Aug 062021
Ms. Aytricks disapproves of the naughty.

I have dipped my toe into the world of Smashwords with an original novella. Andrew and Isabella are adult step-siblings sharing na apartment while they go to college. The COVID pandemic ruined their social lives and confined them together. six months have passed and hormones and indecent urges are running wold. Also, they have fallen behind in their chores and the place is a mess. Can anything save them from their misery?

Fortunately, a wish made while holding a cock summons the mysterious Ms. Aytricks. she comes into their lives with her magic powers and loving discipline. Rooms are cleaned, meals are made, and urges are satisfied.

This novella deals with step-siblings, something Amazon hissed at me about. I have made it available at Smashwords and will write any future adventures of Ms. Aytricks over there. I hope you enjoy this book and tell your fellow perverts.

Purchase Ms. Aytricks and the Naughty Step-Siblings now.

Aug 022021
Space never looked more phallic

Book Ten of Vaquel Di’s adventures are available for purchase on Amazon. Oh my Goddess, I have finally caught up on collecting these stories for ebook. It only took five years? I will be better when Book Eleven is ready to be collected.

This volume collects twelve adventures spanning Vaquel’s tenth year in space as she travels through the Interplanetary Championship Alliance. Included within these stories are graphic descriptions of heterosexual and lesbian sex with aliens, Champions of immense talents and strange powers, being smothering by something unknown, sexy music, inter-reality invaders, delicious food on a naked body, mysterious time travelers, sex on a space board, a vengeful bounty hunter, a possessed ship, a fan convention, and some sexy gifts.

Jul 142021
Nine years of this nonsense?

Volume Nine of Vaquel Di’s erotic exploration of space is live on Amazon. This volume covers Vaquel’s journey through the territory of the Prober Supreme! Thrill to her sexual adventures as she takes on perversions of science and nature. This volume also includes the first appearance of the Booty Hunter.

I got to be honest, when I first thought of doing a twenty year arc of stories, I thought I would be lucky to get to five years. The fact that I am currently in the eleventh year blows my mind. Thank you for coming along with this prolonged flight of sexy madness.

Nov 252020
So much better than the California Hotel down the road.

The next interactive book I wrote was supposed to be about aliens. For years I have kicked around an idea about female aliens attacking the Earth and enslaving the men. I had in mind something that was a cross between Wells’ War of the Worlds, Mars Attacks and Cinemax skin movies. Some days I pictured it as an anthology book like World War Z, and other days I imagine it as a short novella centered around one character. I could never quite decide.

This year I decided to finally stop speculating and just write it. I needed a subject for a short interactive erotica book and figured running from sexy aliens would do the trick. 2020 would be the year of the alien invasion!

As you can tell, it didn’t quite work out that way.

2020 has felt like an invasion already. COVID has us trapped at home, making targeted raids on grocery stores while guarding our mouths and noses from germ penetration. A sinister occupying force of heavily armed assholes called the police have been killing civilians without reason or mercy. An insane tyrant screams misinformation at us everyday through our phones and computers.

I don’t know about you, but I needed a fucking vacation. My thoughts turned away from marauding aliens and towards lovely hotels located in the Smoky Mountains. Instead of fighting for our lives, I wanted to meet new people and make friends. Most of all, I yearned for a little peaceful escapism.

Which is what I have created with “Work at the MILF Hotel.” You play Gregory, a young man who works at a very special hotel. The guests are all older women who need a little tender care. Gregory is an Attendant, a special role that takes care of the guests’ carnal needs. It is your first day and you are expected to work three shifts. Along the way, you will encounter other employees of the hotel and engage in some serious foreplay before attending to your next guest.

This is one of my more relaxed books. There is no danger and no abrupt. You can’t be killed or even fired.

This might also be my most vanilla work in awhile. If you like stories ground in the real world, then this is for you. There is some blackmail roleplay and a lot of women-in-charge, but the only spanking is by request. I have a witch performing a ritual and a certain mysterious encounter, but that is because you can’t get away from that stuff in the Smoky Mountains. trust me on that.

