tape or affix to your book in an appropriate place. It will require some assembly but hey, you have an authentic mark of my crappy handwriting on your porn book.

if you rather not receive things through the mail, I will scan the note and email you the jpeg so you can print and affix it yourself.

I will also happily send a note to people who buy an ebook that they can affix to wherever they like. I recommend the back of your iPad.

To participate, send me a request at shonrichards at yahoo and give me your address. Tell me also who I am writing it to, and let me know if you want a platonic note or a filthy note. I am a guy, I only have the two modes.