This book is shorter than my other interactive books. That is by design. I want to produce two or three of these books a year. As much as I love an epic story, I think there is more value in a book you can visit and enjoy a short vacation.

Start your vacation at the MILF Hotel here.

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Nov 232020
Don’t worry, the guests will take good care of you.

To promote my newest book, I am posting the introduction here for you to enjoy.

In the eastern part of Tennessee, within the Smoky Mountains, located outside a small town of little renown, lies a very special hotel. It was founded in 1920 by Phryne Milford, an heiress who possessed a large amount of money and a much larger sexual appetite. She desired a place where women of a certain age could experience pampering and relaxation away from the judging eyes of the morally unadventurous. The guest list is very exclusive and remains that way to this day, one hundred years later.

The name of this secret place is the Milford Hotel, though the employees tend to refer to it with the vulgar name of the MILF Hotel.

You are Gregory Phipps, a young healthy man who has grown up in a small town in Tennessee. Despite being good-looking and charming, you have managed to avoid marrying too young. You aspire to travel and see the world but your dislike of sports has disqualified you from athletic scholarships. It appeared that the best you could hope for was getting a job at the local factory with your older brothers. They make tire hoists. You are still not sure what a tire hoist is.

Fortunately for you, your beloved Aunt Misty saw a different path for you. When you came of age, she sent a list of your qualifications to a friend of hers at the Milford Hotel. You received an invitation from the Hotel to apply in person a week before you were to start your job at the tire factory. Eager to avoid factory life, you packed your bags and Aunt Misty gave you a ride to the remote hotel.

The concierge of the hotel, Mrs. Winterslick, interviewed you. It was a bit unorthodox. First, you had to kiss her for half an hour, improving your technique with her gentle suggestions. Second, you stripped and allowed her to inspect your body. Finally, you got down on your knees and ate her hairy sex. Mrs. Winterslick said that you did okay, but the most important thing was that you were quick to take directions. You were offered a job and you gladly accepted.

You are now an Attendant at the Milford Hotel. It is your duty to serve the needs of the guests in a sexual manner. You completed the three-week training period where you assisted other Attendants in their duties. That meant you had to watch a lot of people having sex while you just stood there, but occasionally a guest wanted a third for a threesome and you were able to get a more hands-on experience.

Today is your first day of real service. You will work alone in attending to the guests’ needs. It is also your first real test to see if you have what it takes to be an Attendant. Perform well, and you may be offered a permanent position. Disappoint the clients, and you will find out what a tire hoist is after all.

Begin your day.

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Nov 192020
Someone has to work it.

My latest interactive erotica book, “Work at the MILF Hotel” is available for reading on Amazon. You play Gregory, a young man who attends the guests at the secretive Milford Hotel. The clientele is exclusively older women who are looking to be pampered by handsome young men. And by pampered, I mean there is a lot of sex.

This might the gentlest of my interactive books. No one dies and the only body parts that ache are sore from having such a good time. In a time when no one is traveling, this book is pure escapism fantasy of working at a hotel and meeting sexy strangers.

Among the people you may meet at the Milford Hotel are a famous pop star from the early 2000’s, a stern chef, a shy voyeur, the Chief of Security from Tokyo, two insatiable best friends, a flirting gardener, a practicing witch, commanding Front Desk managers, a submissive with a blackmail fantasy, sexy maids, and one curvy gal that is craving some bath time.

You can purchase your copy of Work at the MILF Hotel here.

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Aug 242020

If you read my last interactive book, Be the Supervillain, you might have missed a part early on. I thought it would be fun to share it here.

In an interactive story, the reader clicks a choice at the end of the segment to take them to the next part. Some readers, especially new ones, might simply turn the page out of habit. In the past, this would lead to a segment out of sequence and the reader would realize their mistake. This time around, I decided to help the reader out.

In Be the Supervillain, your first devious act is to torment your billionaire slave before you go commit your crime for the evening. If you turned to the next page, this is what you got.



Look, I get it. You are a supervillain and you do what you want. That is why you went to the next page instead of clicking on one of the choices. I respect your flagrant disregard for the concept of interactive fiction.

Just don’t expect this book to make any sense if you do that. Why don’t you try give it another try?

How do you reward the billionaire for his service?

Jerk him off with my hand.

Deny him his pleasure and have him assist me with my clothes.

Pull his face between my thighs and make him lick me.


I plan to do this in all my ineteractive books going forward. It is a quick bit that helps the reader and only takes a few sentences to write on my part. I also enjoy giving the instructions in character as a way to reinforce the mood of the book.

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Aug 072020

The next collection of Vaquel Di stories is finally available for purchase on Amazon. This volume contains all of the stories from 2016. In case you forgot, that was when Vaquel traveled through a sparsely populated area of solar systems that had hidden rebels, exiled generals, fungus growers and claim jumpers. The theme that year was inspired by my reading of the mountain men who explored/haunted the American west.

I was recently reviewing the sales history of my amazon books and I was pleasantly surprised to see that my Vaquel books have been almost popular. That is a big change from when I first released. I was less pleasantly surprised when I realized I only released the first five years. This will be corrected and I hope to be caught up to current times by the end of the year.

Get your copy here.

Jul 272020

Wasteland Racer: Mutant Marines is my new erotica novella. Taking place after a terrible apocalypse, Johnny Marauder and his sidekick, Trunk-Slut, participate in a deadly race across eastern North Carolina. Well, Johnny does all of the racing as Trunk-Slut stays tied up in the trunk, only coming out to do maintenance. Don’t worry, she prefers it that way. Staying in the trunk makes her horny as fuck.

This book is a bit over the top. Johnny is a masked muscle freak who hits hard and fucks harder. His fellow racers consist of a smart car that gained independence, a pair of Satanic Nuns, an RV full of sex-crazed rednecks, dirty cops, creepy Furries, and a cannibal food truck. Every sex scene is violent and involves bondage or domination. Among the sights you will see are a swampy marine base, pig-infested roads and a tourist trap that was pretty damn politically incorrect BEFORE the world ended.

As you may have guessed, it is a violent book. People die and so do a few pigs. Living in America has desensitized me to violence so I have a hard time giving you an accurate warning. I think it is as violent as your average Mad Max movie, just without the rape.

I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you have just as much fun reading it. It would be nice to return to the world and write more races, but I think I will see how this one sells first. That is my subtle suggestion that if you like this book, please tell your friends, families and passing acquaintances.

You can buy a copy here.

Feb 122020

This is a opening chapter of my new book, Be the Supervillain. Enjoy!

The Origin of the Temptress!

Five years ago, a glowing asteroid flew close to the earth, bathing the planet in unknown radiation. For most people this radiation had no effect except for turning the sky a pleasant shade of purple for ten minutes. Little did they know that others, less than one in a million people, had their lives altered forever.

The radiation changed those affected in weird and unpredictable ways. For many, their bodies became much stronger, tougher and greater than they were before. Some developed amazing powers like the ability to shoot lasers from their hands or the power to move objects with their minds. Others became super-geniuses, creating new breakthroughs in science with just an afternoon’s work. Overnight, a new generation of super-humanity was created.

You are one of these Super-Humans. On the day of the Purple Sky, you were at home, passionately rubbing your favorite vibrator against your pussy. At the moment of your climax, a purple glow emanated from your body. Muscles formed and bulged in seconds. Your breasts grew before your eyes. Unwanted weight vanished from your body. You floated in the air, still shuddering from your climax. In a moment of panic, you broke your vibrator with your new super-strength.

Over the next couple of days, you took inventory of your new abilities. In addition to super-strength and flight, you found that your body was tougher than before. You are impervious to knives, car collisions and even guns. Thankfully, you still retain your sensitivity, allowing you to enjoy the touch of a kiss on your improved flesh.

It was while exploring your sensitivity that you discovered your most important power. A single touch of your bare skin against someone else’s skin induces extreme arousal in the other person. A kiss from your lips can reduce men and women to an uninhibited horny mess. Prolonged contact, like sitting on someone’s face, can induce an addiction for your touch that overrides all self-control. You have become the ultimate aphrodisiac.

You quickly decided to use these new powers for your own personal gratification. While other super-humans were dedicating themselves to public service or quietly keeping their powers a secret, you put on a costume and terrorized the nation. You have turned movie stars into your personal sex toys. You have commanded public figures to humiliate themselves after smothering them in your tits. You have no need to steal money or valuables because people will give them to you after a single kiss of your lips. The old you no longer exists. You have given up your name and taken on a new one. You are now, the Temptress!

Why are you such a bad person? Caitlin Cole, the famous internet reporter, says you were always a selfish woman with deviant desires. Beloved super-human and hero of the city, True Blue, says that absolute power corrupted you absolutely. Only you know for sure if you were always this wicked or if it is a change brought upon by the weird asteroid that gave you your powers. Most days, you are having too much fun to care.

Today you live in Pinnacle City, a sprawling metropolis on the east coast of the United States. More specifically, you live in a penthouse apartment that belongs to tech billionaire, Geoff Flatt. The billionaire is currently naked and serving as your footstool as you sit on a French throne you stole from the Pinnacle Museum of History. You are watching the sun go down over the skyline of the city while sipping thousand-dollar champagne.

“Temptress,” Geoff whines. “Will you let me come today?”

You smirk and look down at the naked man before you. Geoff is a decent-looking man in his mid-thirties. If he brushed his curly brown hair once in a while, he might actually look cute. He is on his hands and knees, facing you while your ankles rest on his thin shoulders. There is a glazed look to his brown eyes, probably because he is staring at your naked sex.

“I forget, when was the last time I let you come?” you say.

“Three days ago,” Geoff answers. “You jerked me off while I was on a conference call with my shareholders.”

You smile. That was a good day. Geoff’s stuttering performance on that call had caused his company’s stock price to drop by thirty dollars.

“Did you follow the commands I gave you for today?” you ask.

“Yes, Temptress,” Geoff says. “Per your orders, I shadow-banned the superheroine, Ms. Justice, so that no one could see any of her posts. She’ll have no idea why no one is responding to her.”

“Good,” you purr. “That self-righteous do-gooder is always posting pictures of normal citizens doing good deeds. Let’s see if she is still motivated to do that when her posts no longer go viral. What else have you done?”

“I also cancelled the million-dollar donation our company made to renovate police stations in Pinnacle City. I had it diverted to the swiss bank account number you gave me.”

“I don’t really need the money but fuck the police,” you say. “Anything else?”

“Yes, Temptress. I added code to the Flutter system so that it will search for any user making a derogatory statement about you. The bot will ban the user for one week and give our standard ‘violates terms and services’ explanation.”

“Excellent,” you respond. “Make it so if they do it again, they lose their account.”

“Yes, Temptress,” Geoff says.

“You have served me well, shithead,” you say.

Geoff trembles with excitement. He stares at your naked sex and licks his lips. “Does that mean I get to come?”

You think about it. For a billionaire, he is surprisingly useful. He did everything you asked, so letting him come would only be fair. The problem is that you have no obligation to be fair and you have a busy night ahead of you. Maybe you should just stroke his cock and get his reward over with.

Hmm, Geoff does look cute between your legs. Maybe you should order him to eat your pussy. He won’t get to climax, but he should be happy enough making sure you come.

The choice is yours.

How do you reward the billionaire for his service?

Jerk him off with my hand.

Deny him his pleasure and have him assist me with my clothes.

Pull his face between my thighs and make him lick me.

To make your choice, purchase Be the Supervillain!

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